Nov. 7, 2008 (#190)


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 7, 2008:

The D'Obama Lama and the Sheep:
"Tears Flowed in Torrents for Messiah Obama,
The Public were Led through Vast Psychodrama,
Appointees Emerge, Some Cunning as Rats,
Out of the Darkness Stroll Monied Fat Cats,
Dictates Will Come as Dictator Sees Fit,
Dialectic New Day, New Boss, Same Shit"
© Alan Watt Nov. 7, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 7, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 7th of November, 2008.  Newcomers look into, that’s the web site.  I’ve put a lot of old talks up there.  Don’t think that OLD has no purpose.  We’re into the society where everything NEW supposedly is better.  But if you don’t understand the histories of what’s been running this world and shaping the wars and the revolutions then you’re DOOMED.  It’s as simple as that.  You have to know what’s behind it and then hopefully, you won’t fall for the same tricks again.  Also look into and download transcripts which you can print up and pass around to your friends.  They’re written in the various languages of Europe. 

Now, remember, that I’m here, basically, because people will donate or buy my books and DVDs and so on.  We do, in this age where you have instant switching on TVs and computers, we do have a population that think that somehow that everyone who’s up there, they think is rolling in the money, and I am not because… I could be.  I certainly could be.  I could go the same way as everyone else and promote various advertisers and so on and that’s where the big money gets rolled in from.  You can do pretty well with that but then I don’t want to bore you, which I think is not right for the talk show, to bring on people who are just there to plug their products, no matter how good they are.  I try and separate the two.  Therefore, I keep going because YOU donate to me and I have to remind people to do so.  There’s thousands and thousands of people across the planet that listen.  I know that for a fact.  There’s no problem with that… but very few will actually come up and help me keep going.  It takes money just to run the sites and so on.  And extra help I have to farm out to people once and a while to people to keep this whole thing going so, I am relying upon YOU to do so.  When it stops coming, I’ll just fade away and do other things, and probably live pretty well then because I can earn a decent income.


We are on a roll into the next phase.  Everything’s happening on cue, as planned, to bring us into the next phase of a socialized, organized, planned world society.  I’ve gone over some of the histories before and the big foundations that are behind it.  How they’re all interlinked.  How they all specialize in their own areas of society, industry, technology, etc to make all of this happen.  I’ve told people before that I don’t play politics or listen to politics because that is the method by which they BRING the dialectic into being.  The people vote in to what they think are saviors, only to find out 4 or 6 or 8 years later that they’re further in the CESSPOOL than they were when they started.  They can’t really ever figure why out the person, that they think they put in there, has reneged on all their promises and turned a tyrant on them.  Mainly, it’s because too, they don’t do any homework whatsoever.  It’s also partly due that whatever candidates that are presented to the public, they’re always given a fictitious background – almost a Hollywood image – it’s completely fictitious.  We’re never told really who’s backing them, who’s the big boys behind them until they’re elected and then the big, fat rats come out of their cesspools again and we find out WHO THEY ARE and now it’s emerging who’s been backing Obama, the real ones who are the real movers and shakers because Obama isn’t a shaker.  He’s just a mouthpiece.  I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the politicians that are presented to the public with their fake backgrounds, very Hollywoodish backgrounds, and it’s no wonder because they USE professional script writers and image makers.  There’s nothing better than poor, milk boy makes good.  The Rothschild’s started off the same way and told the same lie over and over on how they sold rags, in the ghetto, and just out of collecting, you know, rags and reselling them, they could afford a few gold coins which eventually, they managed to sell to a Prince, and he went on from there.  Just like that… being THRIFTY, BEING THRIFTY, you see.  Utter BS, as they say.  In reality, old Amschel worked at one of the biggest banks in Frankfurt.  That’s where he was TAUGHT his trade. 


We always get the same story over and over and I do know that Obama sat on the boards of BIG, charitable foundations, the ones that dish out the money, but the way it’s going here you’d think truly, he ran around the streets and collected money in a tin cup and nothing is further from the truth.  You have to go into his background, his mother and so on and his father.  You have to go into… the only sites where you’ll find him actually being CONCRETE about any projections of what he’d do if he was in power, and that’s the Council on Foreign Relations. That’s far more important to them than the public, you see.  The CFR is one of the biggest groups, NGO groups, that dictate public policy.  That’s where you find them giving their answers to things. 


Now, we’ve had the Fascist bunch in and they’re job was to get the Fascist system set up but also trying to appear to be still American.  Even though they were putting MASSIVE SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE AND TAKING AWAY ALL THE RIGHTS OF THE CITIZENRY, they didn’t go out full length with the Kyoto and all this stuff with sustainable development.  Now they’ve brought the other boy in who, you see, will put the cap on it by introducing all those things that the other one didn’t and making full use of the completely surveilled society.  That’s how the game is played.  As I say, when you watch who’s appointed, you’ll see the big, fat rats come out and go into their histories and you’ll see the usual shocks you’ll get by their backgrounds to do with the military industrial complex.  It’s very, very interesting.  


What’s also interesting too, is Obama’s big speech he made, not so long ago, about the necessity for an internal security ARMY basically - a civilian one, A MILLION STRONG - THE NEW STASI, basically, for the U.S.  This has been played exactly as it was planned, not by him, but the same group that plans BOTH SIDES and how they pull the wool over the eyes of the public.  The public never, never learn.  They get the glance at the newspapers, even the newspapers have it all broken down.  How the average person looks at the headlines, looks at the photographs, gets the basic idea and that’s what’s left in their head.  That’s all they… that’s as far as they think, in fact.  Plus they’re always looking for a savior who will undo all the bad things that the previous bunch did.  Well, that’s never happened in history, with a change of government.  I always thought that was odd when I was a CHILD, how Conservative and Labour would take turns supposedly ruling the country, and arguing about policies and laws, etc.  Then when the next bunch comes in, they don’t throw those laws out.  They just keep them on the books and pretend they’ve never objected in the first place.  This is how it’s run.  It’s a show for the public.


The United Nations was set up, remember, go into it’s history – for those who haven’t gone into it’s history – try and get a hold of the old books that were written by the big players at the time, who where very up front about the fact that it was set up to be WORLD GOVERNMENT, A SOCIALIST RUN SYSTEM.  Socialist did not mean it was for the working people.  It meant, that the working people would be run, in an expert fashion – population control, all of that – was tied into it.  They also talked about a WORLD GOVERNMENT and how they’d have to phase it in, in stages, because the nations of the world, the populations of the world, were not ready TO GIVE UP THEIR SOVEREIGNTY.  Therefore, go on the trail and you’ll find out HOW they planned to do it.  If you’ve lived long enough, you’ll see they’ve IMPLEMENTED MOST OF THOSE PLANS.  It’s very, very simple.  It’s intergenerational.  Carroll Quigley and others have mentioned that a foundation, one single foundation, can plan something and go 200 YEARS with its mandate, because people will come and go and get retired and new ones get trained in the same mandate and it can always its objective.  LONG TERM STRATEGY.  That’s as simple as that, not difficult at all when you have MASSES of money in these foundations. 


Mark Baard, who writes, in his issue November the 7th, today, 2008.  It says,


UN uber alles: Rules establish reign from outer space

Posted on November 7, 2008 by Mark Baard


Announcement encourages lowly earthlings to salute global governance.


The European Space Agency next Friday will launch a copy of the UN’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights to a permanent spot aboard a space lab orbiting the Earth.  (Alan: Good PR stunt.  Very expensive, but why not, the tax payer is paying for it.)


It’s a symbolic gesture, celebrating an empty promise, which the UN made 60 years ago to protect the world’s most vulnerable people.


“In recognition of the fact that human beings are at times downtrodden, the Declaration can symbolically find its place ‘above’ all the peoples of the world,” ESA astronaut Léopold Eyharts said in an announcement.


The Universal Declaration promises freedom from bondage, and a handful of other rights that only a psychopath could find objectionable.   (A: Again, it’s covered in mum’s apple pie.)


But the Universal Declaration is more than a list of shared values.


It also includes passages that strip away individual liberties and increase the power of the State(A: The U.N. has stated that the biggest threat they have is individuality.  And not just them, all the big players that work with them.)


Article 26 lays the ground rules for global public education.  Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and shall further their activities of the United Nation’s for the maintenance of peace.  (A: But you have to go into it, you see, because they set up UNESCO, a department of the United Nations, to give us a global, standardized system of education where SOCIAL ENGINEERING and PROPAGANDA will be taught unabashedly.  That’s what’s been happening.  I’ve read some articles about that recently.)


Articles 16 & 25 state the family, especially women and children, have protection by society and the state.  (A: And here’s the kicker…)  According to Article 29 of the Universal Declaration, if exercising your human rights brings you into conflict with “the purposes and principles of the United Nations,” your rights become null and void(A: In other words, if you have any conflict with the United Nations and their stated aims and purposes, then you have NO RIGHTS.  They will decide that YOU have no rights, whatsoever.  YOUR rights become null and void.)


Now, you’d better understand what THAT MEANS.  Your rights become null and void.  It also means that your rights for protection and freedom, etc, ARE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU.  You’ve got to be very, very CLEAR on that.  You can look into the story on’s web site.  As I say, it’s quite the agenda that’s under way right now. 


George Orwell talked about this ABILITY to control vast herds of people in his book 1984.  The REASON he could talk about this and understand it so well is HE HAD BEEN SELECTED to work and even fight, basically, for world socialism.  He was a member of a long lineage of bureaucrats, high level bureaucrats, for Britain.  His father was in charge of the Burma OPIUM Company for the Royal family who owned it in the 1930s.  He had a very good education at University, the Ivy League type.  He fought in Spain in the civil war there.  When he came back, we went around the social circuits telling the people they’d all been conned, been fooled, and that world socialism was a big lie and it was vastly different from the Communism as they’d been told it was so similar to.  Then all the lefties turned against him.  He was given a job in the BBC, during World War II in the Department of Propaganda.  That’s how he learned the SKILLS in propaganda.  His job literally, he said himself, was to convince the average housewife that the junk they were getting as meat and food, because of the rationing in World War II, was actually healthier for them and better for them.  Then, they told them how to make new recipes up.  In other words, they were CHANGING REALITY, completely changing reality. 


Of course, he met the other LEVELS of propaganda that was running Britain at that time and he realized that EVERYTHING WAS DISTORTION OF PERCEPTION AND IT WAS ALL DELIBERATE.  He coined the term ‘doublethink,’ which is "to know and not to know at the same time. To be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies."  That’s what bureaucrats and politicians do.  You’re conscious of complete truthfulness but YOU TELL carefully constructed lies.  "To hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled each other out.  Knowing them to be contradictory and believing in BOTH of them."  We hear that all the time too.  "To use logic against logic to repudiate morality while laying claim to it."  They’re always pretending they’re so MORAL in their speeches but we always see what they’re really doing.  And yet we’ll still stand up for WHAT THEY SAY AND NOT FOR WHAT THEY DO.  Remember what Toynbee said, "We always refute with our mouth that which we do with our hands."  I’ll be back with more after the following break. 


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix, showing you how some of the psychological techniques are used on not just the public but even on some of the bureaucrats themselves.  They’ll tell you with a straight face that their doing something in this direction and that they believe in the worth of it and so on, and hold a completely contradictory opinion, themselves personally, and still go along with both of them as though they were both quite correct… even though they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum.  That’s TRUE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.  It says here, "To hold simultaneously two opinions, knowing them to be both contradictory and believing in both of them at the same time.  To use logic against logic to repudiate morality reality while laying claim to it.  To believe that democracy was impossible, and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, at the same time.  To FORGET, whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again, at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly too forget it again.  And above all, to apply the same process to the process itself.  That was the ultimate subtlety, consciously to induce unconsciousness and then, once again, be unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed.  Even to understand the word DOUBLETHINK, involved the USE of doublethink."  And ain’t that the truth!  That’s how it’s run. 


Listen to the statements and opinions by people that you know.  The contradictory opinions they can hold in their heads at the same time.  They’ll say it with bright, wide eyes and stare at you.  Arnold Toynbee, who took over for his father as basically the guardian of All Souls College – that’s the INNER college for long-standing, life members of the Rhodes Scholarship for world government – he talked about… as I say, always denying with their mouth and their lips that which they do with their hands.  It is as simple as that.  The public all know something, but the person has to deny it, appear to be convincing with that nice, angelic face, and we want to believe them and so we accept the second version.  Not what we see.  That happens all the time.  Here’s what he said about the United States – remember he was an historian and a philosopher to an extent, HEAVILY involved in the world government scenario and gave speeches across the planet back in the ‘30s and even before that – he was talking about how the U.S. was set up to take over from Britain as the policeman of the WORLD to bring in the world system, the world government - and he talked about how it would FALTER, just like Rome, and rise for a while and appear to be all conquering, and then fall again and then rise once more, each one is like a smaller wave until it would just fall apart within.  He said, “The U.S. will set a record in the rate of rise and fall of an empire.  Between wide open boarders and the fall of the dollar, and the growing population against the declining resource base, it will be defeated from within.  Mobs will rule the streets in the nation that is now the third largest in the world, and unable to support its population except by taking resources from other countries.”  That comes from a guy who was up there with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Cecil Rhodes Foundations, The Lord Milner Group, the big boys that really run the show for world government.  The guys who SET UP, in fact, this system for world government, predicting all that time ago, what the agenda would be.  Meanwhile, they just announce things in the media as thought they’re just rediscovering it today.  The same think tanks have been working with their mandates for over 100 years and publishing their findings for anyone who wants to read it. 


It’s not really happy reading.  And there’s a lot of people can not really handle the bad news.  We’re taught to be ego-syntonic in this system and… there’s nothing wrong with being happy, but you can be a stupid, happy person as well, especially when the world as you knew was being taken away from you and you’ve been cancelled off.  You’ve been marked off the list as SURPLUS POPULATION or a USELESS EATER.  Here’s an article from the CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  It’s entitled, The Disappearing Male, November the 6th, 2008.  It showed, I think, yesterday for the first time but it’s going to show again on Saturday, November the 8th.  It’ll be worth watching.  I’ve talked a lot about this and how there are no accidents and what’s been happening to… we the people.  We’re being BIOENGINEERED by design.  We’re being killed off, by design, exactly as Charles Galton Darwin talked about it his book, The Next Million Years and many other books besides, all confirming the same agenda.  Through inoculations, food tampering, water tampering, they’d introduce hormones and so on to society, which would make the male pretty well sterile.  It would also alter the characteristics of both male and female. 


Well, we’ve lived through that phase.  It happened very quickly but they had all the time in the world to plan it, all the money in the world to implement it, and a dumb public that doesn’t seem to notice much because they don’t think for themselves.  They actually DO believe that the media will tell them what to think about and what’s important.  Because of that, all the media have to do is NOT tell you what’s important and what’s really going on and you can be very happy and ego-syntonic.  As I say, most folk can’t handle the bad news so never, ever overload people who can’t take it.  People are breaking down and becoming psychotic with the information that’s out there.  I hear the break coming so I’ll hold off on the story until after I come back.  See you in a minute. 


Hi, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve been talking about the disappearing male.  An article from the CBC which is replaying again and I’ve given the dates for it. 


The Disappearing Male


Premiering On: Thursday November 6, 2008 at 9 pm on CBC-TV

Repeating On: Saturday November 8, 2008 at 10 pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld



"We are conducting a vast toxicological experiment in which our children and our children's children are the experimental subjects." Dr. Herbert Needleman.


The Disappearing Male is about one of the most important, and least publicized, issues facing the human species: the toxic threat to the male reproductive system.  (Alan: So you’re getting a kick in the you know what.)


The last few decades have seen steady and dramatic increases in the incidence of boys and young men suffering from genital deformities, low sperm count, sperm abnormalities and testicular cancer.  Some researchers say that declining male fertility rates could be the first sign of extinction. (A: No kidding.  No kidding.)


At the same time, boys are now far more at risk of suffering from ADHD, autism, Tourette's syndrome, cerebral palsy, and dyslexia.


The Disappearing Male takes a close and disturbing look at what many doctors and researchers now suspect (A: Like they NOW suspect… this is the bottom level of researchers doing… that’s why it’s called re-search because they’re doing it all over again.  The real stuff that caused it, was done by the Military Industrial Complex a long time ago. That was the searching.) are responsible for many of these problems: a class of common chemicals that are ubiquitous in our world.


Found in everything from shampoo, sunglasses, meat and dairy products, carpet, cosmetics and baby bottles, they are called "hormone mimicking" or "endocrine disrupting" chemicals and they may be starting to damage the most basic building blocks of human development. (A: No kidding.)


However, they don’t talk about the needle.  See, that was another part of it too.  Charles Galton Darwin talked about the needle and so did Bertrand Russell.  ‘The needle,’ that is the word that Bertrand Russell liked to use, that would alter the human being as well.  He didn’t mean for the better… well, from his point of view it WAS FOR THE BETTER BECAUSE IT WOULD ALSO MAKE US VERY DOCILE and that was really his whole point of it - to make them docile but also to get the population cut down.  If you want to cut down the population, you simply make the people infertile.  We see from the ‘70s onwards and from those who worked in hospitals delivering babies that many women NOW have tremendous problems – not just older women, I’m talking about young ones too – because their hips haven’t developed properly and they have problems at child birth.  It came out suddenly and just escalated from there.  Men started getting skinnier, very little shoulders and many of them are actually becoming very effeminate today.  I don’t think it’s JUST the culture push, although that’s a big part of it too.  I think we’re literally being bio-engineered… and this is what’s really happening.  It says,


Facts about Male Infertility

·  Sperm counts have been cut in half in the last fifty years (A: It’s actually more.) - and 85% of that is abnormal. (A: No kidding.  It’s abnormal.  I like how they classified that part at that end.  It’s abnormal.)

·  In the last few decades there has been a 200% increase in male genital birth defects. (A: 200%!)

·  Male birth rates have declined. Since 1970 there have been nearly 3 million fewer baby boys.


And it gives you related articles underneath the site.  The Toxic House is one of them, the toxic chemicals.  You’ve got to understand, all of these chemicals were WELL TESTED AND PROVEN LONG, LONG AGO.  The bisphenol debate was started in the 1930s.  They KNEW how it effected males especially and how it cut down their production of sperm in later life.  They knew all this stuff, BACK THEN.  I’ll put these links on the site at the end of the show once I get it up on my web site. 


We’ll go to the callers now and we’ve got Keith from Dallas.  Are you there Keith?


Keith:  Good evening Dr. Watt.  How are you doing?


Alan:   Not so bad.  I’m hanging in here.


Keith:  Good to hear it.  Again, once again, great show and I just wanted say I have a couple of comments to give.  The first one, we really, really are the malleable clay on the potter’s wheel aren’t we?  I mean, they just keep doing whatever they want to us and no one notices.


Alan:   They don’t, no.


Keith:  No one cares and it’s just so sickening just being here and talking to people.  People are absolutely dead.  That’s really, really sickening.  It’s actually painful to talk to people.  You try to just give them a little bit of information and any time you tell them something, it’s, ‘Yeah, but.’  The spraying in the skies, it’s ‘Yeah, but…’  It’s amazing.


Alan:   I know.


Keith:  Or that you tell them things like well Barack Obama is SWORN to others and he’s been groomed for years for his position and everyone in his cabinet are all CFR or New American Century.  Of course, it goes over their heads.  They don’t want to admit that there’s a secret society connection to anything that goes on in the world and I’m like, why are you such a Christian, you should be saying Amen-Ra.  Of course, anyway, I just wanted to…


Alan:   That’s it.  They can not… you see, they truly want to believe in the dream and the dream is given to them by the media.  They want to believe that… because you see, domestication is socialized.  That’s what they mean by socialization.  It means DOMESTICATION and a domesticated herd want to believe that that ‘farmer’ keeps them because he likes them.  That’s exactly how the human beings are today.  Every little warning sign that they used to get through intuition, etc before is pretty well eradicated FROM them.  They don’t have that ability for self-preservation any more and you’re seeing the end product of it.  The signs are all around them.  They have NO PRIVACY WHATSOEVER and it’s getting a lot worse.  It’s going to get a lot worse now with the next bunch in to push it further, now that the structure’s been set up for implementation.  Even then, they’ll go to their graves never wanting to believe that this was all planned this way.


Keith:  Or even… I know some people that are really heavy into keeping their weapons – they’re into the 2nd amendment – and I tell them well Barack Obama is absolutely against you keeping your weapons.  I mean, he has a RECORD.  They don’t want to hear that either. 


Alan:   They don’t.  Barack Obama really is there to push the globalist… what he’s there to do is to bring America into the very structure they’ve forced across the world on to others.  That’s his job.  It is to completely socialize America now, run by experts, so you’ll have the bureaucratic masses that you do have in Britain and you’ll have DICTATES from all the different - we call them Ministries, in the Commonwealth Countries, all these departments of governments – DICTATING TO THE PUBLIC directly.  It’s the most boring, dull… it’s sovietized.  It’s the most depressing system you can ever imagine, where you need permission for EVERYTHING.  To do anything at all, you’ve got to have permission from a Ministry.  That is what’s his job to do.  You’re quite right.  He’s a complete globalist.  The one thing that came out in his speeches over and over was the ‘world citizenship’ and people got to understand where that term comes from.  We find that it’s USED by the Rockefeller Foundation.  They give out World Citizenship Awards to all the big players and in fact, most of the big players that have been in the positions of Presidency or even as Mayors of cities, are WORLD CITIZENS.  They’re not giving out little worthless awards, they literally are working towards the WORLD GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP SOCIETY.  A society based after Socrates… ANCIENT SOCRATES.  Socrates that was given the hemlock for causing revolution and goading the young to have revolution and bringing in a new system run by experts.  Socrates said, "I’m not a citizen of Attica or Athens, I’m a citizen of the WORLD, I’m a world citizen."  THAT’S why Rockefeller used that term.  It came from a very secret society that was in existence THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO. 


Keith:  It’s amazing to hear the people who again, they believe what the main stream television says and they go on about how, ‘Oh, it’s so sweet.  He came from humble beginnings.'  And I’m like, they said that same thing about Bill Clinton but we know he’s a Blue Blood and closet Rockefeller possibly and they don’t want to hear that either.


Alan:   I know.


Keith:  It’s, ‘yeah, but!’


Alan:   The silver spoon doesn’t seem to bother them much.  They must think it’s a fake one, made in China.  [Laughs]  These guys were raised on a different teat from the rest of us, believe you me.  As I said, I’d rather have a Muppet in there; you’d have a good laugh at a Muppet, at least.  These characters are just showmen.


Keith:  I think what’s amazing, you know, his Chief of Staff’s father… a real terrorist on the level of Mandela, blowing up hotels and massacred civilians and…


Alan:   That’s why Mandela was put away.  Mandela was tried in a court and he said in a court – it’s in the history books there – that he was collecting and stealing explosives to blow up civilians. 


Keith:  The worst part, Dr. Watt, is to hear just the average Mr. Everyman – like the HG Wells black person – and they think that he’s the savior and now Cadillac Escalades are going to go on sale for $9000. I know that sounds stupid, but this is exactly how people out here act, like Barack Obama’s going to save them and save their crappy job or whatever.  I’m like, you know this guy is… what jobs are Barack Obama promising to keep in America?  What, the police?  Because most of the industry’s already gone and I wonder, if YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED, but everything in Wal-Mart is made in China [laughs] or Malaysia or whatever. 


Alan:   I’ll have to go on to the other callers.


Keith:  I’m sorry.  Okay.


Alan:   Thanks for calling.  Now, I’ve got David from South Carolina.  Are you there David?


David: Hello Alan.  It’s wonderful to speak with you.


Alan:   How are you doing?


David: The quick thing for Keith there, that was a great point he made was that everyone is so busy surviving that they just don’t want to hear it when you interfere and you get in their little space and say that things aren’t just wonderful.


Alan:   That’s right.


David: My in-laws are like that.  But I appreciate the purity of your work.  It’s genuine and everything that you put out.  I’ve been catching up on some of your transcripts and things and I listen to your show every time, I try, it comes on and I’m GLAD you’re going to be on for 5 days for the next week, I think, is that right?


Alan:   Yes.


David: Okay.  That’s absolutely great and…


Alan:   I’m doing the suicidal thing.  I thought, well, I’m not getting any money coming in, I’ll do the least thing expected… and go down in flames.  So….  [Laughs]  I’ll give it one last push and then decide what I’m going to do.


David: That’s wonderful.  Lets see, considering when you were referring to Toynbee and his predictions I suppose for the United States, it kind of dove tailed into what I was going to ask you about anyway.  Considering the financial crisis, I know it’s engineered, maybe it’s got out of hand, but I know they want to break the United States.  That’s one of the most important goals is to get the Global Governments going, SMASH the United States.  I don’t know if it’s going to be a global war or an internal breakdown and Toynbee sort of hinted towards internal destruction and it sort of seems to be the case…


Alan:   It’s the case but I think what Obama is even talking about is… He’s falling right in line with the CFR and all the other big think tanks have been advocating the last few years and that’s a NEW ECONOMIC SYSTEM.  A system which takes, and he said it himself, it will take into account the ENVIRONMENT – so you’re looking at the greening project, the carbon offset, all the stuff that Kyoto brought in – and coupled with government NOW being involved WITH the banking system, which means that government now will make policies for the people who hold bank accounts.  They’ll tell you – this is coming; this will come down the road – what you can buy, as an individual, and then how much money you can take out of that account for what purposes and so on, and IT WILL BE USED AS A TOOL TO KEEP YOU UNDER CONTROL and VERY POLITICALLY CORRECT.  Bertrand Russell said that years ago, they’d bring in a system of credits.  See, money is just a credit.  It’s whatever they want to call it.  When government’s involved, they’ll issue you your credits in the NEW WORLD SYSTEM that WILL COME, it might be a few years yet – this final stage of it – but if you’ve been a bad boy and anti-social, they will withhold your credits because the government NOW is IN your bank account.  They’ve been working on this for 40 years. 


David: Along those lines today, my son-in-law said to me that this new job he’s got, they are giving him a card.  That’s how they pay him now.  And as far as it goes, I know they brought back a lot of the brigades here to the States.  The guys who were for front line, kicking in doors, all that time and you know, four tours of duty and everything, and they’re mercenaries and THEY WILL SHOOT US.  There’s no doubt about it.  They will. 


Alan:   Well, we’re definitely on a roll now into the new system, and it’s coming.


David: One question for you.  You might know about this.  I’m sure you’ve heard of this before but are we in the era of The Revelation of the method considering what’s going on right now?


Alan:   Well, what we do know is they have followed, these boys, Revelations for along time.  You got to understand, even the high mystery religions or the high Freemasonry and all their other associated groups, they will claim, at the top, that Revelations was put out by one of their boys because it’s written in their mystic language.  Here you have Mathew, Mark, Luke and John written very simply and plainly for a child to read and suddenly you go into Revelation and it’s written in such mystical language with many different levels of meaning.  You can see from either side too – there’s always two ways of looking at what they’re saying – that it’s a Gnostic writing.  Therefore, they’ve been following Revelations TO THE LETTER.  At one time, they had talks about this in the big think tanks when they talked about the possibility of using space invasion.  Would that work?  Would that bring the world together?  Would the people believe it?  They also thought well, there was so many Christians at one time in the United States, could they actually bring and follow a Revelations scenario and get them all to back them thinking this was the will of God?  These guys have look at every possible thing to do with CULTURE AND TRADITION AND RELIGION to see if they can use it.  Just as they’re using it now.  They’re using ethnologist and historians with military combat teams abroad to look at their cultures and see what they can use against their target populations.  This isn’t new; this is an old technique and they’re certainly following Revelations to the letter. 


David: In the olden time, they don’t miss…


Alan:   You got to understand if you were to measure the new Israel, which is NOT a place on earth, it’s a CUBE.  It’s A PERFECT SQUARED CUBE.  That’s what they’re showing you in the mystery religion.  And that’s the Borg ship.  The Borg ship, you’ll notice, in the perfect society, it’s called the Hive.  It’s a perfect cube. 


David: Wow.  That’s amazing that you pointed that out.  I never even thought about it that way.  Thank you so much for your work and I look forward to hearing you next week.


Alan:   Okay.  Thanks for calling.


David: You have a good evening.


Alan:   You too.  Now we’ve got Dale from Michigan.  Are you there Dale?


Dale:    I’ll mention that someone asked me if I had taped Obama’s acceptance speech so I turned to CSPAN and they showed Michelle Obama was dressed in a horrible dress and I said something to my husband about it.  It was black with a red hourglass shape on the front which has black widow written all over it. 


Alan:   And his tie was red and black stripes. 


Dale:    I just wondered if that meant that he is marked for death.  They keep drawing the parallel that he is something like a Kennedy although I think Kennedy woke up to what was actually going on around him.  I think that he knew that his father was something disgusting also. 


Alan:   Sure.  I think we got… black and red were the colors of revolutionary part of Nazism, for their flag.  It’s also the Cardinal colors.  The Cardinal wears the two colors.  It’s really a purplish color and a red and a black, a purplish color signifies a new dawn.  He used that term, A New Dawn, in his speech, in fact, it was full of that and the light coming in and so on.  Illumined language.  I’ll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I go onto the next caller, I was mentioning the COLORS.  COLORS ARE VERY IMPORTANT when you see them, especially after elections and during major speeches because the Masons are taught what the colors all mean.  Sometimes you’ll see different parties wearing all the same color ties and so on.  Meaning they’re all on board together with this agenda what they’re saying to the public after debates.  It’s a coded language that uses many forms of the code, but red and black is very significant.  The Nazi flag was supposedly dipped in blood at Nuremberg or the big push they had in fact that Hitler had when a lot of them were killed before he got into power.  That became a standard on that flag.  And black, also remember, is significant BY LAW, not just any kind of law but ULTIMATE LAW.  It’s the law.  It’s the color of execution… if need be.  We should always remember that too because ENFORCEMENT is now coming on a SOCIAL level and when you get socialized medicine is going to get pushed to the fore as a MANDATE.  A mandate is a MUST BE.  Why is it a must be?  Because the League of Nations which turned into the United Nations said they were going to inoculate everyone in the planet eventually, BY LAW, for everything.  Since we do know that most of these inoculations have NOTHING to do with what they tell us, and since these big companies that MAKE the inoculations are like armed fortresses and always have been, it makes you wonder what’s really in the serums that they’re giving the public.  We can certainly follow the consequences IN HEALTH ever since we’ve been getting them.  That’s no big secret.  Now we’ve got Phil in California, are you there Phil?


Phil:     Hi Alan.  Nice chatting with you.


Alan:   Yes.  Go ahead.


Phil:     Could you comment on NAFTA.  What is going to happen.  I think, in 2010 is supposed to go down?


Alan:   The CBC, again, in Canada here, shows you them signing the integration, the ‘closer ties deals,’ that they call them, that started in 2005 with the Prime Minister and the two Presidents signing it in Waco.  They said they had another bunch to go through up to the year 2010.  Once that was done, we were totally integrated economically, integrated through security, etc.  In other words, WE ARE a European Union type deal and that would be completed in 2010.  We already have them sharing ALL data, security data and criminal data in Canada and the States.  They’re also sharing certain things to do with import duties, export tariffs, and all the rest of it.  That’s integrated as well and so there’s not much left to do except once it’s all done, is start implementing and ALLOWING THE PUBLIC TO KNOW THAT THEY NOW BELONG TO ‘THE AMERICAS.’  That will be done rather swiftly, I do believe.  They’re using terrorism, again…


Phil:     What’s going to happen when the borders?  Will they evaporate?


Alan:   No.  They won’t evaporate just like that.  They want this compulsory ID card – that’s what they use in Europe.  Every car in Europe is chipped BY LAW… you can drive all the way to Russia but you’re monitored everywhere you go, every step of the stage and you have your ID as well, with an active chip in it.  Eventually, that will be the WAY.  They don’t want people just rushing on mass anywhere they want to go.  Look at the precautions Britain has taken to keep them out from flooding across the tunnel, in fact, in Britain.  It’s going to be SELECTED LABOR ONLY that will be allowed to travel in this Brave New World.  The rest of you will be TRAPPED BEHIND A BORDER because the big corporations have no need of your labor, as a traveler.  See under NAFTA, it’s the U.N. too, it’s the free flow of capital and LABOR but essential labor only. 


Now from Hamish and myself, up in a very wet, pouring wet Ontario, Canada it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.


Articles: "UN uber alles: Rules establish reign from outer space" by Mark Baard - Nov. 7, 2008.

"The Disappearing Male" CBC Newsworld (

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Transcribed by Diana


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