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More Skewed Logistics from Eugenics' Statistics:

"Institute of Psychiatry Says Outcome of Cupid
Says Success is for the Intelligent, the Rest All Being Stupid,
Clever Minds have Clever Sperm, They Know Just Where to Go,
A Low IQ Hasn't a Clue, Their Sperm are Weak and Slow,
The Same Elite Keep Saying 'Masses are Too Numerous,'
So Masses are Intelligent, is the Study Meant to Humour Us?
Does This Mean They Want the Brighter Mass Killed Off
Because They Can't Afford the Lifestyle of a Toff?
Following Their Logic Needs Gyro-Flexic Reasoning,
A Touch of Spice is Good Advice, and Mongrelizing Seasoning,
Perhaps We'd All be Brighter and Healthy in Virility,
If Inbred Elite had Not Agreed to Poison Our Fertility"
© Alan Watt Dec. 5, 2008



Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 5, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)             



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen
There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on
Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on Friday, the 5th of December, 2008.  My beginnings of every talk, really, come down to the web site,  because on that web site you’ll find… I think it’s over 600 hours, maybe more, of talks I’ve given in the past, over the years, about this big matrix we live in.  This big reality.  Everything that you think is real.  How it’s been projected to you, how it’s indoctrinated into you through repetition.  I show you the methods.  I go through various authors who helped the big foundations come up with these plans to CREATE this reality.  I go into the creation of culture, the alteration, direction of culture and where the plans are all set up to end up.  At least that’s where you’re going to end up because we FOLLOW, never thinking that things are actually directed that way. 


Last night I read from a book by Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell who was a big helper.  A helper… an actor, as they call them today, from the United Nations.  They call them actors, people who help direct the big think tanks and foundations, etc on behalf of the pre-existing elite who’ve run the world for a long, long time.  So, on my web site you’ll find short cuts to the truth, with the facts, enclosed.  No spacemen, no shape shifters.  None of that stuff that spooks you out and brings you into what’s called the circus in intelligence services, because they created the circus.  It’s the best way to discredit facts.  It’s called counter-intelligence and they call it ‘the circus‘.  Thousands of youngsters, especially, fall into the trap and go round in loops.  When they try to explain what’s happening to people around them, they sound like they’re absolutely crazy.  That’s the intention of it and it works very well. 


So get the facts.  Go into the histories.  It’s stunning enough to find out that everything that we take for granted in our lives, OUR ENTIRE LIVES, is all a big event.  Even how the fashion industry is lead and why it’s lead that way is all connected to create a particular reality which will stop you from thinking outside of Plato’s Cave.


Also look into for transcripts from these talks I’ve given which you can download and print up.  They’re written in different languages, the languages of Europe. 


It’s very difficult for people who listen, often to the bad news, especially when they’re just beginning to wake up, to really realize how bad it is.  We’ve all been taught to be happy, think on the bright side.  That’s been so encouraged for years now, that it’s hard to look reality in the face.  We want to believe what the media tells us.  We want to believe that things like the economy just suddenly crash for no reason and no one saw it coming and we all must change our behavior, our way of living and so on.  We WANT to believe that because the alternative is to start looking into how it’s all be directed.  And you can not go down through the history and the articles and publications by the big foundations, in particular, without concluding that if these guys could WRITE about this agenda 50, 100 years ago, 30, 20 years ago, and every step of their agenda… well, they’re very lucky guessers.  They must have good crystal balls because they’ve never, ever missed a step in this agenda. 


Last night, from Russell’s book from 1931, he talked about how everyone was being standardized THEN by the same news, from all the different media sources.  The same news, STANDARDIZED MAN.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was thinking earlier that the average person truly has no idea of how this world is really run and how it’s always been run by the few using their little minions beneath them, drawn out of the general public, from all walks of life - especially in the uniformed areas - to do their biddings for them and how it’s never really changed.  However, I’m going to read an article in a minute to show you how some things work through interconnectedness.  Because everything in this system, this PYRAMID, that runs us…  remember, the pyramid sits in a wasteland and the wasteland happens to be the general population at the bottom.  That’s the sparse grass growing up round about the base of the pyramid.  That’s how they always show it on their drawings.  And, of course, the illumined ones are at the top.  They’re above, they’re ABOVE all the rest that hold up the base… the workers that hold up the base.  While the institutions and the AUTHORITIES that run the profane down below in the grassland down there.  And the ones above the light, of course, are the small group that get to be the capstone.  They have Lucifer… in other words, they have an intelligence, according to themselves, and they also have reason, which those down below don’t really have.   Even a lot of their helpers don’t have REASON.  You see, these characters truly believe that they are the only ones who can have rationality in any particular area.  And they can study any subject, and passively, and come to the proper decisions for all the rest.


You know in the ancient Christian drawings you often saw the ascension of Jesus, or the cross going up with Jesus, he was on the cross and going up into heaven.  But you also saw the serpent wrapped around the cross.  That was pretty traditional a long time ago.  What it stood for was the compassionate man and the opposite because in duality - and in all religions you have a duality - the serpent stood for blatant, absolute, perfect reason… no compassion.  The unification of the two was completion and perfection, as they say.  It’s all part of the old mystery religions which still run the world today. 


When we get stories given that should horrify us, we’re not horrified anymore, because again, we have truly been desensitized to all kinds of horror.  Things which have turned people’s stomachs 50-60 years ago, we don’t even blink at anymore.  We hear the prattle on about democracy and I explained in that book last night, from Bertrand Russell, what he really thought of democracy and what it was, and it was there to serve the elite and that was the function of all society down beneath the elite was TO SERVE society.  That was our only purpose.  Yet, if you or I or anyone else was to kill someone in public and even if we said that we’re sorry, I killed the wrong guy, it wouldn’t make any difference.  You’d be punished because you killed someone. 


Well, in 2005, I think it was a Brazilian, was killed in London by the security forces who’d followed him and ran after him.  They chased him.  I think the guy started running when people with guns started to approach him and eyeball him and I think most folk would do the same.  I think he was an electrician as well.  Eventually, they got him in an area and they got him down and then they SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD A FEW TIMES.  Just to make sure, mind you.  They have inquiries in the Commonwealth Countries into police or security force shootings and these inquiries are always called impartial inquiries but they’re headed by generally ex-policemen themselves or Scotland Yard or whatever it happens to be.  Here’s what happened in the inquiry about the shooting… the wrongful shooting of this particular man called Menezes.  From AOL and it says here:



Thursday October 2, 2008




The senior policewoman in charge of the operation that led to the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes was "outstanding" that day, (Alan:  So, the person in charge of the operation that lead to the shooting this guy was OUTSTANDING that day.), an inquest has heard.


Commander Cressida Dick was the "designated senior officer" on July 22, 2005 under the Metropolitan Police's Operation Kratos (A:  Interesting name.) policy for dealing with suspected suicide bombers.  (A:  Before I go to the rest of this, I’ll just mention that anyone in her capacity, at that level, is part of intelligence.  It’s not just part of the metropolitan police force operation department.  That’s intelligence sections.  That’s number one.)


She was the "best" choice to lead the control room overseeing the pursuit of Mr. de Menezes amid fears he could be terrorist Hussain Osman, the inquest into the innocent Brazilian's death was told. (A:  The INNOCENT Brazilian’s death, right, was told.)


Detective Chief Superintendent Jon Boutcher (A:  Interesting name.  He’s well named for his role.), her senior officer at the time, said he agreed with all her decisions and praised her "calm and sensible head".  (A:  Well, at least she walked away with hers still on.)


He told the hearing: "Commander Dick was outstanding that day. I think we were extremely fortunate to have her as designated senior officer - I think perhaps one of two or three of the best choices we had available in the Met (A:  Metropolitan.), in my view the best. Her performance that day was exemplary."


Mr. Boutcher, who was in charge of the manhunt for the failed suicide bombers behind the July 21, 2005 attacks on London, said he took "full responsibility" for all Commander Dick's decisions. (A:  So they’re telling you that this intelligence officer who works in the Metro police department has MASSIVE protection… because she’s important, you see.) 


"I am the senior investigating officer and not only do I stand (A:  This guy had the same position as she did. He says, "I am the senior investigating officer…” so they’re investigating themselves.)  by Commander Dick's decisions, (A:  She’s a commander, you see.  You should look into the term ‘commander’ and who gets to use that term in Britain.  Like Commander James Bond.) I actually believe this was my operation," he said.


"I put that structure in place and I am responsible for the operation from July 21."


He added: "I have reflected on the day because of the tragic events of Mr. de Menezes's death and I don't think there is anybody that I would have selected to be part of that structure that wasn't there."


On Wednesday Mr. Boutcher told the inquest he believed no mistakes were made during the operation that led to the shooting of the Brazilian. He said: "I cannot see anything we could have done that would have changed the course of the tragedy of Mr. de Menezes."  (A:  That’s awfully comforting, isn’t it?  You see, what I’m trying to say here is, we read these articles without thinking.)



Now, there’s a big organization that came out in Britain a few years ago, out of nowhere, with the same M.O. [modus operandi] as The Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They call it the Chatham House Society.  Different terms for the same thing.  Chatham House, as I said before, was the OSS headquarters for intelligence in World War II.  Why was that?  That’s because it already was an intelligence service… for the elite.  It has rules about what it can say to the public and what its members can not say to the public.  They’re actually given certain things that they CAN openly say to the public.  When you look into an organization called Common Purpose, in Britain, that’s HEAVILY funded out of nowhere, that’s recruiting people in uniform, in the military… right up the ranks, in police… right up the ranks and so on and they’re actually getting GRANTS from the government as well.  Then you know it’s part of this official unofficial intelligence service. 


Why do I bring this article into this?  It’s because you see Commander Dick is a high chutzpa in the Common Purpose group.  Very important person.  And when the very important people do anything wrong or kill people it will never go down in the record as being WRONG.  NEVER!  So innocent people can get slaughtered in the streets and everybody with spaghetti on their cap - spaghetti is a term that they use for all that yellow/goldish trim on the skip of their helmets that they wear, the officers - anyone with spaghetti you see, will have their rear end covered and they’ll make sure that Miss Dick is covered too. 


I’m showing you how they’re all interrelated.  All those that shape opinion and FORCE opinion, by the way, as well… on media, and have no problem getting access to media and even ideas into education as to what should be taught.  Every field of activity.  Intelligence service operatives today can wear a uniform one day, plain clothes the next and be working for their other foundations the next and then back to uniform again.  Interchangeable.  These are the real… this is the real joke about shape shifters, you see.  They keep changing their roles and their dresses.  That’s all it is.  That’s ALL it is.  Nothing about weird DNA from millions of years ago from the Annunaki and stuff like that.  That’s what it’s about, but they’re all inter-related, as I say. 


So some poor innocent guy gets killed and they say he’s innocent but the operation was a success.  How is that for getting off with it?  When you’re the right kind of person with the right kind of backing.  I’ll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to get some reality and it takes a lot of doing because we’ve all had such INTENSE indoctrination into ALTERNATE REALITY, the one that was planned for us to believe in.  So I do my best to cut through the nonsense.  Before I go on to callers, I should mention that I was going to talk about eugenics tonight because behind it all is the elites’ obsession, not only a recent obsession but it’s been all down through the ages, about, you know, the peasant class and the common class overtaking the better type, at the top, and using up THEIR resources for their offspring, who have the right to live according to the Darwinian Laws… THEY’RE SUPERIOR, see.  I have to laugh and chuckle when Huxley and others mentioned that if people even with glasses - reading glasses for instance, or they were short-sighted or long-sighted - if they were allowed to reproduce, my God, in 100 or 200 years, everybody would need glasses.  In other words, he said, because, you see, in previous times when we were all hunting in the forest and dragging our knuckles around with clubs and all that, if you had good eyesight you were a better hunter so your chances of success and survival were better than those with poor eyesight.  So the poor eyesight guys would starve to death.  These are the kind of rationales they give you for their eugenics plan.  It’s, it‘s… you have to laugh or you’d cry.  Really.


Here’s the latest thing.  I went through all the foundations today just for a glance at them.  I looked at the Galton Foundation.  The Galton’s intermarried with the Darwin’s and they all have foundations all working together to the same ends.  They changed their name from the Eugenics Society to Genetic Research Society to something else… now they’re called Bioethics Societies.  They’re the experts who guide us… bioethics.  They bring them all on television to tell us that they’re in charge of the ETHICS of everything to do with the genetics and the agenda and we think they’re nice people.  They’re all eugenicists.  In their own newsletter, some of their members regretted that they had to change their name from the Eugenics Society and camouflage themselves. 


Here’s some more garbage they’ve come up with from the BBC News. 


Published: 2008/12/05 16:37:57 GMT


Intelligent 'have better sperm'


(Alan:  Now, I’ve done a whole series of talks on what they’ve done to the people with the artificial estrogen content in their food and so on.  It’s been in there since the 1930s but mainly from the 1950s onwards.  I’ve read articles about how they’d have to find ways to make men infertile and ALTER them, literally alter them… make them more effeminate.  That’s all happened.  It’s happened in my lifetime.  And the guys who were talking about it at the time, like Galton Darwin, Charles Galton Darwin, who published his own book on it, on BEHALF of the elite, on HOW TO DO IT, on how to INTRODUCE IT INTO SOCIETY to make the men infertile.  I’ve read all the different things.  So here they are again, at it again, you see.)


Men of higher intelligence tend to produce better quality sperm,

 UK research suggests.


A team from the Institute of Psychiatry  (A:  Go into the history of psychiatry and look what it’s based upon. When Darwin’s theories came out, they led different BELIEF systems really, survival of the fittest, etc being at the top of the list, and out of that came various other institutions including psychiatry.  Everything suddenly must be based on your hereditary characteristics, they thought.  That’s where the idea of the poverty gene came up and all the eugenicists jumped on it.  So psychiatry is BASED on flawed genes.  You either are what they would class as normal… which would be a good psychopath.  You’d up there with your own tower in New York, you see, after having lied and stolen and cheated and used everyone around you to get up there, and that’d be normal.  You’d be successful… or you wouldn’t be.  You’d have a poverty gene if you didn’t make it.  So the institute of psychiatry… and remember the same institute of psychiatry funded a book.  It’s called, The Human Agenda.  You should read it.  They talk about creating hermaphrodites in it... this same institution… for PEACE, you understand, world peace.)  analysed data from former US soldiers who served during the Vietnam war era.


They found that those who performed better on intelligence tests tended to have more - and more mobile - sperm.   (A:  Meaning, that the ones who didn’t perform so well... and again, you know who designed that intelligence test?  It was Galton.  Galton was the guy.  It’s even admitted in the history books he fudged all the figures and so on to try and bolster his theories of superior types and inferior types.  In other words, if you fail your intelligence test or you do a bit poor on it, your sperm are too stupid to know where to go.  Meanwhile, I’ve read all the articles on to fertility.  I’ve told you about the CBC broadcast on it, The Disappearing Male, the video.  I’ve got the link on my web site where you can go and see it.  How it was all due to bisphenol-A and phthalates and various other things, which are artificial estrogens, which literally destroy the male ABILITY, not just the sperm itself, but their ability to produce it and alters them PHYSICALLY, as well.  But here, they’re claiming it’s all to do with your IQ.  It’s your IQ that’s at fault and that’s why the sperm don’t know where to go.  There’s no guide, you see.)


The study, which appears in the journal Intelligence, (A:  See, there’s a journal called Intelligence.  It’s all Darwinistic eugenics.)  appears to support the idea that genes underlying intelligence may have other biological effects too. (A:  I’ll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Alan Watt here Cutting Through The Matrix and just to finish off with that article, just to mention, that I’m sure this article here came out in response to the findings, the FACTUAL, EMPIRICAL findings by testing that have been published recently TO DO with what’s causing infertility amongst men.  They never give up though, do they?  They say it’s YOUR fault if your sperm don’t know where to go.  It’s because you’re stupid.  You haven’t evolved enough.  You’re a vestige left over from a previous type of human and all that nonsense.  This stuff is preached at the top.  Remember repetition, REPETITION, as Bertrand Russell said, is so important.  It doesn’t matter what they’re telling you, as long as you start to repeat it after 8 times or 10 times of hearing it.  Because you’ll start to believe it, you see.  And he said himself, there’s no nonsense so arrant that can not be made the CREED, THE BELIEF, of the vast majority by adequate government action.  They never give up, do they?  No matter what evidence comes up to the contrary.  They’ll tell you that the moon is made of green cheese.  Unfortunately, a lot of people believe it. 


Well, we’ll go tot the phones now and we’ve got Keith from Dallas there.  Are you there Keith?


Keith:  Hello, Dr. Watt.  How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.  I’m hanging in here. 


Keith:  Good.  Again, great show Dr. Watt and I just wanted to tell everyone that’s listening, PLEASE donate to Dr. Watt so he doesn’t have to go.  We all love him and if everyone just donated $5 that would be great.  Okay.  Dr. Watt I wanted to make a couple of comments.  You know I always wondered, where were the people, the 30 and the 40 and the 50 year olds in 1961 when Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex taking over and also the same year JFK speaking out against these societies?  So I wonder, what… nowadays, it seems like when you put two and two together, you come out with three. 


Alan:  The problem is though… again, that book I read from last night was a precursor to one written 20 years later by the same author, Bertrand Russell.  He said, already in the 1930s that they had control over the people’s minds because they’d already made sure that ALL news was given, all the SAME news was given to the SAME media across the world at the same time… by the 30s.  So even when you get a bit of truth coming out, we just can‘t… we’re not taught to REASON.  We can’t place it.  We can’t reason any more on how to place this strange piece that leaks out to the public.  It doesn’t fit in with all the other stuff that you’re given and people tend to simply dismiss it. 


Keith:  Lord Russell.  You know that book, Impact of Science on Society and Education and the Good Life, he has stones as big as Jupiter.  I’m just floored by the things that he says.  When you talk to people today about the certain things that he says, it just goes thought their head like a 762mm round.  I mean, just no… it doesn‘t juggle around in there at all.  Just straight through.  And I’m like, did you not hear what I just said to you?  You know?  And it’s just so tasking to talk to people. 


Alan:  That’s just it, you see.  Again, that’s what Brzezinski said.  See, there’s other techniques being used as well.  We HAVE had chemical warfare on us, through the food for a long time and it has dropped IQ.  That was part of the purpose that Charles Galton Darwin talked about.  Not only to make them infertile but drop the IQ level so that they COULDN’T literally figure things out.  Then, we have Brzezinski and his Technotronic Era talking about, in that chapter of the book Between Two Ages, he mentions the fact that a technique would shortly be used on the public which would influence all of their opinions and so on and they will have no idea where it’s coming from.  He was talking about the HAARP type technology that they’d use by setting up the antennas, etc through all the urban type areas.  They are going up.  I have photographs of them.  It’s quite amazing what they’re putting up.  These new transmitters are just long poles with almost like microphone socks on the end, if you know what they look like.  They have their own transformers and they’re not claimed by any company.  They just have ‘high voltage’ on them.  This is what Brzezinski was talking about, the technocratic warfare that would control their minds. 


Keith:  Oh, my goodness.  You’re talking about the big, gigantic towers.  They’re like way taller than regular phone towers?


Alan:  No, these ones aren’t so tall.  In fact, they’re only about 50-60 feet high but they’re scattering them across Canada and Europe.  I have photographs sent from different countries of the same thing. 


Keith:  You mean like on that movie, They Live, where they basically you know, ‘SLEEP‘…


Alan:  Pretty well.  And that’s actually in the literature on the HAARP technology and in the Weather Warfare Treaty at the United Nations that it CAN be used by carrying a secondary signal to influence the behavior and even the minds of people on a vast scale, even across a whole continent if necessary.  This is part of the tranquilizing methods to be used, mentioned even in anti-terrorism, to tranquilize the public.  They talk about combinations of chemicals, if need be.  They can spray them over the public in panic times or they can also use these signals and they have been tested out on the general population.  They DO work.  Now they’re putting up the darned things in preparation for what’s coming. 


Keith:  I have one question.  In the Bible, when it goes into Jesus standing up to the money, the bankers and temples…  Is that more of the, you know, mock the victim?  Because we know the banks doubled as the temples in ancient times so why would they slip that in there?


Alan:  Well, we know for a fact that there was someone at that time who did definitely… in fact, in Jewish records they have different people who held rebellions.  We do know that someone of significance did stand up, in a different fashion, because it’s in the Talmud.  It’s the Jewish record and they have his name down too, as a Jesus, I believe.  He stood up against the banking system, which in the regular Pharisees did not because they were part of the banking system.  You could not take foreign currency into the temple, so you had to exchange it at the door for the Holy currency.  It was a big mark up, of course, for those who ran that system.  That was the same in ALL countries in ancient times.  The Phoenicians really set up the first system of that across their empire.  What you find is that was someone did stand up and say you couldn’t bring money and commerce and profit into any relationship with a God.  I wouldn’t say it was a mistake to do it.  He did the right thing and we know what happened. 


Keith:  In Ascension, there’s a huge church here called the Potters House.  Interesting name for a church.  There’s ATMs all throughout this huge church.  There’s like 20,000 members.  There’s ATMs everywhere and I mean, so in case… whenever you come to make your many donations.  Anyway, Dr. Watt, it’s been great talking to you again.


Alan:  Well, you hang in there too.


Keith:  Thank you, sir.


Alan:  Bye, now.  Even in Rome and in Greece, the temple, it was always the Goddess, and for Rome I think it was Diana.  That’s where they minted, in her temple, they minted the coin for the realm.  Now, we’ll go to… we’ve got the Culture Creator from South America.  Are you there? 


CC:  Hello, Alan.  How are you?


Alan:  How are you doing?


CC:  I’m okay, I’m okay.  I got a little surprise the other day.  I didn’t even realize that someone had taken and recorded the conversion that we had the last time and ended up putting it up on You Tube under, I believe, Freemasons Take Over Hiphop or something of that nature.  It was quite interesting because I ended up just going through one of the sites that I normally browse through and I clicked on the title and I said, this is interesting and ended up hearing myself so that was a bit of a surprise. 


Alan:  Yes.  There you go. 


CC:  Hopefully some people, you know… even though there was a number of points that were made on this particular blog about it, there was a part that I had to stand corrected on where the artist did not say he was so illuminated he could glow in the dark but he said, he was so enlightened that he could glow in the dark.  Basically meaning the same thing, I just used improper words.


Alan:  Different terminology.


CC:  I wanted to call on something else, something completely different, basically what you were speaking about already.  I sent you an email recently about a book by the name of O Presidente Negro.  I speak Spanish and Portuguese, living down here in South America, and the actual translation of the book is The Black President and the subtitle is Or The Clash of Races.  It’s by a gentleman by the name of Montiero Lobato.  It’s quite interesting because he wrote this book in 1926.  Since Obama got in office, it had been coming out all across that hey, this guy was prophetic and so on and so forth.  After I heard about this I decided to look into it a little bit.  It’s interesting because he said this gentleman would win in 2228 and that he would be the 88th president.  Now, if you go and know a little about numerology, there’s two 2s in the middle there that you can take out and you have 2008.  And you can divide those two 2s into the 88 and it end up being 44, which is pretty much the number that Obama is.  Nonetheless, it was interesting because in this book, written in 1926, he was up against a woman and a white male.  So it literally falls right in line with what actually happened in terms of the race and everything.  But what was interesting was that this book that this gentleman wrote and he ended up being a big writer of children’s books.  Can you imagine that, in the country of Brazil.  Very, very famous gentleman.  I found out that the city that he is actually from is called Taubaté and it has 6 Masonic lodges, one which is now named after this gentleman.  And the actual city that he’s from, that is named after him, it’s not too far from where he was born, and in the midst of all this, in this particular book he also spoke about EUGENICS and how a race war and race wars would be started as a result OF this president coming into office.  Now, down in South America, there are old book stores that you can go and you can find… as a matter of fact, I’ve found many books that you have recommended, everything from The Third Wave to Plato’s Republic and things.  I mean, I found them for 50 cents, you know what I mean.  I ended up going and getting this book and because I can read in Portuguese, it was quite interesting that I was able to SEE what this gentleman was talking about many, many years ago.  In the email that I sent to you, I was basically making some points about how the world is planned and you made a statement one day that you had the thought that Obama could have been, or may be COMPLETELY groomed, even from birth.


Alan:  Yes, the father was picked and everything.  It goes further than that.  If you go into the mother’s history, you’ll be absolutely astonished at… I wouldn’t say a dedication, it was an OBSESSION to breed… definitely with a black man.  You have to look at the religion that she was born into because they bred, they literally bred A LOT of world revolutionaries.  So they did this kind of thing on purpose.  You can tie a lot in to this and in the 1800s and many of the societies of Freemasonry had started up to do with eugenics, back then, like the Oneida community.  They were literally creating children, superior children, they believed, by selecting who could mate with who, who could NOT mate with who in the communities and so on and so on.  They were at it in a big, big way in the US back then.  Out of that spawned, when they broke up the society, and by they way, they were allowed to have pedophilia in that society.  So the young men who were just going into puberty were groomed in all the techniques of sex BY women who were menopausal, they couldn’t conceive.  The state itself was giving them special protection against… sort of breaking every law in the book basically.  You got to understand that this is old, but once they changed into different sects - you’d be surprised at the different sects - and that’s what you must trace his mother to. 


CC:  When you speak about that and the time and how long ago this was and thinking in terms of how the world is planned and how on average people are just taught to think, what are you going to do in the next 5 years.  And the last call that I had with you I said something at the end where I received an invitation to come in to a particular society and one of the last things the gentleman mentioned to me, he said, ‘and we want your son’.  And I said, huh?  You want my son?  He said, we want 25 years of service and so, these numbers are very important to them.


Alan:  See the holy trinity of Freemasonry is grandfather, father, son.  It’s all to do with eugenics because they supply the wives.


CC:  Right.  Right.  This was something I did mentioned before, Alan.  When I was 12, my father was a Mason and you know, the only thing he ever taught me about was that.  I was one of the people who, I believe, fought within myself because it made no sense to my why I would choose to be, in many cases, humiliated, for the sake of the, I guess, divine right or to be able to be in good graces.  I was talking to a buddy of mine the other day and I said, why would I want to put someone else in charge of my life?  Why would I want to let my destiny to be controlled by someone else?  Especially someone I don’t know for a religion that is so ancient that only God really knows what in the world is really going on behind it.  And I said, I’d rather stand on my own feet even if it means that I struggle and make my way through, than to be on my knees and to have everything go my way and have every door open.  I refuse to do that.  It’s just a point of integrity… and maybe my father didn’t have that. 


Alan:  You have to be quick now because you’re taking up the other callers here.


CC:  I’m sorry.  Alan, I’m sorry.  I did that last time.  So, that’s really all.


Alan:  I know what you mean though.  And, of course, every Mason takes an oath to blindly obey any order given by the superior and reserve ALL moral judgment and carry out that order.  That’s a fact.  Because they’re well paid and they get tips to do it.  Thanks for calling.  Now, we’ve got Keith in Indiana.  Are you there Keith?


Keith:  Hello, Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Keith:  I talked to you briefly once before.  I’ve got a question for you.  Do you believe that God preserved his word on to this day that we can find the truth?


Alan:  I think that people… everyone has the chance to find the truth IF they truly want to.  I’ll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll go to Joe in Florida.  Are you there Joe?


Joe:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hello.  How you doing?


Joe:  I was with a friend at a coffee shop today and we were having a discussion.  I wanted to put a couple of things by you.  One is what do you think about the old biblical term, the jubilee?  The forgiveness of debts every fifty years and the fact that we are supposedly somewhat of a Christian nation which is supposedly against usury and it just seems like that’s a term that’s forgotten by all these Evangelical Christians and the modern day Christians and they’ve really done a great job of…  You know, if we’re going to be a Christian nation, we should just take all the ‘turn the other cheek’ stuff and not get the good stuff like ‘the jubilee’ and the debt forgiveness. 


Alan:  The problem is, even interest and usury was accepted by the Catholic Church early on too as long as they weren’t the guys collecting the money.  They would take in all the money that would come in their way but they weren’t the ones managing it. Eventually they went into banking themselves in a big way.  And they had commerce, in fact, the Jesuits had ships going to Japan before anyone else did, commercial ships, and they were running big business.  In the Protestant ideology, when it came along, was based on a so-called progressive industrial society with thriftiness and hard work and saving your money and all that stuff.  Unfortunately, this whole idea was wiped out a long time ago, about forgiveness of debt and so on.  Even the scam they pull for the United Nations for forgiveness of debt of third world countries is done on behalf of big banks because then the people who are put down as the guarantors, that’s the citizens of the US, Canada and so on, still have to cough up that money.  They just don’t make the ones who borrowed it pay up… who can’t do it anyway.  So they keep these perpetual scams going with debt.  You’re quite right.  See, you can not have a just society with a monetary system and profits and poverty on the one end and the fear of poverty that the rest of them see and of the carrot stick of getting to the top.  That means that only the psychopaths will get to the top in this system and that is actually what has happened.   


Joe:  One of the things that we were discussing was in how the Lord’s Prayer, how 100 years ago, they used to use the term ‘forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors’ and it’s turned into ‘forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who…’ and I’m like, it’s interesting that they would change that.  And the Lutheran and the Anglican book of prayer, just surrounding the 1928, I think was the Anglicans and the 1950s with the Lutherans, and it just seems like the way that they’ve conditioned Christians to go along with the debt system… I don’t know.  Maybe that’s paranoia but it’s kind of odd.


Alan:  Oh, I’m sure it is, because every alteration in the Bible down through the centuries has always been done for POLITICAL reasons by the elite themselves.  You’re quite right. 


Joe:  Yes.  I just wanted to bring that by you and I’m glad to hear your comments and thank you for all you’re doing.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  That is true and as I say, go back to Bertrand Russell’s book that I quoted from last night.  He goes into a lot of this kind of stuff and how everything is given to the public is managed and put out there BY the elite TO SERVE the elite.  And for new times when they’ve brought in a new system or a new PART of the system, a new DIRECTION of their system - upgrading, I call it - they alter biblical books.  Not just in Christianity but in other religions across the world as well.  They also create the new religion of earth worship and mix it with Bahai, etc for the greening of the planet, which is going to be the worst tyranny we’ve ever seen. 


Well, from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, where it’s about 2 feet of snow so far where I am, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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