Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#221)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 23, 2008:

Crime of Creating the Sub-Prime Mind:

"Arrogant Intellectuals' Self-Laudification
Claims Success, Mass Behaviour Modification,
Man's Just an Animal to be Trained
To Obey the Trainers, Can't be Blamed,
After All, His Mind He Doesn't Use,
So No-one can Claim We Abuse,
When We Download Indoctrination
For a Peaceful World and the Nation,
We'll Turn Wrong to Right, Up is Down,
There'll be No Normal for This Clown,
He's Physically Neutered, Now for His Mind,
This Passive Participant in His Own Decline"
© Alan Watt Dec. 23, 2008

Tuesday 23rd December 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 23, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix on the 23rd of December 2008. For the newcomers to the show: look into website and you'll find hundreds of hours of previous talks I've given and I try and give you the shortcuts to understanding the big-big picture as to what's really happening, why it's happening, and I show you the massive collection of Foundations and Agencies and NGOs, and professional people in the universities who are working to an agenda, which you are really left out in the cold on. They don't tell you what it's about; they simply coerce you through various means. 

Also look into where you can find transcripts of these talks I've given, you can print them up and pass them round to your friends; and, they are done in the various languages of Europe. 

Now, for those who listen regularly, I'd like people to try and donate, if they can, that keeps me going; this is brought to you, by you. I don't ask for money from any show I'm on and I never have. I don't do commercials, I don't push commercials myself. The commercials you hear during the show pay for the airtime, they pay the staff, they pay for the equipment and so on but I don't get anything out of that. So, you have to help me keep going and you can find on my website, how you can donate, there's PayPal buttons on there and you can also do personal cheques within the US and Canada and Alaska. You could also use Western Union. Some people, of course, who are a bit smarter, put a note in an envelope, a monetary note and post it off. It saves you cash, it saves me cash as well; and the banker’s don’t get their little cuts, which sometimes isn't so little.  

Now, we've talked before about this big reality that people think is reality and, yesterday, I mentioned on Youtube, there are 16 parts to a series called Taking Liberties, documenting the farce that's going on in Great Britain since 2001 began. It really began before 2001, they tried to get the ID card through in 1998, and what's really surprising and sad is the people who are really trying to demonstrate, trying to regain their liberties, I don't think quite get the fact that this is a must-be situation. The police don't follow any regular laws as you would say, they do as they wish, they push the people around; and, once they've beaten up people, they try and justify it by the person rushing at them or whatever. They’ll always cover their gluteus maximus, to save themselves. What's happening in Britain is happening across the whole of the British Commonwealth, as they call it, and Britain still has a Commonwealth. Wherever the queen has a representative present over parliament, you're a part of the British establishment and Canada, Australia and New Zealand and some others still have this going on. It's not that that really is surprising, what's really more surprising, unless you go into the history of it, is how come the United States has parallel systems? For every organisation in Britain that's running the show, for every Think Tank that's on board with the whole agenda, there's one in the United States, set up exactly the same. This took long-long term planning, during the Cold War, to bring all this into effect; and, I talk about the realities, as I say, people don't quite get it that they're not going to get their freedoms back because there's a whole big agenda, which is coming into view now, and to change the world and everyone in it, as it goes along. I'll be back with more, after the following break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, and, I'm trying to go into another area: the area which helps to give us our reality. Across the world, reality is being standardised, has been standardised in fact, except for a few countries that are being pummelled into the ground right now; and, once that's over, they will bring up a generation, trained by UNESCO, to be the first 'democratic' government for their system. That's what the standardisation of the Middle East is all about, they already have hammered Christianity, what's left of it is so punch drunk and happy, in a sense, happily punch drunk that it goes along with anything.  I've got documents on that too, with the interfaith that's going on; and, if I get time today, I'll go through some of that, from the big organisations themselves. People have heard me talk about how reality is created by professionals and they call it technique, scientific technique. Governance and governance technique relies upon scientific technique, to make policies that the public will accept, unwittingly in fact, because we don't really think critically. We hear little bits and bites on the news and we parrot those bits and bites and we basically parrot the system, the next part of the system into existence, without critically analyzing it, or even really understanding it. People go along with anything as long as everyone else is going along with it, that's a basic premise for controlling the mass man and woman.

Someone sent me a link two days ago and it ties right in with what I've talked about often, I'm talking about the writings of Bertrand Russell, who kind of laid the groundwork, at least openly, in his books; for the first time the general public could read it although it was really intended for his own kind, the scientific elite. It didn't stop with Bertrand Russell, he laid the groundwork for professors in certain areas, for certain fields of study, across the world that are now all networked together, because everyone in academia knows where their bread is buttered. They know which way the wind blows and everything to do with their political correctness is telling them that you've got to get on board and be part of the unification of the world idea; and, you must use behaviour modification to alter society. And, it's funny, after this particular article was sent to me, I did something I rarely do on a Sunday, or any time at all, I turned on the television to see what the public broadcasting was saying and public broadcasting is one of the main indoctrination channels out there for the environmentalists and so on. This time, they were going on about how they educate children not to be prejudiced against anything and these little children, around ages of 5 and 6, and they were giving them a story about a same sex couple and they were telling it like a fairy tale (no pun intended) but they were saying these two loved each other very very much and they were persecuted and they were attacked by society in general. Then, I just switched the thing off and then I thought about it, I says you know: do they have the rights to give opinions? You see, when you are giving what becomes a behaviour to children, behaviour through fiction, how can you justify that to begin with? You see, that's what the churches had for centuries: all you could put on were morality plays; and the particular morality plays always bolstered the Church and the feudal system that prevailed for centuries, many-many centuries. One would bolster the other and that's all the people knew, that in itself was behaviour modification, in a very simplistic form, done with repetition. You can alter anyone's mindset and give them any opinion, if you only give them part of any story; that's how the whole of society is treated, with pretty well every major topic. 

Getting back to this link the guy sent me: and he's talking about a professor of Twente University in Holland, who is part of a world-wide network, obviously, to do with behaviour modification of the masses. Now, I have governments' documents here with their own departments for behaviour modification of the masses, but this is a particular guy that, no doubt, advises governments; and, the person who sent me the link, basically, he's also said this that's he's put into his own words the summary of this article and the article is on:- 

Persuasive Technology and Moral Responsibility by Peter-Paul Verbeek 

who just churns out books faster than I can go back and forth to the toilet, which means there's a big staff behind them, all churning this stuff out, like all big writers do. These people really have a big input into governmental policy, to deal with us. This is what he says, in his own words, this guy when he summed it all up:-  

It is important that we, who are part of the scientific ruling elite, have the scientifically-established evidence of the moral justification of the use of Persuasive Technologies; we develop a moral standard methodology accordingly and we have a new scientifically-established definition of freedom.  

Remember what Bush said in one of his big speeches after 9/11: the New Freedom, the redefined freedom. Do you think it came from Bush? No, it came from guys like this you see.  

So that we can continue our mass behaviour-influencing practices, unhindered by other standards of morality, maintained by a small minority of Proles  

That's the boys at the bottom. 

whose definition of freedom we will not tolerate and we will not permit to exist any longer, because it's not scientifically valid and - therefore - unreliable. 

Now, this is this person who summed this up in those words, as this guy prattles through the paper itself on Persuasive Technology and Moral Responsibility. Here's some quotes here, from the book itself or the paper itself: 

Moreover, the very practice of technological persuasion can raise moral questions in itself, because it might be seen as a threat to human autonomy, a source of moral laziness, or an anti-democratic force in society which lets designers rather than representatives of the people steer our behavior.  

In other words, he's admitting, you see, that people design our behaviour, it doesn't come from representatives of the people that steer us, our behaviour is designed for us. I've been telling you your whole culture, your whole life long, and your parents too, were given to them. Another quote here says: 

Technological persuasion can be seen as a specific manifestation of the more encompassing phenomenon of technological mediation. This concept indicates the ways in which technologies inevitably and often implicitly help to shape human actions and perceptions by establishing relations between users and their environment. 

Remember what Skinner said: you alter the behaviour of people, by altering something within their environment (be it an ipod, TV, radio, the Internet, whatever). Another quote says: 

First technologies help to shape how reality can be present for human beings, by mediating human perception and interpretation; 

In other words, reality can be present for human beings by mediating human perception, mediating your perception. I've said that's how the ancient priests used to do it. You looked at a rock, you would see a rock; but, if the priest got into your brain first and told you what it was, you wouldn't see a rock anyway, you would see something else, you would see what he said it was. He also goes into interpretation, that's in the quote as well. They will give you your interpretation 

... second, technologies help to shape how humans are present in reality, by mediating human action and practices. 

The mediatory capacities regarding human action are often indicated with the concept of ‘scripts’, as developed by Madeleine Akrich (1992) and Bruno Latour (1992). Just like the script of a theater play or a movie tells the actors what to do at what moment, technologies can prescribe their users how to act when they are used. 

... Mediation of action usually takes shape in encouraging or inviting specific forms of action, while discouraging or inhibiting other actions. The mediating role of technologies in human experience is often indicated as ‘technological intentionality’: technologies are ‘directed’ at specific aspects of reality and help to shape our perceptions and interpretations accordingly. Such intentionalities usually take shape in amplifying specific perceptions while reducing others, thus providing a specific basis for interpreting what is perceived. 

... Explicit reflection on the possible mediating roles of a technology-in-design should, therefore, be part of the moral responsibility of designers. 

In other words: there's a moral aspect here and they must, those who are designing this, to alter our behaviours take all of this into consideration; because they also know where they want to take us, in their modification. 

They include trust (to what extent can consumers trust the creators of persuasive technologies?); 

Well, the answer is you can't, the world is one long-long history of tyrants who want total control over every single individual and your thoughts, that's coming into view right now. Then he says:- 

... responsibility (who can be held responsible for the resulting behavior of users?); reliability (can we be sure the persuasion does not have undesirable effects?); 

You see, it's so perfect; it's so perfect in behaviour modification, that even their mistakes can have undesirable effects; they have to work out all of these possibilities before they introduce it into society.  I'll be back with more, after these messages.  

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, I'm discussing articles from those who influence and alter our behaviour, they call it Behaviour Modification and they go through the different techniques they use to get ideas across. Remember Bertrand Russell himself said that they'd have to get Madison Avenue on board; they already had it when he said it. Whenever they admit something, you find they've been doing it for years. Throughout the history of this upgrading of the New World Order, this system we're in today, of increasing totalitarianism, to create a perfect world of peace, someone designs or decides what peace is supposed to be. In their world of course, everyone must be perfectly predictable, that's the key to it: perfect predictability for every individual on the planet. That's why you have cameras everywhere; that's why they're encouraging cameras to be used all throughout people's homes. The youngsters are falling for it, after watching the ‘reality’ shows. They admit that they put the cameras in some computer screens; they admit they can go into the microphones and turn them on and listen to your conversations. Then, some of these black boxes that we're using for high definition TV have cameras in them and that's been in the mainstream media. What a deal, they can watch you. The idea being that you will, hopefully, gradually, forget the need of privacy, in fact, the youngsters already have pretty forgotten what privacy is. You see, they've been trained in socialism that they're being well taken care of and there's no nasty people out there that has all their data, or who's watching them who has any bad designs on them. That's what they believe, they're trained that way. This is the dream of tyrants down through the ages.  Getting back to this particular professor - who's an international character, as they all are at this level - this Peter-Paul Verbeek, professor of philosophy. He says: 

When introducing technologies that explicitly aim to influence human behavior on a large scale, such technologies need to meet specific requirements in order to be morally acceptable. 

In other words, they're looking at us, at the bottom, what we think is moral and they design it to fit what you think is your morality. 

One of the most important requirements is that users can trust the technology they are using. 

So, here they are too and it's true enough with cell phones and all the rest of it, people use them and it's already been on, again, in mainstream, they've been tracking people ever since they gave them out in the first place and they've used it - supposedly - in one or two criminal investigations, probably a lot more. Therefore, people will compromise their privacy and freedom for something that's quick and easy to use, they give their freedoms away. However, this particular professor is called Peter-Paul Verbeek, associate Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, and director of the international master program Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society. He is also an editor of the journal Technè: Research in Philosophy and Technology and a member of the board of the Society for Philosophy and Technology. As from 2009, Verbeek is a member of the ‘Young Academy’, which is part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. And, I'll put these links up to his various articles, at the end of the show, to show you what really is going on; but, what's even more interesting, you see, people never associate these things as being a cluster of things that work together, they're interconnected altogether.

Here's one that fits right into it, it’s from of the British Cabinet Office and it's from the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit. This is called:

Personal Responsibility and Changing Behaviour: the state of knowledge and its implications for public policy. 

This was first done in 2004 but it's updated every year. The US has its own Department too, so does Canada. I'll say that again: 

Personal Responsibility and Changing Behaviour: the state of knowledge and its implications for public policy. 

It says here, it gives you a whole list of the whole thing, of all its mandates: 

1.1 Government can’t do it alone; 1.2 Enhancing personal responsibility as a good in its own right. 

They rationalise why they should give the public their personal behaviour. That's going to be tied in with:- 

1.3 Improving cost-effectiveness

 So, it's got to be cost-effective, all of this programming and this behaviour modification.  

1.4 Establishing the division of responsibility between individual, community and state 

Then they go to the theories of behavioural change, this is the government. I tell you, they give your whole culture, they give you your thoughts and your behaviour, your political correctness and we adapt. 

2.1 Exploring alternative approaches to behavioural change

Then they go into what the rational man is:-

2.2 ‘Rational man’

2.3 Understanding the ‘ecology’ of human behaviour. 

2.4 Individual level theories 

2.5 Interpersonal behavioural theories 

2.7 Community theories of behaviour 

They go into this in big detail, because that works so well, it's very important to them how they create a particular type of community where everybody parrots the same sort of stuff to each other and you don't have any individualism at all. They go into individuals because individuals, as we know, are marked down as an enemy of the United Nations and every government on the planet. They don't like that, at all. They also go into ways to punish, force and coerce people into behaviour modification en masse. I'll put this link up too, at the end of the show. I'll be back, after this break, with more. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to cram a lot into an hour, which isn't very long at all, especially when you can trail off into so many associated directions on a particular topic to do with Behaviour Modification on a global scale and everything really that comes from the UN and all of its affiliates and all of the NGOs and Foundations is at the root cause, or the root of all of this behaviour modification, for their perfect world. However, they also want us to be very meek and humble people, as we die off and they bring in the New Man, in thirty years or so, after we've had the riots and so on. They want us to be well-managed, as we go into food crisis and water crisis and so on and die off quietly; that's what they hope.

I've got articles from the Military, as I say, where they talk about these up-coming riots, they talk about how they'll cram everyone into the major cities, they even have maps on their website, of the major crowded cities and that's why, too, these big cities haven't had their infrastructure updated for many-many years. They knew years ago, that they would let them all crumble to pieces, because they wouldn't need them, after they'd served their purpose and we were all pretty well died off. They admit there's going to be pandemics and very poor quality sanitation etc and the disease will be pretty rampant. This is the predictions for the future from all of our ‘betters’ and the intellectual elite they're using on behalf of the Guardian Class. That's what Plato called the ones at the top: the Guardians. 

We have to go into Behaviour Modification, to give them an easy time of it, while all this is going down. Before I go to callers, here's another article here, I mentioned the inter-faith organisations who were set up, beginning with the World Council of Churches, that Mr Rockefeller was the head of for a long time. This whole idea was to standardise religions and bring them all together into, really, a new religion. They'd loose all of their fundamentalism and the true beliefs and end up sort of re-washed, soapy suds kind of happy type little clubs that you go to and wave your hands around a lot and get a fix every weekend, or Sunday, or whatever. That's pretty well happened in most of these Christian churches today. There's no hell anymore, because hell is here and there's no evil anymore because that's essential from the Cabbala of the high group that runs this whole world. The Cabbala does not believe there's good or really evil, it's a matter of human judgement and something always benefits out of it at the end. That's basic Cabalistic teachings and you find that John Dee and Bacon and others, of the 1500s, around the Queen Elizabeth the 1st Court, were all Cabbalists, they called it Christian Cabbala, at that time because they adapted the Jewish Cabbala into Christianity. They've never stopped since there and it's all through Freemasonry as well, by the way, for those Masons at the bottom who don't know anything about it; but, then, they don't know much at all, at the bottom.  

Generating the Renewable Energy of Hope - The Earth Charter Guide to Religion and Climate Change 

Now, that they've got them all on board now, they've all had the same brainwashing through the same television, magazines, newspapers, they're going to use them. By the way, if you wonder why Tony Blair turned Catholic, it was nothing to do with him believing in religion, it's just his next phase, his next job he's been pushed on to do. Because he's already come out and said his job is to bring all the religions together, that's his main function, that's why he became Catholic. That's the real reason why.

Now, the Earth Charter, remember, was put out there by Maurice Strong, on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation and the United Nations. Under the Earth Charter, people have to diminish in numbers while animals are rewilded into the regions we're presently living in. It's quite amazing they're rewilding the countryside around us, with wolves and so on, while we're still living in it. In some parts of the State, they put in Mountain Cats - they've been killing off domestic cattle and so on. That's the height of arrogance, the height of arrogance; it's like bringing in new tenants before you've moved out of the home. But, then, they do have their agenda and nothing can stop it; and, we shouldn't be in the way, according to them, and that's all we are, is in the way right now.  

They're getting all the churches on board, they're getting all the churches on board with the agenda and they've all their acknowledgements there too and I'll put this link up as well. Then they go on about: 

Setting the context: Why do we need this guide? Who should read this guide?  

Probably not me.  

Ban Ki-Moon’s call to people of faith to support the struggle against global warming 

They're getting them all on board, with this global warming farce when all the top scientists are saying we're in a cooling period and places across the planet are having snow that they haven't had for 50 years. Then they go on about the Facts about Climate Change, so these brain-washed, new types of religious people will be a good force to use. Now, I've said, in the past, they never ever miss the chance of using already-established groups of people, they love groups, they love big organisations because they can take them over and use them. It's much easier than trying to persuade people on a one to one basis. They go onto:-

Environmental Challenges, Social Challenges, Economic and Political Challenges, Ethical Challenges, the Transformative Power of Faith and Hope: Religious Responses to Climate Change, Ecumenical Christianity, Church-based projects, The Catholic Church 

Where you've got Tony Blair in there now doing the same thing. 

Patriarch Bartholomew I and Orthodox Christianity, The Evangelical Community, The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, Muslim Responses, Buddhism, Interfaith projects and organisations and its assessment at the bottom. 

Then it says: 

The Earth Charter’s Integrated Ethical Approach to Climate Change, The Background of the Charter 

Remember in that Charter, human beings were brought down, in fact, lower than the level of insects. The insects and animals all have rights, so do trees and grass, but we have no rights whatsoever. Maurice Strong said that, at the meeting, when he was asked 'What about human rights?' He says: "You'll wish you had the same rights as a tree". Now we have all these stupid people, with their hand-wavings and so on, from all these modern groups of religions that have lost all their sustance, all their salt has gone, it's lost it’s savour but they're great being an army of religious people to be used, for the big agenda, they never miss their opportunity for using big groups. I'll put this link up as well, so people can have an idea what's happening throughout their churches and so on.  

Now, we'll go to the phones now and we've got someone from Idaho here, Sean from Idaho, are you there? 

Sean: Yeah, hi Alan.  

Alan: Hello.  

Sean: How are you tonight?  

Alan: I'm hanging in under a mountain of snow here! 

Sean: Well, it's pushing our way. Just real quick, first, on a light note: I always get a kick when you say Rockefeller, House of Cattle, Cattle Herders right? 

Alan: That's right. They actually used to use a symbol. You see, in the Occult, they use a symbol of the Zodiac for all these main characters and you find that there's always a representative for Boötis, Boötes is the herd driver in the Zodiac. He drives the herd, he whips the herd in the direction they want to go and that's what Rockefeller's job is. 

Sean: Because he's still a worker bee? 

Alan: He himself is still high up in the beehive there but he's not the top character of course as well. He didn't set up the system of Foundations but his predecessors certainly did tell or were told how to set them up and what their function would be. 

Sean: Well, I didn't call in about that, I just had a couple of quick comments and then one pertinent question relating to a couple of the articles you were talking about, about persuasive technology; but, about global warming, real quick: I was on Accuweather's site, that's how I check my weather, and there was a global warming Blog on it on there. So, I went and read this article and they're talking about how global warming started 5000 years ago in these rice paddies and this and that and I went to make a comment, made a comment about the Club of Rome, First Global Revolution and I came back a day later to see how many more comments and every one of the comments was against this article and saying what a farce it was. Yet, as it's presented in the media, everybody is for this farce. 

Alan: That's correct and I have articles here where they talk about the role of the media in the future, again, it's from the United Nations, saying that much of the stuff that the media will be promulgating to the public will be basically fake news or partial truth or complete lies, for social order.  

Sean: The other thing too, I wanted to say was you know, I get this but this is a war and people better wake up right now, because this whole economy thing, this is just a diversion, you know, like you've said, it's taking back what they've given to the people for the last 70 years and people have no memories, they don't realise, in the 1800s they've done this a few times; in the previous century a few times and this economy is such a diversion from what is really going on right now. 

Alan: Well, that article I read last night, from a PDF on the economy and the future for sustainability, in page, I think it was page 24-25, that I read at the end of the show, it actually said that if the Economy was to fall apart and, basically, go bankrupt, it would certainly help the agenda for sustainable development, they could make use of it. That's right in their own writings there. 

Sean: Right, well, anyway, I'll get to my question real quick and it has to do with the Parietal Lobe and I recognise, I guess, that all of our conditioning, all of our indoctrination. You’ve made the statement before that it's the Parietal Lobe in most people is shut off and I got to thinking why if it's shut off we wouldn't be able to really think but then I realised what they've done is downloaded into us everything that they want us to see and everything they want us to think, how to speak, because I know for me, you know the last few months getting into the coding, I mean, I see things differently now with these words; so, can you just speak to that for just a minute? 

Alan: Yes, as I say, you have to go back even as far back as the times of Zoroaster, also called Zarathustra, and how the priests operated on the people there, with already incredible information, which must have come from an earlier time; and, how perceptions were formed by the people and how different parts of the brain, they knew this from war, because they used a lot of clubs in war and axes and soon, a lot of head injuries. They knew which parts were injured and how it affected the people who survived. They had it down pretty well pat but they did know that they could alter the perceptions of people and a good example is coming up: Christmas time, the Winter Solstice. The ancient priests used to threaten masses of people, whole nations of people that the sun wouldn't rise again, unless the priests were getting all the goodies and riches and so on. They’d do a little magic act and then for 3 days, the sun would hang still and it would start to rise again, more North every day; and, so, they'd saved the world and they pulled that con off for thousands of years, in ancient times. Nothing has changed, today it's global warming, something none of us can prove either except them, supposedly. NASA's the only ones who have equipment to detect this, NASA's the only ones with the equipment to detect the so-called hole in the ozone; so they can keep this farce going for as long as they want to. It's the same idea and they make you unsure of your own thoughts, your own perceptions, your own reality, you're told, basically, who you're going to believe, your lying eyes as the snow piles up around your neck, or them and we're actually getting warmer. This is a great con, but it's obvious that they're not going to backtrack on it, because they literally decided this, thirty-odd years ago, and they made this their priority so they're not going to backtrack. This is for the whole agenda for sustainable development. 

Sean: That's for sure. Right, I'll let you go, thank you very much and just one last quick thing: I saw Orion rising last night. The three wise men are looking at Sirius, so, anyway, thanks. 

Alan: Thanks for calling.  

Sean: Thank you, bye. 

Alan: Bye now. And, over 2000 years ago, when Orion rose, there was an alignment with the moon, the new moon, the nascent moon, which is a nasi moon and, in the middle was, again, the very bright star and that's why they chose that particular era as well, to bring it forth. Now, of course, Sirius itself is a dog star, that's the eye of the Dog Star that trails Orion that originally was about the three wise men lined up with a star that was still to the right of it, as it rose. It's all occultic stuff but priests down through the ages have had us all in chains, now it's a scientific priesthood. Very precise, very precise in what it does, they also have mass media coverage right to your home, everyone's got TV, everyone gets the same brainwashing, hears the same stuff so they can brainwash us all en masse. It's a mass entertainment, it's a mass tool for indoctrination and they're also teaching children at every level, from kindergarten onwards, about global warming and sustainability and too many people etc etc etc etc; it's phenomenal.

You know, Hitler, really is a choir boy, compared to these boys who run this world and we've got to understand yes we've had a war on us and they have been killing us. They have been murdering us off, for years, by design and like Arnold Toynbee said, the great internationalist and a teacher for Rhodes Scholars, he said "We always deny with our mouths that which we do with our hands". They can't admit what they've been doing, even though the evidence is all out in front of us, everyone's dropping dead with cancers. The average doctor today believes that, the trainee going through the medical training, is taught that it's quite normal; that wasn't the case 30-40 years ago and many cancers were very-very rare indeed. What happened in between that time? The inoculation programme started up full tilt and the food of course was modified and altered and so on and heavy pesticides were used as well. We're seeing the end result of a plan, because they knew this would happen. Just the reports I've read about the Bysphenol A and the various phthalates they've used, they knew this in the late 1800s, what it would do, mainly to the human male: it would make him sterile; so they make that a priority to get into your food.

They give us the statistics of us declining steadily from the '50s onwards, in sterility; and, if this went to a court of law, where evidence, the preponderance of evidence dictates the verdict, we'd have to find them guilty, because this is all mandated and allowed by these various agencies, these governmental agencies that you think are there to protect you. They mandated the stuff they put in the foods; Government's already said that Monsanto and all the GMO food is to get a free hand now and our complaining is going to do nothing about it, they're going full ahead with it, to kill more of us off faster. Back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and we have, on the phones, Terry from Texas, are you there Terry? Hello Terry. 

Terry: Yeah. I was just gonna say, to substantiate, as you've been saying there, laying out all the foundation for your argument, to substantiate the conditioning that we're doing and that's being done to us and the breaking down of areas of privacy, those boundaries, I will have to say and then you further connected that with using groups and the first thought, you know, well not the first thought, well obviously the biggest groups that are being used are students, particularly university students. 

Alan: Always, always the professors and then the students, that's right. 

Terry: And, particularly Ivy League students; now this gets me back to a story that occurred to me a year ago. I went to go visit a friend of mine, their kid goes to Yale University and, at Yale, I guess, when you go there, you are immediately put into what they call, I think, a college or a hall. I think there are five colleges or halls at Yale and the one she was at was called Trumble College. I guess, basically, it's just a dormitory and so I was there, I was visiting him, and I mentioned that I needed to use the bathroom and she said oh, just go down the hall and so then I came back out and I saw a girl go in and then a guy and I came back and I asked her “what's this?”, “Oh, they’re co-ed.” So I went back in the bathroom and I'm looking at this bathroom Alan and I'm saying to myself you know it's got a shower in there and you know how like where you have a bathroom, toilet stall, kind of low, kind of high, you can see beneath somebody's feet there and you can see above but you'd have to really peer above. The dang door on this thing couldn't have been more than 5 foot, 5 and half foot tall. Anybody that wanted to peer into that, if you're a woman or a guy you're looking in, a quick glance. In this bathroom, there was no decorum or sense of privacy if you were a male or female; and, when I put up a big stink about it, I was the one that was looked at like I had a third eyeball. 

Alan: Yes, because they've been brought up under the Communist system, basically it's the soviet system, where there's no real difference between the male and the female and that's all part of the conditioning process as well. Under the guise of equality, what they're doing is eradicating the distinction of male and female. 

Terry: Well, this is what overreached me throughout, this is where you can have a caller calling in like myself who's actually seen it, can actually go to Yale and go to Trumble College and look at the co-ed bathrooms and you would be appalled, you'd absolutely be appalled. The whole day I was freaking out about it. They thought, like I said, that I was crazy; but, here you go; and when you get that conditioning set in place, it's definitely incrementalism. 

Alan: It is incrementalism and also it's no coincidence that when Mao Tse-tung was dishing out the same blue overalls for males and females, in his genderless society, they were promoting jeans, blue jeans for males and females back in the West, at the same time. There was no coincidence whatsoever that was planned that way too. They called it unisex over here; we'll all turn into one sex or one gender. That's all part of it the agenda as well.  

Terry: Ok, I wanted to substantiate exactly what you were saying, and I saw it with my very own eyes. 

Alan: Well, thanks for calling in. 

Terry: Goodnight. 

Alan: Goodnight.  

Well, that's it from me from a very snowy Ontario Canada, where it's really coming down something else, under this global warming, more snow than ever. So, from Hamish and myself, it's goodnight and may your god, or your gods, go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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