Sept. 15, 2008 (#167)


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 15, 2008:

"Sir Tim Berners-Lee is Sounding All Wet,
As He Advocates Censoring the Internet,
He's Now Expert on All That's Under the Sun,
Will Stamp Approved Sites, Others He'll Shun,
Authorized Propaganda is the Name of the Day,
If U.N.-Backed Sir Tim, is to Have His Way"
© Alan Watt Sept. 15, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 15, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 15th, 2008.  I always advise newcomers to look into my web site, where you can download lots of talks Iíve given in the past which help to piece together the big jigsaw puzzle we call reality, and I add to it.  I add all the little bits the main stream media omits to show you, with facts, you can verify yourself, that weíre controlled by another system all together outside of that which you think you elect.  Itís a world government and itís been in existence for quite a long time.


Also look into for transcripts you can download and print up in the various languages of Europe.  Now, you can also donate to my web site at and that keeps me alive and believe you me, itís expensive, very expensive keeping all this going.  You can also buy the books I have and there is another one out.  You can see it on the web site.  You can buy the DVDs and CDs, lots of talks that Iíve given, burned onto MP3 discs.  Some of them are 40 hours per discÖ and thatís a lot of listening.  I try and help you take the short cuts to understanding.  I cut through all BS thatís out there.  I cut through all the New Age characters that joined the Patriot Movement, whose job it is to confuse you even further.  I tell you the hard truth.  The hard truth being that you are your own champion. 


For every type of personality out there, thereís a group already established for you to follow.  Thatís how you run the world.  You give the shepherds and the sheep just follow along.  Thatís why weíre in such a bad state.  Thatís why the elite laugh up their sleeves, which are made of wool, of course, that comes from us because weíre so easy to discern, and control and lead. 


We are on a roll, a massive roll towards what they call a New World Order that just isnít an ending of a phase where we can put our feet up and say okay, weíre global now, so what.  Itís an entirely new system.  Remember, after 9/11, when we heard the quote that came over television, ďThings will never be the same again.Ē  They meant it because theyíre talking about a Brave New World, a socialist system; the culmination of the amalgamation of communism and capitalism which was set up to become that way from the very beginning;  a controlled society where you canít breed without permission. 


I noticed in the papers recently, they were talking about a dog that was down at the World Trade Center after the bombing that they created a hero out ofÖ and some big arts council thatís a front for all the high technology is given a grant to get it cloned because the dog is now sick.  And it said, ĎMost Clone WorthyíÖ  clone worthy.  Thatís a term youíre starting to hear more and more as they start to use it for people too.  Because thatís what they mean by it, clone worthy.  Are you clone worthy?  Can you serve the system?  Are you worthy to by chosen?  Thatís coming, at record speed.  All those that they say have junk genes or defective genes, and mind you, you will NOT be the one who decides if you do or donít.  The experts will do that.  Will you go to the garbage bin, or will you get to be clone worthy?  Iíll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this IS Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the Brave New World thatís coming in and are you clone worthy.  Hereís another article and it follows right on the heels of this because this topic has been reared a few times down through the decades from what you think is the left wing really, the socialist side of things.  Remember that thereís right and left wings, both attached to the same bird, because thatís the con game thatís been pulled on us all. 


This is from Switzerland, of all places, those whoíve been so proud over the centuries of their freedoms and their rights that no one else had.  But of course, theyíre going down the hill too ever since they adopted the European Union.  And it says here, this is from on Sept the 8th, 2008.


Do Swiss parents need a childrearing licence?


(Alan: Weíve heard that before in the Western countries and it says,) Should Swiss children be allowed to have the last word.

An organisation is calling for the introduction in Switzerland of nationwide standards for parenting courses.

The demand by the Swiss Federation for Parent Education (SBE) has raised concerns that parents will soon be legally obliged to attend further education classes.

But Andy TschŁmperlin, SBE president and a member of parliament for the centre-left Social Democrats, tells swissinfo the goal is not to interfere in parents' private lives.  (A: Really?  Well isnít the very inference of it to interfere in parents private lives?  But of course, itís not that at all, you see.  This is to lead you into accepting ONE PLANK of this particular manifesto.  The next part will be, of course, are you fit to be a parent and then thereíll be a licensing of parents.  It saysÖ)

Can one learn to become a good parent?

Andy TschŁmperlin: Yes, I'm convinced you can. There are phases in which all parents reach their limits with their children: after the birth, when they start school or during puberty.

Parenting has become a greater challenge today especially when one's child is going through puberty. (Well, no kidding.  No kidding, because theyíre getting taught through the world system of education, from UNESCO, that anything goes.  Sex, sex, sex, just have sex, sex, sex.  What was it that Lord Bertrand Russell says, that if you introduce them into sexual play before puberty, theyíll become basically addicted, hyper-addictionÖ and theyíre less likely to mate.  That was the real purpose of the whole thing and ALL the entertainment industry pushed sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sexÖ Youíll never hear any of them talk about those that lead the culture industry and theyíd never blame them where theyíve been taking us.  Itís all by design.  If they wanted you to go back to Little House on the Prairie, theyíd make it so if it suited the purpose of the elitists who run the world, but itís not, you see.  Itís DEpopulation.)

Read that article and see where this is going, and it doesnít take much imagination.  As I say, one plank.  The next plank is you have to get licensed TO BE a parent.  Itís the same old socialist stuff theyíve been pushing all along.  Remember, socialism is really the sort of communistic style that the bureaucracies had to run the public under for the fascist elite at the top.  As I say, the two wings belong to the same bird.  Always remember that. 

Iíve been talking for a while about how THEY GAVE US the internet.  The internet is a great tool if it was left alone, but itís not to be.  It was never designed to be free and for free speech for very long.  It was to get you addicted to it so that once they change into the new system, youíll still use it.  Very few people will pack it in and say well itís no use to me now.  Theyíll keep watching it because theyíre addicted to data now.  Theyíre addicted to data.  It doesnít have to be truth, just data.  We know that the big boys are getting first dibs at the new internet system thatís coming along and this is from the BBC.  Itís hard to say thatís a little conspiracy station is it?  Although theyíve certainly have run lots of conspiracies since theyíve begun. 


Warning sounded on web's future

Monday, 15 September 2008

By Pallab Ghosh
Science correspondent, BBC News


The internet needs a way to help people (Alan: To help people, you see, this is how they introduce totalitarianism.) to help people separate rumour from real science, says the creator of the World Wide Web. (A: The WWW which is 666, the new man.)


Talking to BBC News Sir Tim Berners-Lee said he was increasingly worried about the way the web has been used to spread disinformation. (A: Well, how about the main stream media all these years?) 


Sir Tim was speaking in advance of an announcement about a foundation he has helped create that will vet web sites.  (A: VET web sites, that means CENSOR.)  The foundation will brand sites that itís found to be trustworthy and reliable sources of information. (A: So you know who they are going to be, donít you?)


Future proof

Sir Tim talked to the BBC in the week in which Cern, where he did his pioneering work on the web, turned on the Large Hadron Collider for the first time.


The use of the web to spread fears that flicking the switch on the LHC could create a Black Hole that could swallow up the Earth particularly concerned him, he said. In a similar vein was the spread of rumours that the MMR vaccine given to children in Britain was harmful. (A: See, here they go, here they go.  After all, theyíve got to kill us off, right?)


Sir Tim told BBC News that there needed to be new systems that would give websites a label for trustworthiness (A: That means youíre on board, youíre politically correct and Iíve said that.  All the patriot stations and all the web stuff thatís to do with the reality of the world will be banned, unless you become politically correct.) once they had been proved reliable sources. (A: That means theyíve been stamped okay by those who rule the system.)


"On the web the thinking of cults (A: cults) can spread very rapidly and suddenly a cult which was 12 people who had some deep personal issues suddenly find a formula which is very believable," he said. "A sort of conspiracy theory (A: Oh, conspiracy theory) of sorts and which you can imagine spreading to thousands of people and being deeply damaging."


Sir Tim and colleagues at the World Wide Web consortium had looked at simple ways of branding websites - but concluded that a whole variety of different mechanisms was needed.  (A: Well, theyíll hand that over to the guys who are MASTERS.  MI6 and MI5 are MASTERS at giving black propaganda, thatís what they call it, black propaganda when they smear you as a bad guy.)


"I'm not a fan of giving a website a simple number like an IQ rating because like people they can vary in all kinds of different ways," he said. "So I'd be interested in different organisations labelling websites in different ways".


Sir Tim spoke to the BBC to publicise the launch of his World Wide Web Foundation which aims to improve the web's accessibility. (A: And Iíll addÖ to those who are trustworthy.)


Alongside this role it will aim to make it easier for people to get online. Currently only 20% of the world's population have access to the web.  (A: And theyíll get STUCK on it!)


"Has it been designed by the West for the West?" asked Sir Tim.


"Has it been designed for the executive and the teenager in the modern city with a smart phone in their pocket? If you are in a rural community do you need a different kind of web with different kinds of facilities?"


Creative medium

The Web Foundation will also explore ways to make the web more mobile-phone friendly. That would increase its use in Africa and other poor parts of the world where there are few computers but plenty of handsets.


It doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure out where itís going.  As I say, the unfortunate thing is, these guys know by good marketing and smearing, as I say, the black arts and black propaganda, they will eliminate all those they donít want on the web and theyíll bring in nothing but political correctness.  Theyíll keep politics and stuff like that; theyíll keep scandal with the stars because they always give you lots of trivia to keep you occupied.  But youíre going to find those who ask questions like, ĎWho on earth is spraying the skies every day and causing the storms,í and all that kind of stuff, thatís not going to be around much longer.  And they know through marketing and good campaigns, most folk will keep using the internet.  Itís very important fact for you to control the world, the computer is essential.  Itís essential that we put all our data up on it.  You know thereís females now getting pregnant, young teenagers and putting it up on their web sites and myspace and stuff like that.  They have no idea what privacy is.  This generation growing up have not a clue of the value of privacy because they really believe that everything thatís told them by the main stream, by their teachers, and so on, is real.  They live in a wonderful little utopia.  They really believe that.  Who needs privacy anyway, who needs it?


Thatís where weíre going with this.  As I say, weíre limited now on the time that weíve got left because the new internet system is coming in.  This censorship is going to take force very, very quickly.  Theyíve had lots of meetings at the United Nations about it and this particular character, this front man, this front man who pretends to have been an inventor, will lead the charge to have it all censored.  And youíll have nothing but the main stream propaganda about vaccinations, etc from the very pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them.  Thatís where itís all going. 


Now, talking about ChemtrailsÖ thereís a good site just came up on chemtrails.  Itís a chemtrails alert system and itís also under, I believe, and Iím going to talk about this site and others when I come back.  Itís time we got into this and started spreading this very quickly.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and we are cutting through the matrix.  Weíre cutting through the matrix, this strange reality thatís more propaganda and indoctrination than actual, physical reality; definitely not mental reality.  Most people are never conscious throughout their entire lives and they go to their graves, never really knowing that the world has been led and guided.  Every song they ever sang and whistled, danced to, every fashion they adopted was PLANNED for them, in concert, by those who run the culture industryÖ very important to run culture if you want to direct a system, a society, down a certain path. 


Iím talking about the CHEMtrails Iíve watched all summer.  Iíve watched them for 10 years as well.  Itís quite astounding to get thousands of photographs sent to me.  I canít even keep them all.  Thereís so many, from all over the world of the same trails going back and forth and criss-crossing the sky and forming these big mushy clouds.  And then, in comes the rain and people are getting physically ill from all this stuff thatís coming down.  They get bronchitis and Iím talking non-smokers too and children and all age groups.  They just cannot clear up this bronchitis, it just keeps persisting.  No wonder, because how much chemical can you really BREATHE in until you got a loading dose.  Itís highly irritant to the linings of the lung. 


Hereís one man, one guy who is a meteorologist who does have his web site up there and itís  Also, I think its called weather alert,  Heís put a web site up there on who is getting sprayed today.  Itís just like a weather forecast and I guess he uses the satellite surveys.  Now people should really EMULATE this in EVERY COUNTRY.  Weíve got to start doing it very quickly because we all are getting dosed with this stuff from this universal air force that no oneís taking responsibility for. 


Weíve been told by the Canadian Department of Defence that politicians have NO right to ask questions on this particular topic.  Therefore, itís a MUST BE.  Itís a MUST BE and weíre not being told why.  For 10 years, theyíve been doing it pretty well regularly.  They were testing it out from the 50s onwards, but for 10 years, these last 10 years, weíve been getting dosed and dosed and dosed with it.  Look up this web site.  Iíve put a link on my site and you can have a look and a little laugh too because heís doing it exactly the same way as the regular weather stations give you your weather.  Only heís adding in the trails, the spraying and whoís likely to get dosed today.  Interesting way of doing it; itís an intelligent way of doing it, too.  With a little bit of humor added.  People should emulate this.  Try and emulate this because itís imperative, very imperative that we start to knock all of this down very, very quickly, because itís got to have its death toll on the people of the planet. 


I know itís killing the birds off.  I can go through the forest and see hardly one bird and thatís just NOT NORMAL.  You donít even hear them at dawn.  You used to hear the cacophony of them in the mornings as they started to sing as the sun would come up.  You donít hear anything now.  You donít hear them coming in to nest, all different ones, until the pigeon comes in at the end or the dove is the last one to make his call.  It doesnít happen anymore. 


Youíve got use your own perceptions to realize whatís happening to usÖ whatís happening in the world.  Iím also putting up another couple links, I think theyíre based in California and they have some stuff up on youtube.  They also have Los Angeles Sky Watch.  Thatís  They are also talking about the chemtrails and doing something about it.  I hope every country starts to emulate that.  Everyone can put a site up in every country and start pushing to get some answers here because they are not going to do anything until enough people are complaining and telling them, hey, we know whatís going onÖ we see the stuff.  We see it, so stop denying it.  Weíve got to know whatís happening.  Itís our health thatís at stake here, and I mean that.  This is like life or death here.  We canít pussy-foot around anymore. 


Donít you get disgusted at being treated like children?  Youíre not supposed to even notice whatís happening in the skies above you.  Then, they have the audacity to tell you youíre imagining things.  Isnít that typical of the big liar at the top?  Youíre imagining things. 


The air forces of the world have been told to give out the same reply to every inquiry.  Oh, itís just condensation trails.  Then they explain in baby talk what condensation trails are, forgetting that some of us have memories as to what condensation trails look like.  Not like these massive, mushy, horizon to horizon things that donít disappear.  Quite somethingÖ


Iíve seen bundles of this spider web stuff coming down.  I had to laugh too when they were testing it out in the 60s and 70s.  The air forces were testing this stuff.  Itís a polymer construction, designed by and for the military to bring down VIRUSES and BACTERIA to the ground.  Big balls of it would come down and cover cars and the major media when into action, of course, to cover the ass, of what was really going on and they said, oh, it was angel hair, itís from UFOs.  Of course, that discredited anyone who mentioned this stuff.  Oh, youíre one of these UFO nuts.  Thatís how they do it.  They always use UFOs.  Angel hair they called it.  Thatís when they were testing it.  Iíve seen this stuff come down lately and itís from these big jets; it ainít a UFO.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and weíre cutting through the matrix.  Thereís a couple of callers on the line.  Iíll take them now just in case I talk on too much later on.  Weíve got Bernard from Philadelphia.  Are you there Bernard?


Bernard:  Hey, how are you?† Thanks for taking my call.


Alan:  Go ahead.


Bernard:  Okay, first Iíd like to ask you, the topic youíre already on, if you go to, if your callers would go to and search for Teller, they will see, they will be able to download the document put out by the scientific laboratory that he worked for, where he abdicated the use of aluminum for altering the weatherAnd you go to and you do a search for aluminum and Alzheimerís.  There are a lot of articles there which confirms that Alzheimerís IS caused by aluminum. 


Alan:  They came up with that in the British Lancet back in 1971, that they actually found high concentrations of aluminum oxide in the brains of Alzheimerís disease, so theyíve known this all along. 


Bernard:  Okay.  QuestionÖ about Churchill.  It seemsÖ if you read Downing Street DiariesÖ


Alan:  Fringes of Power is the other one. 


Bernard:  And Controversy of Zion and A Family Matter, it seems like Churchill was out of the loop and Iím having trouble understanding this.  I donít think he was but if you read those and you donít do any more research, it seems like heís out of the loop.  Can you explain that?


Alan:  I donít think he was out of the loop.  If you read Fringes of Power, written by his personal secretary during the war years, the man is now a Sir, heís elevated to a SIR, but he said that Churchill said to his peer group, AS he was telling the public, doing propaganda for the public, fight for our way of life, to preserve it and our culture, he was telling his own peer group that this war was the best thing that ever happened.  It would bring in a United Europe.  He was in the loop alright. 


Bernard:  In Controversy of Zion, it always seemed like Roosevelt was aÖ well, Churchill was against communism taking over half of Europe. 


Alan:  Churchillís right hand man was Alfred Zimmerman who was head of the British communist party.  (laughs)


Bernard:  Really?


Alan:  Yes.


Bernard:  Okay. Alright, okay, whatís the name of the book by Lenin where he predicts that the Soviet Empire would last only 70 years? 


Alan:  Iíll dig it up for you.  Iíve got about 3 dozen of them in the back roomÖ on Lenin. 


Bernard:  Okay.  One last question.  Lord Mountbatten, I had read that he was involved or was approached about a plot to overthrow the British monarchy.  What do you know about that?


Alan:  Lord Mountbatten, his name was called Tricky Dickey.  He liked young boys who were fair and very youngÖ and thereís no way he was going to overthrow his own people.  He was part of the same Prussian dynasty as the rest of the royal family. 


Bernard:  In Downing Street Diaries there was something in there about the House of Windsor, their royal mansion being changed to aÖ


Alan:  Itís true.  It was changed.  It was changed because their real name was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and a war with Germany with a Prussian-German Royal family didnít go too well with the British people, so they got the propagandists out and they went back to the Tudor times and picked Windsor and picked that as their surname. 


Bernard:  Alright.


Alan:  They changed it.


Bernard:  Okay.  Alright, Iíll let you go then and give another caller a chance to ask you questions. 


Alan:  Okay, sure.


Bernard:  Thanks.


Alan:  Now, weíve got Maggie from Texas.  Are you there Maggie?


Maggie:  Yes.  Good evening, Alan.  Since youíre talking about Contrails, I will just mention that Iíve also found the web site very useful in that regard.  But what I really called about was that today, a very interesting article appeared in the ordinarily worthless Austin American Statesmen.  The head line is, ďSocial Network, On-line Gaming Drawing CloserĒ and itís about a big gamerís convention that takes place every year in Austin.  Itís actually a national and international game developers conference and what the hot topic this year was bringing the social networks like by Myspace and Facebook somehow together with the massively multi-player on-line games like World of Warcraft and I canít really explain it without reading the whole article but the article is worth reading and it is on line right now so anyone who wants to see it, I donít know how long the Statesman keeps it up.  The author is Lilly Rockwell.  So if you Google that name along with a few good key terms like Austin, American Statesman, game developers conference, stuff like that, the obvious, you will reach that article and its quite fascinating. 


Alan:  Okay.  Iíll have a look.  Thanks for calling.


Maggie:  Sure.


Alan:  Now Iíve got Mo from Oregon.  Are you there?


Mo:  Mister Alan Watt, good evening sir, how are you tonight?


Alan:  Iím just hanging in.† I got back from town so Iím very tired. 


Mo:  I know, I know.  We love your show, indeed.  Always, you always talk of something that we donít know.  You have your very spiritual mind at first so you are.  My comments areÖ and I have a question.  My comments are... today we saw that Bank of America came almost over $7 down.  I mean, we saw that Washington Mutual is to go under which is $2 right now, their share and I mean me we see that other banks etc...  I mean once I talk to my relatives and I mean I tell them what the situation, I alert them and then, what has happened, they are very indifferent.  They donít give a damn about anything.  Why is that?  Is that how theyÖ society is or what?  Can you explain a little bit about in that areaÖ then I ask one question please?


Alan:  Well, you see again, it all has to do with the bonding, how weíve all been broken and separated and isolated from other people.  We do NOT feel other peopleís pain and weíre so dumbed down and socialized; we still believe that as long as we personally are okay, then Big Brotherís going to keep taking care of us in an okay fashion.  People have lost their survival instincts.  You donít realize that when other folks go down, a chain reaction can eventually hit you.  People also have been taught NOT to look at the negative.  Thatís all through the New AgeÖ ďDonít look at the negative stuff.  Weíll be okay.Ē  When it does hit them, theyíll fall apart.  They are not expecting it.  They are not prepared for it.  People have been socialized to such an extent, they donít care what happens on the East coast, the West coast, or the North or the South, as long as they personally are okay. 


Mo:  Alright.  Thank you for that response and my last question for you is, this Hadron Collider that is been already hacked, by the great hackers that they put GST on their computers at this installation in Geneva under the tunnel, between France and Geneva that they are doing this exercise.  I mean, what do you elaborate on that and what do you thinkÖ is something bad going to happen as a result if they go successfully with the experiment? 


Alan:  I donít think anything bad will happen.  I always think that any publicity is good publicity.  Who knows about the hackers?   If these guys want to keep something 100% secure, believe me, you wouldnít even know it existed, so Iím a bit suspicious about it, but it definitely will have military applications.  Everything goes for military first and then down over the many years, we get the spin offs, probably 20 years later, in our households.  Thatís how we got the microwave oven.  Yet, Germany was using microwave technology all through World War II.  Weíll get some spin offs down the road but we wonít know the whole truth of it either.  Iím not too worried about it.  Anything thatís in the main stream like this, Iím not worried about at all. 


Mo:  Alright, thank you very much indeed sir and I wish you a best evening you ever have.  Bye-Bye.


Alan:  You too.  Bye now.  Iím more worried about the spraying thatís going on constantly thatís been kept totally quiet from the main stream media because this is a MUST BE.  It has to fulfill the weather changes to MAKE us believe we are responsible.  Thatís essential for this agenda to go through into the Brave New World situation that theyíve dreamed up.  They canít do it without weather manipulation and the spraying is an essential part of it.  Iím sure itís got MANY other functions too that we wonít be told about, maybe until 50 years ahead when no one can think for themselves or care when they declassify it all.  Now, Iíve got Mike from California.  Are you there Mike?


Mike:  Yeah, Iím here Alan, how are you?


Alan:  Iím hanginí in here. 


Mike:  Alan, before I ask some questions, I have concerns about your book.  I was listening to your previous show and I believe you said you were also working on a new book besides the transcripts that you released.  Is that true?


Alan:  Yes.


Mike:  Do you know when that will be released or is that just an estimate?


Alan:  I hope it to be out in 2 or 3 months. 


Mike:  Okay.  Now, my main question wasÖ see today I was talking to a few activists and they told me about Lyndon LaRouche.  They said how their views are kind of in line with yours.  And Iím wondering if you are familiar with the man? 


Alan:  I know enough about him, I believeÖ I do know that he takes you off... he does explain a lot of whatís happening but then he spins you off into, ĎWeíve got to go global, and build bridges and ALL of that Masonic terminology,í so Iím suspicious of that angle of it. 


Mike:  Actually the activists themselves told me about how he plans on creating these bridges and I found that kind ofÖ I was kind of skeptical when they mentioned that.  And they kept luring me in.  They said this manÖ they claimed he was a savior and we need to follow him.  And whenever Iím told for you to follow one man, I always think I donít think thatís the right thing to do because he could just lead you astray.  So, I was wondering if you had any other insight on this man because I donít want to trust him blind side without getting more information from you.


Alan:  What Iíve found, over the years, is that weíve always been given heroes to follow which seem apparently, initially at least, to be fighting the system.  Very often they come out with news which you can later verify but itís brand new to the public, theyíve never heard before.  Sometimes theyíre given the information, I think, to build them up into hero status.  Iíve seen it even with the ones who first came out with the HAARP technologyÖ exposing the HAARP and NOW they all belong to NGO groups that ARE IN the United Nations.  They claim we should hand over ALL this technology and the ability to decide about technology, to the United Nations, so it falls right in with the agenda with what the United Nations wants.  Iím skeptical about people who are pushing globalism.  Does it matter if you go in one path or the other path?† You always wind up on the same path of utter and complete socialism.  I donít believe this is the way to go AT ALL, personally.  And I WARN people all the time donít follow a single leader.  Youíve got to be able to seek out their information for yourself, and go over it and verify itÖ ALL OF IT.  Because the person may be a good speaker with lots of data, you have to be careful because in amongst that they can slip in stuff, youíll take for granted and you donít realize youíre being led into the same darned agenda that you thought you were fighting. 


Mike:  Thatís true because theyíve been throwing a lot of different ideas inside.  For example, theyíve been saying how HIS ideologies will prevent a sort of catastrophic meltdown of the economy we have right now.  Theyíre saying how the economy is so bad that within a few years, the money system will just be totally drained out and money, it will have no value.  And using THAT type of fear mongering, they said that we should follow what Lyndon Larouche was claiming but I think I need to do more research on this man to find out if he really is the real deal.


Alan:  You must.† And hereís the thing with money.  Iíve said for years that when the United States is finishing off its JOB of eliminating Islam and standardizing THE WORLD, for their masters, those at the top, because all the ones at the top in the United States are internationalists.  They are NOT nationalist at all.  Then, theyíll be pulling the rug from back home as well, at the same time.  This is the agenda and you know it doesnít matter how you manage money.  When you have the same international bankers running the WHOLE WORLDís finances, youíve got the World Bank DOING IT FOR THE United Nations, you know, youíd have to eliminate all of that and start from scratch.  That would take something.  That would take a miracle to get that going.  Weíre living in a con game system of debt, and the selling of debt.  Now, most of the debt for the United States is held in the hands of their supposed arch enemy, communist China.  (Ha, ha)   Now, that didnít happen by chance, which means that these are not their arch enemy after all, you donít give your arch enemy the power to pull the plug from under your feet.  China is managed by the same globalists as the United States is managed by.  Until these characters start addressing all of that, Iíd be very cautious. 


Mike:  But do you believe that this ruling oligarchy can be beaten?  Do we have a chance at all?


Alan:  You canít beat them by fighting them in traditional methods.  These are the masters of war and chess.  The worldís a big chess game and we are the pawns, the pawns, we are expendable on the board.  You have to find a different direction, outside of the way they want to bring us.  Youíve got to remember too, that MONEY IS A MEANS TO AN END.  For the elites donít really need it as such.  We support the elite.  WE have to earn the money.  We must believe in the money for them to live at the top so well.  Money is an IDEA; itís just an idea, like a price is an idea too.  And yet, weíve been trained from birth that thereís nothing outside of money.  Weíre not taught to grow food.  Weíre not taught to survive in any way, except go out and earn money and get a pay packet.  We need a NEW WAY.  Now the elite know this too and theyíre going to bring us into a new way where governments, after the worldís crash, and they are going to create a crash when itís time.  I donít know when it will be, but when itís time, theyíll create a crash, a total crash and then theyíll come out with a solution, once weíre all destitute, and theyíll say hereís what weíve come up with.  The government then will issue CREDITS to every citizen.  Bertrand Russell talked about this as far back as the 1950s.  That is the agenda.  Money is a con game and how on earth can you sell debt TO other people to hold, who then profit from the debt itself?  Itís an utter racketÖ of SLAVERY.  Thatís what money is.  Iíll be back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, just talking about the fact that you can not follow people blindly; there ones out there who are part guru, part, apparently, patriot types who are coming in blending fact with fiction and other ones looking for aliens coming save us or kill us, depending what side of the fence youíre on.  You have to really, really sort out whatís real for yourself and donít let others do it for you.  Now, when people can talk eloquently and have lots of backing and have lots of air time, just because you like them; that includes me too, youíve got to check on what I say and that goes for everyone else you listen to because thereís a lot of fakes out there that will lead you, as they claim to try and deliver you, theyíll lead you right back into the same road that theyíre all going on to.  GLOBALISM and coupled with money, etc, etcÖ  


Until this whole idea of debt is WIPED OUT totally, just torn up and thrown away, and until countries, treasurers STOP selling off debtÖ selling it off, how can you sell debt off and make a profit off it at the same time?  Every citizen in that country is responsible for the debt that we do not incur.  Weíd have to get a whole new system devised, and that would take an awful lot of arguing amongst the people themselvesÖ if it was done truly democratically.  We know the elite are bringing a system in where youíll be given CREDITS you can not save up.  Youíll start with the same number at the beginning of the week and itís to be used for punishment and control.  If you donít go along, theyíll withdraw your credits, you canít pay your rent and under the system of the habitat areas for Agenda 21, thereís going to be NO private ownership of private property in those areas, eventually.  Eventually, now I donít know how many years theyíll do to phase out private ownership, I donít know but that is their agenda.  Theyíve stated that.  And NO private transportation either.  We are going to be trained like Pavlovís dogs.  Thatís whatís on the cards. 


Now remember, as I say, you CAN help keep me going by buying the stuff on my web site.  Thereís not an awful lot there.  I donít go into the advertisers.  I donít get money for advertisers.  The advertisers you hear on RBN, pays for RBN and all the debts that they incur, all the costs that keep the station going, keeping engineers going.  All the equipment they have to have and upgrade and etc.  However, for me, I rely upon you.  You bring me to you.  I do have big expenses here and they are mounting all the time.  And itís all to do with what Iím doing, which is talking to you.  So you can buy stuff on my web site, you can also donate to me.  That keeps me going as well.  We could go further and bigger and better while we have a chance because I know that by 2010, when the new system comes in of internet, plus the censorship, IíLL BE GONE.  Iíve no doubt on that.  Theyíll come and close me down because I expose a lot of the stuff thatís going on and thatís NOT politically correct these days.  Youíre going to get the authorized versions ONLY when the new internet system comes in.  Thatís just fact. 


Now before the music comes on, the site you should check into is called, US Customs massive new data base on trucks and drivers.  This is for the border and all the information they are collecting upon YOU.  Have a look at it.  Itís quite scary.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, where they spray the skies regularly, 2 Ĺ months of rain, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you. 



Transcribed by Diana


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