Sept. 17, 2008 (#168)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 17, 2008:

"In the Sovietized World, I'll Always be Me,
Tracked to the Grave, It's on my ID,
Data Retrieval Made Easy for Authority,
For People Who Care Not For Privacy,
So Listen Not to the Wise, nor to the Bard,
The Sheeple will Run for their New ID Card"
© Alan Watt Sept. 17, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 17, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 17th, 2008.  There are always newcomers coming in to this program on RBN and into the web site so I always advise them to look at the web site, and download as many of the previous talks as you can possibly manage.  It takes a while to get through them.  I try and fit the pieces of this puzzle, this matrix reality together for you and give you shortcuts to understanding because we donít have time to spend lifetimes in study anymore.  Weíre on a roll into this New World Order and all that it entails.  Itís not set up so that we can have fun and play for the rest of our days.  Itís set up to be a totalitarian regime where the betters of the world, those who are more evolved, according to themselves, have the right to with us as they wish.  Also look into where you can download transcripts in the various languages of Europe. 


Iíve been saying for a while that this Fortress America, as it was called after 9/11, a few years later it was called Fortress America, this is the combination of the United States, Canada and Mexicoís security systems to be totally INTEGRATED.  That pretty well has happened.  I said at the time too and long before it happened that eventually the money system would also start to merge.  What we are seeing now arenít the death throes of a system.  Itís simply the big boys rearranging the deck to FIT the new system of a united Americas. Thatís what we are seeing, and they started this back in the 90s with the amalgamations and takeovers from one bank to another as they lined themselves up.  The big, top economists, the ones who donít do the guessing, the ones who are into geopolitics, who are IN to the Pentagon and so on, those guys are paid big money to project the future because they know where we are headingÖ and they donít make mistakes.  So whatever is happening today was planned that way.  Thatís what FDR said, anything that happens in politics, or in society, you can bet your bottom dollar that it was planned that way.  Thatís what we are living through now.  And to merge the Americas they will be bringing in a new currency.  But they have to terrify the public of those countries first so that WE will demand that they do somethingÖ and then they will roll the agenda out and wipe the dust off of it because it was written YEARS ago of how they were going to solve this particular problem.  Thatís how things are really done and we certainly are on a roll towards it. 


We saw this happening with Europe.  Now, why would anyone in the Americas - after watching the amalgamation of Europe and the creation of a Parliament for the WHOLE of Europe and the nations becoming basically COLONIES, subsidiaries, or provinces of the European Parliament, WITH the emergence of a new Euro dollar.  What makes the Americans think that itís to be any different here?  Itís the same format, same agenda.  There will be a new currency that will get GRADUALLY unrolled, once weíve all panicked enough Ė and remember too, money doesnít disappear when banks go down.  Itís the same in depressions.  Money doesnít disappear, it simply MOVES into FEWER hands, along with the property and everything else.  Thatís the beauty of it for those at the top.  They donít lose anything; they ACCUMULATE during times of crisis.  An accumulationÖ   I'll be back with more about this topic after this break.


I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the amalgamation of the Americas and how they are proceeding with it.  To the people it has to appear as though things are just happening by circumstance and by accident almost daily, day by day.  THAT is what you are supposed to believe.  But nothing, nothing on this magnitude of banks going under and so on happens out of the blue.  It does not happen that way; never, never did happen that way and never will.  Itís a process getting us ready for the amalgamation.


Remember too that money is a means to an end.  If WE all believe in money and are TRAINED to go and earn money, not to go out and grow crops and survive, but to earn money, then the system keeps going.  Itís not our system.  Thatís the beauty of it.  For the elite and how they regard money, you should look at Platoís Republic.  He gives a talk to an imaginary friend about owing property.  What he said is, if you, my friend, have a big mansion and a summer home as well, you have to have guards and servants.  You have to replace parts that are stolen from your home, your valuables.  You have to repair and upkeep it.  It all costs money and you are always worried about being robbed and so on.  He says, isn't it much better to have the people pay for it for you and they will pay for its upkeep and its repair and to replace everything thatís stolen.  If you look at how the elite live, they generally have TRUSTS, big, huge family trusts where, technically, they own nothing.  Those involved in the big political game have all these different freebies and benefits given.  In fact, Prime Ministers and Presidents are really king for a day, in the old style of Chronos. 


They live like kings but technically they donít own that place in which they live.  This is the oldest game.  Itís the public that must believe in money and sure enough, money, when it is withdrawn, can cause whole nations to collapse.  Thatís the beautiful trick of it.  Horror can result.  Starvation can result.  Money is the KEY.  Not the ability to raise crops or farm, and the people still have their tools and their implements like through the last Great Depression, but it was the lack of money that stopped everything in its tracks.  Thatís crazy whey you think about it.  Absolutely crazy.  They were farmers plowing potatoes back into the ground to keep the prices UP during the Great Depression.  Itís also been done since then.  The European Union has what it calls butter mountains and sugar mountains and potato mountains, these imaginary mountains.  In other words, surpluses Ė what they call surpluses, that which would bring the prices DOWN if it was put on the market Ė so they dump it in the English Channel.  And we call this CIVILIZATION.  And we call it the best systems they can come up with, but of course thatís their definition.  Itís also a big lie. 


They will take us into a new system eventually and who knows how long it might be even, maybe 30, 40, or even 100 years.  They will take us into a system where the state will issue credits to every single person and use them as a form of coercion to behave yourself and comply.  You will not be allowed to save them up, like Lord Bertrand Russell talked about back in the 1950s.  You will start with the same sum every week and if you were to buck the system, they will withdraw your credits and you canít pay your rent because in the future, down the road, after the many crashes that will come, there will be no private property.  Thatís the agenda. 


Itís interesting to look at the Freemasonic agendas of Albert Pike.  He talked about the main enemies of humankind and private property was one of them.  Then you look at the Communist Manifesto with the same thing right in there.  And yet, without property you are technically a slave.  You are at the whim of every master whether itís a landlord or a Barron over you.  Whatever it happens to be, you have no say in your own affairs.  Thatís the reason that even when they started up the United States after the revolution, they are supposedly to have said, it was life, liberty and the right to property, which was never put into the Constitution and if they did they changed it.  But they did discuss this and debate this, that the right to property was almost a sacred thing, otherwise you were a slave.  Prior to that every system that had existed has been a form of slavery.


And talking about slavery, in all totalitarian systems they always RESTRICT TRAVEL.  They must know what every citizen is doing.  Thatís why they gave you ID cards.  In the 1990s in the British Commonwealth countries the governments of those countries did try to pass, and some did successfully, the full anti-terrorist bills, under different names but they are all IDENTICAL. The one in Canada was passed by Allan Rock when he was the Minister of Justice.  Once heíd done his little job there he was sent off to the United Nations because he is a globalist.  No one at the time could answer the questions, why was Canada putting through a martial law bill in 1998?  They tried to do it in Britain too.  They tried to bring in the ID card in Britain in the late 1990s as well and people rejected this and said no, nothing is happening; we are all quite safeÖ until 9/11 came along.  9/11 was a MUST BE.  They needed this to bring all of this into effect. 


Wendy Mesley on The Wendy Mesley Show, CBC Canada, generally gets the big shows to introduce something. She was the one who introduced the HAARP project to Canadians and the world, the one in Alaska, with Nick Begich as the guest.  She also introduced the idea of the coming international ID card in the 90s.  She did a program on this and she talked to one of the CEOs of one of the biggest companies, the one obviously deigned to bring in the card.  She asked the man, what makes you think Canadians will accept being tracked and traced and so on and having to have this cardÖ to leave countries and get into countries and so onÖ and all their personal data on it?  And he said, quite calmly, because they will be given NO option.  So if you think itís all to do with 9/11 you have to do your homework and see what was happening before 9/11 and the few years prior to that because it was out in the open even then. 


America, the US being what it is, with the Council on Foreign Relations, another organization saying theyíd have to do an END RUN AROUND - meaning going around - the ConstitutionÖ if they couldnít knock it out the way all together and replace it; theyíd just go around it and ignore it.  And here is how they are introducing the ID cardÖ


A New License, for More Than Just Driving

By Jennifer  Lee / September 17, 2008 /


New York State on Tuesday began offering an ďenhanced driverís license,Ē one of a number of non-passport citizen travel documents that are making their way down bureaucratic government pipelines. While it looks and functions as a license for driving, only United States citizens can get the voluntary (Alan:  See, they always start it off as VOLUNTARYÖ) new license (or the non-driver equivalent), which means it can be used for land and sea crossings to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean islands.  (A:  These are the countries that are under the NAFTA agreement where right now I think the Jamaicans and Trinidadians donít need technically a passport to come in, because that was already agreed upon under NAFTA and really under the Free Trade Negotiations prior to that.)


It is also a high-tech card, equipped with a vicinity Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that will broadcast a number to pull up biographic and biometric data for the border officer. (A:  I can guarantee you this will be used all through your city as well.  These are ACTIVE CHIPS and they can be read, too, by the cell phone tower technology that is all over the place.)  (What is good for E-ZPass and Wal-Mart is good for people, too). (A:  Thatís the kind of SLOGAN they are using.)  ďThe same information that is in the front of the enhanced driverís license document is in the database,Ē said Ken Brown, a spokesman for the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. They are also sending a sleeve out with the ID, he said. ďWhat it does is prevent transmission of that secure number.Ē  (A:  Thatís what you will believe.)


This is part of the function creep around driverís licenses (A:  function creep aroundÖ end runÖ creep around driverís licensesÖ) that some people have long been fearing. The push to make the a driverís license a secure identity document, as opposed to simply a credential to drive, has caused protests among privacy advocates (and libertarians) who warn that the licenses are verging on becoming a de facto national ID. (A:  Well, you know that will happen because it happened with the Social Insurance Cards [Social Security Cards], they call it the SIN cards in the Commonwealth countries.  Thatís your social insurance number that is never to be used for anything except dealing with the government to do with your social insurance.  Now people hand it over everywhere, even in supermarkets.)  And numerous state governments have rebelled (in part because of cost) at federal standards for driverís licenses issued by the Department of Homeland Security(A:  So thatís who are running the whole issue.)


At the same time, a number of border states have been leading the charge for voluntary high-tech driverís licenses for other reasons ó such as anxieties over how the border restrictions will cause economic drags and inconveniences. (According to New York State statistics, Canadians make 2.5 million visits to New York State annually, spending $679 million, while New York residents make 1.7 million visits to Canada, spending $561 million.)


For many years, Canadians and American citizens were exempt from presenting a passport or other secure document to cross the worldís longest nonmilitarized border (A:  Thatís the good old days.) ó 5,526 miles over land and water. (A:  By God, things have changed, eh.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the ID cards that everyone shortly will have to have.  Itís not just to cross the border either, you can bet your bottom dollar on that, or whatever currency they give us.  This is going to be your ID card that will allow you IN to stores and OUT of stores. We know from the British one Ė itís identical, the British one, the same company that manufactures them Ė they have room in the card, in the chip, lots of room for all of your data including your medical records and it will be used as a bank card as well.  You canít buy or sell without it.  Donít leave home without it.  It says hereÖ


Washington State, which experiences a lot of cross-border traffic with British Columbia, was the first state to offer the enhanced driverís license in January. Other border states are working with the Department of Homeland Security, including Michigan, Vermont, Arizona, California and Texas. (In contrast, Maine has led the charge among states protesting the federal standards.)


And even Americans who do not live in one of the border states may soon be able to obtain a passport card from the State Department (A:  They show you a little make-up of oneÖ)  (note how the guyís name is ďHappy TravelerĒ), (A:  Thatís what they used to call those who were communist sympathizers at one time, Ďthe travelers.í) a passport in card form that fills a demand by Americans for a less cumbersome citizen document to cross borders. There are also a number of trusted travelerís identification cards that allow border clearance for low-risk, preapproved travelers between Canada and the United States whether by air, land or sea.  (A:  Then it goes on and tells you how to apply for the card, and you have to pay for it too.  Thatís what gets me, how we pay for our chains through fees; we get FEES to pay for everything.)


To apply for a New York special license, applicants are required to provide their Social Security card, proofs of identity, citizenship and residency. The license costs $30 more than a normal license or state ID, and is valid for eight years. (The price of a United States passport is more than $100.)


The standards for these cards come from the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, (A:  Western HemisphereÖ mind you.) which came from the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 [pdf] (A:  Which you can actually download from this particular article; itís got a link to it in .pdf form.), requiring all travelers to present a passport or other document that denotes identity and citizenship when entering the United States. 


So one way or another they get it through.  They get it through because itís a MUST BE.  In a world - and this was discussed a long, long, long time ago, when they would achieve their global system - For government to exist it must have enemies.  That is traditionally how theyíve kept themselves propped up in power and be able to tax people to PROTECT you from those guys over there.  When you run out of those guys over there, there is no more over thereís left and weíre all global, then they have to find terrorism within.  You will findÖ because Iíve seen these things going up along the roads.  They are putting various, these kind of strange looking big, fat poles out.  They are big antenna poles with huge cables going into them, as part of the technotronic system they are putting up.  You are also going to find that you will be tracked wherever you go, WHEREVER YOU GO.  Believe you me, if itís not encoded into that license that you can travel limitlessly, then you probably wonít be able to move outside of your own particular designated area, in the future, whenever that happens to be.  Thatís what is coming down.  These guys arenít stupid. They plan all this years ahead and have it going through panels and debates and so on, one after another.  They know what they are up to. 


You know, global government is an old, old idea; an old idea first born in Britain about 500 years ago.  John Dee brought it up.  Then we find little associations, little fraternities down through the centuries afterwards, popping their heads up, called by different names but really all the same group bringing up the idea of global government.  People like Adam Weishaupt talked about the creation of foundations and how they would finance the system that they wanted INTO being through backing and promoting political movements or NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS.  Here is an article that is from the Carnegie Institute.  The Carnegie, the Ford, the Rockefeller Foundation are some of the big ones in the United States. There are many more, mind you.  They back these big NGOs that guide society along a pre-set path.  The general public follows never realizing that the articles that they see FROM these organizations in their media, they never realize that they are NOT governmental departments and a lot of people think they ARE governmental departments. 


Just like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, every book they publish has a disclaimer on the first or second page saying, this is a non-governmental organization and a non-political organization.  Even though they admit they give their ideas TO governmentsÖ ideas of where we should all go, TO government.  But they are right; they donít play politics.  They donít play the GAME of politics; they simply write down an agenda and follow it.  So they are telling the truth; politics is for the little people to believe in.  Here is an article they put out in Volume 22.2, Summer 2008 about the Resurgent Idea of World Government and Iíll be back to read it to you after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to show you how we are not simply stumbling along some blind alley, like a drunken man with a blindfold, but we are actually being guided, and pulled and pushed and coerced, along a particular path, a path chosen a long time ago by those who had already found that they could control the world through economics primarily and through governmental institutions and the takeovers thereof, through fraternities working together, people who are SWORN - who swear oaths to each other - to fulfill their missions in life.  Their QUEST, as they call it at the top; the knights love a quest.  And how guys like Adam Weishaupt who was a bit too much open with his sarcasm and his disdain of the ordinary person and fell into dismay with his peer group but never the less, he did say that, we shall create FOUNDATIONS which will guide the world along this path.  And sure enough, they DO. 


This article is from the Carnegie Institute, one of the big ones that fund a lot of the different NGOs, but they also have think tanks working on their own specialities and they call it INTERDISCIPLINARY RESOURCES for scholars, students and policy analysts.  Policy analystsÖ  What they do is set up what they think should be the policy of government and THEY HAND IT TO the governments, the ones who make the policy, or at least sign it into law.  You know that the amalgamation of the Americas was drafted up BY one of these non-political organizations, one of these NGOs, the Council on Foreign Relations.  That was on Canadian television in 2005 when the Prime Minister of Canada and the United States and Mexico signed it at Waco.  The CFR came on AS the CFR for a little news brief that they were giving out, admitting that they drafted it up.  Quite something.  That was really nice of them; it saved us the trouble, right?  So here is the Carnegie Institute from their magazineÖ


The Resurgent Idea of World Government [Full Text]

Ethics & International Affairs Journal, Volume 22.2 (Summer 2008)

Campbell Craig (Carnegie Council at - July 7, 2008


The idea of world government is returning to the mainstream of scholarly thinking about international relations. Universities in North America and Europe now routinely advertise for positions in "global governance," a term that few would have heard of a decade ago. Chapters on cosmopolitanism and governance appear in many current international relations (IR) textbooks. Leading scholars are wrestling with the topic, including Alexander Wendt, perhaps now America's most influential IR theorist, who has recently suggested that a world government is simply "inevitable." While some scholars envision a more formal world state, and others argue for a much looser system of "global governance," it is probably safe to say that the growing number of works on this topic can be grouped together into the broader category of "world government"óa school of thought that supports the creation of international authority (or authorities) that can tackle the global problems that nation-states currently cannot.


It is not, of course, a new idea. Dreaming of a world without war, or of government without tyranny, idealists have advocated some kind of world or universal state since the classical period. (A:  They call it UTOPIAS and as George Orwell said in 1984 and also in Animal Farm, some are more equal than others in such utopias.The Italian poet Dante viewed world government as a kind of utopia. The Dutch scholar Hugo Grotius, often regarded as the founder of international law, believed in the eventual formation of a world government to enforce it. The notion interested many visionary thinkers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including H. G. Wells and Aldous Huxley. In 1942 the one-time Republican presidential candidate Wendell Willkie published a famous book on the topic, One World. (A:  Itís an interesting read.)  And after the Second World War, the specter of atomic war moved many prominent American scholars and activists, including Albert Einstein, the University of Chicago president Robert Hutchins, and the columnist Dorothy Thompson, to advocate an immediate world stateónot so much out of idealistic dreams but because only such a state, they believed, could prevent a third world war fought with the weapons that had just obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (A:  Now, itís easy to go along with that, for those who are going through all of this war after war and living on your nerves, to believe that it would be a natural thing to come about.  It would obliterate nation states and you would have world government and somehow we would all go to bed safely at night.  But of course, that is utopian because the ones who gave us the wars are the same ones and the same fraternities.  Like Carroll Quigley said in his own book, the ones behind the wars Ė and he admitted the organizations behind the wars, the ones that he knew of, were the actual organizations that HE was the historian for Ė they are the same guys who were running us into THEIR world order.)   The campaign continued until as late as 1950, when the popular magazine Reader's Digest serialized a book by the world-government advocate Emery Reves, while at the same time the Senate Subcommittee on Foreign Relations was considering several motions to urge the Truman administration to adopt a policy of world federalism. In fact, to this day the World Federalist Movementóan international NGO (A:  non governmental organization.) founded in 1947 and recognized by the United Nationsóboasts a membership of 30,000 to 50,000 worldwide.


By the 1950s, however, serious talk of world government had largely disappeared. The failure of the Baruch Plan to establish international control over atomic weaponry in late 1946 signaled its demise, for it cleared the way (as the planís authors quietly intended) for the United States and the Soviet Union to continue apace with their respective atomic projects. What state would place its trust in a world government when there were sovereign nations that possessed, or could soon possess, atomic bombs?


Certainly, neither the United States nor the Soviet Union was willing to do so, and once the two states committed themselves to the international rivalry that became known as the Cold War, the impossibility of true global government became obvious and the campaign in favor of it diminished.


Thatís not really true.  Again, thatís from the laymanís point of view.  The Soviet Union was FINANCED INTO BEING and kept alive during its WHOLE lifetime by the Western countries.  WE FED THEM.  Canada and the States exported most of its grain there, all through the Soviet era; they were the biggest purchasers.  Like some of the authors have said, big authors who wrote big books have saidÖ and this also came out of the Reece Commission with Senator Normal Dodd Ė which is up on YouTube by the way; he is telling the story himself.  He said the intention he found out from the big foundations was their job was to guide the world along a path where the soviet system could be merged completely with the American system.  They call this The Third Way, or the Third Wave as Toffler would call it.  So we are guided along this path. 


To those who lived through the eras where theyíve been threatened to be nuked any day, it all seemed quite logical that nations couldnít handle it anymore and therefore why not give it up to some altruistic organization like the United Nations.  Thatís how they see it; very naively.  Thatís how theyíre MEANT to see it.  The United Nations - going further back to the League of Nations, its precursor - stated quite clearly at the outset, its purpose was to bring in global government.  Read the article that HG Wells wrote about the League of Nations AS world government, written about 1919 or 1920; itís quite the eye opener.  Youíll find if you go into these foundations, look at what their mandates are, look at all the different specialized think tanks they have working on different projects, project that are ALL intertwined; as they call it themselves, they are completely INTERDISCIPLINARY.  All the disciplines are brought together; thatís science, commerce, health, everything brought together.  Tremendous organizations, massive organizations and all MASONIC organizations - like Weishaupt said - love a foundation on which to build, the great foundations.


Weíll go to the callers now and weíve got Kyle from Connecticut.  Are you there Kyle?


Kyle:  Hi Alan.  Isnít it amazing how every dictator or conqueror has always wanted to rule the world and they finally have it within their grasp?


Alan:  Yes.


Kyle:  I think your listeners should be more worried about the passive RFID tags than the active ones.  The active ones we carry around are our cell phones, the perfect bugging device.  In Connecticut here they are putting passive RFID tags in our inspection stickers.  They can read thousands of tags per second up to 30 feet away and track us up and down the highways. 


Alan:  I have some news for people in Canada and the States, even your little ID cards that you have with the strip on the back can be read remotely from a good distance away and they have been read remotely whenever youíve gone into any government building for the last 10 or 15 years. 


Kyle:  And they have the ones you can write to also, within 10 feet.


Alan:  Thatís right.  So you donít even have to swipe it.  The trick was to get us all thinking you had to swipe it through a machine and we donít think any further.  We donít think beyond that.  People have proven, in some cases recently in Canada, because theyíve been phoned back to their homes when they go home, even though they never gave their names while in the government buildings.  Theyíve been phoned by that particular agency when they got home, which meant that their card had to be read when they were in, even though itís in their wallet or their pocket. 


Kyle:  Iím just going by numbers that are for the commercial market for manufacturing.† Iím sure they have higher technology that we donít even know of.  I really appreciate you covering the tough issues, the chemtrails and this police state monitoring by RFIDs, and eugenics on a daily basis because not enough people know about this. 


Alan:  They donít and people are now at that decision-making time, they either will want to know or they will go into total denialÖ and anger, if you present it to them. 


Kyle:  I have a question for you.  The one thing thatís confused me and I know that doctors are just practicing eugenics on a daily basis and they want socialized medicine, but their symbol, the staff with the two serpents with the wings at the top, what does that represent?


Alan:  Supposedly, they take it after the story of Moses who had to take his people through the Valley of the Serpents.  Now, itís all allegory for much, much deeper things.  He made a brazen serpent, but on the serpent they claim that he had wings on it too.  That symbol allowed him to pass through what was basically an area where the secret societies ruled.  Thatís really what it really meant.  They have a whole story in the Talmud as to what happened to that staff afterwards.  But also, itís interesting that some of the time they use the double serpents going around the same staff, which is just like a double helix Ė when you look at the double helix and genes - which leads you to think that science goes way, way further back Ė as I do believe.  I donít think they are just discovering things as they go along.  I donít see why theyíd catch on to that symbol to do with physical human health thousands of years ago and here they are using that symbol today on ambulances and so on.  So itís certainly to do, I think, with genetics.  Youíve got to understand too, that medicine is heavily involved.  It came through, Medicine really came through, along with surgery, through the wars.  They were on the battlefields.  Thatís where they learned a lot of their stuff and treatments, etc.  And the Red Cross, which again is a Masonic-led organization and thatís why itís a red cross, the Templarís Cross just altered a little bit, its logo.  Of course, the Johnís Ambulance Brigade also used the serpent with the helix on it.  So this has always been used to do with health down through the many, many thousands of years, the SAME symbol. 


A serpent also is Lucifer.  As Pike said, the Luciferian Doctrine, it meant lucid thinking, pure rationality, pure intellect, etc; through science they would conquer.  Thatís basically what it all represents. The serpent has always been a symbol of wisdom, intellect, and basically NO emotion.  The old symbols in ancient times used to Ė in fact youíll find this in the Christian religion, pictures going back for thousands of years.  They will show you in steles and paintings, in the very old ones, Jesus on the Cross being lifted to heaven with a serpent wrapped around him on his way up.  It means much, much more because he stood for all that was physical but also love, emotion, all the human attributes, kindness, forgiveness; where the serpent is the opposite.  Itís pure rationality.  Itís Mr. Spock, in other words; whatever is logical is what is done.  So the two come together in completion, in the mystery religion. 


Kyle:  Iíve noticed all the different religious groups that adopt different pointed stars.† Iíve only been able to see up to a 10-pointed star and nothing over that. 


Alan:  Yes and even thatís rare.  The 10 points is the binary code, of course.  Thatís the key of 10, is the binary, the male, the female.   It also stands for matter, anti-matter.  It stands for all opposites.  So 10 is very important.  Washington DC, if you were to say it, Ďdixí in the French, youíd have 10.  Thatís why itís called DC.  So they always give you these symbols in front of your face because most folk never recognize them.


Kyle:  Like the Statue of Liberty on an 11-pointed star.


Alan:  Yes.  And that, of course, is always reduced down to 2.  Everything is always in front of your face.  They do love symbols and they do have a religion, consisting in a language of symbology and numerology, and then levels within the language and the alphabet, different levels for the higher degrees, as opposed to the lower ones too. 


Kyle:  So we are definitely a lot older than we think, this 2000 year history is just the new age.


Alan:  Oh yeah, there is no doubt at all.  Even when they had the story of Atlantis in Egypt from Plato, again, and his uncle Solon going to Egypt when heís told there have been many civilizations that rose to great heights and then fell down through the ages and were lost in time.  Go into India and the histories of India, and theyíd blow Darwin out of the water every time on ancient civilizations where humans were still humans; we were not dragging our knuckles along the jungle.  Thanks for calling.  I'll be back with more after this break with another caller.


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to put the big picture across in a few words because we donít have time in this day and age to give a complete education anymore.  We are on a roll and there is so much youíd have to really learn.  And we donít have to know everything, itís a matter of reading the right books and suddenly everything falls into place and you realize we are being guided along this path, that we didnít decide upon.  We just go along for the ride because everyone else is going along for the ride. Thatís how most people act.  What is everyone else doing?  They are all stumbling along in this direction and you stumble along too.  Thatís how the sheep are supposed to see it, on that level.  Of course, the elite who run us and give us the media want to keep us thinking that way as well. 


Alan:  Weíve got Joel in California.  Are you there Joel?


Joel:  Yes I am, Alan.  How are you?


Alan:  Iím hanging in here.


Joel:  Thatís great.  Well, speaking of books, that was one of my main questions here.  I actually have 2 but I hear other callers talking about there is a reading list that you have and I looked all over your web site and I couldnít locate the list of books that you should look out for. 


Alan:  Okay.  I do have it here.  Iíll see if I can retrieve it and put it up there for you.  Mind you, once they are up you have to grab them quick because people catch on pretty quickly; they are in demand and the price goes high. So if I put it up, grab it very quick and put your orders in to who ever is selling them. 


Joel:  Okay, great.  Yeah, there is an old book store closing down here and I zeroed in on an old HG Wells, Outline of History.  I got volumes 2 and 3, so I know they have more stuff hiding in there. So I want to try to get a heads up on what to look out for. 


Alan:  Yes.  Youíd be amazed.  I found some amazing things in junk stores, just junk stores because they buy stuff in job lots when people die.  I found some incredible gems in junk stores in old boxes.  Some of them were one-offs; I havenít found any other copies anywhere else.  Just tossed out.


Joel:  Wow.  Yep.  People donít know what they have, thatís for sure.  Well, the other question too is, and I guess I can take this question off the air.  I was wondering if you could explain what is up with Andrew Jackson.  On one hand, here is a guy, heís an avowed Mason and on the other hand, heís known for his last words being, I killed the bank, and having a war.  I mean, itís almost like, it seems to me that those two impulses are contradictory in him.  What was Andrew Jackson all about, from your research?


Alan:  Andrew Jackson was an establishment man; there is no doubt about it.  Iíve found a lot of these people, and this goes way back thousands of years.  You read the story of the emperor Julian and the sort of eulogy they give to him as he was dying.  I think they put words into their mouths that theyíd never speak, to give them a different image, to be honest with you. Thatís what I find out.  As you say, the guy was an established man all along.  He definitely went along with the program.  You canít get up to that level without it.  So to turn against the bank, I really canít figure that one out.  Weíd have to get one of the new age channelers to get a hold of him.  [Alan and caller laughing.]


Joel:  I looked into him a little bit.  I guess I was going to take this question off the air, but his history was interesting because I guess there was an anti-Masonic party that was actually quite big. 


Alan:  There was, and there was the Know-Nothing party too.  There were a lot of machinations to do with Masonry after the Morgan affair.


Thatís it for tonight folks.  From Hamish and myself Ė Hamish is the dog, by the way Ė in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 





"A New License, for More Than Just Driving" by Jennifer Lee ( - Sept. 17, 2008.

"The Resurgent Idea of World Government" (Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 22.2, Summer 2008) by Campbell Craig (Carnegie Council) - July 7, 2008.



Transcribed by Diana


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