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Bretton Woods Part 2:
"The NGOs have got the Goods
For the Second Part of Bretton Woods,
Itemized, Too Many to List Them,
New World Servitude, New World System,
Go Join a Group, There's One for You,
Ready-Made Culture, Clothes, Music Too,
Chickenhead Cops (in Financial Depression)
Funded to the Hilt, Gadgets of Oppression,
The Phoenix System in Transition,
Drop Pants, Bend Over, Assume Position,
Ignorant Optimists Misunderstood
Pavlovian Response, Change is Good"
© Alan Watt Oct. 31, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 31, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)





“Code of Silence” by Bruce Springsteen

There’s a code of silence that we don’t dare speak
There’s a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there’s nothing wrong
But there’s a code of silence and it can’t go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain’t enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There’s a list of grievance 100 miles long
There’s a code of silence and it can’t go on


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 31st of October, 2008.  I always encourage the new comers to look into my web site at www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download as many of the previous talks I’ve given on the big matrix, the big REALITY you’ve been given as you possibly can handle.  Also look into www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download and print up written in the various languages of Europe. 


We are on the roller coaster.  We are the cannon fodder for the generation.  The cannon fodder that Rockefeller and others have called us in meetings gone by.  The generations which will be going through the big change, the PLANNED change.  Change which literally was planned long before any of us were born.  We find this with the writings of the big players of the past who helped set in motion and helped the big think tanks organize into reality the foundations for this massive change.  That’s why the slogan is all around you, ‘Change is good.’  And all those cheering fools that have their banners about ‘CHANGE’, never ask what they mean by it.  DEFINE CHANGE.  Tell us what change your talking about. 


We’ve had this in democracy for ever, this ‘vote the last bunch out and vote someone else in.’  We get so fed up with the corruption in the last bunch, we vote them OUT.  That’s what democracy really is about, not voting IN the new because we like them.  We’re just so sick of the old boys.  And so on the game goes because the left and the right wings are just two wings attached to the same body or the same bird or phoenix because in reality, it actually is. 


Change, change, change is what they keep talking about, is what it’s all about.  What’s changing?  Well, we’re changing into a planned, controlled society.  That’s been under way for a long time now.  Governments have never, ever catered to the public.  They’ve always pandered to special interest groups and lobbyists.  Most people think of the lobbyists as being the big international corporations and that is true.  That is ONE segment of it, however, there’s another part of it and that’s the big foundations with their THOUSANDS of non-governmental organizations that demand CHANGE.  Not haphazard change, but planned change.  You’ll find when you look into them, they’re all coordinate by the same handful of foundations.  Thousands and thousands of lobby groups managed by foundations and think tanks. 


WE are brought up to believe we stumble down through time, haphazardly like a drunken man through a field and eventually, over time, we learn where the pot holes are and where the log down in the field is to jump over and all that kind of stuff.  In other words, we get obstacles in our way and we find ways around them.  THAT’S WHAT WE’RE TAUGHT FROM CHILDHOOD ONWARDS, but nothing is further from the truth because societies ARE PLANNED and even the big conflicts in your day that you live through, are planned as well. 


The changes we’re going through now, as I say, is into the planned society.  You cannot read old books by masters of fiction and nonfiction, like Aldous Huxley and Brave New World, without realizing that someone who KNEW about genetic engineering, IN THE 1930s, and who could write a book about it, very entertaining book, talking about the CREATURES that would serve the elite in the future, where we almost are today.  You can’t look at those books without realizing that this man had INSIDE information.  That’s the key to everything.  He was one of the elite’s helpers at that level.  I’ll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and before the break I was discussing how everything is planned, long before we’re born, and THAT is how those who rule and have power, the DOMINANT MINORITY, as Huxley called them, DON’T LOSE POWER.  They are INTERGENERATIONAL planners and they pull it off making sure their own children take over and grow up in their footprint, so to speak, with the reigns of power still in their hands, intact.  The public themselves NEVER KNOW THIS and they are taught NOT to believe in it.  They’re taught to believe that all politicians make all the big choices and plans and get around all the obstacle courses and get us across that field, by their debating and their arguments.  Nothing is further from the truth. 


Bureaucracies, since the League of Nations, have BYPASSED politicians with their head departments as they coordinate each other and with each other, THROUGH the United Nations and before that, the League of Nations.  They don’t need to go through the politicians any more.  That was written about by HG Wells at the foundation of the League of Nations.  Now, we don’t VOTE bureaucracies into power.  In fact, they’re very secretive.  We don’t know what they’re really up to or what their particular part in the agenda is.  We just throw mud at the politician and that’s what the politicians are really there for.  They receive the mud.  That is how the world is really run.  It’s by deception, because you don’t want the public to KNOW that they’re already under a form of totalitarianism, even though today it’s right in their face.  They can’t escape from it. 


If they have the memory of the last few years, definitely from 9/11 onwards at least, they’ll see that we’re going into a completely totalitarian type future.  Huxley talked about this in his lectures.  He thought that we could go into a Brave New World scenario GRADUALLY and that we’d come to love our servitude, as he called it; but he pooh-poohed the idea that they’d even need an Orwellian phase where Big Brother comes down on you with the boot… in the face… forever.  He didn’t see that so much happening but what we’ve actually lived through is both of them happening simultaneously.  They’re using the military.  They’re using the police powers.  They’re using all the agencies they have to control the public and get us to be OBEDIENT.  That’s the key to it.  All these irrational laws that are thrown upon us are to get us to COW, cow us down, to make us more obedient so that we’ll accept the next part and the next part and the next part. 


Humiliation – as Pavlov found out in his experiments, not only on animals but on humans – humiliation is essential for humans to accept totalitarian rule.  When you feel weak and insignificant, you tend to rush along with every new law that’s thrust upon you without questions.  At first, you can be indignant.  They must get you over the indignancy phase.  I try to get you back into indignancy because if we loose that all together, IT’S GAME OVER.  It’s so easy to read every day in the newspapers about children’s aid societies coming down with SWAT teams now on people.  Or over the last few days, 29 police cars and a helicopter called to a domestic dispute in England, where they ended up shooting a guy.  You see these things DAILY now, the MASSIVE overreactions of authorities to situations that were dealt with at one time with a couple of cops. 


This is to cow the public into keeping LOW.  Keep your head down, you don’t look authority in the eye and you say, “Yes, massa.  Yes, massa.  Yes, massa.”  We should all learn to repeat that over and over and over so we don’t get beaten on the heads by the thugs which they now employ.  We see them everywhere.  Cops everywhere now have shaven heads.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Canada, the US or anywhere else in the world, shaven heads.  And with the flack jackets on and all the rest of it and the steroids they’re on, they look just like the cartoon figures that they’ve grown up playing with, with their video games.  They are now the cartoon characters only they’re carrying the real weaponry.  It’s tragic what’s happened, but it was all done by design.  Nothing happens by itself. 


Part of the big change we’re going through is the economic change over between the old system, and this might be fairly gradual to start with, until we get into the next step of this system.  John Maynard Keynes, and I read this from last Wednesday I think it was, talked about bringing in a new system that is NOT based on selfishness.  Remember, going back to the writings of Cecil Rhodes, which became, with the Lord Milner Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they talk about bringing in a world of SERVITUDE.  Servitude, where you will be born with a function to serve the world state.  John Maynard Keynes talked about this too, where the whole prospect of working for yourself and ACCUMULATION would be out the window.  Of course, he didn’t say anything about the upper class.  He was classed as a socialist himself.  People don’t realize that if they go into the writings of the top socialists and even the founders of the Fabian Society, these elitists were not there for the working people - in fact, they were heavily funded by multi-millionaires like the Astor family - but to lead the working people INTO this world so WE would accept sterilization… being of the lower order of things… and WE would accept the rights and privileges of being matched up to breed with better genes and so on… or else you wouldn’t breed at all.  That’s what they were all about.  That was the REAL socialism of the day. 


It’s amazing how many things came out of Blavatsky’s Theosophy and blended into eventually Marxism and Nazism or Fascism.  They all came from the same ROOT, a theory of the world based on SERVITUDE to a WORLD STATE, a WORLD ORDER and everyone acts as the whole.  There’s no INDIVIDUAL allowed.  That’s what we see today.  Individuality is utterly, utterly taboo.  The United Nations has openly declared that the causes of all previous wars, lying as always, were due to the individual and therefore they’d have to eradicate it.  That’s why children in school for years now have had ‘group think,’ where they all HAVE to go along with the popular opinion that’s basically intimated to them by the teacher.  If you don’t go along, you’re ostracized.  They used to use this technique, you see, in religious groups.  They would shun someone who had an idea that was heretic or profane.  They’d shun them until they begged to get back in.  These people love to belong to the group, especially youngsters.  That’s what the entertainment industry and those who run the entertainment industry know, that youngsters WANT TO BELONG TO A GROUP so they give you the different groups.  They give you trendy fashion ones, they give you the bad boy ones, and they give you the clothing and everything to go with it.  That’s all part of culture creation where the Fashion Industry works with all the other arts.  Something they’ve always understood. 


It was amazing, too, in the days of Mao Tse Tung in China, when they were going through their cultural revolution and everyone in China wore these blue sort of overalls.  And it just happened to be in the West that they brought out the blue jeans.  Everybody wore blue denim and of course, it’s all associated with the Blue Lodge, although most folk don’t know that.  We’re always being made a laughing stock of as we adopt whatever’s given to us and we want to belong to A particular GROUP.  With the baggy pants and so on which was not designed by some guy in the East end of some city.  The east end being, of every city, that the smoke would blow from over the rich places over the east end, not the other way around.  That’s why it’s always an east end of a city.  They gave them baggy pants and so on, the bad-boy look and promoted that through music.  Whatever your particular mentality is, they have a group already made for you even when you’re a youngster.  It’s all catered for, before you’re born.  I’m sure the fashions in the next 20 years are already created NOW and they’ll unfold them step by step, year by year as we go along, same with the music… if we call it music at all. 


This money thing, everything revolves around economics, as John Stuart Mill talked about.  Mill was an interesting guy.  He worked for the British system.  His son took over the same name and the same line of duty.  They both talked about the different RACES that would be allowed to live through into the new age.  The first writings were in the 1700s.  They even had lists of the people who would NEVER adapt to the white man’s way of life.  American Indians were part of that.  He said they would never get into a routine of working 12 hours a day or whatever it happens to be and therefore they’d have to perish.  Again, all in line with Darwinism, even before Darwin came along, to sort of make it official for them.  Really, it’s an old religion.  It’s pre Darwin.  Darwin is just a spokesman to bring it out into the open.  They had the African down as well.  Out of that came the whole eugenics movement.  And from it all we find that Nazism and Fascism and Communism or the Soviet system, came out of the SAME ROOTS, based on materialism and man’s purpose in the great scheme of things to do with economics. 


Bretton Woods was set up during World War II to deal with the massive debt that was being incurred.  Remember, World War II pulled the Western countries out of the Great Depression.  Suddenly, they had lots of money that they could borrow and the bankers were willing to give them for war… it never fails.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to show people how the world is DIRECTED by big think tanks, big lobby groups all working together, and, I have no doubt, for a single head at the top.  Generations are pulled through, crisis after crisis in this great crisis creation system.  Out of each crisis you have a new synthesis basically, that comes out.  That’s what they’re really after.  They’re training us step by step, through a thousand different ways - even through cartoons for children - that the world can’t sustain so many people and they’ve been at this for along time, centuries in fact, with the same battle cry where they have to cull down the people. 


They don’t like people very much at the top but it’s a necessary evil.  We’ve got to polish their shoes and make things for them, but we don’t make so many things nowadays; therefore, we’re surplus.  China makes most of the stuff that’s needed for their survival.  So, what do they do with the excess stock?  They want to cull them, bring them down.  How do you do it in the end?  You can use all the means possible but mainly economics.  The greatest way to get scarcity is warfare.  Therefore, you have a war on terror, world wide and it will go on as long as they wish it to go on until the whole world now is standardized and under one system.  Then you’ll find the battle cry WILL CONTINUE all through all of this, of bringing down the population.  The economic system can’t sustain it.  The world can’t sustain it and so on and so on and so on.  Even though the statistics show that the birth rate in the Western world has been plummeting for years.  It doesn’t change the fact, you see.  Facts don’t matter to them so much.  It’s propaganda that matters.  They discount facts all the time.  David Suzuki, one of the great champions for all of this and backed by the big foundations, openly said on CBC radio, they had to kill thousands per day to save the world.  That was a couple of years ago.  He stated we’re losing (I can’t remember how many) thousands of species per day FOR YEARS.  For about 30 years he said this, and if he was right, there’d be nothing left on the planet today… not even an amoeba.  Well that isn’t so but it doesn’t stop him prattling off the same stuff.  He’s well paid to do it, of course.  PERCEPTION overcomes reality with propaganda.  That’s its point and the purpose. 


Here’s an article from IPS news on Thursday, October the 30th.  



DEVELOPMENT: Bretton Woods II: New Lifeline for Ailing Giants


Analysis by John Vandaele


BRUSSELS, Oct 28 (IPS) - Europe, by way of the hyperactive French President Nicolas Sarkozy, demands a Bretton Woods II, that is, a major shake-up of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. This is as much a rescue operation for two organisations that have lost muscle as a call for a new financial architecture.  (Alan: Now, that’s not true.  The World Bank and the IMF have been working with various companies, including Britain during Thatcher’s reign, to pull them out of the hole.  Really, they’ve been sitting in the side lines for a while because they’ve been waiting for NOW to bring them to full power and authority.  That’s why they set them up.)


Up until mid-October 2008 the IMF, the world's most important financial institution, did not play a role in the unfolding credit crisis. The G7 (the seven industrialised nations, the United States, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, Italy and Japan) had given the task to make recommendations to the Financial Stability Forum dominated by the G7 countries, effectively bypassing the Fund.


Also, the IMF proved powerless in prevention of the crisis. For years the Fund deplored the rising macro-economic imbalance between China and the U.S., which lies at the heart of the current crisis. The IMF had to do this because article 1 of its charter says one of the purposes of the IMF is "to shorten the duration and lessen the degree of disequilibrium in the international balances of payments of members." But the Fund simply has no real power over countries such as the U.S. or China. (A: Then it goes on and on and on with the usual kind of news but in the same newspaper, October the 30th, it says, )


FINANCE: NGOs Call for Radical Reforms as IMF Offers New Loans

By Jim Lobe


WASHINGTON, Oct 29 (IPS) (Alan: Although this part was written October the 30th.) - Two weeks before U.S. President George W. Bush hosts an economic summit to address the six-week-old financial crisis that has wreaked havoc on the world's capital and stock markets, a coalition of nearly 600 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from 88 countries is calling for a "fundamental and far-reaching transformation on the international financial and economic system."  (A: So here you go again.  Here’s anther side of the story.  With it’s big meeting and calling for a new system, a Bretton Woods II.  Now, does anyone that you know actually go to these meetings?  NO.  Well here’s 600 non-governmental organizations from 88 countries going to it.  Now, do you have any input into any of this or what it will come out with?  NO.  Do you believe in democracy?  Well what’s this then?  A CLOSED SHOP.  THE NGOS.  See this is the new Soviet system I’ve been talking about for a while.  That is what Soviet means… rule by councils, NGOs.  Just like the Soviet Union, the people didn’t manage the NGOs or pick their leaders.  They were picked by the Politburo.  In the Western world, it’s the big foundations who put their men and women forward to lead these organizations.)


In a statement released Wednesday, the groups demanded that the upcoming Group of 20 meeting Nov. 15 here to the way for a much broader and more inclusive reform effort in which all of the world's governments and international civil society should participate. (A: Oh, really?  Give me a ticket.)


I’ll be back with more about this, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt discussing an article from the IPS News to do with the big meeting of the group of 7 or 8 or 100 or whatever the heck it happens to be now because they keep changing the figure for different purposes.  They have different groups but it’s really all the same people backed with the same NGOs working on behalf of us apparently, even though we don’t vote the NGOs in.  That’s the new kind of democracy.  That’s what they MEAN by democracy.  THAT’S WHAT THEY MEAN when you hear DEMOCRACY, “We must bring democracy to the world.” They’re talking about the Sovietized system.  It says here,


"It is of course imperative to agree on immediate measures to address the crisis, and we emphasise that priority must be given to responses to the impacts on ordinary employees and workers, low-income households, pensioners and other extremely vulnerable sectors," according to the statement that was signed by Friends of the Earth (Alan: Look in to Friends of the Earth because this does not sound like their usual spiel.), ActionAid, and Social Watch, among other international groups. (A: Do you VOTE for any of these people?  Do you know anything about them?  Because these people now are apparently representing YOU.)


"But we are deeply concerned that the proposed meetings will be carried out in a rushed and non-inclusive manner, and, as a result, not address the comprehensive range of changes needed, nor fairly allocate their burden," it said.


The groups, which also included Civicus, the European Network on Debt and Development (EURODAD) (A: That’s rather sexist, eh?), and Jubilee (A: Jubilee is of course, from the biblical ‘jubilee’ where you forgave the debt after about 50 years or something.), decried what they called a "double standard" by which wealthy western governments, in dealing with the crisis, were currently engaged in the kind of government intervention that western-dominated institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had forbidden their poor-country borrowers. (A: This is amazing, this SCAM that’s going on with the poorer countries.  The big bankers LOVE lending money to the first world countries who then lend it out to the poor because they know the poor can’t pay them.  They know that through the World Bank, they’ll write it off.  However, the richer countries like Canada, the States and Britain and so on are written down as the guarantors, so WE end up paying these debts off.  They write them off and we pay the actual loans and then our governments go and give them another loan.  It’s a bankers’ scam, you see, a bankers’ scam.)


"The double standard is not only unacceptable, but it also signals the demise of free-market fundamentalism," the statement said. (A: When has there ever been free market fundamentalism?)  "The international financial system, its architecture and its institutions must be completely rethought." (A: See they’re talking about bringing in a WHOLE NEW, SECOND PART of the Bretton Woods Agreement, the one that Maynard Keynes talked about. "The international financial system, its architecture and its institutions must be completely rethought.")


The statement comes on the eve of the first meeting of a U.N. task force set up by the president of the General Assembly, Miguel D’Escoto, and chaired by Economics Nobel Laureate and former World Bank Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz to make recommendations about how to cope with the ongoing crisis.


It’s amazing to realize that everything that really matters in our lives, if we allow the system to continue the way it is, IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL.  Every crisis that’s brought upon us is outside of our control, THE INDIVIDUAL’S control.  We’re taught this over and over again, “LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS. You don’t know enough, leave it to the experts.” The world that Bertrand Russell kept talking about bringing in, it’s happened; and in reality, people are never IN reality.  They don’t know what’s really going on.  They’ve been taught to simply play and be entertained and leave the big problems to their betters.  God help us all when our betters are 100% in charge of us, it’s literally GAME OVER for all of us.  


This article here falls in line with what I’m talking about because I’ve talked before about how you must learn to forego your indignation to be subservient to the elite.  And how Huxley TALKED about the Brave New World scenario hopefully coming in step by step until the public would sort of GLIDE into it, generation by generation with the acceptance of new technologies and pharmaceuticals and so on and genetic engineering.  Out of it would sort of just come, this Brave New World scenario.  He didn’t foresee or didn’t think it was possible, although he didn’t discount it, that Big Brother would use the BOOT and the CLUB on the public.   However, we’re getting BOTH methods used at the moment.  As they go through into the Brave New World, we have to go through the big boot on the face, on the human face, stamping on the human face.  That’s why they’re using terrorism and massive police forces, which are just para-military organizations.  They’re armed to the teeth and itching to go. 


This is from the Mail Online. 


Police to get mobile fingerprint scanners amid plans to hold random identity checks

By Matthew Drake

Last updated at 7:06 PM on 27th October 2008


Police forces will be issued with mobile fingerprint scanners amid plans to carry out random identity checks on people in the street.  (Alan: Now, this is in Britain, but, you see, I’m speaking from a COMMONWEALTH country that was, up until recently, called a DOMINION of Canada, basically owned by the Queen and it still is.  Everything is Crown Land.  That goes for Australia and New Zealand and other countries as well, under the Commonwealth idea.  The Commonwealth being set up, remember, to be the NUCLEUS and the BASE to build a GLOBAL SOCIETY.  That’s what the United Nations has stated too.  Everything that happens in Britain that leads the forefront of the SOCIALISED SYSTEM happens very quickly in other countries too, even those outside the Commonwealth countries.  Whatever happens in Britain, happens in the States very quickly, thereafter.  They’re going to issue the police forces with mobile fingerprint scanners.)


The new hand-held devices will enable every officer on the ground (A: See they’re ‘on the ground’.  They even use military terminology.  Officers on the ground) to receive instant images of suspects as part of a scheme codenamed Project Midas.  (A: There’s a lot of gold, a lot of money to be made there in high technology and totalitarianism.)


No bigger than a BlackBerry smartphone, the technology will be widely distributed to every force in the UK within 18 months.  (A: Now that means this was planned YEARS ago.  When they bring in something in 18 months to come, that means this was already up and planned and debated and organized years ago.)


Senior police chiefs claim the operation will rapidly improve police reaction times and hasten the speed of criminal investigations.  (A: It’s amazing.  Britain has the most cameras, I think, of any in the world, per capita and yet it hasn’t helped them with crime at all.  Because that’s not the purpose of it to help stop crime.  Crime is necessary for them to have a totalitarian system… at least the excuse for it.)


But critics warn the device is yet another step towards a sinister 'big brother' state, controlled by mass surveillance and random checks on innocent citizens.


Each photograph is enhanced using 'facial mapping' techniques which, when combined with computerised facial recognition, could allow CCTV cameras to trigger an alert when they film a known criminal. The planned Facial Images National Database project would allow every force to access the photographs for the first time. (A: So here it’s working IN CONCERT as they KNEW it would 20 YEARS AGO and long, long before they put cameras in.  They had all this mapped out step by step where they’d bring it to.  See they’ve already got these CCTV cameras not just going to people in your local area, THEY’RE ALREADY IN A CENTRALIZED SYSTEM IN THE NATION, for the WHOLE NATION.  They’re all connected together.  That was in the movie, Enemy of the State.  It’s the same in the US.  It’s already set up.  You’re being watched wherever you go… instantly, as soon as you walk in a store or onto a street.  Your photograph is digitalized and up comes your name on somebody’s computer.  Fingerprints and facial recognition now are going together.)


In a bid to address fears police insist fingerprints captured on the scanners will not be stored or added to any databases.  (A: But they’ve been lying to us for years.  That’s what you get with the cops.  Have you ever noticed how they wear the little chessboard around their hats in Britain?  Have you ever wondered why?  The black and white squares, the dark side and the light side.  All Masonic.  Amazing.)


Liberty, the civil rights group, is concerned about the introduction of scanners, quoting the law which requires any print taken in such circumstances to be deleted immediately after use.  (A: Ha, Ha, Ha.)


Gareth Crossman, Liberty's policy director, said: 'Saving time with new technology could help police performance but officers must make absolutely certain that they take fingerprints only when they suspect an individual of an offence and can't establish his identity.'  (A: Really?)


The Home Office is understood to have already allocated (A: Listen to this…) £50 million (A: That’s 100 million dollars.) for 10,000 of the mobile devices by September. (A: For 10,000.  Great business for their boys, eh?  Great loot.  Great lolly, as they say.)


A prototype machine has already been trailed during a series of tests carried out by motorway patrols.


Details of the equipment and the proposed scope of use emerged from a presentation by the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA).  (A: Oh, God.)


A preliminary phase of Midas has already set the taxpayer back £30m-£40m (A: That was already done, so here’s another 50 million pounds on top of it.) but it is expected to cut the performance time for the fingerprinting of suspects arrested or detained and free up officers for other duties.  (A: Free up officers for other duties...)


At present, officers have to take suspects to custody suites if they need to check their fingerprints.


On average the procedure is reported to take 67 minutes with many taking far longer.


There you go.  You know, again, there’s no indignation from the public UNTIL IT’S THEIR TURN TO BE HARASSED by one of these many agencies and groups and so on.  They all started as services, the police SERVICE, from the ‘peelers’ they called it, the peelers.  People like John Peel was the first guy to set up a policing system for the rich areas of London, England because there was so much poverty during the industrial era, industrial revolution.  They called them the peelers and then they called them ‘coppers’ because they wore a copper badge on their helmet.  And they’re still called SERVICES even though they harass and harass and harass.  They’re buying more equipment, pretty well, than the military is buying now.  Why?


Everything leads to a question and people don’t ask the right questions…  They don’t ask too much at all, actually.  I’m going to go to the phones now and see who I’ve got.  I’ve got Fred from SD. 


Fred:  Hello?


Alan:  Hello, Fred.


Fred:  Hi Alan.  How are you?


Alan:  I’m hangin’ in here.


Fred:  That’s about the best the rest of us are doing.  You know earlier you were talking about the Fabian Society and I don’t really think a lot of people out there understand the influence that the Fabian Society has on ALL the governments, in ALL the countries.  Another thing that I don’t think people really understand a lot of is the Hegelian Dialectic that’s being used to mind control our social structure and political structure and such.  If you could, maybe you could talk a little bit on that.


Alan:  That I could do.  I know the Fabian Society, as I say, Wells wrote about it.  HG Wells and he was one of the founders of it.  He did mention that when the Astor’s were sent over from the States to help run and finance it… and Lady Astor said to him, we can’t fail now.  WE CAN’T FAIL.  Now money was merged with an agenda, you see.  This agenda was on behalf of the elite who foresaw the need to start bringing down the population DRASTICALLY because they knew that they were going to have a post-industrial era and they didn’t want all the people around that they had built up for their wars, etc and the industrial revolution.  They wouldn’t need them anymore, but this was for a planned society that they wanted to bring in.  They did want to cull off those with what they call inferior genes.  These are the guys who were into eugenics on a massive scale.  Even today the top Labour candidates in Britain are often members of the Fabian Society.  They still put out, I think, a magazine with their agendas, etc.  They’re the most RADICAL OF ALL and it’s NOT for the working people.  See, the elite at one time looked around, especially the upper middle classes, looked around the big industrial cities of Europe and they were OFFENDED by the terrible poverty of the working class.  It offended THEIR EYES, LITERALLY.  Wells himself, who was the son of a servant in one of the elite families homes, he was brought up there, became terrified of the working class because his mother was only one step away from joining them.  He had a neurotic reaction and ended up hating and despising and being fearful of the working class.  Therefore, he was a perfect candidate to be hired by those elites whose idea and solution was to start eradicating those with lesser genes and the poor.  They called it the ‘poverty gene.’  They set up the Fabian Society.  You’ll find Sidney and Beatrice Webb who helped the co-founders of the society.  I mean, Sidney was a complete bureaucrat who brought the language of bureaucratese into existence with his resolutions and his sub-paragraphs and so on and so on and so on.  This is how it’s run.  That was the prototype for the rest of the world to follow and all the big NGOs to follow and all the big foundations to follow.  That was the first main one and it’s still AT THE HEAD OF A LOT OF THEM TODAY. 


Fred:  And they do use the Hegelian Dialectic, though, right?


Alan:  Oh, yes.  Absolutely.  The very fact that they don a working guise is part of the Hegelian Dialectic.  If you look at even the supposed people who’ve been Labour, representatives who’ve become Prime Ministers in the last few years, they’ve been more conservative than any conservative they’ve had.  The public can never get it through their heads that they’re all working for the same agenda.  It is the same agenda.  THE PARTY SYSTEM IS A JOKE TO FOOL THE PEOPLE.  Tony Blair was supposedly a Labour representing big labor, you know.  He was the most fanatical war mongerer that we’ve ever seen for a long, long time. 


Fred:  You know I don’t think a lot of people understand that, how the Hegelian Dialectic SHAPES our perceptions of the world.


Alan:  It isn’t just the perception, it’s the outcome.  You see, they sit and plan... we want to take the world from here to there.  How can we do it?  Well we need to get a problem.  Get the people to go against the problem and have a solution, WHICH IS THE OBJECT in the first place.  I’ll be back more after this break. 


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and we have Marcus from Philly there.  Are you there Marcus?


Marcus:  Hey, Alan, can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes, I can.


Marcus:  Great.  I just want to say thank you for all your work, first of all.


Alan:  That’s okay.


Marcus:  My question has to do with everything that you’ve talked about about language.  Such as tonight is Halloween.  I think you said once that it was the eye of the sun, right?


Alan:  Halloween is a joke too.  It was given by the Templars because people think of as hallow, which is also Halo, which again is from the sun, but it’s also Hollow and in old English, een, was eye.  So you have the hollow eyes of the skull.  It’s the skull, you see.  It’s a big joke on the people. 


Marcus:  Wow.  A little bit of my question is are any researchers, people exposing this inner language, any books that came before you that you found to be good or someone inside the establishment that wrote about this?  Or any books about the history of this language?


Alan:  You’ll find John Dee did write different articles, letters and so on about language itself.  He was around at the time, he said, we are creating the language of the future - he and [Francis] Bacon and others - the international language of the future, for commerce and it would be called English.  Well, they worked together to bring in what became King James, or Shakespearian English.  We know that from the writings of Dee, even in the one called The Calling Down of Spirits, or something, it’s Contact With Spirits, it’s actually a code book where they were using the language and they were putting coding within it for their own members of Rosicrucians, so they’ve had that in the past.  We also find that Browne’s Code, Browne, from Freemasonry, he also had a code out for Freemasons although that’s almost obsolete, some lower masons still use it today.  There is coding out there.  Generally you can’t get a hold of their books.  You might get Browne’s Code and you also get references, or little innuendos in the writings of Mackey, who was one of the big historians for Freemasonry.  Even Pike himself, gives you a lot of double and triple and quadruple meanings of words.  We also know that Orwell, in his book 1984, has a discussion with the department of the dictionary.  He says, it’s a beautiful thing, the MEANING OF WORDS.  Then he goes into a little diatribe of about how with linguistic minimalism you bring down the words within USE until the people couldn’t convey a thought.  When they have minimal words in use then they were of no danger to the elite because they could NOT convey the thoughts of even revolution.  There’s many aspects of language itself from coding, to the way that sentences are strung together, to paragraphs and the words themselves are used.  The ones who use a lot of this, the psycho-linguistics in marketing and in the big marketing companies that work with Presidents and Prime Ministers and WRITE THE SPEECHES AND THE SCRIPTS, they’re very careful of the words they choose and how they string them together.  It leaves PICTURES in your mind.  It leaves impressions.  You see that with Obama, he uses lots of emotional, emotive language and hypnotic statements in his speeches but he never actually says anything of concrete meaning.  It’s all very vague.  That’s hypnotic technique that’s used with psycho-linguistics. 


That’s it for tonight.  That’s the music coming in.  And from Hamish and myself, under a well sprayed sky, in Ontario, Canada, and I MEAN REALLY WELL SPRAYED, it’s good night and may your God, or your Gods, GO with you.





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