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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 8, 2008:

You Will Love Big Brother:

"Hang On to Sanity from Things Precipitous,
Guiding the Mind to Global Sovieticus,
When All Opinions Parroted Repetitive
Are Spoke by Rote by the Collective,
What's Right Today is Wrong Tomorrow,
Adapt or Die, from Torture and Sorrow,
Oldthink is Out and Newthink is In,
Anyone Differing is Living in Sin,
Opinions Farce-Stretched, Launched from Above,
Must be Quoted as Gospel, from Ministry of Love,
Doublethink is In, All Else will Confuse if
You Reject Moral Relativity, Go On, Be All-Inclusive,
In This Global Society, Nothing's Right, Nothing's Wrong,
But Heaven Help You if You Don't Sing Their Song"
© Alan Watt Dec. 8, 2008

Monday 8th December 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 8, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 8th of December 2008. Newcomers: look into website and there's over 600 hours, I think, of talks I’ve given in the past, which you can download at random and listen to at leisure. I try and give you the short cuts to the reality, the real reality - not the one that's projected to you - but the one that truly runs your life; and, most of your thoughts and even gives you ambitions, gives you careers, they give you your hobbies, they give you direction and it's led really by people who say they are ‘men of vision’. It's a term they use, over and over again. Also: look into  where you can download transcripts of these talks and print them up and pass them around to your friends, they're done in various languages of Europe. 

For those who listen: you keep me going, the show truly is brought to you by you. You keep me going by your donations and by buying the books and discs I have for sale; and, believe you me, it really comes in handy, because as we all know now, the dollar is plummeting, at least the purchasing power of it and it's on cue; it’s nothing to do with what the media tells you. They don't make mistakes at the top, it doesn't happen that way, especially when they write about this happening many-many years ago, before I born even, to tell us they would bring in a new economic system, we would be living in it around this period and we're on the verge of the Brave New World scenario. It's all around us, in the open in fact; if we care to just even read the regular media. However, it's not coming out by itself; it's being orchestrated on cue, on time. You know, whenever you come out with intelligence, that's news, that is real news and often it's used by gathering news and giving you the background history of the topics, to fill in what the media is not telling you. The media's job is to make you think everything is happening, as I say, by itself, willy-nilly, and governments just get into action and make treaties etc and deal with the major crises.  

I fill in all the blank spots that the media doesn't tell you and I did it, of course, with the Disappearing Male, the fact that we're all being sterilised in the West, have been for 50 years. I pointed out the chemicals they're been using for it. I gave you the quotations for people like Bertrand Russell, like Charles Galton Darwin and others, who talked about the necessity of, basically, effeminising males, because they were the main opposition to this Brave New World that was all planned, this lovely flowery period we're all going through. And, by effeminising the males, and taking their power away, even from the females so that the female would have no respect for him whatsoever, therefore she would not follow him, then government could then direct the female and the male. Hitler said the same thing: he said:

"All of propaganda must be aimed at the female, by-passing, going over the head of the husband. She'll come to us for protection and safety, as we promise the male that the children will follow her and the man must follow the children".

That's what he said and he was quoting that in his time, because they'd used that in Nero's time. It was said long ago, long before Hitler; and, they never change techniques which work very well. Since 9/11 happened, in 2001, they're been on a roll, absolute roll, to kick of the real over-the-top conquest into this Brave New World and turn our lives completely upside-down.  I'm going to go into some of the history of this, to show you how it all ties together; it's no coincidence, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix. I generally don't prepare my shows, I like to dwell on things, a few minutes before, maybe half an hour before and pull out some relevant articles, put them up, talk about.  I pulled a couple up and I find, within myself, it sets off change reactions, because things follow like dominoes, when you go back through your memory; and, I was thinking about when 9/11 happened and I was on a show, I think, that night, in 2001 and I said to the host:

“The hardest thing as we go through the following changes, the changes that will come out of this, the hardest thing will be to hold on to your sanity”.

That's still true today. It's even more true because it's going to accelerate, as we go through this political correctness, this crazy period. A crazy period that was fine-tuned and tested in the Soviet Bloc countries; and, the reason it was tested out there and it's now used in the West, it was because the dialectic was to be used, it was to amalgamate in the future. You always have thesis, antitheses and synthesis at the end, as the two-opposing forces join. How you control nature, according to the old mystery religions, is by studying nature, the seasons, the opposites; and, if you understand how opposites eventually come round and work together, that's during, for instance seasons change to the next. There's an intermediary phase where they're both: there's part winter, part spring, spring's part summer and so on. They couch the language in this terminology of nature. What they meant was: you can actually plan something as your outcome, your synthesis, but how do you kick off the game? You've got to put something out there to cause opposition; so, you always pick an opposite system or try and introduce it or an opposite stance on something and fund it so it becomes legitimate and powerful and then the existing status quo will go against it and then comes all the negotiations and the tête-à-têtes and then you have agreements reached. An agreement, remember, is a compromise; you cannot compromise on principles like this because if you do, you're walking backwards. Stalin said it too. He said:

"Three steps forward, two steps back"

That's how they play the game. As long as they get that one step forward they can hang on to, and then the next agreement is another step forward, not three but one, because he steps back two times you see and the opponents don't really realise that their losing. 

Who funded the Soviet Union into existence? You'll find it was the Western Bankers, but not by themselves. They were backed by the Establishment that already ruled - the old establishment that ruled Europe and the United States of America. They were funded to the hilt, they were funded with their food, right through the Cold War, right up until, suddenly, magically, the Berlin Wall came down, around the time that Lenin said it would. He didn't say 'the wall'; he said, eventually the dictatorship will fade away and communism will not be communism any more, it will be an amalgamation of a sort of economic system of commerce with socialism. That's exactly what we've got, it's the Third Way. That's what they call it, Third Way.  If you think you’re seeing, for those who really can remember, what communism was all about, or appeared to be all about, and who studied them and their techniques and so on, they're all being used today, through the Think Tanks and by the Think Tanks and through the massive Foundations, incredible networks across the planet, right all the way to the United Nations; and, they're all under the umbrella today of the United Nations.  

Who would have thought that particular - and why not all minorities - could have a fair say? Why certain branches of them? Not only get a say but have their lifestyle promoted by big bucks across the whole culture creation industry for instance, why was that?  That's easy to see because anything that would go against what was called the ‘old family system’ had to be destroyed. That's why, that's the reason why; not because the ones at the top cared about this particular minority. There are lots of useful idiots out there, who help bring in a system which they don't even really understand. This technique was mentioned by Albert Pike and Mazzini, whom he trained. He called them the nihilists and the atheists, they'd talk about world revolution and how they would use the nihilists and the atheists. Nihilistic people were those who, through their own behaviour, would be destructive, even to themselves; but they would use them as front groups, and that has been done. In George Orwell's 1984, he goes into the whole world of political correctness, where, as the culture rapidly changes, according to the dictates from above, everyone must suddenly comply and parrot the politically correct phrases and terminology, which may be 180 degrees from yesterday's political correctness. You must all pretend you can't remember there was anything before that. We're having all that forced upon us today; all of these techniques are forced upon us today. 

Remember that Russell, speaking on behalf of his own elite and he was, I think, one of the third lords in his lineage, (and many other names before him), talked about the need that he thought, and others thought of having to take the children from the parents, for one generation, so as they could not be contaminated with the thoughts and morality and opinions and beliefs of their parents. Until he tried his own experimental schools and then he found out no, with scientific indoctrination at kindergarten onwards, get them very young, they could overcome that problem, because they could actually teach the children to ignore their parents when they went back home at night. It was more economically feasible that the parents at least pay for the upkeep of the children, but the minds would belong to that of the State.  Russell himself, this Lord, British Lord, one of many, were sent across to the pre-communist China, to teach universities the principles of communism. He wrote about it, in his own memoirs. So, here we have this elite, this ruling establishment, that came out of the ancient Normans, who came into Europe and Britain, bringing a new system, which seemed to be its very opposite, in fact it was projected to the public as being the enemy of Capitalism and the British system. Canada used to compete right up until recently with the States every year, to see who could get the best deals to sell their grains to Russia, who could not afford to feed themselves. We live in a system where food is a weapon: we starved the Iraqis to their knees during two Gulf wars; we killed millions by starvation and embargos, under the directions of the United Nations. We did it with many other countries too; but they did not do that, no, they made sure that the Soviet system was fed, why? Why would you do that, if that was your main enemy?  Supposedly, the propaganda was going to destroy the existing system and ruler-ship of those countries of the West. Why would you feed your enemy?  

Then we have the Norman Dodd inquiry, by the Reece Commission, who was told by the heads of Foundations in the United States (remember Dodd was sent out by the Senate to investigate these Foundations), he was told their function was to bring and blend the Soviet system seamlessly with that of the West; and that inquiry was back in the 1950s

Therefore, everything that happens, in a major way, is planned that way; it's planned completely that way. I have a letter here that was by someone in Canada who lived, he was brought up in the Soviet System, the hard-line Soviet System; and, he says:

I read your talk from the script of January the 28th 2008.  It was scary how they almost openly told us the agenda in communism. 'Tomorrow all the world will be international'

These are the slogans and so on:

'Man conquers nature'; 'Scientific socialism'; 'Develop a new socialist human type'

And that's true, there's book called The Cog In The Machine, I think it was called, put out in the Soviet Union, it was also published here, where the authors said there'd be a homo-sovieticus, they called it, the character they were going to create. Because they believe in Darwinism and that man's an animal and that - literally - you can train him to believe and do and behave in any way that you wish, with scientific techniques. Same as Russell you see. It says:

Wind brings a new world from the East, freedom is the realisation that one must comply.

Right out of George Orwell eh?

Freedom is the realisation that one must comply. Family and state die away, free-sex, children taken into the care of the State. Dialectic Materialism, the fighting of the opposites, they talked about these in schools, in the country town where I went to primary school.

And, here we are, it's being forced down our throats, not just from the Foundations, they've been working at this for a long-long-long time, with all their Non-Governmental Organisations; but, by governments, openly now, all through Treaties they sign at the United Nations. We're in for a roller-coaster ride and I'll talk about this more, when I come back from this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, tying together some loose ends; and, there's so many of them, because the media's job is not to tell you what's really behind something but, rather, to get you rolling along a different direction, by exposing part of a truth. As I talked about the Disappearing Male earlier, they've come out now and I was wondering why this information that myself and other people have been harping about for years, knowing the œstrogens, the artificial œstrogens that were in the food, from even pre-natal times, attacking the male, which they've known from the '50s, why would they come out and admit now? Well, they’re coming out now and they’re saying: 'well, it's these pollutions causing it', well why that particular pollution and how was it mandated to get into the food, because it was mandated to get into the food. It's like melamine. Look at the melamine, scary stuff that was the killing children in China, put in their milk products and it's found in the West as well; and, the excuse is that the FDA approved it. Plastic bulk, that's what it is; put into the food because it gives bulk to the babies' food. Rather than put in good nutrients etc, let’s put in this plastic stuff that mimics œstrogen. The reason they did it - and this is how they wangle everything at the top - is through science because through science, you can wangle it any way you want. They said melamine, this by-product really, is formed like a protein, so we’ll put it under a protein. Melamine is what's on your kitchen counter top, for those that want to know.

The media's job is not to give you the reasons why or behind; and, as I say, I've gone into the reasons why, when they talked about how they'd have to effeminise the male and attack, basically, the hormones at the root level, literally. They do it by attacking the male in the womb, through the makeup [cosmetics]; it's in the makeup all these artificial œstrogens. It causes all the problems with the genital growth; it retards genital growth, in fact. Physical defects, in a good majority of young males today are evident; and, they knew this before they put it in the food. It didn't blow across with some smoke into the food, it was put in to the food, so, let's blast their argument out of the water. The evidence is there and I've talked about it before. 

Getting back to the Soviet System: when the UN, as I say, had no problems putting embargos in every country they target and starving them to death. No problems when the UN Ambassador to the US or the US Ambassador to the UN, Madeline Albright, - whose grandfather started up, by the way, the Green Party and he was a top man in the Communist system - when she was asked would she think it was a bit over drastic killing so many people and children and women in Iraq by the embargo and she said "not at all". I think, at that time, it was about half a million and that was nothing to her. It's been millions since. Because they didn't just starve them, once they went into Gulf War Two, they literally flattened all the infrastructure, which means your ability to get water out the ground, all your wells, all your little factories for food and so on, they even blew up the babies food factories, ensuring mass death of infants and they tongue-in-cheek laughed at the cameras when they said 'yes, we thought it was really a chemical plant'; it was world-known this little place that made the food formulas.  The UN was caught in a scandal then because the head of the UN at that time, his son was doing the Oil for Food bargaining under the counter. Of course, the boss didn't know, he says, his daddy didn't know. Utter crooks and criminals, it's just astonishing. 

Food, why would you feed your enemies though (if they truly were)? Why did we go through a whole Cold War and have the children practising under the tables to protect themselves during a nuclear blast? - To make sure that they were terrified and that this Cold War was real. Then you find that Bertrand Russell was head of the Committee of 100, in a biography written about him. What was that? That was the radical wing of the anti-war movements. You see, these run always the two systems: the one that gets up in front of the cameras as the political body that does demonstrations, quiet peaceful marches; but, they also had the radical wings, to do all the dirty work. That's how they always work; and, here's Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell, who's a member – and it's now declassified - was a member of MI6. Running the anti-war establishment eh? See, there was no Cold War, it was all an utter farce; utter farce. The whole Soviet System was set up to amalgamate dozens of small countries, with their different cultures, languages and systems of operating; religions and all the rest of it, in the fastest, shortest time possible, by standardising one system through them all, by force. And: then teaching the same stuff, through school, for one generation, until it was firmly in place. The same technique that UNESCO uses today: they're the first ones in, they start creating the first generation of children, in the supposed enemy countries, who will be 'democratic'. This democratic elastic system that we live in is constantly being updated on things you can say and cannot say and things you can do and all the rest of it. It's all or nothing in this system, you believe it all, swallow it all, or nothing at all, you can't hold any separate opinions if you want to join it. Back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, tying up some loose ends, to give you the real and the big picture behind what's really going on and has been your whole life long and before you were born and your parents too. 

Food is power. Food has always been power; you can have all the money in the world, but if you can't get food, you die. Basic necessities: food, water, shelter, warmth and so on. All those things are taken away from you, or the right to them, the right to private property is disappearing fast. They've been destroying localised farms for years and years, from the top down, from the government. The Oil Companies, in collusion with governments, have control over your oil for heating, or natural gas and so on.  Believe you me, food and the water too is to be taken away, you can't have private water rights any more. The United Nations is in charge of them. Here's a statement by someone at the top of the World Food Programme for the United Nations:

"At the World Food Programme we have recognised what a valuable tool food aid can be in changing behaviour. In so many poor countries, food is money, food is power. Yes, it's bribery, we don't apologise for that" 

That was Catherine Bertini, Executive Director of the World Food Programme. Here's another one, from someone from the Green Party in Germany: 

"We in the Green Movement" 

Remember, I've mentioned before too, I said that Miss Albright, I think it was her father or grandfather was the one sent out to start up the Green Party. How do you get the colour green? I'll let you think about that. It says: 

"We in the Green Movement aspire to a cultural model in which the killing of a forest will be considered more contemptible and more criminal than the sale of six year old children to Asian brothels" 

That was by Carol Amery, the German Greens. Now, flashback to Maurice Strong - the front man for Rockefeller and also a guy at the top of the United Nations and many-many branches, he has many hats – and who brought forth the big resolution on Sustainable Development and stated, at the time, that all these other trees and plants and so on, shrubs, even viruses would be given rights. It sounds absolutely nuts to the majority of the public, this is what I'm talking about when you go into this, you'll think you're going nuts, you've got to hold on to your sanity and you do it by understanding always what's coming next, so it doesn't shock you.  He did Rio Earth Summit and all the updates since then, of that particular meeting. Every country passed that into law. Most of these things don't even go through any Parliament or Congress; they're just passed into law, by every country who signs the 'treaties' as they call them. This article ties in with this and it's from News Corporation, this is by the Weekly Standard and the date on this one is 05/12/2008, Volume 013, Issue 33

The Silent Scream of the Asparagus

Get ready for 'plant rights.' by Wesley J. Smith. It says:  

You just knew it was coming: At the request of the Swiss government, an ethics panel has weighed in on the "dignity" of plants and opined that the arbitrary killing of flora is morally wrong. This is no hoax. The concept of what could be called "plant rights" is being seriously debated. A few years ago the Swiss added to their national constitution a provision requiring "account to be taken of the dignity of creation when handling animals, plants and other organisms." No one knew exactly what it meant, so they asked the Swiss Federal Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology to figure it out. The resulting report, "The Dignity of Living Beings with Regard to Plants," is enough to short circuit the brain. A "clear majority" of the panel adopted what it called a "bio-centric" moral view, meaning that "living organisms should be considered morally for their own sake because they are alive." Thus, the panel determined that we cannot claim "absolute ownership" over plants and, moreover, that "individual plants have an inherent worth." This means that "we may not use them just as we please, even if the plant community is not in danger, or if our actions do not endanger the species, or if we are not acting arbitrarily." 

Then it offers an illustration, to do with a farmer unwittingly decapitating some wildflowers with his scythe; and, they actually had an argument about the rights and wrongs of that. It also goes into the rights of organisms much much lower on the food chain and into the realm of bacterium and so on and so on. Where do you think all this comes from? Go back to the Rio Earth Summit, when Mr Maurice Strong told someone who went there - and I have the tape of it - when he was asked what about the rights of humans and Mr Strong said:

"You'll wish at the end of this you had the same rights as a tree"

No kidding, no kidding at all. This is the part of the insanity you'll have to warp your mind around; but always hang on to what you really know, just like Winston did in 1984, and know what they want to hear and know what you still think. Keep them separate at all times if you want to hang on to your sanity, because they're after it, big time.  

Now, we'll go to John in Ohio, are you there John, on the telephone?  

John: Hi Alan. 

Alan: Hello. 

John: I was wondering what your - well, I heard you say you would not want to be stuck in the Americas when the proverbial stuff hits the fan, and I just wondered whether you see any real resistance coming out of, say, South America, with Chavez in Venezuela or is that just another Castro sort of writ large? 

Alan: You've got to understand that the scope of what we're talking about is the size of this world organisation that already runs the world really. They have every country; they can literally bring any country at all to its knees completely, if they so wish. There's Ireland there: Ireland had refused to just go along with this particular EU agreement and give up a lot more of their sovereignty and so on and Ireland, after this economic crash, were really thudded big time, American banks have moved in. However, their main hold outs were the farming community, the farming communities have just been hit with the worst disaster, just recently and the biggest recall of meat products ever. Thousands of tonnes of the stuff, across the world; it's going to bankrupt them.

You can't go against this world system, because they own the system; and, what they gave for an excuse was: the food may have been contaminated, not the farmers' fault but the pellets that they were sold to feed to the animals could have been contaminated with a particular product. So, they get you one way or another, they'll get you on your back. No one, really, to be honest with you, can stand out against this totalitarian world system. It's too powerful, as far as economics goes. They own the media of the world. They own the intelligence services, they're all amalgamated and this would only stop if individuals themselves stopped complying right now with every ridiculous law that's coming down the pike. 

John: So, no matter where you're at, you pretty much have to take responsibility for your own necessities. Whether it's South America or North America or anywhere? 

Alan: You must. Latin America: look at the wars they've fought in Latin America, the quiet wars, from El Salvador and all the other countries, for years they were down there with special forces.

John: Oh, they were in Nicaragua in the 1920s, people don't even realise. 

Alan: And even before that. Even before that, you know, they went into all these different countries. I mean, come on, Castro even in Cuba. 

John: It's a joke. 

Alan: He was put in there by the CIA, who then claimed they had no idea that he was a communist! It is all a joke. 

John: Yes - laughter. 

Alan: It was a joke. The Bronfmans, who bribed their way right through parliament and the US Congress, to get all their booze through during the Prohibition period, had a cruise ship that did nothing but transport booze back and forth in Canada and the States, via Cuba.  Cuba's always been used, even before the revolution, for smuggling stuff, on behalf of the elite. Everything is just astonishing how they can get away with it; but it's only by keeping the public in complete ignorance, that's how you do it, of reality.  

If you try to use standard methods to stop this system, you will, you see they're at war with the whole planet. They're at war for the mind of every single individual; every thought that you have will have to be politically-correct. I was looking at the United Nations organisation. You understand: when you are allowed into the umbrella of any kind of NGO of the UN, you must agree to all of its dictates and all of its mandates, all of its political correctness, you can't say 'well, I agree with this part here, people should have this' 'but I can't go along'. You can't have any private opinion, you must go along with the whole agenda; and, that's why when you look at any part of this interlocked system, this massive Para-governmental organisation, with thousands of NGOs, regardless of what they claim they stand for, they’ll have the same slogans, they’ll agree on all the same politically-correct terms and opinions and so on. They have no differentiation whatsoever, in opinions. Under the term of all-exclusiveness, they're forbidding you to have any private opinions. They're the most intolerant organisation the world has ever seen. 

John: Yeah, I feel like, spending some time in South American countries, at least the peasantry, I guess you would call it, the peasants, at least they have more awareness and they will get out in the streets and they'll march on the capital and the President will have to leave. You know, you don't get any sense of that in North America, well not now. 

Alan: No, North America's gone. North America has gone, there's no doubt about it that the work, the psychological work that's been done: the indoctrination, that’s from kindergarten through all media cartoons, everything. 

John: Oh, yeah, it's so much more extensive here 

Alan: We are the soviet. 

John: we're a little bit closer to the big stick is what I term it. 

Alan: There’s the physical attacks with the food, the chemicals, the inoculations; we're pretty well on the floor.  

John: Well, thanks so much Alan.  

Alan: Thanks for calling. We've got Maggie from Texas there, are you there Maggie? 

Maggie: Hello Alan. 

Alan: How you doing? 

Maggie: I'm fine, how are you? 

Alan: Not bad. 

Maggie: This isn't what I called about; but, as I was listening to the last caller talking about South and Central America, a picture that I took of a peasant town in Honduras, about 15 years ago, suddenly popped off the wall, it just jumped right off! That reminds me of a story that Hume once told, what I called you about though: I have two questions, they are related. One is the Disappearing Male seems to have disappeared from the Internet and I was wondering if you knew how it could be found? 

Alan: On my website, there's an alternate site, a link, it takes you to the one that's up, it's had 11000 downloads I've heard.  The CBC pulled it because of my commentaries as I shot holes in it.

Maggie: That's what I figured. My second: I would like to know your take on the recent news, announced with great fanfare as a triumph for American food, that BGH (the Bovine Growth Hormone) in milk is being pulled from American brands, to the extent that Monsanto actually had to sell that Division, which was quickly snapped up by Eli Lilly for just a few hundred million. What is your take on that? 

Alan: Well, you see, all of this is, I call it Pharmo-engineering, Pharma, this is literally chemical and biological warfare, the whole purpose was nothing for the cattle, or just making more milk and so on; and, we all know how bad it's been for the cows. I mean, they've constantly got infections of the teats and all the rest of it; they're constantly producing milk, over producing milk. What it's doing is altering, within the cows today, we're bringing in the extra oestrogen as well. This is literally bio warfare on the public; so, I'm not surprised that Lilly would buy it up, they're in that business!  

Maggie: Ah-ha, but is it actually being taken out of American products? That seems very-very hard to believe.  

Alan: I would take it with it a big pinch of salt. 

Maggie: Yeah, because we certainly can't seem to get rid of GMO corn. 

Alan: No, that's mandatory; every government has agreed that we must go GMO, even more so than we are now. 

Maggie: Ok, well thank you Alan. 

Alan: Thank you.  Nothing will be given to the public for their benefit, they don't go to all this incredible work, they never change their tactics, they never stand back and say 'we're sorry' you know. They simply hide it a little bit more, or obfuscate it until you can't really figure out what they're doing; and then you'll find out that, years later, they're doing the same darn thing. Now, there's Sam from Sydney on the line there, are you there Sam? 

Sam: Hi Alan. How are you? 

Alan: How're you doin'? Not so bad. I've got three or four feet of snow here already!

Sam: Oh gee. Mate, it's interesting you talked about food and the UN earlier on; we had a scandal here, a couple of years ago, under the former government, called the AWB scandal, Australian Wheat Board scandal. I don't know if you've heard about it?  

Alan: Yes. 

Sam: Basically, the Australian Wheat Board was a government agency which, well, it was called something else but it became the Australian Wheat Board. Their policy, basically all the wheat growers had to go through this one government agency and it basically had to negotiate wheat prices for all the Australian farmers.  Now, one of the people that they were selling wheat to was Saddam Hussein, under the Oil For Food programme; and, it came out, years later, that Australia / Australian Wheat farmers, were probably one of the biggest contributors to kick-backs to Saddam Hussein, that's $290 million AUS that went to Saddam Hussein's regime. Now, what's interesting is they were still dealing with Saddam Hussein like basically a month before they were about to go in and attack him. So, let me get this straight: the Australian Government is giving money, well sorry, this Wheat Board is giving money to Saddam Hussein. Our Foreign Minister actually signed off on something. Of course he said later on: oh well, I sign many-many things that go on, I don't read everything, that was his excuse.  All these guys got called in to like an enquiry, a Royal Commission, with very, very narrow terms, so, literally impossible to actually recommend prosecuting any member of the Government. All these guys had very strange weird sort of memory loss. 

Alan: They have that, it's a common feature. Hold on and we'll come back after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Alan: Hi folks, Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix and we have Sam on the line, from Sydney Australia, talking about the Australian Government's involvement, the Australian Wheat Board at least, which is a government department, with the Food For Oil Scandal that racked Iraq at least, when they were, literally, doing this under the table deal with Hussein, for getting his oil out, in return for food; and, it came out at the time too that, I think it was Boutros-Ghali’s son was the guy in charge of the whole operation and he was filling his pockets mightily at that time. This wonderful United Nations organisation; and, Boutros said oh he was oblivious to it; he wasn't sure what his son was up to.  

Sam: Was it Boutros or was it Kofi Annan? I can't remember. 

Alan: I think it had to be Kofi Annan! I get mixed up with them all. You see, they're just front men themselves. They're all front men. 

Sam: That's interesting, so, let me get this right: so, our country like, with, you know, other Western countries, ordered this, basically, a medieval siege against the country of Iraq, which went from this secular nation with a good standard of living. We killed, was it half a million children? 

Alan: That was in the initial phases, but then they've now come up and said it's over a million and a half women and children. 

Sam: Right, right, so John Pilger reports on this, our government supports it and then they work out a way to make money from that. 

Alan: That's right. 

Sam: That is just incredibly disgusting. 

Alan: But that's what we've got. 

Sam: and then they go criminal, 290 million bucks, to Saddam Hussein, under the table. These guys driving around, these heads of this Board, driving around, with suitcases full of cash, this is known by the Australian Government. There's signed documents by the Foreign Minister, he’s claimed that he'd signed many documents of course and that was obviously good enough for most people; and then they send in Australian troops to fight against a dictator, obviously due to that money. 

Alan: Ha ha, you got it. 

Sam: Against their own troops. I mean, do these people have any idea of what it means to be patriotic? I mean, these are the guys that are in charge of us. That's blatant, that's right there, no government guy has been sent to prison. 

Alan: and it won't happen, it will never happen. 

Sam: well, obviously there's a new government in and everyone's preoccupied by this entire global sort of money crisis.  I mean, where does it go? I remember a friend of mine who had a lot of shares and stuff like that, I remember asking her years ago, after the crash, I said 'where does this money go?’ Her pat reply was: 'well, it goes to money heaven Sam' money heaven! I think that's how most people think. I mean, there's 290 million dollars gone to Saddam Hussein, that's what's come out, to buy bullets to fire against Western troops. We've gone in, starved half, we’ve basically starved the children to death in that country, and we’ve created conditions where people have got diseases. Now we've gone in and this even before we went in Gulf War 2. Now we've gone in, we're quibbling over whether it's in the hundreds of thousands or it's 1.3 million. I mean, as you say: it's hard to keep your sanity because like a decent person would say you've just killed hundreds of thousands of people, that's the end of argument. That's horrible. 

Alan: That's it, I know. Well, that's what we're putting up with: we’ve got a bunch of crooks at the top. The top psychopaths run the show and we're along for the ride and it's not pleasant  

Sam: and they throw this into our faces and then they get away with it. Amazing. 

Alan: I know, but from myself and Hamish, from a very snowy Canada, it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods, go with you. 


Transcribed by Bill Scott.

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