Oct. 22, 2008 (#183)


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 22, 2008:

Private Foundations Making Public Policy:
"A Stealth Plan Worked on Every Nation,
Via Art, Entertainment to Degradation,
TV Sex and Violence Flick Past Your Eyes,
A War on Culture to Desensitize,
Now People Don't Speak of Freedom or Rights,
Chatting Hollywood Topics in Bits and Bytes,
For Most it is Over, They've Ne'er been Awake,
Now It's Up to the Few and the Difference We Make"
© Alan Watt Oct. 22, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 22, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 22nd of October, 2008.  For newcomers listening to the show, look into www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and youíll find lots of previous talks Iíve given on this big matrix system, the one that really covers all true reality by DECEPTIONS.  Not so much just by conspiracy, but itís all done by deception and stealth, as they like to call it.  Also look into www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts you can download and print up written in the various languages of Europe. 


Now for those who find the audio is difficult tonight, thereís trouble on the lines at RBN and theyíre trying to rectify that.  So if you can still make out what Iím saying, later on tonight, I will upload a clearer version from my end onto my web site and you can pick it up there. 


Thereís so many topics to choose from because we are on a roll to this Brave New World that most people think is just developing by itself.  Some unseen force goes tumbling down through the ages and we just end up where we are.  Nothing is further from the truth because if you look at even ancient Pharaohs they had priests all around them, who were advisors.  These different priesthoods were specialists in different areas.  No different than today.  We have advisors around Presidents and Prime Ministers and the advisors know way more about the agenda than often the front man does himself.  Iíve always mentioned in Freemasonry, number 2 is more important then number 1.  You find that in ancient times they did PLAN what was to happen with their big empires such as Egypt and Egypt had a huge empire; they had the Persian Empires too and all the different ones.  They all PLANNED long term power control over the public.  Thatís essential if you have gained power and if you are being kept in wealth and luxury by all those beneath you.  You must find ways to maintain that power and thatís where priesthoods often came into play with religions.  Religions that taught the public to OBEY the leaders.  Religions that taught them this was the natural order of things.  That was used, unfortunately, even on down through the Christian era up until recently. 


Christianity, as it stood 100 years ago, with its beliefs and its teachings IS GONE because it was heavily attacked by those who control behind the scenes.  They had to destroy ANYTHING which reminded people of a past or even with a semblance of morality because IN THE NEW SYSTEM the public must truly believe there is no moral right or wrong.  You can only bring a society under TOTAL SUBSERVIENCE when you basically take them right down to the bottom of degradation.  When you think about ALL the stuff we watch on television and the media, weíre brought up on this, weíre weaned on violence and sex.  The two must go together because both of those particular instincts originate in the same part of the brain; a very primitive part of the brain, as they call it.  They are used to the maximum today.  Most people have grown up thinking that there is no TRUE morality, thereís neither right nor wrong, thereís only outcomes, and someone benefits from the outcome.  Guess who?  Iíll be back with more to tell you after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Before the break I was mentioning how, in all ages, those who rule over the people must find way to maintain power.  They use different techniques including religion with all of its taboos.  They trained people in pre-Christina eras, that theyíd never get to even the reincarnation stage.  They could come back as little amoebas if they went against the king or the prince of the area, in India.  Every country used the same techniques.  In fact, if you go into the ancient histories of India, and the Aryans people who CAME IN to India, some of them actually studied the people who were already there.  The Dravidians, they called them.  By studying their personalities, their nature and their customs, they would then DESIGN a purpose made religion for them.  Purpose built for them, for those particular people which might be different than the ones theyíd create for their own or different tribe, all to control them. 


Today, people think theyíre free.  Mainly because they keep being told theyíre free.  All countries tell their public that theyíre free.  And theyíve told them that down through the last few centuries that youíre countryís the best country in the world, regardless of what country you live in.  You like to believe that.  Itís a nice thing.  You want to be bonded to your own social culture.  You want to believe that you truly are free but some are more free than others in such societies and that will never change.  They are called the DOMINANT MINORITY, in all ages.


We find Huxley, at Berkley, giving a talk on this back in the 60s.  He said, thereís always been a dominant minority and I donít see why it shouldnít continue in the future.  How does that fit in with democracy?  Well, it doesnít, you see.  Democracy was a camouflage because the elite KNEW, centuries ago, that they couldnít just keep tabs on the public in the old fashioned waysÖ which was sending out the Kingís men.  People were getting more multitudinous and they were moving across the countries, therefore, they had to give them this thing called democracy.  Of course, the elite would always supply the LEADERS for democracy and it would give the public a BELIEF that somehow they had some say in their destinies. 


And yet, we have famous professors coming out, like Professor Carroll Quigley, who writes about some of these societies that are all linked together, by the way, and their specialized compartments, talking about the CFR and how theyíve been behind WARS, the creation of wars and the push for global governance and how they were tied in with the what he called The Anglo-American Establishment and have been for centuries and what their final goals were.  He himself, being a professor, not just a professor, but a professor who was an advisor to Presidential advisors and also to the State Department, he thought it was time the public knew that they were being guided by experts.  He thought theyíd accept that and he probably was right actually.  Because the public accept today, for sure, that they are guided by experts.  This idea was born out of think tanks in London, England.  One of their main spokesmen was Lord Bertrand Russell, who said that ďwe are creating a societyĒ; he was talking about purposely creating it, he and his fellow aristocracy.  He said, a society that wonít be able to think or do anything for themselves without the advice of an expert.  We cannot turn a television on, not that you want to, without an expert popping out and telling you how to dress for today according to the weather and so on and so on.  Therefore, it was a way to bypass the idea of democracy. 


If you can be implanted with the thought that the world is just too big, the problems are so severe and complex that youíre out of the picture.  Youíd better leave it to the experts.  Then youíve just negated any idea of democracy.  Not only that, the second part of the strategy was to introduce non-governmental organizations that would be big, big blocks within society who would then represent the people.  Of course, their leaders too and their agenda, would be run by the same elite.  Thatís happened as well.  That was inevitable.  If you donít belong to some party or organization or other, you technically have NO VOICE AT ALL.  That was ALL planned and written about by those who gave us democracy a long time ago. 


The Sovietized system is HERE.  Itís a mixture of the Soviet bureaucratic CLASS controlling the massed beneath them through government organizations and what once were called ďservicesĒ that are now ďauthorities.Ē  Exactly as Lenin predicted.  You canít do anything now without permission.   You can get permission for many things if youíre willing to pay a fee, which is just a tax.  Suddenly, that which is illegal becomes legal, as long as you pay that fee. 


People donít really think through very much in their lives at all.  They do what everyone else is doing.  Thatís really how their opinions are formed because opinion makers aim at the masses knowing that most of them will never think through anything.  Where are they going with all of this?  Theyíve already told us and Mr. Gorbachev told us recently at a meeting he was at, the same meeting where he told the people that he was NOT an accidental leader.  He was put onto the world stage for a great purpose as many others at time were too.  THAT WAS TO MERGE THE SOVIET SYSTEM WITH THAT OF THE WEST.  It was all PREPLANNED.  He also talked about how the United States was not fulfilling its complete bargain, because they had declared, he said, that this was to be a NEW American century and a NEW American empire.  That was in his speech.  Once again, itís interesting to see various journalists attending these meetings and write down whatís said but they donít ask any questions like what do you mean, A NEW AMERICAN EMPIRE?  Itís always the obvious things they omit, you see.  The same this as when papa Bush mentioned ďthe new world order coming into viewĒ and ďa thousand points of light.Ē  I donít think one reporter asked him what he meant.


What theyíre doing really is simply talking in code to each other, not to the public.  The public themselves wonít ask the question: I wonder what he means?  Theyíll switch channels and go off into the next thing.  Itís sad but true.  How did the public get to this stage?  They have been brought up with television, the greatest propaganda tool ever devised.  A tool which hypnotizes the viewer.  A tool that can literally put predictive programming RIGHT INTO YOUR MIND AND ALTER YOUR BEHAVIOR without you ever, ever understanding whatís happening to you, even when youíre enjoying what you think is fiction. 


Jacques Ellul, who was a great writer on many of these social topics and techniques that are used by the elite, who understand these sciences.  He went through so much of this.  He said, every program which you see on television, (thatís why itís called a program because it PROGRAMS YOU) he said, on the police, on hospitals and so on, doctors, all these fictional things that you love to watch, are ALL propaganda to leave you with a false impression, a FAKE perception.  If you want to do searches you can look into this, the Psyops, the official Psyops sites, where they tell you a little bit, a very little bit about what theyíre up to.  They said their job is to actually DISTORT AND ALTER YOUR PERCEPTION OF REALITY.  How do you think itís done?  The tools are already there and itís mainly through FICTION that youíre programmed. 


Itís interesting that recently, in the British news papers, a man who was given some gay pride award for the nation a few years ago, apparently had killed his lover and started to eat him.  Youíd think thatíd be all over the media, a sort of Jeffery Dahmer type thing, but you see thereís no reaction anymore by the public because weíre so jaded.  Weíve had so many fictional horrors and so on that nothing really affects us any more.  Weíre desensitized to horror.  In fact, if anything, weíre addicted to horror.  Actually addicted to it.  Video games themselves, remember, were designed by the military to desensitize troops so that they would kill on sight in reality.  Weíve watched our children being raised by these gamesÖ playing them constantlyÖ for an era when they would wear the uniforms of their heroes and go out and kill without a thought.  Not only that, the morality itself that stopped that kind of behavior has been totally, completely destroyed, not just abandoned, all on purpose too. 


Drug addicts often get their biggest high with the first shot or sniff or whatever it happens to be.  Heavy coke users will tell you and crack users, that they can never, ever get that first high when they first used it.  Everything else is a sliding scale down.  They become physically addicted, but they canít get that same high.  We have to understand that the brains of people work in a similar fashion when it comes to being STIMULATED from external sources.  Stimulated to an extent where WE are addicted to more and more violence, sex until nothing touches us any more.  We need a bigger fix.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just before the break I was talking about how addicts need a bigger and bigger fix, always trying to attain that perfect high that they got from the very first time that they tried the drug.  Itís the same with people when they go into FICTION.  They canít get enough of it.  The general movies bore them.  They canít watch a movie today with a good plot.  Thatís why you donít get movies today with real plots in them anymore.  You simply get lots of smashing cars and things getting blow up and sex and violence.  Itís a very simple theme because the baddest guy with the biggest gun whoís more aggressive than anyone else, gets the beautify lady.  Thatís how SIMPLE it is.  That is the message as well.  During the movies, youíre also being programmed with different CONCEPTS, PREPLANNED CONCEPTS. 


In other words, youíre being brought to various conclusions on aspects of society through social studies that you never even read.  Youíre simply given your conclusion on various topics because you donít work through and use reasoning to arrive at those conclusions.  Theyíre downloaded straight into you.  If you want to alter perception, what you do is you show something in a fictional setting, when your censor part of the brain is down, and THEN you attach it to an EMOTION of great grief or whatever, generally grief works good, and that is fixed.  You have been given an opinion on any topic they want to give to you.  Thatís how simple it is.  Something that they KNEW back in the days of ShakespeareÖ and all of his team.


I mentioned too how democracy was bypassed.  It was a fake thing to begin with because they said at the start only the biggest groups within society would have a voice.  Guess who supplies the ones at the top of the groups?  The non-governmental organizations who are the same ones who really run the world.  If you think for a minute that the ULTRA, INCREDIBLY WEALTHY people whoíve run this world for a long, long time are going to share it with you, then just go back and watch your TV and good bye. 


POWER NEVER GIVES ITSELF UP WILLING.  IT NEVER SHARES.  Government, true government, is run by secrecy.  Why do you think every bureaucrat is sworn to secrecy?  Why would you have to have so much secrets from the general public?... in every department?  Why would you need public relations spokespeople to give press releases to the public?  Why canít they go into the head of the department and ask them a straightforward question?  It has to go through the ďspinner,Ē this is the person who spins it so that itís correct.  So that itíll sound correct to the public and you wonít be alarmed. 


But it didnít stop there.  You see all the big, powerful manufacturing organizations, especially in electronics, were set up very similar to the way that the big foundations are set up, seemingly to be private.  In reality, theyíre all part of the military industrial complex and the CIA has fingers in every pie.  MI-6 does too.  Technology, and they knew this a long, long ago, could not be given a free hand to develop in any area that it wished, especially when it could sell things to the public, which would mean that the elite would start LOSING control OVER the public.  Therefore, it was decided at big meetings, world meetings, that they would decide what technologies the public would buy (we always buy our chains and our indoctrination) and to what use it would be to those who already ruled the world.  Thatís why they gave us the internet. 


Now for those who want to call, donít call in tonight because thereís a problem at RBN with the call in phones and youíll sound a bit like Donald Duck and we donít want that.  So Iíll just have to talk through this one and inform you along the lines of what Iím already talking about.  How the world is controlled and planned, just like a big corporation will plan its investments and where it wants to expand up to 50 to 70 to 80 years in the future.  Thatís how itís done.  Well, itís even more so with those who rule the world on behalf of the power eliteÖ the big, old families.  Families whose wealth we canít imagine.  We run out of zeros when we follow the digits as to how much they own.  We canít even comprehend it. 


There are people in all classes of society who are born with PSYCHOPATHY, a trait.  However, itís well known too, that you can breed traits in or out of the people.  The power elite TOOK power, sometimes thousands of year ago, others joined them hundreds of years later.  It was mainly through warfare and plunder and slaughter and that is how they could eventually wear the crown.  Therefore, they had traits of the psychopath within them and they naturally bread with each other.  They kept it in the family.  That way wealth is also concentrated within the same families and they pass on the psychopathic trait to their offspring.  I hear the music coming so Iíll continue with this after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to piece together the real world and how it really operates and to dispel the myths that everything just develops and youíre brought up with a wonderland of purchasing power and items to buy that just magically appear on shelves for you to ENJOY.  Thereís always an ulterior purpose especially when it comes to the electronic age that we live in. 


The first one of course, was radio used to the maximum during World War I for propaganda by the BBC.  From then on it went on to television.  Tele-vision, where people canít tell the difference between reality and fiction any more.  Theyíre so jaded and desensitized that horror can pass within seconds of a story before the next story comes and they canít retain itÖ it doesnít matter.  Nothing shocks them any more.   They donít realize that what theyíre really doing is dehumanizing themselves because if you canít care for other people, then whoís going to care for you?... especially when you donít care yourself about yourself?   Or maybe you do.  IF you do, youíve got to wake up and realize whatís done to others will eventually be done to you.  That is the name of the game.  Weíve been under attack and managed like a herd.  They call us a herd at the top, in all the professions.  Itís a herd mentality.  Medicine teaches, to do with vaccinations and so on, the HERD immunity.  Thatís taught.  We are the herd.  Weíve lost our ability to stand on a pedestal above all other species and be grateful for the fact that we have senses that some of the animals donít even haveÖ and abilities.  See, we have choices, the ability to choose.  The animals technically donít.  Therefore, our ability to choose has been KNOCKED OUT as too bothersome and cumbersome because if you CHOOSE things, there are consequences.  We donít like consequences so we LEAVE all the big problems to the experts so that we can play and stay infantile forever.  Nothing shocks us any more. 


We watch country after country across the planet getting blown to smithereens under the guise of liberating them and it doesnít affect people, at all.  In fact, nothing except something happening right to them and around them will bother them at all.  And even then itís primarily the upset they canít watch television or their favorite show. 


Scientific indoctrinations, scientificÖ so many people have talked about this ability to create opinions, like Brzezinski, and how the public wouldnít even know how they arrived at conclusions.  It would all be done for them, downloaded basically.  Blavatsky talked about the same thing happening in one of her last writings, or whoever wrote for her, because thereís a team of people involved there. 


As I say, the big electronics companies especially, that gave us music to listen to.  You can go through the POP, the ROCK, the RAP and so on was all part of that because CULTURE CREATION IS ALL PART OF WARFARE.  Itís all part of warfare.  You can either RAISE UP the standards of morality with art or you can totally degrade the public.  When youíre being degraded and itís done across the board from every source, then youíre under PLANNED WARFARE.  Thatís how it works.  The CIA and MI-6 created the biggest corporations that deal with anything to do with your emotion and your mind.


Here is one article about some NEW TOY theyíre giving the public.  We knew it was coming.  Listen to how itís put over for the public.  Itís interesting.  Very, very interesting.  This is from CNN.com, ďU.S. policymakers mull creation of domestic intelligence agency.Ē† This is one of them.† Iíll go on to another one in a minute.† People donít realize that Britain and then Canada and all commonwealth countries, created back in the 70s another intelligence agency that would hire from within the civilians.† In Canada, it was called CSIS.† This was done by Pierre Trudeau in Canada.† The same Pierre Trudeau who was the leader of the Comintern Party for Canada back in the 1950s, the one who lead the delegation over to Moscow back in 1952 to get his marching orders.† But he knew too the higher truths of the Soviet system and that it would merge with the West, as it was intended to do.† He played his part well.† He started up a new intelligence service, on advice, no doubt, by his masters.† They hire people from all walks of life and within work settings.† A kind of internal Gestapo that watches and observes and pretends theyíre one of you.† Professors were very important.† Itís very important to always grab professors so that theyíll go along with agendas and teach the right things to the children so they can grow up never knowing the truth.† Lots of professors were brought on board.† Many of the CSIS agents are technically, PART TIME and theyíre grabbed at college and university and given lots of perks, of course.† Then they go into the work force and professions, scattered through all professions, and spy.† Then they help create organizations which again create public opinion on the specialty of the profession.† Itís all coordinated.† Now the US is doing the same.† They already have the CIA and for decades and decades, the CIA could NOT supposedly, technically spy on its own people.† Hereís how theyíre getting around all of that.† Not that theyíve had much trouble getting around ANY OF IT since 9/11.


U.S. policymakers mull creation of domestic intelligence agency



updated 8:09 p.m. EDT, Mon October 20, 2008



WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The United Kingdom has MI-5, which roots out spies and terrorists in the British Isles.


The RAND Corporation said one option would be for domestic intelligence to operate under the FBI.  (Alan: Now, the RAND Corporation is a PRIVATE organization that in its own writings says that it creates public policy for politicians to FOLLOW.  How does that fit in with democracy?  How does the Club of Rome say the same thing?  They create manifestos for politicians and governments to FOLLOW.  The Royal Institute for International Affairs does the same thing in Britain and the CFR for the United States.  Where is the democracy?  There is no democracy.  How can they possibly create public opinion and create public policy Ė thatís their term, public policy Ė for politicians to follow?  WE donít vote these guys in.  YOU canít get into their meetings.  They wonít ask YOU to join them.  The RAND Corporation were the same boys, these jokers, that gave us Ďgame theoryí during the 60s and 70s.  The idea being that the general populace consisted of individuals who were so egosyntonic that they couldnít care less about other people; if not theyíd make them so.  The model they used was after a game invented by a PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC.  Iím not kidding.  You couldnít dream this up.  So hereís the RAND Corporation again, putting together policy to create a new intelligence agency within the United States of America. )


Canada has CSIS -- the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.  (A: WE call it Big Sis, here.)


Now Congress is asking: Should the U.S. have its own domestic intelligence agency?


On Monday, at the request of Congress, the RAND Corporation outlined the pros and cons of establishing a domestic intelligence agency. It also discussed different ways to organize a new entity, either as part of an existing department or as a new agency.


But there's one thing you won't find in the report -- a recommendation on what to do.  (A: No.  Thatíll be a different report that the public will never hear of.  The very fact weíre hearing this means itís already basically set up.  I can guarantee you that.)


"We were not asked to make a recommendation, and this assessment does not do so," the report says.


Instead, says RAND's Gregory Treverton, the report provides a "framework" for policymakers to use when deciding whether and how to reorganize counter-intelligence efforts at home.  (A: Counter-intelligence efforts at homeÖ Iíve given many, many talks on what COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE is.  You see they gather intelligenceÖ in other words, TOPICS that are popular amongst the public, information thatís popular and getting passed around and then if itís dangerous to those who rule, they must come up with PROPAGANDA to counter it, to discredit it or add something to it that makes it sound absolutely silly.  Iíve talked about that before too.)


RAND is a nonprofit think tank (A: A nonprofit think tank that just has all our well-being at heart.) seeking to help improve policy and decision making through objective research and analysis.


Collecting intelligence domestically always has been a sensitive issue, at least partially because of episodic abuses by the government (A: No kidding.), notably against civil rights leaders, unions, antiwar organizations or even communists and hate groups.


But the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks renewed calls for increased domestic intelligence to prevent future attacks. Critics said that in the lead-up to the attacks, the FBI devalued counterterrorism agents and failed to heed signs that an attack was imminent.  (A: Utter nonsense.)


"If you didn't carry a gun, you didn't count so much," Treverton said.


After the attacks, the FBI moved to transform its primary mission from law enforcement to counterterrorism intelligence and prevention. It now focuses on terrorism through its National Security Branch and the National Counterterrorism Center.  (A: Have you looked up how many branches are dealing with terrorism?  Does it dawn on you thereís way too many for however many terrorist are on the globe?  You see, itís all to do with controlling the public and finding out all about YOU, to see if youíre safe and predictable.  For a totalitarian system, every person, every citizen must be PREDICTABLE in their behavior.  Iíve gone through their own reports again, from the Pentagon, in the past, telling you that they have more data on you and they have a complete double of you Ė a doppelganger Ė in a computer, in this virtual world where they can predict your movements.  They even have your predictable friends in there.)


The RAND report focuses on two options to the current system.


In one, a new agency would be created using intelligence agencies from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and intelligence community. A second option is to create an "agency within an agency" in the FBI or DHS.


The first option would result in an organization with a clear, unambiguous mission, and might be able to draw on a more diverse recruitment pool, such as linguists and historians who are not normally attracted to law enforcement. (A: See, historians too.  Linguists, professional people.) On the flip side, such massive reorganizations typically involve political compromises that could affect its performance.


The second option -- an "agency within an agency" -- could involve less short-term disruption, but could be hindered by a "lack of clarity of a single mission," the report says.


RAND also suggests a range of actions short of reorganization that could improve domestic intelligence gathering, such as increasing resources, improving leadership and changing bureaucratic cultures.


The report does not assess the FBI's performance since 9/11, Treverton said, but he believes Congress should seek an independent assessment.


It goes on and on and on.† When you have these agencies working INSIDE society with 2 paychecks, one from their employer, where they work with you, and another one from their bosses, in the shadowy government, then youíre really, really in trouble.  Thatís how the Soviet system was run.  If you said anything at work that was not politically correct, even a joke, you were hauled up and you paid for it.  YOU PAID FOR IT. 


Getting back to all the toys they give us and people think itís all swell and itís all for them, and unfortunately the young are ADDICTED to them, itís MEANT to addict the young.  This is from Yahoo News and AFP.


New video game literally a mind game


Thu Oct 9, 12:05 pm ET


MAKUHARI, Japan (AFP) Ė Willpower is set to replace fast fingers in a new video game in which players move characters through a headset that monitors their brain waves.


California-based NeuroSky Inc. showed off the new headset -- named Mindset -- at the Tokyo Game Show, the industry's biggest exhibition which opened near the Japanese capital Thursday.


The Mindset monitors whether the player is focused or relaxed and accordingly moves the character on a personal computer.


"We brought this to the game show as a new interface, a new platform for game creators,"   (Alan: Now, they could have bypassed all of this and given you the chip, but they do it a step at a time until you WANT the chip, you see?) NeuroSky managing director Kikuo Ito told AFP.


Children's games using the system will hit the US market next year, Ito said.


"We are exploring the use of brain waves in the game industry because games are fun and so close to people," he said.


"Once people get used to the idea of using brain waves for various applications, I hope we will see various products using this technology," he said.


(A: Hereís how theyíre going to use it.)  In distance learning courses, for example, teachers could monitor whether students were attentive, Ito said.


Train drivers and motorists could use it to judge their stress levels and alertness, Ito added.  (A: Do you understand that if itís in cars, itíll be broadcasting.  Do you realize this is a whole new tool the police will use?  Theyíll pull you over and give you a ticket for being nervous.  Iím not kidding.  This is whatís coming.)


Japan's Keio University put similar technology to use this year to let a paralysed man take a virtual stroll on the popular Second Life website, with the machine reading what he wanted to do with his immobile legs.  (A: This is all created by the military industrial complex because they love to help the poor, sick people.  Isnít that amazing?  Thatís how they sell this rubbish to you.)


NeuroSky said the Mindset could help people with other types of disabilities.


"For people with difficulty speaking, this can be a tool for communication," Ito said.  (A: They can hardly talk now.  Have you listened to them?  Youíve got LINGUISTIC MINIMALISM.)


Ito was hopeful that the technology would eventually go on sale outside the United States. Prices have not been announced.


They should GIVE all this stuff to us.  After all, they WANT us to have it.  We should be given free television sets and high definition and all the rest of the stuff that weíre given.  Thereís a purpose behind it.  Itís CULTURE CREATION BUT DIRECTED TOWARDS AN ACTUAL ENDING of the Ďoldí man to bring in the NEW.  The new Dumbos that is.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, giving you the reality thatís going on around us as all your rights are STRIPPED AWAY and youíre treated like a peon.  A happy peon, mind you, because most people are pretty happy when they can go and play and watch their favorite movies and soaps and dramas and all the rest of it.  Thereís never been such a happy populous of domesticated species as human kind is right nowÖ but thatís not going to last forever. 


A few years ago, actually it was about 18 years ago maybe, there was a science fiction movie put out and they always give you predictive programming.  They show you whatís coming.  It was about a totalitarian system, a world government.  I can remember a helicopter landing on a landing pad and there was a swastika there.  The good guys were holed up somewhere because there was a plague outbreak, you see.  Maybe someone can catch on to this movie and find out the name of it for me.  The good guys were getting infected by this virus or something and in came the military and they released billions of mosquitoes to give the antidotes and thatís how they were cured.  Thatís how they cured the people.  I thought, how interesting.  Weíll see that in the future because you can always bet on that.  The guys who dream up these stories donít have a great imagination.  They attend big organizations like the Futurist Society where theyíre given the REALITY of whatís coming down, whatís planned to come down and they write stories around it.  Well, hereís an article from Yahoo news. 


'Flying syringe' mosquitos, other ideas get Gates funding


By AFP - Wed Oct 22, 9:28 AM PDT


WASHINGTON (AFP) - The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded 100,000 dollars each on Wednesday to scientists in 22 countries including funding for a Japanese proposal to turn mosquitos into "flying syringes" delivering vaccines.  (Alan: Isnít that nice.)


Now, Iíve given talks in the past.  One book Iíve mentioned on bacterial and viral warfare is Deadly Allies, Canadaís Secret War, where it goes into the fact that Canada LED in this field.  Including the breeding of special mosquitos to carry guess what Ė for the military industrial complex Ė DISEASE.  So here they are telling you theyíre going to breed mosquitos and turn them into flying syringesÖ TO HELP YOU.  The same people, mind you, who want to reduce the population DRASTICALLY, drastically.  They even said it.  Bertrand Russell said it himself, itís a pity thereís not another black death, too many people.  Mr. Rockefeller, and I gave the link to the video just a week ago, is talking at one of the big meetings saying the same thing.  Well, you see, in the old days disease and poverty and hunger used to kill them off, but all this medicine is helping them live longer.  Oh, dear, dear, something must be done.  He doesnít volunteer to go first, mind you.


Big foundations, as Iíve mentioned before, are BEHIND THE DIRECTION OF POLICY.  Thatís what Weishaupt and others talked about, the creation of big foundations that direct the policies of governments.  Because who can attack a charity?  Itís like attacking momís apple pie.  You canít do it.  Thatís why they always go behind charitable foundations.  If you look into all the charities that Bill and Melinda Gates have given to the United Nations, they all went to POPULATION REDUCTION and POPULATION CONTROL and ABORTION.  Look it up for yourself.  Quite fascinating.  Here they are going to breed all these mosquitoes to HELP US.  Somehow, I donít trust them.  Do you?


Well, I hear the music coming in and thatís it for me tonight, where it snowed the other day in Canada, up here where I am.  From Hamish and myself, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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