Oct. 27, 2008 (#185)


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 27, 2008:

Trick the Brain from Stomach Pain:
"Data, Data, Genome Screen,
Do You Have Poverty Gene?
For Hunger, Science has New Tool,
With Little Food, You Will Feel Full,
Babel's Tower Not Straight nor True,
All Bandaged, Patched with Super Glue,
Corrupt from Pinnacle to the Base,
Must Fall and Free the Human Race"
© Alan Watt Oct. 27, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 27, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


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Hi Folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 27th of October, 2008.  I always advise newcomers to go into  www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and youíll find lots of previous talks Iíve given which try to bring the big jigsaw puzzle together for you and give you an idea that reality is guided, itís managed, itís also perverted heavily and the majority of the public are kept in a false reality.  The reason they think itís all quite natural is because everyone is in it too.   They bounce off the ideas they have to their friends and they bounce back the same kind of answers theyíve given themselves because they ALL live in the fake reality.  Itís quite simple to do when you realize that weíve been brought up with a scientifically controlled system and a scientific indoctrination.  Also look in to www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download and print up in the various languages of Europe.  For those who want to know more about the subjects I talk about, look into the web site and you can see books I have for sale there, discs as well, CD discs, MP3s, some of them have 40-odd hours in them EACH.  Thatíll keep you busy for a while.  It also keeps me eating here and paying the bills.  You can help out that way by buying the books or the disks or simply donating.  The way to do it is on the web site www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com

Iíve been thinking about the management system of the world and how really, as I say, how easy it really is.  In all ages, itís something they knew in ancient times even, all you have to do is condition ONE generation of people into a new reality and they in turn will indoctrinate their children into that fake reality.  If they wanted God to be Santa Claus, they would make it so and theyíd teach the children that Santa Claus is actually God.  Other things like this have been done in previous ages with tremendous success.  As I say, ONE GENERATION IS ALL IT TAKES to indoctrinate and they in turn indoctrinate the children.  Thatís how easy it is to give a reality to the people.  You can also give a reality to a majority of a population, who happen to be slaves, by telling them that they were born to be slaves. 

You give them Ďreincarnationí as the theory behind it and you make sure the ONLY education they get is from high priests who teach them that very thing, that very doctrine.  Everyone then KNOWS THEIR PLACE in the structure of things.  In other words, youíre born with a debt called Ďkarmaí.  If you try and break away into freedom, youíre breaking the laws of karma so you get even more karma on your next life.  Bad karmaÖ like bad debt.  That worked very, very well in some countries, some right up to the present day, in fact.  Itís interesting theyíre introducing it big time in the Western countries, as well.  Itís a tremendous doctrine which tells you that nothing is really real anyway.  Everythingís basically illusions and they go further than illusion and they say itís basically an hallucination of Brahma.  Brahmaís dreams and youíre just part of the dream as Brahma spins and time spins with it, with everything that exists within the realm of time. 

Weíre going into this new phase now of sustainable development with itís new religion of greening.  The big GREENING RELIGION.  Thatís obvious to everyone but how far back does this go?  Iíll be back with more after this break. 

Hi Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting through the Matrix, discussing the big greening project and Iíll be going into the fact that this greening project is the MUST BE method to control the whole world and everyone in it into a new way of living.  A complete religion, in other words.  Itís been taught as such even in kindergarten and the primary school systems.  It is the new religion to come.  Gorbachev talked about the creation of this new Earth type religion, where we worship the earth itself and everything in it.  But mind you, Gorbachev admitted in the same book that he himself was an atheistÖ but he said that he was helping to create this new religion for, I guess, the common people.  I guess they need it to bring in a new type of OBEDIENCE from the populous.  Weíve been through all the other religions and now itís time for the greening one which has been used before, in ancient times, as well.  Thatís where the Grove worship comes in to it.  You find Grove worship was throughout all of the ancient world.  In fact, the ancient world, really, had the same kind of temples everywhere.  If you look at the TOP VIEW of the temples, you get an idea of what the religion actually is.  Youíll see all the sexual connotations to it as well.  Youíll see itís outer court and itís perimeter court and an inner court and then the one for those adepts who have gotten into the inner court.  They go into a chamber which is actually a womb.  In the chamber youíll see the phallus symbol.  Itís all from an architects view, from the top view of these temples.  I have it in my books and I explain it to you, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. 

You might ask yourself, how come this same religion was across Greece and the Middle East and elsewhere in the ancient world.  Itís because at one time, they were all connected.  Mankind is far, far older than the nonsense weíve been taught that came out of Charles Darwin.  Man is far older.  The Egyptians had plenty of records to do with ancient civilizations that had risen up to tremendous heights of power and then they perished.  The reason they perished apparently, was that the more advanced the culture and civilization, the more dependent or inter-dependent you are on that very culture and civilization for everything that YOU NEED TO SURVIVE.  Therefore, itís easy to pull the rug from under the feet of such a system and it collapses.  The people have forgotten how to even grow food for themselves. 

Weíre in that stage today, of course, and those who run the world are well aware of this.  Well aware of this.  Theyíve been thinking about this for centuries and working on this plan for centuries.  Everything that Iíve lived through personally in my lifetime, was planned and set in motion long before I was bornÖ all the major events, especially culture.  We donít think of warfare as being outside the realms of a battlefield where men have flags and charge each other and shoot each other and kill each other.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Thereís a war going on all around you all the time, basically put on the people by those in power and those with power who are ensuring that their offspring will inherit that power.  The inheritance of power means as well, that they must have a population that is in SUBMISSION TO THAT POWER. 

The real wars go on in THE MIND and itís done through CULTURE ALTERATION and CONTROL.  Behavior modification is a more recent term but it came out of the same realms of ancient Greece who UNDERSTOOD the way to control culture, alter culture and watch the people adapting to the new culture as planned.  They understood these techniques.  Weíve lived through the sexual revolution; weíve lived through the various gender revolutions and so on.  They are called revolutions because they WERE revolutions.  They were war type, warfare revolutions that were relatively bloodless and it did NOT come out of the grassroots.  Nothing comes out of the grassroots because as Plato said, if it did, it could have ripple effects through society and those in control, would loose command.  Therefore, when anything comes out from, apparently, the bottom and itís financed heavily, you know itís been financed from the top for a purpose that will not suit YOU.  However, the public always fall for it because they want things for free.  They like the idea of being given freedom and power.  Then they find out that those who gain power in these movements, end up being authorities over them and theyíre under even MORE control than they were before. 

You find the author of Frankenstein, for instance, that was Shelleyís wife, wrote about the creation of a new type of human being in a fictional settingÖ made up of BODY PARTS.  Long before the public knew of advanced surgery or even heard of it.  Before Bernard went into heart transplanting and so on.  The group that Shelley belonged to was a high Masonic group.  In fact, every major author of that era in poetry and in fiction and nonfiction, was a member of the same society.  That hasnít changed today, by the way.  All the top authors belong to the same top society.  You find, MI-6 in Britain and MI-5, CONTROL THEM.  These are organizations themselves which are SECRETIVE organizations.  People think that Freemasonry is separate but it is not.  The Duke of Kent traditionally was the head of the York Rite of Freemasonry.  And he is the Queenís cousin.  SECRECY IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT TO CONTROL THE MASSES. 

We find again, the same group put out authors in the 1800s, along the same time as Shelley, at the same time, in fact, we find that Darwin came out and Marx came out and all these people.  They all knew each other, by the way.  Marx wanted to dedicate his 4th republication of the Origin of Species to Darwin.  Darwin HAD to refuse only, solely because he had to play the upper class type character that was created for him, the role model.  So it wouldnít do well to be associated with someone who was advocating was seemed to be a working, proletariat type of utopia.  That was the only reason.  But they worked together and they corresponded with each other.  In fact, Marx said to Darwin, THANK YOU because you have validated the whole theory behind Marxism and Communism and the whole idea of the dialectic of materialism.  In other words, heíd managed to, as Nietzsche said, destroy God, God is dead.  They had to get THAT out of the picture to dehumanize the public because they had big plans, big Frankenstein type plans for the general public, through science which they UTTERLY BELIEVED IN.  They knew they could pull it off.  Howíd they know that?  Because they understood that theyíd have unlimited funding through taxes and so on, from high government departments to DEVELOP THE FUTURE THAT THEY ALREADY HAD PLANNED.  A future where they would literally alter people themselves, bio-engineer them, and eventually recreate a new kind of human being. 

Religion had to be attacked and it had been since the 1500s HEAVILY by the same organizations.  You must bring in secular humanism to debase the people until they start to believe it themselves.  Well, weíre just protoplasm, freaks of nature, accidents and once you believe that, anything at all can be done to you.  You will accept it yourself.  Most people do today without thinking too far. 

They also had to destroy the family unit.  That was imperative.  HG Wells was picked up by the grandfather of Huxley, Sir Thomas Huxley, and trained for his role in life along with some other top authors that came out.  They were taught at what they called the ĎThe Red Tie School.í  They were all given a red tie; red for revolution.  They were coached and they were told theyíd be backed HEAVILY to write certain novels.  They were the beginning of what was called The Futurist Society.  Today, the Futurist Society are the ones who bring in certain authors, give them a scenario they want them to write about and tell them to write stories around itÖ sci-fi writers, etc are picked from all the rest to promote ideas.  Sci-fi is predictive programming for the masses.  We enjoy science fiction and it makes us familiar with whatís to come.  Even though itís in the realm of FICTION, we accept the reality of it when it actually occurs in life because weíve been programmed to accept it through the fictional work.  This is an old, old technique that was going on back in the 1800s. 

Lord Rothschild did the same as the Rockefellers of today.  Where he funded certain organizations and certain authors to promote SCIENCE FICTION in the 1800s.  Science had to rise and become THE NEW RELIGION which weíd all obey.  THE WORLD OF EXPERTS.  Now tell me, who has more say when it comes to an interview with government, what you want as a citizen, YOU or the scientist?  Who will the government act on behalf of?  YOU or the scientist, the expert?  So, this is where we are.  This was advocated from the 1500s with the Rosicrucian Society.  They become the NEW TECHNICIANS OF ADVICE for Presidents and Prime Ministers.  Back with more after this break.

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is this massive, FAKE reality that weíre all taught is the only real one.  Itís got many doors and corridors, many places that promise the truth and we end up in just more deception.  DECEPTION IS NECESSARY TO CONTROL THE MASSES AND GUIDE THEM ALONG A PREDETERMINED PATH.  That was said by Francis Bacon.  Itís never changed.  The public must never know the real reasons of the changes that they live through.  Theyíre always taught itís just big business exploiting this or exploiting that and that generally suffices as an excuse, as an argument but itís not the truth.  Thereís always a real reason behind it with long term goals. 

With Wells and others their job was to basically to start up the science fiction and when they were made really famous, and I said MADE FAMOUS and they were made famous, then they came up with their nonfiction and they harped on right away about over population and inferior types of humans and how theyíd have to eliminate them.  Wells himself put out 2 volumes called History of the World Part 1 & 2.  The second one was finished, the last chapters were finished by his son who was, I think, a zoologist.  His son was trained by Pavlov with whom Wells left him as a child to be trained in his role in life too.  Wells talked on about over population of inferior types, this constant harping of the commoners would overtake the elite and out breed them basically.  Itís never changed.  Thatís whatís behind pretty well EVERYTHING today, in this world. 

Thatís whatís behind the setting up of the United Nations.  You know they blame over population for the World Wars if you look at the writings of the United Nations.  Now, the common people never started a war in their lives.  It was always the same masters that still rule them today who started the wars, the same masters that are harping about over population.  Thatís what they claim at the United NationsÖ thatís the reason for warsÖ over population.  So once again, the public are at fault for everything.  Itís the publicís fault, apparently, for the destruction of the environment.  Itís the publicís fault for world wars.  Even though the elite wrote about the necessity for world wars to bring the world under one global system which, of course, they themselves would control. 

We find people like Pike writing about the world wars to come and their purpose, their function.  We find even HG Wells writing about it in a fictional setting in The Shape of Things to Come.  He wrote about the war with Germany before it happened.  Quite interesting.  How did he know?  He wasnít a psychic.  He was a little manic-depressive.  He had tremendous fits of rage.  He had his wives sign special agreements because he had certain sexualÖ special things he liked done to him apparently and he had to keep it all legally under wraps.  He used to be laughed at at the Fabian Society because he had a squeaky little voice and a tremendous pompous attitude with everything that he presented.  The Fabian Society itself, was funded by Lord Astor.  Heavily funded to guide what the working classes thought would be for themÖ a utopia.  But in reality, once again, you get rid of poverty by getting rid of the poor.  Itís still very powerful in Britain today.  Youíll find on their window of the Fabian Societyís club, they had a founding house and a founding window, stained glass window.  Youíll see the founders, in the window, HAMMERING THE GLOBE INTO SHAPE, on an anvil, HAMMERING IT.  So their job was not to pussy-foot around, their job was to literally hammer it into shape by FORCE AND REGULATIONÖ through laws and government and bureaucracy.  Thatís fairly well happened today. 

That was the same people with eugenics who came up with the ďpoverty gene.Ē  You know, youíre poor because you have a ďpoverty gene.Ē  It astounds me how people give to charities never, ever looking at charities or the histories of charities to see what theyíre really all about.  ITíS THE GREATEST COVER that secretive organizations with manifestos have used since the dawn of what they call, their own, civilization.  Because they created this system of civilization - THEIR SYSTEM - at least the ones who control it, the masters. 

Hereís an article relating to the way they think and the way that they work on the public.  I canít stand these charitable institutions with their high paid salaried people at the top with MASSIVE pensions and very little ever going to the place they claim itís for in the first place.  Theyíre very quick to set up abortion clinics world wide and thatís about it.  Itís the same with all the Bill Gates Foundation and everyone else involved.  Look at where the money goes.  ITíS TO KILL PEOPLE.  Hard thing for the average person whoís been totally brainwashed into the fake reality to accept.  Attacking organizations that are charitable is like attacking mumís apple pie.  Iíll be back after this break with more.

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix.  Before I take the callers, Iíll just touch on an article here to show you what the scientists are up to to help those who are hungry.  This is from My Way News. 

Scientists try to stop hunger with retooled foods

myway.com  & AP News

Oct 23, 3:43 PM (ET)



LONDON (AP) - Want to lose weight? Try eating. That's one of the strategies being developed by scientists experimenting with foods that trick the body into feeling full.

At the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, England, food expert Peter Wilde and colleagues are developing foods that slow down the digestive system, which then triggers a signal to the brain that suppresses appetite.

"That fools you into thinking you've eaten far too much when you really haven't," said Wilde. From his studies on fat digestion, he said it should be possible to make foods, from bread to yogurts, that make it easier to diet.

While the research is preliminary, Wilde's approach to curbing appetite is one that some doctors say could be key in combating the obesity epidemic.  (Alan: Well, that wonít do it because itís all the crap weíre given to eat that causes that in the first place.)

"Being able to switch off appetite would be a big help for people having trouble losing weight," said Steve Bloom, a professor of investigative medicine at London's Imperial College, who is not connected to Wilde's research.

Then it goes on and on and on and itís interesting, at the right hand side of the same page it says, a girls sits with her brother at a shanty township in the outskirts of Jammu, India, Friday, October.  Right next to this same article on the same page because thatís what itís going to be used for in reality.  They wonít give them more.  Theyíll just simply feel better eating what they already eat, which isnít much at all.  Itís amazing all the money thatís been poured into help the poor that never seems to get there, thatís managed by these big organizationsÖ who are licensed to do it.  Whatís the real agenda?  Look and see where the money really goes.  As I say, if you want to get rid of poverty, according to the elite, you get rid of the poor. 

Weíll go to the callers now and weíve got a caller from South America.  Itís Cold Creek, South America.  Are you there?

Cold Creek:  Yes. Iím here.  I put my name down as Cold Creek, for Culture Creator.  I do want to say itís a pleasure to talk to you Alan.  Iíve listened to you for a while.  Iíve been in the culture creation business for over 15 years.  As an effort to help to educate people, Iím not here to be a whistle-blower.  I still do have the understanding that the public is the public and many of them are so far gone but thereís just a few points that I want to bring to the forefront for those who not only are awake to some degree and are still trying to help other people see, but also for those who I have no ammunition.  You know, they donít have any type of history.  Being a person who works on the INSIDE of a type of industry, such as the entertainment business, who KNOWS things that happen.  We donít discuss these things.  When youíre an insider, you donít discuss these things.  You just do what you do and keep it moving.  Thereís something I wanted to bring to the forefront with a number of artists.  You can find a new video on YouTube called Universal Mind Control.  The artistís name is Common, Common Sense.  This is in the Hip-Hop genre.  And Ferrell.  BOTH VERY BIG ARTISTS.  If you look at the video, you will see Ferrell dressed in a ROBOT HEAD.  Now, part of what youíve been discussing and part of what anyone whoís involved in this business ALREADY KNOWS because we do get our information from certain sourcesÖ there is a BLENDING of, actually, thereís a dehumanization of humans and thereís a humanization of machines.

Alan:  Thatís right.

Cold Creek:  Even when you look at The Transformers, the movie, when it came out, people donít even see the fact that you have this ROBOT talking to you, expressing feelings, having EMOTIONS and people just sit there like, this is so nice, look at the special effects and donít even realize theyíre being predictively programmed.  Itís such a simple, simple thing and now within the music, you have an individual, and Iím not saying names here because I know what it is and I have no problem in saying this stuff.  Thereís a gentleman there by the name of T Pain.  He uses a voice box called Auto Tool and it takes his voice and it moves it to give it some sort of synthesized sound which actually takes a human voice and makes it sound more robotic.  Where, on the other side, as I said, in the movies, you can see the robots are becoming more humanized.  In the process of this happening, itís a dialectic that is going to end up in a synthesis, okay.

Alan:  Absolutely, Iíve got articles here, right now in fact, on that very agenda from the Futurists Society.  Thereíll be a complete MERGING of humans with the robots until you canít tell which one is which any more. 

Cold Creek:  Which one is which, exactly.  Theyíre starting that by Ė visually - by pushing it in the music.

Alan:  What age group would you say itís aimed at?

Cold Creek:  Well, Iíll tell you now, Alan, 14sÖ all the way up to your 35ers and Iím going to go a little further and say some other thingsÖ thereís some other high levelÖ THE MUSIC BUSINESS IS COMPLETELY FRATERNAL.   Okay?  Itís completely fraternal.  There is no one who has not made it somewhere that is high level that is not involved in some way, shape or form in a fraternal order.  Now, that may be tied to Freemasonry or not.  PeopleÖ and Iím saying this to the public, Alan, because you probably already know.  People, if you look at Jay-Z when he throws up what he says is the diamond or the rock symbol and you see shape of a triangle, that is NOT a diamond symbol.  That is to the profane, as they would say, a diamond symbol.  But he can get a concert and 25,000 people throw up this rock signal and youíre looking at it thinking oh, itís just aÖ a joke.  But when he plays at Glastonbury, on a stage, that is a pyramid, basically.  When this gentleman says certain things in his music like, ďIím so illuminated, I may glow in the dark.Ē  Then his UNDERSTUDY, Kanye West, turns around and takes Ė if you also look at photos, thereís a photo of him and Jay-Z - and if you look at the handshake that he gives, he has the apprentice grip that a Mason would give to an apprentice.  Jay-Z gave to Kanye because Kanye had not made it yet to the next levels.  But in front of millions of people, heíll do these things and no one sees it and Kanye comes out with a tour called Glow in the Dark Tour.    Now, stated before, the verse in one of Jay-Zs songs was, ďI am so illuminated, I may glow in the dark.Ē  And now his understudy comes in with a TOUR called Glow in the Dark Tour.  It is completely esoteric.  It is completely a play on words that people have NO idea.  He plays a part where heís interacting with a computer, in his tour.  Iím talking about people that I know personally so Iím not saying these things just out of the air.  Iím not coming up withÖ.

Alan:  Oh, Iíve met lots of them too.  Most of them do belong to the O.T.O.  Everyone in the business knows that itís almost mandatory to join it and you will be asked to join.  They flash their signals all over their album covers all the time. 

Cold Creek:  Yes. Itís in the symbols, itís in the covers, and itís in the music videos.  Look at the background of many of the new music videos.  Thereís a video out with Ferrell and Snoop and if you look at a point, thereís a point where thereís a bottom point of a Masonic compass and square.  The square is on one side of the screen and the compass is on the other.  If you know anything about visual angles, you can see if you put those two together, which once again, is the yin and the yang, itís the female and the male, and itís the phallus and the other female portion.  Those two artists being together creates the union.  It is so plain, I can only say to people who are awake, and for those who are, PLEASE not only pay attention to this stuff but understand that these artists, many of them, are PUT IN POSITIONS where they have NO CHOICE.  I donít want people to think that all the time that the artist always knows, always know what heís doing.  At times, these people have been - just like highway robbery when a police officer pulls you over - it is basically, youíre poor.  What is the word whenÖ THEYíRE EXTORTED, theyíre extorted.  Many artists, theyíll come up with a drug charge or a gun charge all of a sudden.  As a matter of fact, another guy whoís just recently come out with an album called Paper Trail, his name is TI.  If you listen to a song that he did with Justin Timberlake on that album, it is COMPLETELY talking about how the old man has died (okay) and this new man is resurrected.  This new man has come out of nothing, out of this struggle, out of his cage which is a complete representation of a ritual, a Masonic Ritual, as you pass on to the Master Mason degree.  You have to perform this ritual of resurrection.  You die and so on and so forth.  But if you listen to the words, and you hear what these people are saying.  Talking about swallowing their pride, getting on track, weíre on the same page and the way they talk about time, all of these things go right back to the fact that the entire industry is fraternal.  If you want to be successful, youíre either going to play your part or YOUíRE NOT GOING TO BE THERE.  PERIOD. 

Alan:  And do what youíre told.

Cold Creek:  And do what youíre told.  At the end of the day, if you donít do what youíre told, youíre going to find that you get pulled over with some drugs in your car and you donít know how it got there.  But all of a sudden, youíre up for charges.  Youíll end up getting a visit.  Youíll end up getting a visit and someone will tell you, you know, we can make all of this go awayÖ

Alan:  Thatís right.

Cold Creek:  You know, I have personally been approached here, in South America.  Iím not one to volunteer my private information so my name and my exact location I will not say.  Itís easy to find, who ever knows how to track phone calls.  I really donít care.  My point being here is, I was approached here because of my connections within the music industry.  I was taken to a penthouse of a particular gentleman, whoís of European descent, lets say.  And he prefaced himself before he invited me into one of his orders.  He simply said, number one, I will deny everything Iím about to tell you to my death.† I was kind of like man, this is.. Itís not that serious, whatever it is.  You just met me through a friend of yours a couple of minutes ago but HE KNEW about me and my music business connections.  So what he said to me, he said, I am here, in South America, Iím a part of a family and we are looking basically to take over 60% of the utilities market and we need help.  We need people who have contacts to be able to INFLUENCE THE THOUGHT PROCESSES of individuals.  I said, so why you talking to me?  He said, because I know, you know the major players in the industry.  When these guys say things and when they put out things and you have all of these artists saying ďVote for ObamaĒ and making it very cool to say ďVote for Obama.Ē   It doesnít matter what the reasoning is behind these individuals.  People donít think.  They just follow.  They just areÖ sad to sayÖ PURE SHEEP and it is those very people, in whatever part of the world.  The fact that Iím in South America is, you know, this is not America, so heís trying to get influence into a certain realm of a whole another part of the world.  Knowing that my contacts are within the US.  I do have contacts in South America as well, but is shows the global reach of the plan.

At the end of his statement, what he said to me was, after he supposedly invited me.  I wonít say the name of the family, although I do know it.  I did some checking on it myself and found out they are who they say they are, blah, blah, blah.  It was one of, what I call, those invites you CAN refuse.  One of those offers I CAN refuse and it was one that I CHOOSE to refuse because there is a certain part that I understand.  MAINTAINING YOUR HUMANITY, RIGHT NOW, GOING THROUGH THE THINGS WEíRE GOING THROUGH, I THINK IS GOING TO BE THE GREATEST CHALLENGE for whoever.

Now, you have hu-man and you have man.  Hu-man can come from humus man or earth man or so on and so forth and then you have man which comes from mind.  There are people who actually are, in their own concept and in their own religion, believe that they are pure mind, they are the pure essence of every bit of knowledge that is out there because, as you even have mentioned, they have access to archives and data.  They look upon the humus man or the hu-man as an ENTIRELY, COMPLETELY, DIFFERENT ENTITY AND SPECIES.  So every plan that they makeÖ when these people say in the Club of Rome when they said that ďthe enemy of humanity is manĒÖ

Alan:  Yes.  Thatís right.

Cold Creek:  Thereís two ways you can look at that.  You know, itís kind of like youíre putting man against human but you also can take it as putting a man against human kind.

Alan:  The elite have already said they see themselves as a distinct species from the rest, through their special breeding. Thanks for a lot for calling and weíll have to go on to the next caller though.  Thanks for calling.  Now weíve got Greg from Minnesota there.  Is Greg there?

Greg:  Yes.  Is this Alan?

Alan:  Yes.  It is.

Greg:  How are you doing tonight?

Alan:  Oh.  Not so bad.

Greg:  Thatís good.  Have you got any snow up there?

Alan:  I did a week ago.  I had 5 inches, one morning.

Greg:  We just got our first snow fall last night.  Anyway, I just want to thank you for what you do.  I listen to you quite a bit and Iíve learned a lot from your talks and everything.  I have a couple of quick questions.  I home school one of my boys and I wanted to get your opinion on some good history books that possibly would be good for kids, to start really learning the truth instead of some of these otherÖ.

Alan:  I would get the series, the collection of books by Arnold Toynbee but Iíd also get Professor Carroll Quigleyís Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo American Establishment because the two books together will complete each other.  They complement each other.  Whereas Quigleyís books will fill in all the real reasons for certain big instances and even wars occurring and it makes more sense to the children.  Toynbeeís way of writing was in a certain style which is meant to train an elite, the eliteís own offspring, into a slanted version of history but he does have an awful lot of facts and truth in there as well.  The two together will help compliment each other.  Iíll be back with more after this break. 

Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and to add on to what the caller said, two callers ago, from South America, remember we DO have choices and THATíS THE DIFFERENCE.  Itís the choices that you make.  You certainly wonít profit by them but youíve made the right choices for yourself and maybe, in the long run, thatís what really matters.  Because if you loose your own integrity, you have nothing.  You have nothing.  Youíre at the mercy of the waves if you have no integrity.  And youíre at the mercy of the OTHER powers around youÖ if you have no personal integrity.  Thatís what we have to GAIN AND THEN HOLD ON TO.  Now, weíll go to Terry in Calgary.  Are you there, Terry?

Terry:  Hi Alan, how are you?

Alan:  Iím surviving here.

Terry:  Thatís great.  You know, just like the last callerís question, itís a great question, I was just coming back from London today and I was reading The Republic, by Plato.  I ended up in a nice conversation with a CEO of a New Orleans gas company here who wanted to talk about history and people REALLY DO CRAVE KNOWLEDGE.  One request I would have is if you have a chance is, you mention so many books and I write them down from day to day but on your web site, I donít think thereís a spot where youíve listed all the books that you recommend. 

Alan:  I have about 3 or 4 lists here and Iíve never got round to putting them up.  Iíll tell you the reason why.  When Iím trying to sell my books, Iím recommending other books to read thatíll cost them an awful lot of money if they buy those other books, and yet they wonít buy mine.  (laughs).

Terry:  Well, let me put a plug out to everyone whoís listening to you.  I donít think enough people are contributing to you.  Iím sure you live a lot more meagerly than a majority of us who are listening to you do.

Alan:  I do.  I do.

Terry:  I certainly thank you for everything you do for us. 

Alan:  I do have lists here and I can certainly send them out for people who ask for them.  Iíve had so many people tell me, including some of the various authors societies there in the US, telling me they make a living, thereís members that make a living off all the talks Iíve given by writing it up.  You know most of them have never given me a penny for any of itÖ as a donation or anything. 

Terry:  Everyone relies on someone else and doesnít realize thatÖ

Alan:  Someone else will do it.  Thatís how they think soÖ.

Terry:  The reason Iím calling today and I read in the papers and the London papers are actually really great because they really tell you what the agenda is.The one thing Iím seeing a lot of is this call for a new global economic body, you know, the IMF and the World Bank to head up.  I donít think that people realize that right now, as weíre coming to an end of this age, that this stock marketís not going to rebound this time.I see a lot of people, my family included, that I can talk about it until Iím blue in the face, that itís time to protect their assets as best they can.  I was wondering if you could just talk a little about the economic turn down and whatís coming.

Alan:  Well, John Maynard Keynes, who gave us THIS SYSTEM weíve lived up since the last Bretton Woods agreement, said himself, that we shall bring in a new type of system which is not based on greed or personal profit.  He said, we wonít see it in our lifetime, not just yet, but SOON.  The Bretton Woods agreement and whatís happened since then to today, was only ONE PART, one phase of this great scheme.  Weíre going into the next phase of it now.  Itís really, eventually, out of it will come a world of service and no personal gain.  Thatís what the big plan is to be.  Well, I can hear the music coming in and itís been a very fast night again.  It just flies in. 

So from Hamish, whoís the dog, and myself up in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



(Article: "Scientists try to stop hunger with retooled foods" by Maria Cheng (myway.com) - Oct. 23, 2008.)



Transcribed by Diana


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