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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 17, 2008:

Transatlantic Economic Integration:
"Confused Peoples, Swirling Fear,
Sensing Changes Coming Near,
Change, the Word, Change for Task,
Its Definition, No-one Will Ask,
World Banksters All a-Salivating,
Over Global Plantation They are Creating,
Nationhood Seems to have Absconded,
As Europe and America Now are Bonded,
Sans Independence, sans the Nation,
Transatlantic Economic Integration"
© Alan Watt Oct. 17, 2008

October 17th 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 17, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, on the 17th of October 2008. I always advise newcomers to look into my website,  and, in there, you'll find a wealth of information on previous talks I've given on this big system we live within; and, I try and explain, as best I can, using documentation, those that are really behind it, what the big plan is; and, it's not so difficult to understand when you realise that it's been going on for a long, long time, centuries in the making, and its held together through organisation. Organisational ability and, basically, societies and foundations and what they now call Non Governmental Organisations, how they all work together towards this Brave New World and why. Also, look into  for transcripts which you can download, print up and pass around and they're written in the various languages of Europe.

Now, for those who have donated to me, I thank you, because it keeps me going; it costs a lot of cash to keep this thing going here and it literally is a 7 day a week job. It takes 5 hours to upload all this stuff to the website after a show and, during the day, I'm busy with emails and paper mail and running off to post offices and everything else; and, last week: I found another little weasel on My Space, he's a university student, I have all his details and I also know his Dad's address too. I'll be sending off letters to his Dean and to his Dad. This great student that they have who is also in all the big football leagues and so on; because, on the website he'd had 2000 downloads given away of my books and that means about $16, 000 he'd just ripped from under my feet, you see, over the past year and a half and nothing much comes in here of course when guys like that are doing this kind of stuff and, unfortunately, the public are willing to go for these free stuff, they don't think about keeping me going and if I can't keep going, I'm not on the air, simple as that. Then, you're left with spacemen, channellers and you're left with lizard people and horoscopes and good luck to you, good luck to you; simple as that.  

When all this stuff is going on with the economy and the public think that the stock market is all very real, and all the excuses are given by the newspaper economists are telling the truth about all there is to know, there's so much more behind it; because, like everything else in this world, there's three levels of reality. There’s always a bottom level and that's generally from professors down, except for those professors, the few who are allowed into the next level of understanding into the truth; and, above that of course is the real professionals, the few who have access to archives and are brought into the higher societies because they can be trusted and they have certain traits and qualities which the big boys need. Because what's happening now is only one part of an agenda to change the system into a pre-planned system, a pre-planned system that was written about even when they were setting up the Federal Reserve of the U.S. and the trick is always to keep us thinking and following the experts that are presented to the public, the low level experts, that it’s all to do with bubble stocks and all the rest of it; this is utter nonsense. They could have kept this con game going for as long as they wished to, because there's nothing backing it in the first place, except our faith in it and I'll explain this and how it started after this break. 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're cutting through the matrix and before I get into a little bit of the past, the history of this big movement, I'd like to mention something that's come out of it and that is to do with the North American Union, that is only part of the scheme that's going on right now, and because we are also hearing from the Prime Minister of Canada and Mr. Bush of the U.S., that we're going towards an integration of the America's with that of Europe and how did all this start? Do you think it's all happening now through crisis, you know, it's all crisis and all that kind of stuff? Nothing to do with that, whatsoever.

If you go back into your history and you look at Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England and the creation of the British East India Company and you follow it down through the ages, with the Burma Opium Company, which the Crown of England owned, right up into the 1930s. You can find that in George Orwell's biography, because his father was in charge of the British Opium Company, on behalf of the Crown, for most of his life. Queen Elizabeth the 1st was surrounded by Rosicrucians, these odd guys that call themselves ‘Rosicrucians’, that was the time when really the term 'Illuminati' had come out, they were the illumined ones, the ones who knew, they knew the con games, they knew the scams because they knew that they were all pirates and so on. But, one of them came up with the idea of a British Empire, based on a form of free-trade, but eventually they would bring those countries that traded with them into a common standardised system, the same as Britain; and, if you notice, in Britain, democracy is an elastic band, because the definitions keep changing. You see, the beauty of a democracy is that you can keep changing it for ever and ever (and that was the original intention); and, then you find, going back into the late 1800s, with the Crown-backed Cecil Rhodes Foundation, a foundation that was going to use Britain and it's Empire as the foundation to bring more countries in so there was a global empire, a world system, a world government; and, Cecil Rhodes Foundation merged with the Round Table Society (also basically held by Lord Alfred Milner) and the two groups merged together and they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs. They sent men all over the planet, to help create societies which would work and integrate the whole planet, section by section, they actually called it 'regions', one region at a time, the European region and then the American region. The beauty of their plan is that the people would be focused on one part of it when another two or three parts of the system, elsewhere in the world were all going on at the same time. Hence we find Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for the American Branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, telling us in his own book Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, a very important work, that they had it pretty well sown up, even in his day, this whole agenda that was to take a hundred-odd years to fulfil. When Colonel Mandell House was the adviser, actually, he ran the U.S. Government, for Mr. Wilson, the President. You always find 'Number 2' is more important than ' Number 1', that's the Masonic tradition and these guys were all Freemasons and they used secrecy and Masonry to it's full advantage and that is part of it, they do keep secrets and they do swear allegiances to each other and to their purpose and we find that Colonel Mandell House wasn't a real colonel at all, his title was taken just to give it some grandeur to his name (but what's real in politics anyway?). He was the go-between, between President Wilson and other big players in the U.S. Government and his British counterparts. He talked to Lord Grey and Grey was the head of this royal organisation that was intent on bringing in world government. 

They also wanted centralised banking and you'll find Mandell House was deeply involved in proposing that centralised banking come in and the creation of the Federal Reserve in the U.S. and, they wanted to take over the world's resources. To the public they would say it was for the good of all. Britain was very good at this because they call it the Common-wealth, what that means is that the elite steal the wealth of the commoners, that's what it means, that's their big joke, you see; and, Mandell House did his part in his work, he also pushed Wilson to get the League of Nations through for world government, at the end of World War 1, that's why they brought the U.S. into it, to try and get everyone to their knees and exhausted, through warfare and we'd accept world government. That did not happen and so they kept working steadily through it, massive organisations, with hundreds of arms and branches. They got World War 2 on the go and out of came the United Nations. The United Nations was set up to be the front for these boys, a front system; and, I know that, for a fact, it's totally corrupt because people within the United Nations write to me and tell me so. It is run as a front organisation: they draft up bills and so on, and laws, and hand it out to the different governments, who all sign them into law. Very old agenda, to take over the wealth of the world but part of it too, it was, to start reducing the populations in a post-industrial era, by every, and any, means possible. Eugenics plays into to it big-time. Cecil Rhodes, President Wilson, the Prime Minister of Britain at that time too, all exchanged letters about skull sizes and phrenology and inferior and superior types. That's on record, that's in their own biographies; check it out and you'll find that's true. They were really deeply worried about the populations of the world increasing and the public might start getting too powerful - and they might start rebelling about getting robbed all the time, through all these taxations and wars etc. - that we go off and fight to steal more for the big boys; and, that's still on the go today.

While the Summit of the Americas goes on, this other big group that we sort of see as a bunch of hobbyists that are meeting in Latin America and different places, they're actually merging the whole continent of the Americas, as part of that old plan, going all the way back to Mandell House, Wilson and Lord Grey, in England. That was called the Anglo-American Establishment. They're still working today and the whole idea was to base the world system upon an anglified version, a system that would adopt that of the U.S. and England. Anyone who wouldn't join or would not give up their wealth and come into it would find that they were embroiled in civil wars, that were stirred up by various factions, like the CIA, MI6 and so on and those that succumbed to it, agreed to it would end up, of course, as we can see in many Third World countries, in utter poverty.  Lots of people are well aware that we are being integrated into a same kind of bloc as the European Bloc and that was all arranged a hundred-odd years ago, as they say. Karl Marx, remember, was the first one to talk about it and he worked and liaised with these same organisations, when they had a previous name: regional take-overs. And, when the economy seems to be up in the air and we're all terrified about it, because we're supposed to be, because this big imaginary bubble has burst and they're trying to heal it - and, as I say, they could have kept it going for as long as they want - because the con has been going on forever. They've also been rushing ahead, with the Canadian Prime Minister and Mr. Bush in the States, with an amalgamation of the Americas, now that we're almost there you see, we've only got two more signings to go and then we're amalgamated completely, 2010 is the deadline. They're already going forward with the amalgamation and they're signing it to amalgamate with Europe; and, when they're doing that, they've also got their guys in the Far East and they are a branch of the Royal Institute of Foreign Relations called The Institute For The Pacific Relations, they've been working at this for one hundred years, in the Far East, to bring them into it too. World Government, you see, under the auspices of the United Nations front group. That's why they're pushing economic integration, a world bank with power and teeth, governments that run your lives in a fascist sort of way, using also communism, because the lower classes will, basically, find that their whole lives are run minutely, by a communistic-style system. While above the bureaucracies are the fascist elites, who live 'a life of Riley'.

That is the system and here's one article here, that's from North American Union archives, very interesting; and, this guy has done his homework, he's called ‘Lonewacko’ and that's what you'll be, if you tell the truth to the people who watch the Six O'Clock News, you'll be a 'wacko'. It says: 

"Canada integrating their economy with European Union".

He's talking about mainly Canada here and that's from the 3/10/08 Globe & Mail story:

"Provinces key to EU trade deal ... Quebec Premier says... Canada's premiers will play a pivotal role in the country's efforts to integrate its economy with the 27 nations of the European Union"

Be back with more, with the American version, after these messages. 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, this is the Matrix we're cutting through and, by god, how deceptive it is, there's so many different layers and so many chess games going on, all at once; that's how it's supposed to be, that way most folk don't catch on to what's really happening. We're always concerned about the latest crisis that we're handed and while they're doing all this, they're also integrating the economies, and the governments of America; they're also amalgamating the Americas, with the European Union. And: this is from Mr. Charest, one of the politicians in Canada, from an article in the Globe & Mail. He says: 

"He described the proposed pact as a groundbreaking initiative on a scale that has never been attempted. The accord would go well beyond the scope of the NAFTA agreement between Canada and the United States by encompassing not only trade in goods and services but also the free movement of skilled workers and an open market in government services and procurement".

An open market in government services, eh? And: what does the U.S. say about this? They don't say much at all to the public on the mainstream media and yet here's the U.S. Department of State's website. It says

"Fact Sheet Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Washington, DC, May 13, 2008. Fact Sheet:  Advancing Transatlantic Economic Integration Through the Transatlantic Economic Council".

Did you know you even had a Transatlantic Economic Council? No! Maybe they're Annanaki, oh, I don't think so! No, these are organisations and men who belong to very powerful 'noble' organisations; they like to say what they're doing is "noble" and it truly is because the nobility always stole from everyone else. It says here: 

"President Bush and His Administration Are Working To Unleash the Potential of the Transatlantic Economy."

That's what they called it, back in the days of Mandell House: the Transatlantic Treaty, they hoped to bring it in for a Transatlantic Union and here's the very same thing being used today. Why is it the same thing? Because it's the same organisations, working inter-generationally, to make it happen; and, all those treaties they made back in 1917 still stand in law and they've been working on them ever since, increasing more treaties. The last part of treaties is 'ties', you will get bound together. Mason's love this kind of stuff. It says: 

"This week, the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) met for the second time in Brussels, continuing its work to remove barriers to transatlantic trade and investment, and promoting economic integration". 

Understand, if your economy is integrated, it just doesn't mean that you share the same currency or whatever, or the same market, it means: everything to do with your law will revolve around the economic system that now rules. That's how all laws are made. Look into any book, even a beginner's book on economics and it will tell you that.

 "The U.S. delegation included Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer, Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, U.S. Trade Representative Susan C. Schwab, Deputy Treasury Secretary Robert Kimmitt, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach, Securities and Exchange Commissioner Paul Atkins" and so on and so and so on. It says:  "The European Union delegation, led by Guenter Verheugen, Vice-President of the European Commission, included Commissioners Peter Mandelson, Charlie McCreevy, Meglena Kuneva, and Laszlo Kovacs, as well as other senior Commission economic officials. During the course of the meeting, the U.S. and EU officials discussed on-going efforts to promote regulatory cooperation, eliminate barriers to transatlantic trade..."

You've got to understand what barriers are: you see nationalism is one of them. They must knock down any last vestige of nationalism and they've already done that, you see, in Europe; and, they're working hard on it for the Americas. It says:

"  ... advance capital market liberalization, and strengthen support for open investment regimes".

Now, this ties in with this crisis they've created as well by way; because, under these treaties, you see, we're all going to have to bail out every other country that sinks, especially the lower countries, the so-called 'Third World' countries. That's part of the agreement. So, if a bank goes down in Germany, the tax payer in the U.S. and Canada is going to help bail them out. This is an integrated thing. Now this was written before you heard of this collapse; you see how they time everything to work together? So, all these treaties and all these organisations are set up to deal with all this, before the crash comes. And: the integration of the Americas was set up long before the crash has come to us and now we're going to the integration of Europe and, eventually it will be the integration of the Pacific Rim countries as well. That was always the idea, the United Nations was to set it up, over three regions, three big trading blocs; and, we're living through it, the culmination of this. A lot of hard work went into making this and a lot of secrecy and stealth and deception. It says: 

" The transatlantic market today accounts for nearly 55 percent of global GDP. Transatlantic economic relations are strong, but can be made even stronger. Both the United States and Europe believe in strong and effective regulation to protect our citizens [Alan: our citizens]... and the environment [A: you see, it's the environment again, another big stick]. However, in some cases, unnecessary differences in regulatory approaches make our companies less competitive, raise consumer costs, reduce consumer choice, and slow job creation".

A fantastic site to go into because they tell you what they're up to. Be back with more, after this break. 

Hi, I'm Alan Watt, we're cutting through the Matrix, trying to get between all these different 'chess boards' that are going on, to show you that they're all connected, by strategy and that's what they do: they print up tactical reports, from their think tanks, and implement them and they call it strategic, it's always strategic, plans, military-type plans, strategy; and, part of this strategy is to keep the public in the dark, until it's all over. And: true enough, they give us nothing but trivia to look at it. Just 'punch up' Yahoo, look the front page and see what's there, all the glitter and glamour but nothing very much of any real truth, or import, is given to you. Here's another part of the USA, their own website: 

"Framework for Advancing Transatlantic Economic Integration ... We, leaders of the United States of America and the European Union (EU): ...  Welcoming the launch of a study funded by the European Commission to identify existing barriers to trade". 

Next part it says:

 "Fact Sheet: Advancing Transatlantic Economic Integration" 

and that's what it's called: Transatlantic Economic Integration.

"Advancing Transatlantic Economic Integration Through the Transatlantic Economic Council".

Did you vote in an economic council? do you know anybody on it? It says:

"Fact Sheet Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, Washington, DC, May 13, 2008”

The one below it says :

"Council review of progress under the framework. Transatlantic Economic Council reviews of progress under the framework for advancing economic integration between the United States of America and the European Union".

This is from the State Department; and, it goes back and back over the years, where we were kept busy with other things, the United States and the European Union Initiative to Enhance. They talk about the European Union and the Americas:

 "For immediate release June the 20th 2005 The United States and the European Union Initiative to enhance Transatlantic Economic Integration".

Down below it:

"Transatlantic Economic Council Report, the EU -U.S. Summit 2008 ... Believing that transatlantic economic integration will maximize economic benefits for their citizens through competition and stronger growth, while maintaining high standards of ... " 

That's 2008 and it goes on and on and on it goes, you see. While most people are worried about one thing at a time; and, that's what they know you see: most people can only deal with one major issue or crisis at a time. They say that two, at the max, but once you hit three crises at the same time, you tend to mentally collapse, or turn off and that's why it's done this way, all these changes come along, at the same time. And: sure enough, it's those who are concentrating just on fighting the integration of the Americas because it truly will not benefit the public, just as the European Union did not benefit the public. They're already working on taking this big bloc and merging it with that big bloc. They love building blocks; but, they are Masons, after all, Higher Orders although, maybe. That's the reality of the world in which we live: all these quiet goings on, steady, steady, weekly, monthly, yearly and it's never mentioned by the news, the mainstream news won't touch it but it's right there on the government websites. And: just over the last few weeks, Mr. Harper of Canada has also made overtures to push this economic integration further with Europe; and, that's what we're living through, quite something isn't it? 

Now, we'll go to the 'phones now. We've got Alex from Chicago there, are you there Alex? 

Alex: hello.  

Alan: Hello. 

Alex: Hello Alan, how are you doing, how's the weather in Canada? 

Alan: I'm hanging on here with my fingernails! 

Alex: I bet. You were talking about the integration of the Americas. Is it OK if I deviate into the nature worship question? 

Alan: Yes. 

Alex: OK, because it kind of relates, since it's all New Age, and I would like to mention that it's always too great to hear you on the Alex Jones show recently and when I read the Old Testament, from the Bible, it appears that the nature acts in concert with the people down below and it either afflicts or blesses those (the inhabitants down below); and, many attributes of God in the Old Testament are associated with something tangible in nature, such as a rock, a mountain, wind. Or, in one of the Psalms actually, the God is proclaimed as the sun, s-u-n and the shield.  And therefore, do you think the Jewish religious writers or Rabbis, thought of nature as their Jehovah God? 

Alan: They claimed that Jehovah showed his handiwork through all nature. 

Alex: Because, for example, Kabbalah certainly divinates on nature. 

Alan: Here's the thing you see: whenever, if you look into history, whenever they're taking a country down, or an empire down, to merge it with another, bigger, empire, they created nature worship and it was pushed to the maximum. The populous really seemed to lose their ability to rationalise, when they are really into the belief of nature worship; and, it was used for killing off excess population in the Greek Islands. They used that, promoted that, to kill off what they thought was the excess population and the public will truly believe what they are told to believe, if it's presented in the right way; and, nature worship is a great thing to use. But they also introduce all other kinds of things, at the same time. We know that, for instance, the fall of Greece: they were hardly breeding in the noble classes, because most men preferred boys; and, the same thing was done with the females, they were after women. The same thing happened with Rome, so much; and, as they were pushing the nature worship and 'do as thou wilt' as the whole of the law, they found that their own nobility weren't breeding enough and they tried to pass laws to force them to do it. So, it's a great tool to use, whenever you're taking down an old age, a system, you create all kinds of, put it this way: 'alternative ways of living' which ends up destroying anything that's normal. Normal. You see the whole thing is to destroy what is normal. If nothing is normal then you have nothing to compare the new with and if you're going into a system where it's going to be constant change, then you truly will allow anything to happen, anything to be pushed upon you, because there is no normal anyway. It's called Moral Relativity; and, so, every group is used, even though they think they're championing their own causes, they're not championing their own causes, they're helping bring in a new system, which they cannot even imagine. The present system, under the guise of nature worship, will have us all sterilised, to save Gaia (Mother Earth) and, you'll also find, they're going to reduce the population, to, not just what you would call a manageable population, but really what it is, is the perfect amount for serving this elite that will rule the planet. This is what they want. The elite have their own form of nature worship, which is far, far, deeper than the New Age have been given. The New Age is very simplistic and it's meant to make you not look at the events that are unpleasant around you. In fact, you're taught not to look at the unpleasant events, always look at the positive and turn your back on the negative. 

Alex: positive thinking? 

Alan: Yes, and even positive thinking: the books that first came out were all written by high Freemasons, who generally run all the major stuff that we do read. So, you can't tell most New Agers about what's going on. They shut down, they turn back on you and they talk about trivia and nice things. Which is all very well, if you truly you were living in someone else's dream; but, this is reality and if you don't know the train's coming up behind you, and you better turn around and see it and get off the tracks, then you will be a goner. The children, who are being brought up today, in school, are already being trained to go for voluntary sterilisation but you don't see that happening with the elite, they will put their children through the same thing; because, they say themselves, they must rule the planet, steer the planet. They must have the offspring. 

Alex: Alright; and, I'm noticing that positive thinking has been affected so many minds. For example, even I talk to some Mexican people who barely speak English but they talk about that new movie that came out, The Secret, which talks about how if you think positively and if you wish and have certain ambitions, you will achieve anything and become a millionaire, or whatever you want.  Even barely English-speaking Mexican is fine with that. 

Alan: It is, because it's a great escape you see, from your present conditions, it truly is. It's called Magical Thinking, in Psychiatry and it truly is a nice thing to imagine all the time and wish for it and it's also taught through the Course In Miracles and the other 'bibles' of the New Age that are put out there. Wishful- thinking. What it really does is that it always gives you gurus that tell you what to wish for, which really is just you going along with an agenda. So, you're all being used to go along with a particular agenda but you don't know what the final outcome is. You all think it's going to benefit you personally, but it's not. These guys who rule over our minds understand this very well. That's the key to it. 

Alex: Yeah and also when I read the Old Testament, just one of the instants, when the Jewish people were going through the wilderness and the God said I will bless you and so forth and so on, I will give you all this land and he said one thing that: all the inhabitants of the Earth around you, in the wilderness, are destined to be killed and you will kill them and then you will rule the whole land. So this is clear, blatant, eugenics programme, right there in Old Testament. 

Alan: Well if you follow the Old Testament, the whole book is nothing but eugenics, with all the begatting and who married who. 

Alex: it's nothing but killing. 

Alan: Yes.

Alex: it's so much blood. Can I ask a second question, it's related to the Bible, as well. Do you think that the Bible was given to us for the age of Pisces? Because it will be irrelevant and absolute in the age that is very nigh? 

Alan: I've no doubt that the age of Pisces definitely has used the Bible to the maximum. The British Empire, whenever it went to invade countries, or take over places in Africa, always ensured there was a train load of bibles that would come in, with the troops, to be passed amongst the people, to try; you see, that's what they call the 'soft kill'. First they kill the mind, by telling you not to kill, 'it's written in Bible' and even that's not right either because in the Jewish version it says 'thou shall not commit murder' but everyone else they tell 'ye shalt not kill, it's a sin'. However, they had to use the soft touch first, it's like there's like battles on the mainland: the ships bombard the mainland and all the fortifications and that's a softening-up process. So, they use religion to go in first and soften up the minds of the people, before they take over their wealth and start killing them. 

Alex: OK, because the Bible hasn't even existed before 325 AD, during the Council of Nicaea. 

Alan: Yes, and all they had and, even then, they sorted through hundreds and hundreds of scripts, to decide which ones they would choose. You see, every bible is written for a political reason and even the updates are written for political reasons. The Geneva Bible was written by Masons, for political reasons and the King James version was written in response to the Geneva Bible and, of course, King James asked and told the translators to make sure that he would elevate the king's authority as a representative of God and that's why it's all through that bible. The other versions give you footnotes and tell you what it actually says, in the original scripture. I am telling you if a Jesus Christ came to the world tomorrow and was killed again, they would distort it as soon as his body was cold. 

Alex: Oh yeah, no question about it, the King James version bible has a preamble dedicated to the king and how he's called 'his highness' and so forth. 

Alan: He's called that Sun of Zion, S-u-n of Zion, in the foreword, by the printers. 

Alex: OK, Alan, I will not keep you much longer, I know there are other callers probably. Thank you Alan so much for answering the questions. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. 

Alex: Yeah, have a good one Alan. 

Alan: You too. There's Anthony in Ireland; are you there Anthony? 

Anthony: Hi Alan. 

Alan: Hi.  

Anthony: Hi Alan. I just want to say your show is fantastic and it's like given me a course on how to analyze and break down propaganda and deprogram yourself and I think that listeners who haven't donated should at least send a small amount if they can because if they met you in a pub they'd certainly buy you a drink. 

Alan: Yes.

Anthony: My first question would be everything seems to be speeding up now, with the economic crisis and everything; and, do you believe that, in the next four years, 2010-2012, that we're looking at a rapid extermination of the population, or is that just something put out there to make it through to us, make more anarchy, and more afraid? My second question would be: what percentage do you think we have of defeating the New World Order, would you say 99%? The New World Order are not going to win? [NB these last few words were unclear]. 

Alan: It could be done quite easily, if the public would just be organised and all come out on the streets en masse and protested, because that's the only chance they have of doing anything. That's why I try and get through to people: you can't listen just to shows or talk show hosts doing a lot of talking. The people have to get out there and use the only grievance method they're allowed and that's for mass demonstrations and say 'no' to all of this; and once that's happened, the media can't ignore it and then the big boys have to scuttle. They'll never give it up, they'll never give up their agenda but they will have to postpone certain parts and try and calm our fears, for a little while. That's how that that be done. As far as the dates go, 2010 is the deadline for the last signatory to be put on the American Union. They publicise that every year in Canada when they sign it and that's us totally integrated in the Americas. 2012: they hope to build up the United Nations to its proper place as the global government, or government system and the three main trading blocs will then be provinces, run as provinces of the system. That's how it's to be set up. Much the same way, you see, it was to be based on the British Empire and the British Empire had basically a cloned system set up in every country they ruled and they called it ‘Dominions’ and everything was ruled from London and that's what they said, at the Council On Foreign Relations, that this new system was based upon the start of what Britain had already created, to integrate a world system, would be used, that world system, from Britain, would be used and built upon, to bring in this whole system of world government. So, that's what we're living through right now.

Anthony: OK. Might the United Nations having even more power than they even have now, do you think they're going to [?] another crisis? 

Alan: Yes, they'll create a crisis. We already have the United Nations running so many parts of our lives already, look at how many government departments are in the U.N. It's terrifying. They can run the whole world right now. Thanks for calling and we'll be back with more, after this break. 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're cutting through the Matrix and we'll go to Tony from Massachusetts. Are you there Tony?  

Tony: Hi there Alan; Alan, it's good to talk to you again. I haven't called in quite a bit but I'm still listening and I appreciate all the work you're doing. A question I have for you, I’ve actually got two quick ones. The first one was: I've had a lot of trouble still trying to wake people up, it's been quite a task and some of them I've given them a lot of the information you put out and a lot of other information, from other sites and different authors, and they just don't seem to want to really wake up, that's the feeling I've got. Now, the question I have for you is: it comes to a point where persons like yourself and myself and others have woken up and we've really taken an interest in all of this and want to see a change and really desire for it. How much does it factor in where you think do you feel that, do you sort of have to have a love or a desire for it to see the right thing done or happen? How much of that do you think factors in there? 

Alan: There's an awful lot, it's also to do with the fact that their culture is scientifically-designed, everything that they hear, all information is scientifically-designed, like a torpedo, to go right into their mind and we find that Lord Bertrand Russell said that we are creating an ego-syntonic society. That way you see the people will be uninvolved in the big matters that surround them. They've created that society, it's a 'me' type generation, so that was very important. You find that Brzezinski and others talked about how their opinions would be formed for them and means and methods, that they wouldn't even understand, they wouldn't even know what's happening, you're looking at the damage of a life-long indoctrination process and they're completely oblivious to it. Many of them cannot wake up and you have to leave them alone. It's up to people really with memory and who have come through this intact, to help lead the charge here and encourage people to get organised, very quickly, and get out on the streets, because that's the only chance that they have is to start mass demonstrations to all of this stuff that is going on that we do not vote for in any country, therefore we are telling them to get rid of all these non-democratical organisations and means of implementation. Wipe them off the books, because we should be informed, we should be involved in all decisions that's going to affect us and the children to come for the future. 

Tony: Right, so you do feel that. What I'm getting at as well is at what point does the individual have to take a personal desire to want to see a change? I mean, it's not just enough, I know there's a certain amount of brain-washing that has been used, chemically and dumbing down throughout the years but there comes a point where what's the difference between myself and an individual who’s presented with all this information, in black and white, and they see it and they just say 'no'? 

Alan: It's because you've got spirit in you. If you don't have spirit then there’s nothing, you're a machine, you're a creature of instinct, running on just instinct, where you run around just satisfying your senses and desires. That's what you're seeing in people, that they're just like people without any kind of spirit; they’ve no fire in them. So, that's the difference. In other words: they are the end product of war, which was put upon them at the very beginning of their life, even in the womb in fact, I've got lots of stuff on this, and you're seeing the end product of damaged people.  

Tony: well, thank you so much. Thank you so much for answering my question, that really was a sticking point for me but now I kind of realised that it's just a defect in them almost, I guess. 

Alan: Well, thanks for calling; and, that's the end of the show for tonight, short though it is. From Hamish and myself, in an incredibly heavily-sprayed Ontario Canada, it's good-night and may your god, or your gods, go with you.


(Transcribed by Bill Scott)


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