Oct. 20, 2008 (#182)


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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 20, 2008:

From Virility to Sterility:
"Public Figures in Eugenics, Population Control,
Using All Possible Means to Reach Their Goal,
Reducing Sperm Count, Procreation Heretic,
These Eugenicists Seem to be Anti-Sementic,
Bio-Engineering the Whole Human Species,
To Bring In the New Man, a Genetic Genesis,
Made in the Image as They Think We Should Be,
Sterile, Subservient, Each Bending the Knee"
© Alan Watt Oct. 20, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 20, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 20th of October, 2008.  I always advise newcomers to look into www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and download as much as you wish of the free audios Iíve got up there on previous shows where I try to put this big jigsaw puzzle together for you and give you lots of short cuts.  Thereís so much to learn about REALITY thatís kept from the public.  In fact, weíre not encouraged to BE IN reality, just the opposite.  Also look into www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can print up and they are in the various languages of Europe and pass them around to your friends. 

Iíve said for years now what would happen in years to come, weíre here on some of them, thereís more to come yet because this agenda is not over.  Itís the never-ending story because man is the building MATERIAL, according to the high elite, and THROUGH SCIENCE they can modify us and do as they will to create new types of humans.  This is what they call at the top, the Great Leap Forward in the Darwinistic idea.  Of course, most folk in the last century thought it would happen because of some genetic impulse of intelligence that genes had.  It would do it all themselves.  But, NO, it was to be done through science and scientific manipulation.  By the understanding of nature, they would control and alter nature itself.  They call it the Ideal Design by the Grand Architect.  Thatís what they plan to do with us. 

Unfortunately, we are the generation that are going through the MASSIVE changes and WAR was declared on us before we were even born.  War while weíre even in the womb, war through inoculations and then the food supply being altered and the water being filled with fluoride and toxic substances, all to dumb us down WHILE the main stream media gave us a society where weíre just supposed to be happy.  Where we donít think about the deeper problems in lifeÖ LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS.  That has already happened.  Most people canít make their minds up on anything without the advice of what they perceive to be as an expert.  Whatís always astonished me is how quickly these experts are presented to the public. 

We heard about Dolly the sheep years ago, supposedly the first, it was NOT the first, the first alteration of genetic cloning theyíd doneÖ for public view.  And SUDDENLY, suddenly, the public were introduced to PANELS of experts that just appeared out of nowhere.  Of course, it had already been set up.  Thatís very democratic of them, NOT to tell us.  These BIO ETHICISTS, as they call themselves, are really EUGENICISTS.  Their idea is to SELL to the public, the idea that they somehow, being the experts, are looking after the moral and ethical questions that we might ask ourselves so we can go back to sleep while they handle it all for us.  But of course, their whole idea is to go forth and allow all of these modifications to take place.  Weíre at a stage now where countries have passed the laws to create HUMANIMALS, as they call it, part human and part animal.  Weíve even had the Catholic Church come out from the top saying that any CREATURE that is created, a ChimeraÖ part animal, part humanÖ will have to have the respect that a human being would have.  So weíve all of these things to go through and weíre the generation whoís going through it AS, mind you, the same generation are being HAMMERED about ďsustainabilityĒ and ďoverpopulation.Ē  Iíll be back with more on this topic after this break. 

Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about this generation and how weíve been HAMMERED in so many waysÖ physically, mentally and emotionally by PLANNED changes, PLANNED attacks.  So much so, that most people are truly INTER-dependent, meaning theyíre TOTALLY dependent on the system in which they live for survival, for everything they NEED for survival.  ALL the loop holes have been closed.  The loop holes being that you could go off into the country, get away from it all, and stake out your little property.  You canít do it today because along comes the man with the measuring tape and hands you a tax bill because you live.  Weíre the only creature that has to PAY AUTHORITIES for existing and having a roof over our heads.  Even a tortoise or a turtle has more rights than we have.  They can carry their house around with them.  They donít need a license or permits or anything like that. 

This is the folly of man because there are so many control freaks within society that are born in every generation.  Generally, in times gone by, they lived very frustrating lives because they couldnít get done what they wanted to do if they could be in charge.  But since the organizational abilities of big foundations and the creation of non-governmental organizations, they now all have a place.  Itís the same within the massive bureaucracies that are constantly growing.  I think they clone each other every other week.  Thereís another bunch of them for some new department which we all pay for, of course.  This was foreseen 100 odd years ago by people even like Carl Jung who said, his biggest fear was that the world would be STIFLED with bureaucracy and rules and regulations and laws.  Lenin, too, who was trained by the big elite boys to play the opposition for a while and to amalgamate a whole area of Europe and standardize it, stated that they would last probably 70 years then they would MERGE WITH THE WEST because the West by then WOULD BE SOCIALIZED.  How did he know that?  Because his masters TOLD him it would be socialized.  AND WE ARE socialized to that extent.  Weíre domesticated.

Big, big players in the past, from the big foundations attached to Royalty and given royal charters to exist, have basically managed our lives and your parentsí lives before us.  When they met 100 years ago and even before in the 1800s and talked about the problems of overpopulation of the peasantry, THEY WERE NOT KIDDING.  They didnít have big international meetings in those days OR TODAY so they can sit on their hands and make up wish lists and pray to their deity to do it all for them.  They actually IMPLEMENT the plans. 

Itís interesting to see they have the whole history of this eugenics run system and now WEíRE BEING BLAMED.  The PUBLIC are being blamed for all the problems in the world, even though the public were GIVEN a system BY the top economists who work for the same elite of HYPER CONSUMERISM which they are now claiming, isnít working.  WE have to start doing it with MINIMALIST ideas, minimal purchasing, and minimal buying but mainly weíve got to REDUCE THE POPULATION.  The same old rant that theyíve had down through the ages.  It should be understood that in the Middle Ages, it wasnít just plague that brought people down.  The nobility would often go out into their own area and SLAUGHTER what they called EXCESS PEASANTRY.  There are books, mainly in university libraries gathering dust, about this kind of population control.  The elite have always FEARED the public and they have good reason to fear the publicÖ very good reason to fear the public. 

Getting back to the war thatís been on society, one of the methods discussed 100 years ago to make people infertile was the use of bisphenols and other chemical agents introduced into the food supply and various other means.  Now, science was WAY AHEAD OF WHAT YOU THINK 100 years ago; they had done the HIGHER studies and the HIGHER sciences, the ones that are above university level, because the military industrial complex has always existed, and they are always WAY AHEAD of what professors down below them are ever taught.  They found out that various chemicals added even to perfumes and makeup of pregnant mothers would basically ALTER THE GENETIC MAKEUP of the male especially and produce infertility.  Back in the 50s, there was a massive push all over the media for women NOT to breast feed their babies but to use the bottles and so on.  Massive propagandaÖ the bottle is BETTER than natural, you see, better.  Thatís what you heard about margarine too, BETTER than butter.  Itís the same old con game.  Whenever they suggest something and push it big time, you do the opposite, if you have any sense at all.  They found out that these chemicals introduced into the male when heís a fetus, about 8-12 weeks or so, will literally HINDER his growth of testosterone in later life.  It affects the testes and their ABILITY to become a COMPLETE male. 

This is from The Mail, Monday, October the 20th, 2008.


Canada bans 'gender-bend baby bottles', putting Britain under pressure to follow suit

By Mail Foreign Service

Last updated at 8:48 AM on 20th October 2008


Baby bottles containing a controversial 'gender bending' chemical are to be barred in Canada, the first country to introduce such a ban.

In a move that will put pressure on Britain to follow suit, health officials have officially classified bisphenol A (BPA) - an everyday chemical added to plastics and food packaging - as toxic.

BPA mimics the female sex hormone oestrogen and has been linked to birth defects in boys, heart disease in adults, and lower sperm counts and breast cancer in animals.  (Alan: But itís also with humans they found out.  Iíve read these studies before.  So Canadaís banned bisphenol A from baby bottles.)

The chemical is an ingredient of polycarbonate plastic - a lightweight, shatterproof version used for CD cases, drinks bottles, spectacle lenses and food containers.

It also crops up in the resins used to line food cans, and make glues, paints and dental sealants. (A: Iíve noticed and I wondered about it at the time why they started to LINE CANS with that a few years back.  Now, of course, itís rather obvious.  I think they also use it within some beer cans as well and itís mainly males who drink that.)

Studies have shown that BPA can leach from plastic bottles into their liquid contents.

The government plans to restrict the import, sale and advertising of bottles made with BPA. (A: These are propositions, remember, propositions only.  Itís worked very well.  Itís worked very well for a long, long time and everyone has been affected by it because the United Nations gives out its statistics every year, EVERY YEAR, on the sperm count in the Western world PLUMMETING.  They never say this is a crisis, which means, in that case, they know whatís causing it and itís part of the agenda, otherwise it would be obviously A CRISIS. 

You know there are people who donít believe in conspiracy and itís an overused term now especially since the media actually WANT everyone to talk about conspiracies because itís classified as being ridiculous and silly.  Most people actually believe in COINCIDENCE THEORIES, not conspiracy theories; its COINCIDENCE theories.  Everything is a coincidence.  Those who watch the main stream media and have been weaned on it and grew up with it, put everything down to coincidence.  Even when you can show them the proof of what was GOING to happen, published by big foundations as they rule and guide society in to this global Ė I call it Ėplantation, they still put it down to coincidence.  It must be.  What else could it be?  That would mean there are very bad people running the show, EVIL people.  And once again, society itself doesnít know what evil IS anymore.  They should read Political Ponerology.  Because everything weíre being taught today, itís brought up through the school system, everything is morally relative.  Thereís no right or wrong.  Something always benefits out of every situation.  That again, is part of it because we canít recognize evil when itís actually PRACTICED upon us.  People today are going under and accepting TOTALITARIAN TYRANNY across the planet because they have no moral convictions to stand up for any more.  The war on their mind has worked.  People have to start thinking for themselves, those who can.  Most folk are too damaged to do so. 

Thereís an article here from New Zealand. 

New Zealand men have poor quality sperm Ė study shows

By Tamara McLean


October 20, 2008 03:44pm

THE quality of New Zealand men's sperm has halved in two decades - the most dramatic drop of any western country.   (Alan: Not quite true, actually.  Not quite true at all because theyíve already done the studies for the Western hemisphere and the Northern hemisphere.  Nothing happens, remember, SUDDENLY in nature and 2 decades is nothing at all in nature, in the long time span of things.  Something has caused this.)

Research presented to a gathering of international fertility researchers in Brisbane today was told that the sperm volume carried by the average New Zealand man decreased from about 110 million to 50 million per millilitre between 1987 and 2007.

Iíll be back after this break.

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, this big fantasy thatís been presented to us, this world that weíve swallowed, thatís been pulled over our heads, a completely fake, made up system.  Lenin said the same thingÖ Thereís a thousand ways that society can go but the public must not be allowed to know that.  They must think the one theyíre born into developed by itself quite naturally.  Then reality, of course, was guided this way by ďA Thousand Points of LightĒ that are still operating todayÖ very well and very alive indeed.  Getting back to this article on New Zealand and the sperm count plummeting in 20 years. 

"It's rather dramatic indeed, and one of the largest seen in studies in other parts of the world," said lead researcher Dr John Peek of Fertility Associates in Auckland.

He said the fall represented a drop from very good to good sperm quality.   (A: Well, perhaps he should do his homework and see what good sperm quality was back in 1950.  It was a lot higher than what we start off as normal today.)

But if the downward trend continued towards the 20 million "danger mark, we would definitely be running into trouble".

The findings, to be published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, are based on sperm quality data from men volunteering as anonymous sperm donors.

The biggest drop was seen in the first decade with a slower decline in recent years.   (A: So within 10 years, it almost halved and now it is half and itís still going down.  They then put on the big misleading comment at the bottom because they donít want to panic the world.) 

This contrasts with Australia and the United States, where no decline has been seen.

Thatís completely opposite of what the UN has been given us in itís statistics every year.  Because we are down by 75% from 1950, according to the United Nations.  They always put a spin in because these big quacks at the top, the big experts, are IN on the agenda, especially in the high places of medicine. THEY ARE IN ON THE EUGENICS AGENDA.  They belong to the big associations that run this world.  Hereís another article just to push on with this wish list that obviously has come to pass.  The wish list put out by those that wanted to reduce the population and talked extensively and had global meetings on HOW TO DO IT.  It says here,

Plastics ingredient linked to smaller penises


From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

October 7, 2008 at 9:05 AM EDT

Exposure of expectant mothers to phthalates, a common ingredient in many plastics, has been linked to smaller penis size and incomplete descent of testicles in their baby boys, according to a new research paper that found the chemical also appears to make the overall genital tracts of boys slightly more feminine.  (Alan: Oh my goodness, like we havenít noticed whatís been happening in the young.)

The findings are sure to add more controversy to phthalates, a chemical that is added to polyvinyl chloride plastic to make it less brittle, and to many types of personal care products including fragrances, hair sprays and nail polish.   (A: Look at the big manufacturers of these particular items and look at the associations that THEY belong to as well.  Then you might think twice about buying this brand or that brand or the most popular brands that are PUSHED.)

The research was conducted on children from three different areas of the United States, and found a strong statistical correlation between expectant mothers who had above-average levels of the chemical in their urine while pregnant and the feminizing effect on their sons.

Phthalates are "probably reproductive toxins and should be eliminated from products gradually because we don't need them," said Shanna Swan, director of the Center for Reproductive Epidemiology at the University of Rochester's school of medicine, who led the team of scientists who examined the boys.

The paper is published in the current issue of the journal Environmental Research.

The Virginia-based American Chemistry Council, which represents the makers of the chemical (A: and guess who they are?)(Exxon Mobil, BASF, Ferro Corp., and Eastman Chemical), issued a statement saying it "cautioned against over-interpreting any individual study."  (A: This is not an individual study.  Theyíve done MANY, MANY over the years.)

Scientists have been investigating the possible effects on boys of phthalates because rodent studies have shown the chemical has the peculiar ability to shorten the space between the anus and the genitalia in male mice exposed during fetal development. This space, known as anogenital distance or AGD, is normally about twice as long in young male mice than in females. For mice, AGD is considered a measure of masculinity and a way to determine the sex of the pups. Scientists are so confident of the effect that they've given the impact of the chemical on male rodents a name - phthalate syndrome.

Surveys of children have also found that there is a marked sexual difference for this trait in humans, too, with the length in boys about 50 per cent more than in girls.

Dr. Swan's research, conducted on 106 boys from Los Angeles, Columbus, Missouri and Minnesota, is among the first to raise the possibility that phthalate syndrome may also be at work in humans, because it found pregnant women with the highest amount of phthalates were markedly more likely to give birth to boys who had shorter anogenital distances.

I can hear the music coming in and Iíll go on with more of this after this break. 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was reading an article about phthalates known as DEHP.  It says here,

This phthalate, known as DEHP, has been listed as a toxic substance in Canada, and Health Canada has proposed but not implemented (A: I wonder why?) a prohibition limiting the chemical to no more than 0.1 per cent of the weight of toys used by young children.

Phthalates may have adverse effects because they are able to reduce testosterone synthesis by interfering with an enzyme needed to produce the male hormone. This raises worries that they may alter any process dependent on the hormone that choreographs male development. Phthalates can easily leach out of products, enabling humans to absorb them through diet, skin and inhalation.

Dr. Swan cautioned that the research was conducted on a relatively small number of boys, and the findings need to be independently verified by other investigators.

Iíve got reports here when they did studies on the same stuff back in the 1930s.  So why havenít they stopped it?  In fact, why have they been using more and more and more of it?  Why, I ask you?  It must be one of those coincidences again.  Itís strange how every coincidence falls right in line with THE AGENDA.  Within the Western hemisphere, one of the most booming businesses and one of the most up-and-coming businesses is infertility clinics.  Itís quite amazing isnít it?  You can also look into the urology and nephrology magazine.  Hereís an article from Urotoday.com. 

Associations Among Hypospadias, Cryptorchidism, Anogenital Distance, And Endocrine Disruption

Main Category: Urology / Nephrology

Written by Ben Breyer, MD, as part of Beyond the Abstract on UroToday.com.

Article Date: 13 Jun 2008 - 3:00 PDT


UroToday.com - Our study examined a possible association of endocrine disruptors, hypospadias, cryptorchidism and reduced anogenital distance. (Alan: So this for the professionals, this particular article.)  In many mammals, including humans, anogenital distance is longer in males than females, suggesting this phenotype in under hormonal influence. Recent studies have reported that anogenital distance is reduced in male infants exposed to high in utero levels of phthalates (A: That means while in the womb.), putative endocrine disruptors, in multiple species.  (A: And it goes on and on and on about how this is quite a big thing.)

We compared anogenital distance in boys with hypospadias (47 patients), undescended testes (A: Thatís another byproduct of it.) (32) and normal genitals (40). We also examined whether various demographic and morphometric parameters were possible confounding variables. Groups were similar with respect to age, height, body-mass index and related age-adjusted percentiles. Anogenital distance (A: Thatís the feminization of males physically.) was significantly shorter for hypospadiac boys compared to cryptorchid and normal boys (P< 0.001). Normal and cryptorchid boys were not significantly different.

In conclusion, our preliminary data indicate that human hypospadias and cryptorchidism may be associated with shortened anogenital distance.  (A: Then they go on to say they will need further studies to confirm this.  As I say, theyíve been confirming this since 1950s at least, AT LEAST.) Further studies will be required to confirm these findings and determine their etiology.

Quite something isnít it?  You can have endless studies confirming whatís known all along.  Why would they keep using these things?  But then again, you should look into books put out by descendants of Charles Darwin like Charles Galton Darwin in his book The Next Million Years.   Where he talks, and this guy was a physicist, who talked in the 1950s and wrote books on the NECESSITY of drastically reducing the population and reducing the sperm count in males.  He also talked, in the book, about ways to introduce chemicals into the male system that would rapidly decrease the sperm count.  He said it would probably have the effects of making them more effeminate as well.  But that must be another GREAT COINCIDENCE for all of you out there that want to believe that the EXPERTS are working FOR YOU because theyíre so altruistic.  They come from different wombs.  They have no nasty intentionsÖ and thatís unthinkable isnít it? 

Itís time we started thinking for ourselves.  We live in a society today that is rush, rush, rush.  Many single moms and no fathers around and the beauty industry with all its chemicals is pushing, pushing, and pushing these chemicals that are still going into the women and into the fetus when they become pregnant.  We see the effects.  Weíve been growing up with the effects.

Medical journals since the 1970s especially, actually from the 60s, were reporting that females as well suddenly, suddenly were having smaller hips and they were having problems in child bearing because of it.  Suddenly, mind you.  Again, going back to Charles Galton Darwinís book, The Next Million Years, which is a MUST READ, you find out how these tyrants and these eugenicists truly, truly think.  Youíll find out that everything Iím talking about here was discussed by him in his own books.  He belonged to the BIG foundations that are working today, inter-generationally, towards what they call - itís a nice term - ďsustainable developmentĒ.  If you read what it really means by ďsustainable developmentĒ because the elite have decided that itís time that most of us must DIE OFF.  Then theyíll have the planet to themselves. 

Iíll go the callers now, Iíve got Rick from California.  Are you there Rick?

Rick:  Hello, Alan?

Alan:  Hello.

Rick:  Hi.  How are you doing?

Alan:  Iím hanging in here as always.

Rick:  Thank you very much for taking my call.  I was looking up FaceBook and MySpace for information.  You were talking about people impersonating you and another place you might want to look is FaceBook but itís harder to find their profiles and what theyíre doing on it and everything.  I found another MySpace account from Germany.  There were 2 and now there are 3 and it says youíre 100 years old and I just wanted to let you know.

Alan:  I should tell them Iím much, much older than that.  (Laughs)  I certainly feel it. 

Rick:  I havenít been able to find any video link of it now but Iím just trying to plug away, trying to help do what I can.  You know what I mean?  I want you to stay on the air.

Alan:  There was one guy who was a student in the US who I am going after because he basically gave away 2000 copies of my book from one of his sites and thatís like $16,000 that he pulled from under my feet and out of my mouth.  That was deliberate sabotage.

Rick:  Itís terrible. 

Alan:  I know where he is.  Heís off in Italy right now on some sort of part scholarship from his university but Iím getting in touch with his dad whoís an insurance agent and his dean at the university as well. 

Rick:  Wow.  I wanted to bring up something else that I bumped into on YouTube last night.  Some people are going to be upset at this or disappointed or offended but I have to, in the interest of truth, I have to say this.  You were talking about that we must be our own champion and not look for leaders and knights in shining amour to save us.  Ron Paul was seen, itís on YouTube, he was seen giving a Masonic handshake to Bill Maher and he was seen doing the devil Satan sign that George Bush and Bill Clinton did with the two fingers of the goats horns.  In his logo, on his podium, is the pyramid, or itís the square, the upper part, not the lower part, but the upper part.  Apparently, his wife belongs to an Eastern Star lodge and he himself belongs to a lodge and his father was a MasonÖ a Texas lodge.

Alan:  I think everyone is in politics thatís presented to the public.  This is how the game is played.  I donít know about Ron Paul, but I know how the game is played and theyíve already sworn allegiance to international brotherhood, etc, etc, etc.  

Rick:  One more thing is what does the goat horn mean with the fingers.  What does that mean when they do that?

Alan:  Thereís a couple of different levels of meaning.  Itís basically Pan.  Itís the symbol of Pan, some will say Satan, but Pan is the God of the World.  It means Satan too, of course, but also youíll see them using the right hand or the left hand, meaning that theyíre playing the left hand path or the right hand path.  They use the dialectic on the public.  It depends who you want to follow.  Itís a corona, itís a crown as well, of Satan, as they call it. 

Rick:  Okay.  Well thank you very much Alan for taking my call.

Alan:  Thanks for calling.

Rick:  Good luck to you.

Alan:  Thank you.  Itís a form of nature worship too.  Itís all through Masonry.  You have to go into ancient Theology to understand what true Pantheism was.  Itís the same as Satanism where you worship the creation itself and you believe itís got magical powers and itís all ONE and then you want to be one with it.  But strangely enough, in all eras, when they give you a religion, they always give you a hierarchy who decides what you think and do and how you behave, etc.  So think about all those things that come with it.  We already have the big boys at the top with their sustainable development and NGOs all ready and actually working actively to RULE OUR LIVES under a form of fake Pantheism, once again.  Now, Iíve got Tim in California.  Are you there Tim?

Tim:  Hey Alan, how you doing?  I called in probably about a year ago and I had a couple of questions.  My first question is, I know this is way off topic of what you were talking about but what do you think deja vu is?

Alan:  Deja vu I think is a natural phenomenon especially in children.  You have more of it when youíre a child.  You tend to have littleÖ more than just a hunch of whatís coming next, or what youíre going to see next.  I think itís drummed out of you as you get older and it could even be part of a survival type mechanism that I know that animals have.  Animals are very, very aware of things, far more that humans.  So I do think thereís a possibility of deja vu.  I often know what a personís going to say or do or whatever.  The only thing is Iím not intrigued by it so I donít try to get into what most folk do, and they think thatís the mystery religion, to find the answers and gain powerÖ they always end up getting lost in the process and their minds are taken over by other people. 

Tim:  What about reoccurring dreams where you have the same thing happen and itís not necessarily a good thingÖ What are your dreams?  What do they mean if youíre having reoccurring dreams?  What might be the significance of that?  Is that something to pay attention to or what do you think about that?

Alan:  It would all depend if you can relate it to something happening in your life or somethingís not resolved as yet.  It could be something thatís happened a while ago but it still isnít resolved.  Therefore youíll go through it in symbolic fashion.  In other words, it wonít be the exact thing your thinking of it will be.  It will cloak itself in another manner but itís the same thing being repeated over and over.† They always used to say in religion and even within the Catholic Church itself, that the person who receives something like that, if they can make sense of it for themselves then it was truly a sort of Godly thing.  If there was no meaning to it, then it wasnít from a creator. 

Tim:  I see.  The last thing I wanted to say was I heard your blurb when you were talking about taking Vitamin B12.  For the past week, I got a good source of B12, an organic source.  Iíve been taking it.  I havenít felt this normal since I canít remember how long.  Iím having normal thought patterns from one thing to another.  My mindís not running around and thinking about a million things.  I can consciously sit down and think about something and like you were saying, you can think about it for a long period of time and come to conclusions about it. 

Alan:  Yes.  Vitamin B12 is a cyanocobalamin.  Youíll find, itís called an extrinsic factor and thereís an intrinsic factor in your stomach juices.  Very few people today are able to absorb it properly from their regular food because the intrinsic factor has been altered.  The enzymes have been altered through the GMO foods that weíre eating.  It literally attacks the stomach and therefore you need MUCH MORE vitamin B12 supplements, cyanocobalamin, to overcome that.  Thatís been proven by studies today.  The elite all take lots of it.

Tim:  Yes.  I just wanted to say think you so much for all of the work you do and Iíll let the next caller get on.  Thank you.

Alan:  Thanks a lot for calling and thereís John from Texas here as well.  Are you there John?

John:  Hello, Alan.

Alan:  Hello.

John:  Iíd just like to say, what can we actuallyÖ because this thingís been going down since the ancient times.  Even with all the people trying to do their best to fight this particular thing that weíre dealing with today, I just donít see what we should do.  Iíve only been hearing this radio show now for probably just a month.  Iím really at odds with a bunch of mixed feelings going through my head.   I donít know ifÖ it seems like everywhere you turn now, and everywhere I turn, I see them killing us in one way, shape or form.  Itís so, itís like 360 degreesÖ from food to water to roadways toÖ itís just everything Ö laws.  I guess thatís what they want to do, is mix us all up so that we donít know which way is up. 

Alan:  Exactly.  Thatís what they call chaos.  All the old ways of living, all the old ideas that held us together as a society and neighbors and so on, have been destroyed on purpose for that very thing.  They said 100 years ago that theyíd have to destroy not just the family unit, that would in turn destroy the natural community and the bonding between people, and then THE STATE would have no opposition when it comes for YOU.  It will talk directly, in the ideal governmental situation, it will talk directly to you and thereíll be no one around to help you or stand up for you.  THATíS what governmentís always wanted.  You have to understand that all kinds of morality that really kept us together have been purposely DESTROYED.  We need stability in life.  We need towns that donít change much.  If you notice in towns, thereís hardly a building thatíll last more that 10 years; theyíll knock it down.  You canít go to a place where your grandparents walked because itís all been changed.  That is to give you no feeling of continuity and belonging and thatís been done intentionally.  The same with everything else to do with family, etc and the new definitions was to do withÖ itís because itís going towards an agenda where everything, everything is possible and when you have no normal to compare anything to, you donít stand up and say no.  Thatís why so many movements were created and funded from the top to bring in this system that we see today.  It is overwhelming.  Itís meant to appear overwhelming but remember that within every individual that you have the ability to stand up as a true human being, a complete human being.  Your opinion is just as valid as any expert working for some big foundation who doesnít have your best interests at heart.  WE should realize that our opinion matters JUST AS MUCH.  They are no more sovereign over us than we are over others.  Back with more after this break. 

HI folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was talking to the last caller about what seems to be so overwhelming a system when you wake up to how it really is and how itís all around you.  And how weíre being guided by those that CONSPIRE to guide us.  We are given our thoughts, our topics and even those things that we go for and the phrases we use, ďsustainable developmentĒ and so on and so on.  We learn by osmosis through repetition in the media.  Youíll find that sustainable development, for instance, is all through the marketing system, those that give you advertising.  Itís TAUGHT in universities.  Itís all through universities.  Every class of university must get into sustainable development for some reason or another.  Itís a mandate. 

Young children in kindergarten are being taught it too and they will be the Green Police when they grow up and they will be UTTERLY RUTHLESS as they turn on their target, the elderly.  Theyíll say, you brought all this down; youíve been destroying our world.  We saw this technique being used when China went through its cultural revolution.  All the young ones were brought up and brain washed into a more advanced form of Communism, dragged the elderly through the streets and beat them up and even KILLED a lot of them.  The ones that gave communism to China are the same elite who run the Western world.

Again, Lord Bertrand Russell was sent over to China in the early 20s and taught in universities there.  He tells you in his own biography, he was teaching them Communism.  Why would a Lord, a Lord from Britain, be over there teaching them Communism?  Thatís how far ahead they plan everything, long before the public get wind of it, years and decades and sometimes 100 years before the public ever see the effects of it.  Nothing happens on a large scale on this planet BY CHANCE.  Nothing at all.  Communism was the fasted way to create centralized government and bring in lots of little places, little nations with different cultures, and different ways of living and so on, to bring into ONE SYSTEM, one standardized system.  That is why it was time for the Soviet Union to move into the Western world.  It was actually to amalgamate with the Western world, as the Reece Commission has shown us.  Youíll even find Senator Dodd, Norman Dodd, on YouTube, talking about this SHOCK that he got when talking to the big foundations, in the United States, who told him, the Ford CEO told him, the Ford Foundation, that their job was to work on the American public, through societies, agencies, education, and so on, so that the Soviet system could blend seamlessly with that of the West.  Thatís all been done.  Thatís why they brought Mr. Gorbachev out.  They made him a star.  In one of his recent speeches, Gorbachev said, he was not made a leader by accident.  He was not an accidental leader.  He was groomed for his task to bring the Soviet Union together with the West.  He was shown around the western world on the arm of Margaret Thatcher, a supposed arch enemy of Communism.  The media were all involved and ALL AGREED not to ask any questions about Communism and how the people were treated in the Communist countries and they complied.  Thatís how they do it.

Well, from a rainy Ontario, Canada where thereís lots of spraying going on, itís goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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