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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 20, 2008:

Relationship of Scientific Dictatorship:

"Powerful Families, Genes of Greed,
Own the Earth, Darwinian Creed,
Conquered through Ages, No Love, No Hate,
Acquiring Power Used to Extirpate
Their Foes Who Stand In the Way
Of Global Conquest, Golden Day,
Standardized World, No Variety,
Test-Tube Humans, Planned Society,
Each Strain Bred for Specific Task,
'How Can They Do It?' You May Ask,
Same Question Over, Perplexing Man,
Huxley's Response, 'Because We Can' "
© Alan Watt Nov. 20, 2008

20th Nov 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 20, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix on November the 20th, 2008. To newcomers: I advise to look into the website and download as many of the talks as you wish. They are free and I give you the short cuts to the big picture, to try and bring you into reality and it's a painful process to shed many of your beliefs and shed your illusions, of the old system, as you come through this process. It takes time to absorb information and information will act on you personally; and, the more you understand, the more you will have to start making decisions in your own life. When you realise that the ones you were making before were all based on indoctrinated, ‘downloaded’, opinions that you have accepted. Also look into for transcripts which you can download, these are of the talks I've given in the past; print them up, they're done in the various languages of Europe and pass them around to your friends.  

You have to be prepared too, in this journey, to lose some of your acquaintances; either that or you have to sublimate your emotions and your feelings and act to be accepted by them because you will no longer really belong anymore into the same crowds, who are still under complete indoctrination. That's a difficult concept for people to understand, they think they’re individualistic, they think that they've made their own choices up until now. They even fight and argue over politics - and even differences within the political parties - and they don't realise that every disagreement has been downloaded into them as well. It's kind of having a fiction given to you, an abstract fiction, and making the people believe it and have them fight over it. Or people fighting over the shape of the Earth: Is it square? Is it flat? Is it round? It's kind of like that, the whole idea of politics because politics has never ever been for the people. It's been – really - the entertainment side of the rich people of the world, as the entertainment arm, that's what politics is about. When they put in their front people and they're run by Think Tanks. I read an article a few days ago, maybe Monday or Tuesday, about the men behind Obama and the Think Tanks and the funding of the Think Tanks by George Soros and others. Meanwhile here's all the people voting in what they think is - as it's been presented to them - someone who came out of nowhere, who has good intentions, who's an individual, doing his own thing; and, nothing is further from the truth. He's a front man for a big / massive, powerful organisation; an organisation that does not take opinions from the public and put them into action. They do enough polls upon the public, to find out what they're thinking; but that's so they can find out how to manipulate the public all the more easier. I have an article here, from this particular 'Tank', that is funding and put in Obama and will tell him what to do; and that's from the Center for American Progress Action Fund. I'll put this link up on my website and it's in the form of a book, you can look into and you can see what's coming, what's projected for the next few years, under this new front man ruler. Be back with more, after the following break. 

--- BREAK ---

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix. Before we go onto my main topic tonight, I've been discussing this book, this E-book that's up there, that all the top Democrats have been advised to read, to do with the Think Thank that's running this incoming President; and, under the different subtitles here, Change For America, book Chapters: they have all the different categories of, really, what they want to do, in different Departments, in the Government and it even has "Department of State: rebuilding and repositioning". You've got to remember the Department of State is a very powerful department; that was the Department that was thought to be infiltrated heavily with communists, during the '50s. The reason for it being that it seemed to be promoting Internationalism, in a big, big way and it had because it was already designed to go international, that was the function of it; and, to help bring in this world system, this world governmental system. Now, they're going to revamp it again, which means that big changes are coming, for the U.S. and the whole planet, basically.

Also, it mentions in here how they're going to have a vibrant low-carbon economy, so that means everything's going to be incredibly expensive. Then, of course, there's another article there about Health Care. This is about the change in Health Care they'll give you, which goes along with the U.N. Charter: that everyone's entitled, in this world system, to the most basic Health Care and they do say "basic" health care. We already have that, in Canada, and in the '80s, in Canada and most British Commonwealth countries, and the States, as well. That's when they emptied out their Psychiatric Hospitals and they put all the patients on the streets. It was all done internationally, at the same time; but, also, they started closing down all the smaller hospitals, the country hospitals, in preparation for what's coming up, shortly. That's how far ahead everything is planned; because, this universal health care is to be a Universal Healthcare Authority. Authority: that means as a force of law, to carry out its mandates. You have to understand that nothing develops by itself, it's planned - long in advance - and often before you're even born.  I'll put this link up and you can read through all of this. It gives you clues to where the country will be taken.  

Last night, I talked about Charles Galton Darwin and the groups that he belonged to, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and I was reading from his book The Next Million Years, written, this one here, in 1952, I guess it was the first publication of it. Now, this man had such incredible connections but, like most of these authors, they give little clues to the fact that Science was so far ahead, of what the public were told. So far ahead of what universities were told as well that it's just astounding because you find that he worked in the 1920s - Charles Galton Darwin, the Physicist - with Rutherford, who was the top mathematician for the Royal Society, in Britain. Rutherford, in fact, is the main man who did the final calculations on the structure and size and dimensions of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Rutherford, in his own memoirs, wrote that he was working as a mathematician on a project to do with human genes, back in the 1920s, long before - supposedly - they'd even been able to see the human genes. They just 'suspected they were there', that's what we're told in the books, up until about the '70s. There's little 'giveaways' - if you understand the way they write - and most people will go also with these little inconsistencies with the way you've been taught how history developed. He tells you things here that have come to pass. Remember - this is written in '52 - and, one of the things that he mentioned would come would be the creation of a universal religion. I've mentioned before, that some of the other top biggies, like Gorbachev, have written about creating the same thing: an Earth-based religion and that ties in with the Economy, the Ecology, Carbon Taxes, all of that stuff, you see, is based on this and that we are creating the problems. I've read the articles from The First Global Revolution, the book put out by the Founders of the other big Think Tank, The Club of Rome who said they hit upon the idea of accusing mankind of being the enemy of the planet and they could actually implement that as a belief system and they could control everyone's lives, by using actual warfare techniques on the public. We're at war, and we're destroying the planet therefore those, our 'betters' the scientists, must make war on the public, to change our ways.  

Going back to The Next Million Years, 1952, on page 202: Charles Galton Darwin says:

 "Among the most important, there will always be the creeds 

Now, that's beliefs, those with religions; and, the belief in Mother Earth is a religion. The belief in fact of global warming is a religion, it's a man-made religion. He says: 

which, without undue fanaticism, inculcate a strong sense of social obligation, since it is only through such creeds that life is possible in crowded communities 

You see, he already knew that, eventually you'd have something called Agenda 21, the Agenda for the 21st Century, by the United Nations, where everyone has to be taxed and booted off, again, through pollution of local environment etc, in to the overcrowded cities - and that ties in with the creation of an Earth-based, nature-type religion. 1952, right. He says, that it would make life possible in a crowded community. 

There will also no doubt often be fanatical creeds to disturb the peace of the world, and there will be others to comfort the world, I shall not attempt conjecture what the these last will be, their main function is to act as a solace to their believers in the very bleak world I have described 

Well, I listened to the news today; they are certainly creating a bleak future. He says: 

It is only this that makes the world tolerable for many people and this will be much more true in times of real hardship  

Meaning: giving you a religion. 

than in periods of relatively easy prosperity like the present. The detailed march of history will depend a great deal on the creeds 


held by the various branches of the human race. It cannot be presumed with any confidence that purely superstitious creeds will always be rejected by civilised communities, in view of the extraordinary credulity shown even now by many reputedly educated people. It is true that there may not be many at the present time, whose actions are guided by an inspection of the entrails of a sacrificial bull, but the progress has not been very great, for there are still many believers in palmistry of astrology.

and, by the way, they use these guys, they put them out there, in the New Age, the guys that run the C.I.A., they do this kind of stuff, M.I.6 does it too. They started this a long time ago.  

It is to be expected then that in the future, as in the past, there will be superstitions which will notably affect the course of history. 

This is global warming. 

and some of them, such as ancestor-worship, will have direct effects on the development of the human species. 

The reason, by the way, that here's a guy who's heavily into genetics, to do with ancestor worship and how they'd actually push that: it’s to tie the religion in with your ancestry, to do with genetics, because genetic engineering is all part of eugenics and this guy here worked on perfecting the human species, at least the working types. You see how it all ties together?  

But superstitious creeds will hardly be held by the highly intelligent, and it is precisely the creed of these that matters. 

The highly intelligent will not be superstitious but they do have a belief. 

Is it possible that there should arise a eugenic creed 

A belief system. 

which - perhaps working through what I have called the method of unconscious selection - should concern itself with the improvement of the inherent nature of man, instead of resting content with merely giving him good but impermanent acquired characters? Without such a creed man's nature will only be changed through the blind operation of natural selection; with it he might aspire to do something towards really changing his destiny

He’s talking about eugenics. Then he concludes, this is towards the end of the book, he says: 

I have cited the past history of China 

Now listen to this, 1952: 

as furnishing the type of enduring civilisation. It seems to provide a model to which the future history of the world may be expected broadly to conform. 

Now, I've read articles before, from the United Nations, touting this new China, this, what we think of a recent China, as a model State, for the world. Meaning: the world will emulate China, with its population policies, with its blind obedience to its dictatorial government and so on; and, how everyone acts like the mass there. I watched an article on this particular video, on this particular subject and it was a big, big festival from China. You saw them all doing these acrobatics together, making a massive pyramid, of course, and the commentator was saying it's so wonderful how they all 'work as one' you see; and, here's a man, the guy remember, who worked on the Atom bomb and many other projects and genetics as well. From a long lineage of scientists, bred scientists, yes, they can breed scientists. Talking about China being the model for the world, years before, China was just coming out of Third World status then. I'll be back with more, after the following break. 

--- BREAK ---

Hi Folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're cutting through the matrix. I hope that little bit of music helped to wake you up again, that's the whole idea of it, it's to get you thinking and listening; because, I'm tying things together for people who think that we just evolve and stumble down through time and yet here's a man, as I say, Charles Galton Darwin, a member of the top Think Tanks and not just Think Tanks, they had organisations to implement national and international culture and have generation after generation following the cultures which these people had determined they would follow. Again, people who are just waking up will think that cannot be done. The C.I.A. created and ran the whole American Culture Industry: music, arts, drama, from the '50s onwards - and it's now been declassified - they had departments all over Europe, doing the same thing, working with M.I.6.  Massive funding and where did they get the funding from? It’s the big Foundations, the big Foundations that funded all of these industries, including the Fashion Industry; and, the public, like monkeys, copy. Monkey see, monkey do. Old Platonic style of control.  Continuing this page 203 of The Next Million Years, by Charles Galton Darwin: he's talking about China becoming the model State for the world to emulate. Remember: he didn't dream this up, he didn't get some kind of crystal ball or read Tarot cards, or anything like that. It's because he attended already-existent powerful organisations, where they discussed these very things and they discussed the world they would create. He says: 

The scale will of course be altogether vaster and the variety of happenings cannot by any means be foreseen, but I believe that the underlying ground theme can be foreseen and that in a general way it will be rather like the History of the Chinese Empire. 

He's talking about the world now. Now remember this term that's now in the United Nations, it says  

The Regions of the World 

See, they call it regions, '52, 1952: 

will fall into provinces of ever-changing extent, which most of the time will be competing against one another. 

What's the story right now? Well, we’ve got to come down with our standard of living; we’ve got to compete with China. The very argument put out there by thinking people, when we first heard they were building China up to be the Manufacturer for the planet; we said then, that the next thing they'll tell us is we'll have to compete with China, at 25 cents an hour, for labour. 1952

The regions of the world will fall into provinces of ever-changing extent, which most of the time will be competing against one another. Occasionally - more rarely, than has been the case in China - they will be united by some strong arm

Meaning force will be used.

into an uneasy world-government  

1952, Remember. We're being forced into world-government. Look at the anti-terrorism nonsense we're being fed, look at all the rights being stripped away from every country across the planet, at the same time and with the same laws. Until everybody is spied on; there is no privacy, whatsoever. We're strong-armed into an uneasy world-government: 

which will endure for a period -  

Now here's the plan: 

until it falls into inevitable decay that finally destroys all dynasties. There will be periods when some of the provinces relapse into barbarism, but all the time civilisation will survive in some of them

They mean there will be a high standard of civilisation for a few, in certain places. 

It will survive because it will be based 

Now, listen to this: 

on a single universal culture derived from the understanding of science 

Remember what Huxley said: 'The Scientific Dictatorship'. He saw no reason why it couldn't endure for hundreds of years; and, Huxley himself and the Darwin’s are related, as are all these big players. Their American dynasties too are all interrelated with them as well. Very old Establishment people, who run the country; and, they too, do their part, with their Think Tanks, they're all inter-connected and all specialised in their own particular areas.  How do they ensure that they bring in their kind of future generation after generation? Well, you see: they always make sure that they're in control of the youth. You indoctrinate, at an early age. Remember one of their great pals here was Lord Bertrand Russell, who did experimental schools. Today, he would be locked up for the things that he experimented with, or maybe not, it's got so debased in society, where he promoted inter-generational sex, pre-pubertal sex and so on, in order to see if they could destroy the necessity for bonding and separate the bonding instinct or affection or love for the purely physical act itself, in order to destroy the family unit and these are having an affect as well. He said we'll do it through the school system, internationally. I'll be back with more, after the following break.  

--- BREAK ---

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're cutting through the matrix, tying up some loose ends, to show you that nothing develops out of nowhere, it always is directed, all systems are directed, from a cap stone, you might say; and, who runs the cap stone is very, very, old families who pretty well own the system. They ran the West during the Cold War; they also ran the other side. They ran Germany during World War Two. They brought in the top Nazis and the scientists, after World War Two, mainly into the United States. Some into Latin America, some into Britain, lots in fact into Britain. The British public are only finding that out now. Because, remember, war is mainly to alter the cultures on both sides and out of war comes treaties and agreements and amalgamations and we have an amalgamated Europe that came out of World War Two. The dream of Winston Churchill was an amalgamated Europe. 

In the 1960s, The Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council On Foreign Relations had their annual meeting, in London, England, and it was in the newspapers at the time that the purpose of the meeting (that lasted for two weeks or three weeks), was to decide who was to be given the job of creating a global culture. Should it be the music entertainment systems, movie industry of Britain, or the United States; and, eventually, they settled on the United States. Hollywood would be given the prime role to put forward, not their idea of a culture - they were given their marching orders too, as to what kind of culture to promote, through the movies and through the music and through fashion. The C.I.A., as I say, ran and funded the Culture Industry and it's still doing it today, it hasn't given it up. Why would it give it up? You'd lose control; it's probably more active than ever today, in fact. They had so many specialised departments within the CIA to deal with all of this and - as I say - it's been disclosed that they're big funders and the money that was funnelled through them, apart from the tax payer and Black Budgets and open above board budgets was also the big Foundations, the same Foundations that were all mentioned as comprising the I.G. Farben Group, that funded Hitler all through the war. Are you starting to get the picture?  

The United Nations also came out of World War Two and it's not a little passive entity that sits and has meetings and complains about the poverty of the planet. That's how it's projected to the public. It's set up already, to take over as at least the first type or form of world-government; and, as I’ve said before: they always go for the youth. That's why another friend and relative of the Galton Darwin’s and the rest of them, Huxley etc, talked about the creation of an international education system and that was Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley. He was the first C.E.O. of UNESCO, United Nations Educational Department, for creating a world culture, through indoctrination of succeeding generations of children. As children grow up, they will follow that indoctrination all through their life, that will form their opinions, for their life and then they become obsolete, in a sense, because they won't move from that particular set of imprints that are left in them; therefore, they go for the next generation and the next generation and the next generation, always progressing towards this ideal system they are bringing in. That ties in with an article I've just read, today in fact, from the United Nations, from their own website. It says:

Global Youth Culture by Richard Kahn and Douglas Kellner             

‘Global youth culture’ is the trans-disciplinary category by which theorists and policy analysts attempt to understand the emergence of the complex forms of hybrid culture and identity that increasingly occur amongst the youth throughout the world due to the proliferation of media like film 

Now, remember, as I've said, the 1960s meeting, to decide who would be given the task of creating the global culture and here's the United Nations today, saying this: 

of media like film, television, popular music, the Internet and other information and communication technologies (ICTs) in their everyday lives. While some measure of hybridity, is a common aspect of culture generally, and the global exchange of products, people, culture, and identities, has characterized all colonial histories, recent corporate globalization and the corresponding rise of a so-called Information Society, based on new media technologies has produced a particularly dynamic media culture. In this cultural matrix, global and local, as well as homogenizing and diversifying, influences continuously merge in the lifestyles, performances, and socio-political practices of contemporary youth. 

It's the last part that's important. ‘Merging the lifestyles’, meaning that you're all copying the same kind of lifestyles that's projected, mainly through fiction. 

performances, and socio-political practices of contemporary youth.

‘Socio-political practices', what they believe in, what they'll even fight for, or die for and so on. It says here: 

‘Youth’ defined alternatively as post-adolescent and pre-adult groups, or by the United Nations as the over 1.1 billion young people between the ages of 15 and 24, are perceived as a primary engine for the growth of global media culture. 

You see: the children are the primary engine. 

the growth of global media culture. Youth generally comprise the most media and technologically literate sector of their societies and the multinational corporations that trade in global media commodities actively target young people as a consumer class now believed to be worth more than $2 trillion in potential sales. 

Now, it's not about sales, in actuality. It's about the fact that using the system of commerce and the big international corporations, which are all inter-connected, and they're all part, as well, of promoting a particular, singular, culture, which ties in exactly with the principles of the United Nations. They're telling you here that that's who they're targeting. The youngsters are the engine and that's why they always go for them. Now, it says here: 

The ‘Global youth culture’ draws upon the Frankfurt School   

You understand what the Frankfurt School was all about and again who funded all of that and all the group that came out of the Frankfurt School. Its says: 

The Frankfurt School‘s conception of the ‘culture industry’ that, in this updated context, signifies the process by which industrialized, mass-produced culture 

Mass-produced culture.

and commercial imperatives drive global capitalism and attempt to legitimate its aims by integrating youth into the capitalist system by means of their involvement with new media technologies. 

What is it that Al Gore said: "No child left behind". They'd all have to get their computers. Why is it so important? Why was so much of the tax payers' money put in, to making sure that children across the planet would be divided and separated from their previous generation, because they'll be techno geeks and their adult parents would be old-fashioned, obsolete beings that just fed them and gave them money. Divide and conquer, divide and conquer. You can read this whole article for yourself as well. 

I'm just showing you how it all ties together and nothing, but nothing, develops on its own; nothing at all. We are so removed from normal, we don't know what normal is anymore, because everything in society was debated, before it being introduced into society by the very powerful rich men in the world who still run the world and who are not going to let it ever go out of their clutches. So, all of you who vote for people you know nothing about, who love the image creators’ persona that's projected to you, of nice people who are, basically, at heart, just nice social workers and make them presidents; and, then you wonder who these big Think Tanks are and big Foundations behind them, after you vote them in. Shame on you; shame on you. 

Now, we'll go to the callers now and we've got Chris Hinkley, who's also a host of Road Warrior radio. Are you there Chris? 

Chris: Yes.  

Alan: Go ahead. 

Chris: Well, first of all, you're a prophet, you know that right?  

Alan: Well, some say that; I've been called worse! 

Chris: Yeah, I just wanted to touch base and say, you know, thanks for everything that you do. It's always great and - today - it's particularly poignant, I don't know if many people know or are even going to start talking about this, but there is a report that was produced for the N.I.C. that was released today and all of the who's who of the Think Tanks, Policy Institutes, everybody in the West worked on it. It’s titled N.I.C. has it, the Atlantic Council obviously worked on it and all of the others but it's titled GLOBAL TRENDS 2025: a transformed world. You can go to the N.I.C., you can go to the Atlantic Council, you can find it all over the place. The New York Times did a write up on it today, titled 'Global Forecast by U.S. Intelligence Expects Al Qaeda’s Appeal to Falter'. The point I would make with that, and one other thing: is that it's exactly what you're talking about. I mean, everything that you're saying is in there and I would encourage your audience that if they're going to look at anything, in the media, or anything that comes out, in front of us, you know, other than the materials that you mentioned, I would encourage everyone to read that document. If you're going to read any report, from a Think Tank or an Institute this year, that's the one to read because everybody worked on it. 

Alan: Could you send me that link?  

Chris: yes, I can  

Alan: I’ll put it up tonight. 

Chris: And the other thing that I was going to mention, in conjunction with what you were saying, was, you know, speaking of the amalgamation of the Think Tanks and Institutes, for that TV is kind of the information exchange for the video that all of the Think Tanks and Institutes put out and there's a video. You were talking about the - I forget how you phrased it - but when you said it, I thought of the video titled 'Environmentalism is the new religion,' and you didn't say that exactly, you said it a different way but it was, basically, the same sentiment and that was a talk by Ian Climber, who's the professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide; and, they're all, there’s a bunch of them saying the same kind of thing. 

Alan: In fact, I have got a report here, from another scientific organisation, saying the same thing and, so, it's spreading round their community very quickly, about this new, basically, it's a religion based on the greening, you know, that’s what the whole green agenda, the Green Party etc was set up even to take over, eventually, this whole system; and, you’re right too, the interesting part is all information, for every sector, goes through a particular channel, it's almost like a censor bureau, to decide what gets released to the public and people don't realise that within even the new age movement that even some of their heroes that they follow, that some of them even go through the patriot side of it, are all going through a certain channel as well. I know who the person is who funds most of their videos and what is involved etc. 

Chris: Exactly.

Alan: Everything in this world is managed, everything, all information. 

Chris: Well, I was listening, I was trying to behave myself and just listen; but, I thought, because of the report and the fact that it came out today. I mean it's astonishing. I won't take up a lot of your time but I'm telling you it is all in there, for people that care to know. One of the things that, well first of all, guess who the new super powers are: China and India, in the report. 

Alan: That's right. 

Chris: and one of the few scenarios that they mention, global scenarios that they put out and, like you're saying, obviously, we need to respond to the promulgated crisis but one of the global scenarios they put out is a world without the West. 

Alan: That's right: the submergence of the West. 

Chris: Exactly, everything that you've been talking about, it's fascinating. So, for anybody that's interested, I would say it's an absolute must-read because - again - EVERYBODY worked on this one. 

Alan: Send me those links and I'll put them up tonight in fact.

Chris: It's Rand, CFR, Chatham House, CSIS, Atlantic Council, everybody who's everybody worked on it. So, anyway, thanks for everything you do. 

Alan: Well, thanks for calling Chris. 

Chris: You bet. 

Alan: Bye now. And: that's the fact, that's how it all works out. They're all coordinated, they're all on board, they even have particular agencies and foundations that co-ordinates them all on the same track, to make sure they're all on the same track, at the same time, in every aspect. That's how the world is really, really, run. It is just astonishing. Now we'll go to Tony from B.C., British Columbia. Are you there Tony? 

Tony: Yes, hello Alan. 

Alan: Hello. 

Tony: I've been listening to your show for a while now and you're really appreciated, I have to tell you. Two things, if I may? Could you arrange for something other than Paypal for contributions? 

Alan: There's also, well even personal cheques are ok. 

Tony: OK, I can do that 

Alan: Personal cheques are fine. Some innovative people even send cash in envelopes! 

Tony: Sure, I definitely want to support your work. Just a little question: whereabouts in Ontario exactly do you live? 

Alan: It's up Estaire. 

Tony: Estaire, yeah, I've lived in Ontario most of my life; I live in B.C. now but it doesn't ring a bell 

Alan: Yes, it's further north, it's up Sudbury way 

Tony: Ah, OK. This is a little bit off topic and I don't know if you care to really comment on this; but, what is your feelings on all these 2012 prophesies that are floating around? 

Alan: Well, the Elite have always used, again, it's like Huxley there, or Charles Galton Darwin, they understand the creeds and here's a quote from Lord Bertrand Russell, he says: "There's no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed (the belief system) of the vast majority of people, by adequate government action" and that's been done with the global 'greening', the climate change and all this kind of stuff; but, it's also the New Age movement, as well. Believe you me, they run - I've met some of them, from the Canadian Federal Government - who are sent out into the world to help create and set up their branches of the New Age Movement and they push all this stuff, to really confuse us, to make us believe that it's inevitable and must happen. Hold on and I'll continue with you, after this break. 

--- BREAK ---

Alan: Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're cutting through the Matrix and we have Tony, from British Columbia on the line, who's asked a pertinent question, because you have to look at the history of covert warfare and psychological warfare, which has been released, a lot of it, to the public, if they care to go and look for it. Hitler used the same, Nostradamus' prophecies, revamped, rewritten, reinterpreted prophecy, to infiltrate Poland and other countries, years before they invaded it with the idea of getting the public to believe that this was inevitable. You couldn't fight fate: it was destiny. So, a greater Germany would come over and win and they'd all be part of it and so don't do anything about it, there's no point. Britain had a massive team working on the same project, to counter that propaganda and they dropped billions of leaflets all over many of the countries of Europe, with their interpretations of this too. Money is of no object and they've always used prophecy down through the ages. Remember, we're the most studied species on the planet. Now, big changes are scheduled to come in 2010, as the last signatory of The Amalgamation of the Americas comes into effect and then we're totally one; and, then 2012: they are going to start to raise the United Nations into prominence. When you look at the Department of Defence's NATO projection for the next 25 years again, 25-30 years, it always is the same, they're not worried about anything losing control, because of some prophecy coming in 2012. They will use things against the people, they do want all the New Agers and pretty well everyone today has been influenced by the New Age. Anyone born from the '50s-'60s onwards has been heavily influenced by it. Because mystery is part of human nature, again, you're back to creeds and belief systems and superstitions. These guys know these professional people know psychological warfare, how we tick and they furnish us with the belief systems that will render us helpless; because ‘how could you possibly fight fate?’ you see, that’s how. 

Tony: The reason I ask Alan, is you talked about the inculcation of the youth with computers and I confess to watching TV and the predominance of violent apocalyptic type video 

Alan: Yes, absolutely. 

Tony: It's overwhelming and that, along with reports of seed banks and huge / massive bunkers, like in Russia, in the Caucuses, certain places, it kind of, I mean, the prophecies …  

Alan: It's all predictive programming, because they are going to change the world, it's nothing to do with the stars, or the positions, or the Photon Belt coming through, or any of that stuff that's been promoted out there. It's to do with the fact that this is simply the time schedule of the big business plan and that's the year that they settled on, to start bringing down the west, as we submerge into this global system. The standard of living drops and like Jacques Attali said: the next boat people will be Americans (he also meant Canadians, by the way!), trying to leave their shores, looking for work abroad. This is a system that's been planned and it's nothing to do with the Annanaki, the Mayan Prophecy or anything else. It's to do with this the schedule, this is the big schedule and these guys run the world, just like a big business plan, with 50 year plans, 60, 100, 200 year plans etc. 

Tony: Well, thank you Alan. 

Alan: Thanks for calling.

That's how it's done. I hear the music coming in now, so it's time for me to go, on a snowy Ontario night in Canada. So, from Hamish and myself, it's goodnight and may your god - or your gods - go with you.


Transcription by Bill Scott.


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