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"Average Joe Pays Taxes, Along to Provide,
A Thousand Points of Light, Lobby and Guide,
Powerful Foundations, World Federalist Movement,
Claim Their Aim is for Social Improvement,
Eugenicists All with the Poor as Their Shield,
Would Have Us Move to a Planned, Smaller Field,
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, Drooling with Blood,
Devouring the Prey, then Covering with Mud"
© Alan Watt Oct. 8, 2008



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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen
There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on
Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 8th of October, 2008.  We always have newcomers listening in to the show so I advise them to go to www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com and on that website youíll find LOTS of previous talks Iíve given, where I try to give you the histories leading up to this wonderful new world order and show you how long itís been in the planning by naming the big agencies and organizations that have been working steadily for the last few hundred years. 


Also look into to www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download, print up and pass them around to your friends.  These are transcripts of the talks Iíve given and youíll find them in the various languages of Europe. 


Just today, I was thinking about the enormity of this MASSIVE pyramid of organizations.  This THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT, as itís often referred to, which comprise the spearheading into the new world order.  Theyíre all specialized in different areas but they all came out of the same original groups that were founded, really, in Britain, going back as far as the 1500ís, then really taking off in the 1800ís.  We found that with the Fabian Society that was dedicated to creating a form of socialist type of world government,  but NOT, really, NOT on behalf of the working people. 


Itís so astonishing that many people who think that they vote Labour, they think that the Fabian Society is just a radical left wing society.  Nothing is further from the truth.  It was founded by a bunch of very wealthy elitists who worked, some of them, for the propaganda departments of the British Crown.  The idea was to bring in a socialized system to control the whole world and they wanted to USE the British empire as a model, a base, for bringing all countries together with free trade.  They wanted also to have a PLANNED SOCIETY where the better people, you know those with IQs and education and theyíre dipping with ivy from the universities they go to, would dictate our LIVES of the people, an orderly society and from them you also had the addition of the Cecil Rhodes Foundation which merged with the Lord Milner Foundation of Round Table Debating Societies and together they all basically worked towards world government.


They also created the World Federalist Movement,  it was called Association at one time, they call it now MOVEMENT, that has MANY specialized departments all working on different aspects of your life and in fact, most topics thatís now in the main news, the eco friendly, environmental stuff and all this kind of stuff, the Earth Summit, etc, THEY HELPED PUSH AND PROMOTE and many of the members in the Rockefeller Foundation and others who all worked towards this global agenda all networked together with this World Federalistsí Movement.  So look into it.  Youíll be astonished at the interweaving of all these big foundations that give us the popular topics.  Now remember, THEY ARE NOT DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED BY ANYONE.  They are PRIVATE, supposedly non-profit, non-political organizations and they tell you the truth.  They are NOT political.  They donít play the game of politics.  They create, in fact, POLICIES.  They tell you that.  They all create policies FOR GOVERNMENTS TO FOLLOW.  And because theyíre so incredibly wealthy, the big CEOs of these charitable foundations, they have the voice of government THE WORLD ACROSS and they have no problem getting their articles into MEDIA.  In fact, many of them in the media BELONG to these organizations and the Council on Foreign Relations, ALL woven together.  Iíll be back with more on this mammoth giant running our lives after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and just pointing out that everything, everything that happens in our lifetime is PLANNED that way.  All the major events are planned that way.  You have geopolitical organizations, both military and non-military, all working together towards the same goal, the same agenda.  This, what they call, a democratic world of federationÖ or a federation of world states, as they like to put it sometimes.  They have different terms for it, Globalization and so on.  When you have this THOUSAND, main thousand, the BIG thousand, NGO organizations forming a UNITED FRONT in MEDIA, in EDUCATION, in SOCIAL POLICIES, POLITICAL and CIVIL and so on, then you can see how itís all coming about.  Really, they have no opposition.  Because weíre kept, at the bottom level, in the dark about their true intentions.  And it is NOT, as I say, to bring in a world of peace, of freedom from warÖ that will come when they have us all brain chipped or brain DEADÖ but really, itís about DOMINANCE.  Centralization is dominance, you see, and we saw this with the centralization policies of Karl Marx.  Starting with a United Europe, he claimed, that would be the first TRADING BLOC and eventually out of that theyíd get a centralized government.  We have that with the EU Parliament.  That was to be followed with a unification of the Americas and then the Far Eastern Association.  He said there might even be more with Africa and so on and we see them being united too.  Therefore, when people, who are rather famous people in history, come out with this kind of stuff, especially when they were planners and promoters, you have to say, well, the plans that they made are COMING TO FRUITION.  Weíre living through them.  THAT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE. 


When you go into the books of Carroll Quigley who worked as the HISTORIAN for the Council on Foreign Relations, the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, he said, that we mix with communists, we donít mind mixing with communists and dictators, right wing, the fascist types, left wing and so on, he says, WE WORK WITH THEM ALL.  No wonder, because we know that from the Norman Dodd inquiries, The Reece Commission, back in the 50s I think it was, that Norman Dodd was astonished to find the heads of these big foundations, these charitable foundations that churn out so much information through books and magazines and even the ones who deal with the educational supply books, were putting out all this stuff to SEAMLESSLY BLEND THE SOVIET SYSTEM WITH THAT OF THE WESTERN WORLD in America. 


Weíre going through a planned agenda.  And, as I say, the key is CENTRALIZATION.  So much so, that Karl Marx had telegraphed Abraham Lincoln at the end of the American Civil War congratulating him and stating in the letter, that heíd kept one of the main PLANKSÖ of centralization.  Centralization is KEY to standardization of different cultures, different peoples and giving the big stick to all the people under one central body of law and regulation. 


Well, we saw what happened to the European Union and the mess that thatís created across Europe.  It certainly has benefited a few already, very wealthy people, but the rest of the people suffer terribly.  So much so that everything is controlled including the prices of the FOOD.  Thereís no real competition.  They fix the prices for everything and DUMP food.  They dump food in the channel.  If thereís excess of butter or different things like sugar and so on, THEY DUMP IT TO KEEP THE PRICES UP.  Thatís centralization.  Thatís not helping the needy.  Thatís not helping the poor.  However, this great agenda was never about that, but they always USE the poor as an excuse for what theyíre doing.  They want to help us.  Centralization is what Rome, ancient Rome, did thousands of years ago as they plundered across the planetÖ for the few, once again. 


Iíve told people before, when you see the main stream media parrot the same slogans and use the same terms, youíre seeing a UNITED FRONT BEING PRESENTED TO THE PUBLIC because those opinions will become your opinions.  They found out that you need to hear them at least 8 times before YOU start to repeat them.  Thatís what the marketers found out years ago. 


Hereís an article from the Guardian.co.uk on this very topic.  Because Iím showing you one of these characters and how this stuff is promoted to the public.  This guy here, in fact, this person Iím going to talk about or who gives this article, is at least, I say, he is at least the EU Trade Commissioner for the Economic Union.  He is THE Trade Commissioner, at least that.  That is what he is.  Because he would be a member of all the other bodies Iíve mentioned at the beginning of the show as well.  Guarantee you that.  And The Royal Institute of International Affairs has a body for the European Affairs now, also set up.  This is his comment.  This is from  


Peter Mandelson                 The Guardian, Friday 3 October 2008




We need another Bretton Woods to lessen the risks but keep the benefits of world financial markets


(Alan:  Now, I talked last week about Bretton Woods because that was the last time they made the big, big change to the global financial system.† What heís going to promote here and what Iím going to read from this article, heís promoting the whole new world order agenda because part of it is ECONOMIC.  A BIG part of it is economic because the economic CLOUT is also to be used to control EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC ACROSS THE PLANET EVENTUALLY.  Thatís why governments are getting in bed with bankers.  You canít tell who is who anymore because governments eventually will give you so much CREDITS per week to pay your basic necessities.  Thatís whatís to come according to Lord Bertrand Russell, one of the prime planners, in fact, for this stage of it.  So this is what Peter Mandelson says, )


We will look back on the banking crisis of September 2008 as a defining moment for economic globalisation. It may have started in the US mortgage market and on Wall Street, but through an integrated global economy it has become an international problem. Whatever our response, we should be guided by two principles. First, we should not jettison our commitment to globalisation. Second, a global economy needs global governance.  (A:  Governance is the term that all of these agencies that I mentioned at the beginning of the show, ARE TOLD TO USE.  GOVERNANCE.  What they really mean, you see, by governance is this system thatís to come in is theoretically to resemble the SOVIET system where big, powerful, non-governmental organizations will actually put forth all the parts of the agenda on behalf, supposedly, of the public.  In other words, the public will have NO INPUT WHATSOEVER.  Thatís what the new democracy is all about.  Global governance.)


Globalisation works by widening economic networks. It multiplies the sizes of markets, increases the economies of scale that push down prices, and allows countries to tap into sources of productive investment from around the world. Those networks have created a global economic engine that is the biggest eliminator of poverty and creator of opportunity the world has ever seen. (A:  Iíll add, FOR A FEW.)  But globalisation transmits risk and volatility as well as benefits.


Sustaining the huge benefits of economic globalisation relies on preserving these fundamental networks of interdependence (A:  INTERDEPENDENCE, remember that term again, keeps popping down through the centuries from the same big NGO, foundational groups that run the show.  Interdependence. Weíre LOCKED together, in other words.  So we canít back out, weíd collapse, you see, if we back out.  Thatís why they set it up this way.), not rolling them back. Changes to financial regulatory frameworks must tackle excessive risk while defending open trade and foreign investment as vital to development.


Beyond ending the liquidity crisis, our first response should be to fix the source of the shock. We need to inject confidence by regulating to control excessive risk-taking and heavy leveraging, and to improve the way ratings agencies work. (A:  Well, you see, what itís going to do too is give TEETH to the big council that was set up, the World Trade Organization, under the GATT Treaty - The General Agreement of Trade and Tariffs - and the World Trade Organization has basically a court there where what they say goes.  Itís a Star Chamber.  What they say is THE FINAL LAW and thereís no appeals or anything else.  Thatís what they mean by that.  They want to give it more teeth, just like theyíre giving the United Nations more teeth.  Theyíre building more teeth into the World Trade Organization to regulate ALL economy.)  The European commission is right to now come forward with new European rules on these questions. Certain financial products have become so complex that they are not understood by the very institutions that buy and trade them. This is a regulatory and professional failure of the first order.


Politicians need to recognise that national solutions are only half the solution. For years, financial markets have been global more than national, yet they operate with limited multilateral coordination or governance. (A:  Governance again, you see.)  Asset bubbles in one market can have serious consequences in another. The effects of monetary or currency policy are easily exported. Yet the machinery of global economic governance (A:  the Governance again) barely exists.


(A:  Now, he goes on to talk about the need to set up penalties for organizations and businesses that BREAK the laws that they wish to bring in.  But youíll never find them bringing in laws to take in people like George Soros who with two of his buddies manipulated the stock market and CRASHED the Bank of England and has never been charged with anything.  Iíll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Though The Matrix.  Iíve been trying to point out that centralization is never good for the people.  You end up with MASSES OF BUREAUCRACY living on your back 24 hours a day.  And once you get into their world system and their new economic system, it will be HELL for the general public. 


Bureaucrats are notorious, especially when you read the kind of characters that are involved in these big One Thousand Points of Light that Iíve talked about, they LEARN this odd language called Bureaucratese, that is so incredibly boring and legalistic youíre meant to fall asleep if you try and read it.  And they canít help but have more and more meetings and with their warped, strange minds they always make it harder on the public to eventually do anything in their lives, never mind run a business.  Everything becomes so incredibly complex. 


In Britain, for instance, the European Union were debating, at least the bureaucrats were debating, who should get the prime dibs at selling oak to the rest of the union.  And they said the British oak wasnít straight enough.  The grain was too wavy.  So they gave it to Germany.  That put people out of work in Britain.  And because youíre only allowed a certain quota of fish every week, the Scots have to dump excess quotas at sea, dead fish, to satisfy the regulations.  Itís absolutely incredible what bureaucrats will do to the people.  Theyíll literally BIND YOU INTO EXTINCTION so that you canít function anymore. 


These are the types of organizations that are pushing and spearheading us into this brave new world.  Now many of the people who deal in the bureaucratic sides of this thing, the real, true, dedicated people, who come from the lower ranks are basically PSYCHOTIC.  Iím not kidding about that.  There are psychotic type people who get a fixed, false belief and something grabs their attention.  They do like the idea of power over others and they join these groups and theyíre dedicated LIFE LONG towards these groups and their agendas.  They promote them HEAVILY.  These are the characters that end up making all these strange rules that BIND YOU until you can not move. 


Thereís always so much more to it because at the top of it, of course, are very intelligent people who live very long lives and they have very OLD families and theyíve run the banking industries in most countries in the world for many, many centuries.  They understand the reality of economics and the conology, you know, the art of conning, that goes along with it.  And you train a WHOLE WORLD not to be self-sufficient or individualistic, you train a world to be like a HERD and to use something called MONEY.  And when the money stops flowing, you starve to death because you donít know how to plant or how to hunt or anything else.  Thatís the key of making people HELPLESS. 


These characters understood this THOUSANDS of years ago, the science of it.  Anything introduced into society in the way of technology, will ALTER society.  In fact, one definition of technology is something introduced into society which ALTERS REALITY.  Alters reality.  And it certainly does.  You think the things weíve had recently - apart from the television set that dumbed us all down, it made us all very stupid - you think of all the things science has given you like the birth control pill and then you have todayís society.  At one time, you simply COULDNíT go out and rummage around, as they do today, because there was a fallout to it. Today, itís just incredible, the whole societyís changed.  This was KNOWN to happen and PLANNED to happen.  So that which is introduced into the environment, WILL ALTER YOUR BEHAVIOR.  Itís a simple as that.  And money did that thousands of years ago. 


We are trained, as I say, to depend on it.  And if you are not in control of it, which none of us are and someone else is, then they are in control of YOU.  Itís very, very simple.  And hereís what they really think of you.  It says,


Herd mentality rules in financial crisis


Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:28am EDT 


By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor


(Alan:  And that was on Yahoo News.)


WASHINGTON (Reuters)  (A:  And it was also on Reuters which is I believe, owned by the Rothschildís.) - Herd mentality rules during a financial crisis because people are wired to follow the crowd (A:  No kidding.) when times are uncertain, experts say.  (A:  You know those experts again.)


Brain and behavior studies clearly show that when information is scarce and threats seem imminent, people often stop listening to their own logic and look to see what others are doing.  (A:  Well, Jacques Ellul said that about 50 years ago.  If you want to know what you want, just look at other people because thatís what you want, what they wantÖ you see?  We donít trust ourselves, weíre not taught to trust ourselves.)


"People are afraid, and the reason they are afraid is there is tremendous uncertainty right now in the markets," Gregory Berns, a neuroeconomist (A:  You have NEUROECONOMISTS.  I hope you know that.) at Emory University in Atlanta who studies the biology of economic behavior, said in a telephone interview.


Berns puts people in magnetic resonance imaging or MRI scanners while he tests their responses to various scenarios, and studies patterns of their brain activation.


One clear pattern -- the brain's "fear center" lights up when people are uncertain.  (A:  Well gee, this guyís a genius, eh?  Heís a genius.  Their Ď"fear center" lights up when people are uncertain.í  Have you looked at the media recently as they create this MASSIVE panic, as theyĎre TOLD to create this panic?  Believe you me, if they didnít want you to panic, theyíd be telling you everything was fine.  Itís astonishing.  So we react the way weíre suppose to reactÖ at least most folk do.  Donít be like the rest of the people.  Iíll be back with more after these messages.)


Hi, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article by Gregory Berns who is a neuroeconomist at Emory University in Atlanta who uses the MRI scanners and tests peopleís responses under fear situations.  And he says here,


"When people are presented with a situation where they don't have information or the information is ambiguous, we see activation of the amygdala and insula," Berns said in a telephone interview.


And people begin to doubt their own judgment.  (A:  Well, thatís why they give us EXPERTS, you see.  Weíre trained this way.)


Bern's team did an experiment in which they recruited actors and true volunteers. "One real subject went into a (MRI) scanner," he said.


They were asked to do a simple task, assessing shapes.


"We had the group (of actors) tell them the wrong answer sometimes," Berns said.


The volunteers began to change their answers to match what the group said. Perhaps they were merely overriding their own judgments for the sake of getting along, Berns said. But the scanner suggested another explanation.  (A:  And you see, they teach them in school the same way with GROUP THINK until you all conform to the group.  Itís all a scientific technique.  Itís understood.)




"The group changes how you see the world in some way," he said.


"Our brains are really wired to accept the group opinion of the world."  (A:  God help us all.)


In this case, running with the herd may not make good sense, said Paul Zak of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University in California.


"There is this sort of herd mentality over-reaction," Zak said in a telephone interview.  (A:  Do you notice theyíre all calling us herds now in universities?  The medical profession is all calling it herd and herd immunity and theyíre using the same thing in economics.)


"One of my colleagues actually pulled his money out of Washington Mutual a few weeks ago. He ought to know better."


The U.S. government has taken over mortgage finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc has gone bankrupt, giant savings and loan Washington Mutual failed and Bank of America Corp bought Merrill Lynch & Co Inc.


The U.S. House of Representatives rejected a $700 billion bailout on Monday, (A:  Well that was before they rejected $700 billion which they knew, they knew that they were going to put through a couple of days laterÖ but anywayÖ he ends this article by saying that he knows what heís doing, heís buying stocks.  But what heís not telling you is heíll know which ones to buy because heís in with the big boys, you see.  The rest of it is just a casino for everyone else down below.)


Thatís the reality of the world.  And before I go on to the callers, people should look into another big agency, a big foundation, a big charitable foundation and youíll find they are completely interlinked with all the other foundations Iíve mentioned.  Their job, their specialty is to help convince the world that we should basically bring down our population and they go into both voluntary and they hint at involuntary means as well.  On their web site it says, ďWhat is the Optimum Population Trust?Ē  They have this organization which started in Britain, but they have branches across the planet now.  On their web site, it says


What is the Optimum Population Trust?



The Optimum Population Trust is the leading think tank in the UK concerned with the impact of population growth on the environment. (Alan:  You see, itís a PRIVATE organization.) OPT research covers population in relation to climate change, energy, resources, biodiversity, development impacts, ageing and employment and other environmental and economic issues. It campaigns for stabilisation and gradual population decrease globally and in the UK. OPT is a registered charity.


This CHARITY, this wonderful pie baking CHARITY is all about reducing the population because they donít like it too much, especially since thereís too many of the lower class masses.  Look into it and youíll find they are completely integrated with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, The World Federalists Movement, and all the other big movements that spearhead and LEAD US ALL into this great big sheep pen that we hope doesnít turn out to be the slaughterhouse.  Very interesting site to go through.  And look at all the people who are sponsoring it, all the big foundations that back it and all the governments too that put money into itÖ and into the World Federalists Movement.  You know Canada donates to the World Federalists Movement.  They give our tax money them too.  Itís astonishing.  Meanwhile they ask us to elect them as a national government while the government itself is pushing GLOBAL GOVERNANCE.  Quiet something.  And the public are oblivious to it.  They get caught up in these farcical issues such as elections. 


Weíll go to the phones now and weíve got John from Texas on the line.  Are you there John?


John:  I need to ask a question.  Iím wondering with the economy with the way it is, what does it mean by when theyíre telling people that all the goods and services are going to really go up in price?  Iím trying to understand that part of it.  You know they are saying that a lot of the foodÖ well I know the food is going to get taken away or regulatedÖ. but theyíre saying that pretty much everything else is going to go up in price and Iím wondering why?  Why is that happening?  I mean, how are they doing that?


Alan:  Well, why itís happening is because itís planned to happen.  They plan a war.  This war is a war on the WORLD and even though the US is funding most of the war, on many levels, societal levels and spearheading it towards global government, they have to create a war scenario.  And food rationing, etc is part of it.  Inflation is part of it, but youíll also find that a lot of people in the stock market CASH IN on it as well and jack up all their prices under the same guise.  They are, however, having trouble with creditors on grain imports into the US, apparently, a lot of stuff is ready to start rotting at the docks.  Youíre seeing a planned take down, a planned crisis.  This is all planned.  The guys at the top donít make these kind of mistakes and they have to get a war scenario going for 100 YEARS.  Because during a war scenario, itís not meant that you understand whatís really happening, itís simply meant that you REACT to whatís happening and do as youíre told.  We obey our governments during war scenarios.  So you have food rationing, you have high costs of living, and at the end of it all, they hope to bring out a new world society where you will have no private property anyway and governments will dish out CREDITS to you in lieu of money and youíll be able to pay rent.  They wonít have private property.  Theyíve said that in Agenda 21.  Thereís to be no private property in the coming habitat areas of the future.  So donít try and make sense out of it.  Itís simply planned this way to get us all panicking so that weíll ask government, please help us.  And theyíll come forward and say well, weíve already taken your liberties from you, now you MUST ALLOW US TO RUN YOUR LIVES including population control and everything that goes with it.  This is the whole agenda coming down right now. 


John:  I have one more quick question because I know thereís probably a lot of callers.  You said before, when the corporations are running all the worldís government, why donítÖ I remember, I was reading something about how other countries found out about the organizations that were, in the past, trying to run their countries and they ran Ďem out.  Why canít the governments of today?  If someoneÖ if I have a government and someoneís trying to come into my governmentÖ why canít I just turn my force against the bankers and root them out and force them out of my city.  Now, I know some countries have tried this and thatís why our forces are over there, but what about just turning those forces against them?  The bankers donít have any armies, I mean all they have is money.


Alan:  They donít need armies.  See, the bankers, technically, own the world ALREADY.  Every President, every Prime Minister on the planet goes to the world bankers to borrow money every year.  And the bankers lay down the conditions of how youíll repay it, what changes to make in your country in order that you can repay it and the populations will pay up more taxes and so on.  Thatís what the International Monetary Fund was set up to do.  When countries canít make the payments - like Britain, during Margaret Thatcherís reign - the IMF comes in and technically they run the government during that reign until the moneyís paid back.  The bankers already have the power.  Youíre looking at the big foundations, as I say.  Youíll find that the bankers often head these foundations.  They are also at the head of the big pharmaceutical agencies because bankers also owned pharmaceuticals all down through history, the money and pharmaceutical agencies, and they also own most the worldís commerce supply routes and so on, the big corporations that bring food back and forth, essential goods.  So they have us over a barrel.  WE LIVE IN THEIR SYSTEM, you understand.  And what theyíre after now is really, simply a global society centralized across the planet where itís much easier for them to have TOTAL control over everyone.  Thatís really where weíre going. 


John:  Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Now, weíve got Ryan in New York.  Are you there Ryan?


Ryan:  I just wanted to talk about what I perceive to be new normals going on around here.  We got a notice that they were going to spray us for mosquitoes.  Theyíre spraying from the air and theyíre spraying from vans.  No one seems to be complaining about being sprayed from vans.


Alan:  No.  No. 


Ryan:  Thatís only going to escalate and like you said, even if itís talcum powderÖ itís, you knowÖ


Alan:  This is the key.  You see, the public, Brzezinski said, they wonít react to anything unless the media tells them to.  I mean, look at them panicking over the money simply because the media is driving them into a stampede to terrify them.  If the media doesnít say be very careful, be very worried about this, then the public will not be.  They can not think for themselves.  That is a fact, unfortunately.  Itís happened with a majority of the people because you live in a collective society, not an individualistic society.  Again, they donít trust their own intuitions or their own observations. 


Ryan:  Youíll even hear like at the supermarket that, like so and soís soccer game was cancelled because theyíre spraying and then someone will go, oh yeah, I saw one of the vans.  Itís like not a big deal.  You know?


Alan:  No, they could be spraying cyanide and you know, theyíd be dropping dead and they probably wouldnít react.  Things have got that bad and Iím not kidding.  The public alreadyÖ you have a generation whoís grown up who literally can not use their own observations, they have no powers of reason and they do trust what they think are those above them to warn them of what will harm them.  They really believe they will be told.  Theyíre like children.  They truly are like children now.  Itís a sad state of affairs but this was done intentionally.


Ryan:  I wonder what the bigger objective is to creating a new man over ages.


Alan:  Well they do.  Theyíre very honest about it.  Theyíre going to bring down the population by any means possible and you just need to look at the facts, the statistics to see that theyíve been doing it already.  When most of us in the West supposedly are going sterile, thatís not by chance.  That falls in line with the agenda.  Something is causing it.  They know whatís causing it and they donít make a crisis out of it.  Thatís another clue.  Because technically there should be a crisis with the male in the West being down by 75%.  Heís only 25% fertile right now.  That should be crisis but they make no big deal out of it.  That tells you itís planned this way.  Through the food, through the inoculations and even through the plastic bottles and so on thatís been used, the lining of cans for beer and all that, just happens to destroy, it actually creates genetic changes in the testes of male.


Ryan:  Guys will be thrilled to find out that they wonít impregnate women.


Alan:  I know.  You see, the society, the old societyÖ that was one of the main planks.  It was the destruction of the family.  And they meant by that BONDING as well.  Permanent bondingÖ and if you donít bond then you donít need children, you see.  Therefore, no children, lots of sex and no one really cares.  And the whole culture industry, the toxic culture industry, that I read about last week from one of the militaryís own papers, is to be used as a weapon in other countries.  Unfortunately, weíre contaminated technically.  Thatís the term thatís used.  Even the Communists used it.  When you get contaminated, totally contaminated with an idealistic way of living, regardless of what it is, then youíre now contaminated.  You can not turn back.  Itís the destruction of society as we know it. 


Ryan:  Well once the family is pretty gone and thatís theÖ once the familyís gone, thatíll be the only secret society left.  The family can kind of be like a secret, you know.


Alan:  Yes.  And they can stand for each other, with each other, and that was also part of the agenda, was to kick in social agencies that would then take over responsibilities that families used to have with helping each other and so on and now youíre at the mercy of these agencies which are now AUTHORITIES.  We are in a mess.  This has been a long-term agenda.  Weíre living through the latter part of it and chaos is coming.  They know at the top it is coming.  Theyíre planning to bring it on, and theyíve also planned to deal with it, unfortunately.  And we have a dumb, stupefied public who are stuck on television, sports, and movies and dramas who can not tell fact from fiction anymore.  Their IQ has dropped enormously.  Their bodies are misshapen because of all the food theyíve been eating, the types of food theyíve been given.† They can not synthesize the artificial synthetic type of oils, etc that have been substituted for real ones and weíre seeing the effects of it.  Youíre seeing literally the end product of a long-term war on the people, and itís in the streets now. 


Ryan:  Itís weird.  They could just do it all.  They could just finish it up in a few days but itís weird how the sťance just goes onÖ


Alan:  They need the young to come up.  See, the young will stay fit until about the age of 25 and they still need them to help pull it off, as the global policeman, for quite some time yet.  And so theyíll keep us going and take the young off to do just that.  Thatís part of it too. 


Ryan:  Like you said, the young will question us and then rat us out.Alright.  Well take care Alan.


Alan:  You too.  Thanks for calling.  Now weíve got Derrick in Montreal.  Are you there Derrick?


Derrick:  Hello, Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Derrick:  Hello Alan.  Iím looking at something right here, right now, Iím readingÖ if youíll allow me to.  Itís called the Flu Mist.  Itís a popular, over-the-counter, live flu vaccine being sold across the counter in the United States.  Iíve checked in Canada; it hasnít been permitted to be sold yet.  Basically, itís a flu mist vaccine but it has another strain of the Avian Flu which will cause people, or cause the flue to go pandemic.  And theyíre encouraging people to spray it into childrenís noses in the United States.  Now I heard you saying that they want to save the children for...  I donít believe theyíre going to save anybody.  I donít want to contradict you but theyíre spraying, theyíre causing this flu vaccine mist, which can be found on the internet, and itís a DNA marker H5N1.  Iím not a chemist but itís apparentlyÖ itís what I said it is.  If it is true or not.  Now hereís another thing, my friend, Ö


Alan:  Hold on though.  I donít think it is true because the US has just stated recently theyíve got 250 million doses to give to the general public.  I believe itís in injectable form so I canít see that stuff being sold over the counter. 


Derrick:  Well it is.  You can find it yourself.  Itís advertised everywhere in the United States and Wal-Marts.  Itís a spray mist that you can get across the counter.  I just checked it myself and itís in the United States only, not Canada though, okay.  And, now believe it or not, there is so much that is impossible to believe but at the same time, what is the Army stationing the Combat Team for 35 of the last 6 months.  They were in Iraq.  Itís called the Service Component of the North Command.  Itís in the United States right now.


Alan:  I read that whole article about 3 weeks ago.  Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to Chris from Kentucky.  Are you there Chris?


Chris:  Hello.† I was just listening to the last conversation and it kind of struck me because Iíve beenÖ when you were talking about the spraying theyíre doing in neighborhoods, I guess, of pesticides?  I kind of caught the tail end of it.  Is that what you were talking about?


Alan:  Yes, that was 2 callers ago.


Chris:  Iíve been hearing people talking about that saying that theyíre coming through their neighborhoods.  I havenít seen it myself here in Louisville, Kentucky, but the funny thing is, I was teaching English over in South Korea from 1999 all the way toÖ I guess I came back well, just last November.  But you know, I can remember when I was over there it was so weird to see.  They would bring these big trucks out on the streets and there was this big fog behind them and they were spraying everything in site for mosquitoes.  Thatís what they were saying it was, but to come back to America now and actually see that itís apparently happening here too.  You know, among all kinds of other kind of changes that you see that are so bizarre.  Itís just incredible.I donít know.  I think it reallyÖ you know, going abroad like that and then coming back, the things you see, you know, youíre really more aware of the changes that have happened and how bizarre it really is. 


Alan:  Yes.  Thatís the thing, itís global now.  Everythingís the same across the world. 


Chris:  Right.  Oh man, you know, thatís another thing.  When I was over there, just the amount of changes that has come into Korea in that short time has just been staggering.  Just to give one example, the women.  Youíre always talking about the gender wars and everything and you could just see it coming in.  They were just lapping up all the new Western magazines that are starting to come in.  You know, GQ, all the womenís magazinesÖ


Alan:  The toxic culture.  The weaponization of cultureís being spread abroad.


Chris:  Oh yeah.  You donít see it so much now but when I first went there, there was a pretty heavy backlash.Youíd hear people here and there kind of foaming at the mouth.  It was usually men.  You wouldnít hear the women complaining too much.Of course, as a man being over there, it wasnít too bad because all the Korean women love the Western guys Ďcause, you know, the ticket to AmericaÖ


Alan:  Thatís right.


Chris:  The ticket to the modern world as they call it.I donít know.  It just falls right in line I think with what you were saying.  By the way, do you know, are there any real women in the world these days?


Alan:  I donít know.  I donít know.  The definition keeps changing and I canít keep up with it.  And now itís going to Transhumanism so it going to be very difficult.  You donít know what species it is eventually soÖ


Chris:  [Laughs] 


Alan:  Thatís how bad itís going to get. 


Chris:  Sorry to laugh at it.  Itís just so bizarre, I canít help it.  Itís just weird. 


Alan:  Yes, but thanks for calling anyway.


Chris:  Okay.  Alright.


Alan:  Bye, now.  Weíve got Nick from Toronto.  Are you there Nick?


Nick:  Hey, howís it going?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Nick:  My question was related to one of the previous callers.  About how the elites protect themselves from this whole system.  My question was directly related to chemtrails and the people behind this obviously, it boggles my mind how they protect themselves and you go around and read on theseÖ


Alan:  Iíll tell you, this would take a while to explain but Iíve explained it before and Iíll do that maybe on the next show because the showís ending right now.  I hear the music coming up. 


So from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.




Topics of show covered in following links:

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"Herd mentality rules in financial crisis" by Maggie Fox (reuters.com) - Sept. 30, 2008.

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Transcribed by Diana