Nov. 10, 2008 (#191)


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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 10, 2008:

Final Exit, Last Year's Man:

"War on the Child, War on the Male,
Total War, Stealth Behind the Veil,
Where Evil Men Plan and Scheme
On Those Outside Their Utopian Dream,
Old Man Phased Out to Bring in New,
Designer Servants No Fight They'll Brew,
Naive Say, 'It's Such a Shame,
Progress Makes Us Sick and Lame,'
Who'll Fight Back, Masculinity?
Planned Demise, Infertility"
© Alan Watt Nov. 10, 2008



Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 10, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 10th of November 2008.  I always advise newcomers to look into and on the web site you’ll find lots of previous talks I’ve given where I try to tie so much history, which leads up to the present day to show you that everything that happens on a BIG scale is planned that way.  I give you the organizations.  I talk about their world meetings they’ve had for well over a century and what their agendas have been and how they’re coming together into this brave new world scenario. 


Also look into for transcripts which you can download and print up in the various languages of Europe.  And remember, I’m brought to you by you because you are the listeners and you support me.  You keep me going.  I could but I don’t accept money from advertisers and that’s how most hosts do it.  There’s a lot of good money, big money in bringing on guests as advertisers and selling the products and so on, but I try and keep that separate.  What you hear on this show, is advertising to pay for the station.  It pays for the staff and the engineers and their equipment and their bills and so on.  So it’s up to you to donate or buy my books and CDs and DVDs which you’ll find on the web site and that keeps me going.  And right now, I’m going into 5 days a week.  I could have started off with 5 days a week but I thought at the time, it was a bit much.  Because I do everything here, pretty well, on my lonesome and I don’t have a huge staff that does all the gofering work.  Just like today, I had to run into town and stand in about 3 or 4 different queues and I spent most of my day doing just that.  It reminded me of the Soviet Union.  If you’ve noticed, things are becoming much like the Soviet Union. 


We used to see them, standing in lines to get things and even when there’s not a big queue behind you or in front of you, you wind up being in one because the staff are changing so quickly, in low paid jobs, they can’t keep them.  So they are always retraining new staff so everything ends up being a long line up, even for a money gram, at 40 bucks, takes over a half an hour.  That’s the kind of world we’re going into.  It’s all to do with perception and as long as the big, major media never point out the similarities between the Soviet system of standing in queues and the West, where they think they’re free, the people won’t connect the two together by themselves. 


Now, last week, I talked about the CBC documentary about The Disappearing Male.  Very, very interesting exposé on the incredible PLUMMET in the sperm count for the males pretty well the world over but mainly in the industrialized nations.  I have a link that I put up on Friday, on my site, which will take you to the CBC web site.  You can actually watch it on the CBC website for free… at the moment.  And it’s worth the watch because even though they expose things, I’ve always found with the CBC, they also cover up or mislead you, they waylay you off in a different direction with some of the answers that they give you.  However, the statistics that they gave out were accurate statistics and what it shows you is the male sperm count, since the last 50 years has plummeted from 80 million/millimeter and it’s been re-standardized about 4 or 5 times by the World Health Organization.  They’re thinking of dropping it to 10 million/millimeter.  WE’RE ALMOST EXTINCT.


I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Before the break I was discussing the CBC documentary called The Disappearing Male.  And they did talk to different scientists who came out quite bluntly and said, these are the signs that you see in a species which is going extinct.  Then they went into the various plastics that have been promoted, and rubber that’s been promoted, to substitute for breast milk, babies bottles and cosmetics… all the same stuff is in cosmetics and the various plastics they use which all attack the male, IN THE WOMB at around 7 weeks gestation.  This causes them to have mal-formations in the genitalia.  It also can cause them to have incredible amounts of babies being born with undescended testicles and that in turn gives a greater chance to testicular cancer down the road.  What was also amazing was how THEY’VE KNOW THIS ALL ALONG.  I’ve said before, they knew in the 1930s what these particular chemicals did to the male.  Yet, since the 50s onwards, it was pretty well MANDATED that these particular liners or plastics or the rubber teat they put on the bottle and so on, and even the plastic bottles would be used when THEY KNEW THE EFFECTS… on the male especially. 


Now, most folk will always go along, just like the CBC documentary did, with, how could this happen?  And how could it be allowed to happen?  As I say, the sperm count has dropped from 80 million sperm, healthy sperm, per milliliter and the World Health Organization has lowered it and given new normals, for the world, 3 or 4 times already… now they’re dropping it to 10 million per milliliter which is almost completely infertile.  And what they found out of that 10 million, 85% of the sperm is malformed.  It’s of no use and low motility… can’t get to the target.  It’s just astonishing. 


Then, when you really tie things together, and you TALK, as I have done in the past, about big players who worked fervently their whole life long, for the DOMINANT MINORITY, such as Lord Bertrand Russell and others, with their world meetings - world meetings with very important, very wealthy people, that run the big foundations that run the treasuries of the world, the monied system - their biggest problem was over population BY the lower classes.  Russell talked and wrote about the necessity of finding ways to eliminate what he called the uncouth, the degenerate class.  When you see this kind of thing happening and the male fertility plummeting, this is no mistake.  Because, you’ve got to understand, every chemical that’s produced, even in the 1800s when they first produced the first particular plastic that’s so harmful, the first ones in to test it are the Military-Industrial Complex.  And yes, it was well established in the 1800s too and long before. 


Most people think of wars as two armies with flags all yelling at each other, then they run at each other, and kill each other.  Then they count their dead and count their living and the one with the most men standing ends up being the winner.  That’s not how wars truly are fought.  Most wars are COVERT wars.  You can never tell your enemy what you’re doing to them.  This war against the people has been going on and has been well funded and well planned and well documented by those who are involved in the setting up of the system.  And they will never come out and tell you that this is deliberate because we’d have to lynch them.  You can’t compromise with these people who are so adamant in their opinions and their fixed eugenical ideas, there’s no compromise with them.  And they haven’t sat on their hands after writing out their wish lists and had many, many global meetings about reducing the population.  THEY ACTUALLY PUT IT INTO EFFECT. 


As I say, watch the documentary and hear for yourself the various experts and other wildlife experts too and say these are the signs of a species going extinct.  Now, how wonderful this will be for those who PLANNED to bring in the new types of humans.  The new improved variety.  The better servants.  The ones where they won’t have testosterone to cause problems and FIGHT BACK.  Because they’re bringing in DESIGNER BABIES, you see.  How perfectly everything slots together, doesn’t it?  When you stand back and do some thinking and a lot of studying and a lot of history.  It’s just so perfect. 


I mean, for instance, why can’t they give you something that will increase your testosterone level?  How come everything ends up debilitating the male and reducing him?  And in that documentary, you’ll actually see how the penis size has been shrinking for 50 years, as the sperm count is plummeting.  And they said, many of the baby boys now, that their testicles start to ASCEND back up into the abdomen and then they atrophy.  they’re being turned into females. 


They’ve had world meetings on this.  They had world meetings on Sarnia, Ontario where the big petro-chemical businesses that pump out their fumes into the air, over primarily Indian reservations, 40% of all the births of males ARE STILLBORN.  And they know what’s causing it.  Then again, the massive decline in testosterone and the effeminization of the males, who are pretty well sterile.  12 years ago, they said in the documentary, they used to take in teenagers from college and do sperm samples on them.  This is across the country.  Now they’re lucky to get 2 or 3 out of 10 that has sperm that is capable of fertilizing an ovum, in 18-year-old young men.  This has been common knowledge for years and years and years.  As I say, 85% of the sperm that they do have is useless. 


This article slots right in with and it’s


   Designer babies: Creating the perfect child


By Mike Steere



updated 10:38 a.m. EDT, Thu October 30, 2008



LONDON, England (CNN) -- Bring your partner, grab a seat, pick up your baby catalog and start choosing.


Would you be comfortable selecting what cosmetic features you want your baby to have?


Will you go for the brown hair or blond? Would you prefer tall or short? Funny or clever? Girl or boy? And do you want them to be a muscle-bound sports hero? Or a slender and intelligent book worm?


When you're done selecting, head to the counter and it's time to start creating your new child.


Does this sound like a scary thought?


With rapid advances in scientific knowledge of the human genome and our increasing ability to modify and change genes, this scenario of "designing" your baby could well be possible in the near future.  (Alan:  Well actually, it’s happening.  It’s been happening for years actually, for the very wealthy.  Isn’t it amazing too, they can design children from scratch but for 50 years or more, they’ve been making men infertile and they just can’t quite figure out why?  You don’t suddenly have changes like this in 50 years and it’s more than half in the last 10 or 12.  About the same amount of time they’ve been spraying us constantly from the skies even.  To continue…)


Techniques of genetic screening are already being used -- whereby embryos can be selected by sex and checked for certain disease-bearing genes. (A:  In other words, designer babies, you see.  And this is what they’re telling the public because what they’ll get is an unknown package.  Only those who design it will really know what they put in to that egg, you see.)  This can lead to either the termination of a pregnancy (A:  And many of those who are terminated, by the way, are false ones for Down‘s Syndrome, but they don’t like to publicize that much), or if analyzed at a pre-implantation stage when using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), can enable the pregnancy to be created using only non-disease bearing genes.  (A:  I have mentioned the movie before, Gattaca, where they show you this new type of genetically enhanced humans who have the better jobs.  It creates a new class distinction.  Very good movie to watch:  Gattaca.  Again, predictive programming.  These guys have no great imaginations, they’re told what the agenda is and they belong to the Futurist Society.)


British scientists last week developed a "genetic MoT" test, which offers a universal method of screening embryos for diseases using a new technique of karyomapping, which is more efficient than previous processes.


The test would be taken on a two-day-old IVF embryo and is yet to be validated, but it could mark a significant change; allowing doctors to screen for gene combinations that create higher risks of diabetes, heart disease or cancer.  (A:  And I really don’t believe anything they tell us to be honest.  As I say, they have other things in mind.  When you ORDER, when you order the sperm in, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY’VE REALLY DONE TO IT.  And women are doing this.  They’re ordering sperm.  And they dictate, just like a pair of curtains, how long it should be, short, background, etc.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we are Cutting Through The Matrix, this big PERCEPTION ALTERATION system in which we live.  That’s what it all is, PERCEPTIONS, how you’re given your perceptions.  Remember what Russell and Koestler and many others have said about giving you perceptions, altering your perceptions, giving you your opinions and it’s sadly true.  Most folk never really come through reasoning to an opinion of their own, but they ADOPT the ones that they hear on television by generally the two experts who are opposing each other.  They take this one or that one.  And that becomes… that’s good enough for you.  That’s how it’s done.  Very simple. 


Experts, a world run by experts.  You can’t think without an expert’s opinion.  Well, these same experts, as I say, can create brand new human beings, supposedly, they’re telling us.  But they can’t find out why their own professions have allowed the male populations to become pretty well infertile over the last 50 years.  50 years, the same time as Russell was talking about using THE NEEDLE and other methods of making a DOCILE, reduced population and we see the effects all around us. 


Infertility clinics are BLOSSOMING.  That’s one of the growth industries.  And it’s mainly the male who has been severely attacked.  As I say, watch that CBC documentary.  Even has a few spins in it, of course.  They even talk about global warming and so on, but CUT THROUGH and grab the facts and start thinking for yourself, because it’s all around you.  Your children have had WAR DECLARED ON THEM.  Total war declared on them. 


It takes me back to the League of Nations when they talked about the worst enemy they had was the average male back at the end of World War I, because the average male then would FIGHT FOR HIS RIGHTS.  He would fight.  He had cojones.  Well, they’ve seen to that, you see.  When you have all these big organizations saying that they’d have to attack the male… to get a passive population.  Arthur Koestler said the same thing when he worked for the United Nations, in his book, The Ghost and the Machine, they’d have to eradicate that part that gave you your INDIVIDUALITY, but he was talking mainly about THE MALE.  In fact, ALL of the oppositions they’ve had towards their brave new world scenario, used to come, pretty well, from THE MALE.  And it’s dying off because the males themselves, the REAL MALES, are dying off too. 


Getting back to this article about them creating the designer babies, they can do that without a problem.  It says,


Experts estimate the test, if licensed by the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (A:  See, you have an AUTHORITY… and this is going to be the authority that will allow certain people to breed and others NOT to breed.  You’re IN the middle of the eugenics scheme.  You’re LIVING IN IT.  Its already here.), could be available for around $3000.


In the future we may also be able to "cure" genetic diseases (A:  Well, that’s been the hogwash that they sold the public on when they first went IN to genetic engineering.  When I was a CHILD, they were talking about this UPCOMING gene process they’d use eventually.  When they discovered the gene and so on, they didn’t know it was there supposedly.  Even though there were authors writing about it in the 1920s.  They knew it was there alright.  They knew.  They had it mapped out long ago.  But that was the hogwash they sold the public.  “We’re doing all this experimentation on animals AND humans to CURE people.  We WORRY about people who are sick and we can’t sleep right because of the poor, sick people.”  we haven’t seen a single cure yet for the ordinary people.  I‘ll add that latter part because the ordinary person is NOT GOING TO GET IT.  We‘re still getting ANTIQUE medication, at the bottom level.)


Furthermore, the developing technologies of genetic alteration open up a whole new set of possibilities -- which could result in so-called "designer babies." (A:  The IN thing, isn’t it?)


The technique -- known as inheritable genetic modification -- modifies genes in eggs, sperm or early embryos and results in the altered genes being passed on to future generations. Should parents be allowed to create their babies?  (A:  Well, that takes me back again to Lord Bertrand Russell, who, amongst others said, it’s a pity, we can’t just take every woman, in say Britain or Europe, and FORCE her to be impregnated by a member, like himself, of the nobility.  Then they could ensure they could eradicate the PRIMITIVE genes of the lower classes.  And out of that statement, in his prattle about that whole topic, came The Handmaiden’s Tale… the book.   I think they made a movie out of it too.  And many others.  These guys are DEAD serious.  Of course, we never believe that because WE would never think of doing that to an entire population, would we?  But psychopaths hide behind that.  They know how you think.  That’s why they get away with it.)


This could potentially irreversibly alter the human species. (A:  Well, that’s exactly what they want, isn’t it… designer babies.  Passive, obedient, better workers.)  So, the obvious question arises: should we be doing this?


Some countries have made genetic screening or alteration illegal by law, and the ethical questions surrounding the uses of the technology are vast -- creating a palpable tension over the subject.  (A:  Well, no kidding.)


So that’s where we’re heading, into the agenda.  The agenda is not set back.  It’s steamrolling ahead, on time, on queue.  Intergenerational planning pays off.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix… trying to get people to THINK and do some research themselves and come to their OWN conclusions about things.  Because, TIME TRULY IS RUNNING OUT.  I’ve heard this nonsense for years… oh, they’re behind schedule in this particular part of the agenda or that particular part… NO THEY’RE NOT.  They’re not behind on anything.  They’re DEAD ON TARGET.  Why?  Because they have a dumb, dumbed-down, brainwashed, indoctrinated, injected, poisoned population.  Because not only the sperm count has been reclassified until it’s almost zilch, so is the IQ level.  They officially lowered it.  There’s a new normal.  Not bad, eh?  TOTAL WARFARE.  TOTAL WARFARE.  To continue with this article before I go on to the callers, it says,


In September, Internet giants Google and Microsoft withdrew adverts for sex selection products and other services considered illegal in India when they were threatened with legal action.


The Center for Genetics and Society is trying to encourage debate on the topic  (A:  And that will be run by the geneticists themselves.  They call them bioethicists now.)  -- as soon as possible.


Executive director of the organization, Richard Hayes, told CNN that the general public of most countries was missing out on taking part in the debate.  (A:  Well, of course, we’re not even consulted.  We’re too busy being entertained with comedies and nonsense like that… and trivia from Hollywood.) 


"The debate has taken place amongst scientists and science journalists, but average people feel overwhelmed with the technical detail. They feel disempowered."  (A:  No kidding.)


Hayes said his organization supported the use of embryo screening to help prevent the passing on of serious diseases (A:  So there’s the real function, you see, of this association.  It’s not to encourage debate.  It’s to GIVE the opinions, once again, and get them INTO LAW, to see who breeds and who does not breed because they claim here they are going to try to “prevent the passing on of diseases…”) and disorders like Cystic Fibrosis, but is wary of other technologies and how genetic screening and alteration can be misused.  (A:  No kidding.  NO kidding.  Sieg Heil!!  The superman comes… minus a brain.)


"We support the use of that to allow couples at risk to have healthy children. But for non-medical, cosmetic purposes, we believe this would undermine humanity and create a techno-eugenic rat race," Hayes said.  (A:  Well, that’s the agenda.)


He said there were immense amounts of resources being poured into developing gene altering techniques (A:  You’re darned right there are… and have been for a long time.)  and no laws in many countries to stop them from starting clinics that could offer selected cosmetic traits.


"As technology advances it is possible that any number of human characteristics in part influenced by genes could come under human control. Right now there is an enormous amount of research being conducted to correlate specific genes with specific characteristics."  (A:  Well, that’s all been done.  There’s three levels of science, you see.  Professors down is the bottom level.  They don’t know what the middle or the upper part have already done.  That’s why it’s called REsearch.  You’re doing it again.)


One of the organizations researching genetic alteration is the University of California Irvine's Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center.


Professor of biological chemistry and developmental and cell biology, and co-director of the Center, Peter Donovan, feels the research could have massive benefits.  (A:  Oh yeah.  We’d all be sterile, stupid and a brand new species.  They’ll all have massive benefits.  Well, WHO BENEFITS?  WHO BENEFITS?  Even the Romans asked that with everything that happened.)


After his team discovered a greatly improved method for genetically manipulating human embryonic stem cells earlier this year, Donovan said:


"The ability to generate large quantities of cells with altered genes opens the door to new research into many devastating disorders.


"Not only will it allow us to study diseases more in-depth, it also could be a key step in the successful development of future stem cell therapies," Donovan says.  (A:  Well, getting back to Russell and his ilk, his kind, his particular kin, his own TYPE, when they said they’d have to eradicate, you know, the primitive, base-type of humans.  As I say, they’ve already been going at it.  They must kill off the old man to bring in the new and they call this The Great Leap Forward.  And it’s not to benefit the general public whatsoever.  It’s to bring in a new type of SERVANT CLASS.  A much more reduced population.  They’ve already talked about the ability, using drugs and genetic alteration, to do away with the NEED TO SLEEP, for instance.  You could work 24 hours a day… and never complain because you wouldn’t have the ability to think of yourself as an individual.  And if you can’t do that, you won’t know you’re suffering.  It’s rather perfect, isn’t it?  IT’S BEEN DONE.  It’s been done… and that’s the sad truth.  Meanwhile, because we live in this ego-centric system, again something that Bertrand Russell encouraged, the average person won’t know it’s hit them until they see their own health go down the drain or they try and have children themselves.  As I say, it’s the biggest growth industry in the Americas and in Europe, infertility clinics.)


Now, we’ll go to the phones now and we’ve got Tom in Massachusetts.  Are you there Tom?


Tom:  How are ya, Alan?


Alan:  How are ya?


Tom:  Okay.  And you?


Alan:  I’m not bad.  I had a severe journey into town there and I stopped for a coffee in the mall and lo and behold, I think every old age home turned out every elderly person to get their free flu shot.  So that put me off buying the coffee… as they coughed and sputtered all over the place.  And I just shook my head and I thought, my God, do you know we have a trained, dumbed down, stupid society that are literally marching to the grave because they believe everything they’re told. 


Tom:  Right.  I noticed on your site, it says that Cutting Through The Matrix is Monday through Friday.  Have you changed to going to every night now?


Alan:  Well, you see, when you don’t get the money coming in - and I don’t charge for podcasts and all the rest of it - I thought, well, what’s the most suicidal thing you can do?  And I thought, well it’s always the most unexpected… so I’ll try five nights a week and I’ll see what happens and get as much info out as possible, if need be.  And if I think that I’m not going to support myself at all, then I’ll just pack it in and start earning money. 


Tom:  If that happens, would you make any type of postings so far as the schedule of appearances you’d be making, I guess, up in Canada somewhere or what?


Alan:  Yes, I could do that. 


Tom:  That’d be great.  I have a question for you.  On YouTube a couple of comments were made by Senator Joe Biden and Colin Powell regarding the President-elect that we have now, Obama, saying that he will be tested by an international crisis.  And Biden went out of his way to state emphatically, “Mark my words, mark my words that this will come to pass.”  So do you have any comment about that?  Have you heard about that?


Alan:  Well, they’re getting us all ready for the big changes in the economy, the new global economic system, a new economic order, all of that stuff.  You see, Obama is just another front Muppet and the public haven’t caught on yet.  They’ll hope… they live in hope, you see.  He’s an establishment man who was picked and groomed for his position.  I think he was bred for his position personally, when you go into his mother’s history as a revolutionary.  Look who’s backing him.  It’s all CFR, Trilateral and all the usual players, military-industrial complex.  He’s their boy.  So it doesn’t make any difference, you know. 


Tom:  So when they’re talking about an end of an age, then we’re entering a difficult time period now of probably rebellions and that occurring, as you’ve mentioned, regarding shortages of food and stuff like that.


Alan:  That’s right.


Tom:  When they say, an end of an age, are they talking about right now or are they talking about 100 years?  Once they come to the end or the perfect person who is completed and the great work ends, at that point they live happily ever after?


Alan:  That’s pretty well it.  At the end of the hundred years war, then they hope to have a brand new system, reduced population, the new types of servant class in, an infertile population.  Except, again, you see, how that falls right in with Russell and all the rest of these big players that publish their works, all over the world, in all languages, and said, that if they could just put their own genes into a new type and eradicate the primitive male - in other words, the ones who are going to give them trouble and fight back - then they’d have their perfect society.  Well, at the end of this hundred years, they’ll have that.  If you could only get good sperm now from two men - young men, at 18 years of age - 2 out of 10 and even then, 85% of their sperm is useless.  You can see they’ve almost reached that target.  We are a species GOING UNDER and they’ve know this and it’s now published openly.  Well, how come it took them 50-odd years to come out with their findings which they KNEW back in the 1930s, by the way?


Tom:  So basically, then, it’s going to fall right into what their time frame is, which is the end of one age and beginning of the other.  I guess an Age of Aquarius type thing is going to come to the full fruition at that point.


Alan:  That’s correct.  Now you see the REAL reasons why they brought up Women’s Lib, priority hiring, all that stuff.  So women technically don’t need men around and they’re quite happy to get - it’s not their maternal instincts - so they just get their sperm from some donor in another country and pay at some clinic to have it, IV fertilization.  It’s working perfectly.  Perfectly.


Tom:  Wow.  Well, okay then.  I appreciate your time and hopefully you can continue on and keep us posted, as I say, to developments and I’ll leave you now so you can go to the next caller.


Alan:  Okay.  Thanks for calling. 


Tom:  Thanks a lot. 


Alan:  Now, we’ve got Tony in Illinois.  Are you there Tony?


Tony:  Hey Alan, I’m calling from Chicago.  Anyway, two Wednesdays ago, we had a chemtrail barrage over the central part of this city.  It was just amazing.  This was like a military operation.  I walked out of my home about 10:30, 10 in the morning, noticed this, okay?  And I just kept on going out every 15 minutes and later in the afternoon I went out to a central area on a high spot in the city and I saw what was going on.  I mean, there was 4 and 5 planes up at a time and I’m not exaggerating this.  This was like a military operation. 


Alan:  That’s what it is.


Tony:  Over 8 hours, I don’t know how many flights.  I lost count.  You know, my question to you is, how do you think these people can keep this program under wraps.  I mean, they’re doing it right in front of your eyes.


Alan:  Right in front our your eyes.  Well, what they obviously knew before they even started it, is that the average person, in this day and age, because of TV and everything else, they don’t even look up.  People who lived in the country generally used to always walk out the door and look at the sky.  In a city it’s different because you’re surrounded by big, tall buildings and so on, and so in fact, they look at the side walk, it’s not safe to look people in they eye sometimes.  So they understand too, in the artificial system that we’ve come into, living inside our little home and into the car, to work and back again, people have lost connection with their habitat.  Their natural habitat which is the open air and they do not look up and they also have done many studies over the years PRIOR to the intensive, daily spraying that we’ve had for the last 10 years.  They were testing this stuff out, sporadically, in the US and Canada and Britain, as far back as the 1950s.  Since 1998, we’ve had pretty well continuous spraying.


Tony:  Do you think… one of these airplanes, I was looking up at them, with binoculars, they’re coming down lower and lower. 


Alan:  Yes, they are.


Tony:  I’ve heard people on these shows expressing this observation…. Okay this one plane is obviously, I feel, were 767s and tankers and the nozzles, you know, the jets, the nozzles where the stuff was coming out was on the tail fins.  This one was low.  I saw it with binoculars, it was not coming out of the engines.  It’s coming off the tail fins.


Alan:  That’s right.


Tony:  Do you think they are remote controlling?  They’re flying these planes by remote control?


Alan:  There’s so many in the air, as you noticed.  There’s so many when they’re doing it, with this grid pattern, you either have a super air force, which no one’s taking responsibility for, by the way.  Now, Canada does not deny that they don’t exist, they just deny that they’re there, that they belong to Canada.  This again falls in line with what they discussed as far back as the League of Nations creating a World Air Force and these aircraft are generally unmarked.  They’re white in color.  We find in Shape of Things to Come, from George Orwell, they talked about spraying the skies across the planet by the scientific elite.  The Freemasonry of the Air, he called it himself, and literally gassing the people.  He didn’t dream that up by himself.  He was a very unimaginative man, in fact.  He got all his orders from those who told him what to write about.  They’ve been at this for a long time building up this incredible force.  It’s not just the size of the air force.  It’s also that they must have been working steadily for about 40 years building up the CHEMICALS, the amounts of them, TO USE on the world.  Because this is literally going on across the whole planet.  So that’s mind boggling.  Once again, you have many side departments of the military.  They do vet out pilots for their own psychopathic qualities and put them into special units and I think that’s what we have.  But since they singed the, I think it was the Open Skies Treaty, and they signed two of them, that’s when the heavy spraying started right away.  And that allows foreign pilots to fly over YOUR air space but it also allows those foreign pilots to fly even your own military aircraft, if necessary.  That was in the treaty.  They never explained to the public the reality of what it’s all about.  It doesn’t make sense that they just want to make sure you’re not building military bases.  They can do that with spy satellites.  So, there’s another function behind it.  Foreign pilots are being used to spray Canada and different pilots again, for the US. 


Tony:  Well, like I said, I was wondering why there hasn’t been a whistle-blower, you know, by ONE of these pilots.  Just another point here, I mean the air traffic controllers, they see these stupid planes up there.  How have they kept it secret?  You understand what I’m saying.  You’d think all these years, one of these guys.  They have to tell them to shut up.


Alan:  They are told to shut up.  They’re told to ignore them.  Initially these spraying craft were at least 30,000 feet, as you say, now they’ll come lower so it’s right on the air map.  It’s right on the travel routes for commercial airlines.  It’s all worked WITH the commercial airlines now, today.  In fact, they replaced a lot of the staff over the last few years to bring in new ones who are sworn to secrecy on this whole project.  It doesn’t surprise me because when you see exposés on what they’ve show us happening when they were testing poison gas and nerve agents on Canadian troops by the Canadian Air Force during World War II, it took them 60 years to some clean and say, yeah, we were killing our own people by testing this stuff.  Not one pilot who ever took a part in these projects ever came forward and told the public.  So they can keep secrets to the end. 


Tony:  It’s just incredible.  One last aspect of this and I know I’m going on and on and on but this is a BIG thing.  This is huge, what they’re doing.


Alan:  Yes, it is.


Tony:  That the logistics of actually… these planes, where are these, what airports, you know what I’m saying?  This metropolitan area here.  Where are they taking off from in this metropolitan area?  And furthermore, the logistics of getting this liquid or whatever they’re spraying out, there has to be you know, 50, 100, 150 tanker trucks and in a course of a day, what I saw, these had to be taking off and landing unless… you understand what I’m saying?


Alan:  Yes.  Absolutely.  And yet, what you find too, and I found this in Britain, they were using islands for years, since World War II, to make these special bases for them.  They’ve got lots in the Great Lakes they can use.  I’ll be back with more after this break. 


Hi.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just before the break there I was talking about where these bases could be and when you go through the history of covert operations, they generally use areas where the public don’t have access to.  Look at the size of the country of Canada, for instance, and the States as well.  Look at all the land mass that’s unused.  Most people live along the borders of Canada and the US and you have all this massive… thousands of miles of forest to the north of me… and lake and rivers.  But they’ve been using this since even before World War II.  Islands are really good places for keeping the public away from.  Inaccessible places.  Also, they do have massive underground areas.  Standard, very old technique where they can produce lots and lots of these chemicals, even using underwater aqueducts, if necessary, as literally a test tube where you can mix everything together.  There’s many ways that they’ve tried in the past for bacterial and chemical warfare.  There’s lots of information out there that deal with this topic.  That’s what it is, it’s declassified.  What is classified will turn us all white over night… if we knew.  Because total war has been declared on the public, the general public.  As I said at the beginning of the show, primarily, on their MAIN TARGET, their MAIN ENEMY, of bringing in this new brave world and that was the AVERAGE MALE. 


Alan:  Now, we’ll go to Will in Philadelphia.  Are you there Will?


Will:  Good evening, Mr. Alan Watt.  First, I would like to thank you for expanding your shows and gracing us and I’d like to make a suggestion.  At least once a week maybe you should say, you know, I want an I roast with my grains and potatoes but I don’t have it this week so I’m going to take 46 minutes and plug my stuff.


Alan:  Yes.  I know.  I know.  That’s what many other people have done in the past.  It gets monotonous.  I’ve tried to spare them that.  But it’s true, hamburger meat, especially the low quality stuff, tastes pretty awful.


Will:  You can say… I have a blurb from 2006 called Brain Chips.  Go listen to that.  I listened to your stuff from 3 years ago and it’s as contemporary as what you’re saying today.  Maybe not as informative and up to date per se, but it’s as valid 3 years ago as it is today. 


Alan:  It is.  That’s what people must realize.  You see they’ve been brainwashed with new is better, new is better.  If they don’t know their history, and especially the history of this agenda, they’re literally, and I mean it, completely and 100% doomed.  Literally.


Will:  I was listening to Simian Servitude from December 2006 and I was blown away by some of the things you were saying.  And one of them blurbs, see I went back, I went back into things I never heard.  One of these, you’re talking about Wells and Clark and Toynbee and you were just talking about Toynbee the other day, as well as in the blurbs, and one of the things that Toynbee said that America will set a record for the rise and fall of empires.


Alan:  Yes.  That’s right. 


Will:  I also wanted to thank you for your inspiration in my music.  You play a big part in my research and I can’t donate yet, I will soon, but for now, all I can do… I made you a My Space page.  There’s no sense in even saying it, except it’s to promote a song. 


Alan:  I appreciate that.  I appreciate that.  And thanks for calling.  That’s the music coming in now.  Well, from Hamish and myself, from a very heavily sprayed sky in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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