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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 15, 2008:

USA and the Kiss of Death:

"Kissinger Proclaims a New World Order,
Soft-Power Groups (NGOs) to Transform Border,
Bursting Asunder like Plates Tectonic,
The Phoenix Rises, New Economic,
New System Debt-Free, Highly Maintainable,
No Self-Serving Public, Must Be Sustainable,
No Home on the Prairies, Home on the Range,
2009 Will Bring Significant Change,
Weather Change to be Top of the Books,
Glance Outside, See How it Looks,
Whether it's Rainy or Nice Sunny Day,
One Thing's for Sure, You'll Pay and Pay,
A Road to Utopia, Keep it In Mind,
Eugenicists Run It and They Just Ain't Kind"
© Alan Watt Dec. 15, 2008

Monday 15th December 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 15, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt. This is Cutting Through The Matrix on December the 15th 2008. 

For newcomers, look into and on the website, you'll find hundreds of hours of talks I've given in the past, where I try to fill in all the gaps they leave out at school for history and the very big gaps that the media leave out about pretty well every major story, because time is of the essence now and we need as many shortcuts as possible; and, even if we get them, even if we were to get all the shortcuts and enough people did understand what was happening, it would be very-very difficult, I must admit, to turn this around, because so much planning and organisation and money, big-big money, has organised the coming system that's just coming into view. As Mr. Bush Senior would have called it, with his New World Order coming into view. Anyway, all we can do, at this moment is gather information and, thank goodness, there's lots of people out there who've looked into different areas and, when you've pondered them all, you can start to get a big-big picture of what is really truly happening beyond the media propaganda. And it truly is propaganda we're getting from the Media. 

I also suggest that people look into that's the European site and on it you'll find transcripts of the talks I've given. You can download them / print them up and pass then round to your friends. 

As I say: it's staggering to be alive today, when you see the massive transformations happening in society; and, for those who are just waking-up now, it's probably the hardest time ever to wake-up. To see so much coming at them, from so many sources, with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), many of them that sound official, as though they are parts of Government, there's hundreds of them like that. There's also so many organisations, mainly from the United Nations, of course they have an umbrella, thousands of them that also have these official-sounding titles but really they are the NGOs. The NGOs, in turn, are funded by the big Foundations and the Foundations all came out of, or they're all part, at least, of the Eugenics Movement and the Eugenics societies, back in the 1800s.

The Eugenics Movement talked from its very inception about Sustainability, they were terrified of the masses breeding and over-breeding. Look at the time of history, when Eugenics was coming in, big time, because it really was at the height of the Industrial Revolution, with coal-fired generators everywhere and smoke stacks everywhere and people having been crowded into cities across Europe. Many cities were actually built just for the industries they served; and, for the wealthy elite, to them, naturally, it appeared to be over-crowded conditions. And it certainly was, they never built enough houses to start with - but then, in Laissez-faire economics, it didn't matter how the people lived - they were all stacked on top of each other and you'd get maybe 4 -5, maybe up to 10 families in a big room, at times in that so-called era. They saw so many people, now if those folk were still scattered still on the land, it would be a different story altogether; otherwise, it boils down to perception. It's no different today, because the majority of the public, since the last so-called Great Depression, the majority of the public, since then have lived in the cities, 97%. Before that happened, it was 97% on the land. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Alan Watt, back Cutting Through The Matrix and, before I go on with the rest of my talk, I'd like to remind you that on website, you can buy books, I've got DVDs there, CDs as well and if you buy them, that keeps me going. You can also donate if you so wish, the buttons are on the website . And, enough of my self-aggrandization. We'll get back on to the topic, the topic being, that this is so over-whelming for most people, this whole system, this massive colossus above them that's coming out more openly day-by-day on even the mainstream media; and telling us that we've all got to change our ways, all of us. It's so interesting because, you see, all of the ways that we have now were given to us by the previous generation of the elite and all their cohorts and scientists who gave us the culture. When they wanted a good industrial society that was fairly-well behaved and so on, they gave people much tamer stuff on television. When they want to generate one generation to be the ‘toughs’, to use the heavy sticks on the older people down the road twenty years, they make sure they start at least twenty years before and they give them violent video games etc., and basically show them that the only time they can be powerful in this society is to join them and wear the black-clad outfits, to be on the side of what they see as the winners; and Children do see things like that: the winners and losers. They gravitate towards power, something that every tyranny and mass movement especially in tyranny such as Nazism and Communism understood perfectly, perfectly well. Always go for the children and give them a form of self-esteem because they're joining an elite fraternity and, suddenly, they are no longer commoners, they're called 'private soldiers'. They're privately-owned basically and they get camaraderie and all the bonding processes are well understood in the military, to make them part of that fraternity and they will live and die for it; and they will kill whoever they're told to as well.  

That's what's happened in society, that's why this is all coming to a head now because, many-many years ago, they planned to pull the plug, financially, I've no doubt probably that it was set up even when they set up the last Bretton Woods Agreement, that was only a part One, and the man that was basically behind that agreement, John Maynard Keynes, he himself said that the next step will be a new integrated system, where people will serve this world State that was coming. That means that working for yourself, as you think you're working for yourself, has to go out the window. This is what they're talking about, Sustainable Development. You'll get, eventually, in this New World Order that's coming, just as much as you probably will need and no more. It's already been ratified, long ago, at the United Nations that every country in the world would get a basic, absolute basic, form of health service. There will be, of course, an alternate one for the wealthy elite and there still will be wealthy elite in this system. However, for the masses, we've to be trained and monitored, from birth to death and that's only so long as this generation goes through its cycle and we die off, because the next cycle again will be specially bred people, at least genetically-enhanced, as they like to call it. The result of the mating of the sperm and ovum selected from good breeders, as they say. That's definitely on the books and then the next step, of course, will be to literally create, from scratch, human beings to serve them better.  

However, that doesn't help the people who are going through this right now. It seems totally overwhelming when you see the vast networking of organisations across the planet. The thousand points of light, as Mr Bush Senior called them; they're also called 'soft power', soft power is written into the various documents by The Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations. Soft power are the NGO advocacy groups that spread their gospels in whatever their area of expertise is. What's astonishing, you find these organisations, which are all under the UN umbrella, must adapt and adopt the whole UN agenda and all the politically correct terms. It is really an upgraded Soviet system on steroids, it truly-truly is.  

I've talked before about the technocrats, the ones that Professor Carroll Quigley said were the real men behind the scenes with power. They're unelected, they get the job done, they're the parallel government and he called it a parallel government. He was referring to the Council on Foreign Relations primarily, the Trilateral Commission and Royal Institute of International Affairs, the big founder. We have to remember too, that from the books I've been reading from other members such as Bertrand Russell and so on, that Nazism was not born in Germany. I read articles last week, from one of Russell's books, with his eugenics policies and so on, in that book, plus the social system of control over the public that he was advocating. Really, Nazism got its idea from London, England; there's no doubt about that whatsoever. Those characters lived through World War Two and afterwards and were still attending these global meetings.

Getting back to the technocrats - the Maurice Strong types, the Kissinger types - the ones who never retire. They're jetting all over the world and they can't retire, for some reason they can't do it. You'll only find that in the dedication, that kind of dedication in a religious fanaticism, that's the only time you'll find this kind of dedication; and in the on Tuesday December 16th, this is what came out, this article, right on cue, right on time. It says: 

The World in 2009, The United States: The End of Hubris 

This is the print edition I'm reading here: 

America will be less powerful, but still the essential nation in creating a new world order, argues Henry Kissinger, a former secretary of state and founder of Kissinger Associates. 

Now, this man himself, in the ‘70s, declared the enemy to the State, the many enemy to the State was overpopulation and money was advocated, big sums of money, primarily to round the Third World, setting up abortion clinics and so on (they call them Family Planning Clinics). However, there was also covert material there as well, just to end up with bringing the population down at home as well. Here he is, this same winner here, who's backed by very important, very powerful people. He says: 

The most significant event of 2009 will be the transformation of the Washington consensus that market principles trumped national boundaries. The WTO, the IMF and the World Bank defended that system globally. 

You have to go into the history of these three, it's fascinating, absolutely fascinating to see how they're really all one, to be honest with you; and, they all get their funding from the same source, the one for economic development that was set up 1947. He says: 

defended that system globally. Periodic financial crises were interpreted not as warning signals of what could befall the industrial nations but as aberrations of the developing world to be remedied by domestic stringency: a policy which the advanced countries were not, in the event, prepared to apply to themselves.

The absence of restraint encouraged a speculation whose growing sophistication matched its mounting lack of transparency. An unparalleled period of growth followed, but also the delusion that an economic system could sustain itself via debt indefinitely.  

Now I read articles again about a week or two ago, from some of the big players that talked, thirty years ago, about the US would eventually crumble, from within, because of this burden of debt. This is nothing new; they knew this was going to happen, they planned it that way. 

In reality, a country could live in such a profligate manner only so long as the rest of the world retained confidence in its economic prescriptions. That period has now ended.  

Any economic system, but especially a market economy, produces winners and losers. If the gap between them becomes too great, the losers will organise themselves politically and seek to recast the existing system within nations and between them. This will be a major theme of 2009. 

America’s unique military and political power produced a comparable psychological distortion. The sudden collapse of the Soviet Union 

Well, we know it didn't suddenly collapse, it was the plan. 

tempted the United States to proclaim universal political goals in a world of seeming unipolarity but objectives were defined by slogans rather than strategic feasibility. 

Now that the clay feet of the economic system have been exposed, the gap between a global system for economics and the global political system based on the state must be addressed as a dominant task in 2009.  

This is all about an integrated economic system, with a new centralised bank for the planet, that's what he's really getting at here. 

The economy must be put on a sound footing, entitlement programmes reviewed and the national dependence on debt overcome.  

That's impossible to overcome the debt, unless you just write it off and they should.  

Hopefully, in the process, past lessons of excessive state control will not be forgotten. 

The debate will be over priorities, transcending the longstanding debate between idealism and realism. Economic constraints will oblige America to define its global objectives in terms of a mature concept of the national interest. Of course, a country that has always prided itself on its exceptionalism will not abandon the moral convictions by which it defined its greatness. But America needs to learn to discipline itself into a strategy of gradualism that seeks greatness in the accumulation of the attainable.  

I'll be back more of this speech, it's a remarkable one, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article put out by Henry Kissinger and Kissinger when he speaks, you better listen, because he represents a lot of powerful people, who will never come forward until they've won their game; and, they'll only come forward when we're all brain-chipped and couldn't recognise them. However, he is a very-very important player in this. He says: 

Every major country will be driven by the constraints of the fiscal crisis to re-examine its relationship to America.  

Now, they knew long ago, when they were setting-up the European Union, and they set up the offices of bureaucrats, to deal with the integration of Europe, in 1948, across Europe. Every government had a department, which they kept quiet from the general public, and they knew they'd eventually get a currency and the United States knew this too, because the US was helping to fund the European Integration, it was part of the Marshall Plan, at the end of World War Two. They knew that, eventually, the bigger countries would eventually adopt the EU and even the oil companies, in the Middle East, would start to use whatever currency they came out with in Europe. So, this is no big surprise, we're not caught off-balance, we are not, they like to play it that way, because we must always believe that things just happen by happenstance in our lifetime, like some sort of series of coincidences. That's how it's presented to us; and, they knew too that the US would be exhausted financially, by funding a world army. I think there is over 700 bases, US bases, military bases, air force and naval across the world. They've been the policemen of the world, up to this point. It says: 

As America narrows its horizons, what is a plausible security system and aimed at what threats? What is the future of capitalism?  

And by the way, in the paragraph before he also says: 

... our allies must be prepared to face the necessary rather than confining foreign policy to so-called soft power. 

Changing over to soft power, as I said before, soft power means NGOs and their advocates and they're basically evangelising through media, to convince the public. They call it 'raising public awareness', what they mean is brainwashing you, indoctrinating you, because in the new system that's coming up, the old democracy is gone. The new democracy is a group, or the largest groups, all working together, on behalf of the public. That is the Soviet System and that's the one of course that the big Think Tanks preferred, collectivism. I've read from the articles and books. It says: 

What is the future of capitalism? How, in such circumstances, does the world deal with global challenges, such as nuclear proliferation or climate change? 

He's very politically correct, he's got all that stuff in it too.  

America will remain the most powerful country, but will not retain the position of self-proclaimed tutor. As it learns the limits of hegemony, it should define implementing consultation beyond largely American conceptions. The G8 will need a new role to embrace China, India, Brazil and perhaps South Africa. The immediate challenge. In Iraq, if the surge strategy holds, there must be a diplomatic conference in 2009 to establish principles of non-intervention and define the country’s international responsibilities. The dilatory diplomacy towards Iran must be brought to a focus. The time available to forestall an Iranian nuclear programme is shrinking  

This is the hype, as they change their guns down through the centuries, even Napoleon mentioned this, about England, he called it “perfidious England”, he said. They were always making treaties, breaking treaties, signing the ones they're opposing, back and forth, back and forth and that's really what we've seen happen in the last 20-30 years. I can remember when Ronald Reagan was in and he was calling Gadaffi 'the evil genius' as he brought sights to bear and then he went off to somewhere in Latin America and attacked it with a naval fleet, it’s because they claimed it was overrun by Cubans and so on. They always change their sights and, suddenly, you've got a new enemy that's always worse than any other enemy that's ever existed; and, they always use almost religious terminology, to justify it. War must begin and be used on moral with moral judgements, moral reasoning, moral terminology. So, we have the 'evil Iranians' who are now the greatest threat on the planet you see; and, why is it they can allow India and Pakistan to have these bombs? No one else. You see, that doesn't make sense logically either. It says: 

In 2009 the realities of Afghanistan will impose themselves. No outside power has ever prevailed by establishing central rule, as Britain learnt in the 19th century 

That's when Britain was in there for the Opium, in the Khyber Pass and all the rest of it. They couldn't take it; they couldn't hold it for too long. It says: 

and the Soviet Union in the 20th. The collection of nearly autonomous provinces which define Afghanistan coalesce in opposition to outside attempts to impose central rule.  

That's their natural state there, they're tribal, very tribal. 

Decentralisation of the current effort is essential. All this requires a new dialogue between America and the rest of the world. Other countries, while asserting their growing roles, are likely to conclude that a less powerful America still remains indispensable. America will have to learn that world order depends on a structure that participants support because they helped bring it about. If progress is made on these enterprises, 2009 will mark the beginning of a new world order. 

I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and everything that's being disclosed now, is right in your face with a lot of the truth, at least as far as their agenda goes, they tell you where they're taking us and what Kissinger will leave out there, there's many other articles that will fill in the things that he hinted at, or touched briefly on, because we're going into a totally-controlled society, based on sustainable development. It's also to do with having better types of humans and classifying us, literally, as types and subtypes and all the rest of it, who is essential to society and civilisation, as they like to call it. That's what it's all about. 

I was looking at the latest census forms that Britain has published and there's no stone left unturned, there's absolutely no privacy in it whatsoever. It even asks about your sex life and your religious preferences and all this kind of stuff. Everything is down there, everything; because, we're owned, we are the profane as they like to call the public. We live in a world of darkness but it's a darkness that they gave us and they gave us by keeping the light away, which was the truth about anything. Reality is made up of perceptions, by the people at the bottom; and most of the data is fed to them by those at the top. They always give us mythological reasons for things happening and put history down in a mythological fashion as well. They never tell you the whys and wherefores, that's why I like authors like Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for the CFR, who liked to give you the blank parts, he'd fill them all in for you and tell you the reasons for wars, the financial backers behind it, those who are going to profit and run societies after the wars. It's simply strategy, long-term strategy and a business plan. 

I'll take a call from Ireland there. We've got a call from Mick, that's from Mick from Ireland, are you there? Hello Mick. Are you there? 

Mick: You can hear me?  

Alan: Yes, I got you. 

Mick: Alright, just got two quick questions for you.  You talk about Huxley, what do you think of Huxley's Doors of Perception? 

Alan: Well, Huxley again, part of his, he wasn't the only one at that time that were getting paid to go out and promote this kind of stuff, they also had Timothy Leary as well and it's now admitted Timothy Leary who around the world, Dr. Timothy Leary, wearing his white coat at universities advocating LSD and all the rest of it, was working for the CIA, that's been officially disclosed now. We know for a fact that Huxley himself was working with MI5 and MI6, during World War Two and afterwards in the Department of Culture Creation. So, I'm not surprised they wanted to use; remember it was Huxley himself who sat in on meetings as far back as 1930, talking about how to control society through pharmacology; he wanted to drug the entire planet to make them more docile and easily-managed. It's very enticing the way it was written for youngsters, thinking it makes some magical experiences, but, this was really to get us all hooked on drugs, so that we'd prefer the drugged state of unreality and we'd be out of the picture, we'd be no problems at all to a system, to a government that wanted to control our lives and treat us as they wished. We'd be too stoned - and happy - to care, literally. 

Mick: Alright, and another one, what about Alan Watts?  

Alan: Well, he again was put out, he began as an Anglican priest and he joined the right societies and organisations and - at that time - anyone who promoted the New Age movement was also getting funding from big Foundations because the New Age was to be coupled with the taking of drugs in fact. He came out and he went through his different religious searches and ended up, basically, with Hinduism in reality and promoted alternative religions. You've got to understand too, that all of the big organisations did agree that, to bring in this world order, and to get society to allow those changes to come through that would affect their very individual lives, they had to put the nail on the coffin of Christianity, completely; and so, they were promoting a blend of Eastern religions, exactly as Blavatsky said they would. They’d eventually unite Hinduism with a watered-down Christianity and that's what you have today. You have inter-faith Christianity that has bits of all the new age through it as well. You also have a Christianity that does not believe in Evil anymore, everything's good, you have a good god, everything's wonderful, that's just the new age. 

Mick: He seemed more tied to in the individual to me, making people more aware of the individual, of their own individuality. One more and then I'll go: what did you think of Lisbon Treaty Two, Round Two roll-out?  

Alan: That's coming up now and they're really going after the farmers now, to make them vote the 'correct' way!  They won't be happy and even if they vote it down again, they'll come back again and again and again.

Mick: And if the country revokes, what do you think?! 

Alan: I know, what we have already, really, is a de facto totalitarian system that is not going to tolerate us not voting and doing as they wish us to do. That's been made very obvious by some of the top people in these big organisations. So, what is the answer?  

Mick: Alright, cheers for that. 

Alan: Thanks for calling in.   

That's what you got, we've got a system that's incredibly powerful, arrogant and they're all on board, every agency, every NGO, prattles the same talk on every topic. You see, in the Soviet System, you could not take part of it, you could agree with it and say ‘yeah that seems ok’ and look at another part that might abhor you, no, you had to swallow the whole thing and parrot all of it and that's what we have. When they talk about consensus-building, amongst the NGOs, towards this new sustainable agenda, you have to accept all of it, ultra feminism, there's an article in the paper just today of how far this has gone. It's from Australia, I believe, it's the Herald Sun and here's how far they've gone in Australia, it says: 

Discrimination against white males will soon be encouraged 

It's being made law.  

It's by Susie O'Brien December 09, 2008 

DISCRIMINATION against dominant white males will soon be encouraged in a bid to boost the status of women, the disabled and cultural and religious minorities. Such positive discrimination

They're calling it positive discrimination. 

treating people differently in order to obtain equality for marginalised groups - is set to be legalised under planned changes to the Equal Opportunity Act foreshadowed last week by state Attorney-General Rob Hulls. The laws are also expected to protect the rights of people with criminal records to get a job, as long as their past misdeeds are irrelevant to work being sought.

Equal Opportunity Commission CEO Dr Helen Szoke said males had "been the big success story in business and goods and services". "Clearly, they will have their position changed because they will be competing in a different way with these people who have been traditionally marginalised," she said. "Let's open it up so everyone can have a fair go." Victoria's peak business body expressed concern yesterday about the need for the proposed laws, and questioned if they would undermine the right of companies to make legitimate business decisions. At present, individuals or bodies wanting to single out any race or gender for special treatment must gain an exemption from VCAT.

Companies and public bodies accused of discrimination can only be held to account after a complaint has been made. But the proposed changes go much further, allowing the commission to inquire into discrimination, seize documents and search and enter premises after attempts to bring about change have failed. Businesses and individuals would be required to change their ways even if a complaint had not been received. Action could be taken where an unlawful act was "likely to occur", 

Likely to occur? This is pre-arrest again. 

not just in cases where discrimination has taken place. The commission would also have real teeth to enforce its rulings via VCAT and, as a last resort, in the courts. The changes, shown in a Department of Justice report by former public advocate Julian Gardner, would also: EDUCATE people so they know their rights.

GIVE more protection to people with disabilities, requiring companies and public entities to reasonably accommodate their needs.

GRANT the homeless and people who act as volunteers better protection from discrimination. 

That part sounds all very wonderful, that they want to help; but this is nothing to do with helping people. 

Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry workplace general manager David Gregory said business supported the objectives of equal opportunity legislation.  

Well, he would, because the Chamber of Commerce is all part of this umbrella United Nations group. And, it's called "positive discrimination". Not 'reverse discrimination’ but positive discrimination, that's what they're calling it. Quite amazing isn't it? Again, it goes under the fallacy that all white men in all ages have just lived on the top of the heap, it's against all logic and all factual history. A century ago, most white men were illiterate; they worked in very low-paid jobs, very dirty, dangerous jobs. They did not live at the top of any heap and they lived a very-very poor lifestyle, that's the reality of it. 

Now, we'll go back to the phones and we've got Danny in Georgia. Are you there Danny? 

Danny: Hi Alan.  I'm calling from Southern Oregon. 

Alan: Ok.  

Danny: I got a few questions for you and the first one has to do with the use of cannabis. Is that more associated with Hinduism and that whole New Age Movement? 

Alan: There's no doubt about it, that's why they brought it in. When I was growing up in Britain, it was not there and - suddenly - with the Beatles and the massive sudden increase in India and all the magazines and books getting churned out and put on the shelves quickly, it became the in-thing almost overnight. You find the Jainists, in India, use it as part of their religious ceremonies, they have special harvests of marijuana etc and various drugs; it's part of some religious ceremonies in India.  

Danny: It's interesting because where I live, in Southern Oregon, it's such part of the culture here and it's really part of the counter-culture and the youth. I'm in my 20s and it just seems everyone is so immersed in it and even the form of economy that it's become too, it's just kind of driven everyone down this one path and I really see it so clearly and I myself even deal with it and struggle with it on my own. But, I've looked for insights concerned with where it came from; but thanks for that. The other question I had is the relation to music and music industry and how do you feel about using music as a platform for sharing information, especially with the youth nowadays, you know. I feel like people can absorb information and have their thoughts stimulated by hearing maybe a political hip-hop rapper or maybe a reggae singer. How do you feel about that? I know you have mentioned hip-hop.

Alan: Again, you can get the same effects, there are universities in Canada where you can get the same effects as marijuana from a helmet you put on your head, because it uses very low frequency ELF waves and stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain and they've compared them, study after study, in every intake of students into the psychology classes and so on get to try this on and what they're experiencing is exactly the same thing, only it's induced by a very-very low frequency of electromagnetic radiation, basically because our brains work on very low currents of electricity not the high currents.  

Danny: So, you'd be saying that listening to music then would have that same effect as well?  

Alan: Absolutely. They compared the helmets with for instance, cannabis and the experiences are just the same, the exact same.  

Danny: How interesting. 

Alan: Some of them also get little religious experiences or the same sort of things that you will experience when you're dying, out of body experiences. That also has been proven; they can do that with the same helmets, stimulating the same parts of the brain. 

Danny: Wow, pretty scary. Alright, well I guess that was about it. I appreciate you answering my questions. 

Alan: Thanks for calling.

It's up to the individual, it's true, it's up to the individual what they do with themselves, there's no doubt about it that it should be up to the individual, to do as they want to do. However, people should be aware that there are people who do get addicted, even to what is called the 'soft drugs' and they can't do without it, they do get paranoid and it also helps them lose incentive in work and life etc. That's all part of it too, unfortunately. We find people like Huxley talking about the hope of creating a super drug, a type of soma drug, the mythical soma drug of Ancient India that would keep everybody happy and content. He did say - in his speech at Berkeley - and you'll find the speech on my website. Huxley said what's wrong with drugging the public, he said after all their lives aren't very happy anyway, most folk are not happy. So, what's wrong if we go ahead and find ways to drug them? Well, he could say that because he worked for the elite who had given us a very unhappy system, there's nothing fair or just in this system, economic wise or any other wise. Everyone's afraid of poverty, everyone's afraid of getting sick and not getting treatment and it's based on not getting. Our whole system is based on you producing and consuming and not getting sick. What kind of humane system is that? It's not humane at all. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix. Is David from South Carolina there? 

David: Hello Alan. 

Alan: Hello. 

David: Hey, it's great to speak with you. 

Alan: How are you? 

David: I just had a quick question for you: what is your opinion of prayer? I'm coming at this from a person who is, I consider myself as a Deist, I believe in the Creator and I believe in prayer. I'm not a Christian but what is your opinion of that?  

Alan: I think it would all depend, I think all prayer, probably, just the meditative state or prayer itself will help people come to clearer understandings of that what they're praying about even. We live in a strange world where we've been so dumbed down, so abused, unfortunately, by religions which simply work on behalf of power elites and the system, that all kinds of prayer has got a bad rap.

I think anyone who is hurting and going through their own personal struggles and their own personal hell, will go to it, in one form or another, even if they don't know they're doing it. And, I think, if they are honest with themselves, as to where they are in life, why they're there and so on then, and I know this from people who have told me this, that I believe: that, for them, if they've been very honest and broken generally, they get some kind of help that seems to, things will help them. Maybe not financially or get them out the rut they're in; but they can get a self-confidence they never had before and self-worth in themselves.  

David: It's piece of mind, I found that to be absolutely true. Now, I sort of ritualise it to the point where it's something I normally do, quite a bit. It’s something, a reinforcement I guess.

Alan: You see, most prayers, unfortunately, are, as you say, they're ritualised. They're formalised and it's mainly a liturgy of what someone wants and most things that people really want are not necessarily the best things for them. 

David: You know what, I actually made it a point to not ask the things as in a personal way. You don't ask for money and all these kind of things but I generally just ask to do things for other people and for normalcy. Considering the world we're in, normalcy I guess is, 

Alan: I think what everyone really is looking for, is some kind of peace within the chaos. 

David: Peace of mind, that's exactly what it is. 

Alan: Everything out there is designed to get you frustrated, angry and, you know, people at the bottom will fight each other to the end. They'll kill each other, when they don't hear what they like or they have a particular beef or something. They don't see the big picture and you couldn't get the mass man to get together and fight a common enemy, that's almost impossible; and I think this has always probably been the way of things, down through history, even in rebellions, it was found that only a few percentage would get involved, and actually do the dirty work and take the consequences. 

David: That's right; they demonise the guy down the road. 

Alan: That's pretty well it. 

David: Well, Alan, god bless you and I'm so grateful you're on this network and this network’s still going. 

Alan: Thanks for calling.  And that's the end of it for tonight. There was lots of rain last night on top of the snow and bending of trees, so I'll be busy for the next week or so.

From Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods, go with you.



Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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