Sept. 22, 2008  (#170)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 22, 2008:

"Going to School is Such a Pain,
But Wait! There's Something New for My Brain,
Experts Say It's What we Need,
To Help us Count, Learn and Read,
A Type of Amphetamine, Some Say Speed,
Makes Docile Boys from Those Who Lead,
Continued Use May Shrink my Brain,
But it's All A-Plus for Short-Term Gain"
© Alan Watt Sept. 22, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 22, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 22, 2008.  Newcomers look into web site for lots of previous talks Iíve given, in an attempt to piece a lot of this big jigsaw puzzle together for you and give you shortcuts as well, shortcuts to understanding whatís really happening in the world and to show you that everything that comes across the mainstream media is an attempt to move the human herd, as they call the human people, along a particular path, a predetermined path.  We are managed.  Our minds are managed.  Our topics of conversation are managed.  Our arguments are given to us.  The conclusions to the arguments are given to us.  And we are treated like children.  Weíve been treated like children for many generations, many generations.  So look into my web sites.  Also look into for transcripts which you can download and print up, in the various languages of Europe. 


For those who are watching the skies once in a while, it used to be a common thing.  Everyone looked out the door and looked at the skies but I think those who live in some major cities with the high-rise towers probably donít look up so much, there is not a lot to see.  In the country people normally, when they came out their doors, look at the sky, still do.  You will see them early in the morning, very early in the morning, criss crossing the sky with these trails which are not condensation trails.  Many of us have lived long enough to know what condensation trails look like.  These ones go from horizon to horizon and they spread out and form these mushy wispy clouds that also alter the weather.  Iíve watched this personally as they go back and forth with different SHADES of spray.  When they put the darker ones out, sure enough, the wind whips up and you are left with a storm. That happened last year and the year before it too.  I do have articles here and Iíve read them before about Owning The Weather put out by the United States Air Force.  These projections are put out as things theyíd like to do, but in reality they have already been at it for a long time.  They have been doing it.  Itís the same with everything that they pretend that they are working on.  Some of the lower orders of research ARE doing REsearch, meaning the searching was done.  They are working on the low stuff again and they generally give out press releases with make us think, well I guess they are not far ahead in their research. Thatís how we are tricked and fooled.  They are always WAY ahead of what the public are told and in fact we are the last to ever know. 


Itís the same with the GMO food.  The Canadians were being tested on with this modified stuff with secret deals between Monsanto and other groups and the Canadian government.  That was awfully nice of them.  For over ten years we were eating this stuff and hadnít been told.  They didnít have the courtesy OR the cojones to tell us what they were doing.  This will lead me into my topic for tonight because everything is interrelated in this new socialist world system.  Itís a tricky term actually.  Itís tricky to label it Ďsocialistí because it has aspects of the socialist regimes of the past but it also has other aspect to it too, the aspects which were talked about by the big foundations that were created out of what was called the mystery schools back in the 1700s, or 1500s even.  They came along in the 1700s with the foundations.  I'll be back with more on this topic and what they are doing after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Before I go on to tonightís topics, remember you can buy my books, CDs and DVDs on all of my web sites.  [Official sites listed above.]  You can also donate on the web site as well through Paypal and other means.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  That keeps me going.  The expenses do pile up doing all of this, with equipment and all the rest of it too, things breaking down, getting tossed out and getting replaced.  As you know, nothing today is meant to last very long especially when you are using it all the time.  The equipment we are given for computers and so on, really, itís really a joke; I think itís a temporary phase anyway until they bring in the new internet system.  They will give you something good then, which will get the new system, but you will be left with mainstream.  Thatís all youíll have on it. 


Iíve said before that how news is presented to the public is the same way as you would talk to children.  You talk down to children.  There is always a good reason or plausible reason and then there is the real reason.  It isnít until youíve studied the mysteries and the religions that came along with it and all the fronts, the myriad of fronts that hid it, that put in front of itself to counter what you think of as being democracy, in fact camouflaging themselves within democracy under NGO groups and all the rest of it.  That is the new type of democracy, rule by soviet.  Thatís what Ďsovietí meant, rule by non-governmental organizationsÖ at least on the surface.  The ones at the top were picked and the NGO leaders who were accepted IN to the big world meetings at the United Nations, they have the leaders picked too.  They went around democracy a long time ago.  In fact they went around it before they even gave it to the public.  Democracy is a panacea, a placebo for the public. 


Here is an article and then I will take some calls.  Itís to do with school children.


Schoolchildren could be given 'smart drugs' in a bid to boost brainpower

By Laura Clark / 19th September 2008


(Alan:  There is the presentation to you.  I know my listeners have done their homework before and they know to be suspicious as soon as you hear something like this.)


Schools will soon have to ensure all pupils have access to brain-enhancing 'smart drugs', according to officially funded experts.  (A:  There are those experts again.  You know, the ones that are very democratic, they just happen to be there.)


They said teachers risk claims of bias against poorer children if they fail to give all pupils the same chance to take a new generation of pills which boost attention, concentration and memory.


Researchers predict that within a generation, cognition enhancing drugs - or 'cogs' - (A:  Remember ĎCog In The Machine,í a book written by the soviets where they said everyone will simply be a cog in the big soviet machine.  So they are calling this Ďcogs...í) will be so advanced that parents and teachers will be able to 'manipulate biology' to enhance pupils' brainpower.  (A:  So there is the selling plug for it you see.)


Brave new world: Schoolchildren will be able to take drugs which help develop different mental capacities.  (A:  Are they going to create a new class system here?)


But schools will have to address 'ethical issues about haves and have-nots', said the scientists led by Bristol University.  (A:  In England.)


'If "cogs" are only available to those who can afford them, what does this mean for equality?' their report asked.  (A:  So they are going to get everybody arguing that they canít afford them and that they have the right to get them too.  What a beautiful way to get people in.  And you know enough stupid people will go for this:  Well thatís not fair is it?  that their children can get them and mine canít.  They canít get their brains shrunk with Ritalin.)


'It may be unethical to deny the chance for pupils to take advantage of such enhancements.


'Educators will at least need to know about what smart drugs are being taken by their pupils.   (A:  You see the teachers now are almost dispensers of pills for the pharmacological companies.  They are also the diagnosers for attention deficit and all the rest of it, all those names that they now give to boys who are restless.  But you see in the new school system which is really based on a maternal system, they want everyone being like the girls.  The girls can sit very quietly and listen at that age.  The boys donít.  Thatís called nature.  Boys are different.  Boys are different but they want them all to be the same, so they want them all to be well behaved, and zonked out just staring at the teacher.  It goes down this list here and it talks about the think tanks and the charity foundations that the government is involved in and so on.)


The study depicts a brave new world, where pupils' DNA profiles would be stored on memory sticks.  (A:  Isnít that wonderful?  This is all from school.)


Brain scanners would give staff real-time read-outs of pupils' thinking, allowing them to tailor lessons more effectively.  (A:  Do you realize the danger of giving your brain to the state?  Does anyone ever think of this?  And all the young ones are watching the sci-fi thinking they are going to get brain chips and can plug into the matrix like Neo and just fly around and come out of it when they want to.  Do you ever think that someone else is programming your brain once you are in that?  Does anybody think?)


Schools may also need to hold drug tests to monitor and regulate the use of performance-enhancers, according to the researchers.  (A:  Remember that movie THX 1138?  Have a look at it if you havenít seen it.  Itís an excellent movie of a portrayal of the future.)


They were commissioned by Futurelab, a think-tank and charity (A:  See, a charity again.) funded by the Government to help shape the future of education.  (A:  This is an official thing Iím reading here.)


The study depicts a brave new world, where pupils' DNA profiles would be stored on memory sticks.


Brain scanners would give staff real-time read.


Doctors are already reporting that healthy students are taking Ritalin, the controversial hyperactivity medication, as it is thought to boost concentration. (A:  So here you go.  Now itís a type of speed, amphetamine.  We used to have laws to lock people up for taking amphetamines and now they want to give ALL the children this stuff.)  Modafinil, a stimulant known as the 'stay awake' pill, is also being taken to boost exam performance.


There is a booming Internet black market in the drugs, with reports of parents encouraging children taking exams to use them.  (A:  So they are blaming the parents here.)


Some students at Oxford University are believed to be trading them in college libraries.  (A:  It is true.  All these guys who are on Ritalin have caught on to the fact that they can sell this stuff to their pals for a quick high.)


Meanwhile, procedures designed to treat degenerative diseases are also being developed to assist with learning and concentration.


Dubbed 'Botox for the brain', they involve magnetic pulses stimulating particular brain regions.


Yesterday's report, part of a £1.5million project on the future of schooling, warns that the sideeffects of long-term use of smart drugs are unknown.  (A:  What a lie.  Weíve had years and years and years of guys on speed.  We KNOW what it does.  You end up in a vegetative state and it does shrink the brain when you give it to young people.  What a lie to say that.)


The Academy of Medical Sciences has previously warned that smart drugs need to be regulated.


So there you go.  They want to drug all the children now under the guise of making them smarter.  Never believe what they tell you.  These characters have wanted complete control of the brain of EVERYONE for centuries and here they go again, the big alchemists flogging their wares, through law.  This will eventually become law.  Itís to get the parents fighting over the fact that they canít afford it or something and then they will get grants so that they can get their children on these drugs.  Amazing.  Amazing. 


Iím going to go to the phone because weíve got a caller from Japan.  James in Japan, are you there?


James:  Yes.  Hello Mr Watt.  Thank you for taking my call. 


Alan:  Yes.  How are you?


James:  Iím doing alright.  Iím currently doing some research on transhumanism for my podcast and I think your listeners are probably by now familiar with the idea that the term transhumanism was coined by Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley, to make eugenics in a post World War II environment acceptable, once again.  But Iím interested in the idea that transhumanism in particular and eugenics in general is related to alchemy and the Masonic idea of the perfecting of mankind.  Iím wondering, can you speak to that idea?


Alan:  Youíve got to understand that there are different categories of Freemasonry.  At the top they call it the mystery religion, thatís always been here.  The lower workers are Masons that think they are working towards the Great Work; they are not quite certain what it is.  Some of them think itís just the global society; they have been trying to get a global government for 3 or 4 centuries, the international Brotherhood of Man.  But you are right.  They talk about rebuilding the man and in one sense, the allegorical sense, it would give you the impression that itís a self-help group where you build your self, you die to yourself and you create the new man mentally.  But you are right; there is another aspect of it.  Itís the inner man as well.  They want to build the inner and outer man to suit the perfect society.  What they say is that they want to rebuild all that was left imperfect by the creator and they have come to the conclusion a long, long, long time ago that the general population is imperfect.  We are not all up at the top.  We donít have the right genes to get to the top.  Thatís why eugenicists are all in on this particular act and many of them are Freemasons themselves.  So they have decided that we are all inferior types that must be replaced and it might take another 50 years to create a whole society of servants, a very small society of servants to serve this elite.  Thatís were they are going with it. Believe you me, transhumanism means much, much more than what the magazines are telling you.  Hold on and weíll go into this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  We are talking to James from Japan about transhumanism.  Another point to do with this transhumanist agenda is they have a naÔve public who have been trained to believe that all those people at the top in the science laboratories and the big corporations that produce computers and so on, are working hard to make them happy and so they trust that whatever is given to them is going to enhance them in so many different ways for their own benefit.  Nothing is further from the truth.  They literally want to recreate different kinds of humans for specialized tasks, exactly as Huxley talked about.  Iíve read from science magazines going back for years on this very topic.  In fact, they claim they can do it now; itís a matter of getting the public to accept it.  And we will accept it as they bring forth different kinds, not too far removed from humans. Then they will go into the ethical debates, which are all pre-scripted and the conclusions are all done too, and present that to the public over a course of a few years.  Then they will bring more types forward for us. The elite never planned, in the mystery religion, ever to give the masses the same type of utopia as theyíd have at the top.  They see the world as the bee hive and they use the symbol of the bee hive to show you the fixed, rigid system as the way they think it should be, with the Royalty at the top, surrounded by their courtiers and their advisors and then their technocrats, all the way down to the worker bees at the bottom.  They want to perfect the worker bees worldwide.  They do not see a distinction between one countryís peasantry to another countryís peasantry.  Itís a global plantation.  They have decided through their various science foundations, as they all work together, that we donít have the right genes, Ďthe right stuffí as they call it, to be chosen to go any higher.  But we will be the basic material, our DNA, etc, to be used to create different kinds of humans to serve them better.  Itís not going to be a world where you will be a super giant with the same mind as you have today.  You will not be able to think as a separate individual human being.  THATíS the world they are going to bring in for those who get transhumanist procedures done on them. 


James:  On your program in the past youíve promoted the idea that the elite agenda for humanity is unfolding and we canít hope to stop that agenda, only change its course.  I think transhumanism is one example of that because as you know you canít put the scientific research genie back in the bottle.  Scientists are still going to keep working on their brain chips and all the rest of it.  What then is your idea of derailing or changing the course of this transhumanist agenda?  Is there any way we can effectively commandeer such a movement, or throw it off course?


Alan:  What theyíve been aiming at primarily are the minds of the up-and-coming children who watch all these science fiction movies that are churned out, even cartoons.  They are hooked on them.  Every hero has special implants that give them special abilities and they really believe that they will be given this themselves one day.  So they are for it.  So we have to reallyÖ itís the communication between parents and adults and children thatís been severed.  Thatís the only way you could really knock this off course, is if the children know some of their history, some of the history of whatís been done to the general public over the centuries and also the mindset of the elite and the dirty tricks they have done on their own population down through the centuries.  Also to educate them as to the real reasons these big corporations are working in particular directions.  You understand that all research and development is run on grants.  They donít pick the direction they want to go in.  They are TOLD where to do the research by the big foundations that fund them.  When you see the pattern of funding, direct funding towards specific agendas, then you know that that is the future that has been agreed upon to be brought IN to the world by big, big foundations, big think tanks, very rich people, very old families.  Thatís who directs all of the research and development that goes on today.  You canít go into research and development without getting millions of dollars to back you and doors opened for you to ALLOW you to continue in that research.  So therefore that should be a red flag right away.  The elite have always had the one problem of how to control an efficient public and this is where itís all going towards.  At the Loyola meeting they had a few years ago, itís at Loyal University that the world science organization that was headed by Newt Gingrich; he opened it up.  He talked about the brain chip.  In fact it was the scientist from Japan who gave the main speech and he said, this new world we are bringing in will have people across the planet all connected to centralized computers that will program them.  He said, you will have no quietness in your head.  You will hear the whispers of commands being issued to those around you and from those people back to the central computer.  And he said, no one will be able to think of themselves as a distinct separate individual anymore.  He said, think of it more like the bee hive Ė thatís the term he used.  This is the world they are going to bring in but they also want to bring in new types of efficient, purpose made, ideal design Ė the other meaning of ID is ideal design.  So they will have the ideal designed humans for specific tasks, exactly as Plato talked about 2300 years ago. 


James:  Thank you very much for that information Mr Watt. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to show you that that which seems to be enticing, and thatís how ALL this stuff is marketed to you, all the changes that are coming, is meant to be enticing.  They must get you to WANT this in fact, so they can bring in their utopia. And it will be a utopia when no one can think as an individual anymore, at least all those in the masses.  The elite have said they personally will not change themselves. They have to guide planet earth and therefore they have to keep their own preservation instincts intact.  But the masses wonít need it because the state will be making all the choices and decisions for you.  Isnít that wonderful.  Itís true enough; in this day and age a lot of people will love this new type of totalitarian socialism.  They donít like making decisions. 


Here is one more article.  This is a short article because Iíve warned you before about genetically modified food and how that was snuck in.  Again, it was a priority, a priority to get it through, done through secrecy with government collusion with big GM foundations and organizations, Monsanto and all these characters.  You wouldnít believe the scope of this and the scale of this.  Whatís coming out now is that these great crops yields that we are going to haveÖ are down by 1/3rd.  So it doesnít produce more, you get less.  The main thing I would like to tell you about is the fact that it can take 9 times the pesticide and more dangerous pesticides than other crops could handle.  Where do you think all that pesticide ends up?  Plants soak up water through the earth.  Itís all through the complete plant.  Itís through all its cellular structure, that has been poisoned.  And you wonder why people are dropping dead?  You wonder why they are coming down with all the cancers of the stomach, the very thing that even potatoes that were altered and tested on rats and mice were discovered to have.  It was found out that this stuff was giving them cancers and so on.  What else will it do?  Iíll bet you anything it hits fertility because everything out there hits fertility today, by design. 


This is article is PCC Sound Consumer from September 2007.  Itís got an article here about Monsantoís cafeteria in Britain.


Monsantoís cafeteria goes non-GMO / September 2007


In the United Kingdom, staff at the British headquarters of the biotech firm Monsanto will be able to purchase only non-genetically modified food products in their company cafeteria.


From now on, foods containing genetically modified soy and corn will not be available. Granada Food Services, which maintains the canteen, is said to be concerned about health risks. (ODE magazine)


Does anybody find that the hair on the back of their head is standing up?  That was in ODE magazine as well.  And you think they are just making crops to help you.  Itís always to HELP you.  Every government has its spokesman or spokeswoman pushing this genetically modified food across the planet.  They think itís the only way to go.  Itís the only way to go.  Really?  Have you seen what itís done in India?  Indiaís water sources are now totally polluted and contaminated with the pesticides.  Itís all through their ground water.  These are amazing pesticides.  Iíve got article after article here on the effects on the human body of them.  Itís just astonishing, astonishing what happens to us, and how we accept it because we are not involved you see.  Weíve been trained to stay out of the big picture, not to get involved, leave it to the experts, the ones that are paid to do all this stuff.  Trained from birth not to be involvedÖ and whenever you start something up to become involved, you find suddenly there are organizations that just appear out of nowhere, well funded, that speak for youÖ you thinkÖ all funded by the big foundations again. 


Weíve got Mark in Wisconsin.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Hi.  I was just calling about a program that I heard on Wisconsin Public Radio, funded by the Carnegie Foundation.  The interviewer interviewed a guy who is coming up with an HBO series about vampires and how itís okay for them to be out in civilization now because there is synthetic blood.  They were laying out all the arguments that, oh, itís you humans that have killed millions of people and all that sort of thing.  I found myself being carried away by the story, it was so finely crafted, you know, visualizing it and everything.  It was just incredible.  Who crafts these things Alan?


Alan:  Well there is no doubt about it.  I watched the intro to an old series, the longest running soap on the plant, and that is Coronation Street, when they were introducing the new series to Canada from Britain. They talked behind the scenes to all those who were involved in writing the scripts and so on.  They had sociology professors, psychiatrists, psychologists.  They had experts in every field, full time, involved in writing all of these scripts.  So you start to tie it together as they predictively program us with this stuff that we love to watch.  This is how it is done.  The Futurist Society is also one of the biggest ones.  The Futurist Society funds, they fund, the big foundations fund certain writers, give them what they want to put in their books and they simply wrap a nice novel around it.  So you have all these societal statements in the middle of what seems to be an intriguing type of story. Thatís how they have done it for centuries. 


Mark:  Right.  Right.  I immediately recognized it as purpose-made humans arguments and clone arguments, but still found myself being carried away by their arguments. It was just incredible. 


Alan:  Oh they are very good because they give youÖ  See, you will come to conclusions by not having ALL data.  If you only take partial data with no counter argument you will come to the desired conclusions.  Thatís whatís left with you.  Itís as simple as that.  Thatís how they do it to you. 


Mark:  Right.  Right. And even, they went later on in the conversation and the director, he was a homosexual, and she said, you were molested as a child werenít you?  And he ended up finally saying, well, Iím gay; I didnít see it as a crime; I actually enjoyed it.  So they hit purpose-made humans or clones and they also hit intergenerational sex all at the same time.  It was just incredible.


Alan:  Well, in 2001, a month before the World Trade Center bombing, there was an international meeting of the Censorship Bureaus for every country.  We think they are there to protect us and your values, etc.  No.  Their job, I found out reading the article, was how to push the envelope to the next step.  In 2001 they said they were doing an all-out assault to fund all comedies and so on about homosexuality. Then at the end of it, the next day in the newspapers, 2 of the attendees, a professor from a university in the States, one from Canada, both professors stood up and made the exact same speech.  It was printed in the newspapers.  They said, now we have won the battle for homosexual rights, the next step will be bestiality and intergenerational sex.  In other words they are giving the green light for the writers to put this stuff in their stories.  Thatís how itís done. 


Mark:  Right.  And they always prey on our good side and our humanity.  I donít hate homosexuals but to bring in an anomaly into the mainstream, I mean itís just wrong. 


Alan:  This is how they do it.  We are guided through fiction, primarily through fiction because your censor part of your brain is down, you donít have all the data.  You are trained through emotion, the emotion of what happens in the story form, and that will embed itself in your mind.  So this is what they have been using for a long, long time.  They donít give you all the data. They simply always give you a victim you can sympathize with and identify as to what they are going through. Then you find out they have something else to do with them that embeds along with the personality in your mind.  Itís a very simple technique but it works very well. 


Mark:  They just use every group, every demographic that they run into.  Itís incredible.  Thanks Alan.


Alan:  And they do use Ė this is the word Ė they USE people.  They donít give a damn about sexual persuasion or rights of anyone. They simply use all of that because what they must do now isÖ See, all of this is getting you prepared to accept transhumanism and all the different kinds of humans they are going to eventually give out there.  And that would never have floated with the old style family, the old opinions, the old rigid caste system, and view system of, say, America.  So they had to destroy all of that first.  They use the homosexual agenda and the lesbian agenda to confuseÖ well what is normalcy anyway?  When there is no normalcy then anything goes.  So they have simply been used to get to the next step and the next step is to bring in a new type of human being. 


Mark:  The press are mute which tells me that they are in on it this whole agenda too.  Alan, excellent show, excellent.  Thank you very much. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  But thatís how itís done.  They will use them and use them because once no normalcy exists you see, there is no normalcy, anything goes.  Then society is in flux.  You have no normal to compare anything with and so you have no objections to whatís put in front of you, what comes up next, or even what they want to do with you ultimately.  Thatís very simple.  Eventually there will be all kinds of different humanoid type creatures.  We saw that in the movie Artificial Intelligence.  That was part of that.  They had the wicked humans who had a kind of circus for obsolete robot type humans and they killed them all in this circus for entertainment.  People were bad.  Humans were bad.  They said that as long as the human mindset is there with certain emotions and qualities then anything CAN be classified as human.  So all these movies, all these shows are part of predictive programming and we never catch on.  We never catch on. 


I always say, you cannot watch anything and enjoy it.  You must study it, clinically.  Everything must be studied clinically and you will find out very quickly if you can do that.  If you can actually learn that art you will know what they want to leave in your mind and itís not just to make you happy and pass a couple of hours.  Itís to implant certain topics within your mind and also give you the conclusions about those topics as well.  Thatís how itís done.† Itís quite astonishing but thatís how itís done, very simple thing.  Give anything a human story, a human story with a chase, good guy/bad guy, or cop going through all hell and high water to get justice done, and in amongst it they throw all of the rest of the stuff in there.  Thatís what left with you.  Thatís what sticks with you. 


Here is an article to give you an idea of what Iím talking about with foundations.  These are the real ones who run the world.  Itís really a publicity stunt in a sense.  Itís a handout given to newspapers.  Itís written by public relations experts as they feed you massive lies and deception because they have ulterior purposes at heart.  Thatís what they have.  Itís calledÖ


Sperm warfare:  From radio-controlled valves to ultrasound, male contraception is going high-tech

Liz Hollis / From The Times / September 20, 2008


(A:  Remember what Iíve told you about Thomas Malthus and who he worked for, who funded him.  You should read the writings of Thomas Malthus on depopulation, useless eaters, and all the rest of it.  Sterilizing vast bunches of people has been very, very important down through the ages.  They used to just simply castrate them remember, when the slaves were living in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East.)


Men are short-changed when it comes to birth control. Vasectomy is painfulÖ (A:  Then it gives you the usual spiel lead-up to it.) 


But science (A:  Science, the God, the new priest.) finally may have found an answer for reversible, reliable and easy contraception for men with a new breed of futuristic, nonhormonal gizmos that promise a high-tech solution to sperm control.  (A:  Now remember the United Nations has stated that the sperm in the male in the Western world is down BY 75% of what it was in 1950 and they donít give us any explanation.  But then in other articles, out comes bisphenol and all the plastics stuff and so on and how it literally kills off the sperm in the male.  And a lot of things do.  Do you know that in a recent article says that the paint you now use, these latex paints, actually give off a gas as they are drying and guess what it affects?  Out of all the things it could affect?  Öthe male sperm count, KILLS it.  What a coincidence.  Everything is such a coincidence but it all leads in the same direction.  When that happens youíve got an agenda at work.  An agenda.  Then it goes on in this article to talk aboutÖ)


ďMen want new contraceptive methods,Ē says Elaine Lissner, director of the non-profit Male Contraception Information Project in San Francisco. (A:  This is all PR.  Iím trying to get down here to the real nitty-gritty stuff.  And some of the stuff theyíve invented you wouldnít want.  You would not want this stuff.  Youíve got a little gizmo they can put in the urethra, or into the vans deferens, and control it with a switch, remotelyÖ a doctor can do it.  RemoteÖ  Can you imagine giving that kind of power as to whether you can actually have a woman impregnated or not, giving that power to the state?  Ho-ho, their dreams come true eh.  It goes on and on and on but Iím looking at all the foundations eventually that fund these projects and they call themselves charities.  Charities, they are all front charitable groups that are funded by foundations.  There is one here thatís called Male Contraceptives Coalition.  You know how guys are clamoring to get contraception.  Havenít you done it yourself?  You just march in the streets for it donít you?)


Demand for these new devices is so high that Male Contraceptives Coalition (MCC), the charity that runs malecontraceptives.orgÖ


Look into the charity.  Look into it and look at all the foundations, dozens and dozens and dozens of them that fund this.  Then you will get the picture of who is really behind this and why.  Itís not because they want to help men.  Itís not because men are marching in the streets or crying at night because they canít have sexual intercourse without getting a woman pregnant.  It says hereÖ who is this? There is a particular woman here I am looking for; there a bunch of them in fact, but I canít find her.  Itís just too long an article anyway.  As I say, look at all the different contraptions they are into.  Anyway, Iíll go on from this article here.  ÖKristin Thompson, look at her profile.  Bring it up and look at the foundations that fund her.  This is a youngish person coming out of university being into the effects of chemicals on agriculture and also the effects on insects.  Look where sheís come so quickly too, to be funded by foundations, dozens after dozens after dozens of them.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Before I go onto the next caller, look at that Male Contraceptives Coalition and look up that womanís name and look at the foundations that back them all.  You wouldnít believe the money thatís pushed into this kind of thing.  You see thatís how you are really guided, not through democracy but through big foundations with the same agendasÖ the same agendas. 


Iíve got James from Australia on the line; we might just get him in here.  Are you there James?


James:  Hi Alan, how are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.  How are you doing?


James:  Pretty good.  My friend is calling around very soon so Iíll keep it really quick.  Just around Brisbane in Australia where I live, Iíve just read an article in the local magazine and itís trying to create a UNESCO biosphere.  The funny thing is, the councils around here are strongly opposing it and one of them thatís actually a lawyer with a couple of degrees, he just canít understand it.  He claims that he has no idea what they are trying to achieve and he said there is a lot of pressure actually from certain people and forces, that donít seem to understand.  Iím thinking of actually contacting him and Iím not sure if itís really worth my while, and what would I say to him, and is it worth explaining about Agenda 21 and so on. 


Alan:  These biospheres, itís also part of something people donít realize is a land-for-debt swap as well from The World Bank.  They are playing this little game too with biospheres, weíll turn it into a biosphere, no humans can come on it.  But what they do is allow big corporation to go in and mine or have rights over certain things and so on but the average person cannot go in there and live.


James:  Itís 320,000 hectares and itís not in the remote areas.  Itís next to Brisbane which is a very big city. But yeah, it actually said here that they want to have running horses and it sounds really quite strange because itís got native animals as well the likes of non-natives.  It sounds like one of those crazy sort of, those things that they have at the Earth Summit or something like that, one of those. 


Alan:  Itís part of their diversity treaty, and that was Maurice Strong that was fronted, he fronted for the biodiversity treaty for the Rockefeller Foundation and World Citizenship and so on.  Of course Strong works at the United Nations too.  So heís heavily involved in all of this creation of biospheres and every country has got them now scattered all over the place.  You canít get on them but some big international corporations have drilling rights and mineral rights on them.  They allow that to happen but the average Joe is not allowed to walk on them anymore.


James:  Yeah.  Itís just interesting because every other city in Australia apparently has gone for it but itís just Brisbane thatís holding off.  The funny thing is, Iím living in a city where they actually are trying to increase the rates by about 8 fold in the inner city apartments and no one is really doing anything constructive about it. They are just letting it happen.  Yeah, it doesnít directly affect me but Iím very concerned about it, because although I have a property I donít have to go pay 8 times for my rates.  So itís called council tax in England but we call it rates here. 


Alan:  Yes.  If you ever want to know the long-term agenda for any area, you go and see the top Freemasons in that country or area or the city; find the Odd Fellows, they know. They know everything that is planned or will be planned and will come on the books years before you will ever see it in the newspaper. 


James:  So the local councilor probably doesnít have any clue.  Heís probably just there and got no idea about itÖ sounds like.


Alan:  Probably not. 


James:  Anyway, thank you Alan.


Alan:  Okay.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself up in a very heavily sprayed Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



"Schoolchildren could be given 'smart drugs' in a bid to boost brainpower" by Laura Clark ( - Sept. 19, 2008.

"Sperm warfare - From radio-controlled valves to ultrasound, male contraception is going high-tech" ( - Sept. 20, 2008.


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