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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 18, 2008:

Democracy Hypocrisy:

"Foundations in Complicity,
Purr, Lion-Head Felicity,
Inform Leaders What to Say,
When Dealing with Profane Prey,
Snake-Eyed Soros with His Money,
Market-Legal Plunder, Crimson Honey,
Running the Tank which Made Obama,
Who Must Follow and Speak Scripted Drama,
Followers Will, as Followers Do,
Wake Up in Abattoir, Tear-Drenched Dew"
© Alan Watt Nov. 18, 2008

18th Nov 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 18, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive you see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on

Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, on the 18th of November 2008. There are always newcomers coming into the website, and onto this Station as well (RBN) and I advise them to go into and listen to my previous talks I've given on this big world agenda and I try to give you short cuts, because there is an Elite, there is a massive establishment at the top and they do try and put enough stuff out there. They do put out a lot of stuff there, to confuse you and keep you running in circles and pointing the fingers at different people, different groups and so on, while they camouflage themselves. That's standard, in order to confuse you and keep you off the real track of what's behind this big World Order and where it's going and I've given lots of talks you can download for free and fill in the little short cuts for you, take you right to the big Foundations, the big organisations - incredibly rich - that truly run this planet. 

Also look into for transcripts, which you can download, print up; and, they're written in the various languages of Europe.

That's the key to everything really - is the Matrix. The Matrix is a system, a system where you're taught and trained, from birth, to accept the world, as it's presented to you by those in control of the world. They decide what is taught, from kindergarten onwards and through your educational system. They decide what kind of media information you'll have and they also give you your culture, music, the arts, drama, the movies etc. That is all part of controlling the mind of the people. It's not hard to understand, when you realise that people were insular in the past and they were very nationalistic; and, even the idea of nationalism was a technique used, by the elite, to gain their own way in the world and to build empires. You're proud to be a member of a tribe; they simply created a super tribe, called you a name, such as "British", or whatever, and off you would go with that nice smart uniform. Probably the best clothes you ever had in your life, in fact, for most people. And: they put the music to it: the marching bands - big, big thing, the marching bands - and people don't think, because, as I say, they use tribalism, natural tribal instincts and they use it to control and use the people. A few years ago, they talked at the United Nations about creating a super tribe, a world tribe; because their biggest problem now is how do you keep the same tactics and techniques in use for a world army? It's kind of hard to identify with a world system. A national system is quite easy: you're already programmed, from youth, to admire the men in uniform, wearing familiar uniforms and wearing the familiar badges and patches and carrying the right familiar flags. However, for a world system, they must -initially at least - create a world mercenary army. That is what they're doing, of course, with the likes of Blackwater and other organisations, which have been quietly there for many, many, many years, being set up. They hire the best mercenaries, the ones who enjoy what they do and they're well paid to do it. They follow orders. 

What really runs the world? The world is run by Think Tanks and Foundations, a system talked about by Albert Pike, in the 1800s, and Adam Weishaupt, to do with running the world through masses of money, concentrated in a few hands, funding philanthropies. Back with more, after this break. 

--- BREAK ---

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and, just before the break, I was talking about how the Foundations were set up, a long time ago, to front for the already-existent Aristocracies of mainly Europe - but, combining that of America as well, eventually - and they set up these Non-Governmental Organisations that would be Think Tanks, they would create Public Policy; their members would come in and out of politics, they would be embedded within the bureaucracies and they do exist. Margaret Thatcher talked about the 'Parallel Government' that she belonged to. She was referring to the Royal Institute of International Affairs and its American branch - The Council on Foreign Relations. Everything that is printed in the Foreign Relations magazine comes to pass. They give you the future, because they are all working towards a particular future. A tremendous power, because they have access to government; they can be in government and can, supposedly, serve the public, at the same time. Something that was mentioned by Albert Pike, about the Foundations, how they create Foundations which would amass a massive wealth and they become masters over the masters of the world; and, they run under philanthropy, that's their greatest guise and they're all inter-related. I've never really seen one of these major Think Tanks or Foundations that is not on the same track as all the other ones. They're really specialised blocs, they specialise in their own areas, to guide public opinion, guide political opinion, as well and get laws passed too, which sometimes they draft up, like the Amalgamation of the Americas. The CFR took credit for that, private organisation, non-governmental. 

Here's an article from November the 18th

Soros-Funded Democratic Idea Factory Becomes Obama Policy Font

By Edwin Chen. It says:  

Three blocks from the White House, on the 10th floor of a sleek glass building, young workers pound at computers, with giant flat-screen TVs overhead. It has the look and feel of a high-tech start-up. In many ways it is. The product is ideas. Thanks in part to funding from benefactors such as billionaire George Soros, the Center for American Progress 

Another big Foundation, a Think Tank, you see. 

has become in just five years an intellectual wellspring for Democratic policy proposals 

It's the other side of the Dialectic. 

including many that are shaping the agenda of the new Obama administration. Much as the Heritage Foundation provided intellectual heft for the Republican Party in the 1980s, CAP has been an incubator 

I like the CAP: we're at the top of the Cap Stone. 

for liberal thought and helped build the platform that triumphed in the 2008 campaign. "What CAP has done is recapture the role of ideas as an important political force, something the Republicans had been better at for 25 years,'' said Walter Isaacson, president of the Aspen Institute 

Another one you see, another  

non-partisan policy-research organization in Washington.  CAP's president and founder, John Podesta, 59, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, is one of three people running the transition team for president-elect Barack Obama, 47. A squadron of CAP experts is working with them. Some of the group's recommendations already have been adopted by the president-elect. 

You see: the president-elect is just a front man for the agenda; and, the public are generally unaware of the big Foundations and Philanthropic characters behind them. They've never looked into their characters, or what their viewpoints are on their nation, never mind the entire planet. It says some of the Group's recommendations have been adopted such as: 

Withdrawal of Troops: These include the center's call for a gradual withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and a build-up of forces in Afghanistan  

They want to build up forces there, because they've got to guard the poppy fields for the heroin trade. 

a plan for universal health coverage  

Now, remember what I said before, Lenin talked about services created in the west which would become Authorities. Under the United Nations' Proposals, which Mr. Soros backs, completely, you're to get the most basic health care, world-wide, as possible. Anyone visiting Canada should walk into one of the clinics here and you'll see what they mean by "basic". It says here, they're going to: 

create ''green jobs'' linked to alleviating global climate change.  

We used to have weather, now we have 'climate change'. 

CAP also is advocating the creation of a ''National Energy Council'' headed by an official with the stature of the national security adviser and who would be charged with "transforming the energy base'' of the U.S. 

That's a big, big project. It's going to be a big stick on everyone and here it is: created by another independent, non-governmental organisation, using their front man - Obama.  

To help promote its ideas, CAP employs 11 full-time bloggers who contribute to two Web sites, ThinkProgress and the Wonk Room; others prepare daily feeds for radio stations. The centre’s policy briefings are standing-room only, packed with lobbyists, advocacy-group representatives and reporters looking for insights on where the Obama administration is headed.  

You should read this for yourself because this is a standard technique: they put a man in and he reads speeches written by professional speech writers who work with the big Think Tanks. We don't have democracy, it does not exist. You have a parallel government, with specialised areas and Think Tanks, working in their own particular area, running the world; and, it's been like that, for an awful long time.

Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for the CFR, stated in his own book, Tragedy and Hope (and the Anglo-American Establishment) that this parallel government had already been in existence for 60 years and he wrote the book in the 1960s.

The CFR was set up in the Harold Pratt building, in New York, and Harold Pratt - the Pratt Family - were deeply involved with the Anglo American Establishment and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. They, again, under this Philanthropy, set up The Council on Foreign Relations Headquarters. Now, remember, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, their main office in England, in London, was also turned into the home of the O.S.S. [Office of Strategic Services] during World War Two. Why? You see, they are the O.S.S.! They are the O.S.S.; they became M.I.6.  M.I.6., like all of the organisations in Britain, have their official wing of militarized and the unofficial one, which works amongst the civilian populations and that is the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they make sure that the top authors, professors who have a voice to the media, are chosen by them. They are members of the RIIA. That's how they run the world. 

In the U.S., they use their front men, through The Council on Foreign Relations; and, you see, all these major Think Tanks are specialised, in their own particular area.

It's hard for the Americans to understand and believe that, in Canada, they give out more information about the U.S. than they do in the US! Such as in 2005, they were on mainstream news, during the signature agreement between the U.S. President, Canadian Prime Minister and the Mexican President, to sign the first open Integration Treaty for the Americas. The whole show was presented on mainstream news, by the Council on Foreign Relations, who admitted they drafted up the whole idea - and even the documents that were being signed, by the presidents and prime ministers. The same Group brought in the Income Tax Bills in the United States and the Royal Institute of International Affairs brought it in, in Britain, at the same time; the same with property taxes. You find that they have been behind all of the major moves towards to what is thought of as Socialism and it's often confused with Communism, because the aims are identical. Remember the other major Think Tank, the Club of Rome, where the founders of that particular one, state in their own book (The First Global Revolution) that they looked at all the systems of the world and they found that Collectivism - which is Communism - was best-suited to rule the people, for the future. Carroll Quigley said the same thing, he said we - The Council on Foreign Relations - work with dictators, we work with communists, fascists and so on, we don't mind; because the whole idea is to get all of those characters working, towards the same agenda. It does become confusing to the novice, that's why you have to go into their writings, to find out what it's really, really all about. 

Prestige, and prestigious institutions, are lusted after by people of every race. Those who get up into running and having a big say in their country, want to belong to these big organisations. It's like being knighted - very, very similar - you've honours conferred on you, it gives you a lot of privileges. You're above the law, in many aspects. You can actually be a sovereign entity, kind of like Knights of Malta, and be an internationalist: you can have an international passport and diplomatic immunity; meaning: you don't get patted down and prodded at airports, or your bags opened and searched. People from all races want to join this and it's not THE Jews, it's not THE Germans; it's not this and it's not that. It's just that the aristocracy of each one, those who have made it up there, above the common herd, financially, by any means that they could, want to get into this privileged global club, with all the benefits that it confers upon its members. I'll be back with more about this, after this break. 

--- BREAK ---

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, mentioning the big Foundations and how foreign policy and domestic policy is created. Not from the public itself, not through 'democracy', not through the promises that are given during the political campaigns but by the big Foundations and organisations that are behind the front men, the politicians who are groomed and trained for their roles; and, all these Think Tanks and Foundations are all on the same track. That's what you do find out, that's the Pyramid. Look at all the blocks that build the pyramid, that's what they are; and, they use the dialectic on the public: Left Wing, Right Wing and so on. It is all the same agenda, because when you go in to the creation of, say, the Fabian Society, for instance, you find that the founders were Eugenicists first, they were members of the Elite, they were authors, professors, advocates of the British system, who did believe that the best way to help the poor was to simply eradicate them. They were the ones who looked at the world, looked at the poverty, looked at the fall-out from the industrial era, knowing that it was only a short-term phase we were going through and that other eras, like technology, would come after industry and they wouldn't need all those people anymore. However, to the working classes they were seen as some kind of working class hero; nothing can be further from the truth; everyone's been had in the system.  

Here's an article from Hysterical and - 'Hysterical', that's a good title! - it's Historical (which is hysterical!) and Investigative Research, that’s March the 4th 2008. It says: 

What is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)? History shows that the policies debated and proposed by the CFR almost always become US foreign policy. And yet, the CFR is supposed to be a private organization. Very little is known about it. And political scientists almost never investigate it. It pays to study the CFR, however, if we wish to understand how power works in the United States, and what ideology the US ruling elite answers to

Then it says: 

An introduction. In 1977 political scientist Thomas Dye delivered his presidential address to the Southern Political Science Association at the University of California at Santa Cruz. His topic: the role of allegedly ‘private’ policy-making organizations in determining US policy. His address was then published in 1978 as a research paper in The Journal of Politics, and much space was devoted to the importance of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the making of United States foreign policy. All around, this was a rare event that helped correct a failing identified by sociologist G. William Domhoff in his 1970 book, The Higher Circles: The Governing Class in America: “there's never has been any research paper on [the CFR] in any scholarly journal indexed in the Social Science and Humanities Index”. Many political scientists, apparently, thought this was a proper state of affairs and wanted matters to remain thus, because Dye wrote in the first page: "I appreciate the assistance of G. William Domhoff, University of California, Santa Cruz. I apologize to those eminent political scientists who told me that [studying] the activities of private policymakers was not ‘political science’’’.

 It is certainly curious that ‘eminent political scientists’ should be opposed to research on the Council on Foreign Relations and other supposedly ‘private’ policy organizations. We shall return to these matters. First, however, let us get a sense for what the CFR is and give some context to evaluate Dye’s use of the phrase “private policymakers” in reference to this organization. 

It says: 

“Political scientist Lester Milbraith observes that the influence of [the] CFR throughout the government is so pervasive that it is difficult to distinguish CFR from government programs: ‘The Council on Foreign Relations, while not financed by government, works so closely with it that it is difficult to distinguish Council actions stimulated by government from autonomous actions.’”

 You could say it in the reverse direction, as well: it is difficult to distinguish government actions stimulated by the Council from autonomous government action. Dye gives a list of quite major US foreign policy initiatives which the CFR led, “including both the initial decision to intervene militarily in Vietnam and the later decision to withdraw.” Further, he points out that many important members of the CFR are simultaneously top government officeholders. For example, “Council members in the Kennedy-Johnson Administration included Secretary of State Dean Rusk, National Security Advisor McGeorge P. Bundy, CIA Director John McCone, and Under-Secretary of State George Ball.” A list of important figures in the CFR over the years up to 1978, which Dye also provides, shows that many are former top officials in the United States Government.

But the CFR is not merely where present and former officeholders meet; it is also an incubator for future officeholders. As William Domhoff observed:

“Douglass Cater, a journalist from Exeter and Harvard who served on the staff of President Lyndon B. Johnson, has noted that ‘a diligent scholar would do well to delve into the role of the purely unofficial Council on Foreign Relations in the care and breeding of an incipient American Establishment.’ ...Turning to the all-important question of government involvement … the point is made most authoritatively by John J. McCloy … director of CFR and a government appointee in a variety of roles since the early 1940s: 

This is what he said:  

‘Whenever we needed a man,’ said McCloy in explaining the presence of CFR members in the modern defense establishment that fought World War II, ‘we thumbed through the roll of council members and put through a call to New York.’”

The Harold Pratt Building. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, where I try to fill in all the little bits and details in history they omit from history books.  I urge everyone to look into Carroll Quigley's The Anglo-American Establishment, to find out that The Council on Foreign Relations is just the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, based in London, England; and, he gives the history of the main players and how they set it up and what their goals were: world governments, but particular world governments and he goes into that, in good detail.  To continue with this article from, he says: 

In what sense, then, can we say that the CFR is private? In this technical sense: the money to support the CFR comes from private foundations and corporations. It is obvious, now, why “[the] CFR was called by [Washington journalist Joseph] Kraft a ‘school for statesmen [which] comes close to being an organ of what C. Wright Mills has called the Power Elite -- a group of men, similar in interest and outlook, shaping events from invulnerable positions behind the scenes.’” Financial backers of the CFR get to turn their views into policy without the scrutiny that would accompany running for office, under the cover of a supposedly ‘private’ organization. 

Now, Quigley also said that the 'technocrats'- as they call the Kissingers and the Brzezinksis and the Maurice Strongs and many others - that run around the world, attending global meetings and putting down policy and creating The Earth Summit and so on. He said they are the ones who wield the real power, not the presidents or prime ministers; and, they're not answerable to the public. This article is verifying that fact. It's much easier when you're not under public scrutiny; in fact, the public generally never knows what they're up to. It doesn't even know what they are in fact. It says: 

Even the academic world of “eminent political scientists,” as we have seen, cooperates in keeping the CFR in a penumbra, because according to them studying what the CFR does is supposedly not ‘political science.’ 

Well, it's not: they don't play politics, they create agendas; big difference. They create public policy. 

This penumbra obscures not only the process of foreign policy-making in the United States, but in the Western world as a whole. Thomas Dye writes: “A discussion of the CFR would be incomplete without some reference to its multi-national arm -- the Trilateral Commission. The Trilateral Commission was established by CFR board Chairman David Rockefeller in 1972, with the backing of the Council and the Rockefeller Foundation. 

You see, they really run the world, the Foundations, and they fund them, because where people thought they were given democracy, it was a sham. The Elite were not going to give up power, ever; and, they created democracy for the public and their own Foundation-run system: the parallel government, which is the real government, to get things done. That's what Maggie Thatcher said, she said: 'you can get things done quickly, without all the haggling and debates that go on in Parliament. It says here: 

The Trilateral Commission is a small group of top officials of multi-national corporations and governmental leaders of industrialized nations, who meet periodically to coordinate policy among the United States, Western Union, and Japan.” 

That's the key how all these Foundations work: they must be coordinated with each other, in sync; and, they are. This article goes down and down: with some of the early leaders who set it up, the funding, the Foundations and so on; but, they come to this stage where they say 'what did they all have in common, these very rich people?' and what they do find is that the founders were all Eugenicists, Darwinists and Eugenicists. From Woodrow Wilson, JP Morgan and the Rockefellers. It says: 

… funded by money from the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations, and then also by the Ford Foundations...Do these various interests have anything dramatic and telling in common? The answer is yes: they were all backers of the eugenics movement. 

And they still are. 

The American eugenics ideology is not familiar to most people because discussion of the American eugenics movement -- despite this having been perhaps the most important social and political movement of the first half of the 20th c. -- somehow never makes it into high school and university curricula. I used to do the following experiment with my college students at the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school: I would ask them to raise their hand if they had heard of the eugenics movement. Nothing moved. The eugenics ideology has the following main components: 1) it claims that Germanic stock 

It was actually Prussian really. 

-- the so called ‘white Aryan’ or ‘Nordic race’ -- is biologically superior; 2) it proposes that Germans ought to rule the world as a ‘master race’; and 3) it wishes to curtail the reproduction of ‘inferiors,’ ‘defectives,’ and ‘degenerates,’ or else to exterminate them. In his detailed study of the American eugenics movement, War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race (published in 2003), historian Edwin Black writes:

“In 1916, [American eugenicist] Madison Grant’s The Passing of the Great Race declared that the white Nordic race was destined to rule the world, and confirmed the Aryan people’s role in it. German nationalists were heartened by America’s recognition of Nordic and Aryan racial superiority. Reviews of the book inspired a spectrum of German scientists and nationalists to think eugenically even before the work was translated into German.

…[American eugenics leader] Harry Laughlin prepared a detailed pro-German speech for the Ninth Annual Meeting of the Eugenics Research Association, held at [the Carnegie Institution’s complex at] Cold Spring Harbor  

That was all based on eugenics, that whole experimental laboratory. 

[in New York] in June of 1920. … Declaring that ‘modern civilization itself depended on Germanic and Teutonic conquest, Laughlin closed by assuring his colleagues, ‘From what the world knows of Germanic traits, we logically concede that she [Germany] will live up to her instincts of race conservation…’ … [The Carnegie Institution’s] Eugenical News published it in their next issue, as did a subsequent edition of the official British organ, Eugenics Review.” The other great Carnegie administrator and leader of the American eugenics movement, Charles Davenport, 

Here's another sweetheart. 

had similar views:

“Davenport saw ethnic groups as biologically different beings -- not just physically, but in terms of their character, nature, and quality. Most of the non-Nordic types, in Davenport’s view, swam at the bottom of the hereditary pool, each featuring its own distinct and indelible adverse genetic features. Italians were predisposed to personal violence. The Irish had ‘considerable mental defectiveness’, 

Because they kept fighting the British. 

while Germans were ‘thrifty, intelligent, and honest’”

Now here's the key to it too, all of you who think these people are your masters and bosses and they're just the same as you, running your national countries. 

The leaders of the eugenics movement said that the working classes in the West were ‘Mediterranean,’[types] not Germanic, and therefore had bad genes that made them stupid, unfit for reproduction (for they would pollute ‘society’ with their bad genes), and undeserving of democratic rights. The upper classes, by contrast, were Germanic: of Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Frankish, Scandinavian, Visigothic, etc., origin. To understand this view, one must know that when the Latin Roman Empire’s political structure collapsed, Western Europe was conquered by Germanic military aristocracies that, in alliance with the Vatican, recreated the Roman Empire as the Germanic Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages. Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne, the king of the Germanic tribe of the Franks, the man who conquered almost all of Western Europe, ‘Holy Roman Emperor’ in the year 800. Charlemagne then proceeded to distribute lands to his aristocratic accomplices all over his dominions, and this became the basis of the European nobility. 

And, I'll add to it: to the Feudal System, as well. You see, there's much more to the eugenics movement than meets the eye and these people who dress up in fancy military uniforms, like they do in England, at the top of the royal families, all belong to this movement. They believe in it and, in fact, if you look at the present bunch in London, they're all from Prussia and Germanic backgrounds. In fact, their name was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, until World War One, when it was thought to be sort of ironical that they were asking, the King was asking the British folk, to go off and fight for England and Britain and here he is with a German name. So, they changed it, looked back into the Tudor times, picked a name, Windsor, and called them 'Windsor' instead. And, that's the tricks that are played. We've had Prince Phillip, of course, who is part of this Prussian-Germanic strain, come out and say 'there is too many people' and he's echoed the eugenics, basically their mottos down through the years, since he's been married to the queen of England. Nothing changes; but, to the average person, they see the emblems, they see the flag-waving and they think 'hmm, that's our royalty, they speak for us, they identify with us' and nothing - but nothing - is further from the truth.

Once again, Professor Carroll Quigley delved right into that whole system. Now, remember, he was the historian, the official historian, for the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. He goes through the history of this combination, whose goal was to bring in a world government - but a new world order as well. A planned society; family planning turns into global planning. That's what it was all about and he said the same thing: ‘The Anglo-American Establishment’, in great detail. You've got to get those books and read them. 

Now, I'll go to the callers now; and, we've got Rachel in North Carolina, are you there Rachel

Rachel: Hi. 

Alan: Hi. 

Rachel: Thanks for taking my call. 

Alan: It's a pleasure. 

Rachel: I appreciate you, because you are one of the last sane people on the earth. 

Alan: Hah! 

Rachel: and, basically, I guess what I want to ask you about, is my approach to trying to help people to see the corruption; because, what I generally try to do, is: I start out with the Bush-Nazi connection and the coup of 1934 and J.P. Morgan and then Prescott Bush, eugenics and bringing like the Nazi scientists over and I.G. Farben and Bayer, that were already producing AIDS-infested drugs and then shipping them out and then shipping them offshore and then I get into like the mind-control experiments with [Donald] Ewen Cameron. 

Alan: Yes, he was a winner.

Rachel: Then I talk about like Norman Dodd, in his interview, then I go into the atomic veterans and Federal Reserve and Aaron Russo and the Money Masters.  And then I talk about cancer viruses and the vaccines and like the hundreds of CIA covert ops to take out the Third World.  And then I go into, you know, them funding both sides of the war and then how, you know, we are basically being sterilised and the whole ‘disappearing male’ thing. 

Alan: That's right. 

Rachel: So, you know, when I see this and I see and that's like the tip of the iceberg 

Alan: Yes, it is. 

Rachel: Literally, if I went into all the police state tactics they are doing now and ordering the tanks and all the current stuff too about there - you know, this is just the tip of the iceberg - but when I see all this stuff, I see a connection and I see the agenda and I see that it's not just unorganised corruption; but, what happens is: when I first tell people this stuff, first they say 'it's not that bad, you know, don't worry about it' and then they say, when I continue to tell them and show them articles and go on and on, they finally say 'ok, you're right but it's just unorganised corruption, it's not a coordinated effort and, so, there's nothing you can really do about it, so you should just be happy, everything's ok.'  And the other thing is: I see this as obviously population control. So, my question is: how do I hold together or are there sources where you can pull them into seeing that it's not just a bunch of unorganised corruption and people wanting money and power and just rampant. Oh, and I don't even get into like the whole occult side, with Luciferian, Bohemian Grove, worshiping the Devil and all that. But, it's just like, how do you show people that this is literally taking us down, right now, this a complete war on our minds, on our bodies, on, I mean, technologically, they're just going crazy here. 

Alan: Yes, they are and, you're right, the only thing you can do really, is to always have the documents from the big global meetings, in your hand, while you're discussing certain topics, because, only then, will they connect the dots and say 'my goodness, they did discuss this two years ago and here it is coming in to play.'  They can only say its coincidence for so long, before they have to crumble; especially when you have the documentation there. I mean, people talk about conspiracy theory, they'd rather believe in coincidence theory: one thing's a coincidence after another. And, you're right, the average person can accept corruption, you see; in their own personal lives, everybody's a little bit corrupt. You cannot help it because we live in a corrupt system, it's a dog-eat-dog pariahical system, in a monetary system; therefore, everyone is fearful of poverty and everyone can understand guys helping themselves. So, it's so easy for them just to put it down to corruption; and, that's how it's portrayed to them by the media, when they throw a dog to the public, once in a while. However, when you show them the documentation, from powerful people and institutions, with outlining the agenda, including the take-down of the public, and the eugenics societies that go under different names, like Bio-ethics committees now, and you look at Transhumanism and you have the documentation in your hand, with people they've heard in the mainstream, major players, famous names, like the Kissingers and so on, they can identify with and show them those documents, then they might have a chance. When you give them names they've never heard of before, institutions they have never heard of in the mainstream, they can't identify with it. You see, Kissinger and Brzezinski said that the public will come to a stage where they can't reason for themselves, they'll expect the media to do it for them; and, that has really happened. Personally, I do believe that Arthur Koestler, with all the experiments he wrote about, under the United Nations, they would target the part of the brain that gave you your survival capabilities and individuality. I think most people actually are really physically damaged, as well; so, you have to test them out first. 

Rachel: Which of these documents could I use, specifically?  

Alan: You can go into: the Council on Foreign Relations has massive websites out there and look at all of the areas they cover, with all their Think Tanks and special divisions. It's every facet of your life, including the coming food shortages; they've been working on that for 15 years, just one section of them. Another section's been working on the monetary system for the world, for about 20 years; every facet of your life, including population reduction. You have to go into their own websites for the proof; and, you must go into also the Rockefeller Foundation. You can get the list of all the organisations they fund. There are actually speeches on Youtube. You're living with a visually-orientated society today, that can't read anymore. Most people can't read very long and, on Youtube, you'll hear Rockefeller himself give speeches on the necessity of eugenics being brought to the fore in the reduction of population. 

Rachel: The other I get is, you know, because I can't stop talking about it, and so, I get this 'you're so negative'. Eventually, they just shut down; they don't want to talk to me ever again; and 'you're too negative and you know you need to, you know this is just corruption, you're feeding into it’ and, I guess what they say is I'm giving them power by focusing on it. 

Alan: In other words, if you don't talk about it, it won't happen, right! Hold on and we'll finish this, after this break. 

--- BREAK ---

Alan: Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're cutting through the matrix with Rachel on the line from North Carolina. Are you still there Rachel

Rachel: Yes, I am. 

Alan: Yes, that's the problem, the whole New Age movement has taught them to ignore unpleasantness, literally turn their backs on it and don't be negative and just 'be happy' like the song goes: "Don't worry, be happy" and that ties in, as I say, with the destruction of their self-preservation abilities that was discussed. I think it's actually happened, it's worked with a lot of people and they're standing on the railroad track, the train is coming down and their Walkman's on and they want to be blissfully ignorant. And: they'll blame you - as the bearer of bad news - for interrupting. 

Rachel: Right, in fact, this happened because I was in this spiritual email group, you know, and they started talking about how Obama is our saviour, you know he's coming in and gonna do all this change. So, I finally got sick of it and I wrote in and I, basically, said ‘Obama is directly responsible for convincing Congress to take us down with this bail out bill that has gone from like $100,000,000 to $3.5 trillion and then they never even bought up the bad debt for the foreclosures so everyone's losing their homes. So, he's no saviour of ours and he's also creating this complete police state, right in front of our eyes’ and just bringing this agenda home and it's like: basically, they completely attacked me. Oh, and then the spiritual teacher of this group talks about a new world order and how one world government is going to be great, we're going to evolve and get light bodies and stuff. 

Alan: That's right: Transhumanism!  

Rachel: I basically said this is all, you know: we have to be careful because the new world order was used with Hitler and Bush and we saw what they did and they totally crucified me and then I said "forget it" and I just backed off. 

Alan: Yes, you have to go into the history of the whole New Age movement, to see where it originated from and it was pushed by, basically, in Britain, MI5. They still put out members, they train members to go out there into society, to create mystery and confusion and lead the public, because it's the greatest form of mind control of all. Religion has always been used and they have been taught to be ego-syntonic, to purr like cats. 

Rachel: The chosen people, which is what they say and I'm just like: why would you even want to be the chosen people if other people are all suffering and, you know, what kind of bliss would that be?  

Alan: Well they always answer you with: 'it's bad karma'! 

Rachel: oh yeah, that's what they told me for telling them all this stuff, they said you know you're going to get bad karma and you're the one, bringing all this negativity into the group and blah, blah, blah. 

Alan: That's right, if you just ignore the nasty things they will go away and you'll live in a world of lightness and it’s like a United Nations worker, a woman who was talking about the war in the Middle East and when she was asked about why all these people were being slaughtered over there, all these innocent people, she says 'well, they chose to come back there, it's their karma'. I'm not kidding, I'm not kidding. They can rationalise murder and slaughter with karma. 

Rachel: That's another thing: is like somehow they think that we're the ‘chosen ones’ and there's going to be this divine intervention before all this happens and I'm just thinking: well, there was no divine intervention for Iraq and all the millions of people around the world that died in the Third World because these covert operations were going on. Nobody saved them. 

Alan: No.  

Rachel: and nobody's going to come to our rescue, because they think the U.S. was, I mean it was the U.S. but, in general, it was these criminals that are coordinated and Globalist. 

Alan: It's really tragic, as I say, the New Age movement has fulfilled its function, it keeps them playing like children, forever, they pay their money they take their courses and they think they've bought their way to the top. What a joke! But: carry on, don't give in and thanks for calling.  

Well, from Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada - where it's getting pretty cool - it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods, go with you.



Transcribed by Bill Scott.


Articles covered in the show:

"Soros-Funded Democratic Idea Factory Becomes Obama Policy Font" by Edwin Chen ( - Nov. 18, 2008.)

"What is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)?" by Francisco Gil-White, Historical and Investigative Research ( - March 4, 2008.)