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The Emotive Changeling:
"The Stage of Election is Over, it Seems,
Voters Sit Back and Wait on the Dreams,
The Internationalist Elect will Get His Orders,
On Containing People Within His Borders,
Using Increased Surveillance, Mechanization,
Foes Abroad Standardized with Americanization,
Borrowing for the Abyss will Know No Limit,
The Cash of the World would Never Fill It,
He Promises Dreams, Policy Major,
Followers Entranced by Establishment Saviour"
© Alan Watt Nov. 5, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 5, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


“Code of Silence” by Bruce Springsteen

There’s a code of silence that we don’t dare speak
There’s a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there’s nothing wrong
But there’s a code of silence and it can’t go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain’t enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There’s a list of grievance 100 miles long
There’s a code of silence and it can’t go on


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 5th of November, 2008.  Newcomers look into and on the web site you’ll see lots of previous talks I’ve given where I try to tie a lot of the machinery together that creates this big system that we live in.  I try and show you how we’re guided down through time by those who do the planning.  After all, if we don’t plan our own future, someone else will.  That’s the history, really, of what they call civilization.  Civilization itself is not just a progress towards something, no one defines progress at the lower levels.  We think it’s to do with technology and toys that are given to us.  It’s much bigger than that.  It’s progress towards a particular ending, a planned society under a single world type system.  I try to tie them together by showing you the big players that are involved, the big think tanks that create public policy and your governments that SIGN these policies basically into their format and their laws… which effect all of us.  Also look into for transcripts which you can download written in the various languages of Europe.

I’m sure everyone is probably happy to get the main election over and done with and the hoopla is over and all the PREWRITTEN, scripted speeches have been made.  The public are ready to have another few years of another bunch coming in and DECIMATING THEIR PURSES as we move towards this Brave New World scenario.  Now that the Fascist side has set up the machinery over the last few years for world total control, and also at home as well for total individual scrutiny and observation, we now have the other side coming in to complete it at HOME.  That’s what’s going to happen now as they basically Sovietize the system in the U.S.  Canada, of course, will follow suit because we’re part of the American conglomerate.  We’re being amalgamated into the Americas once again.  It wouldn’t matter if you had a Muppet put in there.  I was thinking that today, that the cookie monster wasn’t bad.  At least he could play the drums, he could do something of some use and he had some originality in him.  Whereas the guys that we are given, are given to the public because of supposed backgrounds which are generally pretty well fictitious.  They have as much in common with the working people as… well, the Queen does. 

You’ll find that the policies that are being put in now have all been already written up long before this person has even been PICKED AND CHOSEN TO BE THE PRESIDENT and of course, not by the people.  It’s sad to live so many years and watch the same GAME in every country across the world, with THIS party and THAT party, and how they play this TANDEM game of theirs, this ping-pong game to keep the public from having natural revolutions.  It’s really something because growing up in Europe, I used to watch the Labour Party coming in – and they were basically the Democrats – and they’d always nationalize things.  They’d run up massive bills, etc of public tax money and squander it.  Then they’d say they’d have to privatize it when the conservatives would get in.  They would then privatize it and basically sell it off to their buddies for peanuts after the tax payer with the previous bunch had renovated the whole system and paid for it.  This went back and forth for my whole life time when I lived over in the U.K.  The same thing is happening in America with public/private agreements.  I’ll be back with more about this after the following break. 

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and I’m talking about how the big game works.  As I say, when one side is in they tend to nationalize things, pump public money into it, and put the tax payers on the hook for payers to big institutions.  The institutions being railways, things that we really need to keep the system going of commerce and so on.  How they basically sell it to their buddies when the next party comes in.  This has been happening for over 100 years this way.  In democracy or democratic countries, we tend to vote the last bunch OUT when we get so sick of them because we see through their arrogance.  The average Joe on the street sees through their arrogance.  We see the money they squander and it’s no coincidence that the big bubble in the financial sector was meant to BURST just before this election to make sure that the boy who was authorized to get in, DID get in. 

It was also interesting to hear the Canadian press commentating on his speech.  And these speeches at the end, of course, are written maybe a year ago, in case they win.  It was interesting to hear, the commentator said, that there’s nothing that you can pin Obama down on because everything he says is basically emotion, it’s emotively based and there’s no real facts there.  You get statements like The American Dream, so you’re going to have another dream for a few years and The New Dawn, of course, is mentioned, is very occultic and something about the LIGHT and all that, again, occultic coming in, religious terms as well, but nothing CONCRETE TO DO WITH ANY POLICIES.  Therefore, we have very smart people at the top, as we KNOW, who will manage this man and bring him through into the next phase of the Sovietization AT HOME of the system.  I haven’t heard him say that he’s going to take it down, all the security barriers within the U.S. that’s crippling people with their travel and their personal lives.  I’ve heard none of that. In fact, if anything, he’s standing up for the military abroad and all the usual stuff.  He’s a system’s man, and unfortunately all those who cried and did the Hollywood stuff for him last night will take a few years to find this out, but that’s tough cheese because the masses never really look too deeply into anything, anyway. 

They want a savior.  They want someone who’s a God, a big Santa Claus that’ll fix everything for them personally and very quickly.  It reminds me too of the old biblical idea of an ancient Israel that could commune directly to its God.  Everyone could commune directly to their God and they wanted a King, like all the other tribes around them, a representative ON EARTH.  Of course, once they got the King in, then you’ve got to get him a big throne and get him fancy clothes and keep him in style and you go the way of the world, but it’s also human nature.  You see, people want to worship humans. 

Everything today is public relations.  The whole image of those who supposedly run for candidacy is CREATED.  IT’S A FICTION THAT’S PROJECTED TO THE PUBLIC.  There’s nothing about these people or their lives - that we’re TOLD about, that is - that isn’t either fictional or very, very dressed up for public consumption.  That’s how it is and as I say, it wouldn’t matter if you had a Muppet in because those behind the scenes will still run THIS part of the game as well… as they have in the past.  That’s all I have to say about politics because I’ve never really got involved in politics in my life.  I’ve watched them, I’ve analyzed them; I know the games. 

When you go into really deep study to find out BIG think tanks, think tanks and organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, that have their men scattered throughout government and bureaucracy, they also have their men often IN POLITICS as well.  They’re supposedly a non-political organization and yet everything they’ve ever published about what they’d like to happen in the world, JUST COMES ABOUT because they do create public policies FOR government, just like the RAND Corporation.  Look at the big players in the RAND Corporation and it’s always advising governments on the future.  You’ll find most of them are all CIA and FBI employees…  That’s the reality of the world.  Those who believe in democracy live in a total and complete fiction.  Run by Hollywood, directed by Hollywood, speech written by Hollywood, for all its emotive content about dreams and so on, and that’s all you get is the dream OR generally IS THE NIGHTMARE.  So help us all. 

Now, what’s also happening in this world is something to do with the Middle East, I’ve been on about it for a long time, and that was the set up of Israel.  I went through some of the history of Israel, not just starting with the old Zionist movement and the Rothschild days in the 1800s, where he financed Russian Jewish immigration into Palestine, as it was called then.  And then the massive immigration that came with the building up of World War II and afterwards, but I’ve also gone in to the Colonial Powers and those who were given the JOB of directing Palestine on behalf of Britain and behalf of the Queen, actually, like Sir Ronald Storrs and what he wrote in his own books.  One of them was called Orientations.  He gives the history of the build up of this future state of Israel.  It was no surprise to him in the ‘30s, that it was being built up to be a state and also an ARM OF BRITAIN because he called it A New Ulster, an Ulster to be set up in the Middle East.  If you know the history of Ulster, they did the same thing from England, from London I should say, really, when they set up Ulster in Ireland, it would be a thorn in the side… for centuries.  And yet this ties in with it too because from the Israel Today magazine,


Headline News

Friday, October 24, 2008

 Israel Today Staff

Shimon Peres to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth


Israeli media reported this week that the Israeli Embassy in London and Buckingham Palace are close to an agreement on having Queen Elizabeth confer honorary knighthood on Israeli President Shimon Peres when he visits the UK next month.

The appointment would make Peres a Knight Commander in the Order of St. Michael and St. George, a title (Alan: Now, listen to this.) usually reserved for British colonial affairs officials, foreign-service officers and high-ranking diplomats in Commonwealth countries. (A: In Commonwealth countries.  I’ll repeat that for the hard of thinking.)

However, the Queen has on numerous occasions appointed foreigners to the Order. Among some of the more famous are Bill Gates (A: Well, my, my, my, the self-made man.  Ha. Ha. Ha.  I love these self-made men stories.  They’re so popular amongst the people.) and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The honorary nature of the appointment means Peres would not be entitled to prefix "Sir" before his name. (A: But that’s not true.  They can amongst each other of his peer group.)

Israeli Foreign Ministry sources cited by The Jerusalem Post warned that the Israeli media's focus on the story could prevent Peres from being knighted during his upcoming visit, as opponents of the move will now try to scuttle it.


So there you are.  Why would the Queen be handing out all these Knighthoods?  And what’s so important about getting a Knighthood?  It’s obviously VERY important to a lot of people.  Look at all the big players IN the Council on Foreign Relations, the U.S. branch of The Royal Institute of International Affairs, that have been given TITLES and brought into the Knighthoods.  Even Gorbachev was brought in as a Knight.  It’s quite interesting.  You’ll find even TOP GANGSTERS had on their wish list the wish to be KNIGHTED by the Queen, if they gave enough money to charity.  Quite something, but people don’t ask the right questions do they?  In fact, they don’t ask any questions at all.  They like to listen to emotion and promises of dreams and all that kind of stuff. 

We’re going into an age now where SERVICES and basically secular humanism can only go in one direction and that is into the world of madness.  You see, secular humanism is based on the fact that man is just a malleable creature, that can be trained and remolded LIKE ANY OTHER ANIMAL.  We have see the techniques and the multi millions of dollars that are being spent over the last 100 years in psychiatry and psychology and criminal rehabilitation, especially on the side of perverts and so on, where they found out after all this massive spending spree they’ve had and all these ideas and theories have been tested out, THEY CAN’T CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOR.  They can’t do it.  What’s even more important is how authority has been taken away from PARENTS AND HANDED OVER, REALLY, TO SCHOOLS.  I had an article given to me a couple of weeks ago, to do with the fact that they’d set up almost torture like chambers in some schools in Britain.  It was an experiment based on some of the ideas of Guantanamo Bay for unruly pupils.  Where they literally set them in a locked room – it was all darkened and the walls blackened – and they could only stare at a corner for hours on end.  Yet if the parents were going to do that to their own children today, they’d be in jail.  However, the teachers can get away with incredible things because you see the generation who’d brought those children, IN TURN, had been socialized or domesticated which means the same thing.  They EXPECT the state to take care of their children.  They now passively accept the fact that the STATE has more authority over their child than they do.  Things are happening today which would have caused RIOTS in the past, RIOTS FROM PARENTS.  Not today.  Not with the domesticated parent generation. 

Here’s one of the wacky ideas that is now getting put into effect in Britain, in the British schools.  From the BBC,


BBC News

Monday, 3 November 2008

Foot massages calm unruly pupils

Disruptive schoolchildren in south London will be given foot massages by
(Alan: THE RAPIST, I like to call them THE RAPISTS, rather than therapists.)
therapists to help get their aggressiveness under control.


I’ll read more of this when I come back from this break.

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just discussing how the great secular humanists that run the world have now decided that the problem with young men who become unruly in school, is they need their feet massaged, apparently, and they’re going to spend big money to do so.  Funny how they’re always discovering things, eh?  I never, every caught on to that.  I thought it was hormones that was kicking in with me at school.  It never dawned on me that I needed to get my feet massaged.  It says here,


Reflexologists will visit 74 primary and secondary schools in Lambeth and tend to children under 13. (A: This will come on all over the place.  It will catch on like wild fire across the Western world.  Now, primary school is from 5 years on and up.)

Lambeth Council has budgeted £90,000 next year for reflexologists from London-based charity Bud Umbrella.

The council said it makes "no apologies for using different and innovative methods" to tackle aggressive children. (A: See, parents were doing things wrong all along, all down through the centuries.  They should have been tickling their feet.  Mind you, not anyone can tickle it properly.  You need A PROPERLY trained reflexologist, apparently, to get the proper, you know, yin and yang pressure points.)  

Bud Umbrella's website says the therapy can calm aggressive feelings, improve listening skills and concentration as well as relieve anxiety and stress. (A: I wish I’d caught on to this when I was young.)

A spokeswoman for Lambeth Council said: "We make no apologies for using different and innovative methods, but this obviously won't replace more traditional ways of dealing with anti-social behaviour.

"We need to deal with the root causes (A: A little pun there, the root cause.) of young people's behavioural problems and nip them in the bud." (A: There’s another little pun there obviously to do with the charity that’s got the contract.)

The council said it had put an extra £2m into youth services and its programmes used traditional and innovative measures to tackle anti-social behaviour.

It said its programmes had led to a 50% increase in attendance and 60% decrease in exclusions among young people in the borough. (A: Which is a LIE because you see, they’re actually putting young offenders in institutions if they don’t go to school and threatening their parents if they don’t do the same with them… if they don’t send them to school.  THAT’S why they’re going to school.)

Reflexologists apply pressure on specific points on the feet to treat a number of conditions.


Wow… Wow!  So there you go.  Things are going to get crazier and crazier.  I said years ago, the hardest thing as you go through into this Brave New World, this New World Order, will be to hang on to your sanity as you go though it because you’ll have madness from all directions, at least what appears to be madness from ALL directions.  Here’s another piece of nuttiness.  We get lots of nuttiness because there’s so many stories out there to try and SPIN A TRUTH AWAY FROM THE FACTS AND THE TRUTH.  Generally, when something’s exposed, it’s intended to cover up something else which is becoming known to the public, so it’s spun off in another direction.  We know that autism has been SKYROCKETING since the ‘60s really, the ‘50s and ‘60s.  We know that we had pretty well LOW levels of it BEFORE certain vaccinations were given to children.  The new type of autism generally comes in within a week to two weeks after the child first being given it’s major 3 shots, the triple shots, at about 18 months of age and then suddenly the child deteriorates and stops saying mama, dada, and so on… and I want.  It doesn’t say that again.  Here’s what the experts have come up with. 



Tuesday, 4 November 2008

BBC News

Rainfall autism theory suggested

(Alan: Rainfall, people are getting PAID to come up with these theories, you know.)

Increased rainfall, or something linked to it, may be connected to the development of autism, scientists say.


The theory is based on child health and weather records from three US states, but has been given an icy reception by UK experts. (A: That’s how the British humor is, an icy reception.)

The work appears in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

The rising rate of autism - up, by some measures, from one in 2,500 (A: That’s what it used to be… one child in two thousand five hundred and it’s now ONE IN A HUNDRED AND FIFTY CHILDREN.   It’s amazing, see, this is what I mean, when something as drastic as this happens and there’s no crisis made about it, you can tell THERE’S SOMETHING ELSE BEHIND IT. It’s the same with the sperm count plummeting since the ‘50s in the males of the West.  Every year, they give us the data, every year they tell us it’s lower and lower, we’re almost sterile… but there’s no crisis made about it.  Same here.  It used to be one child in 2,500 would get autism.  Now it’s every child in 150...  a child in 150.) to one in 150 - has been attributed mainly to improvements in the way doctors are able to recognise the disorder.   (A: Which is utter rubbish because it’s easily recognizable.)

However, scientists from Cornell University say this does not exclude a factor which may be independently increasing the number of children growing up with the condition.

They calculated average annual rainfall for California, Oregon and Washington State between 1987 and 1999, then looked at autism prevalence rates in the children growing up during this period.

They found that rates could be linked to that amount of precipitation in their state between these dates.

They added: "Autism prevalence was higher for birth cohorts that experienced relatively heavy precipitation when they were younger than three years."

The reason for the link, if it exists, might not be directly related to rainfall, although the scientists said it was possible that the process of rainfall might affect the chemicals to which children were exposed. (A: Well, they’re spraying the hell out of the skies – have you looked up for the last 10 years?  But this has been going on for a lot longer than 10 years.)


I’ll be back with more after this break. 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just going through some of the nuttiness of today on tonight’s show.  The nuttiness will get worse and worse as the scientists get paid, of course, to dream up these theories and practice crazy things on the public.  Here’s a SPIN on autism.  They had to come up with something, you see, but what they don’t explain is the FACT that it’s always been raining, in the same countries and they didn’t have the autism before the rain.  Maybe they should have started on that premise rather than catching a hold of this idea and running with it.  It says here,


They also suggested that being forced to stay indoors for longer periods could affect development, perhaps by increased exposure to television (A: They’re all watching TV, you see, when they’re a year old, year and a half.), or to household chemicals, or even through a lack of vitamin D, produced by being out in sun.   (A: Well, they’re not out there playing at that age much, you see.)

However, they made it clear that none of these was more than a theory, and called for further research to see if the link was a real one. (A:  The real causes are staring them in the face but THEY WON’T GO THERE.)

Mark Lever, chief executive of The National Autistic Society said the latest theory would join a succession of others advanced about the condition and its origins.

He said: "In recent years autism has been linked to factors as varied as older aged fathers, early television viewing, vaccines, food allergies, heavy metal poisoning, and wireless technology, to name just a few.

"Some of these theories are little more than conjecture or have been discredited, others seem more promising and are in need of further study. (A: You’re darned right they are because they will NOT TOUCH THE INOCULATIONS.  It’s very, very important to them, apparently, to keep this agenda going.  Very important indeed!)


Here’s another article.  I’ve mentioned in the past how we’re always given examples of helping the sick or infirmed or those who have terrible, debilitating diseases as the reason why they’re going ahead with CLONING.  We’ve heard all that in the past but we haven’t seen anything come out of it except magic mice and Dolly the Sheep… so far.  The fact that the Japanese, apparently, have brought a mouse back, well… they cloned a mouse that was put in cryogenics 16 years ago and they’re jumping from that to the possibility of bringing back a hairy mammoth, so that’s really going to help the sick.  Getting back to the sick again, this is from CBS News. 


Nov. 2, 2008

Harnessing The Power Of The Brain

Scott Pelley Reports How Brain Computer Interface May Help The Paralyzed In The Future

Cathy Hutchinson (CBS)

(Alan: Now, we know they really CARE about people who are sick.  We can tell by the amounts of disability pensions they give them… just enough to SCRAPE through if they’re lucky, if they can go to food banks as well.  They’re spending all these millions of dollars to IMPLANT certain people and test it out.  Now we know DARPA came out with the first one, where they put a chip in a paralyzed victim, paraplegic, and connected him to a computer and through THOUGHT, apparently, he was able to send an occasional email.  I say occasional because it didn’t work all the time.  This is not the real purpose of course.  They’re simply the MATERIAL TO BE USED.  There’re so many of them, that are willing to try anything on an individual basis and they allow themselves to be experimented upon.  The real reason is to get SOMETHING INTO THE PUBLIC in the future.  Ebert, the guy who used to be in Siskel and Ebert, is on a YouTube video, I think it’s YouTube, where he’s talking to one of the big players, a big talk show host on television, about the coming BRAIN CHIP.  It’s out in the open today and it’s nothing to do with helping paralyzed people. I’ll continue with this front story here.)

(CBS) Once in a while, we run across a science story that is hard to believe until you see it. That's how we felt about this story when we first saw human beings operating computers, writing e-mails, and driving wheelchairs with nothing but their thoughts.

Quietly in a number of laboratories, an astounding technology is developing that directly connects the human brain to a computer. It's like a sudden leap in human evolution (A: Here’s that sudden leap, again.) - a leap that could one day help paralyzed people to walk again and amputees to move bionic limbs. As correspondent Scott Pelley reports, the connection has already been made for a few people, and for them it has been life changing.

Scott Mackler was a husband, father and successful neuroscientist (A: Just the average Joe.) when he received perhaps the worst news imaginable. At the age of 40, he could run a marathon in three and a half hours, but it was about that time he discovered he had ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. (A: It’s strange too, Lou Gehrig’s disease and all these other diseases that are chronically debilitating, are often associated with the inoculations that they get too.  They even have warnings on some of the flu shots for things like this.)

"I know the future holds lot of love and joy and pride and that life goes on and I’ll be watching you along the way and I love you very much and I'll see ya," he said in a home video. (A: This is what he said after having his particular chip put in.)

Today, Scott Mackler's mind is sharp as ever, but his body has failed. Doctors call it "locked in" syndrome. Scott and his wife Lynn learned to communicate with about the only thing he has left, eye movement.

But recently Scott found a new voice. "Can everyone hear the PC? I apologize for the quality of the voice," he asked in writing.

Scott wrote these words, one letter at a time, with nothing but his thoughts and the help of what's called a brain computer interface or "BCI." He wears a cap that picks up the electrical activity of his brain and allows him to select letters simply by thinking about them. Then the computer turns his sentences into speech.

"I hate being helpless and when other people put words in my mouth," he wrote.

"Well, this is a very unusual interview for 60 Minutes. We've done something we never, ever do, and that is we've submitted the questions in advance because it takes Scott a little while to put the answers together using the BCI device," Pelley remarks.


And it goes on and on and on, but here’s how they introduce it to the public under almost a charitable reason and we accept that very, very simply.  We’ve got to jump back in reality again and think, now, government has been going on a marathon itself to totalitarianism where they’ve admitted they’ve got to have ALL information, all information on EVERYONE in data computers, AT ALL TIMES.  For a totally controlled society, everyone must be predictable; therefore, ALL information is gathered.  The present project is called TOTAL INFORMATION NETWORK.  TOTAL means total for those who don’t know.  For those who don’t know, look it up in the dictionary.  TOTAL INFORMATION NETWORK… that’s everything you say, do, whoever you communicate to, with whatever means you use.  It also means all your banking, your income, your money going out, what you purchase, what you eat, EVERYTHING.  TOTAL INFORMATION NETWORK.  It also has your personal data information on your relationships, for the groups you attend, people you know and then what their relationships are as well.  This is where the world is going and if you think they are going to give you these BRAIN CHIPS and these COMPUTER INTERFACES to help you, you’re up a gum tree. 

Think of THE POWER.  Think of THE POWER the governments will have when they have the ability to monitor every individual and not only a one-way monitoring, they can also put information BACK IN.  In other words, SOMEONE IS PROGRAMMING YOU AND SOMETHING’S INTERFACING WITH YOU.  That really is the goal because I’ve READ the documentation before from the first major science meetings at the Loyola University in Louisiana when the World Science Community got together, dealing with the brain chip and HOW they would get the public to accept it.  It’s all ready to go, they said, IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF GETTING THE PUBLIC TO ACTUALLY ACCEPT IT.  They said that this would be done mainly through FICTION, through movies and novels, science fiction and so on.  And sure enough, the meeting was almost over, not quite over, and that movie came right out… to do with the brain chip, of the main character, in a world where everyone was brain chipped in the movie. 

That’s how it’s done.  The whole idea is to monitor people.  They also said at that meeting that REGIONAL computers… now, regional is a term that’s used now for AREAS and countries that are grouped together but it also means CENTRALIZATION when you go into the documentation on regionalism, centralization.  Centralized computers will be able to program YOU and everyone else in that area.  They said that you won’t have your own voice in your head.  You’ll have many whispers of many people as information goes back and forth from people to the central computers and data is FED to the people FROM the computers.  You won’t have peace and quiet anymore.  Now, all they have to do is get the people to ACCEPT IT. 

That will come with the next big crisis that comes along.  Now, when they can tell you, which they will, that they can calm you down by using your own chemicals in your body, your own brain chemicals, to tranquilize you… simply by stimulating a part of the brain through the help of these chips.  That will be a side effect of it.  People will LOVE IT.  People will love it.  For a very few people they’ll have to mandate and FORCE THEM because they won’t take it.  Most people will take this technology… I can guarantee it.  I’m not being pessimistic.  I just watch the masses… and I talk to the masses, often. 

We’ll go to the callers now, if I can get this page up again and see who’s on the line.  Okay, is Judd from New York there? 

Judd:   Hello?

Alan:   Hello.

Judd:   Alan?

Alan:   Yes.

Judd:   How are you doing?

Alan:   I’m hangin’ in here, as always.

Judd:   You see any Chemtrails today?

Alan:   I saw lots of them today.

Judd:   I see them all the time over here too.  I wanted to tell you… everybody’s talking about the election now.  I don’t watch TV at all and it’s funny how even when you avoid the TV, you still get propaganda by the people who’re watching the TV. 

Alan:   I know.  I know.  They’ll even use the phrases that are downloaded into them BACK TO YOU.  

Judd:   Today at my job, somebody comes in.  It’s a black guy.  He gives me a high five and he’s like, “Yeah.  We did it.”  I’m looking at him like, what did we do and how, what’s that going to change?  Then he looked at me and he thought about it and he came to his senses and he was like, you’re right. 

Alan:   That’s right.  (Laughter.)

Judd:   It reminds me of a quote I was reading in Jacques Ellul, can I read it?  It’s a paragraph?

Alan:   Yes.

Judd:   He says, “Modern man can think only in terms of figures and the higher the figures, the greater the satisfaction.  He looks for nothing beyond the marvelous escape mechanism that technique has allowed him to offset the very repercussions caused by the life technique forces him to lead.  He is reduced in the process to a near nullity.  Even if he is not a worker on the assembly line, his share of autonomy and his individual initiative becomes smaller and smaller.  He is constrained and repressed and dark in action by an omnivorous reality which is essential to him and imposed upon him.  He is no longer permitted to display any personal power.  Then suddenly, he learns that the airplane his factory manufactures has flown at 700 mph.  All his repressed power soars into flight in that figure; into that record speed, he sublimates everything that was repressed in himself.  He has gone one step further toward fusion with the mob.  For it is the mob as a whole that is moved by performance that incarnates its world to power.  Every modern man expresses his will to power in records he has not established himself.”

Alan:   That’s says it all.  It does say it all.  It’s true enough, when you see millions of people all expecting someone that they DON’T EVEN KNOW - all they have is the public relations PROJECTION they’ve been given, about an individual… in an age where they admit at the TOP that governments… there’s so many governmental departments, no one person can even get used to them all and count them all, there’s that many of them… never mind the President - but they expect one person, to make everything just better.  It’s like a child, you know, who cuts his hand and he goes up to daddy or mummy and he says, kiss it better.  Make it all better for me.  THAT’S how they treat people, like deities.  It’s just astonishing and more so in America because, once again, they’ve been brought up by Hollywood.  And Hollywood truly has given them the lone gunman that can come in and clean up the dirty old town while everybody else just sits back and takes it easy.  The got used to this image that someone’s going to do it all for them… but not themselves, of course.  It’s astonishing to see paternalism come in, in this way, where a big daddy comes in and GROWN adults burst out in tears.  It’s just astonishing to watch this. 

Judd:   Jacques Ellul also said that you can only stare and marvel at a system that can still poison AND give you the antidote. 

Alan:   This has been WELL taught, you see, well taught in the very schools that Obama and Cheney and all the rest of the crew at the top WENT THROUGH.  They were taught this stuff, the stuff that Ellul’s talking about.  They were TAUGHT the sciences and the mentality of the mass man and they’d never say anything off the cuff by themselves.  They always read their speeches or they memorize their speeches.  They’re just actors on the stage. 

Judd:   Thanks for taking my call Alan and I’ll call you in the future. 

Alan:   Okay.  You hang in there.

Judd:   You too.

Alan:   That’s the key to it, really.  If we truly can not stand up for ourselves, and mind you, I must admit it’s getting harder for people to do it in a society which is so restricted.  We’re restricted in what we do.  People are worrying and scurrying to keep jobs, to change jobs and try and get higher pay, in an economy which was PLANNED to go down the tubes when they signed the NAFTA and the GATT treaties and allowed all the factories, etc to move over to China.  In fact, they PAID THEM to move over to China with YOUR tax money – that was part of the treaty – without replacing jobs for those people who are now out of work.  People are really stressed out these days.  They don’t want to go into HEAVY books when they come back home and find out what’s really going on.  They switch on that television set which truly is the most amazing DRUG.  It is a drug and it’s the best tool for indoctrination that’s EVER been developed.  It keeps people passive and it keeps them in a hypnotic state.  With children, it’s well understood in psychology, are in a natural hypnotic state.  They drift in and out of it, every few minutes, in fact, from a dream world to what they’re doing as they play.  They’ve managed to update this and bring ADULTS into it too.  In fact, they’ve grown up, never coming out of the hypnotic state.  I’ll be back with more after this break. 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll see if Andrew from British Columbia is there.  Are you there Andrew?

Andrew:  Hi?

Alan:  Hello.

Andrew:  Hi.  I was looking at a copy of America Under Attack, a Newsweek extra edition that came out after 9/11.  And there’s and embed of a skull… giving us the finger. 

Alan:   (Laughs)

Andrew:  Oh.  You know that?

Alan:  I’d heard that already.  They do have their symbols all over the place, in plain view usually and the public never really catch on.  They love their little… Disney is the same.  I don’t know if you looked at Disney cartoons.  They’ll have phallic symbols and penises in their background and stuff.  There’s a whole bunch up on YouTube on that.  They do love to put it in PLAIN VIEW and the public never, never seem to catch on.  You know.

Andrew:  Is it almost like they’re inviting us to catch on?

Alan:  It’s taunting us.  It’s TAUNTING us at the same time and again, it’s also saying well what are you going to do about it?  You know.

Andrew:  Maybe even hopefully asking us what we’re going to do about it?

Alan:  You’d like to think so.  I know a lot of the guys in the media, who belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, they’re allowed certain dissenting opinions on the main agenda, minor opinions, and sometimes they’ll put their little bit in there, even the cartoonists will do it.  I don’t think people realize that even cartoonists belong to these societies as well.  Anything that gives you public opinion, generally is controlled in our culture. 

Andrew:  Another thing about this Newsweek image, after 9/11, if you look at it, it’s the extra edition of America Under Attack, and it’s not a photo.  It’s an artistic thing.

Alan:  An artistic rendition.

Andrew:  Exactly.  And if you look at it, it’s a serpent attacking an unwitting sheep. 

Alan:  That’s right.  Of course, on the occult side of it, they are the serpent and we are the sheep.  (Laughs)

Andrew:  For sure.  And the attack is happening at the corner of the building.  (Laughs)

Alan:  I know. Anyone who’s watched all those videos coming down, has seen controlled demolitions, and there’s no doubt about it, THIS WAS PLANNED.  As I say, they needed something to kick off 2001 and that was planned.  I have no doubt about it whatsoever.  To bring in… look what’s happened to the WORLD since 2001.  Of course, everyone thought at the time, we have to fight OVER THERE, and it never dawned on them you’ll have totalitarianism back home as well.  That’s really the object of it.  That’s what came out of it, totalitarianism.  It’s not just the U.S., it’s everywhere.  All Western countries went into action at the same time with the same totalitarian laws and now we’re going into the GLOBAL society where we’re all to be chipped and monitored and… we’re to be GLOBAL citizens.  That’s another thing that Barack Obama kept talking about in his speeches was GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP.  The term that the Rockefellers, they use, because Rockefeller gives out the global citizenship awards.  So here you have an internationalist voted in as a President in a national country.  (laughs)  It’s quite something.  That’s the music coming in for the end of the show.

Andrew:  Okay.  Thank you.


That’s the music coming in for the end of the show, and for a very heavily sprayed sky in Ontario, Canada, we’ve got heavy spraying here at the top of the jet stream, it’s good night, from Hamish and myself, and may your God and your Gods go with you.



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