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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 13, 2008:

"Ordo ab Chao and Crisis Creation,
Leaders Pretend to Rule Our Nations,
Through Terror, Famine, Plagues and Warming,
They Remain Resolute, They Give Us Warning,
And If We All Panic and Follow Advice,
They'll Bring a New World, All Soft, All Nice,
What We Must Do for Propitiation,
Kill Most of Us Off, That's Salvation"
© Alan Watt Oct. 13, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 13, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 13th of October 2008.  Newcomers go into www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and download as many of the free audios that are on that site as possible.  I try and fill in the big picture for the people.  A picture which is out there, it’s available to the public but it’s never broadcast by the regular media.  I try to use documentation put out by the big foundations themselves and show you how they’re all interconnected and how they guide your life.  Also look into www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download and print up in the various languages of Europe.

I’ve been talking in the past about how we live through a script.  The world is just one big business plan run by powerful, well connected, inter-connected, inter-woven, inter-meshed foundations and NGO [Non-governmental organizations] type groups.  Democracy even in the late 1800s was defined as a SYSTEM that would eventually TRANSFORM into a different kind of system where representation would be in groups, groups within the public, and they would have the EAR of the politician.  Their ideal form of democracy, THEIR ideal form, I’m talking about the elite now, because they DO NOT believe that the plebes should have the right to say or demand anything in their lives.  They DID believe that powerful organizations that they would SET UP would speak on behalf of the people.  That is how the Soviet system was run.  Soviet means ‘rule by councils’.  They are NGO groups, but with these NGO groups we find in our New World Order, which have been here for quite some time, are HEAVILY funded by the big foundations.  The foundations that were set up by multi-BILLIONAIRES that belonged to organizations, in their own time, but the same organizations that brought them up to wealth.  You cannot get up into that kind of wealth and power unless a PRE-EXISTING system allows you in.  They are dedicated to their tasks once they’re chosen and it truly is a form of secret society.  Secret societies have been running the world for a long time.  There’s no doubt about it.  Albert Pike talked about the necessity for their own organization, their own part in this organization, to STRIVE to gain incredible wealth by ALL means, including the stock market, and they would become MASTERS OVER THE MASTERS OF THE WORLD.  Well, they were doing it in the 1800s.  They were doing it before Pike came along.  Adam Weishaupt also talked about the necessity to create big foundations that would APPEAR to be philanthropic organizations, CHARITABLE foundations.  And they, once again, would be ACCEPTED by the public because who can complain about a charity?  But in reality, these charities would be pushing an agenda for total control over the entire planet.  That HAS happened.  We find big players have come out publicly and some of them, of course, could not keep their ego in check.  We find HG Wells talking about this in his own writings.  Look at all the non-fictional works that he churned out on BEHALF of this society.  It’s worth the read.  Look into it for yourself.  I’ll be back with more about this after the following break. 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix talking about foundations and non-governmental organizations.  They ALL seem to be ‘on board’, as pirates like to say, with the same agenda.  They all have their special AREA to perform in.  You’ll notice that all throughout universities and business schools the ‘Green Agenda’ is a mantra.  It’s a religion that you cannot question because it’s a MUST BE.  Under this religion, everybody on the planet will be subject, that’s the key to it – subject to its mandates and its controls.  We find that Mr. Rockefeller and his predecessors were heavily involved in the eugenics movement.  They espoused all the Malthusian doctrines of Thomas Malthus with his particular depopulation scenario and all his WRONG figures.  But they still spout it off, the Rockefeller Foundation, the same foundation that funds over 70 NGO groups DIRECTLY and many more indirectly that run your lives. 

You see, GOVERNANCE is part of the new Soviet system.  That’s why they call it governance and not government.  You’ll have your regular politicians who are self serving and again, they chant the correct mantras, they know this new religion, they know which way the wind blows and even if they don’t believe in it, they will make sure that it is pushed forth in public policies.  They work in cooperation now with non-governmental organizations that are in EVERY TOWN AND CITY ACROSS THE PLANET.  That’s what the NEW SOVIET means, the new governance system.  But not anyone can start up an NGO and be accepted.  You have to have or be credited by the United Nations.  They decide who will be accepted and who will not. 

I was looking at a YouTube film, a speech given by Rockefeller himself.  This OGRE of a man who keeps going and talks all over the world cannot keep his favorite topic of depopulation under wraps.  He’s got to espouse it wherever he goes.  This is the same man who gives out Global Citizenship Awards to almost every major public figure you could imagine and all your politicians too and ex ones.  Global Citizenship Awards.  How can they run for candidacy when they’re talking about nationalism and America, or Canada, or Australia or New Zealand or Britain or any other country, when they’re ALREADY COMMITTED to global citizenship?  There’s your double-think if you still think you have nations and you go and vote for these characters.  I’ll put this Rockefeller link up on my site tonight.  You’ll hear him talking about it yourself and the NEED to bring down the populations DRASTICALLY.  That’s why we’re getting the NGOs into the greening movement BIG TIME.  They’re involved, local councils and governments and so on. 

The New Soviet System.  Remember what the Club of Rome said in their own book, The First Global Revolution.  The founders said that back in the 70s they dreamed up the IDEA that human kind was the problem.  Man was at war with the planet and therefore the planet was at war with man.  Man was the ENEMY.  “THAT WOULD FIT THE BILL” of global warming.  Global warming would fit the bill.  That’s what we have today, this unquestionable religion of global warming and man’s destruction on the planet.  Right down to its fantasies, like all religions have, it’s become dogmatic and ruthless of TAXING YOU OR PENALIZING YOU for various things.  ‘Carbon Footprints’ designed to get right into the heads of people, especially rather obsessional housewives perhaps… of a picture of Johnny walking across her nice Sears carpet with his dirty footprints.  It’s a complete fantasy, carbon footprints, but it will work because it will be made to work.  They’re already talking about and setting up the system to tax certain foods to show you how much carbon is produced in the production of this meat, etc because they want you OFF meat. 

We’re run by these organizations and they’re BIG organizations which sort of network with them all, which is the Royal Institute of International Affairs, again, a PRIVATE organization authorized by the British Crown to take a SIDE STEP AROUND DEMOCRACY… at least the democracy that you thought was real.  Their NEW TYPE of democracy is where the elite themselves, being the better types naturally, were obviously more intelligent since they grabbed power and kept a hold of it FOR GENERATIONS, they have the right to decide what happens to everyone’s life on the planet.  Here’s an example of this particular type of thing.  It’s been exposed on a site here.  It’s called noonehastodietomorrow.com and I’ll put this link up too at the end of the show.  It says here,


British NGO Forecasts Five Brave New World Scenarios Set In 2030

By Amy de Miceli, on 13-10-2008 11:03

(Alan: This British NGO is quite interesting.)

The main stream media is reporting on what the world will be like in 22 years based on a fictitious account, made up by a non-governmental organization know as, Forum For the Future. (A: You can look into this Forum for the Future.  It’s a very interesting site.  LOOK at who’s funding it.  The BIG corporations, the military industrial complex, in fact, are funding them and governments too.  They also have a part there, if you look into all their links and what they’re all about and so on, called MASTER CLASS.  Master Class, you know, the natural elite, who have the right to rule your life, they’ll all be part of The Master Class.  Maybe they’ll get a Master Class card?  But it says here…) A self proclaimed, "charity committed to sustainable development" (A: Again, a Rockefeller IDEAL.) working on behalf of big business. The 76 page report titled Climate Futures a Response to Climate Change in 2030, was created in collaboration with Hewlett Packard Labs.

They outline five possible scenarios of what type of brave new world hell we could be living in by the year 2030; efficiency first, service transformation, redefining progress, environmental war economy and protectionist world. Each one has its own timeline, a make believe "history" with wide array of things that may occur between 2009 and 2030 if we don't start making global warming our number one priority, they include:

Artificially-grown flesh, to feed hundreds of millions (A: It’s kind of like Soylent Green, isn’t it?), cars run on batteries (A: that stuff was talked about in the 50s), microwave weapons deterring hurricanes (A: They’ve got all that stuff now.), a supercomputer named ALF-8; making predictions (A: So, they’ll have their own form of oracle, you see?  These characters have always been into various things like channeling and horoscopes and all this kind of stuff down through the centuries, if you follow the lineages.), a global recession and global taxes (A: Well, we’ve got that already.), and "bionic games" in California. The middle class is destroyed all over the world (A: Well, that’s what they’re doing isn’t it?), water shortages, food shortages (A: They are CREATED too.), starvation, the rise of India and China, the fall of America, Russia freezing out Europe, and virtual Olympics. (A: We have most of this stuff already.)  A suicide epidemic in the US because of an economic depression (A: It’s funny that, because I was just looking at a site, it’s a company in Britain, it’s also in Australia, actually it’s international.  It’s called EXIT International.  It’s been given the go ahead to preach its doctrine of death for those who want out of this life if it becomes too hellish, which it’s going to get because it’s DESIGNED to become that way.), 2020- the first year of no winter in the northern hemisphere, famine in south east Asia, 400 dollar a barrel oil, heat wave in Europe kills 200,000 and denying climate change is a thought crime and conviction gets you deported to an international convict settlement.   (A: It’s almost there already.  Isn’t it?  In fact it will be because if you don’t go along with Climate Change and pay your Carbon Taxes, you’ll be a criminal, you see?  And all the little children that are utterly brain washed, again, by the big NGOs that sit and make up the curriculums for children, their indoctrinations, they’re raising up an ARMY of little Nazis.  The perfect Nazis.  Even Germany never had this kind of perfection in scientific indoctrination as is being done today.)

A very Brave New World indeed.

The press describes Climate Futures as "sketches of ...social consequences from today's global warming crisis" that are based on "studies and consultations with...climate-change specialists." (A: Do you know if you look into the whole thing about Global Warming…and I’m talking about the UN group that’s all funded to do this, all the scientists that get their paychecks for preaching this doctrine, so they’ve got to all believe in it right, or they don’t get a paycheck?  You find that it’s based on ONE paper, one main paper, written by a scientist and the WHOLE doctrine is based on that.  The WHOLE doctrine, it’s astonishing.  But there I guess not really, since they had to find a method to get people into a WAR mode… a war on something.  In a GLOBAL society, you’ve got to find NEW enemies… so man himself is the enemy according to The Club of Rome, a BIG think tank and NGO.)

"NATO is ready to go to war if necessary to enforce the 2020 Beijing Climate Change Agreement, and water shortages have already forced the abandonment of Central Australia and Oklahoma."

"Booming mega-cities are only just managing to cope and fuel poverty is a huge problem."

"After a decade-long global depression following the 2008 crash, governments keep a tight regulatory hand on the economy and encourage citizens to put greater priority on quality of life than making money."


Back in a moment, after this break.

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and I was reading from an article and I’ll put these links on my site at the end of the show.  I’m going to jump over to this particular organization that’s talking about sustainability.  The 2000 Sustainability Masterclass with Jonathon Porritt.  I’ll put that link up as well.  It says,


The 2000 Sustainability Masterclasses

with Jonathon Porritt


These Masterclasses focus on the role of business leaders in mainstreaming sustainable development within an organisation. The Masterclass is designed for business leaders from all sectors and all functions.  Jonathon Porritt will guide participants through the key sustainable development issues – providing provocation, insight and experience in equal measure.  Consisting of a small group with industry peers sharing 24 intense hours together with Jonathan, Masterclass provides idea opportunities to share learning on sustainable development and develop contacts with other business leaders.


All business leaders today KNOW what is politically correct or religiously correct because this IS designed to be a religion.  And those who seek power in business or politics generally are PSYCHOPATHIC in nature.  That’s the name of the gameThat’s the method.  That’s the whole thing about this governance and government; it’s never been any different.  Those who succeed in a commercialized economy are generally psychopaths.  They have NO conscience.  They don’t go home at night and worry about that they hurt someone’s feelings.  It doesn’t occur to them.  It doesn’t MATTER to them.  Therefore, in all ages, this group have gone into churches, top of churches and so on, and run the show.  Churches at one time, remember, were government and they worked with Royalty all over the planet.  They don’t have to really BELIEVE in the religion, but they MUST espouse it and they do so mercilessly on those beneath them.  It’s complete hypocrisy.  Now it’s global warming and carbon footprints and the need for sustainability, which is nothing more than eugenics; the old eugenics program of this very old society that’s come down through the centuries. 

You see, life is just a detective story.  You see the clues and the MOs [modus operandi] down through history and you must start connecting the dots.  Why is one group in one area in one century into this particular thing… of greening and sustainability, strange sexual conduct, strange religion, in fact.  Always playing persecution like the Cathars did and the Albigensians.  Very, very rich people too but with RITES OF PERFECTION for those who rose above a certain level.  And when you were perfect, you were a GOD.  You were above the laws, obviously then, which were meant for common man.  You could do as you wanted to do.  “Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law.”  This was, once again, brought up out of the dust by Aleister Crowley in ANOTHER organization that spawned off of it.  They have many splinter groups all working separately and yet together.  Separately because they are all specialist groups.  You find it in the eugenics movement, that Rockefeller and others are into.  Not just our generations’ problem is coming from them.  These characters have been here for many, many generations.  INTER-GENERATIONAL.

They have long term plans, long term goals and they KNOW that their descendants will be running this world in a hundred years… and more.  They know this.  They’re handing on to their posterity everything they have made… the Master Builders.  They have many idiots beneath them working for them too, in all levels of society.  Many, many idiots, many do-gooders too who believe the propaganda, fall for it all and become ‘willing devotees’ who go around with tin cups around doors to save Willy and all this kind of stuff.    It’s quite fascinating how propaganda works, but then it must work if it’s the only propaganda you listen to.  And it will work when it’s the only propaganda you’ll ever, ever get… which is here now. 

I mentioned a few weeks ago about how the system now is getting merged to be totally global and how they’ve got a few problems left to solve, where they’re about to solve the last one.  That’s to do with the economy.  The last meeting was Bretton Woods, an emergency meeting set up by world socialist leaders on behalf of those who already rule the planet, the ones with the money, and they took the world, basically, off the gold standard and brought in a fractional reserve system.  They created massive bubbles of thin air, basically.  Nothing to back money so they only had to keep a fraction of the money and I don’t know what it started off at, 20% or whatever in reserve, and then each 10 years or so they cut it down and cut it down until it’s only 10% necessary to be held in REAL reserve.  The rest of it’s loaned out into thin air. 

They knew it would never last and that’s why they started off in all the countries, the same countries, the Allied countries as they called it during World War II, they started off in the 50s the social security systems, social welfare systems, your pension plans and even published right up into the present time there’s no money IN the pension plans.  As soon as you put money into government it’s immediately spent other projects because they knew they’d hit THIS time.  They KNEW 50 years down the road, they’d hit today… when they were going to change the system again and create this big, big bubble.  Let’s be honest, these characters could have kept this bubble going on as long as they wanted to.  It was based on nothing anyway.  But it’s time.  They are going to a business plan.  It’s time NOW to go to the next step… of utter enslavement for the rest of the people who live in la-la land anyway.  I’ll be back with more after this break.

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, telling you boring stuff which is boring to me because everything that I talk about, I can predict… not because I’ve got a glass ball somewhere or reading cards like a card shark, I just read the agendas by the big foundations.  That’s all you have to follow.  You read their agendas.  You see who belongs to these foundations.  You’ll see every major politician that’s ever existed is a member of, pretty well, at least half a dozen each.  They’re all inter-connected and they’re all ‘on board’ TOWARDS ONE AGENDA.  They smell the wind, which way it’s blowing, and being politically correct and good psychopaths they know to ‘toe the line’ as the Masons say. 

This is an article I’m going to read now, that was in Google news just a few hours ago. 


World needs new Bretton Woods, says Brown


October 13, 2008


LONDON (AFP) — World leaders must meet to agree a new Bretton Woods system, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Monday, referring to the global financial architecture established at the end of World War II.

Speaking as the government announced its latest move to try to stabilise the creaking banking system, Brown said the current crisis should be seen as an opportunity (Alan: You always hear them saying this, it’s an opportunity.  They see all these things as an opportunity.) to push through delayed reforms.  (A: I think it was Gary Hart mentioned to the CFR right after 9/11 happened, that we should see this disaster as an opportunity to push forth what Mr. Bush senior said, or called, a New World Order.  They always use these terms.)

"Sometimes it takes a crisis for people to agree that what is obvious and should have been done years ago, can no longer be postponed," he said in a major speech on the fast-moving world financial crisis.

"We must create a new international financial architecture (A: There’s your terms again. ) for the global age," adding: "We must have a new Bretton Woods -- building a new international financial architecture for the years ahead."  (A: Well, guess who’s been put on the tab to pay off all of these debts as they bail out the BANKS and write off their debts?  Generations and generations and generations to come… in other words, PERPETUAL SLAVERY.  This is what they’ve been after FOREVER.  Coupled with the whole greening agenda, the carbon footprint agenda, the global warming agenda, and all the other agendas to give you an utterly, restricted, planned society.  Family planning, now it’s GLOBAL family planning and it’s going to mandatory very shortly.)

The Bretton Woods system was agreed at the end of World War II. It set in place the world's financial architecture, which remains in place today, based on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

Brown said: "While the founders of Bretton Woods devised rules for a world of limited capital flows, we must devise new rules for a world of global capital flows." 


You know, Britain was complaining when Iceland went under with its banking system because a lot of these big foundations had their money sunk in a bank there that promised them the highest returns.  It was odd, too, that many of the townships in Britain had money invested as well.  The public probably didn’t even know that.  There are always two sets of books, you see.  Here’s the deal that’s come out of that.  That Britain is going to BUY those banks and make good on all the loans.  So the tax payer of Britain is going to bail out the bankers so as that all those big shysters who invested there, will get all their money!  Isn’t that a great deal?  Wonderful.  But we cannot call that corruption.  No. No.  Corruption only happens at the bottom level amongst those people who breed indiscriminately… apparently… all the little people. 

White collar crime, you see it’s no crime; it’s no crime to wear a business suit and a tie to go to big meetings and be called respectable.  It’s no crime when you do these things because you simply change the laws so that it’s not a crime.  That’s what they do.  In fact, generally they change the laws before they commit the crime.  Why not when you’ve got the power to do that?  That’s not bad at all is it?  White collar crime is WAY, WAY BIGGER than any drug problem on the streets, the people selling little tokes of dope, but they always get away with it at the top because they’re respectable and we’re TRAINED to see them that way.  Trained to see them that way.  Tragic situations we live in. 

It’s tragic because the public have been given an ALTERNATE REALITY.  A scientifically designed, indoctrinated reality which bears very little resemblance to the real one, a real PARALLEL REALITY that coexists; a reality that’s talked about between peer groups on upper levels.  They discuss the population problem as they generally call it.  They discuss the banking problems and the credit problems and debt problems.  Margaret Thatcher, and I’ve talked about this a few times, mentioned this parallel government.  So does Professor Carroll Quigley who was the historian for the American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations.  They both called it a “parallel government.”  Quigley said that it already existed for 60 years, running America and Canada, and he wrote his book in the 1960s.  The make the real decisions, the real deals, and we get nothing but TRIVIA AND NONSENSE by the media.  The media is owned by them too, of course, most members of the Council on Foreign Relations or at least most newspaper men, magnates and so on, are members of this organization.  In fact, it’s pretty well mandatory you must be.  You couldn’t be independent and get up there, at that level, without being a member, because information is power; knowledge is power. 

You can keep people very ignorant if you give them the fake, lower reality.  Where you tell them they’re still a nation.  Its funny how we’re always… we were international and global before 9/11 happened.  We heard the mantra everywhere and suddenly 9/11 happens and Presidents and Prime Ministers go back to their nationalism, we’re all a nation, you know.  WE have to go off and fight to defend the nation.  Now that that’s been going on for years, we’re back to being global again.  And the public don’t notice the difference.  “Four legs good, two legs bad.  Two legs good, four legs bad,” as Orwell said in Animal Farm

Total indoctrination, scientific indoctrination and utter trivia.  Even amongst all the trivia, there’s indoctrination, even in comedy there’s indoctrination.  You can’t turn on a TV set or any talk show, without the same mantras of:  families are of no use anyway, who needs them anymore, etc.  Everything is indoctrination all along the same lines.  Quite fascinating.  But the public don’t know because that’s all they’ve ever known is that television and that teat that they suck on which they enjoy.  And they enjoy it because they come home from work, in their artificial environments and full of stress, and they want to zonk out.  And they do.  They go off into an alpha state and get totally brainwashed.  Look at their jaws drop open after they’ve eaten as they sit in front of that blaring piece of plastic and glass.  Total indoctrination.  Skinner said it.  He said, “If you want to alter people, alter something in their environment,” put something there that wasn’t there before and we alter accordingly.  A definition for technology is something introduced into society which alters people’s reality.  Quite something. 

I’ll put all these links up on my site after the end of the show.  Believe you me, this new economic order means WE’RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER.  That old mantra you’ll see in Brazil, the comedy, showing us through comedy form what was coming.  We’re all in it together.  Posters and speeches everywhere will have that in it.  We’re inter-dependent, you see?  Inter-dependent and that’s one of the reasons they have to create the PRIVATE ARMIES because, they discussed this in the Council on Foreign Relations years ago.  They said, it would be very hard to create nationalistic FERVOR amongst the troops if they’re international for a global society.  So they have to find a new way of indoctrination and they do it very well.  When you have private recruits you can create a very special brotherhood of mercenaries who’ll do whatever they’re told to do. 

Everything now is public, private.  The public pay for it, the private companies reap the benefits and the profits.  It’s the same with the roads and everything else.  WE build them through tax payers’ money, give them over for peanuts to the big boys’ friends, all prearranged of course, and then we pay for the maintenance of the roads as we pay also for the toll taxes and all the rest of it.  Pure profit, all the way.  But it’s not corruption, no, no, it’s all quite legal.  They make laws to make it legal. 

I’ll go to the phones now and we’ve got Rachel in North Carolina.  Are you there Rachel?

Rachel:  Hi?

Alan:  Yes.

Rachel:  Hi, I’m glad to talk to you.  I listen to you all the time.  At least, since all this is happening, we can take some heart that we have a little bit of our mind left.

Alan:  Yes.

Rachel:  I was going to ask you if you have watched that documentary called The Money Masters

Alan:  Yes.  I think I have.

Rachel:  What’s just so fascinating to me about it and I’ve tried to get other people to watch it, but it’s a big bore to them.  It’s just how even in the time of Caesar, this same thing was happening where these central banks would just take over and loan this money out.  They’re setting the interest, they’re setting the prices on everything, and then they just flood the market, with all this money, all this credit and when they decide to pull back and crash everything, THEY JUST DECIDE TO DOT IT.  Then every single generation, even if you watch that movie Network, the same exact thing was happening. 

Alan:  Sure.

Rachel:  And people just, when I tell them with this whole bail out thing that’s happening, I tell them, you know the same thing was happening back in the 70s, the same thing, and they just have no concept and they think I’m the crazy one when I say there is an alternative plan.  We don’t have to pay off the bankers; we can pay off the mortgages, not that that’s the best alternative but it’s way better than people out on the streets starving. 

Alan:  Absolutely.  They won’t be happy until THEY DO get people out on the streets starving and then they’ll point to them and say, look, there’s just too many people for sustainability, and you can see it for yourself.  That is how it will be presented to the public.

Rachel:  I’ve told every single person at my work which the majority of them think ‘oh, you’re one of those,’ which is what they say, but then I pull them out of our office building on the days when there’s chemtrails.  Literally in BLOCKS, ALL OVER THE PLACE, and I say, “How can you explain this to me.  Why is this happening?”  And they tell me this is contrails or cloud seeding, whatever. 

Alan:  I know.  I know.

Rachel:  It’s just ridiculous.  It’s just like they deny it, deny it, deny it and then it’s just right there in your face.  And they’re pushing the whole flu vaccine thing at my work.  FREE flu vaccines and I’m just like, “Please take at least 15 minutes to look on YouTube or anywhere on the internet and JUST DON’T DO IT.”  I just, at this point it’s so overwhelming…

Alan:  That’s right, that’s…

Rachel:  I don’t even know what to do anymore. 

Alan:  That’s the key to it.  You’re seeing the effect of PERFECT INDOCTRINATION.  That’s what we’re noticing all around us.  There are those who are perfectly indoctrinated.  In fact, they made lots of movies about zombie people and zombies and so on, that was literally their big joke on the population.  And sure enough, you feel you’re in the movie and the zombies are becoming more and more and there’s fewer and fewer of you who are still truly human and sentient.  We’ve got to hold on through this. We’ve got to hold on and COME THROUGH THIS because we’re the only ones with the information, the knowledge and the MEMORY who can put this across to future generations.  That’s going to give them big problems and they know it too.  They know this.  But it has to be done.

Rachel:  I just thought I could just make tons of these copies but it’s like some people, they even agree with me.  I give them these documentaries and everything and they listen to them.  The very next day they back slide.  They’re back to thinking, ‘oh, no. there’s no conspiracy’ and I’m just like wow… all that time. 

Alan:  You can’t complete with the main stream media when the people have become addicted to it and that’s what Brzezinski said in his book, Between Two Ages.  He said that the people will be UNABLE TO REASON FOR THEMSELVES; they’ll expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  They’ve been brought up that way.  They’ve never had to truly FATHOM anything in depth.  They leave it to the EXPERTS.  They’re trained that way.  We also find books with Koestler’s Ghost in the Machine, working with the United Nations, with think tanks, to find ways to LOBOTOMIZE that part of the brain which was your individualism which gave you ability to think for yourself.  I think it’s pretty well happened with most people, I must admit.  I don’t paint a pretty picture; however, because there are those still out there who CAN understand this, who don’t crumble and become psychotic under the knowledge that you gain, I think there’s still a chance yet for some of us to come through and it might be inter-generational.  Remember, these groups have run this world inter-generationally and it takes a long time to start moving them off their course. 

Rachel:  I think another thing is, like you were saying, they just … this is something my husband said too, they move so slowly and then all of the people that do… who are waking up, they think this big thing is coming, you know, this big apocalypse is coming…

Alan:  There’s always a final day….

Rachel:  Meanwhile they’re just moving so slow we can’t even see it because it’s like they’ve already just passed these laws, they’ve already created these organizations, they’re just moving along so slow.

Alan:  That’s why they gave us this big phase in the 70s and 80s, they told us to play, play, play, to have fun while they were setting up the big groups that would run our lives in the future.  You’re right.  You’ve got to hang in there, as I say, as long as some of us still know this then our minds are still operating properly, we’re still aware and, in that alone, there’s hope.  Because all of us, technically, should be just as brainwashed as the rest of them and IT HASN’T BEEN SUCCESSFUL. 

Rachel:  Yeah.  There’s some hope.  I’m hoping.  It’s tough though.  It’s few and far between, honestly.  I could tell 10 people and maybe one person listens and at least I know when they come back to me with their own stuff that at least they’ve actually looked into it and they think, okay, there’s something to this.  But for them to really believe that this is an all encompassing thing where you know, they’ve taken over the education, they’ve taken over all these non-governmental organizations that are working OUTSIDE of the government.  It actually pains me when I see an Obama or a McCain sticker because I know that person’s lost.  They think that there’s some kind of hope that this person is going to pull us out of something and you know, they’re just NOT getting it. 

Alan:  They never will.  Most people will never get it unfortunately.  Thanks for calling and hang in there.  I’ll be back with more after this break.

HI folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is the FAKE reality we’re all GIVEN, the one that ties us up our whole lives long as we worry and scurry and listen to trivia and get worried about someone’s breast job that’s gone all wrong or some Hollywood bimbo and so on.  That’s what we’re given and politics too.  Oddly enough, I saw a video recently with Obama talking about world citizenship AGAIN.  A world citizen is running for the Presidency.  A world citizen, the Rockefeller group world citizenship.  That’s the man who dishes out world citizenships.  Most of the big players that you’ll ever hear were world citizens already and their fathers before them.  Now, they’re announcing it publicly and the public still don’t get it.  They don’t hear the parts they’re not conditioned to hear. 

Alan:  We’ll go to Amber from British Columbia.  Are you there Amber?

Amber:  Yes, I’m here.  Hello.

Alan:  Hello.

Amber:  How are you?

Alan:  Not so bad.

Amber:  This is really cool to talk to you.  I usually work every weekday and just get home when your finishing so it’s a holiday today so I get to talk to you.  I know we don’t have much time right now.  Actually I sent you a check.  Probably the smallest check you’ve ever gotten.

Alan:  That’s alright.  Don’t worry about it.  I don’t get much.

Amber:  I had to send you something because I listen to you a lot, so…

Alan:  Well I appreciate that.

Amber:  I was wondering if you’d talk a little bit about soy and the vegetarian thing because I was a vegan for 3 years until last month.  I gave it up because I heard you talk about soy, I heard Alex Jones talk about soy and I did a lot of research on it.  I know the GMO soy is bad so I thought I was doing okay by doing the organic thing but it turns out that there’s actually a lot of problems with it.  I think it’s a total agenda on it own.

Alan:  It is.  Whatever they promote, I do the opposite.  Whatever they tell me is good for me, I avoid.  When they pushed the Soya products years ago, I knew there was something bigger behind it.

Amber:  Yeah.  I read that in times of famine, only really poor people ate it and the grazing animals didn’t even want to eat it and it has to be so heavily processed even for us to be able to digest it and eat it.  I don’t really think it’s really natural.

Alan:  It’s not natural and not only that, because it’s called organic doesn’t mean it’s not GMO.  They could be organically grown but still modified and the ones which are not organically grown and still modified are dosed so heavily with chemicals and plus they produce their own chemicals and herbicides that it’s poisonous stuff.  You see, they took over the food industry a long time ago.  Food has always been used down through the ages as a weapon and so I’m very, very cautious about the food…

Amber:  It’s the most powerful weapon because it’s what we need to live.

Alan:  …Yes, you have to be.   Most flours and everything that went into candies even, you’ll notice now it’s all Soya.  It’s all, everything is… Soya is in everything now. 

Amber:  Soy is in everything.  Now that I read stuff, you don’t even have to be a vegan to consume a lot of soy because they put it in everything.  It’s pretty bad.  Is it going to be hard to get organic food in the next couple of years because I gave up veganism but if I do eat meat or dairy, I usually try to stick to organic because it’s obviously a lot safer.  Do you think it’s going to become harder to get organic food?

Alan:  Yes… and more expensive.

Amber:  More expensive definitely.  I’ve already noticed that.

Alan:  Thanks for calling in.  That’s the music coming in. 

From Hamish and myself up in a VERY HEAVILY sprayed sky in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you. 



Transcribed by Diana