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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 2nd, 2008—scary thought, isn't it? We're in 2008 and on a roll into the big totalitarian society, which is really all around us right now, but the velvet glove is off the iron fist and we're beginning to see it – at least those who are awake. For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com for previous shows going back 10 years. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download and copy and pass around to your friends and these are getting around the world because the whole world is going through this transformation, something that was planned 40, 50 years ago at the beginning of the Cold War.


They looked upon the future and what kind of future would come out of this, and it was decided it would be a type of combination of communistic rule over the public but run by a fascist organization at the top of international corporations, CEOs, who will put their own boys into government and they'd all work for the Old Establishment as they call it in Britain; an establishment of an aristocracy that's been running the world through different countries and different empires and different eras for hundreds and hundreds of years, all based on commerce and banking and the right or the ability to push money upon other peoples. Force them to use it then tax it all back, which means they get their labor back. Everything comes down to labor and Karl Marx was quite right on that.


The elite are kept in a state of luxury. Always have been by the labor of others below, only because we accept the system we have been given, which is a monetary based system and that was the first con of all. In ancient times the priests used to once they'd conned the public into the fact that they were the only ones who could contact the deity, be it the sun or whatever, then they used to take in the grain of the public into a common granary and they would dole it out to the farmers at planting time. Eventually they caught on they could ask for more back and that was called "interest."  What is your interest in this? That's where interest came from, it was to do with seed. Eventually when they caught on to the fact that money could be a substitute for barter, then they went into the banking business and all ancient temples across the world, be it Greece or Egypt or in the so-called Holy Land, they had the Trapezi as the Greeks called them, the big banking boys who did their banking right there in the temples. Some of the temples were actually where the coinage was minted. That's the way it was with Rome. Today most folk are so ignorant of the past that they cannot see what's coming because we're seeing history repeat itself on a grander scale. I'll be back with more of this after these following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and we are cutting through the matrix, for those who have already woken up – and that's the problem we have. We're kind of preaching to the choir. There's always newcomers coming in, but there's so much to learn, isn't there? So much catching up to do, especially when those who rule us are on such a roll as they are today, massively, massively so, every day. More laws across the world, same laws, because we're already global. We have been for a long, long time in fact and now they're going for the big kill, which is to make sure that everyone on the planet is predictable by having all data 24 hours a day on your every move. That includes what you eat. What you buy. Who you talk to. What you say. That's the totalitarian system that's meant to keep us safe from ourselves, because you see we the people are the enemy. That's the big joke. You see the joke's on us.


We the people are the enemy. We were declared the enemy a long time ago and if you even read the charter and the various charters of the subdivisions of the United Nations, you'll find it in there that the people themselves are the enemy. Look to the psychiatric and psychology associations. Look at the big players. Read what they've printed in their own big magazines and they've said it, that everyone who is alive today is mentally ill according to their documentation. Mentally ill means having opinions derived from previous societies, old-fashioned ideas, and following rules are old-fashioned rules meant for a different era and if you pass them on to your children you "contaminate" them. That's the language they use and you're all mentally ill and so you'll have to be reconditioned or eliminated. That's the real world.


Meanwhile everyone is playing themselves and playing massively so with all their free programs on the internet and giving all their data out to all the different little things that appear asking them very intimate questions to create complete profiles on them. They're doing it because it's free and it's so convenient, so convenient and they've never had a time when they can have so much free sex, for instance. It's so readily available anywhere you go. It has been for a long time and we're playing ourselves like never before, a world of children, while our betters, you know those people "up there," take care of the big problems including us ourselves.


We're the big problem because it's not intended that we go on playing for very long and use up what they call the world's resources, and sure enough, they've trained us you see to go out and work and reward ourselves at least once a month. That's not much, once a month. Most folk want to do it all the time with credit cards and they're constantly rewarding themselves for putting up with boring, depressing repetitive jobs and Pavlovian style, sure enough, they reward themselves with buying some trivia or junk or something that's supposed to satisfy a need and make you happy for five minutes before you become fed up with it and want to buy something else. That's what advertising is based on is creating dissatisfaction and they don't have far to go because all they sell you are lies in advertising. That's what advertising is about – selling you a complete fiction.


However, because we live in an unhappy society, a society which is stressful, a society that very few people understand in fact, everyone wants to fit into something that's really artificial. That's why they kind of feel on edge all the time. It's not a natural system. It's not meant to be natural in this system and those who run it have decided as I say we're using up too much of the world's resources by rewarding ourselves and they're going to cut back on us, you know the ones who are mentally ill, meaning the ordinary people. They have all the DNA, all the sciences they believe they need to recreate perfect humans to serve them better in the future and I'm not kidding about this.


They have these, they call them "arks," set up. I watched a Public Broadcasting program two or three years ago on a rainy Sunday afternoon and they had a professor on from a university in Louisiana and she was in charge of a huge center, a big estate in Louisiana for cryogenics where they had everything, the genes of every animal and insect, frozen and they had experimented in bringing them back to life. Bringing the male and female together and inserting them in different species even as a host carrier and giving birth quite satisfactorily to them. This is all done at higher levels and it was the World Wildlife Society that owned this ark. They have three of them, they claim, that one society, worldwide. I can bet something else too. I bet this big ark in the sky, the International Space Station (ISIS) will also be another ark and that was foreseen a long time ago, a long time ago in the 1500's by someone in the high mystery religion who was not crystal gazing as he told the public, but he knew the agenda. They knew they were unraveling sciences back then and they knew what they could do with the wealth of the world and all the labor of the world to work towards their "Big Idea" and it's pretty well happened.


Everything we're taught about science at the bottom level and that's from professorship down is obsolete. Everything they tell you they're working towards is actually done and obsolete, gone. The bottom levels are still RE-discovering things all the time. The Dolly the Sheep thing was a bottom level attempt. It had already been done. That's why it's called RE-search. The searching was done above them long ago and all the problems have been ironed out. Now the only problem they have left is how to keep us all Pavlovian-style playing ourselves and enjoying ourselves like never before, like there's no tomorrow, while they pull the rug from under our feet and that's what's happening now with the totalitarian system being set up.


I wondered why in the '90's, the mid '90's we suddenly had all these big disaster programs even across Canada in little potato towns where nothing happened and they were having disaster scenarios with these new disaster agencies and controls that they set up. They never had that during the Cold War when supposedly, supposedly we were going to get nuked any time in any day, every week, every year, year after year. After the Cold War they were having all of these disaster scenarios and rehearsals. Why?


It's really to do with what's scheduled to happen and is happening as the snowball starts to come down the hill and get bigger and bigger. They devalue the dollars as they create the new world society and pull the rug from under our feet financially and so on. It's all to take care of the riots that will ensue across the world and that's why the Department of Defence put out a 90-page report on the next 30 years of what they see coming. Now these guys are not paid big, big money, they don't hire the best of the best in their fields to sit and guess at what's going to come along. They know what's coming along. They're not telling you why there's going to be massive rioting across the planet, but what they are telling you is what they're doing to prepare for the rioting across the planet and they foresee 30 years of it.


They even have small nuclear type bombs, battlefield bombs to use on the public. Now what on earth do you think is planned that would drive the general public who are rewarding themselves and having sex 2.5 times a week and all that kind of stuff right now? What do you think would get them away from television from the sports and all the rest of it and start rioting? Well, maybe it's turning off the electricity for one thing. Maybe it's by forcing them to pay four or five times that they're paying now for fuel and gasoline and electricity and all the other energies that we use. Maybe it's rationing the food. You see it's going to be all of these things. All of it, and believe you me, no one man is going to stop this in any country. It's not going to happen because you have a global elite who've planned this for a long time and the interactions of all their associations are finally meshed together like never before and they have been actually for a long time.


Professor Carroll Quigley talked about it and he was in on this whole big secret. He was the official historian for the American branch of the Council on Foreign Relations of the Royal Institute for International Affairs that helped plan all this. The same guys that planned it and came out on national television in Canada; they planned the integration of the Americas. They drafted all of the integration scenarios up for them to sign, all the forms and they signed the agreements and treaties for presidents to sign, they boasted about on national television CBC Canada. A private non-governmental organization drafted the treaties up and you still think you live in a democracy? And the moon's a balloon, as David Niven said. We're on a roll, a roll like never before and it's time to get off your jack duff and start talking fast and hard to those who can change things. Back after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and we have an odd one on the phone here. It's called hippopotamus anonymous who's called in. Are you there, hippo?


Hippo:  Yes, hi Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Hippo:  That's good. I heard you were a little under the weather. I listened to your blurb.


Alan:  I opened the window and in flew enza.


Hippo:  Right. Well you didn't get taxed on it up there, I hope.


Alan:  No.


Hippo:  Hey Alan, I tell you the 31st I was really looking forward to hearing you and I guess that since you were sick that's why I didn't, but I only started listening to you very recently and I tell you you've been one hell of an inspiration to me as a writer. I want to thank you and I want to thank you for your integrity and your honesty and I tell you I'm really – I'm getting in my 40's now and I'm really tired of being tricked by the magicians that are running things, you know these magical people.  I have a proposition out here for the – and I wrote you a letter actually. I think what I'll do is just email it to you, but I've become very suspicious of this deified Ron Paul character and I know a few people who've called in. I've heard a few people mention this but it almost seems heretical to say it on the patriotic network, but there's a tape out there that the patriots should look at and it's a 1988 episode of the Morton Downey, Jr. show. I don't know if you remember him. Do you remember Morton Downey, Jr.?


Alan:  No.


Hippo:  Okay. He was a precursor to the Jerry Springer's and Geraldo Rivera's and they can find Ron Paul in the crude real flesh yelling and yakking it up and sliming it around and it's very interesting. In the audience there's our friend Bo Gritz and it's a very interesting tape. It's on YouTube. I know you don't go to YouTube very often but--


Alan:  Bo Gritz was in the audience you say?


Hippo:  Bo Gritz was in the audience. It's very interesting. He was there ostensively to discredit the doctor. Well what happened was it was interesting. Ron Paul yelled over to Bo Gritz and addresses him by name and says and calls George Herbert Walker Bush a drug dealer and says, "isn't that right Bo Gritz," because that was his claim to fame back in the day. Then what happens is he gets up to the podium and he starts you know – it was called "The Loud Mouth" actually, it was just hysterical laughing mostly.


Alan:  Sort of a Saturday night live type?


Hippo:  Oh worse, far worse. And so if he really thought at that time behaving in that way – there's this one segment where he's absolutely degrading a young man because he was overweight. This is Ron Paul, Ron Paul, candidate for president of the United States, the patriot that's going to eliminate the CIA, the IRS and the Federal Reserve and all that stuff.


Alan:  The thing is, you see I've been telling people forever that politics is show biz. It's pure show biz and politicians are put out there and I always tell the people whatever your bent of mind is, your frame of mind, I guarantee you they've got someone out there for you to follow because they do surveys on the public and they always give you a middle man who says all the right things which are current at the time.


Hippo:  Sure. Of course they do.


Alan:  They've got their pulse on the people and we know that this is not real. Even the governments we have are not really real. They deal with small local issues but they're not allowed to deal with the big ones at the top because there is a parallel government as Quigley said and Margaret Thatcher said and others have said. Every ex-president and prime minister belongs to this parallel government and it's been here since the beginning of the 1900's according to Quigley. It was already 60 years old when he wrote his book and he said it had been running then. That's how they have this international setup all up and running. That's beyond national politics. It's international and if the public could only realize this, that to stop following the people they give to us vote for, the real people would have to come forward and show who they are for the first time.


Hippo:  Exactly and it's interesting because now we have a consortium of mysterious fellows – people that own these screen voting machine companies and they literally have absconded with the electoral system and they actually manage it directly. They oversee it. So even if Ron Paul were elected, how could he prove that he didn't himself or people on his side rigged the elections, so the whole thing is suspect. My proposal is this and I'm calling out for musicians and poets and artists to really maybe lead this and I say just let's declare abstinence and for three days, whenever these machines and this technology is used, to just shutdown the economy and have a nationwide strike.


Alan:  That would be wonderful. If we had strikes for all the things that matter, you'd see a very smoothly functioning society including the price of gas and everything else and food and so on would come skyrocketing right down the way, rather than up the way, if everyone stopped simply driving around for about a week. You would see them scurry to get things down in price very quickly.


Hippo:  I think people have to understand that if you use these voting machines you're endorsing the machine and the act. I've never voted myself, like you. I tell people I cast my vote back in 1985 when I joined the United States Marine Corp. I don't vote and I think that people really need to think about using those machines and if they have integrity just say no to the voting machines until they get rid of those things.


Alan:  Okay, thanks for calling and we'll be back after these messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt back and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. I thought I'd let the music play there because it's a good little piece. As I say, it's a shame, it's very sad when you realize that the world isn’t real as it's presented to us and that the game of politics (that's why they call it the game) of politics at the top. It's just a game for the public and how democratic can it be when you need millions of dollars for the supposed ordinary person to run and get in. The whole idea under democracy was that someone from your area, your little town or whatever, would go off and represent you. Well, when has that ever happened? Once they created the party system your politician would turn back to his constituents and say well I couldn't really go along – they wouldn't go along with it and I have to go along with my party.


Why do you bother voting for them if they have to go with their party and make little laws that affect you to your detriment? What's the point in voting for them?


See, the whole thing is a con, but they realized back in Britain, the home of this whole democratic business, and they learned it from their ancient records. The Greeks talked about it copiously how they go through these different systems of democracy and republicanism and fascism and so on, and the tyrant dictator and all the rest of it. It had all been tried out before and they knew how the game was played. Britain realized that if they didn't have a vote every few years then the public would have insurrections and so you wait for four or five years and suffer more misery and then you vote the last bunch of crooks out. That's how politics and democracy works. You don't really vote a new party in. You're so sick of the last bunch of crooks and yet you still haven't caught on. It’s not that they're just crooks. They all work for the one big institution, the World Corporation, and it's a supra-government that's above all national governments, always has been. These characters that you vote in are generally millionaires and most of them are lawyers who've dealt with real estate and big business and they've been CEOs of corporations.


What on earth do they have in common with you?


Nothing. That's the bottom line and Quigley said it. He said, "we always, we always make sure that the top people on all sides, all parties are theirs." It's like the politburo. Which politburo member are you going to vote for, A, B, C or D? That's the old Soviet Union. Here you just give them different names for parties, the left wing, right wing, but they don't tell you they're both attached to the body of the same bird. The real head of the bird, the real power behind it, is behind that shield there. You'll never see it and that's what it stands for.


However, you'd have insurrections every few years and Jefferson was quite right. He told us – they do tell us how the game is played. If you listen to the illumined ones carefully they'll tell you how it's played. He said when you see an agenda, an agenda going forth between exchanges of houses (meaning the different parties getting voted in and out) the same agenda being carried forward you will know you're under tyranny. That's your symptom and you look at all the UN laws they put out and sign into the books every year and then the global treaties they sign every year in every country all joining us all together closer and closer with the same multinational and international corporations at the top, then you see this agenda rolling forward regardless of the change of parties in a Parliament building or a Congressional Hall. It doesn't matter.


The same agenda steamrolls and I've been watching this my whole life. I knew it when I was a child. My parents couldn't see it. I could see it and that's the trouble we have because we're dealing with most people who still live in the belief of the world that they've swallowed as it has been presented to them. It's a con game, a con game and as I say a few people like Quigley have told us so and they worked for the ones who really run the world; and Quigley was all for this global elite, by the way. He thought it was a swell idea and that the elite and intelligentsia had the right to rule the world on behalf of the dull and ignorant beneath them, the profane as they call them.


Now we have Alex in Canada. Are you still there, Alex?


Alex:  Yes. Hi, Alan.


Alan:  Go ahead.


Alex:  I was watching – speaking of politicians, I was watching CNN yesterday afternoon and Mitt Romney was giving his speech from Ankeny, Iowa and it was the usual political speech. A lot of nonsense but he did say something that almost knocked me off my chair. Just a little one liner, he said, "the world is going through enormous change. I think you're going to see more change in the next 10 years than you've seen in the last 10 centuries."


Alan:  That's true.


Alex:  But he didn't go into detail exactly what that change would be. Just that of course he was the man to lead it. Now speaking of all these changes, if the average person is really unhappy and they go through life with a lot of stress but they still get to go the movies. Go out for dinner. Maybe take a little vacation. If things start really – you know this is the picture that we're painting of the future. I can see things getting really bad. How are people going to handle these changes emotionally and psychologically? I don't think they're prepared for that.


Alan:  That's why they're predicting all these riots going to start and then build up to incredible size, massive riots, national riots and they're prepared to use neutron bombs on the public. This is from the Department of Defence for Britain and NATO, all NATO countries.


Alex:  People are going to break.


Alan:  Yes they will break and I've always said that the masses of the public who really, really live in a conditioned matrix, they have never had an original thought of their own. They truly haven’t. You have to understand that. They've been conditioned and super-conditioned and scientifically indoctrinated. They are gone. They always have been gone technically. They'll completely break and you can't help them because what you're telling them is beyond them. Even when it's happening they will refuse to believe it. You know they've done studies on people that were taken off by the Natzis and put in camps and the Natzis even told people. It wasn't just Jews. It was Gypsies. There was Christians too and Christian democrats and so on. They were rounded up and they were told that the people hated them and they were taking them to safety, and the men generally had a little inkling that something stunk here but the women, again, the old strategy always aim your the propaganda at the female because she likes the home. She takes care of the home. She wants security so it would go over the head of the husband by promising security because she will come and then as Hitler said, "must follow the children and therefore must follow the men." That's how it works and they even packed their suitcases as though they were going to hotels and so on, still wanting to believe, wanting desperately to believe that these people were telling the truth. They were going to help them, set them up in this secure area where they'd have their own little area, their own townships basically. Even when it was happening – when the unthinkable was happening to them and they went to the wall, I can guarantee you to the last minute they still could not believe that was happening to them in what at that time was called the most civilized scientific society in the world – and that will happen even worse here.


Alex:  People just block out because they think it's impossible this reality. It's too terrible to believe.


Alan:  They can't handle it at all.


Alex:  Wow. Alan, can you speak to about what's going on with the border now? Okay, 2010 rolls around. There's the Mexican border, the Canadian, U.S. border comes down. It's a free flow of goods and people. At the same time you talked about restriction of travel in the future, so how does that play into like the one idea of free flow of goods and labor and that we're going to be restricted in the inner cities?


Alan:  If you notice the Free Trade deal, if you go into the Free Trade deal it's not for all trade. It's only for authorized international corporations. Now if you go into labor, what they're talking about is authorized labor where the international corporations will say I need so many of this, so many of that, and those are the ones who are authorized. They said that even the bureaucracies will be internationalized and bureaucrats will be a new type of nomad going from city to city across the planet. That was in Jacques Attali's book "Millennium" and he was a top bureaucrat, still is at the United Nations and he said, "the next boat people of the world will be leaving America looking for jobs," but that's what it's about. It will be selective labor. It won't be for you to just cross a border and get across because you want to go and live there. Even Europe has had a temporary reprieve there where they've allowed us to think you can go anywhere in Europe and work, but you can't really. Now you can go and live there, if you can survive, if you can get a job, but that's going to stop as well. That's why they've issued them their national ID cards because these are active chips and these will give off alarms if you approach the border. That's the idea.


Alex:  Crazy. A girlfriend of mine actually applied for a job as security for the border. Apparently there's a huge hiring blitz that's been going on for months now.


Alan:  I know.


Alex:  They're getting prepared, plus that the show you talked about the other day, "Border". So what's going on at the border? They're getting us ready for stuff that's going on in and around the border, you know.


Alan:  I know. You've got to have the right qualifications to get hired at the border. The song is "Walk Like a Man My Son". 


Alex:  Yeah exactly.


Alan:  That's the one. That's what they’re hiring on purpose. I'm not kidding you.


Alex:  Yes, oh I know. They've got to be tough ones.


Alan:  They want the real aggressive ones that have the keys hanging off their belts. That's what they're after. Short haircut too. Very, very short. Elvis Presley haircut. They like to prod and search your body cavities. That's the type they're looking for. I'm not joking. They've got them, same at airports. That's priority hiring.


Alex:  I believe it. Thanks so much Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now I've got Tim in North Carolina. Are you there, Tim?


Tim:  Oh hey Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Tim:  I seen a good one the other morning and I just had to let you know about this one. I've had me a couple of cups of coffee and a couple of cigarettes before I went to work and I had CSpan-2 on and they had this thing at the New York Public Library and George Soros was on and I said well let me check this out. The premise was this guy had this book "What Orwell Didn't Know" so they were getting into all this virtual reality and stuff and then they started talking about the media was using and this is when my ears perked up. They were using dialectic and propaganda and I couldn't believe it. They were talking about it on TV you know and they were saying this is not the reality and to make a long story short they finally got around to George Soros and this is when my ears really went up because they were talking about dialectic, but listen to what he says. He says, "we need to benefit from this" so immediately he's talking about them and then he says, "we are the enlightened ones" and I couldn't believe that guy really saying that. It was like a double whammy. It was on the dialectic thing.


Alan:  It is. I mean these characters can tell you what they really mean, what they really think. It's that the public that hear them generally hear it from a different angle or readjust it and say well I don't really – I know he said it but I don't believe him. They can say dastardly things to too you to the public and about the public but people will say we like this guy so he couldn't really mean what he said. David Suzuki said that in Canada and he's loved in Canada. He's put up as the Green Man for the whole Green Movement and they're even having him on weekly shows in the states shortly on greening, on programs on greening and green environments for your home. Everything is green energy and all the rest of it and David Suzuki is a geneticist in fact. He does all these nature programs for World Wildlife and this guy like furry animals and fishes and all the rest of it. He said on national television a few years ago they'd have to basically kill off three quarters of the population to save the world and there wasn't a peep from the public because they couldn't believe this nice man that loves animals and they'd grown up with wants to kill them, but they do tell you the truth.


Tim:  Yes and I've started to hear it to. If you listen real good, when they use the word WE, they're really talking about them.


Alan:  Exactly. George Soros is another one put up there as a philanthropist. Exactly what Weishaupt said and Pike and others said. They create these big foundations under the guise of philanthropy and they would fund the NGO groups (non-governmental organizations), which would then really be the power structure under democracy. They would push government to get demands made and so on, and that's the Rockefeller's, that's all of these groups and the Soros Foundation and Gates as well. Gates was backed by the intelligence agencies to steal everyone else's patents and create his programs because they wanted one system for the world to monitor everyone and he was just a front man. Now of course he's a big philanthropist that's got huge NGO groups that he's going to back financially to get what he wants done.


Can the average person in a democracy get thousands of people behind them to back them on something, followers? Of course you can't, so democracy is a complete farce in that case. They've always said that democracy would come to this where only certain parties – you have to belong to a party to have any power and the parties themselves would have an inner intelligentsia at the top that would go off in their own direction and NGOs would work hand in glove with the democracies, and that's what we have. The big NGOs are funded by the big institutions, the so-called philanthropists that Adam Weishaupt talked about.


Tim:  One way I've learned to recognize them is when they get up and they start introducing each other with these big titles and they try to make each other look like an expert and they do it to each other and then they try to suck you in this game and it's just funny. It's unbelievable.


Alan:  It's a jousting match. It's an entertainment for themselves. They enjoy this entertainment. It's the same in Britain. You know they used to have these slanging matches across the House of Commons in the Parliament Building between the parties and they'd sit on opposite sides and they shout at each other. They do this sort of old boy "ha-ha-ha" as they mock each other and then they'd all go off to the same pubs and have a big drink on each other as how they fooled the public. It's all a show for the public.


Tim:  What got me about that thing, they were taking about the real stuff, the dialectic and reality is not reality but then he starts saying we need to benefit from this and we are the enlightened ones. He actually says that.


Alan:  He believes it. I mean even his name you see is a given name. A lot of these guys adopt names for their roles in life and Soros comes from the Greek really for a serpent or a dragon.


Tim:  Well you know this language thing I've been looking at it hard and just about every word you look at has got something in it.


Alan:  Oh yes, definitely. They love these games and of course the public are in ignorance of them, but they use these games and codes and names all the time. Even Armand Hammer – Armand Hammer got his name because his father changed the family name to Arm and Hammer and it was to symbolize the Masonic arm coming down on the gavel and this is what the Soviet Union of course used too in their symbol, but they love these little change in names. Their names become their function generally.


Tim:  Okay Alan. I'll let you finish off buddy.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in. Back after these messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt back and we're Cutting Through this Matrix in fine style tonight. We have Chris from Texas on the line. Are you there, Chris?


Chris:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hello. Go ahead.


Chris:  You mentioned a couple of times that if you are seeking the truth as synchronicities were to happen in their life and I had some that happened to me. I went on a trip to El Paso on just kind of a whim and I was kind of in a transitional state in my life and kept running into very odd and very – the name Davy Crockett kept coming up in weird strange ways. I was walking on the street and I saw something in a wall and I don't know why I happened to look at that time but it was Davy Crockett and it said something about him. Then right after that I went to a library and sat down at the table and there was a card, like a business card and it had like a little cartoon of a drum set and stuff and it said Davy Crockett drummer and then the next day I was walking. I was just kind of exploring and walking around the town and I came across an enormous Scottish Rite Temple that had an open library and I went inside. It was open to the public and I walked inside and was taking a look around and went into books in all the creepy stuff they usually have inside those places.


Alan:  There was Davy Crockett again, eh?


Chris:  Right, a painting of Davy Crockett on the wall. I walked into this big open forum and they had all the famous people throughout history and I looked up and there's Davy Crockett and I was wondering if – and there's also a couple of other things. I don't want to go much into it but it's very, very odd.


Alan:  You do go through synchronicities. This is the thing if you start – you see all ancient religions knew this. Buddhism and all the rest of them know that certain things will happen when a person starts waking up and one stage in the old Buddhism (I'm talking about the old Buddhism) was that these odd synchronicities would start showing up and the trick was not to be distracted by them but to almost ignore them and go to the next step which would come and this is a process of actually waking up. It's an odd, odd phenomena that often seems unrelated to waking up but it seems somehow connected, but you will find these things will happen. There are other things in the world apart from just the purely physical as I say. Not to go off into the New Age phenomenon which is totally controlled and manipulated, but there are certain things which do happen with the power of the mind and certain things come your way as well. The right people often come your way if you're looking for them and you're sincere. Perhaps that's the real message, that you're sincere about something. However, all these guys, sure enough, were Masons and Travis and all the rest of them were all Freemasons. That's always been the story of the U.S.


I'll be back with more next week, and from Hamish and myself, it's good night from up here in Ontario and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)