Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#244)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 28, 2009:

One Ring to Bind Them All:

"For Those Who Live in the Now, Life's a Constant Mystery,
For That Which Happens in the Now Has to do with History,
While Unplanned Life Guarantees Crisis Along its Ramble,
A Powerful Elite Took the World, Smashed It On an Anvil,
No Generation Has had Peace Because of Machinations,
This Group has Sworn to Overthrow Sovereignty of Nations,
They Stir Up and Arm Peoples, Offering Solutions,
Solutions Civic or On the Field of Bloody Revolutions,
Circles Within Circles, Wheels Within Wheels,
Dancing with the Devil Who Makes Perfidious Deals,
When the Guns All Fall Silent and They Ring the Old Peace Bell,
We'll be Altered, Chipped, Monitored in Their Utopian Hell"
© Alan Watt Jan. 28, 2009

Wednesday 28th January 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 28, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 28th of January 2009. 

Newcomers can look into and, on the website, you'll find lots of previous talks I've given, which you can listen to at your leisure, and I try to patch in a lot of history that's omitted from mainstream books. I even tell you of the societies that ensure that happens, since they're in control of pretty well all of the mainstream media.  

And, it is certainly is better to understand the big picture, however horrific it might be, and it truly does freak a lot of people out when they understand how overwhelming it seems what this big monstrous system is; but, it's been on the go for a long time; and when you start to understand that, the panic should subside, to an extent, when you realise that you're living through a script, a script that involves every population on the planet, every nation on the planet, as we're guided through into, like a business plan, we're guided into a new world order that, to some at the bottom, who help champion it (like the greenies) think it's going to be a wonderful utopia but those with eyes to see what's happening around them today, with the total information network society, cameras everywhere and so on, it's going to be more of an Orwellian system, at least in this phase, as the present generations live and then die off. They work in centuries, they plan centuries ahead, and they literally bring on wars, they have factions on all sides, to guide the wars to their proper conclusions and, really, to affect the changes in society that war brings, to get both sides going off on the same new path, whereas before they would be at loggerheads. 

Also look into for transcripts which you can download, the transcripts of these talks and you can print them up, they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

I don't ask for money from the shows that I go on and I'm asked on an awful lot of shows, but I don't accept them all, it depends what their format is, but I depend upon the listener to help support me and buy what I have for sale on my website that keeps me going and, believe you me, there's no big income comes in here but if I wanted it to be so, I would bring on lots of advertisers and I'd bring on subscriptions and so on; and that's what all the other ones do, to survive. The ads you hear on this show help to go and pay for the programme and it helps the staff, helps their pay checks, helps them buy and maintain the equipment which is not cheap these days; and, that's where the advertising money goes, from the ads that you hear on this show. So, if you want to support me and get the information that I'm giving out to you, you know where to get it, how to do it, just go into website and you'll find out how to do it there. You can also donate as well. And so much for my shameless self-promotion, I won't overdo it; it's a pity I have to do it all but that's what happens in this society, where everything, supposedly, is for free.  

I've been going on about how societies, mainly one big society that has Circles specialising in different areas of economics and all that comes from economics, including societies, industry, the material wealth of the world and so on, how it came into being and that was part, supposedly, of their agenda, starting with the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, which, really, was a continuation of a society that was already on the go, in Britain; and, I'd like to go into how they've affected the world today, especially some of the things that are still happening today and how they set up the conflicts for future wars. Back, after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix. I've gone over quite a few topics, in the last few weeks, to do with how systems are set up, how the culture is set up, in different countries, and how commerce dominated the culture in America and how it was manipulated to do so, by people like Bernays and others that came on the scene. People who were, supposedly, outstanding at their time and certainly were, because he started at the age of 24, helping the League of Nations set up different organisations of propaganda that they eventually called Public Relations. It sounds better than straight propaganda; it's still propaganda nonetheless and he was a past master, well-trained in the techniques from previous centuries.

All of these people, when you put them together and you find the links between them, it all goes back to this group in London, England, that was setting up a world stage, a world society. They had the world citizenship ideals and they mentioned them frequently right down through the ages and they still do today. In fact, Mr. Rockefeller gives out the world citizenship awards. They use Round Table societies, to debate problems that come out at the big meetings, the world meetings of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR and the Round Tables hammer out ways to implement those policies into society, through, again: persuasion, propaganda, schools, every means at their disposal; and, they are so well-funded, by the big institutions, the big foundations, which were set up by the banking fraternities that work in league with this group, called the Royal Institute of International Affairs (CFR).

The foundations, supposedly, according to Quigley, were first set up when the inheritance taxes, the death duties taxes and so on came in and the big families found ways around them, so they set up the foundations which became the nucleus of keeping the aristocracy going, a parallel government that ran alongside democracy that was unimpeded by public debate or argument and they could get their agendas done, without any hassle, make the mandate and carry it forward and get it done. Very, very simple. 

They also had to categorise the world, because they'd used previous members before them, their studies that they'd done on the populations of the world, they were into eugenics, we must never forget this. They were using the foundations of Darwinism, to explain their theory of the world and to explain the different temperaments in different cultures in society. They were the ones who categorised the Arab populations, in amongst what they called the Mediterranean group. They didn't like the Mediterranean group too much and you find that, in H.G. Wells, another member, he wrote about it, he categorised them in the outline of history, his own books, the different cultures and sub-cultures, he wasn't too fond of them.

This particular group were the ones who set up the League of Nations, they set up the Treaty of Versailles, they ran the Treaty of Versailles, the ran the negotiations, they've always drafted up the policies for Britain and the United States, together, and through their contact, their main contact in the US at that time, they ran President Wilson through Mandell House, Colonel Mandell House; and, it was the United States who supplied them the money and the financing, to set up the League of Nations which turned into the United Nations.  

Now, what's that got to do with today? Very people, hopefully, might ask, very few, because history's very important and all the problems we have today, were foreseen by them a hundred years ago, because they set up the future and they had the big plans for the Middle East, very big plans. They withdrew so many troops from the front lines in Europe, in World War I and suddenly brought them over to Palestine and Egypt, because they planned to bring another group in that they would use, basically, something that would keep the Arab world on its tiptoes for the next hundred years; and that was the State of Israel.

Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for this group, talks about it, in page 171, actually before that as well, and they’d categorised the personality types of the Arabs. They lumped everybody in together. Now remember, the whole idea was first to get the English-speaking countries together, as whole, a bloc, the nucleus for a world federation and that included the United States of America. The next part was to get a united Europe, through war, through conflict and then peace resolution; they would get, hopefully, their long-aspired dream of a united Europe. They also had plans for uniting Africa, that’s still going underway today, as they try and unify Africa into one country. Remember what Karl Marx said: first you must have wars of national liberation, then when you think you're free, then you must have centralised government, that's the key to it, centralisation of government. The same thing happened in the US, with the Civil War, it was about centralisation of government. So much so that Karl Marx telegraphed Lincoln - and that's on display, in the records - and said he'd done the greatest thing by centralising government.

They also wanted to get a federated Arab League as well together, and all these different Leagues will eventually be absorbed into one world governmental system, that's always been their goals and aspirations, it still is.  Remember: they've always been behind the wars, to get the wars going, the conflict must begin.  Tonight, on my website, I'll put up a link to a Youtube video on Brzezinski (it's a hard one to say); and, this man, like most of these members of the Trilateral Group, which is one part of the CFR and the CFR he belongs to, you'll see him, 30 years ago, helping to stir up the Jihad, with the very people they're bombing today. You'll even hear him saying, he of all people, saying that God would be with them, would be on their side. People don't realise the CIA set up what's now called al-Qaida, which really was just a code name for all the different factions to come into, and communicate through, basically, a radio system. They used them and they even gave them special writings on their holy book, the Koran, to show them why they should be in a holy war, they dreamed up a holy war; and, right through the whole war that they had, with Afghanistan and the Soviet Union and so on, the US and Britain were pushing the Arabs to form into these warrior groups. And, supposedly, this is the outcome of them today, where we have one of them gone rogue, supposedly; and, that's why we all must start wearing chains of surveillance, supposedly, to keep us all safe.  You'll hear Brzezinski give the speech himself to the young men that he wanted to go off and fight.  

I'll also put a link up to Mr. Rockefeller, who never retires, it's incredible, he's all over the globe, with details and you'll see him going to, and talking to, the Council on Foreign Relations and other institutions which they own. They own all of the groups that are amalgamating the Americas, because he funds every single group and that's on this video as well, so you can watch that.

It's astonishing, but it all falls exactly in line with Carroll Quigley's book Tragedy & Hope, and the other one, The Anglo-American Establishment. It's following it to the letter; and, a federated Latin America joins with a federated North America and then we're a federation of the Americas. Then, we are to join with the federation of Europe and that will also, eventually, bring in more and more countries until you're left with really with the Far East and that's already been done, because their other branch was set up seventy-odd years ago, it was the Institute for Pacific Relations (IPR) which was the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a front group for that very purpose; and, pretty well all the prime ministers Australia’s had for the last 20-30 years, have been a member of this, working towards this goal of unification.  

From the Anglo-American Establishment, this is relevant for today and we've all heard what's happening in Gaza, there's no great outcry from the media, they tell us all about it. No, they don't tell us all about it, they tell us what we're supposed to know, like 'isn't this awful', as people, who are really in a cage, are being slaughtered from the air by an advanced military air force. Why is it all happening?  Why has it all been allowed to happen? And the last people think of is a mandate, set up a long-long time ago; and, who set it up? Here's an article, just before I give you it from the Anglo-American Establishment; and, it's from the Irish Times newspaper. They're using phosphorous clouds, this is a form of weaponry, phosphorous burns right through you, you have to go into a darkened surgery room to see all the bits of phosphorous that are glowing in the bodies of the people.  It says here: 

“We are guinea pigs to the Americans and Israelis,” says Dr Abu Shabaan. “The Americans give the Israelis new weapons, 

It's true, the US has given them the weapons, the world knows this. 

and they try them out on us.”   

This is from Dr Sobhi Skaik, he's a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, who's there at the moment talking about the advanced weaponry, with the microchips they're using, that are now in the bodies of the people.  I'll read this, when I get back from this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going into the past, to understand the present; and, only by understanding the past, does the present make any sense at all. I'm discussing, at the moment, what's happening there at the Gaza Strip and reading from an article from the Irish Times, where all kinds of hi-tech weaponry and new types are being used on people there who are technically in a cage and being bombed.  It says here, and this is from Dr Sobhi Skaik, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh: 

“They are definitely testing weapons on us,” “The amount of damage done by these weapons is not commensurate to the wounds. We found computer chips, magnetic pieces and transistors in wounds. Sometimes there are only minute pin-point punctures to the abdomen and chest, but you see huge damage to internal organs. One patient had his liver burned black, as if it had been grilled. We think there must be something embedded in the human body that is releasing poison and killing.”  

It also has quite the articles on the effects of the phosphorous as well, as people are getting carried off, still alive, and their bodies are burning from within. Incredible and the world just goes back and says 'tsk, tsk, isn't that awful' and we wonder why that is. Why is it that the United Nations can come into every other country, supposedly, look what happened in Bosnia? They've been all over the globe; but, you must understand, first of all, when you really understand the politics and geo-politics of every area they go into, there's always resources they're after, because the UN is a front, another front, of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and it was from its beginnings, as they funded it.  The Rockefeller Foundation was part, and still is, the main part really, in the US, of the CFR, put the money up for it and gave them the land for the United Nations. It's geo-political and financial economics.  

Going back to the setting up of modern day Israel, and, I've talked about Sir Ronald Storrs before, and others, who belonged to the Milner Group, of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Balfour and others, who drew up the Balfour Declaration, that had, contained in it, a home for Jews, put in there that Britain was all for it, supposedly, from the governmental side of view. Now, they ran the government at that time too, completely; and Quigley, in his own books, makes no bones about that. Now, remember, he was the historian with their records, with the separate history, that fills in all the blank spots. Not the stuff you get at school; the stuff you get at school he even tells you are published and written by the members of this group, so that's how you get this different history for schoolbooks. It's astonishing. In the Anglo-American Establishment, it says: 

The attitude of the Milner Group toward the Arabs and Jews can be seen from some quotations from members of the Group. At the Peace Conference of 1919, 

Which, remember, they set up themselves. 

discussing the relative merits of the Jews and Arabs,  

One of their members, Smuts, who was sent there, said: 

"They haven't the Arabs' attractive manners. They do not warm the heart by graceful subjection. They make demands. They are a bitter, recalcitrant little people, and, like the Boers, impatient of leadership and ruinously quarrelsome among themselves. They see God in the shape of an Oriental potentate." A few years later, John Dove, in a letter to Brand, 

Another member of the group; see, they had spies all over the place, seeing the lay of the land. 

asked himself why there was so much pro-Arab feeling among the British, especially "the public school caste,"  

The public school caste actually is private in Britain, it's misleading there. They call it public schools, it's private 

and attributed it to the Arabs' good manners, derived from desert life, and their love for sports, especially riding and shooting, both close to the heart of the public

Which is private.

-school boy. A little later, in another letter, also written from Palestine, Dove declared that the whole Arab world should be in one state 

A federation of Arab states, that was their goal.

and it must have Syria and Palestine for its front door, not be like South Africa, with Delagoa Bay in other hands. The Arab world, he explained, needs this western door because we are trying to westernize the Arabs, and without it they would be driven to the east and to India, which they hate. He concluded: 

“If the Arab belongs to the Mediterranean, as T. E. Lawrence insists, 

They’d categorised all the peoples including the Irish. 

we should do nothing to stop him getting back to it. Why our own nostrum for the ills of mankind everywhere is Western Civilization, and, if it is a sound one, what would be the good of forcing a people who want direct contact with us to slink in and out of their country by a back door which, like the Persian Gulf, opens only on the East?  

And, by the way, that's why Britain pulled all those men from World War I off the trenches, into this area, it was to set up another group in those areas, to initially cause conflict, but it would be an outpost for up to a hundred years, because most of those Jews were European Jews; they were bringing a European culture into Arab countries, as an outpost. That's what Storrs referred to when he said we have set up a modern Ulster in the Middle East, that's what the British Government did, they set up an Ulster, a little Britain, in Ireland, that would be a thorn in the side of Ireland right up to the present times. This is a technique we're talking about here and here they are using the same thing, in the Middle East. Then he goes on to say, this is a speech Mr. Milner himself, Lord Milner gave, in 1923, in the House of Lords, on the 27th of June and he talks about this and the whole outline for the Zionist colony and I'll be back with more, to read this, after these messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, putting the past and present together, because you have to understand why policies are made, it gives you the picture as to why terrible things can happen, for up to a hundred years sometimes, because the policy will not change and the policies were made by a very powerful group who still runs the world today, in fact, they're setting up the last phases of unification for the Americas. And, then the amalgamation, which has been mentioned by the Prime Minister of Canada, as planned a hundred odd years ago, by the Milner Group and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to merge with Europe, once that's all done. They never change their plans; they never change their plans. It's just astonishing.

Here's what Lord Milner says in 1923 when made this speech, and he talks about the Balfour Declaration and the White Paper of 1922 (CMD 1700), he added: 

“I am not speaking of the policy which is advocated by the extreme Zionists, which is a totally different thing.... I believe that we have only to go on steadily with the policy of the Balfour Declaration as we have ourselves interpreted it in order to see great material progress in Palestine 

Now, they drafted the thing up in the first place.  

and a gradual subsistence of the present [Arab] agitation, 

Here he's saying they're going to have material progress in Palestine if they bring the Zionists in, because of their wealth; but he also acknowledges the fact that there was agitation and that's what happens when people are being brought into your land and they're taking over. He says the: 

force of which it would be foolish to deny, but which I believe to be largely due to artificial stimulus and, to a very great extent, to be excited from without. 

They always blame outsiders coming into help. That's what we have today, insurgents you see, they call them. They used that same term in Vietnam, insurgents. You know, it's astonishing, these same guys, in the 1800s, were agitating for revolution across the planet, they trained the young leagues, the young Turks, the young Italians and all the rest of it, for rebellion from within, to overthrow their existing governments, so they could bring in this beautiful new world order then. One of their guys, a Young Turk, that's what they called them, the Young Turks, was a guy who started World War I by killing the Archduke Ferdinand, blown him up.  Here they are, creating this new thorn, a new Ulster, to be set up in the Middle East, amongst another people; and this is the man who was behind a lot of it, saying what he thought about it, at least publicly, was allowed to publicly say. He says: 

The symptoms of any real and general dissatisfaction among the mass of the Arab population with the conditions under which they live, I think it would be very difficult to discover.... There is plenty of room in that country for a considerable immigrant population without injuring in any way the resident Arab population, and, indeed, in many ways it would tend to their extreme benefit.... There are about 700,000 people in Palestine, and there is room for several millions.... I am and always have been a strong supporter of the pro-Arab policy which was first advocated in this country in the course of the war. 

Of course he was because his group put that up too. They run all sides. 

I believe in the independence of the Arab countries, which they owe to us 

Because, after all, Britain had, supposedly, wiped out their masters, that were the Turks that had run the Ottoman Empire that had run those countries for a long-long time. 

and which they can only maintain with our help. I look forward to an Arab Federation.... 

You see, they wanted federated peoples across the planet to bring into this world society, the planned society. 

I am convinced that the Arab will make a great mistake . . . in claiming Palestine as a part of the Arab Federation in the same sense as are the other countries of the Near East which are mainly inhabited by Arabs.”  

Palestine was to be given a special place in all of this, a special place, but not to be allowed to really have too much power; so he calls it a mistake if they go after more power. On page 173. They put pressure on the Government of Britain, to alter certain things, in their favour for this Federation; and, this is what it says here: 

As might be expected, in view of the position of Reginald Coupland on the Peel Commission, the report of that Commission met with a most enthusiastic reception from the Milner Group. 

The guy who just gave that speech. 

This report was a scholarly study of conditions in Palestine, of a type usually found in any document with which the Milner Group had direct contact. For the first time in any government document, the aspirations of Jews and Arabs in Palestine were declared to be irreconcilable

They could not get on together.

and the existing mandate unworkable. Accordingly, the report recommended the partition of Palestine into a Jewish state, an Arab state, and a neutral enclave containing the Holy Places. 

You see, that's how it's still set up today. 

This suggestion was accepted by the British government in a White Paper (Cmd. 5513) issued through Ormsby-Gore. 

Another member, they're all members of this organisation. 

He also defended it before the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations. In the House of Lords it was defended by Lord Lugard, but recently retired as the British member of the Permanent Mandates Commission. 

They have Permanent Mandates Commissions; that's what I'm saying, they create a mandate and they'll carry it for a hundred years if need be, or more.  

...In the House of Commons the motion to approve the government's policy as outlined in the White Paper Cmd. 5513 was introduced by Ormsby-Gore. The first speech in support of the motion, which was passed without a division, was from Leopold Amery. 

Another member of the group. At one point afterwards, he says in 1923, this Amery, Amery's speech in support of this motion is interesting, because in 1923, Amery said: 

"However much we may regret it, we have lost the situation in Palestine, as we lost it in Ireland, through a lack of wholehearted faith in ourselves and through the constitutional inability of the individual Briton, and indeed of the country as a whole, not to see the other fellow's point of view and to be influenced by it, even to the detriment of any consistent policy."  

You understand: the British people were not for this happening, it didn't make any sense to them, to allow another people to come in and push off the people who were already there. He thought that was unreasonable, they wouldn't accept this new mandate. Also, at that time, you had open warfare in some of the cities like London going on, between the Zionist factions and the Orthodox Jews. The Zionist factions were really a branch, a revolutionary branch, set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as they set up so many other ones across the world, to be used for a particular purpose, which, of course, they profit by as well. You find one of their main members of the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, one of the founding members with them, in fact, the man who took over Cecil Rhodes' policy for the Rhodes Trust, was Lord Rothschild himself who had also been funding an immigration policy into Palestine, from the 1800s, and they couldn't get enough of them and most of them, at that time, came from Russia. So, Amery said, in 1923: 

"However much we may regret it, we have lost the situation in Palestine, as we lost it in Ireland, 

And so on and so on and so on. In other words, they just didn't know that the Zionist faction would simply take over and run off with it. Of course they knew that, because that was the plan all along. That was the plan all along, they deceived the Arabs, they were quite open about it in other documentation, and the plan was put up an Ulster, an Ulster, in the Middle East and that's what we're going through today. We're suffering because of the policies of that period.

It's astonishing, as I say and if you look at those links I'll put up at the end of the show tonight. It's astonishing and Quigley even said it, in his book, that a small group of people could have such incredible power and literally run nations and all the institutions within those nations, including all the politics and all the factions, including all of the media, including all of academia and right down to the school books that you read and what would be in them, written by their own members, with all of their histories and so on. It's scary, because they still do it today and it's all about world federation, at all costs, all and any cost, it doesn't matter.

On one of the links I'm putting up tonight too, you'll hear Mr. Rockefeller thanking the media for keeping quiet about the Council on Foreign Relations' roles in constructing up this big brand new brave new world and not publishing what happened within the meetings, because they're all members of that society, that's why they don't publish it, but he thanks them openly. In fact, he says they couldn't have gotten away with what they were doing without their compliance.

That's how we're truly run, we're really run, by powerful-powerful institutions which comprise the biggest banking families on the planet, who fund the foundations that fund all of the hundreds and thousands of Non-Governmental Organisations, that gives out grants to every university across the planet, along with, of course, suggestions on what to teach, what not to teach, what to say, what not to say.  We grow up in this world, reading their media, kept in utter confusion, watching horror along with trivia, all combined together into a surrealistic circus, as we're mind-bombed into stupidity; and, out of that stupidity, we're all fighting each other.

Yet, the evidence is all there, using all of the sciences at their command and especially the art of psychological warfare on the public, mind control, basic mind control, it's not difficult whatsoever. It's not difficult when you control all of the media. It's not difficult when the sciences that can create whole cultures have been used for over a hundred years at least and gave us the culture. These are the same boys that wanted, for a period, a consumer society, because, from the consumer society, you can tax them, massive taxation and they take the taxation back and fund scientific organisations along certain paths; they tell them what they want. Science, like everything else, like society itself, could go off in hundreds and hundreds of directions, but they don't.

Why do you think, from the roaring twenties up until 1960, the mandate was to get something to do with contraception, because they didn't have it in the roaring twenties, when they were pushing the drugs on the public; they had Prohibition, which made booze cans sexy and they brought in the mini skirt and the music. The fall-out was incredible, apart from the diseases that broke out, they didn't have antibiotics either, they didn't have the facilities to take care of all the abortions, the side effects of having fun. They didn't have enough orphanages to take in the unwanted children that came out of it as well. Therefore, they went to the drawing board and they were funded, all these scientists were funded, and that's all they worked on, for years and years, was contraception, the pill. And, lo and behold, penicillin broke out, not long before that, so for the first time they could treat some of the venereal diseases.

The same foundations then funded front groups, front groups, as always, to protest and demand abortion rights, incredibly well-funded. Governments chipped in as well, because when you go into grant-taking from government, you’ll find out that you will get a grant if you're pushing for radical change; and I clued into that, in Canada, when I was asked to sing at a place, and they asked me if I could sing anything more radical. I asked them why, they said because that's why they get their funding from the government, for radical change. And I met a whole bunch of people that were no doubt far-left communists and in fact one of them came over from the Moscow University, to teach the next part of the strategy of networking all of the left-wing groups together and he thought I was one of them, since I was there with all the artists after a show. He was from England, this is during the Cold War, and I said: ‘you're living in California but you're going across the planet and you're taught in Moscow University as to how to cause further radical change within America and he said yeah. I said well, don't they ever stop you at borders? and he looked at me kind of quizzically, like didn't I know, wasn't I in on the know? and I wasn't. Then I realised there was another party working all sides. Of course he didn't get stopped anywhere.  

It was the same with Peter Wright, who worked for MI5 and MI6, who wrote Spycatcher. He goes through the whole process of the main spies in England, who all came from the aristocratic families; and, they had one thing in common, the ones who were from Britain, that worked for the Soviets: they'd all been boarded as students while at university by the Rothschild family. He put in his book the fact that even though Rothschild was the main suspect, at the end of it all, they made that same Victor Rothschild head of all the security agencies in Britain, even though he was the main suspect. He's trying to tell you that there was another level running both Communism and what we thought of as a capitalist system. Rothschild's job was to make sure, and the spy’s jobs were to make sure, that the guys at the top ensured there were no accidents down below. Everyone down below, right down to the soldiers and those who commanded the weapons systems, had to think it was real. The whole populations had to think it was real. That was the purpose of it, to terrify us into 'my god, we need a global system, a global government, we can't go on like this' and every time that Peter Wright and others were tipping off the head of their organisation, someone tipped them off, these spies off, and they got out of the country. Now, the only ones above their boss, was the Royal Family, who got in a black box every day, the latest recommendations of the plans of who they were going to pick up as agents etc. They even grilled the heads, the subsequent heads of MI5 and MI6, to see if they'd leaked it out. You see, the aristocracy, this big organisation with its front groups, ran both sides of everything. I'll be back with more, after the following messages. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, covering a bit of ground tonight, as you bring the past closer to the present, to realise what's happening today was planned an awful long time ago and things that make no sense to people today, don't alter their course, it continues, horror continues, because it's a mandate on the go and it's part of geo-politics. Geo-politics is an old-old game, played by Britain and the establishment, that's why Bonaparte called them perfidious Britain or perfidious England, because they kept making alliances and pitting one side of the alliance against another side of an alliance and having them go to war with each other, to weaken the powerful, through war. They've used this down through history, that's part of the standard technique and policy still in work today.  

As I say, the United Nations will not go into certain countries, because the United Nations was set up and run and goes on the mandate and goes by the principles of the Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations. You can take your pick what name you want to give the same group, because Quigley tells you, in Tragedy & Hope and the Anglo-American Establishment, that they are the same group. They have branches in every country across the planet. They also run the Round Table Societies; they're hard at work for global citizenship. Now, remember too, what is citizenship? It means you're born with a pre-existing duty to a system; people should remember that at all times. How can you be free, if you're born into a system with pre-existing duties? Think about it.  

The world they want to bring in is a world of servitude, to the world state; and now the economic powers, once again, because it's the same combination of the big bankers, are bringing us into a stage of helplessness, where we'll ask them for help and they will provide it with a brand new system, a new way of living, because the time for consumerism is over, they don't need our massive taxes anymore that they took from us to pay for their war machinery and all the logistical supplies etc that goes with it. In a world order, it's different and you'll eventually serve the world system.

Remember, one of their members: Charles Galton Darwin in his book The Next Million Years, that's quite the boast too, think of it, The Next Million Years, he talked about how the elite will run it and putting himself in that category of course. He said that there's always existed a system of slavery and we are simply creating a more perfected system of slavery. A system in which the public don't realise that they are in fact slaves. How would that happen? Well, it is happening, people, if they're given enough little toys to play with, enough entertainment, circuses, bread and circuses and games to play and have their little routines, which are worked out and studied perfectly. There are so many studies in universities, like the routines of people, as they go through the internet and scour the groups and subgroups and all the rest of it. They even have a project to see all the friends that you talk to on your cell phone, what you all have in common that makes you actually connect to each other.

We're all studied like rats but most folk will go into loving their slavery, as long as they can keep their subgroups and a few little toys to play with. It'll be presented to them as the only way out of the mess we're in.

From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


Book Excerpt: "The Anglo-American Establishment" by Carroll Quigley

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