Sept. 29, 2008  (#173)


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 29, 2008:

"Global Interdependence will Erase Each Border,
The Rich Men Give a New Financial Order,
A Global Monetary Authority is the Mantra Cry,
And After the Panic the People will Sigh
With Relief, Debt Binds with Such Heavy Chains,
A New System Born, Feel the New Labour Pains"
© Alan Watt Sept. 29, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 29, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 29th of September, 2008.  Newcomers go in to web site and you can download as many of the talks Iíve given in the past for free.  You can also pass them around to your friends when you burn them on disc.  Also look in to for transcripts you can print up of these talks Iíve given and pass them around to your friends.  Remember too, if you see my stuff advertised on other web sites, itís illegal if theyíre selling it on their web sites. is the only authorized web site you can find them onÖ at least legally. 


Now, weíve all seen whatís happening with this financial chaos thatís been brought on.  It wasnít a sudden thing that happened.  Nothing happens in the financial sector suddenly.  It takes YEARS to get to this stage.  Years of inflation and years of overpricing everything, especially the housing market.  Itís been done intentionally.  Years ago when they set up, even at the United Nations, they talked about the TIME WHEN THEY WOULD BRING IN A NEW BANKING SYSTEM, a new global authority on banking.  The fist step to it was the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, but itís not enough.  They want to regulate all markets and all commercial and banking interests as well.  This is part of the whole agenda that weíre living through right now. 


Every hundred years or so the bankers plunder the populace.  The ALLOW you to build up equity and property and they collapse it and steal it from you.  Thatís tradition by the banking industry down through the ages.  For those who lived their lives without being conscious of whatís really going on and who take everything thatís going on around them as normal - and it is normal because youíre born in to it and everyone else accepts everything in the system - go in to the history of banking and look at how it originated in the Western world.  Look at the goldsmiths and how they used to bring in the gold from people and hand out scrip, promises to pay.  Thatís how it started.  Then the Knights Templars got in the act and they became the worldís biggest banking institution, an INTERNATIONAL banking institution.  They did the same thing.  You could deposit your gold in a bank - one of their banks - in England, travel all the way to the Middle-East, and take it out again, get gold back again when you cashed it in, in the Holy Land.  They acquired real estate ALL over Europe.  It was getting to the stage, in fact, they almost OWNED the whole of Europe during the Crusades.  Because knights were being killed off and they made it a custom for their widows to hand over everything, on their death, TO the Knights Templars association.  It was a form, it was a sort of microcosm of a world government running commerce, industry and warfare at the same time.  Nothingís really, really changed. 


Thereís an article Iím going to read shortly from the United Nations.  This is a follow up to this financial situation as the banks merge and go under.  As I say, it was planned this way.  I talked about this, years ago.  Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím discussing this banking crisis and trying to let the listeners know that nothing happens suddenly in this big economic system.  For most of the public, theyíre unaware that so much has happened in the last 20 years especially to do with banking and trade and so on, due to big international agreements generally spearheaded by the United Nations.  Remember, the United Nations, when it was set up, had mandates to take over, basically, all the functions of national governments and be a WORLD government.  It still is.  Thatís its purpose.  Thatís why it was set up. 


Back in the 90s, I think it was, in France, every country that signed on to the United Nations signed agreements there to do with free trade.  That was the precursor to the signing of the GATT Treaty, but it was a separate part.  It was to do with foreign investment in countries, where they opened the door for foreign investment into every country of the West.  Not only opened the door to foreign investment but they said that the LAWS of those countries COULD NOT STOP corporations coming in, or even factories coming in and paying minimum wage as they would back in their own country.  In other words, someone from China could open up a factory, if they wanted to, and pay them Chinese wages and if the government of your country said, no, we have a minimum wage standard of $7, $8, or whatever it is, then that country could then sue your country and they were guaranteed to win millions before theyíd even set up a stake in the ground.  Thatís happened.  This is all to TIE the countries together internationally.  Thatís part of what they mean by global interdependence. 


No member of the public was allowed IN to hear the proceeding of those meetings.  Thatís how this democracy really works.  I think one Canadian agency was allowed to go in and voice some concerns and this particular agency that supposedly spoke for Canada - this NGO group - came out and said all they discussed was that this new trade organization for the world, an investment organization, should pay their workers fair wages.  Thatís no kidding. 


The general public donít know whatís going on.  They donít know that out of this crisis is to come a NEW financial type of system.  Weíre being trained, step by step, IN to this new system.  The public will go along with it because they panic.  They believe the media.  They donít know anything else except what the media tells them.  It never occurs to them to study the histories of the big organizations that are coming forward with all the suggestions.  They donít study the United Nations or even the banking system. 


The banking system is fraudulent, of course, because money is backed with nothing.  Itís an obligations type deal.  An IOU.  They pass IOUs all around the world.  Itís a DEBT system.  So you have paper money backed with nothing.  GUARANTEED that when they want to pull the plug, it has a domino effect.  Nothing but faith keeps it going.  They could keep this going as long as they wanted to, believe you me, for another hundred years, if they wanted to.  The reason itís changing now is to train the public into a NEW way of living and a new form of commerce, eventually, will come out of it, in the long run.  It might take years.  In the long run, itís a new form of commerce and living in to a new society. 


This is from the web site.  It says


UN chief calls for 'global leadership' 

 Sep 23, 2008


 UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday stressed the need for "global leadership" as he pressed world leaders not to pursue narrow national interests in the face of hard economic times.


"I see a danger of nations looking more inward, rather than toward a shared future," he said at the opening of the UN General Assembly's annual debate.


He spoke of a "challenge of global leadership" to tackle the world's worsening financial, energy and food crises.  (Alan:  Now remember too, the deal was for the Department of Agriculture at the United Nations that they eventually will be the ones who distribute the worldís food to each nation.  The purpose would be, not only for control over those countries, but the purpose would be that each country would have to keep its population in check.  It would get a set quota of food and if you went over that population figure, tough cheese for you.  Youíd have to reduce your population because you wonít get more food.  Itís to be a big stick.  So financial, energy and food crises, he said.  These are all the areas in which theyíre involved at the United Nations.)


"We see new centers of power and leadership -- in Asia, Latin America and across the newly developed world," Ban told more than 120 heads of state or government, including Presidents George W. Bush of the United States and Nicolas Sarkozy of France.


"In this new world (A:  New world, he says), our challenges are increasingly those of collaboration rather than confrontation," he added.


"Nations can no longer protect their interests, or advance the well-being of their people, without the partnership of the rest."  (A:  You see, weíre in a GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP.  Weíre INTERdependent, completely tied together.)


On the world's current financial crisis, the UN secretary general stressed the need to "restore order to the international financial markets".


"We need a new understanding on business ethics and governance (A:  They call it governance, at the United Nations because they donít believe thereís any governmentsÖ and theyíre quite correct in that.), with more compassion and less uncritical faith in the 'magic' of markets," the UN boss said.


Ban, who has chosen implementation of key poverty reduction goals as a major theme of this year's debate, said he saw "a danger of retreating from the progress we have made, particularly in the realm of development and more equitably sharing the fruits of global growth."  (A:  Well, I wonder whoís sharing the fruits of global growth?)


"Global growth has raised billions of people out of poverty. However, if you are among the world's poor, you have never felt poverty so sharply."  


He goes on and on about helping Africa and the usual stuff.  Theyíve been helping Africa for 500 yearsÖ as they plunder it.  Later on in the talk, he actually talks about this NEW system they want to bring in, a new system and a new way of doing trade and banking and all the rest of it.  Thatís really what all of this is about. 


The people, as I say, have no idea how things really are in the real world.  They think itís all happening by chance.  This ties in with this.  Youíll hear a lot of people from BIG foundations, big organizations coming forth and calling for the same solutions.  This article here is from Jeffrey Garten.  Heís a member of the Council on Foreign Affairs, the former policy planner for Henry Kissinger and former managing director for Lehman Brothers.  The former manager of Lehman Brothers.  I guess he got out before it went down. 


We need a new Global Monetary Authority

September 25, 2008

By Jeffrey Garten

[emphasis added]


Even if the USís massive financial rescue operation succeeds (A:  Which of course, theyíre not going to do it right now.  Theyíre playing it like a big drama and weíre all supposed to shake and be really fearful.), it should be followed by something even more far-reaching Ė the establishment of a Global Monetary Authority to oversee markets that have become borderless.  (A:  Thereís your whole deal, you see.  Most people donít realize that each nation is based on an economic policy.  The policy SERVES those who rule that country, the dominant minority.  Therefore, all your laws - civic, criminal and so on - all revolve around your economic structures.  If you donít have a border anymore and no nation and youíre international, you have to have this global monetary authority.  Out of that will come the brand new culture and all the rest of it AND the laws.  He goes on to sayÖ)


Washington recognises that the crisis has become global.  (A:  My God, theyíre quick.) Hank Paulson, Treasury secretary, has said that foreign banks operating in the US will be eligible for federal assistance and he is urging other nations to fashion their own bail-out programmes. Central banks have also been synchronising injections of funds into markets. These should be steps to a more comprehensive international response designed not just to extinguish the current fires, but to rebuild and maintain the capital markets for the longer term.


The current global institutional apparatus is woefully incapable of overseeing the financial system that is evolving. (A:  You see, itís EVOLVING, itís changing.)  The International Monetary Fund is irrelevant to this crisis, the Group of Seven leading industrial countries lacks legitimacy in a world where China, Brazil and others are big players, and the Bank for International Settlement has no operational role. The US Federal Reserve is too besieged to act as a global central bank.


That vacuum at the centre is dangerous for everyone. The USís dependence on massive inflows of foreign capital, roughly $3bn (Ä2bn, £1.6bn) a day, will surely increase now as Uncle Sam acquires $1,000bn in new obligations from current bail-outs. For years to come, Wall Street and Washington will be unable to manage without strong co-operation from other markets.


Now, I told people years ago and Iíve repeated it many time since, that as the US finished off its job in the Middle-East, theyíll be pulling the carpet, the rug, from under your feet back home.  Youíre watching all of this happen.  Youíre living through it.  How do I know this?  Is it because I have a crystal ball?† Itís because, NO, I read their books.  I read the books of the big boys and they tell you what theyíre bringing in.  Then you have to use your own common sense and say, how could they make this possible?  How could they bring this in?  Sometimes in their own books, theyíll tell you.  Theyíll suggest things that might usher IN the new system.  Part of that, of course, is bringing down the banking system, terrifying the public, getting you to your knees and then, coming out with a solution.† And as you lose your shirt, youíll breathe a sigh of relief and say, thanks for helping us, take my shoes too.  Thatís how it works, you see.  Thatís how people are in these particular systems, all the ordinary people, because in reality, you have no power in this system.  Itís not your system.  Iíll be back with more from this particular article from the Financial Times after this break. 


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt talking about this banking system.  The one that IS and is going and the one that is coming IN and how itís being done.  The big foundations are in on the act.  The Council on Foreign Relations is in on the act.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs is in on the act.  Theyíre ALL in on this act to bring in a new system.  Itís part of a phase to change the world and of course they must do it in many different ways, many different spheres of life but they must definitely do it economically as well. 


Theyíve tied us up together.  Weíre so tightly woven, weíre interdependent, as they call it.  One country goes down, the others follow like dominoes.  Thatís suppose to be a good thing but if you are looking at it from the other side of the mirror, from the guys who control the planet, it is a good thingÖ then they own the whole world.  Itís all about ownership, really.  Thatís what itís about.  The world is owned by very, very rich people, not too many of them, but incredibly rich people who KNOW the con games of money since their ancestors developed it and invented it.  They understand how to crash economies and they also understand how to keep the con going as long as they want to.  So itís now TIME to change the system and theyíre going ahead with it.  Making the people fearful, thatís got to be done so that WE will beg them for a solution after weíve had enough.  Then they always give us the solution thatís not as great as the last one but itís a bit better than nothing.  Then we go along with it.  They PLUNDER us, as I say, at least once every hundred years.  Theyíll let you build up equity and real property and then they steal it from you.  Thatís how it happens.  Nothing disappears, it just moves into fewer and fewer hands. 


This article here, that Iím reading, goes on to say,


Globalization will now also create a clash of philosophies.  Most governments and investors outside the US never shared the American system of cowboy capitalism.  Now they have reason to demand some fundamental changes be made in the way the US manages its financial institutions.  This can happen with a conscious, negotiated modification in the US financial model, or it could result in foreign investors shifting their fund elsewhere. 


All of these considerations point to the eventual need for a new Global Monetary Authority(A:  Youíre going to hear this said over and over and over, Global Monetary Authority, itís like Ďweapons of mass destructioní, UNTIL WE GET IT.  They say weíve got to hear this at least 8 times - in marketing - before we start parroting it ourselves.)  It would set the tone for markets in a way that would not be viscerally opposed to a strong public oversight function with rules for intervention and would return to capital formation the goal of economic growth and development rather that creating for its own sake.  (A:  See, trading for its own sake has kind of gone out of the picture now.)


The GMA would be a reinsurer or discounter for certain obligations held by central banks.  It would scrutinize the regulatory activity of national authorities with more teeth than the IMF has and oversee the implementation of a limited number of global regulations.  It would monitor global risks and establish an effective early warning system with more clout to sound alarms than the BIS has. 


Now, that also means, too, that theyíre going to oversee ALL business.  Thatís a big part of it.  If you go back in to their books, even with those of HG Wells.  He was a propagandist FOR this group that spearheaded the globalization system.  Wells said that the world was just too untidy with people leaving school and trying to make their way for themselves in a selfish manner.  They wanted to bring in a world of SERVICE and he said that eventually theyíll bring in an organized, ordered world.  An ordered world, where you couldnít just start a business up out of thin air from your own idea, your own head, youíd have to be GIVEN and TOLD what to start up IF you were allowed to start up anything.  And they would eventually cut down ALL competition.  Competition is to be eliminated, eventually, in the long run.  Once again, the big, international corporations will flourish and everyone else will go down the tubes.  Thatís always been the agenda and if you look at the countries of Europe and especially Britain, from the days of even before Margaret Thatcher, but onwards definitely, they put most of the small business OUT and UNDER because ĺ of their day was spent filling in forms for government.  So much red tape it literally put them out and put them under.  The big, international corporations sailed through because they have banks of lawyers to deal with all the government regulations and they also donít have to pay taxes for maybe 20 yearsÖ if ever at all. 


Thatís the reality of the worldItís a very different one that the one portrayed to us.  We do want to feel safe and secure.  We want to believe the media version of thingsÖ but itís all bogus.† Itís not the real world at all.  You have to look into all the agreements, especially all the treaties that have been signed BY your countries over the last 50, at least 50 years.  You got to look in to them.  Youíve got look at how they united Europe, how long it took them, from 1948 onwards in to the 90s, before the ADMITTED, once it was all completed, THAT IT WAS DONE IN SECRECY AND THAT THE PUBLIC WERE NOT TO BE TOLD UNTIL IT WAS OVER AND DONE AND COMPLETELY UP AND RUNNING.  Thatís how democracy really works. 


Youíve got to look at the writings of Hitler who wanted a united Europe and the writings of Winston Churchill and his personal secretary, Fringes of Power.  In there, Winston Churchill also wanted a united Europe.  He said, our long dream of a united Europe will come out of this war and is the best thing that ever happened.  A very different world from the one that weíre taught in school.  Very, very different, indeed.  Itís on a rollercoaster.  You think about that.  I was thinking about that today, this rollercoaster of what appears to be bizarro-ness.  I call it bizarro-ness, as they spend money like itís coming out of fountainsÖ for warsÖ while theyíre sinking back home.  Iíll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and Iíve been discussing some of the new banking system thatís coming in.  This new authority they want to bring in, a global authority, which truly is the end of nationalism.  Itís just another nail in the coffin to make sure we get the message.  Most of the public will breathe a sigh of relief when a new system is brought in.  Then, theyíll go back to play for a while as they start to lose more and more freedoms and rights.  One day, theyíll wake up with no food and probably no home and then theyíll riot.  Thatís what the Department of Defence and the US militaryís own documentation have stated.  Thereís going to be 30-40 years of rioting taking place, they just donít tell you why.  But Joe and Jane average that likes to play, will dismiss that out of hand and say that will never happen, as they will with everything else that ever happens in their lifetime.  COMPLETE DENIAL.


Look at the money as all of this is going on, as the banks supposedly merge and go down and all the rest of it, as all this is going on, the US is spending BILLIONS, just about every day or two with orders for new equipment and new technology and all the rest of it.  Itís just astounding to watch it.  Theyíre not worried.  They donít seem to be worried about lack of funds.  I was looking at an article the other day there on these new miniature MAVs, they call them.† Theyíre little flying robots which they say are going to take off very shortly.  Itís for urban warfare.  Itís for monitoring the urban landscape.† Because you know yourself, obviously, everythingís going to be terrorism from now on. 


Once there are no more countries, no more nations to fight, thereíll have to be terrorism to fight, which will be everywhere.  From their point of view, theyíre quite correct because the general population have had war declared on them for a long time, they just didnít know it.  If you still hold old-fashioned values and old ideas about rights and so on, you technically are a terrorist.  The new system coming in does not believe that the average person is supposed to have rights.  YOUíRE SUPPOSED TO SERVE THE WORLD STATE.  BE A SERVANT TO IT.  Which is a nice term for a slave, really. 


Eventually, after al the banks go under, not just this time but in the time to come too - maybe in another 4 or 5 years as we get used to them going - theyíll bring in a CREDIT system.  A new credit system, as Bertrand Russell stated, and youíll have the government dishing out credits to every individual IF YOUíRE WELL BEHAVED.  If youíre NOT well behaved, and youíre ANTI-SOCIAL, then they will simply withhold your credits and you canít pay your rent.  In the new system, remember, thereís to be no private property.  Think about that when you watch all these people losing their homes.  NOT just in the US and Canada but across Europe as well and everywhere else.  Theyíre collapsing the housing markets everywhere.  Part of the agenda.  Itís amazing how everything that happens, as I say, just AMAZING how it always falls in line with the written and published agenda.  Itís astonishing.  Utterly astonishing.  Coincidence after coincidence. 


Now, this morning, I watched them start to spray the skies.  The day started off as actually sunny with a kind of BLUE color there that I vaguely remember from years gone by.  Then they started spraying and then the mush came overhead as they built these into this undefined, horizon-to-horizon cloud.  Then you can actually feel, after a few hours, almost a wheeze coming on because this stuffís coming down to the ground.  Iíve also stated that this stuff is reaching saturation point in the ground, in the earth itself.  A few years ago I mentioned that the birds were declining.  I told you, you must use your own observations.  Donít wait for the media or press to tell you because theyíll tell you something eventually with a spin on it.  Sure enough, the birds are declining.  You donít HEAR the big chorus of birds at dawn.  You donít HEAR the chorus of birds at sundown as they all settle in for the night.  You just donít hear that anymore.  Youíre lucky if you SEE a bird.  I can walk through the forest here and itís pretty quiet.  Maybe one or two birds on the whole journey.  Theyíre killing them off.  Iíve also got moles, ground moles coming up out of the ground, frequently now, and dying.  Now, this stuff goes in to the soil with the rain, with the dew as well, it brings it right down to the ground level itself.  So this mole is living in a highly toxic environment, a more condensed form of the chemicals in the spray than weíre getting perhaps, and itís killing them off.  Birds and moles and other things too are dying.  Well, hereís the media spin.  Now theyíve actually admitted the birds are declining.  Itís quite funny, really, the way they spin it.  They always spin it to blame the public.  This is from the BBC News. 


World's common birds 'declining' 

By Mark Kinver

Science and environment reporter, BBC News 

Monday, 22 September 2008

[emphasis added]


The populations of the world's common birds are declining as a result of continued habitat loss  (A:  See, right off they give you the reason, a reason for it.  It sounds plausible because weíve been conditioned to believe this is true.  I live in the forest here.  Thereís thousands of miles of forest this way.  Thousands.  If I go north, thereís even moreÖ and very few people.  But theyíre putting it down to habitat loss.  Well, if itís a loss somewhere, say in the Amazon, itís not affecting me up here or the birds up here.  So why are the birds up here dying?  Itís because of the spray.  Because of the spray.), a global assessment has warned.


The survey by BirdLife International found that 45% of Europe's common birds had seen numbers fall, as had more than 80% of Australia's wading species. 


Then they go to try and rationalize and justify why itís happening with global warming and human habitat destruction and all the rest of it, but they donít mention THE SPRAYING.  The spraying, the common denominator to everything thatís happening.  Itís the public who are to blame.  Weíre supposed to get that message and really, really believe it.  It will kill more.  Mind you, it will kill the public off as well.  Itís got to do that as well.  They are dyingÖ with massive bronchial problems and various other defects.  So thatís that part there. 


Now, hereís anther thing too that gets me is how weíre always treated like children.  About 1998 or 1999, the Canadian cops, the police across Canada suddenly, suddenly, mind you, came out on the streets parading around in these new combat fatigues.  They were the black ones with their pants tucked in to combat boots and little baseball caps on.  Kind of like the Nazis used to do.  Black shirts and black ties.  Very ominousÖ because black is the color of the executioner, you see.  Itís a psychological thing which they understand very, very well.  Then I found a little article in the local paper saying that the police across Canada were being issued these new uniforms and youíll see 3 or 4 patrolling down your local areas to get the public used to it.  Well, I watched them going down this little village that I went to have a look at to see if I could find any and sure enough, thereís 4 cops walking down there - like models, really - all smiling and scrubbed faces.  What got me was the general public didnít even give them a second look.  They never even noticed. 


At the time I thought, I guess itís all these movies they watch with the guys in black that bash down doors and all the rest of it, theyíre so used to it, they see it in real life, and they donít even question it.  They canít tell the difference from fact and fiction anymore.  Theyíre trained, you see.  This is an article here on the next step because remember, thereís to be URBAN warfare.  All militaries today are trained in urban warfare techniques for whatís to come.  Iíve read the Department of Defenceís projection for the next 30 - 40 years.  Last week I read the United States Armyís projection.  Same thing.  Here you are with, this is Quebec, Canada.   This article is from Yahoo news, in fact.  September the 28th, 2008.  By Sidhartha Banerjee, Canadian Press. 


Race-relations expert worried about image of Mtl cops wearing military-style pants

Sidhartha Banerjee (at - Sept. 28, 2008.


Montreal Police say the colourful military style trouser theyíre now sporting (A:  Colorful, colorful.)  are nothing more that a statement on lagging labour relations with the city. 


And while Quebecís Essential Services Council has said OK to the camouflaged, combat-style pants for now (A:  And by the way, these are the sort of grey, black and white patchy ones.  This is urban warfare, itís for CITY warfare.), a minority-relations expert says, ďThe choice of garb could prove detrimental with a report due out soon into a fatal police shooting in August of a teenager in the cityís north end.Ē 


Fo Niemi, co-founder of the Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations, says the seemingly innocent pressure tactic could cast police in a "soldier of fortune" light that will do little to help recent frosty relations between police and some residents.  ďIn some communities who have experience dealing with juntas, with people dressed like that, it reinforces the image of the police being a very paramilitary organization,Ē Niemi said.  (A:  Well, guess what?  You see, the police ARE a paramilitary organization.  Have you ever seen them marching?  They do a lot of marching in Canada at funerals and so on and youíll see them marching like any other army, with uniforms and all their little award metals and stuff and all the spaghetti around their helmets and hats and all that kind of stuff.  They were set up to be - especially in the British Commonwealth countries - A PARA-MILITARY FORCE. 


And that doesnít bode well for a police force bracing for the report into the shooting death of 18-year-old Fredy Villanueva by Montreal officers, Niemi said. 


(A:  Getting down on the page here it saysÖ)


But the camouflage drew the ire of city officials, who took their employees to the Essential Services Council last week, saying the pants could be considered threatening.  (A:  The pants could beÖ the cops now can have machine gunsÖ but their pants could be considered threatening.)


Montreal police Chief Yvan Delorme warned the trousers could undermine police-citizen relations, adding the pants could incite confrontation and remind some citizens from others parts of the world about the repression or combat they left behind.  (A:  See, isnít it amazing?  It takes immigrants to be scared because THEY KNOW what guys wearing this kind of stuff do.  But the average person here doesnít really care.  Here they say itís colorful, the colorful pants.  I guess the boots are too.) 


The council ruled the pants donít hinder how police do their jobs. 


The Montreal Police Brotherhood (A:  Guess what that is, folks?), which represents the forceís 4,800 officers, says officers have been adding accessories to their usual blue uniforms for the past few months without compromising anyone's security.


Other police forces have employed (A:  Now, hereís what he saysÖ) the tactic (A:  the TACTIC.  The tactic, you see, thatís not happenstance.  Itís a tactic.)  in Quebec without any problems, the Brotherhood says. 


ďThe jeans, the red caps or the other types of trousers worn by our members have not caused any problems of any kind,Ē said Yves Francoeur, president of the brotherhood.  (A:  So heís the President of the Brotherhood.  I wonder if heís the Grand Master?)


Brotherhood spokesman Martin Viau said it is the opposite - with officers reporting that the jeans and red caps have helped make police seem less threatening and given them an in when it comes to dealing with youth.


Anyway, youíre seeing, again, the militarization, the open militarization of police.  Get used to it because weíre going to see more and more of it.  I surprised they donít even mention the black outfits, though.  Since when do police have to walk around giving parking tickets wearing combat boots with their pants tucked in?  In black ties, shirts and all the rest of it, with leather gloves onÖ and the sunglasses?  Just like the movies.  The movies they were showing us to get us used to this before it actually happened in reality with predictive programming.  Itís quite astonishing how weíre trained and we simply accept it when it actually happens.  Itís amazing. 


Now, weíve got George from New York.  Are you there George?


George:  Are you there?  Okay.  Iím on a faulty connection so if I get dropped, you know what happened. 


Alan:  Iím glad to see youíre still kicking, George.


George:  Oh, yeah, sure.  You know, thereís a site of a former weatherman, not former, a real live meteorologist, has up on the internet.  He has the Chemtrail Alert System.  I donít know if youíre aware of it. 


Alan:  I had it on the air last week orÖ


George:  Oh, you did?  I missed it.  But anyway, it has Ďclearí for New York and the skies were beautiful, beautiful clouds and tonightís Rosh Hashana and tomorrow, for our Kasar or Jewish buddies and you know as they plug Ďchosení or whatever and they gave them a nice day, right?


Alan:  Oh, they can give you a nice day when they want to, sure.


George:  Oh, yeah, sure.  I mean, you know, I can see Ďcause Iím old enough to remember the way the weather was and the weather is not the way it used to be decades ago. 


Alan:  No.  No itís not.  But they do giveÖ Most of the spraying has been, especially the rainÖ 2 Ĺ months of rain where I am, daily, in June and July.


George:  We had a dry period for a while but it rained in the last few days. 


Alan:  All you have to do is punch in to the satellite systems and just look at the mush over the bread-baskets of Canada and the US.  Theyíre drowned out this year. 


George:  Itís really frightening.  Iíll tell you, the last 3 months was the worst Iíve seen economically and business wise in the last 4 decades on the streets of Manhattan and the whole city.  The people donít have any money.


Alan:  No.  Theyíre all living maxed out on credit and so on.


George:  Theyíre more than maxed, they just donít have any money.  People are all broke.  Everythingís gone up but our salaries or what we get paid or what we make.  A person like me, weíre making evenÖ youíre just paying the bills. 


Alan:  Well youíre a taxi driver right?


George:  Well, taxi, limo, whatever you want to call it. 


Alan:  How are the tips there now?  That will tell you whatís happening.


George:  Well, you know, the good people are generous.  Thereís people who have money.  Iíve always said for years and years and years and years, decades, to other drivers, donít get mad at the rich because thereís some wonderful people.  They live on 5th and Park Avenue.  They got loads of money, they spend it well and theyíre old rich people.  Thereís other ones that are cheapskates who are old rich people.  But thereís a lot of wonderful people and theyíre the hope.  Because their good willÖ.


Alan:  Good will.


George:  They have good will and they spread it around.  Theyíre not, there are some of them that are newly rich but some of them are not.  Theyíre generations of money.   Money goes to money.  But they also have compassion.  They know.  They know the story and they know somethingís very, very, very wrong.† They are going to this global money system that you can see coming.


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.


George:  This derivatives thing is about 1,000 trillion dollars which is a quadrillion, right?† It could be that high and theyíre gonna take this money but they voted it down.  Today was a good sign, right?


Alan:  Well, everythingís a drama.  All youíre seeing on TV and all these meetings, is drama for the public.  Itís all pre-scripted. 


George:  I like that.  Thatís what it is.  This election is quiteÖ This is the most interesting one Iíve seen since the days when they killed the last leader, JFK, which was really the beginning of the battle.  If you look at the economic scene, it all went right up - the debt - after JFK, after they viciously murdered him.  But this is the most interesting thing.  I think itís all about pro-life with this Palin woman.


Alan:  No.  Itís distractions.  Itís all distraction.  They donít run the country.


George:  Of course. 


Alan:  You hang in there, George.  Iíll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Weíll go to Jared from New York.  Are you there Jarod?


Jarod:  Hey, Alan, how do you keep your sanity?


Alan:  Well, youíve got to be mad to start with.  If youíre mad to start with you can keep your sanity. 


Jarod:  Yeah man, I just see it all around me all the time.† Iíve been reading some of the books that you recommended.  Right now, Iím reading a book by Marshall McLuhan.† This guy, man, is really a really intelligent guy.  I tell you, he lost me in some ofÖ


Alan:  Well, the McLuhan Foundation still goes in Canada and the whole thing with Marshal McLuhan was he was heavily involved in how people perceive things.  Well, thatís so interesting to the big boys because thatís how they rule us is through altering our perceptions.  He goes in to that in pretty good detail. 


Jarod:  I noticed that people around meÖ theyíre insane.  I see how itís all perceptions and how they just accept everything.† Iím on my job and this is like slavery.  We donít evenÖ They just accept it.  Like itís the American thing, you know, work hard andÖ


Alan:  Work hard and lose it all.




Jarod:  It drives me crazy.  I heard you talking about, on I think it was Friday, I was listening to Fridayís show today, how with the abortion and by the way, Obama supports that.  They call it infanticide.  He supports that and I know some people who go on the internet and stuff.  They think that heís the answer, I guess, toÖ


Alan:  Oh, sure.  Well, theyíre all pre-picked at the top anyway.  It doesnít matter which one you pick.


Jarod:  I know.  Itís just likeÖ  I canít evenÖ everything is just all fake and lies. 


Alan:  Itís a drama.  As I say, itís a big, orchestrated drama.  Itís a wrestling match.  Politics is a wrestling match for the general public.  Who do you want to vote for, Giant Haystack or Mountain Man? 



Alan:  Thatís all it is.  Itís a show.


Jarod:  Thatís what I see.  Itís either a communist or a fascist.  And theyíre all just socialists.  I just wanted to ask you another question.  In your book, when you showed what John F Kennedy and Lincoln and how the dates that they died and what they did.  It seemed like almost like Kennedy was born to die like that.


Alan:  Well, you know thereís more to it.  Youíre not far off the mark there.  They actually set up peopleís lives in a ritualistic fashion and even the people who come in to their lives in a ritualistic fashion.  They do play off the occasional drama in front of the world stage.  These people are sacrificed, once in a while.  You couldnít dream that kind of stuff up.  All those names, dates and how they can reverse names and dates and so on and bring in people from 100 years ago with the same names connected with the same families, all around the same people.  You just canít make that stuff up, but thatís the historical truth thatís in that page there. 


Jarod:  Well, another book I was reading, too, is by George Bernard Shaw.  I just read the beginning.  Iím not really sure whatÖ was he like an HG Wells type of person?  Propagandize orÖ?


Alan:  Itís probably more along the same way as HG Wells.  Most of those guys were handpicked. 


Jarod:  Alright.  Well, I just want to tell everybody, buy your books.  One page is like nothing else.


Alan:  And buy it from and nowhere else.  Okay, thanks for calling. 


This is Alan and Hamish, Hamish the dog, here in Ontario, Canada and good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And stay out of that Chem stuff thatís coming down or wear masks if you have to.  Itís not a bad idea these days.  Good night.



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