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Speaking Down from Mister Brown:
"Mister Brown's Speech Made for the Masses,
Contains Special Meanings for Elite Classes,
Common Purpose, Peace and Prosperity,
He Drolled this Out, No Trace of Levity,
Though Written by Others, He Read a List,
Upon Awakening, Found Himself Internationalist,
Pushing Interdependence and New Direction,
For Global Institutions, Free From Election,
A New Fairyland with Justice for All,
Yet Most will be Servants at this Fancy Ball,
New Religion to Rule, Environmental,
Doublespeak Scientists All Dialectal,
A 21st Century New Cinderella,
We'll Go Rags-to-Riches, Says this Inter-Dep Fella"
© Alan Watt Nov. 12, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 12, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


“Code of Silence” by Bruce Springsteen

There’s a code of silence that we don’t dare speak
There’s a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there’s nothing wrong
But there’s a code of silence and it can’t go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain’t enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There’s a list of grievance 100 miles long
There’s a code of silence and it can’t go on


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 12th of November, 2008.  I always ask newcomers to look into web site where you can download lots of previous talks I’ve given concerning this great, big, long history.  The history of very powerful people and the institutions that are guiding us along, have a pre-planned path into their Brave New World scenario.  While most people are playing and being happy and never suspecting that something can continue FOR CENTURIES though big foundations and institutions that have their mandates.  I give you short cuts to the understanding of it and it is truly overwhelming.  That’s part of the problem, to wake up and find out that NOTHING AT ALL IS AS IT APPEARS TO BE at least as it’s been projected DOWN into you through downloading, through your education, and through your entertainment and your media.  Nothing at all.  Also look into  for transcripts which you can download, print up and pass around to your friends.  These are done in the various languages of Europe. 

We are certainly on a roll to this Brave New World and it’s an old, old term, Brave New World.  It was used in ancient Greece, in fact, by the philosophers.  The same philosophers, in fact, who taught about the nature of things and how, if they understood NATURE or SCIENCE, they could literally ALTER everything on the planet.  Something that secret societies AT THE TOP have known for a long time.  People think, oh, conspiracies and secret societies, they don’t realize that almost ALL of your military industrial complex, that makes high tech weaponry of ALL kinds and who work with the big, long lived agencies and foundations, institutions and businesses too and banks, have been working in secret for a long, long, long time.  They’re always very secretive about whatever they’re up to.  The CIA is one of them; MI-6 is another.  The Mossad is another.  These are literally SECRET SOCIETIES.  So you can call it a conspiracy theory.  We’re all paying for these secret societies to run this agenda.  We fund them to run their agenda which affects EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.  Right down to our health or our sickness, because they give us both, you see, and right down to the reduction of the population and a 100 years war to bring in this old, old dream of A Brave New World. 

A term, again, that was high jacked by Aldous Huxley who was let in on the big plan and in the higher sciences, which were already understood, in the SECRET SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES of his day.  That is why he could project and say, the world would come around to a Brave New World, where everyone would be genetically modified, living in a completely different system, in-vitro fertilization, purpose made people, designed – ideal design – for your job, where you could NOT withhold sex from another person who requested it from you, even.  Things that were incomprehensible back in the 1930s, when he wrote the book, but then, he didn’t have a great imagination.  None of them do.  They’re let in on the big plans.  THEY’RE LET IN ON THE HIGHER SCIENCES THAT CO-EXIST AND RUN PARALLEL TO THE ONES AT THE BOTTOM.  We are always living in the past, in reality.  This façade is kept up by news releases that tell us that they’re hoping to burst this bubble one day or find this gene some other time in the future or perfect cloning sometime in the future and so on and so on.  And it’s backed up by the science magazines.  That’s low-level reality to keep you living in a fictitious reality while they use the big toys, the higher sciences AGAINST the people.  I’ll be back with more after the following break. 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Many talks I've given in the past have pointed out the terminology that's often used when you PUSH an agenda.  They have their buzz words and their terms and phrases which they repeat over and over again.  They're TAUGHT to do this.  Repetition is very important because the public are downloaded by repetition and the marketers tell them that the public must hear the terms at least 8 times before they remember them and then around 10 or 12 times, before they start repeating them.   We are the most analyzed species on the planet and the most tested species on the planet.   If you want to control the world, it's not just the insects you want to study.  You must control and study the people FIRST OF ALL and we have been studied for thousands of years

This article ties in with the whole New World Order agenda.  The old DREAM, as I say, that always re-emerges down through time, in history, via the same organizations, really, that are behind them even though they have many FRONT organizations.  People think that the communist system was run by FRONT organizations and it was but they didn't realize that the communists were emulating the West.  The West already had MANY front groups set up.  In fact, some of the leading BANK institutions around are literally FRONT groups for MI-6 and so are some of the biggest businesses that actually manufacture stuff that you use every day. 

This is from The Lord Mayor's Banquet speech delivered by the Prime Minister of Britain. 

Lord Mayor’s Banquet Speech - 12 November 2007

Gordon Brown spoke at length on Britain’s foreign policy priorities in his first address as PM at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet.

(Alan:  Now, he didn't even write this speech.  None of the politicians even write their own speeches because they have TEAMS of professional script writers who are really more important that the FRONT men that speak them into existence.  The script writers must be right up on what is required in this big agenda and they put it forth in their writings.)

PM outlines foreign policy priorities

(A:  Now, listen to the terms because you've heard them over and over before in the United States and elsewhere.)

Tonight, I want to speak about Britain’s unique place in the new world. (A: The New World, The NEW WORLD he's calling it.  So we're in a New World, for those who didn't know.)  And where, as a result, our responsibilities lie; how our national interest can be best advanced; and what we can achieve by working together internationally (A: So here you have NATIONAL interest and INTERNATIONALLY, right?) and by contributing to building the strongest and broadest sense of common purpose.  (A: Now, I talked about 'common purpose' about a week ago.  A MASSIVE organization that came out of nowhere in Britain, HEAVILY funded - has a lot of TOP police, military people involved in it - so you know it's a front and they also use the same M.O. as the Royal Institute of International Affairs in their talks.  They use the same TECHNIQUES so I think they are a front for the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  One of the biggest NGOs that are creating… CREATING the future.)

The new context

In the 1820s the then Foreign Secretary George Canning said that he had ‘called the new world into existence (A: For those who think it's a new thing, New World Order's are always coming and going.) to redress the balance of the old’. The order of the nineteenth century saw European empires spanning the globe. After World War Two a new international order was defined by the high stakes of the superpower nuclear stand off. Both these world orders shaped by political weight and military power.

In 1989 the old world order dominated by the Cold War came to an end. But how quickly events have disproved those who celebrated the end of the Cold War as ‘the end of history’. From Bosnia to Darfur, Rwanda to Afghanistan we have seen a level of disorder and uncertainty that no-one predicted. (A: Utter, utter LIES because if you look into the same government's books on the projecting the future back in the '70s and '80s and the United Nations ones that worked in sync with it, they talked about EMERGENT NATIONS and all the conflicts they would have.  They even had the NAMES of the places down pat.  So either these script writers should do their history a bit more thoroughly or they're just lying BLATANTLY to the public.  Nothing happens by mistake in this system.) [Remainder of paragraph] And no one foresaw the scale of the dramatic and seismic shifts in economy, culture and communications that are now truly global.

Our international institutions built for just 50 sheltered economies in what became a bipolar world are not fit for purpose in an interdependent world of 200 states (A: INTERDEPENDENCE, that's what Margaret Thatcher called it too.  You find Manly P. Hall talked about creating an INTERDEPENDENT WORLD back in the 1930s for high Freemasonry.) where global flows of commerce, people and ideas defy borders. With such transformative change comes a clear obligation, but also a great opportunity (A: They always tell you that there's a disaster coming or a crisis but there's always an OPPORTUNITY to come out of it at the same time.  This is how it's phrased.), to write a new chapter — to set down for a new era a better 21st century way of delivering peace and prosperity.  (A: So here he's using 'peace and prosperity' the same partnership deal that Canada, the U.S. and Mexico have, you see.  These are the little slogans they use.  Remember what Lenin said, "We shall win by the use of repetition and slogans.")

Of course the first duty of Government - our abiding obligation - is and will always be the safety of the British people, the protection of the British national interest. (A: That's probably why they built all the underground shelters to SAVE THE ELITE during the entire Cold War but NOTHING FOR THE BRITISH PEOPLE.) And let me affirm our commitment that we will always be vigilant and resolute, never leave ourselves vulnerable, but will at all times support and strengthen our armed forces, our defences and our security. Yet the timeless values that underpin our policies at home - our belief in the liberty of all (A: I don't know where they got that one from.), in security and justice for all (A: They have a PEER system there… their PEER groups, in Britain with the Royalty and Nobility.), in economic opportunity and environmental protection (A: So again, the environment is to be used as a big stick to CONTROL THE PEOPLE.) shared by all - are also ideals that I believe that it is in our national interest to promote abroad. But we do so in a changing world where six new global forces unique to our generation are demonstrating our growing interdependence (A: There it is again.) and pressing the international community (A: WHAT international community?  Have they passed a law and said we ARE an international community?  Has there been any debate or discussion, any VOTE on this international… Where can you get your citizenship?  Or do you have to go to Rockefeller to get your Global Citizenship Award?) to discover common purpose.  (A: So he's pushing The Common Purpose Coalition, you see.)

First, few expected when the adamantine certainties of the Cold War came to an end, we would have to address the constantly changing uncertainties of violence and instability from failed states and rogue states. (A: Again, they had massive think tanks, paid for by the tax payer, going over EVERY possibility.  When they SIGNED into existence the United Nations in San Francisco, in there you'll find all the problems they saw in the future, coming up, as the colonization dwindled and countries were given independence and all the countries that would go to war with each other.  Utter lies again.) The spread of terrorism has destroyed the old assumption that states alone could access destructive weapons. As dramatic in a different way is a third force for change: global flows of capital and global sourcing of goods and services have brought the biggest shift of economic power since the industrial revolution (A: Well, that was all discussed LONG BEFORE they gave us the GATT Treaty, that the public had no say in whatsoever.) - the rapid emergence of India and China as global powers with legitimate global aspirations. The new frontier is that there is no frontier. (A: We CREATED China.  China was a third world country, pretty well up until World War II.  And if it wasn't for the creation of the communist system in China and then its antithesis to fight it, you wouldn't have the super China today.  It'd be little cantons all over the place.  That's how they got China amalgamated.  And who was one of the first people to send into China to help it through the University teachings?  Who taught communism?  Lord Bertrand Russell.  In his own books he writes about it.  BRITAIN created communism in China.  I've read before from the international meetings of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs from the 1930s talking about a POST World War II China and how they could even build it up to be a SUPER POWER and the manufacturer for the planet.  So here they are, PRETENDING here in this speech that everything's just a SUDDEN SURPRISE.  Oh, we're all surprised.  None of our think tanks got it right.  Oh, we'll have to just act on things as they emerge.)

The unprecedented impact of climate change (A: They use Climate Change.  We used to have weather at one time.  We had the weather, see, weather came on and the news and they say what's the weather going to be?  Then we had the farce of Global Warming and the warming thing has lost a lot of its adherents because of the nonsense that they put out… that's been disproved.  Now they're calling it Climate Change, so the weather is now Climate Change.  It's like 'wellness'.  How is your health?  Now it's how's your wellness?    You ask, how is the weather going to be tomorrow?  How's the Climate Change going to be tomorrow?  This is the farce of it all.  But it's very important to use that because, remember, this man, Brown and the ones who put him in there, also own and run the Club of Rome.  The Club of Rome, in the 1970s, came up with the IDEA, this big think tank that projects the future, they CREATE the trends for the future and they get governments to write it into policy.  They ADMIT in their own book, The First Global Revolution, that they dreamed up, in the 1970s, the IDEA of a united planet that would only come together with an ENEMY and THE ENEMY WOULD END UP BEING MAN HIMSELF causing the degradation of the climate. This is the idea.  They said, "That would fit the bill."  THAT idea would fit the bill.  Of all the dozens of ideas they looked at, EVEN ALIEN INVASIONS, THAT would fit the bill.  Back in a moment, after this break.)

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through The Matrix.  I let that little riff go on there because I feel like wailing tonight.  When you read such rubbish like this, which is put out for the public to CONSUME.  These guys know that the public have no memory.  That's why they can tell us such utter BS.  They also know the public are totally ignorant of even the Royal Institute of International Affairs running their system for 100 odd years.  They have no idea at all.  They have no idea that these puppets that are in front are working for a designed plan… THE GRAND DESIGN.  They have no idea whatsoever.  I'm just tearing apart this utter nonsense that's been fed to the public and parroted by the front man, Mr. Brown, and written by professional script writers who at least KNOW their agenda and who understand that the public have really been dumbed down.  That's why they can write such tripe.  So to get back to this speech, which is awful painful even to go through.

The unprecedented impact of climate change (A: Weather.) transforms the very purpose of government. (A: So here's a government that's going to transform its very purpose because of the WEATHER)  Once quality of life meant the pursuit of two objectives: economic growth and social cohesion. (A: Is that right?  Is that what it was about?) Now there is a trinity of aims:  prosperity, fairness and environmental care.  (A: They've all turned into hippies.  Is that what happened?  Overnight, they all dressed up but dressed up like fairies and turned into hippies?  Is that what happened?)  And as energy supplies are under pressure there is a new global competition for natural resources. New global forces at work - from pandemics (A: There's always been pandemics.  Always, in history, pandemics, breaking out somewhere.  A cold breaking out, Coisa they call it in medicine, somewhere… is that a little pandemic?  You see.)  to worldwide migration - make the task of overcoming the great social evils of hunger, illiteracy, disease, squalor and poverty even more challenging. (A: This is from the very government that the Ministry of Education says they're dropping special things like spelling and history from their curriculum.  They're utter, utter double-speak and… OH!  Well, you know what I mean.)  And if, as Tom Friedman has written, the defining image of the 20th century was a wall representing division, the defining image of the 21st is a web championing connections (A: A web is something that spiders get their prey on to before they eat them.)— a world where we can rightly now talk not just of the wealth of nations (Remember, The Wealth of Nations by Smith? [Adam Smith, 1776] Remember?)  but the wealth of networks. (A: NETWORKS, you see.) The web cannot be controlled in the end by any single force or any single leader. And what happens within it cannot be predicted from day to day.  (A: Utter ROT.  These guys would leave NOTHING TO CHANCE.  Never have done, never will.)

George Orwell was not quite right: the technology revolution he foresaw is not a controlling force enslaving people, but for the most part a liberating force empowering them. (A: That's why everything you say and do is being watched by the authorities that work UNDER this front man, Mr. Brown.  Complete, utter double-speak.  Oh, it's absolutely, 100% correct.)  In the old order power affected people but could not easily be affected by them. But once powerless people now have the potential to be heard and see their impact felt in places far away.  (A: Really?  If that was the case, we'd be assassinated tomorrow, if we could truly affect they way other people work out their lives and their destinies.) And because our world is now so connected and so interdependent (A: INTERDEPENDENT, again.) it is possible in this century, for the first time in human history, to contemplate and create a global society that empowers people.  (A: The rich, powerful people, the psychopaths at the top, are turning over a new leaf.  I think that's what he's trying to say.  They've given up psychopathy… as a BAD JOKE and they're going to HELP us all because they've seen the error of their ways.)

Why do I believe this is not only possible but essential? (A: Because his bosses told him so but I'll continue here.)  Because we cannot any longer escape the consequences of our interdependence. (A: Interdependence, rraah, rraah, interdependence.  Weapons of mass destruction, rraah, rraah, same technique.)  The old distinction between ‘over there’ and ‘over here’ does not make sense of this interdependent world. For there is no longer an ‘over there’ of terrorism, failed states, poverty, forced migration and environmental degradation and an ‘over here’ that is insulated or immune. Today a nation’s self interest today will be found not in isolation but in cooperation to overcome shared challenges. And so the underlying issue for our country (A: Now listen to this.  The reason I'm reading this article is because this has been given to the City of London.  This is from the government web site, the British government's web site, here, this speech.  This city is where the BIGGEST BANKS ON THE PLANET happen to be, along with their little obelisk they brought over from Egypt a along time ago.  And whatever happens, as I said, here, affects the entire planet.  We have The Anglo American Establishment professor Carroll Quigley who talks about they have been working for CENTURIES together. So this article is very important because they're telling you, again, a little bit of their agenda and they're telling you how you're supposed to PERCEIVE it.  That's the way it's written.  I'll continue with this, this PROPAGANDA PIECE, after these messages.  Back in a moment.) [Remainder of paragraph]  - indeed for every country - is how together in this new interdependent world we renew and strengthen our international rules, institutions and networks.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through… the nonsense out there that's projected through the media and especially, this piece of utter, unmitigated RUBBISH put out by Mr. Brown and written by his script writers, THE GLOBALISTS WITH A GLOBALIST AGENDA trying to calm the publics' fears and telling them they're all going to be rich and happy in the future.  Don't worry about anything, they've got it all in hand and they've foreseen all the difficulties.  This takes me right back to Winston Churchill.  Winston Churchill was telling the nation in World War II, with his little fireside chats - same as they had in the United States with FDR - that they had to go out and fight to preserve their culture and their way of life.  Meanwhile, his personal secretary was taking notes and he eventually put it into a book called Fringes of Power [John Colville].  In it he said, that at night Winston was having parties with his own peer group and saying that THIS WAR WAS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED because they could get their long, long dreamed of DREAM through of a united Europe and even more.  THAT'S how it's run.  The public are never, ever, ever told the truth about ANYTHING.  And here they are, in this particular speech here, the Prime Minster of Britain, telling the people - now that they've all been dumbed down and stupefied until they don't know what they ARE anymore - that we're all INTERNATIONALISTS.  Here's what he says. 

My approach is hard-headed internationalism: - internationalist because global challenges need global solutions (A: Isn't that why they supposedly fought the communists?  Wasn't that the dialectic nonsense that we were fed during the whole Cold War?  That the communists were internationalists and these ones who were going to stop it were NATIONALISTS, they said.  Utter lies and rubbish and tripe.) and nations must cooperate across borders - often with hard-headed intervention (A: Meaning, going over and killing people.) - to give expression to our shared interests (A: That's why they want to loot the countries… and I'm interpreting what he's saying here.) and shared values; (A: WHAT shared values?)- hard-headed because we will not shirk from the difficult long term decisions (A: That means they're going to go off and kill more people.) and because only through reform of our international rules (A: Our INTERNATIONAL rules, you understand), and institutions (A: NOT THE PUBLIC, BUT INSTITUTIONS.) will we achieve concrete, on-the-ground results.  (A: That means they're going to do an awful lot of slaughtering in the future to standardize the world.  They must get every country under the same atheistic type system where Hollywood runs the Culture Industry and the school system, a UNIVERSAL school system, gives everyone the SAME indoctrination.  THAT'S MANDATORY for control of the world.)

Building a global society (A: Do you realize that's our function?  We were all born to build a global society.) means agreeing that the great interests we share in common (A: Remember, the technique of the tyrant, who is the wolf, is to convince the sheep that your interests lay in the same direction as themselves.  That's the same thing down through the ages with speech makers.  The wolves must convince the sheep that your interests lay in the same direction as the wolf.  And here it is, right from the wolf's mouth.)

Building a global society means agreeing that the great interests we share in common (A: Ask the average person what their interests are.) are more powerful than the issues that sometimes divide us. It means articulating and acting upon the enduring values (A: Enduring values… they keep changing.  Even democracy has never had a fixed definition.) that define our common humanity and transcending ideologies of hatred that seek to drive us apart. (A: This is from the top guys who were the HOME of eugenics, and here they are, talking about hatred…  This is from the very country that had the techniques of DIVIDING AND CONQUERING down to a FINE ART through using religion, races, and so on to fight each other.)  And critically - and this is the main theme of my remarks this evening - we must bring to life these shared interests and shared values by practical proposals to create the architecture (A: Here's the Masonic part...  the architecture) of a new global society.

Britain’s alliances

Through our membership of the European Union - which gives us and 26 other countries the unique opportunity to work together on economic, environmental and security challenges (A: That means SPYING ON EVERYBODY within the European community.)- and the Commonwealth, and through our commitment to NATO and the UN, we have the capacity to work together with all those who share our vision of the future. (A: Now, who are those who share their vision of the future?  Because it's not the average citizen who really is in the dark.  We get TRIVIA fed to us.  We get a murder here or there or something like that to keep us occupied.  We don't get this stuff, fed by the main stream… and what we do, is HEAVILY edited because, after all, the children won't understand.  That's what they say.) And I do not see these as partnerships in competition with each other but mutually reinforcing. (A: There's no democracy whatsoever but this is 'mutually reinforcing their partnerships.'  That's what it is, one big business system… partnerships.)

It is no secret that I am a life long admirer of America.  I have no truck with anti-Americanism in Britain or elsewhere in Europe and I believe that our ties with America (A: Now, 'ties' is a Masonic term.  It was used during the entire amalgamation of the European Union, when Prime Ministers went over every year to forge 'closer ties' and that meant INTEGRATION.  That was the code word for integration, further integration.  They're using the same terms now with the Canada, American and Latin American Union.  'Closer ties.'  You understand what it is?  It's called a 'tow rope,' the tie, literally the tie that you WEAR is a Masonic SYMBOL that you belong to the Masonic system.  YOU'RE LIVING IN IT and that's your tow rope.  You can only influence those that are in the circle, the radius, of your tow rope that's BOUND around your neck.  That's the terms that they use.  That's really how they talk to each other in these speeches.) - founded on values we share (A: Nonsense, because the U.S. was founded on an IDEA, AN IDEA, that the individual had rights and they had the RIGHT to worship what they wanted to worship.  That wasn't allowed in Britain.  They had the RIGHT to accumulate property.  That was HEAVILY controlled in Britain. They stopped peasants from having property for 1000 years.  So what common values do they have with the U.S.?  That's why the U.S. fought the war against Britain.) - constitute our most important bilateral relationship. And it is good for Britain, for Europe and for the wider world that today France and Germany and the European Union are building stronger relationships with America. (A: Well, we KNOW that after the Americas have been completely integrated, we're now to be tied completely with the European Union.  That's been written about in the Council on Foreign Relations own magazine called, Foreign Relations.  Whatever they write is THE AGENDA.)

The 20th century showed that when Europe and America are distant from one another, instability is greater; when partners for progress (A: partners for progress) the world is stronger. And in the years ahead - notwithstanding the huge shifts in economic influence underway (A: Ho-oh, we're all being looted.) - I believe that Europe and America have the best chance for many decades to achieve historic progress (A: Now, what is historic progress?  Even the TERM was taken from communism.  Because when they planned their agenda, and the upheavals of killing off of the peasant class, in fact, - who worked on the land in the Soviet system - they called it HISTORIC NECESSITY.  In other words, in ADVANCE, they had to kill off the people so they could write the history the way they had planned it to turn out. It's called… so here, it's called 'historic progress.' )   —

·     working ever more closely together on the project of building a global society;

·    and helping bring in all continents, including countries today outside the G8 and the UN Security Council, to give new purpose and direction to our international institutions.  (A: So we're run by international institutions.)

And while no longer the mightiest militarily, or the largest economically, the United Kingdom has an important contribution to make. Just as London has become a global hub linking commerce, ideas and people from all over the world, so too our enduring values and our network of alliances, can help secure the changes we need. (A: They're talking about TREATIES.  Alliances are done by treaties.  Britain became Great Britain and ruled a good part of the world through… blasting countries, basically, where ever they went, looting them, putting in their OWN system and then calling it a Commonwealth.  Shared values, eh?  And a network of alliances.  Once they had their own puppet regimes in, they made treaties with them so they all came to each other's aid.)

A new framework for security and reconstruction

Today, there is still a gaping hole in our ability to address the illegitimate threats and use of force against innocent peoples. It is to the shame of the whole world that the international community failed to act to prevent genocide in Rwanda. (A: That was planned.  We had, I think, General Dallaire, he was in Canada here, who was in Rwanda, in charge of a few troops, who were Belgian troops, under the United Nations.  He kept sending in reports of the COMING slaughter in Rwanda.  The French were actually behind it.  They trained the factions that started it off.  They were told to.  The French military did it.  Part of the E.U.  He kept sending reports to the United Nations who completely ignored him.  He still never got it through his head, that this was meant to be. The slaughter was meant to be… and it BROKE the man.  Now, he's actually working in a non-governmental organization FOR the United Nations.  He still doesn't get it.) [Remainder of paragraph] We now rightly recognise our responsibility to protect behind borders where there are crimes against humanity.

But if we are to honour that responsibility to protect we urgently need a new framework to assist reconstruction. With the systematic use of earlier Security Council action, proper funding of peacekeepers, targeted sanctions - and their ratcheting up to include the real threat of international criminal court actions - we must now set in place the first internationally agreed procedures to prevent breakdowns of states and societies.

But where breakdowns occur, the UN - and regional bodies (A: These regions… we're all into regions now.) such as the EU and African Union - must now also agree to systematically combine traditional emergency aid and peacekeeping with stabilisation, reconstruction and development.  (A: What you're going to see when it happens in the U.S. and so on, they'll bring all these different troops from all of these countries.  That's part of the agreement is the RAPID DEPLOYMENT FORCES.  They will work with the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces ALREADY SET UP in Canada and the States and Mexico.  People should go into this and read it for themselves. 

It's a long speech but there's a lot in there that affects the ENTIRE PLANET because really, this is the mouthpiece of the Global System talking there.  It effects every country on the planet, more so the Americas than most at the moment, I would say, because they depend on the U.S. that has been policing the world since World War II to do the rest of it until the other big boys take over.  China, actually, is slated to take over as policeman of the world. 

I've got some callers now and so I'll go to them.  We've got Antonio from Maryland.  Are you there Antonio?

Antonio: Yes Alan, how are you doing today?

Alan:   I'm hanging in here.

Antonio: That's good.  Speaking of progressive partnerships, were you able to enjoy your contaminated and genetically modified food for dinner? [Laughs]

Alan:   I tell you…. what I do… I tend to stick to the same basic diet.  I don't vary it very much at all.  When I find something that doesn't make me utterly, completely sick and nauseous, I'll stick to it for as long as I can until they change it again and then I do become nauseous.  Because, yeah, we're all being poisoned off with this awful food but I did manage to squeeze a dinner in tonight. 

Antonio: I tend to have the same habit.  I eat the same thing most of the time also.  I wanted to tell you that I appreciate your… earlier today I heard you on The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller. 

Alan:   Yes.

Antonio: You know, enabling yourself to see clearly and not through rose colored or gray colored eye glasses, you see things as they really are.  Speaking on the rich banks ripping everyone off and the dialectic, people have to realize also it's more that just two sides trying to get you to one point.

Alan:   Absolutely.

Antonio: Actually, if you visualize it, it's actually the beginning, the two dialectics, in the end, which makes it square.  And you turn it to, you turn the points to north and south and it becomes a diamond and split in half it represents the male and the female, the hermaphroditic.

Alan:   People don’t realize that there's always TWO SIDES ON BOTH SIDES OF EVERY STORY.  There's the ones that oppose each other on BOTH sides.  They don't realize that there's another group, too, guiding them along into a different agenda.  And THAT'S how the square works.

Antonio: This $700 billion bail out that just happened, a lot of people think it's about the… I guess the coagulation of all the banking systems and bringing in a one currency but it's more that that.  It's a big land grab also because they're taking up people's properties around the globe.

Alan:   Sure they are.  That again, remember too, their manifesto and the communist manifesto and the United Nation's manifesto and Albert Pike's manifesto, all said the world they'd bring in would eventually have NO private property for the people.  You're quite right.  There's a lot happening under the guise of just basic looting.  They ARE allowed to loot but there's another reason behind it.  It's to be a completely different system that will eventually emerge in the world. 

Antonio: And the giveaway exacerbates the problem, the mortgage problems that's going on around the world right now.  Also I wanted to touch on something else here, but it just flew out of my mind.  Well, let you end it there and go to the next caller.  If I think about it, I'll call you back another time.

Alan:   Sure enough.  Thanks for calling.

Antonio: Can I say one more thing.  EVERYONE DONATE TO ALAN.  HE NEEDS YOUR HELP. 

Alan:   That's right.  I forgot that myself.

Antonio: Actually, I just remembered real quick.  You said that repetition… it's what they try and get everyone to do but on the other side, maybe we need to start telling people, you know, you need to resist, fight for your freedom… [Laugh]

Alan:   Yes.  That's right. And you can tell them 8 times that they have freedom, if they want it. 

Antonio: Yes.  You know you're free until you realize that… does 'Mary had a little lamb.' [Laugh]

Alan:   That's right.  That's how it works.  Well, thanks for calling. 

Antonio: Alrighty.  Good-bye.

Alan:   Bye, now.  Now, I've got Shawn from Idaho.  Are you there Shawn?

Shawn: Yeah, Alan.  How you doing?

Alan:   Again, I'm hangin' in… long day.

Shawn: Glad to hear that.  You know, until I started listening to you, I thought I was awake.  I've listened to you now for probably for the last 3-4 months.  I've gone back and probably listened to 400 of your talks and I appreciate you sending out the books last week and I'm about half way through number 2.  And I tell you what, if I may just say something to the listeners out there that… because I sat on the fence for a while and I didn't know.  I thought well, I'll just listen and I don't know if I really need to get the books, but EVERYBODY NEEDS TO GET YOUR BOOKS. 

Alan:   They're different.  They're very different.  It shows you how dumbed down and how truly ignorant we really are of what's all around us. 

Shawn: I agree and you shouldn't be able to keep those on the shelf. 

Alan:   I know.  There's a break coming so hold on and we'll come back after this message.

HI folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and I don't know if that caller is still on the line.  Is he?

Shawn: I'm here.

Alan:   You're still there.  Did you have anything more to add?

Shawn: Just two quick things.  You know after reading and beginning to understand about the Messianic influences in our society, I understand now and I'd like to get your take on 9/11.  You know 9..1..1..1  equals 12.  1 plus 2 equals 3, right? 

Alan:   Well, 9/11 actually still falls in to the Ides of September.  Which stands in the old, traditional mythologies of ancient Greece and Rome as the BIRTH of the God or Goddess.  It's a hermaphroditic goddess, the warrior type that comes out of the HEAD of Jupiter, the Greeks had it from Zeus, SELF BORN THROUGH PURE WILL POWER.  A brand new system coming into BEING.  That's what it stands for.

Shawn: As you were talking earlier, I went to the Chatham house web site.  Royal Institute for International Affairs and it's just funny, you know, independent thinking on international affairs. 

Alan:   And look how many different departments that are involved in so many different part of our society, right down to the future distribution of food to the world, in every country and EVERYTHING is covered by them.

Shawn: One of the projects that they're working on is rethinking the United States international role and they're putting together a report to come out prior to the Presidential inauguration in January.

Alan:   Again, it's all timed to come out at the right time.  Believe you me, it's been done long ago.   This report's been done long ago, and it's just unrolled as though they just dreamed it up on the spot.

Shawn: Well, hey Alan, that's all I had and everybody, please support Alan and Alan, I know you'll make it because we can't lose you.  You're too valuable out there.

Alan:   Well, thanks for calling. 

Shawn: Thank you.

Now, it's the same with the donations, etc and the books.  People keep me going.  YOU BRING ME TO YOU through your donations and buying the books and CDs, DVDs, discs and so on.  And it is up to you to keep me going.  The money from the advertising GOES to the station to pay for their bills and their engineers and all the rest of it.  I've been on HUNDREDS of shows over many years and I've never asked a penny for any of them, even the TV shows as well.  WHAT WE'RE DOING IS TOO IMPORTANT.  WE'RE AT THE LAST STAGE OF MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION IN WHICH WE HAVE NO SAY.  We're being dumbed down, literally sterilized, killed off to SERVE THE PLAN and actually WORK TOWARDS THE PLAN, actually HELP IT COME INTO BEING of SOMEONE ELSE'S IDEA OF A BRAVE NEW WORLD.  It's diabolical, in that sense because it's so macabre the way it's pulled off with it's death and destruction and PLANNED CULLING of people and CRIPPLING of people across the world that you can't say… we don't even have the descriptive words in the language to describe what, as I say, is this DIABOLICAL SYSTEM that runs the world.  I think we've got, I'll try and get the link up again, it sometimes drops from me.  We've got TC in Florida.  Are you there TC?

TC:       Good evening, Alan.

Alan:   Hello.

TC:       I'm enjoying the show as always.  I know we're almost out of time here.  Just wondering, have you read anything about the Conference of European Armies that was in Europe, October the 29th through 31st? 

Alan:   I've read quite a bit on them and how the complete amalgamation is already taking place.  They're all ready training different troops in preparation for the European Army but they're also going to amalgamate it.  That's what will come up in this next speech.  You'll find Obama will integrate the American one with the European one.  That's coming up. 

TC:       I'm gong to send you an article I came across about that.  Apparently… I know we're out of time now so maybe you could deal with that in an upcoming show.

Alan:   That I will do.  Thanks for calling.

Well, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.


(Article: "Lord Mayor's Banquet Speech - 12 November 2007" [Speech by U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown] ( - Nov. 12, 2008.)


Transcribed by Diana