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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December 7th, 2007. Newcomers, look into and if you can handle it you can get a lot of the truth there of the events leading up to the present situation in the world, why things are really happening, the organizations that bring it about, and download them for free. You can also look into where you can download transcripts in the tongues of Europe and you can pass those around to your friends because that's how information is really spread. It's generally from people or to people where trust is concerned. It's very different when you're a bodiless voice on the airwaves and you’d be surprised at what goes on in the airwaves. I won't go into it; but when you actually know people or meet people in your life, they can see you. They can see the body language. They can see if you're genuine or not, they have more of an idea, and use intuition. You should pass around transcripts or even burn some of the talks to disc and pass them around.


What's interesting to me is that so many of the young people are catching on to what's been happening in their lives and no wonder, because really for 100 years we've had this mad pace, this crazy pace of change, cultural change, which when you're born into a transition phase as they call it today. That's what they call it in sociology, transition phases, when they're altering your culture and your morales or anything that goes in to creating that culture. When they're changing that into the next one they keep you in a state of massive confusion and fear while they bring it about and you adapt to it quite casually in fact. You adapt because everyone else is adapting and that's how you judge yourself, is how well you've adapted according to other people and if you think the same things as they do then you think you're quite sane and this is a science. It's actually a science that is taught in very, very high schools and the kind of schools that you won't have access to, but the people who become the technocrats attend. That's what they attend, these particular types of schools where they're taught and they're picked very young in fact for their careers and for their role in this particular type of system.


They're given archives of information on human behavior, way beyond what was ever given out by Freud or any of the analysts. Even way beyond Skinner. Skinner went into behaviorism and how to alter the behavior of vast amounts of people by altering things in their environment. That's how you adapt. Things alter in your environment and you adapt quite easily, and so they broke down everything that creates culture. What is culture?  What are the standard beliefs that become the norms that everyone adapts to?  Once they understood all that a long, long time ago, they realized they could reintroduce new normals which would then be adapted to and within a generation they would replace the old normals and once again the new normals would be taught as gospel truth. It's no joke; look back in the Middle Ages when people were burned at one time if they questioned the church. They were burned as witches or heretics, and today, if you go against this system, you're condemned just the same way and simply eliminated or put in prison. I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and just talking about the things that we take for granted and yet there's nothing in your existence that you should take for granted because your life is really planned for you. At least the changes in your life are planned for you. Fashions and even music is designed way ahead of this introduction into society, all depending upon decisions of those who create your culture and it's called "culture creation."  They used this term in the Soviet system where actors and musicians and so on were well aware of their role. Their role was to give a new totalitarian type of image to the new Soviet man and woman so they're all working together. So all their plays and their movies were centered around production for the common good and they went to incredible extremes to show these farcical movies. I think one of them everyone came down with some kind of infection one by one until there was only two left in the whole factory and they rigged everything up with levers and strings to keep all the levers going, just to get through, to make it all happen and to prove that the Soviet human was so superior, so you gave everything. You were a cog in the wheel. A cog in the machine basically of this vast empire of Soviet and it's no coincidence that the Soviet man was viewed as a collective, because the whole Soviet system came from the West.


It was funded by the big bankers run by the big economists – the only ones who took the art of economy, the science of economy and used it on vast amounts of people. They had the histories of how economy shapes the world and how those who control money literally control the world. Very old technique and they used that system for the Soviet system where they viewed everyone as part of the collective. Individualism was out and the collective was in, and it was a sham from the beginning because there already was an elite formed very quickly and a new kind of class system was introduced very quickly and the vast bulk of the populace was down below working their fingers to the bone, all working for a better day. A better dawn, as they used to say, which never really happened because corruption was rampant at the very beginning at the top and it simply spread gradually, gradually all the way down until you had to bribe everyone including doctors. Even for an appointment to see a doctor or even bribe people in hospitals to have your nearest and dearest given fresh linen, if they were lying in urine you had to bribe people. That was the end product and this was known as the beginning of the Soviet system by those who created it in the West, because they'd already given us a system in the West of production, competition and rewarding those who are a bit more vicious than the others. Sad comment to make on humanity but it's true. That is the system we live in. The psychopathic type system.


However, both systems, the West and the East, took a lot of their knowledge, at least they used the knowledge of Charles Darwin to do with survival of the fittest and both of them went through an industrial era, where, for the first time, people were looked upon as “the masses.” That's the term they put out there and everyone started parroting “the masses,” the mass, and individualism as I say was gone. You were not treated like an individual human being. You were simply part of the collective, no matter how special you thought you were yourself. This has been pushed further and further into the new scientific era that we're in today. A scientific era where technology is being used to gain more control over every single person as they go into the big Borg world police state. Even here in Canada, you find today they've introduced a new driving license, which just happens to be exactly the same as the one they've introduced in the U.S. with barcodes and all the rest of it and the holographic images, and in 2008 we'll have the new I.D. card, which is the same one as the U.S., which is the same one as the British one and everyone else's one because they're all getting made by the same companies.


They're creating a world where all your data, every part of every bit of information, the bits and bites that are you, will be made accessible by all those given governmental authority. That's everything that you purchase, belong to, buy, sell, how much you earn, how much you spend, including the items that you do buy even in the supermarket, what your particular tastes are and all the rest of it. Your health records will all be in there and you can bet your bottom dollar it's coupled with the human genome project because they're classing the people. They're putting them into classes of special people, bright people, a bit duller people, non-productive people, or people who just won't compete to get to the top. It's all categorization because the system that's coming in will eventually eliminate those who are deemed replaceable in excess. That's the whole plan.


I keep going back to the 1930’s when a lot of this plan was put out there in the open by very big players, members of the high aristocracy of Europe. You don't see so much of that today where they come out themselves and write books about what they want to happen in the world, but back then a whole bunch of them came out including Aldous Huxley. Now remember, Aldous Huxley and you can find a speech that he gave at Berkeley on my site. You can download it in the article section in the audio section and you download that and listen to this man talk. He'll even make you laugh because the way he speaks can almost lull you into a dreamlike state. It isn't until you listen to what he's actually saying. He's talking about a world totalitarian state in the nicest possible manner. He tells you why it would come in and how the public would accept it. Quite casually he tells you this and even cracks a few jokes along the way. He was talking to the people who would go into governmental positions and high bureaucratic positions and therefore he could afford to be more open.


He mentioned the various scientific dictatorship theories that he and others had talked about and put forward in debates in think tanks. He was trained for his position as a novelist and also as a non-fiction writer and also to push ideas called predictive programming that would get the people to work willingly towards this particular goal and he said remember that most people are really unhappy. He said what's wrong, what's wrong with controlling their minds? What's wrong with giving them drugs or using electrical stimulation of their brain to induce an altered state to make them happy? They could be completely ignorant, in other words, of what they were even working at, as long as you were living a fantasy world in this scientific type of dictatorship, then what was wrong with stealing your consciousness? That's what he was really saying, there's nothing wrong with it, and he was talking about doing this to a whole world of people.


The reason he was talking about it was because he knew it was going to happen. The technology that we're seeing introduced today, right down to microchips, had already been discussed long before Huxley gave his speech in the 1960’s, long before he'd even written his book "Brave New World" in 1933. In "Brave New World," he gives us a scenario where people will be purposely bred. Purposely bred for the tasks that they had to do to manage or to help manage the world state. How genes would be replaced, inferior and superior types replaced, and how you would be bred for your station in life. You couldn't rise above your station. You'd be very content and you'd live on drugs and various kinds of foods they've feed you to keep you very adequate for your position, but no better or duller. He talked about that being the great way too to keep down the population. The population has always been a big topic with Huxley and many others. You should read the statements of his brother who was the top man at UNESCO. The United Nations Educational Group where their job is actually to bring in a world standardized education so that everyone will think everything is normal, no matter how bizarre it is. They'll think that the world they're born into could never have traveled any other path than the one it's on. That's how simple it is to give you a reality.


Huxley himself wrote a follow-up to "Brave New World" called "Brave New World Revisited." He gave lectures around the world at some of the supposed better universities, the ones as I say where those from aristocratic families attend and learn their roles in life to help bring all this about. He said the scientific dictatorship, once it's installed and prepared the minds of the public and trained the public into it, once it's installed completely could last forever. It would last forever you see because you would not be able to think your way out of it. It would be impossible to be an individual and think your way out of it. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and I should really take a call here because I've got one from Raduian in Amman, Jordan. Are you there, Raduian?


Raduian:  Yes, hello.


Alan:  Hello. How are you?


Raduian:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello. I hear you. Go ahead.


Raduian:  Yes. My name is Raduian. I'm calling from Amman. It's 3:30 a.m. and so I've been considering this call for a while. Actually, I only wanted to ask you for some feedback. A few months ago I sent you a box from Jordan post.


Alan:  That's right. I got it too. Yes.


Raduian:  Okay. That's actually what I wanted to know because I was guessing if you had it or not.


Alan:  That was the one that’s a substitute for toothbrushes. It's actually better than toothbrushes and they use they particular twigs.


Raduian:  Yes. Do you use it?


Alan:  Yes. They work really well.


Raduian:  Okay. Nice. This made my day. Did you see the documentaries on DVD?


Alan:  Yes, I did. Thanks very much. It was very good too.


Raduian:  Okay. Can we plan something about shadows in motion in short really briefly?  It was one of the most important ones on the DVD.


Alan:  You'll have to go over it a little bit again to tell me exactly what part.


Raduian:  Leave it then if you don't remember. It's nothing. The book I sent you, did you have a look at it?


Alan:  Yes, I did. In fact I already had a copy of it.


Raduian:  I invite a question because sometimes you talk about holy scriptures. Can you talk about the Quran a little more?  Because I think there are some Muslims listening to you. Maybe it's important for them to know what your vision is on this one.


Alan:  Well with the Quran, my opinion on religion has always been widely known and it's generally used for control, although you'll find that there's always a lot of good societal structure and simple rules built into them. That's why people adapt to them and accept those particular religions. The difference really with the Quran was that there was an attempt made to make a workable society exist for the first time. They understood at the beginning that money and the system of money, which leads to almost a feudalistic system eventually with very, very wealthy families who dominate the rest and turn them into slaves. They understood that was the problem, a big problem and they're quite right. All that time ago they were quite right and there's no doubt that Mohammed tried to set up a system where because of those inherited large amounts of money it would be almost impossible. They had to give so much by law of the inheritance away. It had to be split between even the twentieth cousin and that way no one person could ever accumulate more money that would make them a lord over other people and then abuse that kind of power and that's what's really impressive about it. They knew that usury – remember for 1,000 years before that with the history of the Ancient World, they were well aware that usury was the means for a few people to take over not just tribes or areas, but whole continents of people. Usury and banking was the way that you became a slave if you happen to fall for the bait, so they tried to stop that at the beginning. They did hold on to those principles right up into the 1800’s and gradually, it was primarily through people from London, the diplomats that were sent over, they gradually started the corruption and tried to destroy that, but there's still a lot of people…


Raduian:  That's true.


Alan:  …hanging onto it in the Middle East. They understand the whole system of usury, debt, collection and then bankruptcy, which means that the whole nation is taken over. Today that's happened. People don't even know that Britain when Margaret Thatcher was in had the International Monetary Fund in overseeing her government and so the World Bank was running through Margaret Thatcher the entire system at that time.


Raduian:  Okay. That was my question. I have a proposition, a quick one. What do you think about printing your books because I'm working as a chief and editor for an Islamic publishing house into the Dutch language. We translate English books to Dutch language and we print our books in Indonesia and we are rather independent. We don't have any obligations whatsoever to any organization, so what would you think about that?


Alan:  What to do is email me again. I think you've emailed me before, but email me again because when my computer went down the last time a whole bunch of names and addresses got scrubbed out, so email me again with your address or your contact number to get in touch with you.


Raduian:  Okay. Because the quality price ratio in Indonesia is rather okay.


Alan:  Yes, I know.


Raduian:  Maybe we can help each other out here. I'll see you.


Alan:  I’ll talk to you if you leave me your number as well or send it to me.


Raduian:  Peace be upon you.


Alan:  Peace be upon you too. I'll be back after the following messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're taking calls now and we have Mark from Pennsylvania. Are you there, Mark?


Mark:  I'm here, Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad. It's been a busy day though and that's that wood thing. Hauling wood up in the snow isn't fun.


Mark:  No. I don't envy what you're doing, that’s for sure.


Alan:  People tell me who live in the warmer climates that doesn't snow look nice in the pictures and photographs.


Mark:  Well not for you but it was our first snow here in Philadelphia, but three inches is probably nothing compared to what you're going through.


Alan:  We’ve had eight inches per day roughly.


Mark:  I have good news and two questions for you. The good news is I mention your website a lot at the message boards that I post at and people are finally waking up to vaccines. I would post about vaccines about a year ago and people would call me crazy and I was killing my kids and yah-de-yah-de-yah and today there are two main threads at the forum that I post at and complete reversal of what's going on, so I think that's very, very good news.


Alan:  It is. In fact the authorities now are waking up to the fact that there's information about the vaccines out there and they're trying to counter it. That was in today's news in Canada.


Mark:  Right and here in the states they've had very public displays of “we're going to arrest the parents if you don't get your vaccines.”


Alan:  Well I can understand their point of view. They've got to poison all of us and make us all dumb and stupid. I mean that's the agenda.


Mark:  Well speaking of dumb and stupid, here are my two questions in bits and bites. Do you remember where you were when you heard about 9/11?


Alan:  Yes.


Mark:  In Canada did you get the propaganda about going to donate blood to the Red Cross?


Alan:  That came out – with the first speech that came out, I was lucky at the time because the TV that I had, the old television, broke down that day and so I listened to the news and pictured it in my mind and actually take more in because you're not hypnotized by that screen. The first speech that came out after apparently they were replaying that scene over and over, that's called psychic driving, as they imprint that into your mind, was a speech given in Canada by I think it was Allen Rock who was up in the federal government and one in the states with his counterpart in the Bush regime giving both the same identical speech, where they said: Be patriotic. Keep the system going. Use your credit cards. Use everything. Borrow and spend, spend, spend. That was the big, big speech that was given and I thought this the first time a war is starting and they've told the public to get into debt and spend and buy and that's going to save us. However, you're quite correct with the other one too. They did make an appeal for the Red Cross for thousands and thousands of volunteers to donate blood.


Mark:  The question I have is what is the reason, as you say, there's the reason then the real reason. What was the real reason for that?


Alan:  It was to create a real panic wartime scenario. This was a planned event. There's no doubt about it. Even on that first day, the head of MI6, the spokesperson at least for the MI6 organization, came out on the BBC International and stated that they couldn't understand it. They'd warned the U.S. weeks before this was going to happen on that particular date and nothing was done. Now that was followed by intelligence reports that out from the Mossad who said the same thing. How come?  Well, the reason of course it went ahead was because they wanted it to happen. The New American Century agenda could not come into play without that happening. Arthur C. Clarke wrote about it in the '60’s in a science fiction novel called "2001," that was to be the kickoff, the kickoff of a whole new system, ending in 2010, that was the second one. These are all the ways that they write things in quietly for those who understand and 2001 was their plan. We found that Brzezinski wrote "The Grand Chessboard," talking about this same agenda basically and that something would have to happen on the scale of Pearl Harbor to motivate the public behind them for a war. The first casualty of the war is truth and that's followed up by massive propaganda to get the public onboard. The pirates who love ships always get you onboard. All the terminology we use is theirs, but this was an essential thing and to make it so realistic that they wanted all this blood and all the rest of it.


Now at the same time the Red Cross was down in its favor in the eyes of the public, especially here in Canada because of the tainted blood scandal that wiped out most of the hemophiliacs in Canada because Clinton signed that deal with the prison authorities to buy blood and pay the prisoners a few cents. They knew it was contaminated; they sold it Connaught Laboratories that was set-up in World War II as a bacterial warfare organization that linked to the government and so the Red Cross was really down in favor because of that whole deal. Barbara Bush was the titular head of the Red Cross at that time.


Mark:  I was thinking more nefarious, as in using the blood for tracking purposes. Do you think that had anything to do with it?


Alan:  I've no doubt when you realize that even the Human Genome Project and that was admitted to that everyone who has had blood taken in the socialized countries like Britain and so on for the last 30 years has had samples sent off to secret government laboratories to type you and to get your gene coding basically.


Mark:  My next question is from my wife. I apologize ahead of time for this, Alan. What happens when you die?


Alan:  When you die?


Mark:  Yes.


Alan:  All you can really know – there's a difference between belief and knowing something. Now belief can sometimes start some people on a journey that ends up with a knowing. It depends on what you personally experience in your life. As you seek truth, things happen to you and things almost come to you, but you have to bring it on. You have to be ready and the only way really is to know yourself. As they say, "know thyself." That takes a lot of examination and you have to have a hunger, an absolute hunger for truth. When that happens you'll have a few experiences that will make something happen. That will confirm in your mind for you what there is after it.


For everyone else, they've always called those who simply follow blindly a given set of rules or religion, they were always called the dead. It's even in the New Testament "let the dead bury their dead."  Everyone scratches their head. What it meant was those who just accept the rules that are given at their time and never question anything; it doesn't matter what country they were born into, those people would do very well in Islam, would do very well in Buddhism. They just follow what's given to them at that time. Most people are like that and yet there are people who will use the given religions as stepping-stones and go beyond it. Unfortunately, it's countered by the whole New Age movement which leads you off into complete fantasy, fiction and actual psychosis, so you don't follow gurus that are supplied to you. If the kingdom of heaven is within you, it's within you, then it's up to you to find it. It's up to you to find it.


Mark:  Awesome.


Alan:  And that's the answer to that one.


Mark:  Awesome, as usual. Have a great night, Alan.


Alan:  And you too.


Mark:  Thank you.


Alan:  Bye now. Now we've got Tommy in L.A. Are you there, Tommy?


Tommy:  Hey, Alan, are you there?


Alan:  Yes I am.


Tommy:  Hey I just wanted to – I remember a while back you had spoken about the Bronfman's and Joe Kennedy and the liquor trade. I work in a bar and so I see a lot of Masonic iconography on the bottles of liquor and I'm just wondering is this just a blatant display of their power over us, over the way they control us?


Alan:  Yes. If you look at ancient India they talked about a drug called Soma that they gave to the public. That's no secret in India. There are various drugs there that can lay you back.


Tommy:  The drugs in Huxley's book.


Alan:  They've always used drugs with the people, especially when they increase your stress level or you’re half starved or you feel life is unrewarding and so they make sure there's always something. In the Soviet Union you had to line up for bread and wait half the day or three quarters of the day to get some peas to boil at home, but you could always walk into a store and get a bottle of Vodka very quickly. That was even shown in Orwell's "1984."  They always make sure there's always a drug for the masses; and for those who don't go for that, they always make sure there's other alternate drugs made available to the general public and that keeps people fairly quiet. It also sets you into a routine. 


Tommy:  Do you think they also use that to push vices on us like internet porn and these drugs and all these other things so they can foster their psychopathic culture amongst us?


Alan:  Everything works that way, absolutely. I mean all drugs are mind altering. All drugs are and they do poison the brain. That's why when you're drunk, if you're totally drunk you won't remember what happened. Your brain has reached a toxic level and so all drugs are meant to alter the brain, the brain chemistry as well. There's no doubt that alcohol is the one that's being pushed big time for the Western countries for an awful long time. Look at the sports. Who are the main funders of all the sports programs? It used to be cigarettes and booze. Now it's primarily booze and it's no coincidence.


Tommy:  Is it the sedative nature of alcohol that they--


Alan:  Yes, the sedative nature and it's also because of the culture we're given here. We're not taught in this culture to be open and honest because we're all taught to compete with each other all the time; and so they say that alcohol breaks down the social barrier for a temporary amount of time. That's why people go to date and they'll drink and that's when they can loosen up their tongue. The social barrier is dropped and they'll often do things they wouldn't normally do, so it's used because the system we live in is artificial to begin with. We don't know how to communicate heart to heart to people anymore in the western world.


Tommy:  Are we giving them power by consuming these things?


Alan:  Absolutely and you're keeping the system going because they rake in vast amounts of money through the drugs they allow into the public that they take. Vast amounts of money and there's no doubt too that great quantities of alcohol totally destroys the entire body, not just the liver. It's one of the most toxic drugs out there really.


Tommy:  Well thanks for taking my call, Alan. I really appreciate it.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. We've got Andrea in Denton, Texas. Are you there, Andrea?


Andrea:  Yes I'm here.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead please.


Andrea:  I have like a little laundry list of stuff I wanted to go through and I've been listening to you for about six months and I've gone through all your blurbs and things are finally starting to really make sense to me, you know, and like there was just one thing that happened. I'm a college student up here and I came to government class one day and they had two people there representing the Republicans and the Democrats and they were basically telling the class they need to pick a side and vote in the upcoming election. Then they had a Q&A section and I went ahead and stood up and asked something about GM foods and made them all uncomfortable and I think that spurred other people to do stuff. It was kind of interesting. I don't know if that was – you know like where that came from. The whole idea of having that just popped up in class like that.


Alan:  Spontaneity means that there's something working there and that's a good thing. That's a good thing when you're spontaneous.


Andrea:  I've picked up a lot of these books in the library and I've been reading them and I managed to go ahead and tell one of my friends and she agrees with me about what's going on and I went ahead and ordered your books. I sent that in the mail but I forgot to attach a letter saying I wanted the three books. I just wanted to go ahead and let you know that.


Alan:  Okay. When did you post it by the way?


Andrea:  It think it was Wednesday.


Alan:  Okay, I'll keep an eye out for it.


Andrea:  All right. Thank you.


Alan:  Take care. Bye now. We also have Morgan in California. Are you there, Morgan?


Morgan:  Hey, what’s up Alan? Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes I can. Go ahead please.


Morgan:  I was calling to see because at the beginning of the episode you mentioned a little bit about the culture industry. I was talking to this girl a couple of years ago at a party and she was claiming to know some people who were higher up in the food chain in the fashion industry and she was telling me about literally like a book that they had. It kind of mapped out like probably for 10 years this girl was telling me and I was actually wondering if you've ever heard of something like that, if I could ask you what that is?


Alan:  I haven't heard of that but I mean I do know I've seen – I remember back in the '60’s I was pretty small at the time and there was a program came on from the BBC. It's odd because they'll actually show you some truth at times, knowing that very few people have enough memory to remember things that are important. It's a form of mocking the public I think, but they showed you a panel of middle-aged people, male and female, all dressed in business suits and the women were in tweed outfits, very conservative looking, not the kind that would be into pop music and rock music. This whole panel at the BBC were deciding who they were going to make number one, number two, three, four, five, all the way down, simply by stating it and making it so and popularizing the particular music. Now these characters would probably be listening to Chopin or something like that themselves in their own private homes, but here they were running the music industry for all the up-and-coming youth and that was no mistake.


They always run the whole culture industry and at least there are some people now in Hollywood that will use that same term that they are part of the culture creation industry. They're well aware that that's their function is to alter culture and to imprint particular new ideas in a certain direction into your mind, especially when they attach it to emotion, emotive imprinting in movies. That's how we have our minds altered when it's attached with emotion. We don't question it when it's portrayed in a certain way. These are sciences and there's no doubt there's a pyramid type structure where those at the top are well aware of how it works, and they have their head people go out there and inform those at the head of the big entertainment industry, the different parts of it. There's no doubt it's coordinated and I noticed that traveling through Europe as a musician as well. When I saw laws getting passed, I saw the same fad starting in every country at the same time and that wouldn't happen if they were all independent nations with their own cultures. I realized there was an international culture industry already working at that time. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and I better take Robbie before we go off for the night. Are you there, Robbie? Hello Robbie? Is he gone? I know there are more people calling in, but I haven't got them on the screen.


Unidentified Caller:  Okay. Well I appreciate you taking my call.


Alan:  Yes. Where are you speaking from?


Unidentified Caller:  Missouri. We've talked before.  


Alan:  Go ahead.


Unidentified Caller:  I am catching on to you real fast. What I haven't heard you mention – I even went back to Jackie's shows and so forth. Can you just say a little bit about some assumptions or operating assumptions that we work on? When we say Creator, I'm thinking that this was a benevolent nice guy. It's not a B.F. Skinner guy chasing us around. I believe I've heard you say we're created with a purpose, hopefully, so on and so forth. Did we kind of all start out even years back and then I can see, I think I see that we started out even and these psychopathic tendencies is almost natural selection and once they get that going, everything adds up to the matrix has been enhanced, enhanced, enhanced with technology.


Alan:  That's right. In other words, a deviant system, incredibly cunning, took over a long, long time ago and basically gave to the people that would end up ruling once they had introduced this odd commodity called money and debt and bankruptcies and so on.  It gave the cultures to the people and trained the people to believe it was all quite natural, this cut-throat system of winners at the top and losers at the bottom.


Unidentified Caller:  Exactly, but I would like to think that maybe a couple of gazillion years back we were original people, we were in communion with the Creator and knew what we were supposed to be doing and it's hard to tell just what it is, but it's not what we're doing now.


Alan:  It's not what we're doing now because in order to think beyond all of the world’s things, you have to have peace; and if you notice today, most people have no peace within them because the system ensures that you don't have peace. It always keeps you with a hundred little fears in the back of your mind on a daily basis.


Unidentified Caller:  Right. Are you saying that's about right that we started out even?


Alan: We may have started out even, perhaps it's time that those who can can even it out once again and start rejecting the evilness and the inhumanity of this entire system.


Unidentified Caller:  Well I heard you the other night--


Alan:  We're coming up to the last break now. It's actually the end of the show, so from Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)