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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 25, 2008:

Wrath of Thor and Canada's Sif at Work:

"Thought as an Island Deep in the Freeze,
Icelanders with Anger, Parliament Besiege,
Demanding Removal, Those Caused Recession,
Devalued the Currency, Incurring Depression,
In Canada the Talk Police Stir Heated Debate
In the Halls of Learning (Who's Causing Hate?),
Canada, Avant-Garde of Political Correctness,
Behaviourists Fix Wrongthink on Verbally Feckless,
Neuroscientists Want Involvement of Course,
To Fix Wrongthought Right at the Source,
Once it's Perfected There'll be No Derision
From a Populace Unable to Make a Decision"
© Alan Watt Nov. 25, 2008

Tuesday 25th Nov 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 25, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 25th of November 2008. For newcomers, I always suggest you look into the website where you can go through hundreds of previous talks I've given and you can listen to them, at your leisure. It's a learning process, as I give you the short-cuts to understanding the big, real, world that's all around you, not the one that's been indoctrinated into you. You can also look into  for transcripts, which you can download and print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

We are, as I say, we're on the big roll into the big New World Order, at such a speed really, that the public are - intentionally - punch drunk, because that's why it was planned this way. When you want to bring on crisis after crisis, you create the crisis; whether it's real or imaginary (as to the actual cause, as it's presented, it’s a different story); but, all you have to do: is panic the people, if possible. Give them a bit of a panic and then come out to subdue them with reassuring platitudes, that you have it all in hand. We saw this happening with this big coordinated money scam, worldwide, when all the banks across the planet, apparently, suddenly realised that their trading stocks and so on was just one big bubble and they just found this out, suddenly, it just hit them, this massive bubble was above their heads all that time. They didn't know that, they hadn't a clue; and, yet, for years, it's been published in the newspapers of C.E.Os and bank managers and their movers and shakers being awarded bonuses, throughout the year, and often at Christmas, of 1 to 5 to 10,000,000 dollars for a bonus. Do you think it’s just because banks are generous to each other? Banks are the meanest creatures on the planet, why would they be dishing out this kind of money? Well, you see: that's the pay-offs, that's the pay-offs, for finding ways to rake in more money, utilise - generally - savers' money and invest it and get quick returns, while they give those with Deposit accounts, maybe 1 ½ % interest at the bottom. That's the reality of banks: it's all shady deals and so on. Those who have gone against them, at the top, are dealt with, in the same way that those at the Vatican Bank, during their scandal were dealt with; and I mean that sincerely. I have a letter here in fact from someone who lost a brother who fell out of a window, after being interrogated at a meeting, because he was thought to be a whistle-blower. That happened in London. Wherever you have power and money, and an elite involved - and you always have an elite involved with power and money - then the rules you go by are completely different than the rules they make the public follow. When people want to blow a whistle, they're dealt with swiftly; because, all of this is part, you see, Finance / Economics is all part of the Military-Industrial Complex, as is your food system in fact, that's quite another little surprise you find out. It all comes under the same thing of Security. So, they can get away with murder at the top, quite literally, and we saw this crisis come flying on us and it was obviously controlled and - obviously again - it was inter-related with every other country, because it all came out at the same time, with the same problem. Then, of course, we saw them looting the tax payer, as always, and signing on your great-grandchildren to come, to pay for this massive borrowing they're doing and they've just started paying off each other and laughing up their sleeves, as they pocket money. Back with more, after this break. 

--- BREAK ---

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing how crises are created, at least presented to the public, yet to have all the countries coordinated, in that fashion, they had to have this planned for, probably, years; and right down to how they'd loot the public, make them responsible for bailing out the banks. Then, of course, the main point of it all was to usher in a new economic order, to go along with the New World Order, of course.

The public are going back to sleep, they can still spend a dollar and get something back, some trinklet made in China that'll last five minutes before it falls apart. It's on a roll, as I say, into the new system. The Bretton Woods agreement was part one and the author of that agreement said so: there'd be a second order bringing in a new system and - really - that's the main point - it's getting the ball rolling in that direction, till the new economic system comes in, till, eventually, 'the power of the purse', your bank account will be in the hands of governments, at least they'll have a big say in what you purchase and do and so on; and, they have to do this as they go into the completely electronic banking system. After all, they've monitored everything else about you, so they must know everything that you're purchasing, how much income you're really getting; even how much money you're borrowing from friends and so on - then they'll check your friends out, to see where they got the money and so on and so on. It's the Big Brother, big time. However, the public, in most of the world, has sat back and just gone back to sleep, now that this crisis has been swiftly dealt with, and they've been fleeced but they don't really mind, in the West, they don't really mind so much, life goes on. In fact, Madonna apparently just got divorced and that's the main topic of conversation. So, I think for most folk, it truly is over; but, there are still some people with some guts left, maybe they haven't had all the GMO food mind you, that other countries have had for so many years (that I'm sure is really part of the bio-warfare industry). This article is from the Scotsman 24th November 2008 By Omar Valdimarsson.

A near-riot and parliament besieged: Iceland boiling mad at credit crunch

He says: 

THOUSANDS of Icelanders have demonstrated in Reykjavik to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Geir Haarde and Central Bank governor David Oddsson, 

I think David Oddsson got his name from pocketing the odd numbers,  

for failing to stop the country's financial meltdown. It was the latest in a series of protests in the capital since October's banking collapse crippled the island's economy. At least five people were injured and Hordur Torfason, a well-known singer in Iceland and the main organiser of the protests, said the protests would continue until the government stepped down. As crowds gathered in the drizzle before the Althing, the Icelandic parliament, on Saturday, Mr Torfason said: "They don't have our trust and they are no longer legitimate. The value of the Icelandic krona 

That's their dollar basically  

has been cut in half since January. 

The purchasing power is half of what it was. It says: 

Four Nordic countries, as well as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), have pledged to lend the country a combined $4.6 billion to help revive its deflated economy. The loan would be the first by the IMF to a Western nation since 1976. 

It's interesting too, when the International Monetary Fund comes in, they take over the affairs of the country. I don't think people realise that. They have, basically, a main say, with a Prime Minister, as to policy in all different directions, all kinds of policies in that country. Maggie Thatcher had them in Britain, when she was in power and they're pretty ruthless with the economy. It says: 

One young man climbed on to the balcony of the Althing building, where the president appears upon inauguration and on Iceland's national day, and hung a banner reading: "Iceland for Sale: $2,100,000,000" - the amount of the loan the country is getting from the IMF. A separate group of 200-300 people gathered in front of the city's main police station, throwing eggs and demanding the release of a young protester being held there. Police in riot gear used pepper spray to drive back an attempt to free the protester during which several windows at the police station were shattered. The protester was later released after his fine was paid. As daylight began to wane, demonstrators drifted away into the nearby coffee shops. Here, as currency tumbles, the price of a cup of coffee has shot up by about one-third since before the crisis struck. The demonstrators accuse the government elected last year of not doing enough to regulate the banking industry and have called for early elections. Iceland's next election is not required until 2011. 

Well, people there have had enough, you see; and, at least they're voicing their displeasure to the authorities; but, I'd like to know who set up Iceland to get into the mess they ended up in, because Iceland was, basically, THE banking place to have your stuff invested and people and even charities were having their money, world charities were having their money invested there because it gives the highest return on interest. Well, see, that kind of game is a Ponzi scheme, because it depends on everyone keeping their money in, they’re not taking it out; it's a pyramid scheme, that's how all of these banks operate. And that's what happens with your little savings, and the manager says well 'why don't you keep them in' and this next part, this next deal we've got for you, we don't want you taking the money out’. Any returns they do give out depend upon more folk coming in all the time. So, the more lucrative they make it appear, with high interest yielding, deposits and so on, or savings, the more folk they hope will come in. It's all based on future people coming in and keeping the Ponzi Scheme going. Well, down it went and everyone, at the top, must have known what was going on. Everyone would know what was going on; but, it's interesting too that even the United States, had a Department working with the Treasury for 20-odd years, 30 years, to bail out companies when their stocks failed. They'd pump in millions of dollars, to get the stocks back up again. How can you have any kind of free trading going on when that's happening? It was never free; and, you find a lot of these big corporations that were getting bailed out are just CIA assets. They've got hundreds of them, they're real corporations. Just like Britain, Britain has real corporations and Crown corporations and the big aircraft companies that make the bombers and all the rest of it, are all part of it. The military-industrial complex. They don't pay taxes: they defer them for 15 or 20 years; and, even then, they're always crying that they're going under, every 2 or 3 years and the government comes along and bails them out with a cash grant; a grant - not a loan - to bail them out. It happens in Canada with Bombardier, a very important company. Every country does the same thing, because certain big corporations are integrated totally with the Defence Industry and Security and, of course, the ruling elite, who have massive shares in the same companies. 

I was thinking today of the British system, where they have Lords, in the House of Lords, that's where, by the way, your Santa Claus outfit comes from. If you watch any of the old Shakespearian plays, where they show you the Lords, from the House of Lords and Parliament, they wear a Santa Claus outfit with the red pants, the red jacket with a fur trim on it and the hood as well. It's been altered today, camouflaged it a little bit.  Britain had many of these sitting Lords, who ran - and owned, basically - the same corporations that had the Military by the short and curlies. And, they loved the Cold War, they loved the Cold War because, even though it was assured to the public, and they made sure the public were told this, to petrify the public: ‘we could be nuked anytime’ and they had enough nukes to blast the world asunder, maybe a 100 million times; but, they needed more, you see, because, well the Russians were so far ahead of us. Meanwhile, the Russians were saying the same thing to their own people that ‘oh, the Americans are so far ahead of us’. And, this ongoing con game, really made people amass vast, incredible fortunes, all paid for by the tax payer, for weapons they knew were never ever going to be used. Lords. The time lords, eh, they come down inter-generationally, through their family lineages.  At least, in Iceland, they're having some, they're letting off some steam about it, they're not too happy; but, really, what can we do? Because, you see, when they had the last great Depression, they didn't plug all the holes and loopholes that brought it on in the first place; and, the first one too, by the way was also arranged to happen. It was arranged to happen, to create a situation where farmers would lose en masse, and they did. It was to get more people into the city. In fact, before the Great Depression, 90-odd percent of the American people lived outside cities, on the land. After the Depression, 97% of them lived in cities. So, it worked but it also helped to get FDR in, the Bankers Boy, because that's where he worked you see, on Wall Street, and he helped set up the new system, the New Deal, as they call it. What we've been given recently, for a new economic order is another new deal, to go with the new deal that the Bush Administration gave us. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

--- BREAK ---

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just tying up the big system for people who tend not to think too much, the people who think we're just drifting along and those invisible experts, those battalions of them above you, are just handling everything, kind of batting away meteorites as they come in to Earth, with tennis racquets, just above your heads. We're taught to believe that all these big institutions are truly there to help us, serve us; and, at the same time, we're also told how helpless we are, in a thousand different ways, so that we simply give up and allow ourselves to be managed, like domesticated sheep.  

Running people and ruling people is a very, very ancient, ancient art and part of it is to do with what the king says. When the king says ‘this is the new law of the land and this is the new policy for you to talk about your country’, you'd better do so. The first ones to do it and adapt to it are the bureaucratic classes. They are very politically correct, they smell the wind very quickly, intuitively and parrot off whatever they're told to parrot, in their little conversations and at cocktail parties. It's also being used to train society at large and it's mainly through the media and fiction, all the little slogans we hear and little scenes we see through drama: there's always a poor victim and there's always the masses who are nasty people. Therefore, you must change your opinion and accept that poor person there in that fictional play you've just watched. That's how you alter your perceptions; but, here they're going in to have conversation cops in universities, in Canada - and elsewhere of course - and this is from the in the National Section November the 19th 2008 by Carly Weeks

Conversation cops step in to school students

It says here: 

Your friend's new fuchsia fedora might be hideous. But don't call it gay, or you might get a language lesson from the conversation cops. Students at Queen's University who sprinkle their dialogue with an assortment of "homo" or "retarded" could find out the hard way that not everyone finds their remarks acceptable. The Kingston University has hired student facilitators 

Now you have ‘facilitators’, you see 

to step in when they overhear homophobic slurs, remarks bashing women or racially tinged insults, along with an array of other language that could be deemed offensive. 

You see, this is just the start of it, they always use the typical reasons for starting it off, but this is going to include incredible things very shortly, even questions about things you should be asking. You're not allowed to ask questions about certain topics. They borrowed the system, by the way, from the Soviet Union, that's where the term has been translated to be, ‘politically-correct’, that came from the Soviet Union. It says here: 

That means tête-à-têtes in the residence hallways may no longer be just between friends. "If people are having a conversation with offensive content 

Now you're going to have a whole bureaucracy, to decide what's offensive. At one time, you could say "I'm offended" and nothing happened, that was just, well, too bad. Well, we've got the right, we've all got the right to be offended, I hope, you know; but having it made into a law, this pisses you off, is a different thing altogether. You see, there’s a political agenda behind this. It says: 

and they're doing it loud enough for a third person to hear it ... it's not private," said Jason Laker, dean of student affairs at Queen's. "If you're doing anything that's interfering with what other people need to be doing, that's not cool." 

"Cool" offends me; I mean that language actually is so infantile, I'm afraid it offends me. There should be a law about that. 

The initiative, believed to be the first of its kind in Canada, is part of a broader program 

Here's the key:  

is part of a broader program begun at the school this fall to foster diversity 


and encourage students to think about their beliefs. 

That's quite amazing: your beliefs, you know, that also includes religion, I hope you realise that and it's going to deep and deep into your own personal cultural beliefs, in so many ways. It says: 

But the move is sparking fresh debate over the line between politically correct behaviour and freedom of expression.  

Well, how can you have the two together? Politically correct behaviour and freedom of expression? 

Some students fear the university's program borders on oppressive. 

No kidding, no kidding. 

"Having a program like this in place could stifle public discussion if people are worried their private conversations are being monitored," said Angela Hickman, managing editor of the Queen's Journal, a campus newspaper. "For a lot of people, their opinions get formed in conversations 

And that's true. 

and so stifling that is dangerous." 

 If you’re stifling, you're stifling the conversation.

The newspaper published an editorial last week criticizing the program as a "lacklustre" attempt to deal with social issues that could actually create hostility among students. But Mr. Laker said the new "intergroup dialogue program" 

"intergroup dialogue program", very robotic, eh? 

"intergroup dialogue program" focuses on respectful, non-confrontational discussions that don't impede freedoms.  

It's amazing how they can lie like that, isn't it? 

"This is difficult work. It needs to be done very respectfully," Mr. Laker said. "There's really no interference."  

Somebody's going to spy on your conversation but "There's really no interference." ho ho ho. This guy's going to get job in the government shortly. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

--- BREAK ---

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix of political correctness. This article goes on to say: 

Under the new program, six student facilitators live and work within campus residences. Their mission 

They have a mission you see, very military 

is threefold: to engage students "spontaneously" by talking to them about an issue that has arisen, for instance, on campus or in the media; to hold movie nights, book readings or discussions on a range of social issues; and to step in when conflicts arise. 

They'll start the conflicts by talking about certain issues and then take note of who is pro or against and then they'll step in when they have a conflict going. You see, this is the same system, the exact same system they had in the Soviet Union. It's being introduced here now, not by chance, not by chance at all. And, I don't know if people realise that the Nazis also had that with the Gestapo and on every ship and on every submarine, in every battalion, they had an officer of the Gestapo who did the same thing. In the Soviet System, they had them all through the military services and in the universities too. It's the same thing and those were called 'Totalitarian Regimes'. Well, we’ve all the other signs of the fact that we're living under a totalitarian regime, worldwide, right now. It says here: 

And if students become uncomfortable when a facilitator calls out someone on an offensive slur, it shouldn't be seen as a bad thing, Mr. Laker said. It means they're forced to think about their choices. 

They'll off for sensitivity training, that will come into it too you see, you've got 'wrongthink' - 'wrongthink'. It can only be onethink and if you've got anything else but the ‘onethink’, you're 'wrongthink'. It says:

"That is an acceptable tension to have," he said. "I would go further. I would say it's a beneficial tension."

They're going to create tensions here, in universities. They used to call that 'instigating problems'. So, he's an instigator, harrying other instigators who are now called 'facilitators'. I've mentioned before about the terminology and how they alter the words, to alter the perception; and, they do it all the time. And, I'd like to know too, who put this forward, in the first place, because they obviously understand the Soviet System. Remember Norman Dodd, the Senator who was sent to the Reece Commission and find out about big Foundations and the CEO of the Ford Foundations told him: their job was to help alter the US in such a way, through propaganda, media etc and universities and students and all that kind of stuff, so they could blend them seamlessly with the soviet system. Well, you see: it's all here and the soviet system was not designed by a bunch of people in Russia. Look to London and look to the City. It says here:  

But some students wish it would remain a discussion between friends, rather than a dialogue with a university-appointed facilitator. If the facilitators jump into a group conversation, "they risk hostility from students who don't want to be approached in what they consider private social settings," said the editorial published in the campus newspaper. Intergroup dialogue programs are well established at many universities in the United States. 

See, they already have them in some universities. They'll soon be world-wide, of course. 

But many of those consist of credit courses taught by faculty members or student facilitators who have received rigorous training over several semesters in a classroom environment. 

They've been taught to be good Gestapo, you see. 

The Queen's facilitators went through an intensive 11-day training course that touched on a variety of social issues and possible scenarios. Patricia Gurin, professor emeritus of psychology and women's studies at the University of Michigan, is one of the founders of the intergroup dialogue concept. 

Ah ha, ah ha, so the names are starting to come out you see. 

While she didn't comment specifically on the program launched at Queen's, she warned that such activities could backfire if they are not carried out by highly trained individuals who have experience with a variety of conflicts and social issues. "It takes a lot of skill to do this work,"  

Mrs Gurin said, or Miss Gurin said, in an interview yesterday. I guess I've said "Mrs" I might offend her 

She said that facilitators who haven't been trained properly could end up reinforcing defence mechanisms of privileged students. "White males say 'This is more white-male bashing.' What are they learning from that? Reinforcement of defensiveness rather than opening up and exploring is the consequence." 

They want white males to examine themselves. A sort of body fetish I guess. 

Daniel Hayward is one of the six student facilitators who began their work at Queen's in August. A graduate student, Mr. Hayward said the group received extensive training 

11 days!

and has already had success talking to students about a variety of social issues. 

Meaning: getting them to think the way they're supposed to think. It's the same technique they used with Ireland, you see, they'll keep hitting them with that vote until they 'get it right' because there's only going to be one right you see. 

He said much of their work is passive and done on a casual level. For instance, they had a poster campaign on campus earlier this year using the phrase "That's so gay" to grab attention and then to point out why it's offensive to some. 

I used to think it was 'happy', that's what it used to mean, you were happy, you see, well even songs, old folk songs with 'gay' in it. You had the Three Cavaliers, in the old books, they had the Gay Cavaliers, they were all happy; just happy guys, going round killing people.  

"It's helping to create an atmosphere of inclusivity," Mr. Hayward said.  

In this article about Watch Your Language it says here: 

If a student uses the phrase "That's so gay" in conversation. If a student writes a homophobic, racist or other derogatory remark in a public space, such as on a residence poster or classmate's door. If a student avoids a classmate's birthday party for faith-based reasons. 

Oh, can you believe that? 'If a student avoids a classmate's birthday party for faith-based reasons', they'll have to come in and give you sensitivity training, no doubt and work on you. In fact maybe having a faith at all means that they'll have to work on you as well. Yes, secular humanism with the agenda full swing - and people still think they're free. And here’s people in Iceland rioting; astonishing, eh? It takes a small population of people, who have maybe eaten better than the rest of us, to stand up and create havoc, to be heard - because it certainly ain't happening in the West. When it does happen in the West, it will be because people are starving - and, I'm not kidding about that - that will come, because food is a weapon and, when they stop the food coming, during the big crisis times, that are planned by the Department of Defence, that's when the mob riot. They forgo all the chances they could have done, when they could have done something about it, in a more peaceable manner, and a rioting mob is easily dealt with, by the authorities 

That's all through the Masonic literature, by the way. They always talk about the mob, the mob, mob and how to use the mob as well. 

Now, we'll go to the phones now and we've got Logan, from Texas, are you there Logan? Hello Logan. 

Logan: Can you hear me? 

Alan: Yes. 

Logan: I just want to get your take on something: I originally had a chance to get acquainted with a neighbour and so, he came over and, basically, I always felt we had a lot in common, so I threw out some topics for him and including the New World Order. So, he weighed in, as far as his perspective goes, because he follows the Bahá'í faith. It was an interesting thing that I did some research on and I just wanted to get what your take on that was. What your thoughts about that were, about the Bahá'í faith.  

Alan: Well, the Bahá'í faith. 

Logan: Right, it seems to be a key aspect of, as far as the one world religion basically. 

Alan: It is, it's the only one in fact the United Nations has said, on its own site that it authorises and backs; because it's all-inclusive. You understand, under the UN Charter, all faiths that will be allowed to exist. 

Logan: Right, it was supposed to be what the UN Charter it was based on 

Alan: All faiths, it didn't start there though, you see they had a meeting in the United States, in the 1800s, they had a world meeting, it was an inter-faith meeting, I have the book that was printed at the time, it came out right after it and they said they’d set up a world type government. They saw it coming, because they knew it was coming, the League of Nations, turned into the United Nations, but they said that the only religions that eventually would be allowed to exist, would be those who had laid no claim to exclusivity of truth – therefore, if you accept that no religion is actually true, 100% true, laying claim on absolute truth.  If you said that yours was the truth, you would not be allowed into, they’d have to destroy your religion.  However, if you accepted that all the other religions were just as true as yours, which again is not double-think, it's multiple-think, then that was ok. Well, the Bahá'í faith was created - it's not an old religion - to eventually accept all other religions. It's also got a bit of mystery behind it too - because it's highly freemasonic, including its building as well, if you look at the building's structure, from above too, the top view of it and side view, and so on.  It's definitely an authorised religion, to replace other religions of the world. 

Logan: It seems to give people a positive twist about the new world order. 

Alan: Oh it does, it's all totally pro UN, a world government and so on. I know some of the guys who eventually got to be security guards for their temple, at the United Nations and every one of them had a criminal record! 

Logan: it seems to be that there’s a centre in the United Nations building. 

Alan: That's correct. 

Logan: Anyway, I was going go down to one of the Sunday church things and see what others have to say about some of the films I got from you and Alex Jones.  Anyway, that’s all I called about.

Alan: Ok, yes, it’s quite an interesting little history it’s got; but any religion that claims to be exclusive, have exclusive truth in it, is to be destroyed by all the forces that can be put against it, through media propaganda and so on, and education. 

Logan: I think what he was trying to convey to me was it doesn't have to be discriminatory and that's actually one of the main things that they eliminate all prejudices. 

Alan: That's right and it teaches you to love a world government more than you've loved any other government, if anyone's dumb enough to do so; but, that is the agenda with it, absolutely. You see, they knew, again, when they were dreaming up the idea of world government, they'd have to bring in a world religion and under the Bahá'í faith, you can bring in all religions, the earth worship and everything falls right into it, quite happily, reincarnation, whatever has been promoted to be part of the new world religion. That's all of the new age as well, the greening of the planet, all this stuff, that falls right into the Bahá'í, so they were set up for their purpose. 

Logan: Well, that's about it. 

Alan: That's it. Well, thanks for calling, but look into that. You can see it on their website, this amazing building; and, go into the founder too and, if you do your real homework, you’ll find out all of his connections as well and who helped back him - and that tells you all you need to know. It's interesting, as I say; I've quoted many times, a book by Gorbachev, a man who says in this book, the one that's called Towards A New Civilisation. He says: “I myself am an atheist”; and, then, about a chapter on, he says we (and he is part of the team), he says “we are creating a religion for the world”. He's quite open about it: here's a bunch of atheists creating a religion that people are meant to believe in, and they'll make sure that they do believe in it; and, then he says it must be based on a form of Earth Worship. Of course, they'll give you specialists with white coats, the new priesthood, who'll decide what's right and wrong and what the Earth wants, because you can't. Although, you'll always get the occasional one who will say that they can hear the Earth talking to them, just like you hear some crazy people and con men who will say they can hear God talking to them, or "God told me to raise a million dollars" like one evangelist said, or he'd go off the air and by God he got his million dollars, so maybe there was something to it, eh?! 

They create religions for the public; and for a New World Order, they have to always create a new God, in other words. This one is based on, it's not just religion, it takes in Economy as well. You understand that this whole new world system, this greening world; remember, the greening idea - where man is supposed to be at war with the planet, and destroying the planet. The dream of the Club of Rome, that's the one who dreamed up the whole thing. That falls in to the new religion and we're all going to get taught that we're here to serve the planet. And, in this new equal society, some will be more equal and they’ll wear white coats and they’ll wear business suits, they'll be politicians and they'll tell us what the planet wants and what we have to do, to help Mother Earth, you see. That's how it's going to be and people think well they can never do that; well, they've introduced religions before and used them very, very well. Along with the troops, they used to send in to India and Africa and places far away, when the British Empire was at its height. Along with the trains, and the tracks - that were laid, of course by the tax payer of Britain, that pays for all of the military-industrial complex - so they can go and loot those countries. They also brought in carriages, full of preachers and bibles, to subdue the natives. Sometimes, they'd send them in beforehand, if they could get in unmolested and travel freely; and, that's what was referred to as the 'softening-up crew'. They went in to soften the heads of people who were ready to fight people coming in to take their land off them; but, if you sent the preachers in first and told them not to kill, killing was bad, even though in the Hebrew version it says "thou shalt not commit murder" which means you can kill to defend yourself, they'd altered it for the Christians you see. And, they gave them all these bibles and they'd teach them that God's place was in Heaven and that they'd suffer on earth but they'd get this beautiful reward, in another place, if they allowed themselves to suffer here. That was used, by the British Empire, to the maximum. They used people like David Livingstone, who goes down in history as a great man of travel for the Christian faith and - in fact - he was promoted and funded completely by the Royal Society. The same bunch that backed Darwin and there were big business leaders in there as well and they wanted to know what kind of plunder they could take out of the natural resources of Africa; and he, Livingston, was incredibly financially-rewarded for all that. It’s amazing how they white-wash history. They give us a 'Walton' version or ‘Little House on the Prairie’ - complete fake history and the public want to believe it because it's so nice and pretty. No factory towns there, eh?! Back with more, after these messages. 

--- BREAK ---

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're cutting through the matrix, trying to get some sense into a world that some think are simply going crazy but it's not going crazy, it's planned that way. The war on your mind continues; it's amazing to me, how they bring up 'conspiracy theory'. The big boys put that out you know, that term, so that public themselves would start using it and - sure enough - if you try to tell someone a bit of truth, they'll call you a 'conspiracy theorist' and newspapers are using the term all the time and yet history is made up of nothing but conspiracies - where men get together and plan to take countries to war, they plunder what their targets are, what they hope to get out of it, there's always a massive financial reward for someone, or a few. It's never called a conspiracy; it's called ‘strategic planning’. It's the same with the United States, with its Foreign Policy. They call it 'Foreign Policy' or, the group that Bush belongs to, The New American Century Group that published, in the '90s, their agenda that they come up with, in their own secret meetings about taking countries over, starting with Afghanistan, and then Iraq and then Iran, Syria and so on.  There's no conspiracy theory when it comes to them planning this kind of stuff, is there? No, just for the people at the bottom, who start using intelligence, they call it intelligence, they don't want intelligence passed around and to combat the intelligence that’s passed around, they make sure they put people out there to mix up aliens and shape-shifters and so on and the old mystique of the stuff they put out in the 1800s, to confuse people too. They rehash all of that, until it sounds bizarre and fantastic and surrealistic and that's the whole intent of it. That's called counter-intelligence. Therefore, when you stick to the intelligence you're as labelled as a 'kook' and they laugh at you and say well you probably think the aliens are behind it. Stuff like that you see. And, they have them out there; they have them out there, doing the rounds, heavily-financed, heavily-publicised. They make sure that those on the fringes, as they call them, the group they're going for, the target group, will jump on the bandwagon and sound like utter, utter nutters when they're explaining the conspiracy, when they mix in all the stuff I'm talking about here and then bring aliens into it. They say aliens are doing it, they say aliens are spraying the sky they'll tell you. That came out from the government at first you know. The whole sky-spraying thing, they put it in papers, saying people are seeing UFOs and strange things. Sometimes it looked like black helicopters and sometimes they'd change into a disc. That was put out by Intelligence Services and the UFO-ers jumped on it right away. You have to stick to the facts, if you want to be credible; and, if your nose detects someone telling you the facts and bringing in something with a twist to it into to the bizarre, then you're being had. I can't stress that enough, because it's stepping up, even within the patriot community. The big boys cover every base and they make sure that your thoughts are not your own, even those things which excite you. 

Well, that's the music coming in for tonight, I should remind you all to donate as well, to keep me going because you do keep me going. I don't ask for money for any of the shows or any of the information I put out. The information to do so is on my website. From Hamish and myself, up in a snowy Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods, go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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