Live on RBN (#213)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 11, 2008:

Madison Avenue Goes to Work on the Sheeple:

"From The Religion of Economy by Mr. Galbraith,
Comes Strong's Earth Charter of Interfaith,
Tells Change Agents How to Guide Their Sheeple
Under the Shadow of Cleopatra's Needle,
Bleating Multitudes Brought Under Tow,
Pulling an Agenda They're Too Blind to Know,
Sold on 'Heaven on Earth,' All That Malarkey,
The Rich Men on Earth Form the Hierarchy,
Just to Ensure They're All in Compliance,
Are White-Coated Angels, Men of Science,
So Get on Board, All-Proud-a-Struttin',
And See the Folly of Modern Mutton"
© Alan Watt Dec. 11, 2008

Thursday 11th December 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 11, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 11th of December 2008. The newcomers who listen to the show should look into and download as many of the talks I've given in the past about this big, big system in which we live, this contrived, well-manipulated, well-integrated system, run by a few; and, I try to give you short cuts to the understanding of the higher reality that controls it all, the one that we're not let in on. In fact, they go to a lot of trouble to ensure most people never catch on to what's really, really going on at any one time in history.  

Also look into and download transcripts of the same shows and print them up, they're written in the various languages of Europe. Because time now, is of the essence, that's why people should get busy learning very, very quickly, because our minds are going to go into one hell of spin shortly, one hell of a spin. It's a contrived spin and the only way they can pull off the big cons, cons that were designed a long time ago, to be put into action now, for all that substitutes, as they call it, for war, including the big global warming nonsense / scandal. They must ram all this stuff down out throats until the generation that comes out of it will be so different in their thinking and in their way of life and in the structure of society around them that we'll seem almost like aliens to them and them to us.

That's the changes that are coming down the pike for a new planned global society, regulated and ran by big powerful organisations, all working, in concert. The symbol of the pyramid, with the capstone at the top, all working and lording over the wasteland down below. The wasteland is that land around the pyramid, with the sparse grass and so on, that's what it stands for, the profane, the world of those in the darkness, those who have no understanding, as they proudly boast to each other in their little meetings in the temples with no windows. 

Hanging on to your sanity, that's the most difficult thing of all, because people will go technically nuts, as we go through these planned changes. Why else do you think everything's coming together at the same time, to make things worse for living, for every individual? They have created a depression. It was brought on at the right time, they could have pulled the plug on it anytime they wished, in the past or the future but they decided now and are they going to back off of all these carbon taxes and so on? No, it's all part of it. It's all part of it and now that Bush senior in the US has set up all the machinery for totalitarianism - with the military, army, the police services, all the different varieties of them now, all wearing black outfits and machine guns - the next President has vowed, because he was hand-picked and groomed to take over and bring the US into the very system, the world system that it pushed upon other countries; because, the US has financed this big global society. It was the US that financed the League of Nations into existence, by Wilson and Wilson was just a puppet of Mandel House and Mandel House - he had a contact from Britain - it was Lord Grey. Lord Grey worked for the same outfit, the Cecil Rhodes Foundation that became the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  I'll be back with more of this, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix. In the 1800s, they had the first main international inter-faith meeting, in the United States. That's where they held it for the world; and, I have the original books that came out of it and it's quite fascinating to realise that Freemasonry, and it was run by Freemasonry, had, basically, sponsored an event to bring all these different religious leaders (who were also Masons) together. In their works and the books they published about it and all the speeches they made, you find that it hasn't really changed up to the present time. They had the same tenets that were set in the direction they we're going and they knew it would take a long time to bring the world together, to shape a new religion: it would be a mishmash of all the other religions put together. I've always said, in every age and every era, they use a religion. I think it was Charles Fort that said: that in every age and every era, the proper authorities saw that the proper religion was invented and taught to the people and it was so and the people believed properly; because it's been used as a tool for as long as we've been around the planet. A very powerful tool and people at the top, who are atheistic in their views, many of them born in Communistic countries, like Gorbachev, openly admit that the power of religion and the fact that they need a religion, an earth-based type of religion, to create this kind of society, this planned society that they want to bring in to view.  

I've mentioned before how the Rockefeller Foundation set up, with Rockefeller as the first chairman of the World Council of Churches, very important organisation. The idea being that they would start to supply the information to different religious sects (mainly Christian sects in America) so they'd all be on consensus. Consensus-building is very important, to get everybody on board, as pirates say, all saying the same thing, with the same agenda. They even have Foundations whose sole job is to go round other Foundations and NGOs to build consensus, getting them all working together on the same track. That's why you're hearing the same things from ALL of the different groups. They don't vary at all this vision, a vision that none of them who push it actually invented themselves; they're all kind of short-sighted in reality.  

Another little boy that came out of the Rockefeller Foundation and soared up the corridors of power was a technocrat, a technocrat works behind the scenes, the type that Professor Carroll Quigley talked about, he has the true power but he's not responsible to the public. However, he can get things done, very quickly, backed by massive money and people bow and scrape and jump to action and do what they're told and get things done. They can bypass democracy, of all kinds; but, he was a little boy sent out to at least front for the Earth Charter, the Earth Charter Programme. It was in Rio, I think, the first one, in '92; and, out of that came Sustainable Development and they've had different meetings since. They've updated their Charter because they never stop, it's always a 'foot in the door' and then they keep this marching on, to the next step and the next and the next step. Well, here's how they're tying their religions together, this bunch. Now, I've talked before about Maurice Strong, who has the Baca Grande ranch in the United States and he has this big tower, spiral tower, the helter skelter, as the occultists call it, where the enlightened ones go up and down and walk up and down in their meditations. Heavily into the New Age scene; so, this is the guy that did the Earth Charter. Well, here's the Earth Charter Programme, they've now got a programme out for religion and sustainability. See, they will always use religion. In fact, any group is great, they love people to form big massive groups because all you have to do is work and put in your own people, who take it over and one person at the top can control the minds of thousands, if not millions of people. They love, they promote groups, you see; and, here's what it says: 

Welcome to The Earth Charter Program on Religion and Sustainability. In the transition to a more just, sustainable and peaceful future, the world’s spiritual and religious communities have a vital role to play, and Earth Charter International is developing a program to support their engagement. 

Meaning to direct them; and then, there's a bunch of sites they have on these very things, which I'll leave at the end of the show on my website. It says: 

Practical guidelines for using the Earth Charter methodology. 

That's also part of it.  

What are the appropriate steps for religious institutions to take to their efforts against global warming 

See, the global warming is fizzling out, so they've got to rush forward with all this stuff now and get it into ultimate law. Just today, the US is going to lead the whole charge for signing global warming across the whole planet, they'll probably pay for it all too, and do a lot of payoffs on the way. Because, it's fizzling out; and, everything is counting on global warming having being believed and this climate change - I just call it 'weather' because that's what it is, weather is weather. A rose by any other name is still a rose; but, they like us to use their terms, to brainwash ourselves. It says here: 

A first step would be to use the above stated methodology to gain a clear perception of the deeper challenges and choices that we are dealing with: A reflection of this kind should start with an assessment of our planetary situation at this critical moment of Earth history, infused by a thorough analysis of the social and ecological teachings of our religious scriptures. 

Whose “our religious scriptures”? This bunch of atheists at the top, maybe not so much atheists because they have their own little secret religion. 

What do our sacred texts say about our purpose as human beings? How do they define the good life? 

The “good life” is one of their Masonic terms in fact. Russell wrote a book called 'Education and the good life' 

What are our obligations towards humankind and other kind? 

This is the whole interconnectiveness of plants and spiders and mosquitoes and stuff like that, and humans. 

How do our religious scriptures relate to the comprehensive cosmological vision presented by modern science as expressed in the Earth Charter? 

I'll tell you what the religious scriptures talk about: they talk about the rich men of the earth, of the whole world, the rich men of the world getting together and conspiring against their own people, that's what the religious scriptures say; but they won't mention that in here. It says here:  

The second step of this reflection process is then to take a thorough look into the drivers and root causes of the challenges we are facing. This part of the process should be informed by the insights of environmental science 

They want to wrap science with religion, exactly as Theosophy said they were going to do. I've talked about that many times. It says: 

that reveal to us that the challenges we are facing are interconnected and systemic. What do our religious scriptures say about the values of human greed, the will for domination and the violence against humans 

I'll repeat that scripture again where it says: the rich men of the earth would conspire against their own people, because those are the ones who are greedy and they want to dominate and they're very violent against humans.  

How can our sacred texts help us to formulate alternative visions to the modern religions of consumerism and materialism? How can we take in the massiveness and complexity of the challenge without feeling overwhelmed and disempowered? 

The third step is to reflect on inclusive responses to be taken. Here, the inclusive ethical vision of the Earth Charter 

Here's a new bible for you, the Earth Charter is the way, you see.  

could help us to frame the discussion. How can the foundations 

Masons love foundations. 

of our religious faiths help us to move from denial to action and generate the renewable energy of hope  

Renewable energy of hope, I guess that's another way of saying 'hope springs eternal' eh? 

needed to unleash the immense resources of human imagination,  

Boy, you need a lot of imagination to believe this. 


These guys don't know what compassion is. 

and the power of dignity? 

As they make us all poor. 

What can we do as individuals to become active agents 

Agents eh? Agents of change, change agents, hmm. 

and how can our religious institutions help bringing forth sustainable communities 

Sustainable Communities. Agenda 21 ties in with the whole thing, the United Nations Agenda 21, Sustainable Communities, ties in with the Earth Charter, you see they're all built on each other. 

founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace? 

There's all these suggestions down below it. I'll put up these links, after the show. As I say, don't ever forget: when these things come out, you've got to connect them together; they've taken years and years, to plan all of this. They were planning this before you were born, with the different organisations they would set up to herd, like sheepdogs, bringing the herd of sheep together, the flock. Step-by-step, from different directions, until you're in the pen; and, most folk will never know how they got there. However, what they will do is all parrot the politically correct terms, like 'climate change' and 'global warming', rather than just call it weather.  

This is what's being pushed today and, because of the mass exodus of scientists leaving the IPCC, the International Panel on Climate Change, working at the United Nations, they've been telling us and they've been well paid for it, telling us all these lies for the past, I don't know, ten years or so. They're leaving in droves and I read an article last night about it, it's crisis time at the top. Now they've got to really ram it through fast; and it says here, this is an article here from the BBC and I'll read it, it's very interesting, it deals with all of this, right after the following break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to fill in all the little blank spots that the media fails to put in, because the media's job is to give you your opinion, which isn't yours at all; and yet, a lot of you will fight and die holding on to opinions that are down-loaded into you. That's how scientific indoctrination works. It works very effectively, never ever pooh-pooh the idea, we've all been subject to it, we've all gone through incredible lives of massive changes; and, it's only afterwards, you find out that most of those things you went through were all planned by other people. The whole culture, the changes within the culture, even the timetables for implementation of different parts were all planned before you were born. Long-term business planning and that's what it's all about. And here's this great piece of propaganda from the BBC news, Thursday December 11th 2008:

US 'Willing To Lead Climate Push' 

Do you know that all the US people are willing to lead that? I love how they use countries' names when a few people at the top have decided to push a plan through. “US willing to lead climate push”. I don't see any polls going out anywhere. I don't see the voting going on, on this. This is by Richard Black, Environment correspondent; see, they have Environmental correspondents, great job eh?  They've got to be all pro-fear and fear mongering, because: it's a pay check. It says: 

The US is set to lead the world towards a new climate deal, 

Now, there's a term they're using: put out climate and got new deal. Now, the first New Deal was the change from the old American way, with a Constitution, and the separation of the different parts of government, the check and balance system that was set up, and they got a New Deal, because the man they put in was an internationalist, a new deal. Now, here, they say new ‘climate deal’. This is their little tongue in cheek joke, I just say new weather deal, because it's weather, they're talking about weather.  

according to John Kerry  

Now, you all know about John Kerry, if you've done your homework. 

 - but only if other countries pledge emission curbs too. The former US presidential candidate said here at the UN climate conference that the aim of agreeing a new global deal next year must remain on track. But a deal could not work unless it covered all countries, he added. A number of dignitaries said they were looking forward to working with Barack Obama's incoming administration. 

You're darn right they are, because Barack was put in there to bring this whole international system into the United States, fast, fast-tracking it. All the stuff that the Bush government pretended they didn't really want to do because they had to keep their images as conservatives, you see; but, now they put the next guy in, now that the machinery for enforcement is set up in the US, under the guise of terrorism. They put in the next man, who will then enforce it, through ramming the laws through, making it all 100% legal. Remember any law can be made legal, that's what law is, nothing to do with right or wrong. 

Mr. Kerry, the Massachusetts Senator, will shortly take over as chairman of the influential Senate committee on foreign relations,  


he said he brought messages to Poznan on behalf of Mr. Obama and had delivered them to leading players, including UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Mr. Ban was among the speakers who said they looked forward to working with the President Elect, emphasising that the world was looking to the US "for leadership". 

Really? Did you know that the people across the world were looking to the US for leadership? I mean, it's the talk on the streets you know, in every Café. I love the prattle they give us, total propaganda. They used this during war time in Britain for centuries, the same stuff in the newspapers: how the British people were all for this and all for that. No one asked them! [laughter] no one ever asked them what they thought about anything! And, here we have this vision thing, you see, ties in, they always use 'vision' because it's part of the High Masonic tradition. They believe 'a man of vision must guide the world'. A man of vision, king of the world. Global vision and they say: without vision, you perish. They're talking about themselves, the elite you see.  

The conference here marks the halfway point in a two-year process, agreed at the UN meeting last December in Bali, that aims to establish a new global deal on climate change by next year's gathering in Copenhagen. Some observers doubt that the timescale can be met, bearing in mind that the incoming administration of Barack Obama has yet to become involved in the UN process. 

Ballyhoo, ballyhoo that's what I say about Bali. Utter ballyhoo, because every single player, and Obama included, was groomed for his position to bring everything in. They're all working together, completely interlocked, they're all international people. They say themselves: the day of the nation state is over. Actually, it's long over. They want to level the world, level us down, all working with the United Nations; and, the richer countries must go down, they call it the redistribution of wealth, straight from the Communist Manifesto. We've been doing that, redistributing the wealth, for a long time, to bring up - supposedly bring up - Third World countries, the idea being we sort of meet like a couple of mercury gauges half way up, half way down, in some happy medium of Sustainability. He says: 

"We believe it is a date that the science mandates us to meet."  

The science, there's a date? “The science mandates us to meet”, so, science, is science God? 

Without a new global deal, he said, temperatures could be between 3C and 5C higher by mid-century  

That's all bunkum, we've been cooling for years; all the top scientists are leaving the UN in droves. I'll be back with more of this, after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, Alan Watt, back Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the BBC, which is full of ultimate propaganda, I think, really the ones at the top of the UN just write these things and give them to the BBC, because pretty well everything in it has been discredited greatly. More recently than ever by thousands of scientists across the world, many of them leaving the United Nations IPCC in droves, because the evidence of this religion, this fanatic religion, is to the contrary. We're not warming at all; we're in a cooling period. Little islands in the Pacific haven't gone under, they haven't been drowned. Even this article I'm reading, off to the side they have old fear tactics, right next to it, that they spouted off for years. Oh, the ice in the Arctic is thinning, now it's getting thicker; but, of course, they haven't caught up on that yet, because they like the old view. It says here: 

The coming together would have to include other parties, including the major developing economies, accepting that they would have to restrict emissions in some way - 

The US will not pass a treaty unless it’s a global treaty, so they're pushing hard now for this global treaty. Now, I've mentioned ad nauseum about the Club of Rome, who were the guys who dreamt up this whole idea of creating the fallacy of a climate change and global warming. Something that's a substitute for war, to unite the whole planet under a totalitarian system, where our 'betters', you know the experts, would guide our lives from birth to death, decide who breeds and who doesn't breed, because the United Nations was funded into existence by Foundations. In fact, the UN building, in New York was donated to them, by the Rockefellers. It used to be the biggest kosher slaughter house in New York; it's been well-blessed for the building.

Eugenics is behind it all, because they believe there's just too many people with poverty genes; and, the proof is the fact that poor, apparently, if they weren't poor, they'd be up there with the successful ones, those who had a better chance, genetically - it's survival of the fittest - and got to the top. This is the rubbish, this new religion they're forcing down our throats of weather changes I call it, let's stop using their terms but the weather change, weather, weather, the weather always changes. That's why we had weather forecasting, to see what the weather was going to be like tomorrow. Even then, they were generally wrong.  

As I say, Obama vows to end global warming denial. They call it warming denial; they're using the Holocaust denial. This is standard of these people; they’ll use these terms to silence anyone who tries to speak out the facts. Oh, you're a global warming denier. You’ve got to understand the terms that are used, the psychology behind it, psycho-linguistics are used in psychological warfare, to silence the opposition.  

Obama vows to end global warming 'denial' after Gore talks. 

This was on Google a couple of days ago. Chicago, it says: 

President-elect Barack Obama said Tuesday his administration would brook no further delay in tackling climate change  

I mean the weather. 

after discussing global warming 

I mean the weather. 

with former vice president Al Gore. 

Now this is a photo-op set-up speech you see because they all are. 

Sitting between Gore and his vice president-elect Joseph Biden following the hour-long meeting, Obama told reporters: "All three of us are in agreement 

Well, no kidding eh? I mean, I'm really surprised. 

that the time for delay is over. The time for denial is over. "We all believe what the scientists have been telling us for years now, 

The ones that are leaving in droves - sorry, I added that bit myself. 

that this is a matter of urgency and national security, 

It's a matter of national security. 

and it has to be dealt with in a serious way.  

Remember the last one who said it was a problem of national security, was Kissinger and what was he talking about then? Overpopulation; and, he wrote a whole bunch of laws into the books, mainly to bring down the Third World Countries very quickly, by all means possible; but he was also talking about people at home as well. So, take that very carefully how they word this, "a matter of urgency and national security". That means they're going to make laws here that are just as serious - this is war on you. 

and it has to be dealt with in a serious way. That is what I intend my administration to do." he said. 

Or his bosses told him. 

Since his defeat in the 2000 presidential election, Gore has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize 

That means nothing at all, have you looked at the people, the winners? Have you looked at the founder of the Nobel Peace Prize? The guy who started it up was a complete internationalist, eugenicist and all the rest of it and he made high explosive just in time for World War One. He made millions out of it, to blow people apart. 

Nobel Peace Prize for his relentless efforts to combat 


change and starred in an Oscar-winning documentary called "An Inconvenient Truth."  

It's funny too, when Gore's science fiction film, his science fiction movie, has fizzled out, every prediction they made just hasn't happened. And that was said by a Judge, by the way, in a case, I think in Britain about global warming; that's what the Judge called it, "The science fiction movie of Al Gore"  

Gore is thought unlikely to figure in Obama's incoming administration, which takes office on January 20. But the climate change

the weather change

crusader is winning a respectful new audience for his views as Obama promises to unwind the environmental policies of President George W. Bush despite an economic recession hitting the United States. 

If you think you're being fleeced now, wait until they start really taxing you, really taxing you over carbon tax nonsense and weather change nonsense, because you ain't seen nothin' yet.  

Just before I go to the callers, here's an interesting little article here, it's from the Information Week Business technology network: 

Air Force Seeks (Non Lethal) City Stopper Posted by George Hulme, Dec 7, 2008 

While it won't destroy buildings, or directly 


kill people, it will shut down everything in its path with a power button. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) bombs have been written about for quite some time, and are supposed to have been used in a number of conflicts in the past 15 years. 

Well, they have been, it's been in the newspapers. 

These weapons 

Just like the HAARP technologies too they used in Gulf War One, that was in the British newspapers. 

These weapons are designed to shut down cities, as well as military communications and weapon systems, not physically destroy them. 

They can destroy them too. It says: 

Well, only the electrical parts. The U.S. military already has EMP [Electromagnetic Pulse] capabilities, but it looks like, based on this Air Force solicitation published in the past couple of days, that they're about to get more tactical: Combatant commanders (COCOMS) have expressed desires for additional military options against the variety of electronic systems that are used in military, industrial, civil, and asymmetrical applications. To provide viable military options to the COCOMS 

As they call this whole bunch. 

the Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate's High Power Microwave Division  

That's a long term isn't it? But, it's pulsed energy weapons. 

is seeking to develop and demonstrate the capability and operational utility of a high power microwave (HPM) aerial demonstrator. 

I'll put the link for that up, as well, at the end of the show.

Now, we'll go to the callers now, I've got Sam from Australia; are you there Sam? 

Sam: Hi Alan, how are you? 

Alan: I'm hangin' in here.

Sam: That's good. Listen, I was taking a look, just before the show, I just thought your listeners might want to know about it as well, it's an article in today's Sydney Morning Herald and it's titled Scientists Develop Ways to Display Thoughts.  Now, this Japanese research team has come up with a way to screen your thoughts onto a computer screen and it's an amazing article to read through, because it talks about how they can basically read your mind. 

Alan: There's a whole bunch of articles and even what they're giving you really is low-tech stuff, because years ago they had it and it's been demonstrated on CBC television with Nick Begich on Wendy Mesley show and Begich also demonstrated it in the European Parliament, to the politicians there, these little gadgets the CIA had back in the '50s, which could out thoughts directly into your head. Now, to understand the technology and the brainwave patterns and so on, to put thoughts into your head electronically, you've got to understand it could be a two-way street you see. They had this gadgetry back in the '50s. 

Sam: Absolutely and, look, I've been following this kind of technology for a while. I started off as, well, what you'd term as a cyber-punk writer and, so, I was heavily into looking at this kind of stuff. It's scary, you look at the fact now they've got RFID chip, they've got the brain chip, they've got ways to actually broadcast feelings and emotions into your brain. That's what's worrying, when they're announcing it, the technology's not that far off to be released! When they can read your thoughts, there's nowhere to hide, combine that with Nano technology, the fact that they can actually put that in your food, theoretically, put it in your food, they could start building a computer inside your brain so you don’t actually even have to get it surgically-inserted. I think that's going to be the big thing. They're going to offer you a brain chip but you don't have to have it. 

Alan: That will come, there's no doubt at all. There's a whole bunch of articles I have here that I haven't read over the air on that very thing of promoting the brain chip by very well known people who are also getting paid to do it. They said at the 2001 meeting, at Loyola University in the United States, at this world science meeting, they said that already have it ready to go, that was in 2001, the brain chip. They said they have centralised computers, regionalised computers ready to control millions of people, each region's got these supercomputers, these Cray computers set up to control the people. They said: 'the only problem we have now is to convince the public to want it, to take it' and they said they will overcome this in the next few years, with propaganda, through media, novels and movies and aiming at the children, they will think it's very exciting; and so it's just a matter of time till we're all ready to accept it. 

Sam: Absolutely and I can already see how they can sell it. I mean, the fact is that what you see is the World Wide Web, the net, the matrix at the moment. That's all converging. If you have a chip in your brain that alters your perception of reality, then your perception will be your reality; and, the big question is who is going to be controlling that? Are we going to trust these guys? 

Alan: Well, they've already made it quite clear that it's not to help, at the top meetings; it's not put out to help the people. They’ll literally reprogramme the people. You could be a carpenter one day and a surgeon the next but you won't know; and, you'll have no memory of who you are, or even the sentience of being an individual. They stated there will be no more individualism, in fact, what they said was it’ll be impossible for a person to even perceive or think of themselves as an individual, once they have this chip inserted. 

Sam: That's right, once you have this you're going to be a sitting duck, they can do whatever they want with you. They have complete control over how you perceive reality. 

Alan: Exactly. 

Sam: This is quite frightening. Anyway, I thought I'd just bring your attention to that. 

Alan: Yes, thanks for calling.

Sam: Thanks again. 

Alan: That's true and, as I say, they have been promoting it through movies and cartoons and the youngsters think that they're going to get wonderful chips to make them superhuman. Remember: artificial intelligence means artificial, now artificial means not real, it's a fake. It's not the real thing; personally, I'd rather have the real thing and that's the thing you're born with.

Now we'll go to Jim in New Mexico. Are you there Jim? 

Jim: Hello Alan. 

Alan: Hello. 

Jim: I've been listening to you for quite a while and I'm just a little bit sceptical of your overall agenda towards environmentalists. It seems that the only issue that you want to talk about is global warming and maybe the eugenics issue a bit but global warming primarily. And, while I agree there are evil people out there that are using this issue to control the masses, there are other environmental issues that are very credible that you absolutely do not even mention.

Alan: I'll tell you why: because I take war on a must or a necessity-basis. You hit the target that's coming after you first and this is the one that's coming after us. 

Jim: Well, I feel like the people that are out there struggling to maybe stop mountain top removal, to get to coal in the Appalachians. 

Alan: Why don't they look up and stop the spraying in the sky since there's so many of them?  

Jim: That's another one you know; and, to continue clear cutting.

Alan: Why don't you do that, because then I'll give you some credence when you use your eyes and you use your forces and your funding and all the rest of it and get them to stop spraying our heads and sickening everything off and killing everything off underneath them. 

Jim: Well, you can't even get the authorities to even admit that that's even happening, much less stop it.  

Alan: Well, perhaps environmentalists should join forces and, again, get on board together and start fighting the major things. We can't go round saving daisies when we're getting sprayed and killed off from above. 

Jim: Well, then the clear-cutting continues, the herbicides and pesticides sprayed everywhere continues. The dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi River gets bigger every year. 

Alan: The spraying is doing things across the world where people aren't using any farming stuff at all. Where I am, there's no farming at all and yet everything's dying off. I'm in the country. All I get above me is daily spraying from jet planes that no one's going to take responsibility for putting up there. 

Jim: Well, I certainly try to bring it to as many people's attention as I possibly can but everyone that I point it out to just looks at me like I'm nuts and says that's normal condensation. 

Alan: Does that mean including the environmentalists?  

Jim: But, as I said, the clear-cutting continues, the loss of species continues.  

Alan: Well, clear cutting is down the list right now, because when you're in a war, you take on what's coming right at you to kill you now. Now, in a priority level and then you sub-categorise everything else beneath it. It's one thing at a time and you've got take on the major wars first. That's how you've got to handle it.

Jim: The bottom line is nature is the life-support system of the planet and we've got to protect it all the way around. 

Alan: Well, we all know that but these big boys have got their big banks for seeds and all the rest of it. They've talked about re-seeding the planet, once / if they happen to kill us all off. They've had global meetings about this.  I mean, you better start understanding there is a war on and these guys can recreate pretty well anything that they destroy in this world and that includes us as well. They want to bump most of us off too; and, I'll be back with more, after the following messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, Alan Watt, back Cutting Through The Matrix and we've got Glen from Pennsylvania on the line, are you there Glen? 

Glen: Yes, hello Alan. This is Glen from Philly calling, I wanted to chime in and do a little bit of a commercial for you, a little plug, because I benefited greatly from all your stuff over the years; but, I've been somewhat erratic over time in terms of sending donations and I just wanted to encourage people who are listening to go to and sign up for a paypal account. I've been using it for years, it's very safe and secure and works very well and then you'd be so much better off if we could persuade a lot of people to regularly provide a small donation, instead of fewer people providing larger donations. So, I tend to wait till it's too long, intending to give a larger donation but then I wait too long. You’d be better off if I sent you $20 every month, instead of $100 every so often, something like that. So, if I could persuade listeners: don't be worried about having a paypal account; it's the easiest way to do it. You can sign up there and if we could get a few hundred of us donating $5 or $10 a month even to you, I really think it would work a lot better. 

Alan: It certainly would. 

Glen: I’m sure thousands are listening by now; so, that's my plug. 

Alan: Well, I appreciate you calling to plug me because I forgot to do it myself, and if I get more money coming in, I might get a high speed internet eventually, with a satellite. The one I've got doesn't give me the speed they claimed of course, none of them do, and Hughes owns the darn thing, so that’s the military-industrial complex. Yes, small donations would be useful.

Glen: I downloaded gigs of your stuff over the past two years. I've got like several gigs of all of your stuff over the past couple of years downloaded and I'm so grateful for it and it's all worked out so well but I don't want to see you go away and I just hope other people will sign up for a paypal account and even if it's only $3 send it, $5, $10 and if a few thousand people did it, we'd be paying for your broadband stuff and no problems, that would be great. 

Alan: That would certainly help me out. 

Glen: Thank you so much for all your insights into potentially tough times that are coming. 

Alan: I know, tough times indeed; but, thanks for calling.

We'll see if we can get in Linda. Linda from Ohio, are you there?  

Linda: What a pleasant, pleasant surprise! I just found you. The last time I heard you, you were talking on the Jackie Patru show. I agree with that last caller and I appreciate his pep talk. You'll accept US cheques right?  

Alan: Yes.

Linda: Ok. A brief question: I hope I'm not asking something you talked about in the past but I thought I heard you mention on your programme, within this past week, recycling is a scam but I didn't catch why or who and the reason for it, so I'll hang up.  

Alan: There's an article by a Professor [Takeda] from Japan, who went into the recycling business and scam deals, in quite some depth, and really demolished a lot of the nonsense we're fed about the recycling. What I do know is that places like Canada; and I watched this start up here. We knew that the Mafia, for instance, took the garbage from the big cities and they went down to the US with it; and, I thought, what a great scam when they started up recycling because here they are training the public to gather all these different commodities, and pay for it through their tax money on top of that, to get it taken to new factories that recycle plastic for all these big corporate boys who are getting the stuff for free and so on. There's much more to it than that and I don't really have time tonight to go into it, because that's the music coming in.  

So, from Hamish and myself, in the great snowy white north Ontario, it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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