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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 2, 2008:

New Perception for Protection:

"The Pentagon Churns Out Sage after Sage
Who Foresee All Disasters in this, the New Age,
Those Who Follow the Agenda, Some Truly Can,
Know Each Step to Come, They Study The Plan,
Novus Ordo Seclorum Must Succeed by Deception,
No Room for Errors, On Track, No Correction,
History Tells Without Any Doubt,
Military is Turned On the Rabble in Rout,
Always Disguised as 'For Your Protection,'
Their Function is Death in Any Dimension,
Yet Perception Distorted Alters Belief,
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, Camouflaged Teeth"
© Alan Watt Dec. 2, 2008



Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 2, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)             



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen
There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on
Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December the 2nd, 2008.  I always suggest that those newcomers to the show and who listen to RBN look into  Thatís my web site and you can download lots of information, which help to give you short cuts to the big picture on whatís controlling the world.  I give you the big foundations and the organizations that are behind itÖ and tie them in with very OLD aristocracies that never intended that there be such a thing as a peopleís democracy and how weíre run, really, by a parallel government which is not answerable to the public.  They are not voted in.  They are private organizations.  So look in to that site and youíll have LOTS of talks with FACTS in it as well.  I use many books, generally their own books, the guys who are in these associations.  Thatís the best proof you can have.


Also look into and you can download transcripts of my talks.  Theyíre done in the various languages of Europe and you can print them up and pass them around to your friends to read. 


You know, today was a bad day and so was yesterday too, apart from all the snow to shovel, because I spend so much time chasing down people who are selling my books.  You have no idea of the damage these people have done me.  I am lucky since I started to have sold maybe one and a half thousand books personally.  I paid for the printing.  I pay for the postage out and all the rest of it.  However, in the beginning, I had students who would give me cry stories and keep at me to get PDF copies of them and promise me theyíd NEVER abuse them.  I have to admit, that these people are really liars from the beginning.  Because as soon as they got them they had their sites up and theyíre either selling them at a lot cheaper price or they are giving them away for free.  I have to hunt these people down.  I can go weeks without getting an order.  So here I am, giving you all this information out and nothing comes back.  Right now Iíve got one guy, labeled down.  Iíve even got his original mail where he gave me a sob story and he promised heíd keep it for himself and use it for his studies only, and according to the web site he had up there, itís now pulled.  I got it pulled.  He had on it download buttons and stats, about 2000 of each of my copies.  There was 6000 of them.  It also tells you thereís enough unscrupulous people out there thatíll use these kind of formats and take everything thatís free, you see.  Which means that the person whoís giving it all out has to shut up, close down and move on.  However, this particular student at Clemson University in North Carolina is not going away unscathed because I did all the right things.  I got in touch with the right authorities and theyíre coming down on himÖ right now.  And Iíve got another one to deal with and Iíll talk about that right after this break. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím doing a bit of grousing tonight about the dirty deeds that go on in this world as Iím trying to help.  In this world, there are lots of people with utterly no integrity whatsoever, see.  And thereís psychopaths at all levels of society.  Theyíre not just born in amongst the elite.  These are the ones who always give society trouble.  They see the edge on something, they see the fast con, they see their way to profit.  Just like Rothschild said.  Rothschild can look at a disaster but heís not thinking about the poor people, heís thinking of a way to profit from it.  Thatís how the street man, the guy on the street, the street-wise guy thinks as well. 


I just recently got rid of another site that was trying to pretty well copy the sentinel site, going through a forum and interesting, this forum, which I never heard of except for threatening letters I got from one of the members a few years ago.  It seems to be the main culprit for helping some of these characters.  But now, thereís a character who RIGHT NOW, (Iím trying to get T-shirts and things made, Iíve made inquiries and so on) out comes on this forum a guy who pretends heís selling T-shirts for meÖ and hats and mugs and so on with my face on it and and heís got my audios up on this particular forum as well.  You know something, you cannot put my audios up.  Theyíre copywrited.  You have to get permission from me.  This guyís never asked anything from me.  He says heís going to give a portion of the profits to me, which is BS as we know because he hasnít even gotten in touch with me.  I am SICK of other people making their living off of me while I do without.  And Iíll be going after this guy too.  Iíve already gone into the manufacturer and where theyíre based and Iíll have them up too for FRAUD.  This is fraud you see.  Theyíre not there to get money in to help me.  Theyíre there to profit from me by using me.  Iím not going to stand for it.  I know theyíll be listening tonight as well.  So you better get it pulled VERY quickly on every site where youíve got it all up.  And the manufacturer, as I say, will have to go along with it because when I make a case about something, itís concrete.  And you canít use petty little things where you think you can get around the laws and the loop holes by taking an image of my web site and making it a little darker or any nonsense like that.  Youíve already broken a bunch of rules already.  


Thatís how I spend my time, when I have time.  Rather than doing the important things like trying to live and dig out 200 feet of snowÖ and get something to eat and answer mail and so on.  Iíve answered thousands and thousands of mail over the years from people who ADMIT they never bought my books.  The reason they admit it is because I ask them.  Itís obvious to me that they have read them but I remember people.  I remember peopleís names.  I get back to them and eventually they admit, yeah, I got it from this site and that site, or whatever.  See, they have no integrity either.  Yet theyíve got the gall to either buy my books cheaper from someone thatís costing them nothing rather than support me.  Then theyíve got the gall to ask me questions about the books which they got illegally.  THATíS the society we have today.  Itís not everyone.  If it was everyone, Iíd just walk away, but thereís enough of them out there to do this kind of dirty dealing. 


Itís no different than under the guise of charity the big foundations, how they rake and roll in the money.  The same with Freemasonry, Iíve got their own books where they admit that a FRACTION ever goes to charity of all the stuff they collect.  Their OWN books.  Itís the same with these con men.  They donít even get in touch with me.  They just go ahead and do it, HOPING that I wonít hear about it, while they pocket all the loot.  So for all those out there who are up to this kind of nonsense, Iím not sitting back and NOW authorities ARE ACTING.  Really acting.  Theyíll be coming for you.   For all the other listeners there who do have integrity and who understand what Iím saying here (see, a psychopath wouldnít understand any moral points or convictions Iím letting loose here) but for all the rest of you itís a shame I even hold you up with information by having to tell you what goes on. 


People have NO idea of how I live or what I put up with.  I know for a fact that most people could NOT put up with the conditions in which I live or the income that I get in and all the rushing around I have to do.  The printersÖ and most of the money goes to the printersÖ and the mailing and so on.  They have no idea how I live.  However, the time is coming where Iíll walk away because of all this nonsense.  If I donít mention donations, I donít get them.  I donít get them.  People think you can switch on the TV or the internet, same time every night and thereís the guy yapping away as always.  Itís all somehow free.  They lap up the information.  They use the information.  There are authors LIVING off the information I put out.  I got that from an authorsí society who told me that many of their members are making their living, their life living, off the talks Iíve put out there with the information on it.  Not one of them has donated to me, mind you.  Most of them wonít even mention where they got all their information.  Hereís your paradox, you see. 


The paradox is, the elite, on many things to do with the people ARE correct.  Theyíre not all incorrect about everything they say about the people.  Itís the ones amongst you who use and abuse and con and lie and steal and cheat whoíre making it possible for the elite to point fingers at the dull masses and say ďlook, you canít look after yourselves.  You have no integrity so weíre going to do it for you.Ē  Itís those very people that Iím talking about tonight who enable whatís coming down TO come down.  They live alright.  They live amongst us.  So for those who think I live on fresh air, which you cannot GET anymore with all the spraying in the skies, and for the ones who quietly sit back and download my free stuff all the time, how about donating once in a while?  Iím sure youíve got the latest iPods and all the rest of the gadgets that are out there.  I donít.  Iím sitting here in front of a Ď98 computer.  Iíll be uploading until 2, 3:00 in the morningÖ so that you can get all your free stuff.  Youíll donate to sites there thatíll promise you out of body experiences and hoopla and you donít even realize WHO runs those shows or why theyíre authorized to be there.  Youíll lap up the information that I give out there and I get bombarded all day with questions like Iím a walking library, like I have nothing else to do. 


Iíve always said that you have to think of your fellow man if you want to save yourself.  However, a lot of what I see tells me that people donít think about their fellow man.  They donít even think about how I get through a day or what I have to do in a single day, 7 days a week, because thereís no breaks at the weekend.  But they bombard you with trivial questions.  Theyíre sitting in front of HIGH SPEED INTERNET.  I donít HAVE the highest speed internet.  And they are too lazy to research anything for themselves.  I shake my head and live in hope that there are other ones out there who are truly conscious and considerate.  Well thatís my bitching for tonight. 


While all this is going on and the people are buying their iPods, their latest gadgets and gimmickry that keeps them amused, from the it says,


Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security


By Spencer S. Hsu and Ann Scott Tyson

Washington Post Staff Writers

Monday, December 1, 2008; A01


The U.S. military expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe, according to Pentagon officials.  (Alan:  Iíll explain what these catastrophes will be after the following messages.)


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing how the Pentagon is detailing troops to bolster domestic security from the  It says,


The long-planned shift in the Defense Department's role in homeland security was recently backed with funding and troop commitments after years of prodding by Congress and outside experts (A:  experts again, eh?), defense analysts said.  (A:  All very vague, abstract defense analysts.  No names, nothing.)


There are critics of the change, in the military and among civil liberties groups and libertarians who express concern that the new homeland emphasis threatens to strain the military and possibly undermine the Posse Comitatus Act, a 130-year-old federal law restricting the military's role in domestic law enforcement.  (A:  The reason that was put through after the American RevolutionÖ in fact, part of the problem brought on the American Revolution was that Britain was going house to house with the red-coats, the troops.  They also had the right to billet them in any homes that they wanted to, and even kick out the families.  So the right to privacy in their own home was a paramount concern to those who set up the United States.  It was to protect the people, but we know thatís tossed out the window because we live in a different America.  An America that was designed in London and the Anglo-American Establishment have ruled the country for an awful long time.  Britain is the MODEL for this whole world and is to be based upon because thatís where the foundations began, the Royal assented ones, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, CFR, etc.)


But the Bush administration and some in Congress have pushed for a heightened homeland military role since the middle of this decade, saying the greatest domestic threat is terrorists exploiting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.  (A:  Itís funny that because I was just reading in a science magazine FROM the military of them testing out their new laser weaponry and about the new drones theyíre going to get for patrolling the streets of America, these little flying drones with cameras and little things that can sting you and all the rest of it.  And how theyíre putting in orders for BILLIONS of dollars worth of these things and isnít it odd that they never mention that theyíre hoping to get the money in a time of, well, recession?  No, theyíre sure theyíre going to get it and they WILL get it, you see.  They know all this is a big con, this recession stuff.  And weapons of mass destruction are going to come from the military.  Weíve already seen the non-lethal weaponry, which actually is a misnomer because if you turn it to different frequencies you can kill very easily.  In fact, it was a great guy who designed the standing wave who also designed that kind of weaponry.  His idea was to knock out whole cities.  Itís quite amazing how they glorify these supposed geniuses.)


Before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, dedicating 20,000 troops to domestic response -- a nearly sevenfold increase in five years -- "would have been extraordinary to the point of unbelievable," Paul McHale, assistant defense secretary for homeland defense, said in remarks last month at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. But the realization that civilian authorities may be overwhelmed in a catastrophe prompted "a fundamental change in military culture," he said.  (A:  Whatís really going on, is the US is being taken DOWN.  Thatís whatís really going on because it MUST merge into the very system, the police state which it helped foster across the world.† It now must MERGE into it, at the same standard.  Thatís the reason why they pulled the plug on the economy NOW.  They could have kept the whole bubble going for as long as they wanted.  It was always a bubble.  It was always a con game.  But this is the time for it, you see.  Itís the time to enforce ALL the eugenics procedures with eventually mandatory sterilization.  That will come down the road in a few years.  After all, China, you see, is the model state for the world to be based upon according to the U.N.  And they want to vastly reduce the population under any, any guise will do.)


The Pentagon's plan calls for three rapid-reaction forces to be ready for emergency response by September 2011. (A:  They first used the term Ďrapid reaction forceí about 15 years ago at the United Nations and it was so vague at the time that people thought, well I guess that means rushing people from one country to another when thereís trouble.  They didnít realize that it really also meant a rapid reaction force to be turned on their own people in times of trouble at home.  We know troubleís coming.  Thereís going to be food shortages because theyíre ENGINEERING a food shortage with the GM food, which only produces two-thirds the crops the old ones did.  Who owns them all?  About 5 corporations.  Theyíre really ONE corporation.  They own the entire food industry of the PLANET.  Plus theyíve made sure theyíve destroyed all the local farmers across the U.S. and Canada and elsewhere and made these big agri-food farm businesses, which are often in the business of creating these bio fuels and not growing food.  Itís all ENGINEERED this way.  Nothing happens by chance in a system where you have a thousand think tanks foreseeing the future and the actions and reactions to all the things they are going to implement.  Thatís what they get paid for.  And they get paid very, very well.  Iíll be back with more after this break.) 


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  It wasnít that long ago, remember, I read an article about the FIRST combat soldiers coming back who were also to be placed on ACTIVE duty within the United States.  See, that report in that newspaper article was, in fact, to get us FAMILIAR with the IDEA and it doesnít stop there.  Once they got you familiar they PUSH THE ENVELOPE.   To continue,


The first 4,700-person unit, built around an active-duty combat brigade based at Fort Stewart, Ga., was available as of Oct. 1, said Gen. Victor E. Renuart Jr., commander of the U.S. Northern Command.  (A:  I also read an article back then too where U.S. marines were being taught to use small arms, concealed weaponry and to be disguised as civilians and to go in among the civilian population.  What do you think that is?)


Military preparations for a domestic weapon-of-mass-destruction attack have been underway since at least 1996 (A: 1996!  It was about the same time or the second reprint of when the little club for The New American Century came out with their agenda and all the countries they wanted to attack.), when the Marine Corps activated a 350-member chemical and biological incident response force and later based it in Indian Head, Md., a Washington suburb. Such efforts accelerated after the Sept. 11 attacks, and at the time Iraq was invaded in 2003, a Pentagon joint task force drew on 3,000 civil support personnel across the United States.


In 2005, a new Pentagon homeland defense strategy emphasized "preparing for multiple, simultaneous mass casualty incidents."† National security threats were not limited to adversaries who seek to grind down U.S. combat forces abroad, McHale said, but also include those who "want to inflict such brutality on our society that we give up the fight," (A:  Itís amazing how they almost say it from your point of view.) such as by detonating a nuclear bomb in a U.S. city. (A:  Now, who has the power to do that?  Itís interesting that movie V for Vendetta.  The guys who were in power in this totalitarian regime has unleashed a virus on the public and blamed terrorism in order to get control over the public.  Thatís an old scam, isnít it?)


In late 2007, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England signed a directive approving more than $556 million over five years to set up the three response teams, known as CBRNE Consequence Management Response Forces. Planners assume an incident could lead to thousands of casualties, more than 1 million evacuees and contamination of as many as 3,000 square miles, about the scope of damage Hurricane Katrina caused in 2005.  (A:  Itís amazing, you know, how they terrorize the public, but this is an old trick.  You see, utterly terrify them about the sky is falling and every possible, unimaginable thing that could possibly happen or impossibly happen to gain power over the public so they can do whatever they want to do, which is to have the military ALL THROUGH SOCIETY managing you, like an occupied country.  Then they go on about the, oh, it could be the flu, it could be a terrorist attack, a hurricane, an earthquake, catastrophic chemical release, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  They go through all the possible disaster scenarios there could possibly ever be and we know itís nothing to do with that.)


That ties in with the BBC.  You see, theyíre all working together in collusion.  BBC article, Tuesday, 2 December 2008.



World 'must tackle space threat' 

By Julian Siddle

Science reporter, BBC News 

Page last updated at 17:42 GMT, Tuesday, 2 December 2008


(A:  Remember what the Club of Rome said?  When thereís no more enemies they have to find enemies.  Lenin said the same thing.  They have to find terror within to control the people because government EXISTS under the guise of protecting you.)


The international community must work together to tackle the threat of asteroids colliding with Earth, a leading UN scientist says.  (A:  AnotherÖ itís great how they bring up the experts, eh?)


Professor Richard Crowther's comments come as a group of space experts called for a co-ordinated science-led response to the asteroid threat.  (A:  What a growing industry science is now, eh?  When they took over from God.  Itís more paranoid and terrified of all these possible things, or impossible things happening than any church could ever could do to you.  Itís the same techniques.  You know the churches used to know because they used to study the stars and know that ancient star stuff was very, very, very old indeed.  You had ancient groups of the Stellar Cult and Solar Cult and the Lunar Cults, all the high priests in Egypt and they had all the stars charted and their courses and the planets and so on and they had the comets as well.  The Catholic Church was even known to pull out the comet one and say that a sign from God was coming.  The people were terrified when it would come around thinking it was a portent of DEATH.  And hereís these characters using these same techniques, eh?  Only a lot more of them.)


The Association of Space Explorers (ASE) says missions to intercept asteroids will need global approval.  (A:  We saw that in I think it was Deep Impact, the movie.  Thatís how they get you predictively programmed for the BS theyíre going to feed you later.)


The UN will meet in February (A:  The United Nations is going to meet in February) to discuss the issue.


In the ASE report (A:  Which is kind of like Ďassí), the group of scientists and former astronauts point to the historical record to highlight the dangers of asteroids; an impact 65 million years ago may have (A:  I like the Ďmayí part.) wiped out the dinosaurs, and the Tunguska impact in 1908 produced a 2,000 sq km fire in Siberia, big enough to engulf a city the size of New York.  (A:  That was an odd thing too because if you look up the history books at the time and people actually saw a MISSILE going over, in 1908, before the explosion.)


They say the next major threatening event could occur in less than 20 years. Asteroid Apophis is due to pass close to the Earth and analyses suggest a one in 45,000 chance of a collision.   (A:  Well, Iíll take my chances on that.) 


This is the rubbish they feed the public to, in order to SOAK them of their tax money and to create jobs for them.  Scientists are very good at creating jobs for themselves, mainly because no one else understands what theyíre talking about.  Do you realize the first thing you do when you develop a doctrine or a science is you create a TERMINOLOGY so that only the ones, your little brethren, your fraternity understand what youíre saying and the public wonít.  Whenever youíre talking about something TO the public, you throw a lot of these terms in KNOWING youíre completely confusing them.  When you do that to the public, they sit back and their judgment just goes to the back seat.  Theyíll say, ďwell, this is too far above my head.  Iím not educated enough.  This man must be right.Ē  THATíS the simple technique.  Thatís what the snake oil salesman used to use as well.  Same as that.  Same technique.  It works very well.  Itís all science AND theyíre still at it today. 


Now Iíll go to the callers and weíve got Antonio from Maryland.  Are you there Antonio?


Antonio:  Yes Alan.  How are you doing today?


Alan:  Iím hanginí in here. 


Antonio:  Thatís good.  Iíd like to say Iím pretty disappointed in what I heard you talk about at the beginning of your show, about the weasels that are out there cramping your business, as it was.  I hope they all get what they deserve. 


Alan:  They will.  I really donít have the patience anymore because youíre dealing with low-level psychopaths.  These guys know what theyíre doing.  And Iím also AWARE that the organizations out there, that if they canít get you out economically simply by flooding the market with your stuff; which means I get nothing coming in here, then I go under.  These are old tactics, by the way, theyíve used in the Patriot Movement for years to get guys off the air that they donít like. 


Antonio:  Itís a shame considering that if people look around, they can see how deep we are and you can smell how bad it is but we got people like that who just want to rush in and clog up the hole even more.Other thing I wanted to mention.  You mentionedÖ Iíve been wanting to talk about this a couple of times about the President signing the Military Commissions Act.  I remember watching the news today, that they brought it on as a special, you know, presentation when he did it and this guy, he shook this generalís hand and he looked directly in the camera and he said, ďWe now have the tools we need to get the job done.Ē  Thatís exactly what he said.  And I knew what he meant by that but I know that most of the people watching did not understand what he was saying.


Alan:  Thatís right.


Antonio:  Because they probably never even read the Military Commissions Act of 2006 to see what it said.Itís just that things are getting bad, as you said.  Theyíre putting troopsÖ talking about putting troops, no they already had troops there.  Theyíre already prepared to let the troops do if they need to.


Alan:  They know the riots are going to start.  Iíve got another report here from one of their big ministries in the Defense Department, the big think tank, with more projections with riots starting about 2009-2010.


Antonio:  Okay.  Well, hopefully more people will wake up and everyone out there needs to give money and if you can.  Trying, as you said, $3 here, $5 there will help and you know you donít have to try and break your pocketbook or your wallet.


Alan:  Thatís right.  You got to understand too, I donít ask and donít get paid for these radio broadcasts or the television Iíve been on.  Iíve never had a penny from any of them.


Antonio:  Well, hopefully youíll get something from them tonight.  Well, you have a good one Alan and I wish you all the best too. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Antonio:  Youíre welcome.


Alan:  Yes, I know for a FACT that my stats are WAY UP YONDER with people who listen.  Itís incredible, those who listen to me, but they take it all for free.  They presume I must be rolling in money to do all this for free.  Or maybe they donít presume anything at all, they just expect you to always to be there until one day they come on and then itís silence and theyíll email you.  What happened?  Iíll say well, no one helped me out.  Thatís what Iíll say one day.  And Iíll go off and teach small groups again and make some cash and live a bit better than I am now and I wonít be so physically sick and run down now as I am now, as well, because of the way I have to live. 


Now, weíve got Sam in Sydney there.  Are you there Sam?


Sam:  Hi Alan.  How are ya?


Alan:  Iím just hanginí on by my finger tips here.


Sam:  Mate, I heard what the last caller said about people ripping you off.  I missed the start of it.  That is awful man.  First thing Iím going to do after this phone call is Iím going to go down, get the book.  Iíve been planning it for a while, todayís the day.  Iím going to go down and order 3 of your books, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iím going to get the 2 CDs and with the exchange rate, thereís going to be more money there so please see it as a donation.  All you listeners out there, please, if everyone could justÖ thereís thousands of people listening to this, youíre getting free pod casts, just go and put 10-20 bucks in.  If we could have a thousand people, a thousand people do that, you know, and give Alan a happy Christmas, huh?


Alan:  Thatís not a bad pocket.  Iíd appreciate that. 


Sam:  Now, the reason why Iím calling, itís interesting, weíve got a monument down in Hyde Park here, very similar to a couple of locations that Iíve seen.  I think thereís a site in Washington thatís very similar to it, just in terms of its sort of layout.  But weíve got like this mausoleum style building which is actually the War Memorial down there.  Itís interesting that Iíve never really fully taken notice of it.  Itís modeled exactly on a mausoleum.  You go outside, thereís a plaster in the front on the floor that says, ďYour silence will be your offering.Ē  So you walk in there, youíre expected to pay an offering.  You walk in there, thereís probably one of the most bizarre sculptures that youíll ever see.  It immediately struck me that as something thatísÖ really, really on the floor.  Thereís really pretty much this sculpted golden sun.  In the center of the sun is this pillar which is shaped as 3 women holding this dead soldier, dead, naked soldier on a shield.  Itís incredible and itís pointing north and as you came in throughÖ and the mausoleum is basically right in front it and thereís a reflecting pool built in front of it, as you walk down, thereís another sculpture, the Archibald Sculpture, which is amazing but itís got this, all these animals and itís got a guy slaying a Minotaur.  But right on the top there is Apollo who just happens to be one of the Gods of Colonialists. 


Alan:  Yes.  Apollo was also the symbol of the serpent.


Sam:  Right. And obviously between that just off to the left thereís a huge Masonic pipeÖ what do you call Ďem.  Itís one of those huge Masonic things.  What do you call it?  Whatís the Washington Monument again?


Alan:  The obelisk.


Sam:  The obelisk.  Weíve got one of those as well.  If you actually look at the map of where the statue was built, if you look at an aerial shot before the sculpture was built, there it is.  Thereís a pyramid and itís built right on the eye of the pyramid.  Now Apollo has his back to the Catholic Church which is Saint Maryís, which is the most important church in Australia and itís standing right on top of Saint James station.  Itís incredible.


Alan:  People walk through and pass all these things all the time and they take them for granted and they just donít realize the symbols and what they stand for or the POWER that these symbols stand for, the power thatís over them.  They have no idea at all.  In fact, what theyíre telling you right there is THIS IS WHAT RULES THIS COUNTRY.


Sam:  Absolutely.  There is the power structure.  But itís interesting because, you know, thereís this whole Anzac Day or the whole idea of the Anzac which is very important to many Australians.  Thereís been this resurgence actually.  People take pilgrimages to Anzac Cove in Turkey for Anzac Day and thereís this BIG thing about Anzac Day around it.  You know, it was an important war but thereís this big PUSH now to actually, I donít know, to make it almost a holy, untouchable, sort of event.


Alan:  Thatís right.  That was the symbology of sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.  Because they used that world war, World War I, and Mel Gibson did a good movie about that, in fact. 


Sam:  Gallipoli.


Alan:  Gallipoli.  Excellent movie to see how young guys really are and how they donít think too much and how theyíre used and the mass slaughter.  HG Wells said, ďThis would be the war to end all wars to bring in a new world order.Ē  People really thought and hoped and prayed for a new system, a better system and thatís why theyíre making all this war stuff, as you say, holy.  Holy events.


Sam:  Itís almost like training kids to play with guns at the age of 6.  Why are you giving 6-year-old kids guns?Because by the time theyíre 18, theyíre so gung-ho that they want to join the military.  Theyíre living out their fantasy.


Alan:  They are.  They are.


Sam:  But you know, if anyoneÖ you speak about culture creation Iíve seen quite a lot of the arts...


Alan:  Hereís the break coming up so hold on and weíll get back after this break. 


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and is Sam still on the line there?


Sam:  Iím still here mate. 


Alan:  Itís true what youíre saying, this whole glorification of war, because remember they want 100 years PERPETUAL war and itís even in their own documentation from the Department of Defense.  Therefore, they have to make this a glorious thing for the youngsters who are very easily impressed.  They canít imagine dying.  When youíre so young, death is a foreign, alien concept to you.  So theyíve got to get them really into this military mode by worshiping past wars, etc.


Sam:  I guess Iím just absolutely gob-smacked that once you learn how to start reading a language of how they put their messages up there, how blatant it actually is.


Alan:  I know.


Sam:  You know what you should Google the actual sculpture at The Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park and actually have a look at it and tell me thatís not occultish.The actual guy that built it, Raynor Hoff the artist, he was so into the occult one of his students wrote, whatís her name?  Iíll just checkÖ RosaleenÖ. Thereís a book out on her called The Witch of Kingís Cross and she Rosaleen Norton.  She is one of his students.  Sheís also a muse to Norman Lindsay, who is also into paganism and the occult.  Theyíre huge.  These are actually his students and then you look at the guy who built the Archibald Fountain, thereís not much known about him.  Heís done like 3 things and lives a very hermetic life.  Heís just like this guy thatís just happen to be a French guy and it happens for some reason the guy who commissioned of the sculpture insisted the guy had to be French.And there it is, on top of a pyramid, on the map, in the eye.  Down around it is an obelisk.  Down the road is a mausoleum, in front of a reflecting pool.


Alan:  You always have a reflecting pool for those who are the males, itís fire.  The female is water.  The female can only reflect the light of the sun because according to the Masons she has no spirit or soul of her own.† I laugh at the Eastern Stars who donít know this. 


Sam:  What are these 3 women?  You do a little bit of research.  The 3 women carrying the dead, naked soldier on a shield.  They say itís a Spartan thing.  They also say that the 3 women represent his mother, his wife and his daughter. 


Alan:  Oh yeah.  Sure they will. 


Sam:  But do you know how obvious that is?  Itís just likeÖ how could you notÖ once you start seeing this, you realize geeze, thatís really obvious.  Now, I work as a graphic designer and Iím well aware of the fact that part of my job is to actually get past your logical brain, which is your left brain, and get right into your subconscious.


Alan:  Thatís right.


Sam:  We know that weíve only gotÖ youíve got only like 2-5 seconds of your attention as you look at something and weíve got to get you to actually remember that.  Now, I havenítÖ Iíve been working as a designer for a long time and most of that time, I didnít sit there and say, well Iím mathematically doing this.  And no one has told me to do it.  You just know to do it.  Youíre just so indoctrinated that you just say this is what Iíve got to do to sell this.  This is what Iíve been taught and this is what the Zeitgeist at the moment is.  And then you realize what it is that youíre doing, what it is that youíre drawing, the symbols and how youíre communicating to another person just throughÖ


Alan:  A symbol goes RIGHT INTO THE MIND, bypasses all sensory fences and it lodges itself right in there and works quietly like a virus on you.  But thanks for calling, Sam. 


Sam:  Everyone go and order your book.  Give money to Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for saying that.  Well, thatís it for tonight folks.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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Transcribed by Diana