Sept. 10, 2008 (#165)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 10, 2008:

"Eugenicists Say Our Lives are So Good,
As We Munch Our Herbicide-Laden Food,
Each One Who Eats Must be a Chancer,
Since the Odds are Now You Will Get Cancer,
Some Ask the Spirits, Some the Tarot,
Even They Aren't Sure if It Is a Carrot,
Food Whose Genes are Swapped with Spiders,
Courtesy Monsanto et al, Big Fat Connivers"
© Alan Watt Sept. 10, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 10, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 10th of September, 2008.  Newcomers look into web site and download as much of the previous talks as you can handle because thereís a lot of information in there thatíll shatter your world view.  Itíll shatter your reality to understand how old this OLD agenda has been rolling along here and where itís going to and what they plan to do with most the humans on earth.  They have big plans for humanity, at least, for some of humanity, the ones that they leave alive by the end of it.  They will be used as the new building material to create new SUPER slaves to serve the elite.  Then theyíll stop, theyíll work on the cops and the military because they wonít need them anymore and theyíll do away with the bureaucracy, they wonít need them anymore and I hope those people are listening to what Iím saying.  Also look into for transcripts which you can download, written in the various languages of Europe.  Print them up, pass them around to your friends. 

Donít overload your friends when you first start to approach them with these particular topics because they live in the TV mentality, the TV reality; the reality thatís been given to them since childhood and they cannot believe that there are big, big plans to do them in basically; plans which have already BEEN on the go, doing them in since they were born, in fact, through inoculations and various other means. 

We are really, really on a roll as this thing unfurls, this big, big plan unfurls itself openly to the public.  Itís just, again, itís how you perceive things.  Your perceptions have been distorted.  THAT is the goal of psychological operations who DO USE the mainstream media.  I have all their documentation here which is unclassified documentation from the PSYOPS organizations in the United States and Canada.  They do use the mainstream media and they say right in their own recent documentation on this topic of propaganda that they do TARGET specific people within society and the whole idea is to DISTORT perception on events.  They do it quite legally because, after all, they work for those who make the law. 

Iíve been telling people for years that weíve been under attack from before we were born.  Our mothers were too, and our fathers.  Children in the womb have been under attack through having inoculations specified to prevent certain problems.  Itís strange how for millions of years, people across the planet, even those in the third world countries today, that they keep complaining about are having too many children, donít seem to have the problem that medicine is going to solve and preventÖ all these disorders, etc.  Isnít it strange, the more science thatís come in, taking over the role of pre- and post- natal care, our health has just plummeted.  Autism has SKYROCKETED, the UN has officially said that the IQ level is lower; they have a new lower IQ level for normal.  And, we all have auto-immune problems in one form or another.  Quite amazing what science has done to us, isnít it?  Everyone is getting cancers and thatís normal too.  Everythingís suddenly normal!  We have been BIO-engineered; we have been under BIO-warfare attack from all these agencies that are now authorities that are set up to help us.  Iíll be back with more about this after this break. 

Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I should mention before I go on to this article that you can order books.  Thereís a new one out on my web site  You can also order DVDs and CDs of talks Iíve given in the past on the same web site.  And, you can donate as well.  That keeps me going.  I donít accept money from advertisers.  I try and keep that part separate and, of course, advertising is necessary to keep the stations going.  That pays for all their costs and engineers and all the other bills you have to pay.  But for me, I do this because it MUST BE DONE and I was so sick of watching the old patriot system going round in circles in the same old arguments ad nauseum and never seeing the big picture.  So, it helps me out if you can go into my web site, buy some books and so on.  Even if you have them, you can buy more and pass them around and you can donate as well.  That will keep me in food and shelter and it enables me to pay for the cost of running this stuff as well and this site is expensive too. 

Now, as I say, weíve been under attack from bio-warfare.  Canada, good old quiet Canada, under the pristine snow, has a lot of DIRT on it.  Canada has lead the world since World War II, in fact during World War II, in the sciences of creating bacterium and viruses for warfare purposes.  That was disclosed in a book written by a Canadian journalist who worked for the Toronto Star called Deadly Allies.  The book is Deadly Allies and it says, Canadaís Secret War. 

Quite amazing what old, quiet Canada has been up to.  Then, about 12 years ago, 13 years ago, it leaked out from London during a demonstration about the GMO crops, that they were trying to bring into Britain through Parliament, it leaked out that Canadians had been using this and eating this, the guinea pigs, for 10 years and we hadnít been told.  Then government came out and had to admit it in the main stream media.  They said, quite blithely, that theyíd made a deal with the big corporations like Monsanto, a SECRET deal to grow and test this stuff on the public.  Then they dragged out the big UN, Canadian, United Nations propagandist David Suzuki.  The guy who does the nature films for children and tells us how wonderful animals and fish and all that are, and insects and things that bite you.  Heís a geneticist and he also put his weight behind it like, ĎSo what, whatís the big deal?í  Well, guess what?  Canadians seem to have been the first ones, too, to have been tested with the cloned cattle, and pigs probably too, and so on.  Weíve been eating it for a few years and we werenít told!  No, democracy is wonderful.  Why donít you do go and vote, eh?  What a scam!  What a scam. 

This is from Wednesday, September the 10th, in The Gazette.  It just broke out, this particular story and it says here:

Are we already dining on clones?

No labels on clone food in U.S., FDA says

ALEX ROSLIN, The Gazette  Published: Saturday, September 06

Canadians may have been consuming food from clones for years without knowing it, despite a Health Canada ban.  (Alan: Well, donít let that stop them, eh?)

That's one of the surprising revelations (A: very surprising) from documents on cloning from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency obtained under the access-to-information legislation.

About 800 cloned dairy cattle produced through an early version of cloning called embryonic-cell nuclear transfer and from embryo splitting have been registered in Canada since the 1980s, said a CFIA background paper cloning written in 2006.

The CFIA paper said food from these clones may be sold to Canadian consumers. "There is generally no restriction on the marketing of products, by-products or the progeny of animal clones that are produced using the embryo-splitting technique in Canada or elsewhere," it said.

The CFIA paper didn't say whether milk from the cloned cows was indeed sold to consumers. An agency spokes- person didn't respond to a request for comment.  (A: Well, they donít have to.  Theyíre above that arenít they?  Theyíre above responding to the publicÖ all these civil servants and so on.)

Health Canada, however, says no food from clones, including embryonic-cell nuclear-transfer clones, may be sold in the country.  (A: It doesnít say they wonít be.  It says, Ďmay be sold in the country.í)   "It shouldn't be on the market," said Paul Duchesne, a department spokesman.

Embryonic-cell nuclear transfer was used in the 1980s and early 1990s but was replaced in the mid-1990s by an improved technique called somatic-cell nuclear-transfer cloning, which replicates an adult animal, instead of an embryo.

Donald Coover, a Kansas veterinarian who says he has sold clones and their semen to farmers in the U.S. for years, said hundreds of embryonic-cell nuclear-transfer clones were produced in the U.S. and that their meat and milk quietly entered the U.S. food supply without any official safety review.  (A: You see, when you see that happening, itís a MUST BE.  Thereís another reason behind it and weíll find that health wise down the roadÖ not too shortly either.)

He said it's very likely the same thing happened in Canada. "Nobody at the time made a big deal about it." (A: This is from the agencies, all these multifarious agencies that wonít let you get vitamins shortly.  Theyíre going to check into EVERYTHING ELSE, but they just didnít make a big deal out of this thing at the time.)  And now that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has okayed clone food for human consumption, the CFIA again seems to have no plan for keeping it out of the country, according to an internal email sent by a manager at the agency.

"CFIA has no specific regulatory controls for animal clones," said the email, dated Feb. 14, a month after the FDA's decision last January. "There are no special tracking provisions." The issue of tracking food from clones is complicated by the fact that the FDA has decided not to label the food, and there's no way to test whether a particular animal is a clone.  (A: Now thatís utter lies because theyíve been tagging, they made it law to tag ALL the cattle and all the animals over a year ago so theyíve been doing that.  They know exactly where they come from.)

"All we've had are some preliminary discussions on ... the feasibility of detection," said a CFIA official, who spoke off the record because she is not authorized to talk with journalists. "Nothing has been put in place, and no policies have been created around that.


So, there you go.  Weíre not just guinea pigs.  I'll tell you why weíre not guinea pigs; see they know what itís going to do to the human body.  Weíve been bio-engineered for a long time.  They know exactly what itíll have, the effects on the human body.  Itís just like the cloned and spliced potatoes they gave us, all the different things they put into the new potatoes, even though they were causing tumors in rats and mice they waved it ahead for the humans.  And look at the effects, look at the cancer rates shoot up.  Thereís hardly a person left today thatís not on Zantac.  Quite amazing isnít it? 

Then you go to all the other articles theyíve got out on food as they push for us all to become vegetarians.  You probably all know that the United Nations has come out, the top guy at the United Nations, in charge of the global warming debate and he said that weíve got to stop eating meat.  Well, I told you years ago, that was their agenda.  They must make you stop eating meat.  Because theyíre copying the old system of India, where the Brahmans had all the peasants dumbed down and stupid, pretty thin and weak and they couldnít think too clearly about how they were DOMINATED.  It works very well. 

Here it is here, it says, Shun Meat, this is from the BBC, I think.


Shun Meat, Say UN Climate Chief

Sunday, 7 September 2008 03:10 UK

By Richard Black
Environment correspondent, BBC News website


People should consider eating less meat as a way of combating global warming, says the UN's top climate scientist.

Rajendra Pachauri, who chairs the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), (Alan: This is this big official body thatís going to change our whole way of living, this bunch that are absolutely convinced thereís climate change and that weíre causing it.  Itís kind of odd because if you look into back in the old school books, school books, primary school books, theyíll tell you that the scientist have said, when I was young, that theyíd already found a 100 or maybe a 150 ice ages before us with massive warming periods in between.  Thereís never been stability and most of these ice ages happened before there was any humanity on the planet.)  will make the call at a speech in London on Monday evening. (A: On this very topic.)


UN figures suggest that meat production puts more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than transport. (A: I wonder if theyíre also including all the planes that are spraying the sky with all this goo that comes down and alters the weather.)


But a spokeswoman for the UK's National Farmers' Union (NFU) said methane emissions from farms were declining.


Dr Pachauri has just been re-appointed for a second six-year term as chairman of the Nobel Prize-winning IPCC, the body that collates and evaluates climate data for the world's governments. (A: See, here you have a bunch now in charge of the worldís climate at the United Nations and every Federal government has their own department thatís subservient to this IPCC at the United Nations.  This is how they dominate the world.  Itís quite easy.  Centralize, centralize, and get everyone to go through treaties, into a system and then you put your bosses inÖ  guys that are in charge of the treaties, at the United Nations.)


"The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has estimated that direct emissions from meat production account for about 18% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions," he told BBC News. (A: Thatís a lot of hot air to me.  Iíll be back with more after these messages.)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to piece some of the things together for you, and before I go to the callers, Iím going to go on with this other topic which is only one reason why they want you off meat.  No doubt, this article will have lots of criticism because itís outside the agenda.  Itís on the BBC, from Tuesday the 9th, 2008.  It says here:


Vitamin 'may prevent memory loss'

BBC News

Tuesday, 9 September 2008 14:59 UK


A vitamin found in meat, fish and milk may help stave off memory loss in old age, a study has suggested.


Older people with lower than average vitamin B12 levels were more than six times more likely to experience brain shrinkage, researchers concluded. (Alan: I guess they want us to all have small brains, shrunken brains.)


The University of Oxford study, published in the journal Neurology, tested the 107 apparently healthy volunteers over a five-year period.


Some studies suggest two out of five people are deficient in the vitamin.


The problem is even more common among the elderly, and recent moves to supplement bread with folic acid caused concern that this could mask B12 deficiency symptoms in older people.


The Oxford study looked at a group of people between 61 and 87, splitting it into thirds depending on the participants' vitamin B12 levels.


Even the third with the lowest levels were still above a threshold used by some scientists to define vitamin B12 deficiency.


However, they were still much more likely to show signs of brain shrinkage over the five-year period.


Then they go into ways you can offset this, but this is just a rehash of something theyíve known all along.  Because, Dr. Devlin, who was a doctor and psychiatrist in Britain, I think he died in the Ď70s, had done all of this experimentation before and he injected multi-vitamins into people, intra-muscular, over a 1 or 2 month period, and they had massive improvements until they were pretty well almost compos mentis [Latin: sane; mentally sound.]again.  The only thing is, though, the British medical system said it was costing just too much money, too much money.  You can get a sex change quite easily, but that costs too much money.  Itís not on the cards. 

Iím going to take a caller from the UK now, thatís Russell whoís hanging on, long distance.  Are you there Russell?  Hello, Russell? 

Russell:  Hi Alan, can you hear me?

Alan:  Yes I can.

Russell:  Good evening, great show, great material.  Iím a first time caller and I just have 2 questions for you.  The first one is whatís your take against the background of this bio engineering agenda?  Whatís your take on Codex Alimentarius; Iím sure being a threat? 

Alan:  Thereís no doubt, thereís no doubt whatsoever.  It goes along with writings of Malthus, Thomas Malthus, in the 1800s who advocated restricting diets of people because they knew then that certain vitamins, minerals and so on, if they were restricted in the actual food, would cause people to be rather slow of wit, to put it mildly, and easily led, good workers, theyíd have energy just to work but not too much to rebel or to think too heavily on any particular topic.  We know for a fact that the food weíre getting today is so processed and the modified food is so deficient in minerals and vitamins, on purpose, I guarantee you, that they donít want you being able to supplement through vitamins, etc, unless you have a prescription.  Thatís where itís going to go. 

Russell:  And with the food, particularly in the UK, a lot our food is imported into the UK and I imagine all the nutrients and proteins are irradiated out of that food as itís coming into the country anyway. 

Alan:  Iíll tell you a good little story.  There was a company a few years ago, sued in Canada.  Their job was to put back in synthetic vitamins that were taken out of the corn for making corn flakes and they hadnít fulfilled their contract.  They were only putting in about 5% of what they were supposed to do, but what amazed me was why they taking the natural vitamins out of it in the first place to supplement it with synthetics.  (Laughs)

Russell:  Yeah, exactly.  Well, thank you for your response.  Moving on to the second one.  I donít know whether youíre familiar with this bi-election in the UK recently, where the Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis, stood on a Civil Libertyís platform and was unopposed.  Is that just an example of controlled opposition? 

Alan:  Itís hard to say.  I DO know that the system that runs this world goes through a form of legality where they MOCK THE VICTIM by exposing whatís been happening to the victim.  I donít know if the man was serious or not, or if he kept his position or been demoted.  Maybe that would tell us something. 

Russell:  Well, he certainly kept his position because the government refused, when asked, to put up a candidate against him calling it a publicity stunt.  And he went back into Parliament virtually unopposed.  So it just seemed ironic that heís a member of a government, Iím sorry, heís not a member of the government.  Heís a member of the Shadow government.  And about this extra surveillance thatís sort of wide spread across the UK will change with a change of government.  And he appears to be standing on a civil liberties platform.  And also, I believe he has personal relationships with one of the main mouthpieces for civil libertiesÖ

Alan:  Okay, hold on, weíll back after this break. 

Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and weíre talking to Russell from the UK concerning a politician who did come out into the open and say everything which everyone else was talking about on the streets.  And that was that the UK was losing all its rights and the people, the citizens were losing ALL of the rights theyíd ever fought for.  Theyíve been scrapped basically by this British type of homeland security.  Now, it turns out that this particular politician is back in with his boys.  Whether he was paid off, who knows, or promised a promotion to a higher position, we donít know.  Will he ever speak out again, we donít know, but he did definitely did verbalize the thoughts of millions of people by stating plainly, that which they already knew.  Okay, Russell?

Russell:  Yeah, hi, thanks Alan.  Finally, Iíll get off the phone to give somebody else an opportunity to call in, but to somebody who is reasonably new to this agenda, researching this agenda, you can end up mind-bombed.  Do you have any sort of recommended reading that would really give you a real short cut to this agenda and the history of this agenda?

Alan:  Yes.  Definitely the history of the agenda is written by Professor Carroll Quigley in 2 books.  One is called The Anglo American Establishment.  Itís about the creation of the Cecil Rhodes Foundation which became the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Its goal was to be world government and he goes through the machinations of this group, very powerful, very wealthy and obviously completely backed by the British system, by that I mean aristocracy.  He also gives you more in the other book called Tragedy and Hope.  He fills in all the blank spots in history over the last 150-200 years and tells you the whys of things and he tells you thisÖ he says right in it, ďThis new system we are bringing into place with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs, is a new feudal society where the feudal overlords will work with government and they will be the new CEOs of international corporations.Ē

Russell:  Okay.  Thatíll do for me Alan.  I appreciate you taking this call.  Thank you very much, great show, great material and keep it going. 

Alan:  Thanks for calling.

Russell:  Thank you.

Alan:  And Iíll take another long distance.  Weíve got Justin from the UK as well.  Are you there Justin?

Justin:  Hello, Alan?

Alan:  Yes.

Justin:  Hi, how are you?

Alan:  Not so bad.

Justin:  Alright, Iím calling from the UK.  The weather warfare hasnít been so intense for the past couple of days but there we go and Iím sure it will start up again soon.  Alright.  Iíll just ask you this quick question, I donít know if youíll be able to help.  Of course, as you mentioned before, this manifestation of the New Age phenomena which various people have mentioned is just the old age ideology and philosophy and Eastern mysticism.  You get so many people, Iíve been involved in it, where people are in different stages of waking up and they get mired in much of the New Age phenomena which says that we are living in a holographic reality that is not real, saying that, Ďyou donít have to worry about these manifestations with the global elite, you know, because we ought to take care of things quiet easily.í

Alan:  They tell you NOT to look at the NEGATIVE. 

Justin:  Thatís the thing Iíve encountered which Iíve detached myself from now.  I was wondering if you could comment on this whole New Age phenomenon in this so-called Truth Movement, connections to Arian which was epitomized in the Nazi Regime and how it connects to Hinduism, Buddhism in the Eastern mystic tradition.  I know this is quite a large question but perhaps you could link things.  How it manifested from the East through to the Nazi Regime and into the modern New Age phenomenon. 

Alan:  Well, thereís no doubt that they choseÖ Masonry itself, Freemasonry is basically formulated on Hinduism and Madame Blavatsky came out with the Secret Doctrine, the book the Secret Doctrine, if you want to waste your money on it.  She was sent out to promote this and to get females in the new female lodges.  Theyíre called side lodges although they have no official credence and thatís from Albert Pike and Albert Mackey who were the official historians for Freemasonry.  They say that theyíve got no official credence, they simply used the females but they had to get them on board.  Blavatsky said quite openly that her job was to blend the religions of the East, she meant Hinduism, with Christianity FOR the New Age.  That was reiterated in the Scottish Riteís journal called The New Age, their monthly journal back in the 50s and 60s.  They said the same thing.  Theyíd bring in this Hinduistic philosophy in with Christianity and merge it and prepare the minds of millions to walk in to the New Age.  Thereís no doubt that Hitler did use theosophy, so did Himmler.  They were real theosophists.  They were total believers in it.  Hess, as well, was a complete believer in theosophy.  They all had Blavatskyís book and they did believe that there were 4 previous ages of the Aryan race and that the endÖ this is from the Brahmanistic books basically.  They believe that there are cycles that the world goes through that took millions and billions of years and at the end of each time, those who are most advanced and developed or evolved, evolution is the word, that was borrowed by Darwin, theyíd come into the New Age.  All the inferior types must be destroyed because they will cause havoc if they come into a new age.  Thatís the philosophy this whole New World Order is actually running on. 

Justin:  Yes, indeed.  I did watch a documentary earlier.  I donít know if youíve even heard of it called Gods, I think itís, Gods of the New Age.

Alan:  Yes, thatís right. 

Justin:  Very interesting.

Alan:  Iíve got a link up on my site there. 

Justin:  Itís about Hinduism and Hatha Yoga and howÖ very strange behavior.  I recommend any one to watch that documentary to get a hold on the whole Eastern mystic tradition. 

Alan:  Iíve got it up on my site, the link there on my site.

Justin:  Alright.  I didnít notice that.  I encountered it somewhere else.

Alan:  I put it up there for people to go in to and have a look, see for themselves.  They donít realize that in India the guru is actually A GOD, heís classified as a God and so they want to become Gods.  Of course, Shirley MacLaine did it too with her books on HER becoming a GOD, you know, and so on and so on.  Thatís the ultimate intent within this New Age religion.  Itís so amazing because when they need a dentist they have to run and go get a better God than they are, or a doctor, you got a doctor God, but they canít cure themselves.  They walk around and strut around believing theyíve achieved complete illumination.  Itís quite amazing to see the folly of the ego in humanity. 

Justin:  One other quick question and Iíll leave it to other callers.  When Blavatsky talked about this whole thing with the hidden masters, is there just a rather simple prosaic explanation for this, that the hidden masters are simply those who are not seen, who are running this world?  Is that what she refers to?

Alan:  Thatís partly what they believe.  Now, that is true; you have those behind the scenes.  Carroll Quigley touched on them.  Theyíre called technocrats.  Theyíre the ones behind the scenes with the REAL power, theyíre unelected people, the Maurice Strongís of this world, and Kissingerís and so on.  But they also believe that theyíre being guided, and Maurice Strong definitely believes this, he does all the meditation too, these other hidden masters, on the other side who have been before and are perfected and live in the spirit realm and channel to him.  They really believe in this stuff.  Now, of course, what they believe by those who are back on earth, like Maurice Strong, they were already perfected and they didnít have to come back here.  They only came back here to guide mankind.  Thatís what they say. 

Justin:  They came back by choice.  They choose their own life, what they reincarnated as. 

Alan:  Thatís right.

Justin:  Like in the end of The Republic is the whole myth of Er, I guess a similar sort of scenario, with a belief that they can reincarnate as they wish.

Alan:  Thatís correct. 

Justin:  Okay Alan. Well thanks very much for answering my question.  Iíll leave it to other callers. 

Alan:  Thanks for calling.

Justin:  Thank you.  Bye.

Alan:  Bye, now.  Now Iíve got Mike in New York.  Are you there Mike?

Mike:  Hi.  Good evening, Alan.

Alan:  Good evening.

Mike:  I was just listening to the latest audio download from Red Ice Creations.  I paraphrase the guy that was talking but he basically said a number of researchers kind of got stuck in the global conspiracy paradigm which resorted in arrested development, given that this paradigm then becomes their reality.  They essentially become stuck and unable to transcend that thought process.  He also made the comment that, you know, a kind of a snide comment, he said, we all know who these people are and I took that as possibly a veiled reference to you.  I think he sort of gave it away, though, with his claim that the way out of this is to stop thinking and to let your mind connect with this sort of nebulous transcendency. 

Alan:  The universal consciousness.

Mike:  Do you agree though, that thereís a danger of people getting stuck in this conspiracy paradigm and they become sort of paralyzed and unable to live their own lives?

Alan:  There are people who become so fearful that they can neutralize themselves out of action.  Now, I know who youíre talking about because I was asked to join that bunch, if Iíd go along with reptiles and tarot cards and shark cards and all that, card sharks. 

Mike:  When you say that bunch, are you referring to Red Ice Creations or what?

Alan:  Red Ice Creations made a deal with those guys to do a series of DVDs and so on and part of the deal was that they get me off the show. 

Mike:  Oh, okay.

Alan:  The reason was because Iíd been approached by certain parties in that particular deal if Iíd just go along with the space alien agenda and the reptilians and all the rest of it, Iíd be sitting pretty and Iíd do very well in life and all doors would open.  And I said no.  I said I know you work for MI5 and 6 like Crowley and I donít want any part of it.

Mike:  Okay Alan, well that puts that to rest.  Iíll get off the phone and hopefully a guy with an American accent will call in.  Okay, cheers.

Alan:  Okay, bye now.  Now weíve got Rick in California.  Are you there Rick?

Rick:  Hi Alan?  Are you there? 

Alan:  I am.

Rick:  I have a couple questions I wanted to ask about.  You had mentioned on Monday, I think, about the green versus the red international postal money orders.  Iím wondering, because I sent something in a couple of weeks ago and I hope I didnít make the mistake and send the green one.  I hope I sent the right one. 

Alan:  Nothingís come in recently on green, I donít think.  Once and a while, I get the green one and I send it back though. 

Rick:  Okay.  Did you get a red one?  I sent oneÖ

Alan:  Iíve got more than one red one, but I donít know which oneís whose. 

Rick:  Okay.  Good.  I wanted to be sure I sent the right one, thatís all.  Another thing I wanted to ask about was the Hadron Collider going to affect today or tomorrow.  You know, not believing all the fear mongering about itís going to cause a black hole and eat up the earth, but not believing the official story either that itís to study the big bang and all of that.  What is the real purpose behind thisÖ?  Why they would take millions and millions from the tax payers and just build a collider.  Whatís the real reason?

Alan:  Well, the first thing they do with anything like this is weaponry.  Weaponry, the militaryís always at the advance guardÖ they are the advance guard of all research and development for all technologies and the first application is always weaponry and what can be done with it.  Now, where I live, not far from me, is a little village called Coniston.  Coniston has the largest, the worldís largest, underground particle beam accelerator and you canít find an entrance to it.  Itís been in on the news and the whole thing, but you canít find an entrance anywhere so it must be miles away.  Theyíre also building a large one, a surface one, to the north of Sudbury.  This is big bucks but the first dibs goes into the military, always. 

Rick:  Now, what kind of weaponry would they build with it and how could they contain it if itís using a heavy, giant ion collider?  Would they use it to build certain particles, to make certain particles so they could use them, contain them, maybe store them and use them on combat fields or something?

Alan:  No, I donít think itís so easy to store them.  They could certainly use them, but one theory was they could certainly punch holes through mountains with them and stuff like that.  Theyíre also talking about it being useful in creating underground tunnels, etc.  Thatís a possibility. 

Rick:  I see.  Okay.  Then the last question I have to ask is it seems like between the ages thereís sort of a blossoming of democracy and the last one was in Greece, you know.  That was between the Pisces and the Aries, but then the one before that was this Babylonian reformer named Uru-ka-gina.  They said he was the first to govern government.  Is it that they create democracy or an apparent reform of government in order to create upheaval to change from one age to another?

Alan:  They do.  Thereís no doubt that they have formula.  In fact, if you look at the ancient histories of China, China had tried democracy, fascism, socialism and all the other isms thousands of years ago.  Itís in their histories, which are available.  Itís quite fascinating.  They know itís a formula.  One goes to the next to the next to the next.  The Greek philosophers also said that democracy always ends up in communism, then dictatorship. 

Rick:  Was the Chinese experiment done between two ages as well?

Alan:  Well, 3,000 years ago the communists were trying all of this and itís in their official history books.

Rick:  Oh, wow.  Okay, well thank you very much Alan for answering my questions.  You have a good day.

Alan:  Okay.  Bye, now.  Now thereís Bernard in Pennsylvania.  Are you there Bernard?

Bernard:  Yes, I am.  Thanks for taking my call.  First question, who authorized Cecil Rhodes to do what he did in regards to the furtherance of the British empire?

Alan:  I have no doubt it was from the crown itself.  You see, it was a great scheme because Cecil Rhodes actually started the South African war with mercenary troops and so on and when Britain doesnít want to be officially blamed for something, they use these techniques and his job was to get that whole thing going for the British to come in and take over.  He had the Jamestown raid. They even brought reporters over to lie about it and say that the South Africans had attacked the British.  Theyíre famous for that.  Now, Cecil Rhodesí organization ends up being the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  That means itís got a Royal Charter to exist by royalty. 

Bernard:  Why it is they always seem to get their funding from Carnegie, Rockefeller, and basically the new money? 

Alan:  What happened was Pike mentioned this.  Albert Pike mentioned this, he said, ďWe shall accumulate money by all means possible, even the stock market, to become the masters over the masters of the world.Ē  What he was referring to was the creation of institutes that would go under the guise of charity and you find the same things from the writings of Adam Weishaupt.  He talked about creating foundations to be front groups to fund the NGO organizations.  Hold on and weíll be back after this message.   

I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Weíre talking to Bernard from Pennsylvania who was talking about the foundations and so on.  Well the foundations ARE these institutes that were set up to fund money to organizations which would lead the culture, which would lead the pressure on governments to make laws and pass laws pretending theyíre speaking on behalf of the public.  Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Non Governmental Organizations all get paid, full time salaries.  They even have office buildings with pension plans and all the rest of it for these NGOs workers funded by these big foundations.  Thatís their function.  Itís a form of rule of the secret government, a parallel government, thatís outside of democratic input.  When people think the British Empire gave democracy to the people that was the big con game.  They set up these institutes and NGOs and the technocrats as well, like the Strongís, etc., to do the real work of real government.  They were not going to give up their power over the people so easily and they never did.  Thatís what youíre seeing today, the manifestation of the same organization and people are accepting the fact.  Theyíre accepting thereís no real democracy, theyíre accepting they should be ruled by their betters and that was always the intention. 

Bernard:  Would I be correct in saying then that the aristocracy, the black nobility, etc. they funnel their money into these foundations?

Alan:  Thereís no doubt.  In fact, itís part of the wills that they put down.  When they are brought up to be multi-billionaires, you must sign over a good partÖ most of your will to those institutes and organizations that made you what you are. 

Bernard:  I see.  Okay.  Question:  If Sionism with an S is the real force behind the setting up of Israel, why is it that Churchill, Roosevelt and Truman needed the political and financial support of the Zionist with a Z?

Alan:  Well, again the money boys and I think it was best explained by HG Wells when he talked about the necessity to bring the big bankers in, the Jewish bankers he said, in to the fold, who will come through into the New Age, to get them on board, he actually classified them as more evolved than others and that excluded all the lower class Jews.  Heís talking about aristocracy and they also wanted to bring inÖ See if Britain had gone in and kept a hold of the Palestine area they would never have gotÖ they could never have pulled it off for too long.  They would have had world condemnation.  The trick of putting a people in there and saying weíre back home again, even today, still confounds people, this whole plot of bringing in people; who literally, most with them, including the professors in Tel Aviv have said this, most of them in present day Israel have no genetic roots to that area whatsoever.  Because most of them came from the Kazarian Empire from Russia and Poland and so on and they have no genetic history going back to that area.  They adopted Judaism a long, long time ago by order of their king. 

Bernard:  I read Controversy and Iím waiting for Age of Faith right now. 

Alan:  What they did too, they set up an Ulster and that was the words of the Lieutenant Governor General that Britain put in there, and he said weíre creating an Ulster, which meant a place for dissention forever as warring factions would fight over religion, etc.  So it was intentional that they set up a place in there as an outpost. 

Bernard:  Okay, I think thatís the end of the show. 

Alan:  Well, thanks for calling in.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.


Transcribed by Diana