Sept. 24, 2008  (#171)


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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 24, 2008:

"Here We Go, A Sign of the Times,
Where Children are Cops for Enviro-Crimes,
Taxpayer Money Used as Reward,
For These Young Atheists, Dollar is God,
Their Value System Given by the State,
To Disrupt all Bonding, Instilling Hate"
© Alan Watt Sept. 24, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 24, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 24th, 2008.  I always advise the newcomers to go in to web site and look through all the audios that are FREE for download and fill yourself up till your heart’s content.  I try and give you short cuts to this big picture, this big game we’re living through called the matrix.  A game that is predestined because people PLANNED it into existence and organizations and foundations working together all pull it off.  We’re run by a super, parallel government that is not answerable to any democracy.  Also look in to for transcripts which you can download written in the various languages of Europe.  You can print them up and pass them around to your friends. 


We truly are going in to a Brave New World, as it’s called.  A Brave New World that was taken from a comment or a statement made by an ancient Greek philosopher and then used by Aldous Huxley in his not-so-fictional novel.  Transhumanism is certainly coming in.  It’s part of the agenda where they will eliminate the old man and bring in new types of more efficient creatures to serve the elite.  Those at the top have decided long ago, because they’re all in to eugenics, that the inferior types, meaning the masses of people, are no longer necessary in a post-industrial society.  When were they writing about this?  They were writing about this DURING the industrial revolution.  They even had it pretty well planned out how long it would last, where they would remove the industry too and what they would do with the public who would all be left jobless afterwards. 


We’ve lived through quite a lot of this very old agenda.  We live through the GATT Treaty and the trade negotiations as the countries all through the World Trade Organization set up China to be the world manufacturer for the whole planet.  We watched the factories close down all over the Western world.  We watched our tax money fund those factories across the sea and get set up in China.  We also PAY any losses incurred TO those corporations which decided to leave and set up there.  Something they don’t tell you too much about these days.  Where was the public input in all of this?  Well, there was none, you see.  There is no democracy.  It’s a sham.  None of these big topics to do with integration for Europe or integration for the Americas or GATT or NAFTA, none of these big treaties, none of it is brought up at election times.  It’s education and welfare and healthcare and pension plans.  That’s what they bring up for you time after time after time, ad nauseam, but NEVER the big plans that they have made.  Why tell the children?  See, we’re all children and we’re treated as children.  We’re just too silly, you see, to understand the big picture and we’re too stupid to know what’s for our own good.  That’s basically what they say amongst themselves at the top. 


It’s fascinating to live through this life and watch it all go to pot as society and culture that’s so warped and manipulated and distorted and perverted that there’s no cohesion left.  Planned that way too, by big planners and marketed to the public through the culture creation industry.  I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to give you the bad news.  The bad news is that you’ve WOKEN UP in a world that’s ALREADY TOTALITARIAN.  You woke up into a system that gave you a CON to believe in, a beautiful myth to believe in, while you’re really run by very old, old people.  Very WEALTHY old people who have archives of information on how to get whole populations to go any direction they wish.  These old people have been planning intergenerationally to bring in their Brave New World.  A Brave New World with big depopulation plans on the go.  Population plans that are already underway


Depopulation is happening already.  If you look at the declining sperm count of the Western male, he’s ¾ sterile to the man who lived in 1950.  That is not by accident.  We’ve been under a war.  We have been the target of all-out war through our food which was GM modified and heavily covered in pesticides, guaranteed to bring on stomach cancers and all the rest of it, which is skyrocketing.  We’ve been under attack with the water, with its fluoride and God knows what else is in it.  We’re getting sprayed from the skies daily for about 10 years now and the big boys keep mute on it.  We’re being inoculated with all kinds of things and even the doctors don’t know what’s in those vials.  They take it for granted.  They take it by FAITH, really, that it’s for the good and that polio inoculation is actually for polio… and so on.  We’ve watched the health of people plummet.  We’ve watched them being bio-engineered as their systems go out of whack and they gain weight.  It isn’t just the junk food that’s doing this.  During the 70s, people ate as much junk food and they were not OBESE like this and they were not all turning into diabetics either.  THIS IS ALL-OUT WARFARE ATTACK ON A PUBLIC.  You do not want a fit and healthy public who might riot successfully, at the right time, when you plan to bring on a major change in their lifestyles and bring on a new type of tyranny.  If your body isn’t healthy, your mind isn’t either. 


You know, the communists had the Young Communist Society and they were taught to RAT on their parents and turn them in if they were not being politically correct.  Germany had the same thing with the Nazi regime.  They had the Hitler Youth.  These Hitler Youths had all these different chants.  The ones who joined their form of military cadets were told, in the special units, that they now belonged to Hitler; they had no family.  They had no mother nor father.  Whenever you see these techniques being used, you should very, very scared.  When children are being used against adults, under any guise, you should be very, very afraid.  The same thing happened in China.  They used the same techniques. 


Remember, China is the model state for the world.  In China, they use the Pavlovian technique called ‘social approval’ creation and ‘social disapproval’ creation.  In other words, they can make the MOB, through massive education or indoctrination, TURN on those people who would not go along with something.  We saw this when they dragged people, older people, through the streets in the main cities during the cultural revolution.  These elderly people were told and blamed for bringing on all their problems by being selfish and consuming too much and having OLD, CONTAMINATED IDEAS OF FAMILY AND RIGHTS AND MAYBE EVEN PROPERTY.  They dragged them through the streets.  Young people lack maturity and wisdom.  They see everything in black and white and because of that, those who know how to use them through a scientific indoctrination, a technique, will have no problem turning them against their parents. 


Now, what happens in Britain happens everywhere else in the Western world.  If you notice, all laws are passed across the world at the same time because we’re under global governance, as they like to call it.  This article is from The Mail Online. 


Schoolchildren recruited by councils to spy on neighbours who commit 'environmental crimes'

6th September 2008

[emphasis added to article]


Army of spies: Children are being trained by councils to report neighbours who drop litter or commit 'bin crimes'


Children are being offered money by councils to spy on neighbours and report petty offences such as 'bin crimes' and dog-fouling.  (Alan:  This is your garbage bins.)


The youngsters are among 5,000 residents encouraged to photograph or video neighbours in the act of 'environmental crimes'.


In some cases children as young as eight, are being bribed with rewards of £500 (A:  That’s about $1,000) for passing on the names of neighbours or taking down their car registration numbers.


The Daily Telegraph found that one in six councils out of 240 contacted admitted to signing up the 'environmental volunteers.'  (A:  …they’re called.)


Councils using the methods include Luton, Southwark, Birmingham, Blaenau Gwent, and Congleton, Cheshire.


A spokeswoman for Ealing council, west London, told the paper: 'There are hundreds of Junior Streetwatchers, aged eight to 10-years-old (A:  EIGHT YEARS OLD TO TEN YEARS OLD), who are trained (A:  They’re trained… at eight and ten) to identify and report environmental crime issues such as graffiti and fly-tipping.'  (A:  That’s dumping your garbage.)


Harlow council in Essex told them: 'We currently have 25 Street Scene Champions (A:  This is what they’re calling them, Street Scene Champions…) who work with the council. They are all aged between 11 to 14.


'They are encouraged to report the aftermath of enviro-crimes (A:  Environmental crimes) such as vandalism to bus shelters, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, fly-tipping etc. They do this via telephone or email direct to the council.'


Last week, Mail Online revealed that town hall snoopers armed with police powers are issuing 'wanted' photographs of suspected litterbugs.  (A:  Again, this is the creation of ‘social approval and disapproval’ where they put your photograph up and they have to put it in the newspapers too, to SHAME you into compliance in your new COMMUNITY, your communitarian spirit.)


Litter wardens given police-style accreditation by the Government are using cameras to snap alleged offenders. They are then shamed in local newspapers.  (A:  Now, you understand they start with litter but it won’t end there.  This is the creation of social disapproval.  Most of the people will go along with this and accept it and think, ‘that’s good, that’s good‘… until it expands and expands until you’re terrified of children.)


Colchester Borough Council in Essex said it would make it easier to find offenders and make them pay a £75 fine.


It also said the images would be stored to help identify repeat offenders.


Four 'street care officers' can stop members of public, demand personal information, take photographs and issue fines under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme, details of which were revealed in the Daily Mail.


Hundreds of town hall workers and security guards have been given sweeping powers allowing them to hand out fines for a large number of offences, stop cars and seize alcohol from under-age drinkers.  (A:  Security guards can do that now and town hall workers, that’s civil servants.)


Privacy campaigners have accused ministers of moving towards a 'Stasi snooper state' - a reference to the notorious former East German secret police.


 Named and shamed:

 The Colchester Gazette printed a picture of a woman alleged to have dropped a cigarette butt.


There are also concerns that the Government is attempting 'policing on the cheap', by allowing civilians to carry out jobs previously reserved for officers.  (A:  They’re not really.  No, that’s the red herring.  They’re militarizing society.  This is the ORDERED society that’s coming in.)


Simon Reed, of the Police Federation, said: 'This government seems intent on diluting the policing resilience in this country by handing out traditional policing powers to civilian staff.  (A:  He should read the Sovietization techniques.  Maybe he’ll start to understand something.)


The federation has concern about the presence of an ill-equipped and poorly trained second layer of law enforcement.  (A:  We don’t have law-keeping anymore, it’s ENFORCEMENT.)


'Not only does it cause members of the public confusion over who has what powers, but it undermines the special covenant between the police and the public who rightly expect policing functions to be performed by trained, independent and accountable officers.'  (A:  Well, that’s a bit of a joke anyway.)


However a spokeswoman for the Local Government Association defended councils' use of information from members of the public.


She told The Daily Telegraph: 'Environmental volunteers are people who care passionately about their area and want to protect it from vandals, grafittists and fly-tippers.


'These residents are not snoopers. They will help councils cut crime and make places cleaner, greener (A:  GREENER, oh, here we go with this religion again.) and safer.'


So that is going to be… that’s really the prototype for what’s coming elsewhere.  Expect all the British Commonwealth countries to follow suit immediately.  That’s how bad it’s getting.  In Britain, too, they’re also encouraging youngsters, teenagers, to carry little carbon monoxide monitors and walk up to people who are smoking, in the street or wherever they are, and ask them to blow in to this thing to see what their carbon monoxide reading is and then advise them to quit.  Thank you, child.  I’ll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to give you another version of reality, the one that’s outside the box, outside Plato’s cave.  The reality that’s not too happy to hear, I’m sure.  It’s not too happy to tell this kind of news either but it has to be done because were under full-scale attack.  This agenda is rampaging ahead, unimpeded.  People are fighting over all the wrong things and they don’t see the big picture.  They don’t see what the plans are.  You can read about the plans in their own books.  They publish them, at the top.  They’re available if you want to spend the money and wade through hours and hours of boring, bureaucratic, bureaucratese language.  However, you’ll find the occasional gem here and there as they let the cat out of the bag.  That’s what it takes to find out the truth. 


There’s other books out there which can fascinate you forever chasing rainbows and alligators that walk upright and UFOs and all the rest of it.  That’s what it does.  It amazes you and it astounds you and it’s wrapped up with conspiracy and all the rest of it but it does not give you the big picture.  Ultimately, you see, you have to SEE who’s doing it.  As far as I see, and I’ve watched them all my life, I’ve seen men, generally, men in various countries signing agreements to make us deeper and deeper into this globalized structure where eugenics is on the go and genetic research is on the go ALL to make a new type of human come along.  We hear them openly declare because they are eugenicists at the top, real people telling us there’s too many of us and we’ve got to just start cutting back the herd.  So it’s not too terribly exciting news.  You don’t go on space journeys with it, but this is the reality of it.  We are the enemy to this elite and we are under full-scale attack.  We have been quietly for many, many years, as I say, with inoculations, the food, the water, and all the old ways, the ancient ways of attacking people.  They used these techniques long ago.  They’re better at it today because they have better chemicals and poisons. 


The hospitals are in an awful mess.  Now for those in the US who are thinking about socialized medicine, IT SOUNDS WONDERFUL, it’s a great idea, socialized medicine where everyone can get hospital care and medical attention.  You see, that would be so if this was a real world where the public really had an input into anything.  Sounds wonderful but, believe you me, it’s not.  It’s to be an authority.  The health services in a socialized system turn into authorities.  That’s their function.  If you look at the United Nations charter, they say they’ll give the MINIMAL health care to every country.  They mean EVERY country.  That’s why they want every country socialized and socialized medicine.  There’s no doubt about it, the medical profession is the biggest RIP OFF profession on the planet.  It makes BILLIONS off of people’s misery.  It’s a place where greed can rampage ahead unimpeded… and they do so.  When they have your life over a barrel, they’ll gouge you for everything you got.  Relatives chip in and have second mortgages and third mortgages to help little Tommy recover.  It’s a cut-throat business based purely on massive profit and blackmail.  Blackmail… ‘yeah, we can help you, maybe, if you have enough money‘.  That’s what life is reduced to. 


However, socialized medicine is a disaster.  You can’t get a general practitioner in Canada, most parts of Canada, unless you’re in the main cities.  Even then, they have big waiting lists.  Why is that?  Well, the government decides how many will be trained every year as doctors, you see.  That’s why.  They don’t make mistakes at the top and say, ‘gee, we just don’t have enough doctors’.  These characters deal with statistics all the time.  They deal with statistics for 10 years ahead and how many immigrants they’ll have by then and so on.  They KNOW what they’re doing.  They don’t make mistakes.  The reason they’re pulling back health care is because they’re going to give a minimal type of health care to everyone.  It’s a disaster.  Absolute disaster because the REAL FUNCTION of the health care industry, in a socialized country, is to control people, control them.  It’s to become an authority that will TELL you, you must take injections.  You must do this.  You must do that.  That’s the purpose of it.  Designed that way. 


I knew a guy in Canada who was the head of a bunch of hospitals in British Columbia.  He started off, in his early days, as an engineer in the air conditioning and the heating systems for the hospitals.  He heard, while working inside one of these big ducts one day, he heard the PNO - top guy in the hospital - getting a call from Ottawa, the government, and they were telling them they were going to create a crisis in health care.  THIS WAS IN THE LATE 60s, EARLY 70s.  It was never designed to help the people.  It was designed, eventually, to be a control factor. 


Here’s how good socialized medicine is.  This is from the CBC news in Canada, “Man found dead after 34 hours of waiting in a Winnipeg emergency room,” and I’ll read this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Talking about socialized medicine and how wonderful it is in Canada.  At least, that’s our propaganda from the government.  They say we have THE BEST health care system in the world.  Over and over they say that.  Until you have to go and find a doctor and then you’re standing in the waiting room in some walk-in clinic.  They’re always very dingy places, run down.  I think that’s to make you walk out again.  They’d rather have you die in the street.  Here’s an article:


Man dead 'for some time' in Winnipeg ER before staff alerted: officials

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CBC News


Man found dead after 34 hours of waiting in a Winnipeg emergency room.  The health officials in Manitoba have launched an investigation into the death of a man who waited 34 hours for treatment in a Winnipeg emergency room. 


The 45-year-old man was dropped off at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg around 3 p.m. Friday, health officials have confirmed. 


He was found dead still in the waiting area just after midnight Sunday.


It appears the man was never assessed by a triage nurse and was not registered as a patient seeking care, said Dr Brock Wright, Chief Medical Officer for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. 


“It’s a really tragic situation.  We’re quite shocked that this could happen,” Wright said.


“We’ve never had a situation like this before where a patient comes in to the department seeking care, that isn’t triaged, isn’t entered into our system.”


It appears the man had some contact with other staff in the emergency department during his wait, Wright said, but the system depends on patients being processed by the triage desk, which determines whether a person needs to be seen immediately or can wait.


Two triage nurses are always on duty in the hospital's emergency room, Wright said, and a reassessment nurse is also on duty from about 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. to check on the condition of people who have registered in the waiting room.


He noted that emergency departments are often filled with people not looking for medical care — for example, family members of patients or homeless people who come in looking for a place out of the cold. (A:  We’re getting more and more homeless these days because the economy’s shot.)


"There's lots of people in an emergency department at HSC at any given time who aren't only the patients waiting. But how this person could be there for 34 hours and go sort of undetected (A:  I like how he says ‘sort of’ undetected.  He wasn’t undetected at all.) is really surprising to us and is the focus of our investigation," Wright said.  (A:  They love investigations here and inquiries, we have lots of inquiries in Canada.  SOME of the inquiries in Canada take years.  We’re very good at it.)


"Up until now, that reassessment nurse has not been responsible for keeping tabs on everybody who's in the department — the focus has been on the patients who are waiting to be seen — and that may be something that we want to look at." 


An investigation into the death has begun with interviews of staff. It is expected to take about four weeks.  (A:  So they’re going to take four weeks before they’ll give another issue to the public.  That will go through the Public Relations team where they’ll put lovely roses on it and so on and probably blame the patient at the end of it.  Maybe he was a deaf-mute, something like that.  That’s probably how it will end up being PR-ed over to the public.  It’s quite amazing what’s really going on.)


Now, we’ll go the callers and we’ve got Vic there.  Hello Vic?  Are you still there?


Vic:  How you doing?


Alan:  I’m surviving.  I’m hanging on here.


Vic:  Yeah.  Same here and getting worse, as you know. 


Alan:  I know.


Vic:  A couple things.  First, some of the details that you have in your books.  I was curious… and this might help you sell them.  They’re so interesting.  Maybe at each show or just occasionally, just tell like one or two of them.  For instance, things like ‘ewe’, that’s the sheep, so they did ‘y-o-u’ on purpose so I can’t even say, hey you, without calling you a sheep.


Alan:  That’s right.


Vic:  Then, the dollar sign, then the mason towers, Jachin and Boaz, the twin towers, with the serpent on it.  Stuff like that is so interesting.  If you just said a couple of those it might help you sell more books.  In fact, if people knew there was THAT much in there… because I just scratched the surface.  There’s so many of those things. 


Alan:  I should and thanks for mentioning it because I keep forgetting to plug the books. 


Vic:  That would be a way to do it.  Like in your show, here’s one detail.  When people realize that they’re that many details throughout the pages, your jaw is dropped. 


Alan:  That’s a good idea. 


Vic:  Also, I used to find comfort in your words as far as, ‘they’re going to kill you anyway, so speak out now’ which would be fine if you just said okay, I’m going to be a revolutionary and then one day they pop you.   Fine.  But it’s really not worth it when you lose everything you care about and still have to breathe.  I really should have listened to you when you said, do not attempt to unplug your family.  Whoever really wrote the matrix had it right on point.  The very minds of the people you’re trying to save, are agents. 


Alan:  Until… unless they wake up.  That’s right.


Vic:  Recently, I was stuck in the street.  I knocked on my previous residence to use the bathroom and get some water.  My grandfather wouldn’t even let me in the house.  My grandmother stuck a roll of toilet paper on the porch and I laid in the driveway all night.  So after locking me up on fake charges and the neighbors calling the cops for that article I wrote, now Homeland Security is calling the house asking questions.  They’ve stolen my computer.  Probably turned it in to the government.  They won’t tell me where it is.  Now, these are the same people who spend the last 2 years telling me everything I was studying is rubbish.  So, if it’s all nonsense, why are you hiding the computer?


Alan:  I know. 


Vic:  The double-think is hilarious.


Alan:  It is amazing.


Vic:  They won’t look at it.  I’ve been saying, I have no secrets, read all my emails.  It’s like dealing with children scared of this monster under the bed.  If you try to show them what’s under the bed, they run. 


Alan:  Well, they do.  They do.  It’s so outside of their brain-washing and their conditioning.  Here’s the other part too, when you admit to yourself that something’s very wrong and you look into it, you then have to start making decisions.  People really don’t like making decisions.  They really don’t like that.  They’ve been trained that the really big decisions are made FOR them.  However, in this case, when they realize what’s been done TO them, suddenly, the onus is on THEM.  They have to start making decisions and that SCARES them.  That really scares them. 


Vic:  I wonder, if on a certain level, they know.  Certain people tell me that.  When I describe it to them, the whole situation, it’s oh, because they know you’re right.  Then when I talk to them, I’m like, no, they really don’t.  They really… they think I’m a lunatic.  They think I’m crazy.  Or is it just for a couple seconds they think that?  I don’t even know.


Alan:  It scares them, as I say.  The closer you get to a truth, WHICH THEY KNOW, and it’s stifled up inside them, that truth, the anger will become AT YOU for stirring up that uncomfortable feeling and they will turn on you.  That’s true.


Vic:  I’m saying, it’s really not worth it.  Because that’s what I did and they have turned and I’ve lost everything.  I can’t even get any food when I’m starving or go to the bathroom in my own house.  So there is worse than death.  Take it from me, shut your mouth.  Save yourself. 


Alan:  Well, I hope you can hang in there without hanging. 


Vic:  Doing my best.


Alan:  Well, thanks for calling. 


Vic:  Thank you.


Alan:  Now, we’ve got Gene Gee from Montreal.  Are you there Gene?


Gene:  Hello, Alan?


Alan:  Hello, how are you?


Gene:  Merci… and I salute you Alan.  I live in Montreal.  I must go to Cuba to get dental, to get my teeth fixed.  I buy the ticket, $1,200 to fly to Cuba and get my teeth fixed.  They say medical plan in Canada but no, this is not true.  We do not have the medical plan in Canada.


Alan:  I know.  I know.  It’s getting worse too.


Gene:  So, I salute you sir.  Congratulations for you say these things.  Someone must say these things.  Very good. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling… and I hope you come back with a good set of ivories.


Gene:  And cigar. 


Alan:  And a good cigar.  Yeah.  [laughs]


Gene:  Au revoir. 


Alan:  Au revoir.  Now, we’ve got Jo from Vancouver.  Are you there Jo?


Jo:  Hi, Mr. Watt.  Got a question regarding… out in my area there’s a lot of 9/11 Truth Movements and different kinds of people that are out, I guess you could say, not really protesting but handing out CDs and such.  I went and I spoke to them and I, you know, I’m glad that they’re out there and getting the word out but do you think that does any good?


Alan:  The 9/11 movement, I think it does good to an extent to at least get it thought to the people that you’re going under a totalitarian regime.  The problem with it and I think you have to go in to this, is that it’s not new.  This program was already on the go before 9/11 came along.  9/11 kicked it off.  As I say, Allan Rock in Canada passed that omnibus crime bill in 1998 and this is the full Homeland type security bill.  They passed it and then of course, he left to work at the United Nations.  Britain also was passing it about the same time as well.  The ID cards, Wendy Mesley had a show in 1998 about the ID cards that were coming with the active chips in them, with your fingerprint, iris scans and so on.  She interviewed the man who was in charge, the CEO of the corporation that was printing them in 1998, and she said, ‘What makes you think the public will accept this?’  He said, they will be given no choice.  So all of these plans were already in the works.  We don’t have democracy.  We have shady governments at the top, above government, that are comprised of big think tanks, organizations and foundations and they all network together to bring this system in.  So 9/11 tends to… it can help people…


Jo:  But it gets stuck.


Alan:  It gets stuck.


Jo:  They don’t go beyond that and I noticed that when I was standing with them for a while.  It’s good that they’re getting that out but immediacy in our area is like sustainable development that they’re bringing in everywhere and to me that’s a much more urgent thing.  9/11 is DONE.  It’s gone.  Yes, the truth should come out and hopefully it will but it’s only going to come out to people who want to know.


Alan:  Here’s the key too.  Every book I’ve read, even to do with the real reasons for wars, they publish maybe 40-50 years after the wars.  They will tell you it does not matter what lies are given at the time to kick off a war, once it’s underway nothing will stop it.  It steamrolls.  You’ll never have a government coming in and then dismissing what the previous government put in to law.  It doesn’t happen.  So it doesn’t really matter.  Now, 9/11’s over and done with.  It was a ‘must be’ operation.  But we must see what was leading up to it before and where we’re going from that.


Jo:  What they’re brining in. 


Alan:  Yes.  And they write enough.  The sustainable development is going to be the BIG STICK TO TRAIN THE WHOLE WORLD TO OBEY governmental organizations, even NGOs.  We will be obeying them eventually.  They will run our lives from birth to death under this guise of environmentalism. 


Jo:  These groups are groups…  They all want you to join and sign up and stuff.  I said, no, I’ll just, you know… I’ll stand here and talk to as many people as I can but I didn’t see what the relevance is of having to join up with them.  That makes you an easy target. 


Alan:  It does.  And it doesn’t go far enough, as I say.  It’s like the Kennedy assassination.  They could still be trying to find out who did it, regardless of all the evidence.  It definitely was a big job that was pulled off.  It will go on forever.  The fact is, it was done.  That’s all we have to know. 


Jo:  Well, what do you suggest at a local level?  Would it be even worth the time to speak to MLAs [Member of the Legislative Assembly] or to speak to… who?  Is there anybody even that would be worth taking the time to try talk to?  I’ve sent emails; I’ve sent that green agenda web site link to UBC, the big sustainable development program they’ve got running from out here, but of course, with no replies from anyone.


Alan:  You won’t.  See they’re all ‘on board’ with this.  It’s what they call ‘a united front’.  I noticed even the Green Party of Canada came out with the same thing about the necessity of population reduction and so on.  They’re all in on it.  They’re all ‘on board’ on this.


Jo:  So who would you suggest I poke my stick at then?


Alan:  We have to mobilize enough of the public to start saying, NO, you will NOT rule our lives under this environmental agenda.  We can not let that start to roll.  Once it starts to roll, believe you me, if you think it’s bad now, you’ll be losing homes faster than you can actually see them disappearing.  They plan to basically eliminate all private property, down the road.  They’re going to bring in a brand new way of living… even right down to who will be born and who will not be born.  It’s all under the environmentalist agenda, this umbrella.  We’ve got to understand this.  It’s all, again, connected with the United Nations that’s already set up to be the world government.  We’ve got to stop this because, believe you me, the United Nations is NOT A DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTION.  It’s a PRIVATE organization.  It’s a corporation.


Jo:  So can people basically burn CDs from your site on some of your talks and hand them out.  These guys were handing out tons of CDs, which I though was fantastic, but all geared, of course, towards 9/11.  Which is wonderful if people will open their mind to that but…


Alan:  And go further.


Jo:  … and go further.  But to me sustainable development is HAPPENING and it’s happening now.  It’s not who did it, this or that.  It’s happening.  Here it is.


Alan:  That’s correct. 


Jo:  If maybe people could hear something to open their minds on the United Nations and their agenda.


Alan:  Agenda 21.  I’ll do some programs on Agenda 21.


Jo:  That’d be great.


Alan:  Burn them off and just hand them out.


Jo:  Fantastic.  Thank you so much, sir.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Is Alex from California there?  Hello Alex?


Alex:  I was wondering if you could talk about some of the knowledge that is bestowed upon a Mason once he reaches the 40th degree?


Alan:  Once they’re on the 40th degree they start to get… they get in to the agenda proper.  Again, it’s about things that we have been talking about.  The real building of the Brave New World society and their part in it too, by using education.  That’s a premier one they use.  They must always indoctrinate the up-and-coming youth for what they’re going to live through, so you prepare their minds when they’re very young.  They’re brought in to how the world really works with big international corporations networking together.  They’re brought in to the fact that shares and investments are all scams because it’s always private shares that are never sold to the public.  There’s two levels of shareholders.  One is given up for public grab.  The other ones are not.  They’re let in to all the local cons with 2 sets of books for every town and county and so on, and village.  They’re let in to all the scams that they have been running all along, at that level and only when they’ve been properly sussed out, TO ENSURE THAT THEY CAN KEEP THE SECRETS. 


Alex:  Is that why they refer to it as ‘the white knight of the east’ because they learn how to lead populations along a certain path?


Alan:  Even at the lower levels, they do that.  They do know, even at the 33rd degree that their job is to lead the public.  They’re the good shepherds.  We are the sheep.  They do not see.  They’re told that there’s no problem.  They’re told they are elitist and they’re special.  They’re told that they live in a world where there are Masons and then there are ordinary people.  They really are elitist in their thinking.  However, they’re allowed to live off the sheep through any scam possible.  That’s quite acceptable.  I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.


Well, I should really plug myself.  Remember to go into my web site and you can see how you can help me by either donating and I show you how to do it, what I accept.  Personal checks in the US are quite acceptable in Canada.  You can also buy the books I have for sale.  That takes you through ancient history to the present and religions and also with the side organizations that go along with every religion because there’s always the occult side to it as well.  I give you NOT guesswork; I give you FACTS, facts that are in ancient books.  Download as many talks as you want from the previous shows I’ve given because there’s a wealth of information there that can really give you the shortcuts and help you on your way.  You can’t get stuck, it is true, on one particular topic, one PART of this agenda, because it’s multi-faceted.  It’s HUGE. 


They have organizations that affect every part of your life, EVERY PART OF YOUR LIFE.  They’re even talking about bringing everyone in for psychological evaluation.  Where they can label you, just like they did in Orwell’s 1984, as being a potential, a potential terrorist and all of that kind of stuff.  The Brave New World where experts and scientists will rule on behalf of their elite masters.  Those that pay them.  Where our betters, you know, those people who can think much more lucidly than we do and who have no problems being psychopathic… in other words, UNEMOTIONAL.  They will be guiding us along this spaceship earth into some Brave New World where no man has gone before.  I should say that because believe you me, they are going to bring out new types of humans and even part animals as well.  That’s why the science fiction writers had all this information back in the 40s and 50s.  Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in the 1930s, 1933, with all the genetic changes that would happen.  The breeding of purpose-built humans.  He didn’t dream that up.  He accessed the top think tanks where they already were working with advanced sciences.  Sciences that are never published in the local science magazine.   We’re always kept at a different level of reality on everything but especially on the sciences. 


Is there Bill in Nova Scotia there?


Bill:  Hello, Alan.  How are you this evening?


Alan:  I’m hangin’ in here.


Bill:  I called a radio show the other day.  There was a bunch of candidates for elections coming up.  I tried to plug the chemtrails issue and see if any of them would actually respond and acknowledge that chemtrails even exist.  They danced right around the issue. 


Alan:  They will. 


Bill:  Especially even the Green Party representative said she’d never even heard of it. 


Alan:  Oh, yeah.  They’ve heard of it alright.  They’ve all been told not to mention any of this to the public and even mayors in cities have been told the same thing.  You don’t talk about chemtrails to the public.  You simply deny it.  The cops are told to walk away from you if you bring it up. 


Bill:  Really?


Alan:  Yes. 


Bill:  Thank you Alan. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Well, from Hamish - who is my pooch - and myself up in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




"Man dead 'for some time' in Winnipeg ER before staff alerted: officials" CBC News ( - Sept. 23, 2008.

"Schoolchildren recruited by councils to spy on neighbours who commit 'environmental crimes' " Daily Mail ( - Sept. 6, 2008.



Transcribed by Diana


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