Dec. 1, 2008 (#205)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 1, 2008:

New Religion by "Modest" Wise Men:

"I Looked for Consciousness, Not Found Till,
I Stumbled Upon World Wisdom Council,
Whose Mission is to Make Us Safe
By Connecting Us through Inter-Faith,
Coupled with Enviro-Sustainability,
Enemies of Longevity and Fertility,
Under the Umbrella of the Club of Rome,
These Wise Men Plan to Redecorate Home,
All Done in Green and We Must Worship
A Common Faith, New Feudal Serfship,
And as These Words Go Past Your Eyes,
Remember, These Gods Demand Sacrifice"
© Alan Watt Dec. 1, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 1, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December the 1st, 2008.  I always advise newcomers who come into the show and there’s always lots of new people who get the word and listen in, I advise them to go to my web site at and there you will find lots of talks I’ve given in the past about the big world in which we live and the VAST forces that guide it along a path towards a predestined future.  That’s the shocking part to realize that pretty well everything happens in your life or will happen, has been STAGED THAT WAY and promoted that way.  Mankind can be driven in any direction by enough powerful people all pointing in the same direction.  Especially if they’re well paid, funded and belong to big think tanks and foundations.  That’s what really runs the world.  They’re all coordinated and they all came out around the same time; all the main funding ones that it is.  There’s hardly a university in the U.S. or Canada that doesn’t get funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, and once you get used to that funding coming in and being part of your necessary financial arrangements, one day you’re given a list of things NOT to talk about and that’s what happens.  Things become politically incorrect in those universities.  That’s how simple it is to change ideas, opinions and set them along the CORRECT path, the ones the big foundations and your funders have pointed out for you.  


Also look into for transcripts which you can download and print up and pass around to your friends on these talks that I have given on this big scary world with its invisible forces.  Very seldom mentioned in major media, they keep you involved in politics (as though that would solve anything) but politics really is just a Punch and Judy show for the public.  They put the actors in front of you.  You have big foundations and think tanks that are privately owned, making public policy and every aspect, every area of life. 


As I say, in the site you can download those transcripts and they are written in the various languages of Europe to make it easier to get the word out.  Because time is of the essence and really just a little while ago… I don’t really arrange what I’m going to talk about.  I’ve been too busy shoveling snow all day.  It’s about a foot of snow came down and I still talk about a foot, a foot, you see, feet and inches, because when I went through school that’s what they gave us to begin with and half way through, they changed it to metric, in Britain.  That’s when I asked the teacher when I was about 10, I guess we’re joining  Europe and she sort of gave me that funny look, you know.  Sure enough, a few years later, in came the decimalized currency and I knew where all that was going too.  So if you think for yourself and just see what’s happening around you, you can come to your own conclusions.  And if you trust yourself, you’re generally right


The world, as I say, is going so fast, it’s so hard to pick certain topics.  Now, the Club of Rome, one of the BIG, premier think tanks that spawned… just like the old monasteries did.  See it is based on the same system.  They’d spawn off other branches of monks and they were each specialized in their own area.  You had the Dominicans, for instance, were into the law, the Vatican Law.  Then the Franciscans were into people think mysticism, but you’ll find that Roger Bacon (a precursor of Francis Bacon) was the guy who came up with the gunpowder and the cannon to help the military in his day, a long time ago.  He was a Franciscan monk as well.  They were into science.  I’ll be back with more after the following break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was mentioning before the break how the old monasteries were specialized in their own particular fields.  Some were specialized in early medicine and it was those guys really who came up with what now is the herbal industry.  Some were into trying to make hybrid plants.  The monk who did that just happened in the right amount in combinations and mixtures to get it right the first time… ODDLY ENOUGH.  Or maybe he got it from very old books, because the old Catholic church with its archives had tremendous knowledge of times gone by.


The point I’m getting at is, when the big, rich men of the world in the 1800s - the Robber Barons basically - were set up and they were all gangsters really, they’re all now very respectable people.  It took them years and years to be accepted by the Blue Bloods, as they call it.  Many books have been written about these powerful families, these Robber Barons of the United States and Canada.  There were some who were basically born in Britain, as well, and who made their millions in the factory, the cotton industries, that were all over place at that time.  Where life was HELL for the workers living in a fog of this cotton floating through the air all the time and the bang and clattering of machines.  That’s the real past.  It was no Ann of Green Gables story. 


We find that Albert Pike who belonged to the Rite of Perfection, in Freemasonry, came out with Morals and Dogma.  You can tell by the book and reading through it, it took many authors to put together because there’s different writing styles and vocabulary and use in different chapters of the book.  Specialties, in other words, in special areas.  Very much like Shakespeare’s works as well.  When you go in to it, the modern producers will tell you it takes specialists in different areas to put this stuff together.  That is how the world is really run. 


We’ve got to remember the culture industry, this was understood thousands of years ago, how to RUN the minds of people and even use predictive programming in plays and dramas using their imagination.  It meant, the image within, IMAGINE, you see.  That’s what it is.  They put the image in your head and you go off fantasizing and you in a sense, work it into reality by what you do. 


Well, Pike talked about the big foundations that they were going to CREATE that would control the world.  He said, we, meaning the members of this particular organization, it’s only one branch of many, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry or the Rite of Perfection.  He said, “We shall gain wealth, incredible wealth by all means“… ALL MEANS, to get the wealth, including the stock market… now, they’re talking about manipulating it, maybe even controlling it… “and we’ll become masters over the masters of the world.”  By that he also meant the setting up of foundations, and lo and behold, not too long after that, up pops the Rockefellers.  In Canada, you have the Bronfmans and different ones who all started about the same level.  The Rockefellers were really gangsters initially.  The old man was a gangster… who took over the oil industry.  He eliminated competitors by different methods; in its full sense of the word too.  Then after the slaughter of miners who worked for him, by sending off the militia to gun them all down, he got in professionals to give him a new image… a makeover.  But he came out, they came out with the idea of foundations and make him into a philanthropist.  Very soon, they had whole TEAMS working on philanthropy for the Rockefellers. 


What they did was to set up organizations - we now call them NGOs, non-governmental organizations - that would then pressure and lobby government to have laws instituted, the course of civilization directed and so on.  Then you go into all the other foundations.  Now, the Rockefellers also fund other foundations.  However, it’s all to do, when you look at them all, the Ford, the Carnegie, and the PLETHORA of them, they all have one thing in common, THEY CAME OUT OF THE EUGENICS MOVEMENT.  That’s one thing they ALL were into in their early beginnings and they still are in to it.  In fact, you’ll find the latest Rockefeller who’s still teetering around, going to all these global meetings, on YouTube giving a talk about there’s too many people on the planet, you know, and the same old speech that his grand pop was talking about.  They never change.


Then, they get the Club of Rome, another premiere think tank, again, all interrelated, where the founders, the two founders in their book, their own book, published by the Club of Rome tell you that it was them.  They take the credit that in the 1970s, they looked for a way to unite the whole planet and they realized that people only do that in war time situations.  They’ll work hard and they won’t complain and governments can multiply their departments to take over all private enterprise and so on, food rationing, etc, SECURITY - a big issue.  Therefore, they had to create a scenario of a war time issue.  What would unite the planet, they said, but to make man an ENEMY OF THE PLANET and tell him.  They didn’t mean just tell them, they’d teach the children, as well, that man was the enemy of the planet and we’re causing global warming.  In their words, they say, “THAT WOULD FIT THE BILL.”  See, they were looking for a reason.  “THAT WOULD FIT THE BILL.” 


The Club of Rome isn’t just into that one aspect, they’re into EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE.  They do make government’s policies.  ALL GOVERNMENTS’ policy.  Then they work with all the other cohort think tanks and foundations to guide us along a path that they’ve already planned.  Now, the thing in a detective story is you get the clues on things.  When you get the same little bits of the agenda interwoven through apparently differentiated groups then there’s a connecting link between them.  You got to ask yourself, HOW COME? 


Remember what Lenin said, “We shall win by the use of slogans.”  Remember that Lenin himself, who created or at least he was given the first dictatorship of the proletariat, they called it, for the Soviet system, belonged to the World Revolutionary Society.  He took over from Mazzini.  Mazzini was TRAINED to take over as the POPE of Freemasonry by Albert Pike.  You can still get Mazzini’s books.  And Mazzini didn’t fade away and his organizations did not fade away.  They transformed into the communist/soviet system and Lenin was a member of it.  Trotsky himself said in his own book called My Life.  (Now don’t be writing to me and asking me the ISBN numbers and doing all your work for you.  I get so sick of it when people do.  You’ve got high-speed internet, I don’t.  What I say is in my brain.  I don’t have the time when I’m shoveling snow to answer trivial questions .) 


Trotsky said in that book My Life, he said when he was escorted OUT of Russia by the NKVD, the early KGB, that they didn’t have to go through any of the formalities at the borders or any border because his two guards used Masonic signs and terminology when they greeted their opponents across borders.  Trotsky himself, in that same book said, that he had been initiated into Freemasonry while he was in prison.  He also said the he was working on the biggest pro-Freemasonic book ever put together at the time, as well.  Next thing you knew, he was in Latin America and Stalin eventually had set out a hit man on him.  That’s what happened.  He was killed.  He was a loose canon because he really had a tremendous ego and he thought he had the right to expose a lot of secrets and be the first to do so.  Not because he was against Masonry but because he was wanting it to be pushed to the front of guiding society.  Much like Manly P. Hall, he used a different kind of wisdom to get it across.  However, this takes me on to my point here. 


Because, you see, they looked at the whole of society, and this is eugenics.  ALL of them are eugenicists.  Pike was an incredible ELITIST himself and all through the books of the period in the 1800s, if you understand what you’re reading, he’s telling you that there are INFERIOR types and SUPERIOR types and the superior types are in the minority but they had the right to rule the cattle.  In fact, Pike said that.  He says, “Those who won’t use their own mind (their own brain) are steak on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.  They are the profane.” 


They looked at religion.  You see religion has ALWAYS been used because humans are religious creatures.  We’ve had over a hundred years of atheistic teaching through university, schools and so on, the media, press, movies to convince us we’re just pieces of meat with neuronal synapses and little biochemicals that go across between neurons in the brain and that’s all you are.  Even at that, they realized it wasn’t working quite good enough so they came up with what they call The New Age religion.  The New Age was set up in the 1800s by Blavatsky for this particular time period we’re living in now.  It’s really taken off… in fact, most folk who are in it don’t even know it’s called The New Age.  They’ll say they’re in an advanced Yoga classes or something.  They have no idea.  Or they’re into channeling, or past life experiences. 


It takes me to Mikhail Gorbachev.  Mikhail Gorbachev, who was the President of the Soviet Union, who worked his way through the KGB, became the leader of a group or a party to do with sustainability and the environment, but his main thing was to create a new religion and THAT’S what I’m talking about tonight.  Back with more after this break. 


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was talking about Mr. Gorbachev and you wonder how he ties in to all of this.  It’s interesting to note that the organization that he was set up to lead in the United States and California, when they gave him The Presidio at the time (the old army base) and staff and equipment and all the rest of it, that the license for that organization was already set up BEFORE and while he was still president of the Soviet Union.  This tells you that there’s big powers at work, you see, all the time, behind the scenes, behind all the reality that’s projected to you by the media. 


Gorbachev came out with a book that was called Towards A New Civilization.  In the book he says that he himself is an atheist.  It was written in the typical soviet/communist style.  When you read their books by their fathers (as some of them called them) Lenin and Stalin and these guys, they talk as though they have a question and answer thing in their books.  This is generally how they do the format.  And they’ll have people, young or old or elderly asking some basic, very simple questions that’s obviously been made up, you see.  And they’ll give out this very simplistic, childlike type answer as if they were talking down to a child.  That’s how his book is written.  Early in the book he says, “I’m an atheist” and later on he says, “We are creating a new religion for the world.”  WE.  Now, he didn’t define who ‘we’ were but there’s a ‘we’ there obviously.  What he meant were the organizations that were all networking together.  Big foundations, again, funded.  Not answerable to any public input.  Not answerable to the public through voting or anything.  We don’t vote them in but they make public policy.  They make educational policy.  They make even the topics of education their policy.  They came up with it all.  They make health policy.  Mandatory inoculations policies.  ALL kinds of policies.  Taxation policies.  Pollution policies.  And taxing pollution policies.  EVERYTHING YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.  And they’re all FUNDED by foundations. 


You look at the foundations and you say, my God, there’s hundreds and hundreds of them.  Really, there’s only a handful that fund all the other ones.  That’s how they set them up.  Just like, as I say, it was based on how monks were set up and the different orders and how they spawn off another one to deal with a particular area.  Mikhail Gorbachev belongs to something that’s called The World Wisdom Council.  This atheist guy, you see.  The World Wisdom Council.  There’s an article, by the way, before I get into this in the paper, recently and he was interviewed in his home and behind him was a big picture of the Virgin Mary with a child there.  Next to it is a big portrait of himself with his mark on his forehead.  And the connotation… he makes a little joke about having ‘the mark’.  The mark, you see, on his forehead, in a holy reference, which is quite amusing.  What’s even more amusing is he has these portraits of himself all over the place, big ones.  That’s kind of the height of narcissistic behavior, I think, or megalomania perhaps. 


He belongs to the World Wisdom Council.  And you say, what is the World Wisdom Council?  Well you see, it’s a branch, it’s a club set up, again, spawned by and funded by The Club of Rome.  And the Club of Rome had a meeting in Budapest and they changed it to The Club of Budapest.  See how they camouflage themselves?  It’s really the Club of Rome.  It says here,


World Wisdom Council

Dedicated to the Advancement and Application of Wisdom in the World

Initiated by The Club of Budapest International

In association with the World Commission of Global Consciousness & Spirituality



The World Wisdom Council (WWC) has been convened by the Club of Budapest (Alan:  That’s the Club of Rome.) in cooperation with the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality in the conviction that the paramount requirement in this age of discontinuity and transformation is to recognize that, through the development of a new dimension of consciousness, the world can be constructively changed by women and men wherever they live and whatever their interests and lot in life.


It seeks to cultivate wisdom as the highest priority for our time through various means including the opposing of some fundamental and far from obvious questions that bring into prominence glaring inconsistencies, paradoxes, dysfunctions and pathologies in our individual, institutional and cultural milieus.  It affirms that our mindset and the way we use the many facets of our mind shape the reality of the world around us. 


That takes me back to the book put out previously by Gorbachev (who knew all this stuff before they created the Club of Budapest, which is just a branch of the Club of Rome), Towards A New Civilization because that was published before that.  In there he said that “This new religion we are creating must be based on a form of EARTH WORSHIP.”  He was talking about what we’re hearing about today, the environmentalism and mother earth and we’re just little ants on the planet and there shouldn’t be so many of us and sustainability, etc.  Well here’s what he said here at one of the meetings at the Club of Budapest, which is just the Club of Rome, one of their branches.  This is from Mikhail Gorbachev, the HONORARY CHAIRPERSON, Mikhail Gorbachev.  It says here and by the way, one of the chairpersons is Ervin Laszlo.  You should read up on this character.  Quite interesting.



Messages from the Honorary

Chairpersons - Mikhail Gorbachev

To the Participants of the Meeting of the World Wisdom Council

Mr. Etele Baráth, Minister, Council of Ministers

Professor Ervin Laszlo, President,

Esteemed Friends,


In my opinion your initiative reflects the requirements of our day and expresses the totality of the measures sought these days for finding proper methods for warding off the fatal crisis that menaces our civilization on earth.


As the Club of Budapest correctly notes, humankind has long ago turned into a giant capable of solving any task of vital importance. Nevertheless, the tremendous potentials of humankind are not only left unexplored but are used in many cases to its own detriment. (Alan:  I think that’s the music coming so I’ll be back in a minute, after these messages.) 


Hi folks, Alan Watt back again, Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the World Wisdom Council, you know those bright boys up there, the ones who are rather illumined.  This is from Mikhail Gorbachev.  Mikhail Gorbachev, I should mention, apparently one of the paintings he had there had the child Jesus painting the mark on his forehead… anointing him, in other words.  You know in the Soviet system, it wasn’t until after the so-called Berlin Wall went down and the press could put out photographs to the eastern bloc countries of Mikhail Gorbachev in full frontal imagery.  The people in the Soviet system never knew he had a mark on his head.  It was forbidden to photograph him from that angle.  It’s great, isn’t it?  The power you can use by TV and cameras.  Seeing is believing, eh?  Anyway, these megalomaniacs that are vastly recruited by these big foundations and so on are all doing their jobs.  I’ll continue with this speech that Mikhail gave even though it’s a repetition of what he put in his own book only a few years beforehand, because they all know what’s coming, you see.  He says,


The human being is turning into his own enemy. A vicious circle develops, from which nothing but the mind, the human mind, can find the way out.


Naturally there are objective processes that create conditions that are a threat and a danger for our species. We can, of course, manage to live with them at the price of greater or smaller difficulties. Ultimately, however, the greatest challenge facing the world is the result of the excessive, irrational action of the human being, or – the other way around – of his lack of action.  (A:  So once again, they’re blaming humanity.  Now, humanity… they’re sheep in a pen.  That’s what humanity is.  Because their whole culture has been manufactured for them.  Their educational system has been manufactured for them too.  Everything has been manufactured.  They give you the system.  They give you what’s politically correct and so on and then they blame you when they’ve changed their minds and gone off in a different direction.  They blame you for being rigid or stuck or something, unchangeable.  We were taught to be a consumer society; that was the big PUSH from the top, from governments and media and so on.  Now, of course, there’s just too much consumption and so they want to get us back to sustainability, which again, is eugenics, you see.  Did you know that they’re giving gift coupons out now from Planned Parenthood for abortions and things?  That’s how low we’ve sunk.  And it is also how low we think of ourselves… which is the real point behind all of this stuff.  To make you feel so small and insignificant.  Just another animal on the planet.  Nothing special about you.  Gorbachev goes on, he says,


We often speak of human rights and justly so. However, we frequently dissociate these rights from responsibilities. On the other hand, human rights cannot be ensured if we disregard the human being’s responsibility for his own behaviour, for his own activities, and for his disregard of ethics and his own fate.


I am convinced that the World Wisdom Council - in helping us find answers to the challenges of life and the solution of concrete problems – will be able to focus attention on the fate of humankind and on its creative role: the role of the saviour (A:  Boy, this guy is grandiose here.) and not the destroyer of civilization; the role of the creator (A:  Again, CREATOR.)  of a better, more just way of life.


Much success to the Council and to all its Members and Leaders — and a good way forward!  (A:  ‘Forward’ used to be the name of the communist magazine for the United States from New York.  Then it changed into another magazine but it’s still the same one, really.  And then it says, ) 


Mikhail Gorbachev

Former President of USSR, Nobel Peace Laureate


And obviously anointed by Jesus himself!  That’s one of the foundations that’s spawned by the Club of Rome.  One of the MANY organizations that’s spawned by them. 


As I say, when you go in to their web site and I’ll leave the links for you at the end of the show, you can see that the word ‘sustainable, sustainable, sustainable’ all through it, you see.  Again, going back to Gorbachev, the new religion they’re creating, remember it has to do with, basically, a form of worship of the planet.  Well, guess who the high priests will be?  And believe you me, this system of high priests, white-coated priests and all their theories and the slide rules and all the rest of it, is going to be more atrocious than any religions that’s ever, EVER existed on this planet before.  Incredible isn’t it? 


They’re actually doing it.  When they hang corpses up on wires that are plasticized and call it art and stuff fetuses, or babies, in jars of urine, to degrade you… and you think nothing of it.  Well you are degraded, you see.  You’re desensitized to your own upcoming death.  Or your neighbors, for sure.  You won’t do a thing about that.  Just like you don’t care about the slaughtering across the whole planet, in the name of progress, where they’ve got to standardize the whole world and make it peaceful by SLAUGHTERING EVERYONE ELSE WHO’S DIFFERENT FROM YOU. 


Thank God we have these wise people running it.  It reminds me of Benjamin Franklin, too.  It’s well known that the United States was set up by Freemasons.  Their symbols are everywhere.  He said in his own book, he said, “This Federation hopefully will lead to a Federation of the World.”  And he said, “It will be run by a council of Twelve Wise Men.”  That’s the destiny of the U.S.  It was set up to do exactly as it is doing.  Its symbols, as I say, are EVERYWHERE in Washington, DC… of Freemasonry and all the ancient symbols they dragged up from the past, from ancient secret societies.  The phoenix bird is all over the architecture.  It wasn’t the eagle that they had above on their logos… it was actually the phoenix bird with a little tuft of feather at the top, rising from the ashes.  Mr. Bacon’s New Atlantis. 


From World Net Daily, this is the one about gift certificates.



Outrage over Planned Parenthood Christmas 'gift' cards

'It is difficult to think of a more tasteless, ghoulish thing to give anyone'


Posted: November 26, 2008

9:05 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh


(Alan:  Planned Parenthood, remember, came out of the eugenics society.  It was started off by Margaret Sanger who was an advocate of Adolf Hitler.  She adored Adolf Hitler and Stalin.  She like them both… because they were into SOCIALIST policy where scientists and REASON have the right to rule over people, make a better world.  And she was into abortion.  Of course, the foundations were right there behind them.  The same foundations are backing her, you see.  It says, )


Planned Parenthood, which in past years has promoted a "Choice on Earth" (A:  a choice on earth)  abortion campaign during the Christmas season, has a new outreach, offering Christmas gift certificates to be used for abortions. (A:  And down later on it says,)


According to the Lone Star Times, the nation's leading player in the abortion industry is "celebrating the most important crisis pregnancy of all time by selling gift certificates, perfect for the woman who has everything but moral fiber … And it's so much easier than finding the perfect 'Baby's First Christmas' ornament."


According to WISH-TV in Indianapolis, the controversial plan has people talking.


"People are making really tough decisions about putting gas in their car and food on their table, so we know that many women especially put healthcare at the bottom of their list to do," Chrystal Struben-Hall, an official for the abortion business, told the station.


The report said the certificates come in $25 increments and can be used for everything from birth control to $58 examinations that include breast exams and pap tests.


"They can be seen for sexually transmitted disease screenings, HIV tests and general prostate exams and those kinds of things," said Struben-Hall.


But can they be used for abortions?


Of course, Struben-Hall said. "We decided not to put restrictions on." (A:  [laugh])


Stanek has campaigned to alert the American public of President-elect (A:  blah, blah, blah, it goes on about Obama because apparently he’s for all this abortion stuff.) 


That’s how low we’ve sunk and you know, nothing is dirty enough anymore to do with the people and what you do with people.  We accept torture openly.  We see it on television.  Who can forget all the images from Guantanamo Bay with all those terrible things going on, and Iraq as well?  Who can forget those images?  Yet so many people can’t tell the difference between what they’re seeing and movies anymore because they’ve desensitized the people THROUGH blood and gore and torture IN movies until we’re sitting ducks.  That’s what we really are, you see.  WE’RE SITTING DUCKS ready for the mass cull, ready to do whatever we’re told to do by the new fuehrer, whoever it might be… probably a wise man, I’d imagine.  And no one can say boo because there’s political correctness everywhere. 


Do you know, as I say, when the foundations fund the universities and hospitals too, by the way, and they come to rely upon these grants, eventually and even churches too.  Remember, Rockefeller set up the World Council of Churches, which I call WCC which is WICCA, you see.  The whole idea was to get policy introduced and that’s through ALL the branches of churches, all denominations.  Here’s a eugenicists at the top, with his massive teams deciding what will be taught in church.  Then they gave the churches tax exemption.  Then tax exemption came with a list of demands of what they could talk about in church and what they couldn’t preach.  That’s how you SHUT PEOPLE’S MOUTHS.  YOU BRIBE THEM.  YOU PAY THEM OFF.  And it works very, very well.  Quite extraordinary, isn’t it?  And predictable.  Foundations rule our lives. 


Here’s an article here and it’s called Global Warming is not due to human contribution of carbon dioxide and it’s from Dr. Timothy Ball from Victoria, British Columbia. 


Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts?

By Timothy Ball

Monday, February 5, 2007


Global Warming, as we think we know it, doesn't exist. And I am not the only one trying to make people open up their eyes and see the truth. But few listen, despite the fact that I was one of the first Canadian Ph.Ds. in Climatology and I have an extensive background in climatology, especially the reconstruction of past climates and the impact of climate change on human history and the human condition. Few listen, even though I have a Ph.D, (Doctor of Science) from the University of London, England and was a climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg. For some reason (actually for many), the World is not listening. Here is why.


What would happen if tomorrow we were told that, after all, the Earth is flat? It would probably be the most important piece of news in the media and would generate a lot of debate. So why is it that when scientists who have studied the Global Warming phenomenon for years say that humans are not the cause nobody listens? Why does no one acknowledge that the Emperor has no clothes on?  (A:  I said that years ago.  But the fact is, you see, it’s the agenda.  Again, the Club of Rome said they’d blame humanity for causing global warming and ‘that would fit the bill’.  That’s why it’s on everyone’s lips and it’s taught through the universities.  You’re an heretic if you say it isn’t, you see.)


Believe it or not, Global Warming is not due to human contribution of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This in fact is the greatest deception in the history of science. We are wasting time, energy and trillions of dollars while creating unnecessary fear and consternation over an issue with no scientific justification. For example, Environment Canada brags about spending $3.7 billion in the last five years dealing with climate change almost all on propaganda trying to defend an indefensible scientific position while at the same time closing weather stations (A:  And it’s true.  They have been closing them all over the place.)  and failing to meet legislated pollution targets.


No sensible person seeks conflict, especially with governments, but if we don't pursue the truth, we are lost as individuals and as a society. (A:  I should jump in here and say this too.  You see the next big stock market system we’re going to have, it’s going to be based on sustainability.  That’s what the new economic system is PLANNED to do.  They are going to be trading in CARBON credits.  They’re already doing it.  You’re paying BIG amounts of money for a bunch of hot air, literally, a complete fantasy.  Under the guise of saving the environment, YOU ARE GOING TO BE UNDER A GESTAPO RULE THAT THE WORLD HAS NEVER, EVER DREAMT OF WHEN IT COMES TO WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN NOT DO, where you can live and how you can live and everything else.  You are going to have no privacy whatsoever.  None.  None whatsoever… to save the planet, you understand. )


Maybe for the same reason we believed, 30 years ago, that global cooling was the biggest threat: a matter of faith. "It is a cold fact (A: very good.): the Global Cooling presents humankind with the most important social, political, and adaptive challenge we have had to deal with for ten thousand years. Your stake in the decisions we make concerning it is of ultimate importance; the survival of ourselves, our children, our species," wrote Lowell Ponte in 1976.  (A:  See, they tried global cooling and there was one guy who works for the United Nations as a PR guy and he wrote of the coming ice age.  Now he’s talking about the coming warming age, you see.)


I was as opposed to the threats of impending doom (A:  THEN, he was talking about.) global cooling engendered as I am to the threats made about Global Warming. Let me stress I am not denying the phenomenon has occurred. The world has warmed since 1680, the nadir of a cool period called the Little Ice Age (LIA) that has generally continued to the present. These climate changes are well within natural variability and explained quite easily by changes in the sun. But there is nothing unusual going on.  (A:  You see, we’ve always had ups and downs and ups and downs and ups and downs.  In the early middle ages, they stopped building buildings with chimneys in them and even had cooking areas outside because it was so warm.  The winters were so warm they didn’t even need them.  Read about the crusades.  It was the warmest time of all… for over 100 years, almost 200 years.  Again, people don’t read any more.  Or they get their history from Hollywood.)


Since I obtained my doctorate in climatology from the University of London, Queen Mary College, England my career has spanned two climate cycles. Temperatures declined from 1940 to 1980 and in the early 1970's global cooling became the consensus. This proves that consensus is not a scientific fact. By the 1990's temperatures appeared to have reversed and Global Warming became the consensus. It appears I'll witness another cycle before retiring, as the major mechanisms and the global temperature trends now indicate a cooling. (A:  So why is it?  Why is it that they’re all on board?  All the mouthpieces across the world?  Why does the U.N. have its own big panel of paid experts?  They make their money on all this hot air.  And they’ve got to spout all this stuff to keep their big, fat salaries.  Why is it?  Because IT IS THE AGENDA.  It is THE AGENDA.  In this new economic system, remember, everything is going to be tied together on SUSTAINABILITY.  Global warming, carbon taxes, and a bunch of other incredible farces which will be indoctrinated and ARE being indoctrinated to the children right now.  Back after this break.)


Hi.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix of hot air tonight and how it’s going to affect our lives as we pay and get taxed into the ground… where all the carbon is hiding.  Reading an article by Dr. Timothy Ball and I’m leaving the link on my site tonight and you can check into it.  He has a series of eleven 2008 articles on climate change.  I’ll leave the link where you can look it up for yourself.  But something interesting here, he says,


I was greatly influenced several years ago by Aaron Wildavsky's book "Yes, but is it true?" The author taught political science at a New York University and realized how science was being influenced by and apparently misused by politics. (A:  And I’ll add, FOUNDATIONS.)  He gave his graduate students an assignment to pursue the science behind a policy generated by a highly publicised environmental concern. To his and their surprise they found there was little scientific evidence, consensus and justification for the policy. You only realize the extent to which Wildavsky's findings occur when you ask the question he posed. Wildavsky's students did it in the safety of academia and with the excuse that it was an assignment. I have learned it is a difficult question to ask in the real world, however I firmly believe it is the most important question to ask if we are to advance in the right direction.  (A:  He goes on to say as well, in this article that they actually call you, his own colleagues and those who all politically correct, will call you a global warming ‘denier‘… tying it in with holocaust denier, you see.  It’s like a slur.  They call you Nazi and you shut up.  That’s how the techniques work.  The communists use these techniques all the time for slandering people and they make you shut up.  That’s where they really brought it to perfection.  So now you’re actually a global warming denier, you see?  It’s meant to make you a laughing stock.  Very, very interesting. 


That’s what’s happening in the world and those who have minds which are still working and they’re NOT steak on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent, as Albert Pike said, aren’t taking notice of this world they’re bringing in.  This high security, totalitarian system WORLD WIDE and no one seems to be exempt.  No country, no people are to be exempt.  They have all to be brought into the same sheep pen and GUARDED CLOSELY.  Because, you see, the World Wisdom guys have decided that ALL OF YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.  You’re the danger to the world.  Therefore, you have to be watched carefully… carefully.  It’s coming to this stage and people are probably ready for it too, because they’ve had so much propaganda, you know, those folk who watch television?  That’s their reality.  They have so much propaganda… there’s just too many people.  The same eugenics BS we’ve had for 100-odd years.  In fact, longer than that, go back to Malthus, when they just draw figures out of the air and give us population quotes, etc. 


I’ve done enough on the fact that we’re all being sterilized anyway.  I’ve given you the evidence and the articles and so on.  This is being done deliberately.  And IT’S UP TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU OUT THERE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Even change your own habits.  STOP eating the products and drinking the products that are full of this stuff, and tell others about it too.  Tell them the world they’re allowing to come into shape.  Tell them what it’s going to be.  Ask them if they’re concerned about it.  And start forming your own groups.  You’ve got to start opposing this HELL that’s being brought into play… very quickly. 


Well, I’m Alan Watt and from a very snowy Ontario, Canada, from Hamish and myself, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  I’ll be back tomorrow night with more.




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