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800-Year-Old Right Discarded:
"Modified Humans by Modified Food,
Forbidden to Heat by Fallen Dead Wood,
Four-Year-Olds to be Taught by the State
The Joys of Sex, Make Love Not Hate,
All Kinds of Values, Rutting Incorrigible,
Ensuring Mating for Life is Impossible,
Clueless Adults Play, Gorge the Belly,
In a Changing World, Lost in the Telly"
© Alan Watt Oct. 29, 2008


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“Code of Silence” by Bruce Springsteen

There’s a code of silence that we don’t dare speak
There’s a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there’s nothing wrong
But there’s a code of silence and it can’t go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain’t enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There’s a list of grievance 100 miles long
There’s a code of silence and it can’t go on


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on Wednesday, the 29th of October, 2008.  I always ask the newcomers to look into www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com and on that web site you find lots of previous talks I’ve given bringing you a short cut basically, through time to show you that nothing happens by chance in this big world of ours and how geopolitics and organizations are always scheming and planning and BEING PAID TO DO SO, to guide us into a new future, a new BRAVE NEW WORLD scenario… the New World Order or the global society.  It’s all the same thing.  Also look into www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download and print up in the various languages of Europe.  Pass them around to your friends. 

For years, I’ve been trying to tell people NOT to simply react to what’s given to you.  The obvious things are given to you by the main stream.  You’ll never get the TRUTH out of the main stream media.  THAT’S NOT WHAT THEIR JOB IS.  Their job is to keep you living in the Wizard of Oz land.  They give you fiction on the one hand and then they supposedly bring out these old JOKERS that you’ve grown up with, on the news that stare right at you, right at the camera, as though they’re in your living room looking at YOU… right in the eye, and they tell you a lot of utter nonsense.  Their job is to keep you under the SPELL, so that you’ll be passive and accept that some benign, better force, up above you, is guiding your life for your benefit.  Nothing, of course, is further from the truth. 

We live in one of the times, in history, where MAJOR CHANGE is occurring – MAJOR CHANGE IS OCCURRING.  It’s not by chance.  It was planned a long time ago.  Economics, which runs everything in this world, that we know of.  The whole system for humans is based on economics and if we go back, into the past, and read the BOOKS put out by the big economists of previous times, the same ones that are taught in schools of economics, are still used today to do with their theories.  We find that the Malthusian concept of POPULATION CONTROL was necessary, according to the elite of the time, because the breeders of the lower classes would outbreed those of the upper classes and they claimed that would be chaos.  Therefore, they planned to always keep a population reduced to a certain proportion. 

We find that Malthus pulled out all these charts out of thin air along with many figures.  Charts were CONVINCING to prove, on paper, that this will actually happen.  He made up all these phony charts and every prediction that he made was FALSE, but that doesn’t stop them pulling out charts today.  The same descendants of the same characters working for the same societies as they pull out statistics from thin air and try and get governments to go along with new policies to handle the population PROBLEM, as they call it. 

In reality, there’s to be a Brave New World coming into view.  A Brave New World with a managed, reduced population because they won’t need all the farm hands or the factory workers anymore.  They don’t want to have you around to keep yourselves amused.  That’s not your PURPOSE according to them.  Your purpose is to SERVE the economic system and when they no longer need you, then YOU MUST GO, just like the factories.  I’ll be back with more about this after the following break.

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the big changes we’re going through right now and how the lower economists, the ones who basically look at crystal balls and give us the nonsensical predictions of the future, the lower ones are telling you that everything’s going to bounce back.  Well, guess what?  It’s not going to bounce back because it’s not intended to bounce back to what it was.  Every major shake up in economics – and depressions – always brings in a new type of society.  At the moment, we have the war on terror going similar certainly, to World War II.  That’s what brought the countries of the West out of the Great Depression, manufacturing for a world war.  Today, they’re manufacturing all security gear and so on for basically mob riots, etc in urban settings across the Western hemisphere. 

I’ve gone through the Department of Defence’s 90 page report on their predictions for the next 30-odd years.  They know there’s going to be rioting because they understand all the things that are going to be done to the public to bring on the riots.  Nothing is by chance.  Think tanks like that, that work for NATO and the British Department of Defence, don’t sit and just make up things our of thin air.  They’d be fired.  They have to have INTELLIGENCE to go on to make their predictions and BIG PLAYERS listen very intently to their predictions.  They take them very seriously… AND SO SHOULD WE. 

In World War II, as I say, they brought in a new monetary type system with the Bretton Woods Agreement.  John Maynard Keynes was the big economist that was pulled out the bag.  I call it the hat trick because they love to pull them out of hats, these characters.  It’s just like politicians.  You’ve NEVER HEARD OF THEM BEFORE and suddenly, they’re there and they’re very famous because the media tells you so.  Keynes was the same.  He was basically a far left socialist, of the true sort, not the kind you think about.  You should find out what socialism means.  Go into the Fabian Society.  Go even further back into Albert Pike and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry or as they like to call it, the Rite of PERFECTION. 

You’ll find in Pike’s writings, and in those of Marx, and the Fabian Society, they talked about bringing in a NEW ECONOMIC SYSTEM eventually, based on a system where there’s no private property, when everyone would be in service to their BETTERS, those with intelligence, the Intelligentsia, the ILLUMED ONES, as they call themselves.  Of course, they don’t say themselves that they’ll live at the same standard as everyone else in this great utopia, but some ARE ALWAYS MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS in such utopias as we find out from other writings on the subject. 

Now, Keynes brought in PART of a plan, part of a plan only in the Bretton Woods Agreement.  The second part was to unfold years later.  He himself thought it might take 100 years to bring in the new system.  This is what he said.  He said, “When the accumulation of wealth is no longer of high social importance, there’ll be great changes in the code of morals.  We shall be able to rid ourselves of the pseudo, moral principles which have hagridden us for 200 years”  (Now, what’s he talking about?  Hagridden us for 200 years?  Think about that.) “by which we have exalted some of the most distasteful of human qualities into the position of the highest virtues.  We shall be able to afford to dare to access the money motive at its true value.  The love of money as a possession, as distinguished from the love of money as a means to the enjoyment and realities of life, will be recognized for what it is:  a somewhat disgusting morbidity, one of those semi-criminal, semi-pathological propensities which one hands over with a shudder, to the specialist in mental disease.  But beware.  The time for all this is NOT YET.  For at least another 100 years, we must pretend to ourselves and to everyone, that fair is foul and foul is fair.  For the foul is useful and fair is not.  Avarice and usury and precaution must be our Gods for a little longer still.  Only then, they can lead us out of the tunnel of economic necessity into daylight.” 

He’s talking about a new economic system, the same one that Bertrand Russell talked about, where the STATE will ultimately dish out to you your TOKENS.  Anything can be money.  Now, it’s electronic blips.  The government will give you tokens which you cannot save up.  We’ll all be the same and we’ll all have the same, living in a DULL, DREARY WORLD OF SAMENESS.  THAT’S what they’re talking about.  However, for themselves, being illumined, of course, they’ll have many more tokens than those at the bottom are dished out so they can enjoy themselves. They seem to equate that the illumined ones have a right to more enjoyment than other people.  That’s why Kings and Queens have exalted themselves down through the ages and lived in such incredible luxury.

That little blurb from Keynes was in Essays of Persuasion, 1931, chapter 5.  I think it’s also in Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren, 1930.  Now, you take these 100 years, from about 1930 onwards, and that would tie in, at the very end of what we’ve still got to go, the 30 years of war and riots.  Then the new system will be totally in; but in the mean time, it will be brought in in stages.  That’s what’s happening today. 

When government gets it’s hands on the bank accounts of the people, government brings in, as it always does with every institution in which it’s involved, it brings in it’s own new regulations, right down to the individual.  They will be telling you what to eat and what to buy and what NOT to buy and punishing you too, by withholding your money.  That’s the same line of reasoning that Bertrand Russell used when he said that the state shall dish out your credits.  Government CAN’T WAIT to be into your bank account and into your life, because it’s all used for BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.  That’s what’s really going on. 

Those of us who have lived long enough, have watched the same scams with NAFTA and GATT and even the EU union and all the rest of it, when people keep voting NOT to go along with it and they don’t want it.  Then a great hype is created in the media, ‘You’ll be left behind.  You’ll all be poor.  You’ll be destitute,’ yada, yada, ya….  Then they bring it back for a second vote and a third or fourth, until you GET IT RIGHT. 

Here’s what they’re doing with Ireland, you see, with the Lisbon Treaty.  This is from the Sunday Times. 

From The Sunday Times

October 18, 2008

EU plans to force second Lisbon vote

French politicians hatch plan to isolate Ireland and force second treaty poll

Richard Oakley


PLANS to isolate Ireland and force the country to hold a second referendum on the Lisbon treaty by next March were discussed at a European Union meeting 10 days ago.

Minutes of the event, and of a separate dinner with the French minister for European affairs, record how key French politicians and other MEPs (Alan: That’s Members of the European Parliament.) said that Ireland should be put in an “untenable position” by pressing Poland and the Czech Republic to ratify the treaty by December. (A: In other words, corner Ireland until they just GET IT RIGHT.  Do as they’re told, GET IT RIGHT.  They won’t go away, you see.)

The minutes were made available by a high-level source who attended both events. They tally with publicly available EU minutes but include direct quotes rather than the diplomatic language of the official record.

The meeting and dinner heard how Ireland’s “intellectual mediocrity (A: Intellectual mediocrity… you got to understand who’s RUNNING this whole union and the elitists behind it who are at the top and here they are calling Ireland, they say Ireland is ‘intellectual mediocrity’ because of the way they voted.) and lack of political courage” led to the rejection of the Lisbon treaty and included discussions of how to “cuddle and pamper” the Irish voter ahead of a new vote while at the same time “making pressures on them”.   (A: Pressurizing them.  This will be done through MASSIVE CAMPAIGNS.)

The meeting between the European parliament’s committee for constitutional affairs and the European affairs committees of both the French senate and national assembly was held in Paris on October 9. It was followed by a dinner with Jean-Pierre Jouyet, the French equivalent of Dick Roche, Ireland’s EU affairs minister.


Read that for yourself and look at the working very carefully because we think we’ve seen elitists in the past, with tyrants and Kings that pampered themselves with lace and riding crops and big, white stallions as they pummeled the peasant into the ground.  The word ‘villain’ comes from peasant.  That what peasant is to them, A VILLAIN.  Look at it.  Look up the word.  If you were not noble, you were a VILLAIN.  You’re a peasant.  Nothing but nothing has changed… at all…. just your perceptions… just the perceptions. 

Talking about peasantry, we find out that an 800 year old right that they’ve had in British Commonwealth countries, at least in Britain and extended to the Commonwealth countries, this is from the Mail Online.  It says here,


Health and safety axe on 800-year-old right to collect firewood

(Alan: Well we KNOW that they’re going to make everyone eventually DEPENDENT on the system.  It’s called INTERdependence.)

By Jaya Narain

Last updated at 1:11 AM on 27th October 2008


For the past 12 years, retired builder Mike Kamp has exercised his age-old right to collect firewood from the forest near his home.

But the health and safety axe has finally come down on an 800-year-old tradition which dates back to the Magna Carta.

Forestry chiefs say they have been forced to overrule the charter due to the 'increasing constraints' of modern legislation. (A: Now, this is put forth by the Ministry of Forestry.  See how they can even bypass Parliament.  It’s back to the Queen’s land, isn’t it?... and the King’s land?)


Back with more after this break. 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to get to reality here because there’s so much deception going on and things are never explained to the public.  We’re always given what can be a fairly PLAUSIBLE reason, usually, but not always, but KIND OF plausible and we accept it.  Then there’s always the REAL reason.  I’m talking about how BIG government, under a plan, a world plan, IS GOING TO MAKE EVERYONE TOTALLY DEPENDANT FOR YOUR FOOD, SHELTER, CLOTHING AND YOUR HEAT, upon them.  They must be total masters and it’s the only way they can be masters is when they control every one of those essential things for YOU to live.  The forestry commission in England, it’s actually Wales that started this off, but they expect it to go through the whole of the United Kingdom, which means that it will spread to all the British Commonwealth countries too because you’ll find there’ll be big GREENING organizations PUSHING for this, you see.  And they’re all on board with it.  It’s the big plan.  It says here,


Forestry chiefs say they have been forced to overrule the charter (A: So forestry chiefs… who are these guys, these forestry chiefs?  No one votes these guys in.  They’re public servants, supposedly, but they’ve been ‘forced to overrule the charter’… That’s the Magna Carta.) due to the 'increasing constraints' of modern legislation. 

The Magna Carta of 1215 included a Forest Charter which recognised the rights of commoners (A: That’s the peasantry, the villains.) to get subsistence from common land. They were granted 'estovers' - dead wood (A: That’s fallen wood that’s lying, rotting) - for fuel, to repair their homes, fix tools or make charcoal.

Mr. Kamp, 59, uses a wood-burning stove at his cottage near Betwys-y-Coed, North Wales, and enjoys walking through nearby Gwydir Forest. But now he has been told by Forestry Commission Wales that he can no longer buy a licence to forage. (A: You see they even changed it that you have to BUY a license to go foraging.  It’s the same in Canada, on Crown Land.  They call it Crown Land - in the 21st century - it’s called Crown Land.  Incredible, isn’t it?  See nothing’s really changed.  You’re supposed to get on that Crown Land for free and pick up the estovers or the rotten, dead wood, but they’re taking that away.)

Mr. Kamp said: 'They are claiming there are health and safety issues.  (A: Ha, ha, ha!) But people have walked through the woods collecting firewood for hundreds and hundreds of years without too many safety problems.'

Soaring fuel prices have led to more and more people combing woodland and forests for firewood. But the Forestry Commission is suggesting they buy the same wood from local merchants (A: You know, their Masonic buddies that get the contracts.) - who will still be allowed into the forests. (A: Well, isn’t that amazing… the right nod and a wink… will get you in and crossing the palm with silver.  They do that all the time.  They’re always paying each other off, if you watch them. That’s tradition.)

Mr. Kamp said: 'That would be very carbon-intensive.  (A: Ha) The contractors would need vehicles to go into the forests to get the wood and to move it to the users. That defeats the whole object of the exercise.'   (A: So, of course, it’s a lame excuse, in other words.)

Peter Garson, head of estate management at the Forestry Commission Wales, said: 'We understand Mr. Kamp's disappointment, but this is an area where we are subject to increasing constraints in terms of health and safety. (A: Well bull shit to you, Mr. Peter Garson.)

'We have a duty of care to the public in our woods.' (A: OUR wood.  It’s the public’s wood, you yo-yo.)

The ban currently applies only to Wales, but is likely to be extended to Forestry Commission woods across Britain.  (A: You bet your bottom dollar that’s going to happen.  Bet your bottom dollar it will happen because that is the agenda.)

You see this kind of stuff doesn’t really upset me.  I’m never really shocked by it because I could tell you years ago, all of this would come… and a lot more.  We know about the habitat areas, of course, that they’re going to bring in over a period of a few years, and they’re going to get people OFF OF THE LAND, in the rural areas, so they’re all squashed together.  All the commoners will be squashed in the big, over populated cities.  You have to understand how the Soviet system was run to appreciate what I’m talking about. 

In the Soviet system, that’s what they did with the public.  It’s the same in China.  You can travel a hundred miles in China and everybody’s crammed into these cities.  You can’t live on the land there.  Now, mind you, the Soviet Union and China have their beautiful country areas for high bureaucrats and their little dachas scattered through the forest.  Some, as I said, are more equal than others in such utopias. 

Now one of the things that the big boys wrote about a long time ago, was getting the children to engage in not just premarital sex, that was one goal… but even PRE-pubertal sex.  I went through talks and books, in fact, that Bertrand Russell wrote because he was given THE RIGHTS TO EXPERIMENT WITH CHILDREN.  He did things with children, very much like Skinner, that they should have been LOCKED UP FOR or MAYBE EVEN HUNG.  At least the public would have been if they’d done these things, but he was given a Royal Charter, Mr. Russell, you see, to experiment with children and to try and encourage certain things like pre-pubertal sex.  The idea being, that the society that they’d bring in would lead to no bonding between people for any length of time.  I’ll explain this and give you more after these messages. 

I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going through an article here about giving children sex education as young as 5… in the UK, again.  The UK LEADS THE WORLD because it’s the most socialist run country, pretty well, on the planet today.  It’s quite surprising to some people, if they think at all, that Britain went in to fight World War II against Germany and national socialism and because government expanded and took over all the powers of farming and produce and so on, and production, they came out of it as a socialist country.  You think that wasn’t foreseen?  It’s interesting that Winston Churchill himself said to his own peer group, according to Fringes of Power, written by his personal secretary, that he boasted that this war would bring on the best thing that ever happened.  Something they’d long dreamed of… a United Europe.  Meanwhile, he was on radio telling the public go and fight for their culture and their way of life.  What’s new, eh?  What’s new?

The same crown that authorized so much in Britain, and still does today, gave Bertrand Russell his right to use experimental schools with children.  The idea being, that if they could get the children involved in pre-pubertal sex and interest in sex at that age, they would naturally go into sexual activity much quicker.  The likelihood of them bonding, for life with a mate was vastly, vastly reduced and pretty well impossible.  These techniques by themselves and others are now applied generally across the board.  That’s why the whole culture industry is pushing nothing but sex, sex, sex and has been since about the 1960s… ON A ROLL.  We’re supposed to be obsessed by it because they don’t want families.  They don’t want people standing up.  Men will stand up, you see, for their wife and family.  If they don’t have a wife and family, they generally won’t stand up to anything.  This is well understood by the ruling elite because they have the histories, the real histories of every previous revolution, war, uprising and insurrection that’s ever happened in history.  They take these very seriously.  They take THEIR FINDINGS of them very seriously.  Therefore, they decided to DESTROY THE FAMILY UNIT.  We find that also dove-tails with the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Albert Pike.  We find it also dove-tails with the teachings of Marxism and into Trotskyism as well.  This article is about this very thing, from England again, and I think this was on the BBC.  It says,

'Give young children sex education'

Independent Television News Limited 2008.

Thu Oct 23 2008


Primary school children should get basic sex education, a Government review is expected to find.  (Alan: I like how they do it in advance.  They’re expected to find…)

The study is likely to recommend (A: I guess they know... see this is all a FORMALITY, the review is a formality.  Everything that’s given to the public’s a formality of SHOW.  All the decisions have been previously made and are probably operating already, anyway.) a shake-up of lessons to combat concerns that current teaching of the subject in England is too patchy.

Schools minister Jim Knight is due to present the findings later, as well as the Government's responses.

The review is expected (A: Expected, this is very British, see.  Everyone knows what it’s about except the public.) to say that sex education should be compulsory in all schools.  (A: Well, that’s not what it’s on about, really.  You have to really scroll down and read this one.)

International evidence suggests that teaching certain aspects of sex and relationship education before puberty has a "positive effect" on issues like teenage pregnancy, Mr. Knight said.  (A: I wonder what country he’s talking about.  International evidence suggests, maybe like Africa or something?   UTTER RUBBISH they feed the public.)

Britain has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Europe and figures suggest rising numbers of young people are catching sexually transmitted diseases. 

(A: Well, NO kidding.  Why are they doing that?  Everything they look at from much music onwards, even the cartoons are promoting sex, sex, sex, isn’t it?  Isn’t that ALL through society?  That’s all you see.  Who gives us the Culture Industry?  Who controls it?  Believe you me, a word from one at the top who would NOT be amused, would stop it just like that.  And if she’s NOT saying anything, that means she is amused and therefore it will continue, it has approval.  Sexually transmitted diseases…it’s just so interesting because everyone’s known in the medical profession that it’s SKYROCKETED since about the 60s onwards, 1960 onwards.   All the stuff that just says go and do it, do it, do it and all the songs that just tell you to do it, do it, do it… never mention the side effects of all this doing it.  Never mind the abortions that come out of it too.  NOW, IT’S INTO BABY PARTS THAT ARE SOLD ACROSS THE PLANET for lots of bucks.  There’s even people using it in cosmetic creams.  That’s how DEBASED we’ve become because we’re told to just to go ahead and do it, do it, do it. 

Also, the sexually transmitted diseases that AGAIN took off like a rocket around 1970, have had their toll.  We find that most women now have semi blocked or completely blocked ovarian tubes because of repeated infections.  There’s some very slow ones out there that work away in the tubes and build up scar tissue and the egg can’t come through.  There’s also gonorrhea.  There’s many people out there with gonorrhea… with MASSIVE side effects of it that will effect them for the rest of their lives.  Syphilis too, of course: it can take 20 years to rot your brain, literally SMOOTH out the contours in your brain; but they don’t talk about that in much music or the sex culture industry when they’re promoting it, do they?  NO, they don’t tell you about THAT and the fall out because it’s unpleasant and you might stop doing it.  You might think twice and God forbid you do that.)


Current rules say pupils must be taught the biological facts of reproduction, usually in science classes, and every school must have a sex education policy. 

But there is no statutory requirement for teaching about relationships and the social and emotional side of sexual behaviour.  (A: Well, that’s not true because they’re teaching THAT side of things and other SPECIAL CLASSES… but not so much for the heterosexual groups.  And there’ll be other reasons they’re going to promote this too but I won’t go into that right now.)


That’s the real world we live in.  If you took youngsters and took them around tours of hospitals, THEY’D HAVE A GREATER APPRECIATION OF LIFE.  If you took them around to work in elderly hospitals too, they’d have even more an appreciation of life.  If you took them around the clinics, where they line up with the different kind of venereal diseases… they’re now called ‘social diseases’… they’re actually socially acceptable.  I guess you can actually boast about it.  Some segments of society are actually BOASTING about this thing - I don’t know if you know that - about certain diseases that are transmitted by sex.  It’s almost an honor, part of the HAZING ceremony to get into the club, to have this.  However, if they went round to these clinics and saw the LONG TERM EFFECTS of them, things which they are taught… they PRESUME that it must be easily cleared up with antibiotics and so on.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Or they see people locked up in insane asylums with their joints ALL OUT from their shoulders and their spine all misshapen because syphilis has been working away quietly for 20 years. Very, very quiet, very few people know they’ve even got it.  Most doctors today can’t even diagnose it, they’re so poorly trained, but it’s out there and it’s rampaging.  Now remember, too, in Viet Nam, there were troops coming back with what they called ‘The Galloping Clap’ in the early 70s.  That’s where syphilis when through it’s three main stages and instead of taking 20 years, it took between 2 and 5, and youngsters at 22 were literally going senile with it and then their joints popped and so on.  THEY DON’T PROMOTE THAT THROUGH THE CULTURE INDUSTRY.  Wonder why, when they care so much about your welfare? 

WE know that the big green movement was created and was meant to eventually dominate our lives.  We can’t do anything without paying penalties and fees, etc to do anything IN OUR LIVES without permission under the guise of ‘Carbon Footprints’ and utter nonsense like this.  We’ll pay for everything, all these abstract nonsensical pieces of dribble that people are starting to ECHO, like carbon footprint, carbon footprint.  WE SHALL WIN BY SLOGANS, they said, in the days of Lenin.  And here it is happening.  The big, big PRIVATE think tanks and private foundations again, these CONGLOMERATES, that are all connected with each other on the same course, that bypass all democracy and democratic institutions that MAKE policy for governments to sign.  WHERE IN ANYONE’S BILL OF RIGHTS OR CONSTITUTION ACROSS THIS WORLD DOES IT SAY THAT NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS CAN DICTATE POLICY TO THE GOVERNMENT?  It’s nowhere to be found.  People should begin to DEMAND answers about that before we’re completely done in because we’re almost done under now for the third time. 

From the BBC.

Earth on course for eco 'crunch'

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Reckless consumption comes at a high cost, the report warns


The planet is headed for an ecological "credit crunch", according to a report issued by conservation groups. (Alan: Conservation groups.)

The document contends that our demands on natural resources overreach what the Earth can sustain by almost a third. (A: Remember the Earth Charter, Maurice Strong, Rockefeller Foundation, etc?)

The Living Planet Report is the work of WWF, the Zoological Society of London and the Global Footprint Network. (A: Maybe we should just wipe up that footprint off the floor and toss it out.  Global Footprint Network.)

It says that more than three quarters of the world's population lives in countries where consumption levels are outstripping environmental renewal.

This makes them "ecological debtors" (A: You see?  Here’s a term, you’re DEBTORS if you’re using too much of natural resources.), meaning that they are drawing - and often overdrawing - on the agricultural land, forests, seas and resources of other countries to sustain them. (A: See, they’ve repacked everything again.  They always repackage to fit the NEW TERMINOLOGY they’re using.)

This info graphic BBC map shows hectares' worth consumed in goods and services.  (A: Again, they’re drawing out all these graphs just like Thomas Malthus.  These FAKE, BOGUS graphs that seem to impress so many people.) 

The report concludes that the reckless consumption of "natural capital" is endangering the world's future prosperity, with clear economic impacts including high costs for food, water and energy. (A: Well, the food’s been sewn up by the 5 agri-food businesses across the planet.  That’s why the food’s going up.  There’s also British companies who are taking over the WATER AND NATURAL GAS AND EVEN NATURAL OIL for heating… and the electricity too.  The electricity supply, as well, across the whole Americas… a British company is doing it.  That’s why energy is going up.  See?  They’re privatizing all water supplies as well.  That’s why that’s going up.)

(A: By the way, these characters too are involved, the guys who own these big corporations, with the World Wildlife Fund and all these other big eco businesses and foundations.)

"If our demands on the planet continue to increase at the same rate, by the mid-2030s we would need the equivalent of two planets to maintain our lifestyles," said WWF International director-general James Leape.

Dr Dan Barlow, head of policy at the conservation group's Scotland arm, added: "While the media headlines continue to be dominated by the economic turmoil, the world is hurtling further into an ecological credit crunch." (A: So they’re using economic terminology, bankers terminology to do with all that the earth contains, etc, etc.)


Believe you me, if you don’t starting fighting this now, you’ll be done in by them, completely done in.  Stop playing yourselves and get active and start DEMANDING RIGHTS because no one else is going to do it for you.  NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU. 

Now, we’ll go to the callers here.  I’ll go to Andrea in New York.  Are you there Andrea?

Andrea:  Hi Alan.

Alan:  Hi.

Andrea:  A while ago, you spoke of Gandhi and at Oxford and recently I’ve been reading a book by Will Durant, a history book, and he talks about Gandhi being very impressed by Trotsky and John Ruskin and the Fabian socialists.  Could you talk about that?

Alan:  Well Gandhi… Britain had tried to unite all the countries that comprised India.  India was not one country.  In fact, Britain had been there for 200 years with the British East India Company fomenting war and revolution between all different tribes and factions and they still couldn’t get them to unite through war or after war through treaties, so Gandhi went in there and pretty well did the job FOR THEM.  He was the greatest thing that ever happened, even though they pretend they were against him, etc.  It was already written up at the League of Nations that Britain after that war or the war to come would hand over it’s colonial system only on the condition that they brought on the same system of democracy based on the British model.  That’s still in operation today at the United Nations.  They use the British model, so they won’t withdraw from a country, they won’t withdraw their troops UNTIL it adopts the model that Britain has already set up.  Now Gandhi we know, too, slept with an 18 year old girl every night, a fresh virgin, to PROVE that he was not tempted.  That was quite the feat, I suppose.  There’s much more to Gandhi.  He allowed his wife to pretty well DIE of pneumonia when they were BOTH in prison… a British jail.  It was great for publicity and so on.  He accepted antibiotics to save his own life but he FORBAD his wife to do the same.  There’s much more to Gandhi than the media has made up about this great man.  We’ve got to always think for ourselves here and understand how geopolitics is used and how Britain does use NATIONALS to go in to lead the people as a hero against Britain itself and really to only unite a country and then start modeling it on the British system.  It’s still in league with Britain today.  It’s still part, actually, of an Empire.  India has a Council on Foreign Relations just like the US has… and so does Pakistan. 

Andrea:  Right.  Okay.  Thank you very much. 

Alan:  Thanks for calling.  We’ll get Yvonne from Nevada when we come back from this break. 

I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and actually I’ll take Randy, if Randy’s still there.  He’s next on the list.  Randy from California?

Randy:  Hello Alan.  Are you there?

Alan:  Yes. I am, go ahead.

Randy:  I just had a question about the increasing tribalism among one’s Western countries and how that has to do with people.  Does that make it to where it’s easier to control us?  50 years ago you didn’t see people getting these piercings and whole body tattoos like you do today.  What does that have to do with everything? 

Alan:  It’s part of the DEGENERACY OF SOCIETY, done on purpose.  Most of the piercing, in fact, all of the piercing and all of the fashion is promoted from entertainment and the youngsters and so on just copy it.  It’s also the need… if youngsters don’t have family life and they understood this back in Hitler’s day and the Soviets too, if their parents are either ineffectual or are out of the picture, the STATE in a sense, becomes the BOSS.  In this case, the media is showing them they’re the boss and they’re giving them the culture because they CRAVE A CULTURE TO BELONG TO.  When you’re deprived of a particular thing, a need, when you’re young, you have a gross exaggeration; you overcompensate and go over board, trying to belong desperately to a group or a sub group or a sub culture or something.  That’s why that’s happening.  There’s no bonding now.  Many young guys have contacted me and they’ve come from single mother families that they haven’t had the male role model.  The gang leader in the street becomes his father figure, his brother and that’s where he belongs.  He feels he belongs.  He’s accepted there as part of the tribe.  This is well understood at the top.  They have promoted this culture.  Nothing has appeared in society that hasn’t been promoted TO the people. 

Randy:  Thank you very much, Alan.  Good night, man.

Alan:  Thank you for calling.  Bye, now.

Interestingly enough, a guy that I know, his brother works in the FBI headquarters had given lectures on gangs throughout the US and the Western world and what fascinated them was all these MASONIC EMBLEMS AND LOGOS THEY HAVE.  Some of them are very, deeply occultic.  You’d have to know mythologies, etc to understand where their emblems and symbols came from.  Way too much, way ahead of what young guys on the street would know.  It’d be an interesting little detective work to do, to go into that and find out WHO GAVE THESE GANGS their particular logos and emblems and so on because, I’m sure, a lot would turn up.  Without the gangs, you can’t have the drugs distributed.  That’s was why the Hells Angels were allowed so much free scope in places like Canada for instance, where they’ve even been let go at certain times.  They need them to distribute the drugs.  You cannot have a police build up over the last 20 odd years, 30 years, without drugs and a war on drugs.  Drugs have been very beneficial in creating the POLICE STATE.  In fact, they couldn’t have done it without it.  That was the main reason for recruitment drives and so on and more money, more gizmos, and more surveillance on the population, it was under the guise of DRUGS, so gangs were necessary.  However, as I say, young people, when they’re deprived of parents, will have a neurotic need for a substitute.  That is why the gangs and so on take over.  We find even, the gothic era, the gothic dress and fashion came out of one series on television and that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, promoted by Hollywood.  They copied it.  They dressed macabre and they acted very, very sadistic and so on… little, weak behavior.  All from TELEVISION, promoted by EXPERTS from the top TO them. 

From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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Transcribed by Diana