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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 15, 2008:

Reality versus Magical Mystery Tour:
"Citizenry Psy-Ops Operation,
People in Tizzy of Dis-information,
Truth of Which They Ne'er Possess,
Conflicting Data They Can't Process,
Fact and Fantasy, All Bound Together,
'Re' the Belief, 'Ligion' the Fetter,
Round in Circles, All Amazed,
Under Mind Control, They Must Be Dazed,
Psychological Warfare to have Success,
The Victims' Minds They Must Possess,
Until They Find They're All Alone,
Truth is Knockin' but No-one's Home"
© Alan Watt Oct. 15, 2008

October 15th 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 15, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 15th of October 2008. I always advise newcomers to go into where you can download, oh, I don't know how many, talks I've given in the past, which cover a lot of pertinent areas of this big, grand New World Order. It's not just coming into view, it's here and I try and show you how it's been done, who is behind it, the big organisations (and that's the key to everything is organisation) and how they have planned to bring in their brave new worlds; and, over the course of maybe a generation or so, they will bring the populations down. In the meantime, they are militarising society and they plan to use the children of the sheep at the bottom, they have no problem recruiting them generally, especially when they 'flood' them with so much violence in the movies, where you can't tell who's bad, who's good: the guy who wins is the good guy, using all the big weaponry at his command and the children just love that stuff; and, being children, they grow up to be older children, never adults, and then they join the military and go off and fight the wars, where they never benefit at the end and, generally it's for the worst actually, afterwards.

We work this big agenda into reality for those who plan it. We do it willingly, in fact, unfortunately, and perhaps that's the key to it all. Also look into where you can download transcripts done in the various languages of Europe. I should tell people too that they can go into my website and they can buy books, CDs and DVDs or they can donate to me as well and it's on the website how to do it and I know that thousands upon thousands of people listen to my stuff. In fact generally, you’ll find a lot of talk show hosts will repeat what I say a day or two later. It's been that way for years; but do you know, it's been but a handful of people ever contribute anything to me, the same people, over and over; and, even today, I was pondering the whole thing of is this really worth doing? Because a lot of the people too, I get hundreds and thousands of emails coming in here and it's from people who don't contribute anything and either praising you (which is fine but praise is cheap) and, or else, they're condemning you for giving them the bad news. They don't like reality, they don't like truth, and, it's very true, if you've been living in the la-la land of indoctrination and fantasy, you get a big shock when you see the truth, and the magnitude of it all. There's also thousands of people out there too who will subscribe to other shows, money-wise, to all the junk that's out there, deliberately out there, to confuse them, in the New Age movement, combined with the Patriot movement, and that's no accident; because it makes it all irrelevant. It makes it all very silly, when you mix aliens and various other creatures that used to adorn women's purses, or their feet, into the whole patriot movement or ‘it's all written in the stars’ kind of stuff; but, again, people have the right to choose how they want to be deluded and it's much better to be entertained while you are being deluded, it seems.

I've been toying with the idea of subscription, because I do not live here on fresh air, not that you can get fresh air, because I'm at the top of the Jet Stream loop and this is where the heavy, heavy spraying comes in. I'll be back with more of this, after these messages.

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix and what is the Matrix? The Matrix is the fake reality that's promulgated by the Media and by the Entertainment Industry, the Education System and all of the Intelligence Departments and PR which are attached to every single Government body. You must realise that almost all information that's given out to the public is given out by public relations specialists and the reason they are there is because all these organisations and departments of government have their agendas set in stone and their job is to try and get you in to an idea that will be on board for whatever plans they have coming up ahead and they do it in the most genteel and innocuous way. That's their job; and, just this weekend I read a report from, basically, the Signals outfit in Britain where they talk about how they manage the media, all Department of Defence propaganda is managed by, basically, a regiment and they decide what you're going to know or think or believe and it can be all very different things each one of those. They actually talk about how the whole UK population is their target and then they go on to their overseas targets, talking about all overseas media, and they tell their own staff how to get in touch with reporters and get them on board. Editors apparently comply very well (no wonder: most of them are in the C.F.R. or the Royal Institute of International Affairs which is one and the same thing) and they talk about how to secure their target, just like any military operation; and, how they must try and subvert opinion, basically subvert it and how they subvert any opposite opinion, in any media across the world. It's a how-to book on sabotage of media and yet most people still believe that what's on television or comes through the newspapers must be true. That's how naive they are, as I say, but no wonder because they are so mind-bombed by what we think is the counter to all this: the truth movement and all its aspects. When you bring in the advocates and the devotees of the New Age till everything's mixed together and it becomes totally confusing; and, it's no accident that there are people out there that are set out there to confuse you. You see they created the whole New Age movement and bombarded us with sci-fi until we can't tell the difference between reality and fiction. People are 'sitting ducks' you see, for disinfo experts to come out into society. After reading the Department of Defence for Britain and NATO on how they do this kind of stuff, it only confirms what I already know: people are targeted.

A couple of weeks ago, I read a document, which stated quite openly that the general public have no ability to reason for themselves; they can't discern what they're reading, they cannot discern truth and data and information. They know this because, you see, they've worked on our minds our whole lives' long. This is not by chance, this is part of strategy; and, we think, as individuals on small levels, what we can influence in our own life and the magnitude of the cooperation between all of these specialised departments that give us our reality that's scientifically-indoctrinated reality, the very type that Aldous Huxley talked about, it has come to be, it's here. It's held together by the cooperation of the mainstream press, it's held together, in it's confusion, deliberate confusion, by all the disinfo specialists that are promoted out there; but, most of all, it's like the movie Chicago, where the characters, who were jailbirds, all through the movie, and are now very famous and rich, come out and say to the public / audience: "We couldn't have done it without you". They couldn't do it without the general public, the approval of those that like to be fascinated and entertained; and, that's what we have now: we have people running in circles from new age book to new age book to new age book and all the old nonsensical books that were churned out in the late 1800s by the Rosicrucians, that were meant to stupefy the people are all re-circulated and reprinted and they are all very fascinating, if you want to go into that realm, but, you see, you have to go much, much further and look at the stark reality of what really is coming your way and who is doing it. It's easy to find who is doing it because every think tank, every network, every organisation worth its mandate is up on the internet and they do publish their mandates. The United Nations publishes their mandates, the UN publishes every group that's affiliated with it and you go into their world meetings and they publicise what they want to do. In the 70s, the U.N. had a document out on a massive new meeting on a new economic world order and you think it's just happening today; and, it's shocking when you find out that I'm even telling you this, because, for years, you've been chasing rainbows and spacemen and trying to find out if the stars really do tell you the future. I keep telling people if you want to believe in that kind of stuff, train your children to design their own constellations, because you can make anything up that you wish. That way perhaps you go towards your own programmed destiny that you created for yourself.

People love to be titillated and they love to be carried off into fantasy, so you've all these people chasing the wrong things: absolute fictional creations by intelligence services; and, when they are doing that, they're not watching what's going on. They're not even indignant to what's happening to them personally, until the boot knocks down their door, that's when they object; but, in the meantime, they go along with pretty well anything and that's what Zbigniew Brzezinski said himself. He said that a technique was coming and being used on the public where they'll never guess that all their opinions - and he meant too all those things you believe in - will be downloaded into you. The people have no indignancy as to what's happening, they're made to feel powerless and they don't even realise that none of these organisations could make policy that affects them, including their own governments, without their passive cooperation; and they keep shouting 'what will we do?', 'what will we do?'. There's a few people over the years who have emailed the government and told them that they do not back any of these agendas and they're not afraid to put their names down in their letters. Everyone else who is terrified and scared looks for leaders, the leaders are supplied to you and they'll keep you in circles until the end of time; but, the last thing you'll want to do is do something yourself, because you're scared. You'd rather have the Western where the good guy rides into town on his horse, gets off it and shoots all the bad guys, pats you on the head, gives you ice cream cones and lets you play again, in the little fantasia world. That's the reality of life and that's the reality that's discussed at top think tanks, for all kinds of strategy, including military strategy, controls your Media. It's not nice to know but it's the truth. Once in a while, I do get people who say 'you must be part of this, you know too much'. Knowing too much scares those people who haven't looked into anything. They probably watch the sports every weekend though. I've been doing other things with my whole life, my whole life long, to find out what was going on. You get other ones who ask me 'what to do about it?' and, you see, here's the problem: why is it that everyone has to ask what to do? It tells you that they're not used to making decisions themselves, something else the elites know.

How far can they go to humiliate you? Totalitarianism as it's never been done on scale on this planet before is happening right now and the people are running in circles and reading junky old books that are deliberately put out there to cause the kind of confusion that is happening in their own minds, because this is a battle for the mind and it's taken very seriously at the top with Psy-Ops operations in conjunction, as I say, with signals operations, the NSA and every other agency on this planet, working together, to make sure that you will never have a mind of your own. And: I know all those ones out there too, who do contribute and subscribe to certain shows, like Red Eyes and so on. Well, good luck with your brains; you've got a lot of unscrambling to do. Back, after this break, with more.

Hi folks: I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix. Just letting off some steam here, because I say nothing comes in here much and thousands listen; thousands who do listen and subscribe to podcasts even and like their entertainment and that's very fine and well, that is their decision, that's their right to do so. I always used to say, back in the 70s, when I watched people falling off the stage, with LSD, I used to say that's their right to scramble their brains and damage it and I don't mind at all, as long as it doesn't become my problem. In other words: their problem becomes mine, it's a different story; and, you've got understand out there too, there are a lot of unstable people. They show their instability, by their rants and their raves. One recently called me a communist, apparently, and told people not to donate any money to me, but how far can psychosis go? There are lots of them out there; they can't handle the bad news. The bad news is definitely overwhelming and a lot of them who are into the New Age are finding that their New Age beliefs aren't enough to keep them intact. They're scared and they're frightened and so they lash out at people; and, that's what people generally do: they like to behead, like to kill the bearer of bad news. I don't see myself as out there entertaining people, I'm not doing entertainment (it's certainly is not a business, believe you me). But: when you mix entertainment with the truth, you are already in a fictional world. I hope people realise that and I could certainly tell you a lot more about the occult that's being preached out there because I've studied my whole life long. I know it from back to front, up and down and I could fascinate you forever and you would probably throw money at me, because you do like to be entertained, but, I won't do it. I'll leave that to the entertainers.

Here's an article here from the BBC news: and, what they're doing is militarising the youth in Britain. The Prime Minister here:

Brown 'backs' more school cadets.

A government review will recommend more state school pupils be encouraged to sign up for military cadet training, it has been reported

Now this ties in with a couple of articles I read about two months ago, from an ex-Admiral, who worked in Intelligence for Britain, became a school teacher as well, and advocated the same thing. The reason it won't go away is because it's a mandate, it's already 'on the cards', it's drafted up, it's written out and it will be made to come. It will be made to pass through. It says here:

A civil and military relations review will suggest it could improve attitudes towards armed forces and discipline. MP Quentin Davies, who headed the review, told the Observer the PM was "very keen" on using the cadets more. Tory leader David Cameron, who has suggested a "citizen service" for all 16-year-olds, said it was a good idea”.

I told you years ago this would happen because Hitler did it, the Young Communists did it too, every tyrant in history has done the same thing. Only this is to be world-wide, it won't be just Britain, it means all the Commonwealth countries, as well; and, I've no doubt the U.S. will follow suit. Its says:

Mr Davies, a former Tory MP who defected to Labour last year.

In Britain they walk across the floor, they call it, 'from left wing to right wing', when it suits them, because it's all a farce anyway. He says he

… told the Observer newspaper: "The prime minister is very, very keen on the opportunities represented by cadet forces." He added: "We will be making a number of recommendations to increase the use of this superb national asset."

The people are the 'asset'.

There are only 60 cadet forces in comprehensive schools

That's the low class schools, public schools, in Britain. It says

in England and Wales, compared with 200 in grammar

That's the ones you pay for, the schools that you pay for because that churns out the officers you see, those that Margaret Thatcher said would lead the country and it says:

Last month teachers voted to oppose military recruitment activities in schools if they employ "misleading propaganda". On Monday the Conservatives will outline some of the policies they would pursue in government, to improve school discipline.

Asked about the cadet force policy later, and whether he thought it was similar to his own calls for a national voluntary six-week programme for all 16-year-olds, party leader David Cameron said: "It's good there is a free market in ideas."

That's how politician answer; politicians don't answer any questions directly, they're told, they're actually taught this, actually taught to answer the question as though it's the question they would like to have been asked.

He said he was not calling for a return to compulsory national service

That's conscription.

but wanted a scheme in which every 16-year-old took part in "community service"

which is conscription.

He added: "What the prime minister seems to be talking about, extending the cadet force, I think is a very good idea."

and it is a very good idea if you want a militarised society for this hundred years war you see: you can get them in young and they just graduate right into the army.

Mr Davies said the review was also looking at encouraging the wearing of military uniform by off-duty troops

That's another big thing that's a 'must be': they want to see the troops in amongst us you see, until we become used to them, very used to them. This is all strategy.

“There is a definite move back in that direction and there is overwhelming support within the military for this.”

Well, of course there is, it's those guys that pushed it.

He is also said to be calling for a re-examination of the way that the military is portrayed in the schools curriculum.

I'll go through this, it's quite interesting, after this break.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt: we're cutting through the Matrix and I'm explaining, from the BBC, that the Government is going after the children. They might as well do something with them, that's their attitude, basically; because, you see, they've created a society where there is no discipline and they said they would do this mind you, many, many years ago. The State would give their values to the child. We see the outcome in that everywhere. We also saw the massive onslaught on parental discipline, by all the various N.G.Os and agencies that said 'your child is a little adult; let them do as they wish'. Mr Spock was the first one they put out there, to do this, at the end of his life he said "we've raised a nation of young psychopaths" but that was his job because people can't think for themselves, same thing that Bertrand Russell says: eventually people will be unable to do anything by themselves, they have to ask an expert, an expert who tells them how to even change a child's diaper. Well you see, all that's happened: they've taken away people's ability to decide anything for themselves; and, they created the society they knew they would create, where the children are literally separated, totally, mentally, from the parents. They don't communicate and they have been indoctrinated into group-think, through the school system; they also have been flooded with drugs, from the 60s onwards, that was another part of the strategy, to destroy all the old system. You must do that to bring in the new.

Here's another article here that ties in again with this part about training them in the schools, train the children from the schools:

 'Retrain ex-troops'

 that's army troops, military troops,

as teachers

Ex-servicemen and women should be retrained as teachers to bring military style discipline to tough inner city schools, a think tank

a think tank, huh

has said. The government is being urged to adopt a US-style programme returning former soldiers, sailors and airmen to school. The Centre for Policy Studies

Now, we've heard of them before haven't we?

says ex-soldiers could have a profound effect on discipline and learning. The Conservatives are backing the idea

Of course they are because they're no different from the other side

saying children need order and role models for self-discipline.

That is true, now that they have done away with fathers.

A report by think tanks says the fact that ex-soldiers had a macho image could help engender respect - particularly among boys.

Because that's all they've seen in their video games, a big hulking guy, with the biggest gun, wins.

The Troops to Teachers

Troops to Teachers, that also means students to soldiers, I guess

Troops to Teachers (T3) programme in the US retrains soldiers with a minimum of 10 years' experience, and a degree, as a fully certificated teacher.

Those with lower qualifications are retrained as vocational teachers.

Some 16,000 service personnel have qualified as teachers since T3 was set up in the US in 1994.

Whether we like it or not, children from more deprived neighbourhoods often respond to raw physical power.

Raw physical power; and, you know what that means, you see, because years ago, they discussed the recruiting, basically, the junkies and the gang members from some of these cities into the military and it has been done, in the last few years. That's what they were after, in the first place and again the Centre of Policy Studies Report

said the programme had been an "outstanding success", with some 88% remaining in the profession three years after they qualified. This compared to the usual retention rate for teachers in the US of 50% after five years.

The report suggested ex-servicemen could have a particularly strong effect on discipline and learning.

This is not merely because ex-servicemen are sure of their own moral authority

I guess you get moral authority, you get morality when you go into the military, it's all that blood and guts stuff that gives you morality, you see.

They are not intimidated by adrenaline-fuelled adolescents: they have, unlike most teachers, been there before…

Well, you see, all teachers get full of adrenaline, it's just that they can't do anything, because they're terrified to do anything, you see; but, I guess, the military guys are different, they'll be able to handle physically any problems, because - after all - it's, well, military isn't it?!

It also argued that the perception that these teachers had been in a "macho profession" would be well-received by inner city children.

It says

Chief of Defence Staff Lord Guthrie said knife crime, drugs and violence were reported daily in the inner cities.

Have you watched what the media and the entertainment industry have given these children to grow up on? Have you watched the slaughter and guts movies? How come they never say anything about Hollywood? It's because, you see, Hollywood was chosen at a world meeting, in Britain, back in the 60s, held by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to guide the World's future, through entertainment and that would create the culture of the future, it was all over the newspapers at that time; and, that's why they'll never, ever, report upon on what's coming out of Hollywood. Their job is to report the effects on society. That's one article, you can read all the rest of it for yourselves but there's no magic in there, unfortunately, so, if you're looking for magic, or prophets to come along, I'm afraid I don't have them here tonight.

Here is one from Melbourne, Australia, on the next part of the abuse system, on people who will take it quite calmly, they're getting very physically-fit now, they can bend down and touch their toes, whenever they're told. It says here, this is October 15th:

Scanners being tested at Melbourne Airport will not blur the genitals of passengers

In other words, they can see right through you, they can see everything there. It says

Domestic travellers leaving Melbourne Airport over the next six weeks will be asked to test new security scanners that can see through clothing. The Body scanner trial

initially of course, it's voluntary testing; but if you don't go through it, they have to, you know, give you a 'rub down', a 'pat down'. They have special people for that, who have been raised, who like patting people down, of various genders; and, it says here:

Transport security authorities are trialling the new "X-ray backscatter" body scanner, which has been described by critics as a "virtual strip search. The scanner uses a low energy X-ray

X-rays, you see, it's interesting about X-rays because, you see, each X-ray is accumulative in the body, irradiation is accumulative, in the body - but they're not telling you that here - and there's no safe level of X-ray. That's still to be decided. They are finding, for instance, that some children who are X-rayed frequently in Canada, for different things, generally bone problems, have all ended up with massive cancers; but they won't tell you as you pay your money to get to that business deal on the aircraft that make hay while the sun shines because tomorrow you crumble, as your bones fall apart. It says here that they are using this

to reveal any objects, metal or otherwise, under a person's clothing, including body features. The testing will be entirely voluntary during the trial, which is being undertaken to test how the new scanners would affect the flow of passengers through the security point.

Well, I'll tell you how: they know they are going to go through it.

"It does see through clothing, but it's not a photographic image, it's a low-energy X-ray"

That makes me feel all better

"that reflects off the skin," said Cheryl Johnson, general manager of the Office of Transport Security.

“It will show the private parts of people, but what we've decided is that we're not going to blur those out, because it severely limits the detection capabilities"

In other words, they can't get a good giggle, you have to have a good giggle, you see, when you're a pervert employed to watch people and to see their genitals.

"It is possible to see genitals and breasts while they're going through the machine, though”.

However, Ms Johnson,

who, of course us a P.R spokesperson, just spin a lie, that's her job,

said there were a number of measures in place to tackle concerns about privacy.

“The faces are automatically blurred and ... it's only a chalk-style outline, it's not as invasive as some of the other equipment that we've got" she said

Ha, ha, ha, I wonder if they'll retrain her because she's got a loose mouth there; doesn't think too much, does she?!

"The security officer that's looking at it is located away from the screening lane, so there's no comparison of the person walking through and the image. The images are not saved, you literally walk through, the screener hits a button to say clear and the image goes."

and what's interesting too, is that the reason they're given these days, in every country, for what they do to you is: 'well, you know the U.S. has got it or Britain's got it' so that's OK then, they're still beheading people down in Borneo, does that mean we should do it too? You see, here's the trick of psychology they use on the populous in every blurb they give out to the media.

Ms Johnson said these were a direct response to an alleged terrorist plot in 2006 to detonate liquid explosives on-board airliners.

That's all they need to tell you today because everything comes under 'Security', everything is 'Security', even taking your children and putting them up in fatigues is to do with security and discipline, and psychopaths love discipline. They love uniforms, they love them and they love chains of command. You see, the psychopath who is sado-masochistic will worship the one above and despise those below.

This article here: October 1st, it's amazing what comes through as they keep you busy with this pre-planned meltdown of the economy, which is only getting the new system in place so the Government can literally come into your view, down to you and your bank account and demand to know what you're buying, why you're buying 'this' and tell you not to buy it; and it also gives them a footprint right into your bank accounts to withdraw taxes for carbon footprints and all that kind of stuff, you see, that's the real agenda here. It also pushes the next part of the GATT Treaty where the richer countries fund the poor countries directly, through carbon taxes and all the rest of it. Carbon Taxes: another religion. The Wall Street Journal on OCTOBER 1st, 2008

Satellite-Surveillance Program to Begin Despite Privacy Concerns.

Who cares about privacy concerns? We don't have any privacy.

By Siobhan Gorman: WASHINGTON -- The Department of Homeland Security will proceed with the first phase of a controversial satellite-surveillance program, even though an independent review found the department hasn't yet ensured the program will comply with privacy laws.

Congress provided partial funding for the program in a little-debated

That means it's all pre-planned, when they say 'little-debated'.

$634 billion

A country that's broke is going to spend this for this, you see

spending measure that will fund the government until early March. For the past year, the Bush administration had been fighting Democratic lawmakers over the spy program, known as the National Applications Office.

That sounds so innocent doesn't it? National Applications Office.

"The program is designed to provide federal, state and local officials with extensive access to spy-satellite imagery -- but no eavesdropping"

it says, oh I bet that would be a different Bill, that would be a different Bill

to assist with emergency response and other domestic-security needs, such as identifying where ports or border areas are vulnerable to terrorism.

What a joke

Since the department proposed the program a year ago, several Democratic lawmakers have said that turning the spy lens on America could violate Americans' privacy and civil liberties unless adequate safeguards were required.

Well there ain't going to be any adequate safeguards, the whole point is to make sure that all these agencies can use these satellites and watch you.

A new 60-page Government Accountability Office report said the department "lacks assurance that NAO operations will comply with applicable laws and privacy and civil liberties standards," according to a person familiar with the document. The report, which is unclassified but considered sensitive, hasn't been publicly released, but was described and quoted by several people who have read it.

You even get second-hand reports, because it's available to the public but it's not released to them yet and it's 'sensitive'.

The report cites gaps in privacy safeguards. The department, it found, lacks controls to prevent improper use of domestic-intelligence data by other agencies and provided insufficient assurance that requests for classified information will be fully reviewed to ensure it can be legally provided.

Well, you see it's all null and void, all that privacy stuff, because pretty well everything in the U.S. is under Homeland Security. That's down to your police, your local police, your post office even, is under Homeland Security. The nurse in the hospital is under Homeland Security and, in that case, they can all have access to it.

A senior homeland-security official took issue with the GAO's broad conclusion, saying the department has worked hard to include many layers of privacy protection. Program activities have "an unprecedented amount of legal review," he said, adding that the GAO is seeking a level of proof that can't be demonstrated until the program is launched.

Ha ha ha, and you know what they say about launching programmes, there's no turning back, eh?

Homeland Security spokeswoman,

P.R. you see, Public Relations

Laura Keehner said department officials concluded that the program "complies with all existing laws"

It probably does because they've given themselves the right to do all this, through laws.

because the GAO report didn't say the program doesn't.

Ha ha, I can't read anymore of this because: we're living in a tragic comedy, the world is, literally, a tragic comedy and, as I say, people can't tell fact from fiction and they cannot discern information that flows to them because we are all run by specialised departments. Knowledge is power, the last thing you give your target is power and knowledge. The last thing, there's no point in giving it to them at all. We're dealing with, as I say, a 'Disneyland', a 'Disneyland' that very few people will come through intact, mentally. That's part of the idea, is to keep creating an alternative reality. I've read all these documents before to the public and most people are in this alternate reality, or one of the variations thereof, depending on their own little hobbies, whether it's 'New Agey' channelling spirits, reading the stars or looking for reptiles who tend to stand vertically and shape-shift before they drink blood off people and all of that utter, utter, nonsense that people soak up and can't get enough of.  

This is from the Financial Times

An exit strategy.

Published: October 15 2008

Governments may hold ordinary shares, but they will never be ordinary shareholders. Public recapitalisation is a vital part of the solution to the banking crisis, but the two-tier, part-nationalised banking system it creates carries its own problems – and it may be a lasting legacy. The Swedish government has yet to sell off all the stakes it took following its 1992 banking crisis.

Some problems of public ownership seem insurmountable. Governments must insist that they will recover their investments – and help must initially be offered on terms that make it preferable to seek private sector support.

I'll finish this article after this break.

Hi, I'm Alan Watt, Cutting Through The Matrix. I was going through an article from the Financial Times which points out some of the obvious things but, think about it, just think about this whole 'gambling casino', this big roulette table they call the Stock Market. They call it a stock market by the way because 'market' means animals and the stock are the animals, that's farming terminology. The 'big boys' who rig the system and who have run it from the beginning, hold all the commanding shares, and all the up-and-coming greedy ones, the low level psychopaths, that want to get in on the act, follow the 'big boys' and always loose their shirts; but, unfortunately, and here they go, the tax payer of the world has to bail them out. You see, why should we bail out other people's addictions? Gambling addictions? It's never asked, that's all it is: bailing out gambling addicts, greedy gambling addicts. Making it all legal to loot the general public, to pay for it all and every bank on the planet's going to cash in on this and create more 'bubbles' now that they're going to get the Government to bail them out; that's how it works, it's quite simple, because the ones you never trust in the world are the people you see with shirts and ties and business suits. That's the new uniform of modern Nazism. They all smile too, very, very nicely to you, that's the trait of the psychopath: they look you right in the eyes and make you think you're the only person alive in the world when they look at you and talk to you and we never, ever learn, do we? Never learn and the last thing the public will do is say "No". Why? Because they need organisation, it's impossible to create organisation today because the other side have created so many different camps, all chasing all kinds of real and imaginary things; that is confusion, your enemy is incapacitated. That's what you do when you're targeted, you're incapacitated; you cannot discern truth from fiction.

I may have time for one caller and there is Alex from Illinois. Are you there Alex?

Alex: ah yes, hello Alan Watt. Thank you for taking my call and I know there is like a couple of minutes left, so I'm not going to ask my question I prepared; but, I guess Alan, that if you sold books on positive thinking and how to get rich overnight, people would donate to you more!

Alan: I know! If I told them how to get out of body experiences and so on, or give them personal readings from the stars, or tell them where to find the aliens, yeah.

Alex: Yes, I was going to quote Madame Blavatsky who said that "people are fascinated with occult" and, that's why such people such people as David Icke and Texx Marrs are getting so much money from selling books on different occultic theories and so forth.

Alan: Yes and it's also an agenda out there too because, as I say, they always give leaders to the public, to follow and that's part of psy-ops warfare. You find too that Weishaupt said the same thing, to entice people in, to be used as 'willing fools', he said "we always give them a great mystery and fascination" and it works every time.

Alex: Alan, I've been reading Manly P Hall's books on mystic Christ and Secret Destiny of America. Alright, I hear the music coming.

Alan: Call in again perhaps on Friday, if you can.

Alex: Yes, thank you so much Alan Watt.

Alan: Thanks for calling. Well, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, where it's raining like hell, since they sprayed us from yesterday, mightily, it's good night and may your god, or your gods, go with you; and if you've had an out of body experience, stay where you are once you get there, don't come back here, it's much safer!


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(Transcribed by Bill Scott)


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