Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#222)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 26, 2008:

Tubby Money Magi (Now You See It, Now You Don't):

"Taxed by Governments, Defrauded by Banksters,
The Suit and Tie is Uniform of Gangsters,
Yet Common Folk Bow In Their Presence,
Ignorant of History, Never Learning Lessons,
The Biggest Scams So Carefully Crafted,
Use Those Bowing, Bowed Get Shafted,
The Tubby Money Magi, Like Mr. Madoff,
Sent Billions to Money Heaven, Thousands Laid-Off,
So Who Makes Money at the End of Day?
The Tubby Money Magi Make Crime Pay"
© Alan Watt Dec. 26, 2008

Friday 26th December 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 26, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)                  

"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, on December the 26th 2008. 

For newcomers, look into and on the website, you can take your pick of hundreds of hours of talks I've given over the past, where I try to give you a different perspective than the media has given you, and your education too, by showing you evidence of how the world is run, how it's really run and planned, planned by big Foundations, big Think Tanks, using all of the major academia, working together on common programmes of control, to bring in a New World Order, a new system. Something they have dreamed of in those circles for an awful long time. I give you the short-cuts, if that's possible, even the short-cuts contain so much data, it can be overwhelming for most people.  

Download as much of the talks that you want, also look into and you can download transcripts of these talks and these transcripts are written in the various languages of Europe. 

We are really going into this big New World Order, it's coming together so perfectly, where organisations set up, mainly during and after World War Two, are coming to the fore now, to show you what they're all about, what their main purpose really is. Like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, big organisations, international organisations and we forget that most of the big major wars were to do with Internationalism, to bring in an international order of one type or another. Adolf Hitler wanted a united Europe; you find from the Memoirs really of Winston Churchill's Personal Secretary [John Colville] who wrote The Fringes of Power, he said that Winston Churchill's view, and his dream was to have a united Europe. Hitler and Winston Churchill both had the same dream and they both hoped that World War Two would bring it about. Behind that too, you had big banking organisations, which operated in neutral countries, financing all sides of this thing. They also had banks too within the warring countries, investing through IG Farben and keeping the war machine going in Germany in World War Two. You have this incredible loophole, which allows banks to, somehow, be untouchable and even those who do the trading too, the big corporations that formed IG Farben and other groups, to be almost untouchable. People don't know that the United States, backed by the Big Foundations, and the Rockefellers and big families, who helped fund IG Farben, sent dozens and dozens of top lawyers over to the trials (the Nuremberg Trials in Germany), to do with the prosecutions against people who had set up the war industry, the machinery for the Nazi Regime. Their job was to get them off and they were very-very successful.

Behind it all, as I say, is someone's idea of a global society, a world under domination, by a few. It's still run on an economic system that, to the person at the bottom, seems so tenuous, so elastic. Elastic can be stretched so much it can be broken it seems many times over and they never seem to fix it, the reason being that they want to pull the same stunts over and over and it's called the Depressions. That's why they never fixed it; and, I've been reading in the different articles, from the International Monetary Fund and EU and so on, where they want to use this crisis to further their agenda for integration. I'll be back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix. I was just mentioning how these big organisations use crisis to bring in their agenda, which often makes you wonder if they have anything to do with planning the crisis in the first place. It takes me back to, I think it was Gary Hart that was photographed and filmed talking to the Council on Foreign Relations, after 9/11; and, he said that Bush Senior had mentioned a New World Order coming into view. He says: "We could use this crisis to our advantage, to make this happen"; and, it was never explained to the public, although it was shown on public television, these little clips they show you. The public are left sort of in La-La land, we don't know what it is; is this an official organisation? Is it part of government or whatever? They didn't bother to tell us that it’s a private organisation that's just the American branch of The Royal Institute of International Affairs that really run the World, this parallel system. Therefore, when I read this article about Britain and the EU and the Pound, the British Pound, Pound Sterling, it took me back to that, because the head, the man who's in charge of the Euro currency for Europe at their main Parliament building in Brussels, said the same thing: he says we can use this crisis to forge ahead with the Euro, to replace all the currencies. See, Britain's being holding out, and, sure as can be, here's the Independent, the newspaper, 15th of December 2008. It says: 

Pound to be left to its fate. Treasury says protecting the currency is 'not a first-order issue' as Euro readies to overtake sterling in markets for the first time. By Michael Savage. The plummeting pound will not be propped up by government intervention, ministers declared yesterday, as it emerged that they will simply hope Britain's beleaguered currency stabilises as broader measures to stimulate the economy begin to take effect. Sterling has fallen to a series of record lows against the euro in recent days, and looks set to reach parity with the single European currency for the first time. Its fall has hit holidaymakers as well as the thousands of Britons living on the Continent, who have seen the value of pensions and savings plummet.  

Well, no kidding. 

But ministers have made it clear no help will be forthcoming to stabilise sterling. The Europe minister, Caroline Flint, 

Well named, skinflint. 

confirmed the value of the pound was not a "first-order issue" and Yvette Cooper, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said bolstering the currency had never been the Government's aim. Senior government figures are wary of mistakes made in the lead-up to Black Wednesday in 1992, when attempts by John Major's government to prop up the pound failed and led to a bill thought to be more than £3bn. The growing possibility of deflation, now discussed as a possibility by the Treasury, is seen as a greater threat to the economy.  

They're not going to prop the Pound up, why? Well the real reason is they want everyone to change to the Euro, euro currency and it'll be interesting to see how they deal with Canada, the States and Mexico, because we've had talks for years, by some of the big boys themselves, and they actually call this currency that's to come out the Amero and the only problem they had too was getting the people to accept it. That's how everything works in this system; they go to great lengths and big shows. See, we are the masses and the masses don't like to be moved from one field to another you see. We get kind of used to grazing where we are; and their whole idea is to get you in motion. They go to great lengths to get you in motion, psychologically, so that we eventually will accept everything that's pushed upon us as quite natural. And, I've no doubt about it, with Fortress America, that's what they're calling the whole Continent of the Americas, Fortress America and the integration of Canada, Mexico and the US. They will bring out a currency to deal with the present crisis.

That led me off to the International Monetary Fund, I want to know exactly what is the International Monetary Fund and it's so vague to people, you have to look at how it was set up and what it was set up to do, because the International Monetary Fund is being hailed as the big saviour that's going to take everything over and run the world, basically, financially. What is it? Well, it works with the World Bank and it also works with this other branch, they all seem to be integrated as the one system, this other branch for International Reconstruction and Settlement I think they call it.  I do know when the International Monetary Fund comes in and takes over a country, they run the affairs of that country, they are an international body, they're a global body; and, they can tell you how much to inflate or deflate the money system, but they also demand their own big cuts of the proceeds as they run your economy. They have run many Third World countries into the ground, by forcing so-called High-Tech farming on these countries and it's totally depleted the soil; and, because the farmers have to reply these big loans to the IMF, they go bankrupt, generally, because they can't afford all of the chemicals they need to replenish the stuff they've taken out of it. The farmers used to allow fields to be fallow for few years and they would simply plough in weeds, even weeds, and bits of trees and leaves and all the rest of it, and grass back into the ground and leave it fallow and that replenished all the vitamins and the minerals you needed. Now it's all done away with, with this high-tech farming system that costs an awful lot of money. It really isn't cost-effective in the long run, it destroys the soil; and, it also, of course, with all the chemicals that are added, ends up killing off the people. So, for the IMF, it fulfils quite a few functions.

The IMF is to take over on all of this; now, the IMF is dedicated, in its own charter, to concentrating primarily on Third World countries. It also has been known to help negotiate money from First World countries to the Third World countries, acts like a mediator. It's not going to change its agenda, because the First World countries are now, basically, bankrupt, they still concentrate on the Third World countries.

We're in for a really rough time of it, I hate to say this before the beginning of the New Year; but that's the truth of it, it's planned this way, it's planned this way. That's why, as I've said before, this crash is allowed to happen. Looking into the books, apparently of the big boys, who had the Ponzi Schemes like Madoff, or made-off, he made off with the money. You find that the government had never gone in since they first registered as a corporation, they'd never gone in to check its books - and, yet, everyone knew, every other investor knew it was a Ponzi scheme, it was too good to be true - and now people have lost their shirts on it. This is pretty standard. How come? Why is it that all the propaganda in the world to do with cops and detectives and investigators are all to do with people at the bottom? The money they spend catching petty crime and petty criminals is astonishing and all the dramas on television and the movies, it's always about people at the bottom. Everyone knows, including the legal system itself, that the biggest crime of all is white-collared workers at the top; and, why do they get away with it? As long as they say there is no personal physical violence involved, that's how they justify these light sentences they get, when they get sent to the prisons with no walls and they have golf courses and so on. Because there's no real violence intended, therefore, if you rip people off for billions of dollars and create massive poverty everywhere, you didn't really intend any malice towards them and you didn't create any physical violence. In other words, as long as you do it cleverly and you wear a business suit and you have porters and doormen opening doors for you and bowing and scraping and lord mayors doing the same kind of thing to you, because you have so much money, then you get sent to a little rehab place, where you play golf.  

That's the reality of the world that we live in, it's just so, so corrupt, so incredibly corrupt and as long as people worship Mammon; and, it's so true, as long as we worship people who are stinking rich, that we will get what we deserve over and over and over again. We just can't bend over enough for these guys.

I was reading a book about Rockefeller, the first one, who was basically a robber baron who did every dirty deed and tactic possible to get and acquire all of his oil conglomeration, stooping to nothing, including real violence, to do so. When he wiped out the miners, who were in protest at working for him, at one point, by using local militia, they brought in, as I say, a man called Gates - check his genealogy, it's quite interesting - to give him a total make-over and make him into a philanthropist, so this is murderer and robber would be a nice man, a philanthropist. The author of this particular book said that the sad thing was: when he went in and they'd made-over his imagery and promoted it through a PR specialist and so on (McKenzie King from Canada did the PR special stuff and he was made Prime Minister of Canada eventually, as a reward), it's said that the people, the working people rather than lynch old man Rockefeller, when he came round their houses, for what he'd done, sort of grovelled with their caps in hand and that's what the poor do in the presence of massive wealth. The whole system is geared towards this worship of massive wealth. You wouldn't find much interest in Hollywood and the bimbos they have there, if they got paid an ordinary working wage for the movies they make. It's the money; it's the lifestyle, that which is promoted as being the 'good life', to those at the bottom. That's what we worship, so, in a sense, we get what we deserve and we don't force the police, not that they'd ever worked for us, to investigate these big Ponzi characters either. I'll be back with more after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and we've a couple of callers here, so we'll go to the phones now and I might do an article afterwards. Tom, in Massachusetts, are you there?  

Tom: Alan, it's Tom. I got a question for you regarding the supreme court of the United States recent decision on the Second Amendment regarding the bearing of arms by the citizenry. If all this is to go down in the United States, all the trouble that we're going to have, the rioting and everything like that, how are they going to be able to, the elite, are going to be able to control the people. I mean, I'm under the impression there are millions of firearms that are out here in the hands of private citizens, how would they be able to make any inroads in controlling the masses, if these people are all going to be taking up arms and possibly fighting off the intervention by the military forces? 

Alan: That may very well happen but they've already, and I've read the articles where they're bringing the military home on active duty. Now, these guys are trained and they have unlimited ammo and the best training and so on, and equipment, back up, logistics. You also have other articles I've read where they've got all these so-called non-lethal weapons and they're ordering them like crazy, and they have been for years, including the microwave ones which are mounted on Humvees.

I read an article a few weeks ago there about the one that can knock out a whole city, an entire city, if need be; and, so they have much of this equipment. They have planes, which they admit, they can spray right over a city and put you all completely unconscious, if they want to. These guys are not stupid at the top and you see, we tend to live in the past, we think in terms of firearms and I used to laugh when I saw that every war that comes along, they shove off the soldier with a new outfit, looking very, very modern, but basically, the firearm is an old, old type of weapon in today's scientific system and, so, when you compare it with what they really do have, I often wonder if that's why they even give the troops these kind of weapons, to make us think that's the best they have. Because, literally, they can knock out a continent, if they want to, just with arrays of satellites. So, I think, we'll see a lot of the non-lethal weaponry and all this non-lethal stuff is a misnomer, depending on the settings they put on it, they can certainly make it lethal quite simply.  I was reading just today in fact, with the micro-pulse ones for the Humvees and they have used these over in the Middle East, Israel has used them too, you see bus loads of Lebanese that are just roasted, utterly roasted. It's the same technology that they're now bringing into the States big time, they're ordering like crazy and they're supposedly going to use the lowest setting. It gives you, I think, a 3 second burst and that's enough to cause fatigue, nauseas feelings, agitation and make the crowds disperse, but they do admit on a default setting during one of the testing phases, it defaulted back to its original setting, and it fried the man they were experimenting on who ended up with 3rd degree burns. These things can roast you; and they have all this technology sitting waiting in the wings. 

Tom: The reason why I asked that is because some people, for example, those who have spoken out against the system more and who have - maybe people such as yourself who are taking a stand and informing the public worldwide as to what's happening, that possibly, you might be signalled out and maybe coming over your place to bring you in and at that point, that's what I'm wondering, these people aren't going to go gently into the 'good night' you know. 

Alan: That's right, and these guys at the top expect it; but, I mentioned some videos, a series of videos, I think there was 12 of them about Taking Liberties in Britain and you see the cops, you see how they already have the bully mentality over there and you see how they're all so willing to get into fights and so on and scuffles and violence and I thought to myself, at the time, it's a shame that we at the bottom. One of the videos showed you one man who was a lone demonstrator and they burst into his home at 4am. That's what the Nazis did, that's what they did in the Soviet Union, the KGB would hit you at 3-4 in the morning, with heavy force, coming through you walls and your windows and so on; and, I thought it's already here, they're doing it already, they've been doing it actually for years, getting the public ready for what's coming. They will not give you a gentle knock on the door and ask you to come with them, that's gone, that kind of policing has far gone now. They'll come in using lethal force and they do want to use any excuse to use their toys on you, any excuse at all. And, I've got to admit that they're so corrupt, the fraternities of police and so on, are so corrupt, they stand and they fix their books to make sure they have all the lies together so it will sound good in court. We found that with the case where they shot the man in the head in London, England, the judge said, at the court case, that they did fix and rig their books before they went into court, to make sure they were all saying the same stuff. They didn't even give that man a warning; they just got on the bus, walked up to him and shot him in the head; that came out in the court. If they've marked you, in this day and age, they're going to kill you; that's the message. If they've marked you, when they're sent out, they know their job is to go and kill you; and they will use any excuse, they'll say that you rushed them or something ridiculous. It's like Bill Cooper, with Bill Cooper, you know what happened there, he went to investigate what he thought were drunks, it was actually under-cover guys dressed up and he went out in his truck, saw who they were, got back, jumped out, tried to run on an artificial leg and they said that he was running away from them, on an artificial leg, they halved him in two, with machine gun bullets. Be back with more after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix; and, just to finish what I was saying there to Tom: it takes me back to what I said earlier about Rockefeller, he said years ago, he said, "You can always employ half the poor to kill the other half".  What you have at the bottom, are just these GI Joes from the same classes as the people they are going after; and, they'll be fighting the ones at the bottom while the guys at the top laugh up their sleeves and they're well out of harm's way, they're well-protected. That's been the same in every war we've ever had. It's a pity that we kill each other at the bottom level, to protect them at the top; and, we should find ways around that, it's pretty sad when you think about it. 

I've got Amber from British Columbia, are you there Amber? 

Amber: Hey Alan. Hey, nice to talk to you again. I have a question regarding family but family and co-workers kind of thing; but actually, first, hopefully, quickly, you can help me out with finding a book. Unfortunately I don't have, I have about zero cents to spend on any books right now, so I looked up some names at the local library, some names that I've heard you talk about like H.G. Wells and Aldous Huxley and stuff like that. They have like 27 H.G. Wells books actually, and like 22 Aldous Huxley books and I did hear you recommend a book called Children of the Dream.  I can’t remember who the author is but unfortunately they don't have that. There was also a book called Millennium by Jack someone. 

Alan: It was Jacques Attali. 

Amber: Do you know how to spell that?  

Alan: It's Attali. 

Amber: Ok, I'm having trouble finding that with that title. From H.G. Wells he's pretty old school right? I thought I'd take your advice and go back, like, actually the first person I heard about New World Order stuff was from David Icke, but I've moved past that now, so I think it's a good idea to go back a little older. 

Alan: If you go to H.G. Wells, the book that you want is called The Open Conspiracy. 

Amber: The Open Conspiracy, ok. There's one called Things to Come; that sounds pretty interesting. 

Alan: Things To Come is good; it's done in a fictionalised form. The Open Conspiracy: he tells you the whole world agenda and how it's outlined and how he, basically, is all for it, he worked for the people who were planning it and how they would use wars to bring it about and so on; and how they despised the common people at the bottom, it was very evident in his book. He also did two books on history, it’s called Outline of History, the original versions were Volume 1 and 2. The second edition they put it both into one volume. In Outline of History, he goes through the races that are going to be eliminated, because they won't fit into the New World Order and even the lower class types that won't make it as well. He actually has the same list that Hitler had, it's pretty well there. There was one main difference, in that Wells said that those people amongst Judaism who had risen to the top and acquired wealth over generations and held on to it, would be allowed in, because, by the Darwinian theory, they'd proved they were fit to survive. However, people who were considered, like the Irish for instance, more agrarian type people, who were always fighting tyranny and would not come in, he wanted them eliminated completely.  He had a list of those who were to be eliminated. 

Amber: Right, ok, so that was Outline of History.  Actually, Things to Come I noticed was in the non-fiction section in the library. 

Alan: Really? They've blurred the lines now between fiction and non-fiction.

Amber: I guess so, now that it's so long ago, they just put it wherever.

Alan: The old books are well worth going into and even Things To Come, he goes right through into a fictional scenario, a coming world war, with Germany, who would win eventually and the kind of society they hoped to bring out at the end of it, a universal world government. He even mentioned the spraying in the skies in his book, only it was to be done by the scientists of the air, the Freemasons of the air, he said the Brotherhood. They'd spray the people into submission. There's a lot of real stuff in that particular book that has all come true, because it was based on the agenda you see. 

Amber: I made a side note about that actually when one of your other callers that talked about, something about Chemtrails in it.  Right, thank you. My question with regards to family is just: like do you think there's a point, like I spend so much time at work and I don't really have much family in town, just my Mom and her husband; but, it feels like there's going to come a time where there's no turning back. Like, I'm beginning to tolerate less and less, you know, I'm just seeking out something else and I think I heard you talk about, on an old show I listened to with Jackie Patru, about how it's not worth alienating them because it is a choice. 

Alan: It's a choice and what you are seeing are people who have made choices but they also are the end product of a lifetime of scientific indoctrination. It isn't that they just don't want to hear you; they're unable to hear you. 

Amber: Is it, is that really it? 

Alan: It's part of that, but I do think there are choices that they have made along the way that have made them that way too. That's a strange thing to say but I think it's true. 

Amber: Yeah, I guess so. It's hard to know how to approach that because I guess I've always been - I've pretty much always been awake.  I've always known there's something wrong, I've always been, I've always noticed that I think differently than pretty much everybody else, like since I was a kid.  I don't know if it's just that people don't want to see or if it's just,

Alan: There is definitely denial, there’s no doubt,

Amber: I don't understand their way of thinking because I don't, 

Alan: Denial, in a socialist system people have been trained to allow the big problems in life to be handled by people they never ever see, 'special people' they think and they're terrified if you say ‘look you have to make decisions as well’. That terrifies them, the thought that they might have to make decisions, so they live in denial.  

Amber: Right, so it's easier to just blindly defend the system. 

Alan: Yes, it is; right to the bitter end, right till they come for them; they'll still stand up for the system, until they're dragged out their home.  

Amber: Right, and, at work, I have to become like almost a different person, just to save myself from, because like when I'm really myself, it's like I just feel ganged up on, like not physically but, you know. 

Alan: It is, it's tremendously lonely. It's tremendously lonely and you pretend that you join in their little jokes they make just so they'll accept you and so on; but, you realise how everyone is acting, everyone wants to act through their life, rather than be serious and get to brass tacks about what's really happening and there's only so much you can generally handle, you can live in your head quite a bit, but it's much easier when you can make acquaintances on the same path as you are and discuss things without having to watch what you say or how you approach a topic or whatever. It's essential that you try and find people of your same kind.  

Amber: You know I'll say something trivial and I like hear myself and I'm like embarrassed for myself that I have to sink to that. 

Alan: Yes, I know. 

Amber: We all have to be at the same place for like 8 / 9 hours a day. Let's do some planning here, or let's do; we're no on the same level so we can't get anything done, it’s just like wasting time!  

Alan: I know. 

Amber: Do you think it's best just to limit the contact and look for people? 

Alan: Yes, look for people outside of work. It's probably safer that way too, because if the bosses get wind that you're talking about strange things, then they'll come down on you. 

Amber: Exactly, so we have got to do what we have to do and get organised however we can, I guess. 

Alan: It is, that's the key, is organised, you see we're up against the most organised system on the planet; and, I used to wonder when the Communists were making great strides. They called it 'organisation', they sent in specialists who got people together, who were trained in how to organise people, in every area of society. They had thousands of front groups that were well funded, we know now that Communism was funded by the very guys who were bringing in the world system because they owned both sides of it. However, they did train their members in organisational abilities and techniques and we have to use some of these techniques very quickly, to get organised, amongst ourselves, so that we stand up for each other. 

Amber: Yeah, totally and I feel like I've been doing that all day actually, organising everything and trying to organise my thoughts as well! I feel like I need to be ready with information and food and just ready for anything. 

Alan: Basic planning, absolutely. Ok. 

Amber: Thanks so much Alan. Good night. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. Take care. Now, we've got Sam from Sydney, are you there Sam? 

Sam: Hi Alan, Merry Christmas, how are you?  

Alan: I'm just hanging in here, I tell you, I had one pile of snow at Christmas - it was about two feet deep, on top of what I already had!

Sam: Alan, as I've said before: Australia mate, you'd love it here. 

Alan: Yeah, I know, I'm thinking about that too! 

Sam: Listen, it was interesting what Amber was just saying there, you know about finding it difficult to wake people up and, you know, it's - I mean, the amount of stuff that's out there that that sort of keeps people in line and to keep people asleep, there's so many of the world's resources that's being actually spent on it. In one way, it's not unnatural, they've just been so indoctrinated and there’s so many resources have been thrown at them. I don't know, I kind of feel like you can't blame them but, it's not to say that we shouldn't try. On the flip side of that, if you think about those of us that have woken up, the fact that these people have thrown the world's resources at us and we've somehow managed to wake up. And that's why I think it's been really important to, or it is really important to thank you Alan. And, what I'd like to say to all your listeners, all the people that download all your free podcasts and listen to Alan and stuff, I think then if you really want to do something to help contribute, I think before the New Year comes up, let's have a deadline before the New Year, let's think about how important it is to have people like Alan online and to actually donate, so that he can actually stay online. And, hopefully get a high-speed internet. I don't know if you've got that yet?  

Alan: No, I don't, I try to watch videos and they keep breaking up before they start.  

Sam: Right, just to have you better equipped, so that you can do your work of helping warn us about what's going on, is amazing. I've really got to thank you, it's been such an important year for me, because I now feel like I've fully woken up. So I've got to thank you and please, everyone out there: if think about it 10bucks, 20bucks, I think will make, if there's enough of us, we can make a big difference. And, hopefully, we can do that before the end of the year. Thanks again Alan. 

Alan: Thank you very much, I'm glad you phoned there, I keep forgetting to mention it myself, even just the satellite service I've got; and I had to buy the satellite dish, it's costing a $100 a month, just for the dish that claims to give you high speed but it doesn't. The next one up, the next service up is $200 a month. That would give me the high speed and it's just too much money. I'm already spending money in all other directions too, doing what I do as well, so it does take a lot of cash to keep this kind of thing going.

It's true, if you can reach so many people and bond with them. You've got to bond with people, in order to teach them, that is happening and we've got to use the services that we have available at the moment and if I got even higher speed it would do an awful lot to help me save time because it takes even four hours to put all the stuff up at night, after the show, on the speed I have to the websites, so everything costs money.  Thanks for calling.  

We've got Dave from California, are you there Dave? 

Dave: Hi Alan. 

Alan: Hi. 

Dave: You know, I like your poetry that you put up on Cutting Through The Matrix, I get a kick out of it, you must be able to get that stuff right off the top of your head pretty fast because every night you've got something new. 

Alan: I do it after the show because I never know where I'm going to take the show, I don't like to organise things to that extent, I like to have an idea of where I'm going, but wherever my mind takes me during a talk, so after the show, I do it up then and pop it up. 

Dave: Well, I admire your ability to do that; and, I've got a question for you, and that is: explain to me please, when people talk about the 80-85% sterility that we're seeing now, are they talking about the youngest generation and, if that's true, if the youngest generation in the West is now becoming sterile, at that rate of speed, or their sperm count is down to 80-85% below normal, then, in two generations, basically they've got their 80% population reduction, don't they?  

Alan: They do and that did come from official US sources, where the universities they test males, they've been testing males for 50 years, every intake of males that comes into college; and, it's down now to 2 out of 10 males are able to produce sperm, at 18 years of age. Out of those 2 that can produce sperm, only 15% of that sperm has motility, that's what they've found, that's what they're finding everywhere. 

Dave: So, that's a lot worse than 80%.

Alan: That's right and I have all the stats here, surveys done by the global societies and the military by the way, they're into this, keeping tracks on the population predictions for the next 50 years. I've got all their data here too that confirm all of this stuff of the studies. 

Dave: So, from your study on that, what are we looking at, in the way of global population reduction, say over the next two or three generations?  

Alan: It's pretty well over, they say that most countries that were White, in the Western World, are at the stage where they cannot make it back up again; some of them, in some countries are at the stage where if they could start to reproduce now, they might start to recover but most are beyond the level of recovery. China, people think about China, well, even China down in the Military's records there, because there's about two to three men for every one female in China today. Plus, in China today, they're drinking the same poisoned soft drinks, eating the same contaminated food and GMO food as we are, getting the same inoculations. Their males will start dropping off drastically by the year 2030. That's from their own records. Back with more, after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix and we've got Derek from Philly on the line, are you there Derek? 

Derek: Hey, this is Derek from Philadelphia. Hey, first, I'd like to say to Amber, I believe it was, she was asking about books that are interesting and I actually wrote to you about this, email form Alan: it was Hereditary Genius by Francis Galton which I found was very clear and concrete in its words. You know what they say about stuff but, anyway, I called to really ask you about the symbol of the dollar $ and the euro €. I know you're into symbology, surely, just whatever you want to say about that, I would love to listen.  

Alan: The dollar and the euro?    

Derek: Well, just the symbols that they use like the ‘S’ with the two bars and the 'C' with the two bars, whatever, or the E now they use or whatever, the C with the two bars of the Pound £ that would be great. 

Alan: Yes, they do love bars, certainly! I know some of the first euros that came out had 12 stars on it and they always have 12 Wise men running it, now there's a Council, by the way, of 12 wise men for Europe that has just been announced. Even though they have more that 12 members, they said they'd never go beyond 12 stars on their flag or on their coins. They do not love the number 12. 12 also is 1 and 2 which is 3, the trinity, they always have a trinity, that's their magic number, 3.  The symbol for the dollar is the 'S', it's of course the serpent, as you know; and, you also have the Jachin and Boaz and the serpent connects the two, male and female, meaning the Hermaphrodite. It's another way of doing the Hermaphroditic symbol, in the Occult system, in your face.  I haven't seen any of the recent euro coinage, to have a look at it in fact. 

Derek: Well, I just actually meant the text symbol, that's what I meant specifically, I should have been more clear about that, the text. 

Alan: The actual writing: you have the 'E' of course is always the same, for your ear. The ‘E’ is a quarternity, and it also means three connected to one, a trinity connected to one, the capital letter E.  The E on its side, when you turn it to its right side, is also the letter 'M' for Masonry as well. They have each letter, you can go through and you can give a description of it, what it actually stands for. It's interesting that even Row, they were pirates remember too, the Knights Templar became the first pirates and they had the first skull and bones flag, that was their flag. That was also the same sheet on which you were raised from the dead; they still use them in the Lodges yet, some of the Lodges. They said they were the sons of Saloman, which is a play on the 'salmon'. The salmon is a fish with red; red is the colour for revolution. They said they were the sons of Saloman, or Soloman, a play on Solomon, but they said Saloman; and, that's why you have the men in the little boats that came off the main ship, like seed, they come off and it's a row-boat. The roe is basically the spawn of Soloman. It's highly technical; it goes into lots of different areas, too much to say in a show like this, in any depth. 

Derek: I appreciate it Alan; sorry, there was a delay on the phone. Anyway, so, take care. 

Alan: You too.  

That's it for tonight in a very cold Ontario Canada, where we can never really get through enough; an hour isn't long enough at all, when you have so much to cover.

So, from Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, it's goodnight and may your god - or your gods - go with you. 


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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(Article: "Pound to be left to its fate" by Michael Savage ( - Dec. 15, 2008.)