Nov. 21, 2008 (#200)


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 21, 2008:

Prometheus Risen, Culling Vision:

"Men of Letters, Science Occupation,
Obsessed with Reducing Population,
Microscope World, Limited View,
Masses are Junk Genes, Superior Few,
All of This to Please Their Master,
Psychopathic, Paranoid, Visions Disaster,
Each One in Hope Their Life be Spared
By Worldly God, One Who Dared
Plant His Standard and Unfurled,
His Plan Began, 'Brave New World' "
© Alan Watt Nov. 21, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 21, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on Friday the 21st of November, 2008.  For newcomers, I always advise they go into, that's my official web site, and you can download as many of the talks I've put up there from the past and remember, old isn't bad.  In fact, OLD IS VERY NECESSARY, to understand the history of this big movement, this world order and those who are behind it, those who've CONTROLLED the previous world orders and they're creating the new one.  I try and tie them together for you and give you the short cuts through the history and through all the confusion, which is also deliberately put out there to get you in a tangle.  Also look into for transcripts which you can download and print up and they are written in the various languages of Europe. 


Remember, and I always forget this too, you can purchase books that I have written on my site,

which is  You can also purchase discs, CDs of previous talks I've given and you can pass them around to your friends as well.  It's all up on the web site for sale.  It tells you quite easily how to purchase them.  You can also donate as well.  The donations keep me going.  I always forget to say that.  When I forget to say it, the donations stop coming in and that's just the nature of humans.  That's how we are.  We have to get reminded. 


Yesterday I talked about a national security document that was put out in the U.S. which ties in, it links in with the British government's Department of Defence think tank which put out their projection for the next 25-30 years and it ties in with the one that followed on the heels of the Department of Defense for NATO and that was the U.S. Military's document with their prediction on 25-30 years.  THEY ARE ALL PRETTY WELL THE SAME.  They see these scenarios of gloom and doom because it's planed that way.  They've been working to create the doom and gloom all our lives, in fact.  They even talk about pockets of civilization remaining in this Brave New World they're bringing in.  Very high tech, very advanced society but small pockets of them, inter-connected, with a common culture.  While the rest of it is just going down the hill, going to extinction and living in rubble.  That ties in, of course, as we know, with the depopulation program.  It ties in with all the MOVIES they've been churning out like Children of Men, which shows you this private army, well equipped, going amongst all the people LIVING IN RUBBLE AND WEARING RAGS.  When you tie it all together you understand the predictive programming ALWAYS comes first, then the releases from the official sources and most folk are not really shocked by them because they've all ready accepted the PROBABILITY through the fiction.  That's what predictive programming is all about. 


When I mentioned that link last night that I put up on my site, well, lo and behold, IT WAS PULLED because I guess so many people were going into it.  Tonight, I'm putting up another link so you can read the full document for yourself.  It’s quite interesting, of course, and remember, it's for the public and they are very legalistic.  They always show you so much of it but NOT ALL OF THE STUFF.  You have to understand, you have to read many, many books and go into the big foundations that really are one big club and they have been all through and before the Cold War working together, FUNDING black ops, etc because the foundations are, in fact, the ARMS and specialized branches of a PRE-democratic, elite system.  I'll be back with more about this, to tie up some more ends, after this break. 


Hi.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Yesterday I was talking about Charles Galton Darwin, amongst many of his peer group, that were mainly his relatives because they're all interbred, really.  They come from the OLD aristocracy and he was talking about the necessity of bringing down the populations DRASTICALLY and he offered some solutions to it.  The was also a short term solution and it actually has been used - and we're actually coming to the end of it - and that was to basically to encourage mainly the women to forgo having children and seek out jobs and money and having material goods instead.  You see, that was the short-term plan because he amongst other eugenicists TRULY BELIEVED that the general population, the commoners, make up the base race.  They're the junk genes.  That's why they call it, 'junk genes'.  It's their little joke.  You don't have any specialized genes IN you.  I've already mentioned that Charles Galton Darwin also advocated the creation of special creeds amongst the types of humans to serve the elite.  Right along the same direction of Plato because Plato had the Guardian Class, then he had all the strata of helpers, the specialists that would help the Guardian Class.  He saw himself, in fact, as specially bred and he was a specially bred scientist.  That may seem far-fetched to some people, but listen to the last few talks I've given on the subject, I'll go into their histories and if you listen to the words carefully that I read the other night, you'll see that he talked about the MASTERS, he meant the Guardian Class, would have to retain their ability to be WILD because wild animals - as he calls people - wild animals survive by having all of their abilities for self preservation intact.  They could not specialize in any one area; therefore, he advocated breeding special sections, mainly the SCIENTISTS that would HELP the Guardian Class.  However, for the rest of them below, he foresaw the time they wouldn't need all of the laboring classes and his main problem was that, according to the Darwinian Theory, if those people came through into another era, all the junk gene type people would come through, they would literally OVERTAKE AND OUT BREED the Guardian Class.  The two could not survive together and that's the key to it.  The two - in eugenics and the belief of eugenics - the two can not survive side by side. 


It's been a war, you see, all along and people have no idea it's been going on.  I've talked about the Cold Spring Harbor Project that was set up by the foundations in the 1800s to do with eugenics and tracing family lineages to see who should live and die.  They were collecting all the data by creating the Censorship Bureau.  That's why the Censorship Bureaus were set up in the United States and the Western world.  It was set up by the Eugenics Society on behalf of their controlling elite.  They were keeping records and have kept records of all the offspring, marriages, deaths, births and so on, IQ levels of EVERY FAMILY in those countries that have the Census Bureaus working.  That was their purpose. 


Then you tie that in with the fact that now we know that for 30-odd years or more, all governments have been taking DNA samples and storing blood samples from everyone who had blood tests for anything at all.  We tie that in with the fact, again, that every country has been shown, they now have a National Criminal DNA data base.  One that they built in Montreal in Canada - it cost millions of dollars - and they said to us, it's for the occasional hardened criminal only.  Meanwhile, they showed you the inside of it and there's all these robotic arms lifting about 100 test tubes at a time, layer after layer of them.  THIS IS FOR THE POPULATION.  They could probably do the U.S. as well.  We're lied to because you can't tell the truth to the children in ANY time because they might get upset.  You'd have, what they call, flash mobs, no doubt, and then they'd have to drop their neutron bombs on you.  That's what they said in the Department of Defence's own guestimation for the next 25 years.  Flash mobs and the necessity of using neutron bombs on them.  NOW, THESE GUYS ARE DEADLY SERIOUS.  The world they have projected is coming around because they've made it so.  THEY'VE MADE IT SO. 


This whole farce with the bank failures is nothing but a farce because the whole thing is a Ponzi scheme to start with and everyone knows it in the banking system, all the politicians know it as well.  It's always been a bubble of air.  Always.  They could have kept it going for as long as they wanted, but you see now it's time to change it and bring in the NEW economic system which will tie in with the new greening projects.  Everything is greening, you see, and sustainability and that's how they're going to control the average person as they bring us down, step by step by step.


I was looking at Mr. Kissinger's - the lovely Kissinger's - memorandum.  I think it was called 200, National Security Memorandum.  You find in there, he talked about the greatest threat to national security was over population.  Many people thought it was mainly third world countries talked about, but on that particular memorandum, you can see it.  I'll see if I can find the link and I'll put it up tonight as well.  He talked about projected populations that the U.S. would like to have from 1975 when they started, up until about 2010 or so… BRINGING THEM DOWN GRADUALLY, GRADUALLY, GRADUALLY BY ALL DIFFERENT KINDS OF MEANS.  You tie that in with the United Nations.  I looked at the United Nation's site a couple of days ago, to do with China.  They have the projects there for the Department of Population, at the United Nations, and they said, basically, that China's population will drop below sustainability levels very shortly and they'll have their ideal population by about 2025.  It's funny how everything ends up around 2025. 


I was thinking, well how did they manage to bring down the population in China? and I've told you before, they sent anthropologists into countries - they've done this for centuries - to spy out the land, to spy out the people, their customs, regions, habits and so on.  We have anthropologists going in with the military into Iraq.  I've read the reports from the newspapers on that.  We know in the West, from all the talks I've given, they've been sterilizing the males.  That's who they've been concentrating on.  Concentrating on the last, oh, 50 years, concentrating primarily on the males to stop them having good quality and enough sperm to really keep the species going.  However, in China they used an existing method because in China, they all ready had INFANTICIDE and it was generally the male who's sought after.  The females were killed off.  When they brought in the communist system that was created by the West for China, with the long-term plan to unify the country, standardize it, also to give it the manufacturing abilities from the '70s onwards.  The West trained all their engineers.  Canada did a lot of it too.  Then we gave them the factories there and then the engineers had places to go and work.  Then they had the GATT Treaty, etc, and away went the factories from the West over to China.  This was all done from the West.  ALL OF THIS WAS DONE FROM THE WEST.  However, in China, they had the one child per family policy; therefore, if it was a male that the woman was carrying, they'd bring it to term.  Their population is so abundant now with males, there's too many men per females, that they say they will never, ever recover.  Even though they're one of the most NUMEROUS populations on the planet, they're beyond sustainability now. 


Interesting, isn't it?  How they can always tell… and that's what it says in the U.N. report, by about the year 2025, it'll stabilize and then drastically drop; so will the West, by the way.  We're dropping all ready, like crazy.  We're plummeting.  They'll have their ideal amount of numbers by about 2025.  I was tying that in with reports in today's newspapers that came out.  You have to look and see how things come OUT ALL OF A SUDDEN ON THE SAME TOPIC.  There's two or three reports all about bio-centers getting set up to test bacterium and viruses, high security, bio-laboratories IN some major cities.  Now they did the same thing about 12 years ago in Canada.  No one could figure out why on earth they'd would put out a high security biochemical laboratory that would have the most DANGEROUS diseases on the planet INSIDE there.  Why would you put it inside a major city?  The whole thing is if there's a leak, well, it's going to sweep through the people.  It TELLS you that there will be leaks from these places, I've no doubt whatsoever.  That's what they're set up for.  Otherwise, you'd put them way up in the country, far from everyone else.  THESE PEOPLE AT THE TOP ARE NOT STUPID. THEY'D LIKE US TO BELIEVE THEY ARE, BUT THEY'RE NOT STUPID.  THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY'RE DOING. 


Here's an article that ties right in with this very thing.  Again, remember, all these things come out about the same time.  There's a reason everything comes out at the same time.  This is from the BBC network "Malthusian snobs pray for cure for overpopulation."  It's quite the article, quite long and lengthy but worth reading, which I shall do when I come back from this break. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through this wicked Matrix that certainly has thrown up layer after layer to confuse us, keep us living like children as we get fed TRIVIA and Madonna's divorce and rubbish like that.  When big events are happening, MASSIVE events are happening for change, you can hear almost the hush, there's a hush, it's so audible - it's like that ringing in your ears you get when it's so silent - as big things are moving ahead and they're not telling us what's going on. 


As I say, this article here is about this very topic of depopulation as it comes out into the open.



"Malthusian snobs pray for cure for overpopulation"


Time For Them To Die.

How it has become so acceptable to wish catastrophe on billions.

Brendan O'Neill on the modern day Malthusians


Brendan O'Neill   First posted November 14, 2008


In the middle of all the hoo-hah over Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand's childish phone calls on a late-night radio show, you may have missed a far more scandalous utterance that was made on BBC radio.


On 5 November, the upmarket Nightwaves on BBC Radio 3 aired a discussion about overpopulation between Dr Susan Blackmore (a neuroscientist) (Alan:  A eugenicist.  I've read articles on her before.) and Professor John Gray (of the London School of Economics). (A:  They're all working together, of course.)


Dr Blackmore said the "fundamental problem" facing the planet today is that "there are too many people". Professor Gray agreed. Then Dr Blackmore declared: "For the planet's sake, I hope we have bird flu or some other thing that will reduce the population, because otherwise we're doomed." (A:  I guess she knows she's not going to get it.  The bird flu, that is.  Hmm?)


So, it's official: at the Beeb (A:  That's the BBC.) it is unacceptable to make crude jokes about having sex with someone's granddaughter, but it is perfectly OK to wish death upon large swathes of mankind.


Make a rude call to Andrew Sachs' answerphone and you will be accused of dragging the BBC's good name through the dirt. Spout misanthropic nonsense about the need for a speedily contagious disease to come and wipe out mankind and nobody will bat an eyelid. (A:  Well, see they're all recruited from Eaton, you see.  That's been standard with the BBC, the government's television station, the main propaganda arm of the British establishment.)


At the Beeb it is perfectly OK to wish death upon large swathes of mankind.


The disparity between the public reaction to Brandgate (wild) and the public reaction to what I think we should call 'Birdflugate' (non-existent) reveals a great deal about the warped morality of the cultural elite.


The reason why Dr Blackmore's remark received no coverage or complaints is because the herbal tea-drinking literati that listens to Radio 3 discussion programmes will secretly share her prejudices about overpopulation.


Malthusianism, the one-eyed belief that all of the Earth's problems are caused by over-breeding, is making a comeback in polite circles.


Following the discrediting of eugenics during the Second World War (A:  As they slaughtered all the inferior types, as they called it, through racial hygiene.), Malthusians had been rather shamefaced about their beliefs. They continually invented new PC terms with which they might dress up their angst about "too many people".


In Africa in particular, measures to tackle overpopulation were promoted in the deceitful language of "choice" and "autonomy" by charities (A:  This is what they called it.) keen to avoid being accused of pursuing that far uglier-sounding goal: population control. (A:  You see, the foundations were all in there with their birth control and abortion clinics and so were all the governments of the world, the Western world.)


More recently, however, Malthusians have become more strident. The poisonous notion that the speedily breeding masses are pushing the planet to breaking point has become a casual dinner-party prejudice.


Earlier this year Prince Phillip gave a TV interview in which he offered a pat explanation for the food price crisis: "Too many people." On the other side of the political spectrum, a republican columnist for the Independent fretted about the "swelling billions" (that's people in the Third World) who are pushing our planet to extinction.


Professor Gray has referred to humanity as a "plague". The novelist Lionel Shriver recognises that this is a "racially, religiously and ethnically sticky" issue but says "the threat of overpopulation is back and here to stay".


Dr Blackmore was taking these increasingly common prejudices to their logical conclusion when she wished that bird flu would come and kill some of us off (the "swelling billions", preferably, rather than Radio 3 aficionados).


She follows in the tradition of Earth First!, the eco-group which in the early 1990s said that "just as the Plague contributed to the demise of feudalism, Aids has the potential to end industrialism". (A: This is what they're all prattling on about in the upper class circles and they have been for my whole life long.  In fact, I've met some of them who've come out with it.  You would not believe the organizations that have been working busily and quietly to achieve this end.  I know one in particular, one woman, who, although classified as a teacher, comes from a very old, well established family.  She's given special time off to go globe trotting on behalf of the U.N.  She'd been over in China for a few months and when she came back, and because of the topics I talk about, she forgot who I was.  I wasn’t one of her club and she was talking about how GREAT it was in China and she was over studying their population control techniques, because they were thinking of trying to advance it and teach it in to curriculum in Canadian schools.  I said, well what gives you the right to do that?  She laughed.  She says, well somebody has to do it.  I'll be back with more of this after this break.)


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix reading an article here and I'll put the link up at the end too.  I know that the author has written for The Guardian and The New Statesman.  I'll continue with some more of it, in fact, because he mentions here


More recently, the Optimum Population Trust, which counts Prince Charles's eco-adviser Jonathon Porritt among its directors, said that if we don't find a way to reduce human numbers then "it will be one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse that bumps us off".


Enough. If Ross and Brand's outburst showed that comedians have trouble censoring their inner adolescents, then these middle-class fantasies about human annihilation suggest the cultural elite cannot keep its misanthropy in check.


The neo-Malthusians are as wrong as every population alarmist in history has ever been. Like Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) and his followers, today's bird flu dreamers make the schoolboy error of treating population growth as the only variant, and everything else – food production, progress, human ingenuity – as fixed entities.


They are motivated by severe pessimism about humanity's ability to come up with solutions to its problems, and by the base idea that disease is the only thing that can sort us out. 


As I say, we go much further than that.  You find that they're very organized and they have a FIXED BELIEF SYSTEM and they truly do believe that the inferior types must, like the Brahmans say too, die off.  They must not be allowed to come in to a new age.  That's a fixed belief in Brahmanism.  These guys have got a lot in common with it. 


It's quite amazing to watch.  As I say, all the world's actions, as they work together on the same projects world wide, using generation after generation to do certain phases of things, the last 30 to 40 years, we've been working to bring in this world order.  In fact, we've been working with free trade to get it all up and running, to build up China who WILL take over as the policeman of the world.  That's standard, they said that in the 1930s at the world meetings of The Royal Institute of International Affairs.  After the United States collapses from within and they'll collapse mainly through financial exhaustion by FUNDING and BEING the policeman of the world.  That's what they said.  Then as those Chinese troops police the world and we're all going under and we're having these riots world wide, because we have not enough food to eat and so on, then they themselves will go under because they will be infertile and apart from that, there's too many of the males. 


It's interesting that the Chinese are using all the same soaps and pesticides and it's in their food that we've been having for the last 50 years… and the plastics, etc and getting the same inoculations.  You see, it's an equal opportunity NIHILISTIC PLAN.  There's no real favorites here except for the elites themselves, of ALL races because they're all one big club.  They've proven, as Charles Galton Darwin said, their right to RULE by their special selective breeding and their ability to hang on to power, generation after generation, so they're SUPERIOR genes.  There are all those junk genes at the bottom that are only there to be used and disposed of.  That's how everyone is in the system and every group is in the system.  You're used and tossed away.  You never see the big picture.  That's how the world is run.


We have so much going on you can't really keep up with it.  I was reading an article today from The Times On-line and says here,



Hairspray linked to boys’ birth defect

From The Times

November 22, 2008


London - Women exposed to hairspray during the early stages of pregnancy are more than twice as likely to give birth to a son with a serious genital defect, researchers say. (Alan:  So they've known this, again, the genital defect, you see, from what's in the hair spray.) A study by Imperial College London found that if expectant mothers come into contact with the spray during their first trimester they are more likely to have a son with hypospadias, a condition where the urinary opening is on the underside of the penis. Researchers suggest that hairspray and hypospadias may be linked because of chemicals in the aerosol known as phthalates.


I've done plenty of talks on these particular substances which they understood back in the 1930s and they understood the effects they would have on children, mainly boys, back then too.  That's why they decided to put it in hairspray, you see.  You think of all the HEAVY advertising they've done your whole life long on all these different cosmetics, etc that's LOADED with the stuff and skin moisturizers that carry it right in to your skin.  THEY MAKE SURE IT'S YOUR BODY.  Since they've know about this all along, and the effects of it and only NOW coming out with it, why do you think they did it?  Why do you think it was ALLOWED to be done?  Why?  Nothing happens by chance.


I was thinking too, about how they're setting up the next bunch to come in.  Now that the Bush crew set up the establishment for totalitarianism and all the agencies to enforce it with equipment and spy cameras and etc.  Now they're putting in the next bunch in the Hegelian Dialectic, to USE IT AT HOME.  It's interesting too, to see the techniques.  They don't like black people very much, at the top, even though they do accept certain ones as more superior than others, in their own elite club.  They've generally been pretty racist, so they put in a black guy first, who will take a lot of heat as all the bad laws - the laws we don’t like - get put into effect, but eventually a woman will take over and that will be the worst time of all.  That WILL BE HELL because traditionally, in history, they've put the female in when they give you the bad, really bad, horrific times, like Bloody Mary, for instance. 


I was thinking about Hillary and I said for years they'd have to get her in because she'd been bred for this task and groomed for it.  They couldn't just let her fall by the wayside.  I also knew that she would not get elected because of her personality and what's known about her too.  If you look up the Presidential succession act of 1947, it goes through the established line of succession to the office of President of the United States, in the event that neither President or Vice-President is ABLE to discharge the powers and duties of the office, and you scroll down and you find who can they put in there?  The Secretary of State… as President.  Interesting.  It makes you wonder if they're ready to use it or will be when the time is right.  I think so. 


Now, we'll go to the callers and we've got Jarod from New York on the line.  Are you there Jarod?


Jarod:  What's up, Alan?


Alan:   How are you doing?


Jarod:  I'm hangin' in there.


Alan:   We're ALL hangin' in.


Jarod:  You mentioned, Charles Galton Darwin earlier and I remember reading the book.  He also mentioned making even WOOD edible so you can eat it.  No type of human… or regular human, normal human would say something like that.  He also talked about - maybe I read it wrong - he talked about manipulating the weather. 


Alan:   Yes.  See, they already knew because he knew Teller who put that theory, back in the 1950s, in fact.  Teller suggested to the National Security Agency that they use seeding of metallic particles IN the atmosphere and use STANDING WAVE TECHNOLOGY to manipulate weather AND the people too, by the way.  Huxley and all these scientists that were working together - they knew each other very well - in fact, Huxley worked on the atomic bomb and Teller was inventor of the H-bomb.  They were all working together on the same team.


Jarod:  Oh wow.  Plato too.  You mentioned Plato.  I noticed this term that he - I don't know where it came from - this term… it was in George Orwell, and I see people with… Christians use it, how they all call each other 'brother', 'brother.'  Plato said that, like we're all one big family, like we're all connected or something like that. 


Alan:   That's right.


Jarod:  [Laughs]  All of that comes from 2000 yeas ago, right?


Alan:   It's just astonishing. HG Wells was another one; in fact, every one of these authors will tell you, generally in their biographies, that their favorite book of all time was Plato's Republic.  HG Wells read that over and over and over and talks about it repeatedly in his memoirs.  That was their blueprint and they admired people like Plato who could go beyond what they thought was the ordinary BOUNDS of thinking and look at the unthinkable, as they did themselves, and have no real conscience about it.  The saw conscience as a HINDRANCE, in fact, of rulership and being part of the elite.  In fact, the Guardian Class would retain their wildness, as I say, and they would be utterly ruthless when required.  It's interesting, even to be a Rhodes Scholar, you don’t have to be exceptionally intelligent, you have to be involved in social programs and institutions in college, but your MAIN thing has to be the ABILITY TO BE RUTHLESS WHEN REQUIRED.  That's a prerequisite. 


Jarod:  In Plato's Republic, what would you consider the technicians, what class is that?


Alan:   Your technicians, literally, were the ones who worked with the basic sciences of the day who made the artifacts, weaponry, that type of thing.  Those who are involved in metallurgy, sailing ships, construction, anything like that, that gave them what they called civilization. 


Jarod:  Last week, I was mentioning to you how I see the coding in the words and I noticed one word - I don't know, maybe it was just me - I noticed how they had this like mirror, reverse type of thing, and I know that when you look at the word, 'YOU' in capital letters, upside down, it says man. 


Alan:   That's right.


Jarod:  One more question before I go, I wanted to ask you, because I've been looking in book stores for a Kabala to read.  It's all different people's points of view and I guess they try to interpret it.  I can't find, I'm not sure what I'm looking for.  One book is on history of it.  Is there place where I could find the actual Kabala itself?


Alan:   The best version to get, you can get it in Hasidic book stores in New York and you'd maybe have to order it.  They use it themselves, although the males by tradition are not supposed to start reading it until the age of 40.  Life begins at 40 and in Freemasonry, it's the 40th degree and that's when you go into the higher secrets.  The best ones on Kabala - there's a lot of junk put out there BY Freemasonry FOR the profane - but the best versions really are from the Hasidic book stores. 


Jarod:  Like you said, life begins at 40.  That's the quaternity and I read that in Carl Jung's book, I think, Psychology and Religion; what's the significance with the quaternity?


Alan:   The quaternity, it's to do with… there's always a duad, number one.  It's higher than the one.  Then there's a trinity and there's different levels of meaning for the trinity.  The quaternity, it's the mystic element to the squaring.  It's the mystic element, the one that gives it POWER.  They call it the Black Jethro - it's another term they call it is Black Jethro - or The Ethiopian is another term they'll use for the same thing.  It might take me a few hours to explain it to you.


Jarod:  All right.  Oh yeah.  PLEASE make that second DVD because you've got me anticipating with the whole KA and the BA thing.  I really….


Alan:   I'll try and do that… this winter.


Jarod:  All right, Alan. 


Alan:   Thanks for calling.  Now, we've got Mark in Wisconsin.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Hello, Alan.


Alan:   Yes.


Mark:  Hi, I had a question for you.  What responsibility do I bear to my fellow man when I have eyes to see and ears to hear when I don't worship an unseen capstone?


Alan:   What responsibility do you have to your fellow man?  You have… It's not just your fellow man, the way I see it is, I think of the generations who've lived and died before ME who literally had their minds STOLEN just like the present generation, AT BIRTH, and that's the greatest crime of all is to have your mind and your potential STOLEN FROM YOU AT BIRTH.  So I don't see it just for my fellow man, I see it also for all those who've gone before and for all those who should have the right to go on in the future.  This is a TIMELESS war to an extent and these 'bar stewards' have been running this world for so long, planning wars, culling people, causing famines, by the way - famine is a traditional method of warfare - and of course, doing even more covert things I've been talking about for the last few weeks, to the public.  It's the ATROCITIES that you have to FIGHT FOR. 


Mark:  Let me give you an example.  Alan, I edit about 50, 60, 70 hours of Patriot Radio a week and I can spot a scam like that now, thanks to your show.  Frankly, much of what I'm editing is very disturbing. 


Alan:   Yes.  I went through an article once, on the radio, from, I think it was the Toronto Star.  They had half a page on the history of the CIA's involvement with Patriot Radio in the 1950s onwards when they used it and set it up as a FRONT using mainly Christian organizations, at that time, to try and get counter-propaganda to the communists' propaganda out, but it was so involved.  Now, I've never seen the CIA let go of ANYTHING.  So we have to be very careful because believe you me, counter-intelligence - this is the key - saw today coming a long time ago.  They planned today and everything that's happening today, they planned the New Age movement to utterly confuse folk who are trying to wake up and look for alternatives and information and even belief.  They planned the New Age gurus that would appear, that would use all the Patriot terminology.  They'd have all the facts there and then they'd spin it off into Annunaki and so on until you're totally bewildered and you'd be laughed at if you tried to teach other people.  YOU'RE LIVING IN A MAZE OF DISINFORMATION AND VERY CLEVERLY ORGANIZED, PLANNED PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. 


Mark:  Right.  Everywhere you go, book, magazines, TV, religion, Patriot Radio, main stream radio, main stream news, literally, you can find these frauds everywhere and you can't hand another man discernment. 


Alan:   I'll tell you, I have had people send me links.  I've let them talk on my show and so on until I go into their site and I'll see certain people's names mentioned there and when they're new agey, etc, and I already went to their site, as people will, and there's tarot card readings, there's Annunaki stuff up there and you're just born as slaves and the Annunaki are coming back as giant masters and all this rubbish, I will not put the link up on my site.


Mark:  That's the easiest way.  Check their archives and see what's in it. 


Alan:   That's right.  Thanks for calling.  Back after this break. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and we've got Derek from Pennsylvania?


Derek:  Hello.  Am I on the air?


Alan:   Yes, you are. 


Derek:  Hello.  Well first of all I'd like to thank you for all your work.  You're really quite the anomaly out there.  I'm sure you've understand that in your own way.  I'd just like to say thank you.  I'd like to just thank people like you and Alex Jones.  Although he takes a different aspect on the whole conundrum that we're living in, he's really a brother of sorts and I'm really glad that you've worked together with him also.  That's really all I have to say.


Alan:   That's okay.


Derek:  So, thank you a lot.


Alan:   Well, hang in there and spread the word.  Thanks for calling.  We've got Jonathan in Winnipeg.  Are you there Jonathan?


Jonathan:  Yes.  Hi.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you used a line, it's something… you talk about the Matrix right?  How does that line go you use, about the Matrix?


Alan:   How does the line go?


Jonathan:  You say something, if I'm wrong, you mention something about the matrix.  Cutting through the matrix, breaking through the matrix, something about going through the matrix…


Alan:   CUTTING through…


Jonathan:  Did you find the one?


Alan:   Oh, that'd be another story.  That's a different story.


Jonathan:  You know, I'm talking about Neo. 


Alan:   I've already given talks, in fact, on the Matrix movie and what it symbolized.  The names involved in it too which are all again, occultic names and I've also given different versions of meanings.  There's one for the public, there's one for the elite themselves, in there as well, as well as predictive programming in the series to make people actually THINK that they will be ones who will come through.  However, I refer them back to what Galton Darwin said in his Next Million Years.  He said, MANY think that they're fit to come through and they're not.  You're also dealing with eugenics everywhere, even in the movie.


Jonathan:  Do you think Neo is the one or not or what?


Alan:   NO.  You've got to understand what it all truly, really means.  They even take you through something similar to 2001, in Arthur C. Clarke's one.  They tell you a Masonic story wrapped up in another story and when Neo is plucked out of the water, after being pushed out of his little bed there, his womb.  You see the door opening at the top, there's a light and a hand comes down to pick him up, the big arm, that's the Masonic one, him born again.  It's a Masonic creation. 


Jonathan:  Okay.  Well thank you for your time, sir.


Alan:   Thanks for calling.  We also have Mack in Toronto.  Are you there Mack?


Mack:  Hi Alan.  It's good to speak to you.  I've heard a lot of your talks and I, like many people, appreciate what you do.  Have you ever spoken of The Art of War?  Which is, I understand, it's an Illuminati training manual that's ancient and I understand it's used in the Ivy League to teach people on technique?


Alan:   I have gone through it.


Mack:  Okay.  I haven't heard that one before. 


Alan:   It's interesting but there are many similar ones too they use, but definitely the teachings ARE USED in warfare strategies, especially on whole countries or populations.  Thanks for calling.


That's the end of the show for tonight.  It's sped in again as always, it's the end of the week, in fact.  From a snowy Ontario, Canada, where the fire in the stove is burning nicely, it's good night from Hamish and myself and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




Topics of show covered in following links:



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"National Security Study Memorandum, NSSM 200, Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (THE KISSINGER REPORT) December 10, 1974" [PDF file].

"Malthusian snobs pray for cure for overpopulation" by Brendan O'Neill - Nov. 14, 2008.

"Hairspray linked to boys' birth defect" - Nov. 22, 2008.

"DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036" [PDF file, 6 MB] (U.K. Department of Defence Document).




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