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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 7th, 2008. I always ask the newcomers to the show, and there's always people coming in, to look into the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download hundreds of hours of previous talks and radio shows to your heart's content and help fill in all the jigsaw pieces on the big puzzle board. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in the languages of Europe, which you can download, copy, printout and pass around to your friends. The reason for this is because we’re getting to the final stages of one phase, probably the biggest phase of the agenda through which we’re living and this is, and make no mistake about it, there is a huge and all encompassing agenda.


Nothing has happened in the last 50, 60 years that wasn't planned that way including all the fads, all the cultural changes which you accepted and adapted to because we are very adaptable, as the elite have always known. Whatever they give us as culture we adapt to without question. Initially there is some fighting that goes on between different factions as culture is being changed from the conservative to the so-called liberal, but eventually they all adopt it and even the conservatives forget they're now really liberal. You cannot hold on to something and change at the same time. You either compromise and go along with it or completely adapt to it. One way or another, we all adapt, our whole culture, our whole culture. Everything that was once normal is now abnormal and everything has been turned on its head because to bring in the new, that's a whole new Brave New World, remember, you have to destroy all that was. They use the old, old ancient building terminology in the system at the top. They communicate to each other because they're building society and all that society is and all that society contains, they build it and they give it out to you and it becomes your normal. We're going so fast, so fast into the electronic link-up era, which is going to end up with literally chips in your brain and that's no joke. That's no joke. Those who have been studying this know what I'm talking about.


The rest, it's still science fiction and they won't believe it until it's offered to them and by then those same people you see will have adapted to the idea that it's quite natural and they'll take it. That's how it is. The people who pooh-pooh something the most are the first ones to be progressively programmed to acceptance and they do it with a formula they don't even think out. It's all thought out for them and given to them by experts. All the opinions are downloaded into them. It's almost like they float through life, always decrying whatever you're telling them, but instantly adapting to whatever you warned them about and that's just the way it is.


Very few people in any era are actually totally conscious of what's really happening. In the ancient mystery religions it talked about it a lot. In fact every old holy book talked about it, it doesn't matter what culture it came from, because the same hidden references are imbedded within those books and they called those who could never ever see "the blind." They called those who maybe walked about but were technically inanimate in a sense, in that they were not alive as such (you have to be conscious to be alive), they were called "the dead" and we still have lots of them walking about today. I'll be back with more about this after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. Last week I was talking about this new gizmo which was put out there for Californians to test out, which is a form of wireless communication but you'll buy the products and stick it in your window and it will help communicate between all different computers and so on in your area. This goes hand in glove with what I talked about before and that's the $100 laptop. Now the $100 laptop is run by a supposed charitable organization. They sell it for about $300 in the U.S. but for every one you buy they supposedly give one free away to some poor person in Africa. That's supposedly the idea of it, but it's more than that because these laptops will share the memories of neighboring laptops and all communicate together.


All of this really is getting you used to all being one, in one community as well, where everyone knows everything about everyone else and that will be combined with MySpace and all the other stuff where they ask you all your personal details and so on, and youngsters and older people too are so glad to just give them everything they want to know about you. This is what the tyrants have been dreaming for thousands of years, to have all information on every subject and that's what we are. We're subjects you see. In the real world we're subjects to those who run and own the world. They run all the agencies that do all this stuff. They run the big companies, the international corporations that make these types of computers. All the laptops, by the way, they're made in I think it's Korea on an island somewhere and that's all brands. They're all made by one company that supposedly keeps secrets from one company to the other that can be trusted so well. What a joke.


Everything is every corporation already. That's the bottom line. We're one big corporation and this new technology they're giving out under this $100 laptop is only a step as I say in getting us all together and that combines with these reality shows for the children. Now they're on for the teenagers on television where everybody wants to be an actor and actress and take their mates to bed in full view and all this kind of stuff, and play games and head games and scream and shout at each other. That's to get everyone into exposing everything about themselves on the internet prior to getting a chip implanted in you, which will take over from the computer all together.


Now I was going to go into who was behind this $100 laptop and had a whole lot of data talking about Nicholas Negropontewho was a big player behind this. He's the guy promoting it but a writer from California has summed it up so I don't have to go through all this long-drawn stuff on this particular character. This writer from California says she was talking to someone recently who told them about a charity he was raising money for called "One Laptop Per Child".


            "For every laptop one bought for charity it would receive the same laptop for themselves the charity. He said it was started by some rich guy who didn't know much about. I didn't bother telling him that the guy was Nicholas Negroponte, co-founder of the MIT…"


Alan:  That's the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


            "…Media Laboratory and founder of MITs architecture machine group, a lab and think tank started in the 1960's to study new approaches to human computer interaction. Also, a columnist for Wired Magazine. Author of "Being Digital" which I have not read but evidentially focuses quite a bit on various interfaces holography et cetera. I also didn't tell him that Nicholas was the brother of John Negroponte the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State and the first ever director of National Intelligence."


Alan:  I've been telling you forever for years these guys are all combined these big corporations and the big technological institutions, they're all one. They had to be one during the Cold War since technology was going to supposedly win the war.


She goes on to say:


            "I didn't say any of that because I know the guy is a Kiwanis or a Lion or some other lower level do-gooder who's always raising money for worthy causes who wouldn't comprehend the significance of anything I told him anyway."


Alan:  That’s true enough because these characters that push the charities at the bottom are what Albert Pike called "the willing fools".  You'll see the same thing with the Masonic CHIP. It's now in Masonic magazines, the ones they put out themselves, and the ones who are promoting the chip per child are the Freemasonic Lodges across the planet and that's a fact. Check it out for yourselves. There websites on it.


Everything is a step by step process to get us all connected with each other where we live in an age like Revelations said where all that was hidden will be shouted from the rooftops. Actually, it will be in your window in a little wireless gizmo you tape on to it and everyone will know everything else about you in your little community, except your Oberfuhrer. He'll be in charge and he'll have privacy. That's what's coming under this totalitarian system that is marching down the road. It's actually galloping now.


They used to say the New World Order is on the run, and I used to laugh at that. I said yes, they're running all over us and they certainly are because the infrastructure for complete total takeover of every facet of your existence is already on the books. The agencies have the manpower to do it now and they're ready to put it all into action.


They're issuing licenses now to hospital staff in some of the big cities from Homeland Security to give them the right to go around inoculating people in times of this definitely coming plague. This definitely coming plague that they're so sure is going to come.


Two or three weeks ago I read from a magazine on some stuff that had been dropped over the Californians and it was from NewsTarget.com and here's an update on that. We know about the supposed tiny miniature capsules that were getting dropped that had not been tested on humans or even animals, except they were highly poisonous, and this supposed stuff to kill off moths is contained in incredibly tiny capsules which bury themselves deep within the human body when you breathe them in.


Here's an update to it, NewsTarget.com and this is December 31st, 2007 by Rami Nagel. It says:


            "Sometimes bad dreams do come true. My bad dream was that the government issued quarantine, and forced everybody to be vaccinated for some fake disease. In my dream, I took my family, and fled to the hills to avoid being vaccinated. Now, nine months later, this dream has come true. In an emergency, I relinquished my rental contract and moved my pregnant partner and three and a half year old daughter out of Santa Cruz, CA, to avoid being exposed to potentially deadly chemicals.


The chemicals, known by their trade names as Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F, have been sprayed via state owned airplanes in September and October in Monterey County California. These same aerial chemicals, despite their known heath risks, were sprayed on two nights (11-8, 11-9) over the people of Santa Cruz County. The purpose of this spray is to control…"


Alan:  Supposedly. That's what they're telling us.


            "…is to control the mating habits of the light brown apple moth (LBAM). The reason the moth needs to be controlled is due to the possibility of 100 million dollars of damage (Realize that this figure is not a fact, but based on a government guess).


Alan:  It goes on to say:


            "The California Department of Food and Agriculture's own doctor acknowledges, in court documents, that aerial application of this chemical has not been tested. Let me repeat this so you understand, chemicals are being sprayed on young children, nursing mother's, people with asthma, lung problems, heart problems, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless and the chemically sensitive - and this chemical formulation has NEVER been tested on even a piece of dirt, let alone, humans. The newly designed Faroes Statement…"


Alan:  That's F-A-R-O-E-S statement.


            "…the consensus of over 200 scientists, calls for a precautionary approach with respect to exposure of fetuses and children to environmental toxins. The consensus is that exposure of fetuses or children to chemicals can cause increased susceptibility to disease and disability later in life."


Alan:  Now you're getting the point. See this is the point of all this. That's really the point of it.


            "…In addition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has specific directives and codes that state that they should not experiment with pesticides on pregnant women, or infants. It is a fact, since this aerial pesticide has not been proven to control the moth's mating habits and has not been proven safe to animals or humans, that this is an experiment."


Alan:  And by the way, they're only spraying over towns and cities, not over the orchards, which should really make a half-awake person think a little bit.


            "…In Monterey, approximately 100,000 residents were exposed to untested chemicals to control the mating habits of less than 750 moths. In Santa Cruz County, over 100,000 residents will be exposed between 11/06/07 – 11/09/07 to untested chemicals to control the mating habits of less than 9,000 moths. This is not…"


Alan:  Now here's the thing. The last time we only knew about the one application.


            "…This is not a one time application, but will continue monthly beginning again in February, for nine months, and then repeated for up to a total of three years. Again, this program designed to eradicate the moth at best will only control the moth's mating habits; it will not eliminate the moth. At worst, the program will be ineffective, cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and cause permanent disability to residents and their pets. All this harm is over a little moth that has yet to cause even $1 of damage in California."


Alan:  See, you've also got the clues in here. This is probably nothing to do with the moth. It says here:


            "Did you know that each aerial application of Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F costs approximately $3.5 million and that $3 million is paid directly to the manufacturer Suterra, LLC of Bend, Oregon?


The projected expense of this eradication "attempt" will cost tax payers over $70 million dollars just to spray Monterey and Santa Cruz counties the proposed 9 times. These monthly sprays are already scheduled for next year to begin in March. The California Department of Food and Agriculture has created a map which shows the spray…"


Alan:  I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through this Matrix, piecing the usual pieces together, which are always right in front of your face. If you go into a court of law you presume the person is not going to tell you the truth, that they're guilty, but you go on supposedly the preponderance of evidence. Our whole lives long we're told we should ignore our perceptions and our conclusions and throw out all the evidence that we compile about certain facts; and the fact is we're under tremendous attack and we've been lied to so often especially with the great experimentation. Apart from that, they are reducing the population as we speak. It's been happening all our lives in fact and the last people they're going to tell and admit to happens to be you, even when autism records and everything else are going through the roof and increasing drastically per month in some U.S. states and other places across the world. Look up NewsTarget.com for December 31st, 2007 for that report on this particular spraying over the California area, which they're going to do the whole Bay eventually, and good luck to the people who are living there. I hope they can take some precautions to save at least some of the stuff from being breathed in. I'd stay in my home and close all the windows I think for a few months.


Now I'll go on to a caller. It's Andrea from Texas. Are you there, Andrea?


Andrea:  Yes, hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Andrea:  Yes I'm here. Okay, how are you doing?


Alan:  I'm surviving. We've got a thaw here. It's a January thaw. We get that for about a week and then it goes back to the deep freeze.


Andrea:  I can't believe I asked that question.


Alan:  I'm keeping out of the rain. It's actually raining as well on top of all that.


Andrea:  Yes, I wanted to kind of touch on the chemtrails because for the holiday I went down south to Atlanta on a bus and as I went down south you start seeing people like Mason's logos on their jackets and you might see a car with a little Eastern Star thing around the license plate. Then I looked up and they are a lot more obvious with the chemtrails than they are in north Texas because the ones in north Texas they seem to be faster dissipating, but they were just cross-hatching all day out there. It was ridiculous.


Alan:  I get reports daily from all over the U.S. and Canada of the same thing going on. They have stepped it up and they're using different types of sprays on different occasions and everyone is coming down with the chronic bronchitis with the raspy throat, the dry throat.


Andrea:  You're right and I mean even around here I don't know if – you know I can't be special because there's like a FEMA base and everything down here but like a few weeks ago I was walking my dogs and I see like this small Cessna flying so low I can see the engines and make out the numbers. I've seen the big white clusters flying low in residential neighborhoods. I was on the highway yesterday. You see this military jet practically flying on the highway with like this translucent black smoke spewing out of it and I finally pointed out to my friend, I've been doing that for months, and she was finally like okay, yeah. It was like alright.


Alan:  They can't really get it because they've been trained that nothing on such a proportion could possibly be done to them by those above them. They'll do that to the very end unfortunately and you actually take people out there when there's maybe 20 or 30 criss-crosses in the sky and they'll ask you what you're pointing at. They don't see it.


Andrea:  I had to first ask you know what a contrail is. I remember what clouds looked like back in the days.


Alan:  You have memories.


Andrea:  You know with the chronic bronchitis and everything I've just been trying to stay inside and I remember you mentioning that you had written your military or something like that. How do I go about doing that?


Alan:  You just go into the Department of Defense and especially the Air Force. You see it was the U.S. Air Force about four or five years ago now they said and in all major newspapers they put an article out saying that shortly they would own, they'd own the weather and so you just write to the Air Force and you'll get a standard reply back. This is to all British Commonwealth countries as well as the U.S. It's the same reply verbatim they've been told to give out where they go on to explain what a contrail is, but they said that's what you must have seen is a contrail then explain water vapor and so on.


Andrea:  Not in Texas when it's like 80 degrees.


Alan:  It's a new phenomena and they just can't explain these things. It's just inexplicable these things.


Andrea:  People are like why is the weather changed so quickly? I don't know what happened and you hear people kind of casually mention "oh it must be global warming" chuckle, chuckle.


Alan:  That's right, and I've got books going back to the 1950's and '60's when the same characters in fact in the '60's were putting out major books on the coming deep freeze, the global cooling, who were told it's easier to warm the planet up by using HAARP so they started writing books on global warming. I mean I've seen it and I remember it all. I remember the names too of the authors and have the books.


Andrea:  You're right because I talked to my dad before – it was actually about a year ago I felt like a clicking. The indoctrination was starting to take over because I had always been kind of awake but I was starting to go all the way there, but I had talked to my dad and I remember him mentioning they'd had like ice age changes back there and we were talking about it and I was like no global warming is real. Then I called him a few months ago and I was like yes, I do remember something about that he had told me about.


Alan:  They thought initially with the spraying it may be easier to cause cooling and then they found it was cheaper and most cost-effective to cause warming and so they decided to change their minds suddenly and shout the warming stuff and that goes by Teller.


Andrea:  I've read in that Brzezinski book he talks about – I haven't gotten all the way through it, but in the first part he even mentions controlling the weather.


Alan:  That's old stuff. It's old stuff now.


Andrea:  And the thing about that book the last time it was checked out was 1976.


Alan:  That's right. No one wants to read these books. I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we just had Andrea on the phone. Are you still there, Andrea?


Andrea:  Yes, I'm still here.


Alan:  The spraying as I say is a worldwide thing that's going on and the New Agers already have their disinfo guys out there going through the circuits telling us it's to save us from global warming, you see, as we all start dying off.


Andrea:  Speaking of New Agers, I recently went to a party and it was full of them and you see the type of conversation that's going on and it was like the covenant of witches. They thought I wasn't listening you know. I was listening. Anyway, it was like the covenant of witches and they're all sitting there plotting against people and it was ridiculous and I was talking to some other people at the party and the lady that was hosting the party was like, "no, you have to stop talking about that, we're trying to have fun at the party," because we were talking about political issues but nobody was getting upset. It's just a fact of life. No, they just turn away from anything negative.


Alan:  You mustn't look at the negative. Right to the wall you still won't see that wall and that's how they'll go to the end. They've been trained. You know the cultural industry as I say and the whole New Age movement was promoted by a Department of Culture that was set up in the U.S. and it was funded and directed by the CIA.  [Jolson] was the guy in charge of it for the states and he set up operations in Britain and all over Europe as well. They funded all the biggest magazines, the monthly magazines that you can imagine and hired all the hack writers that became very popular and even famous. They made them famous. Unlimited financing and they created the British society for it was called Free Culture and that was run out of London and they gave us the music. They gave us all the pop art and everything and they gave us all the writers that led our thoughts along certain paths. This is a fact and the New Age movement was created and led by them. We already have admissions now, declassified, that Gloria Steinem and others were funded by the CIA including the magazines that they promoted. It's quite amazing that every change that altered culture was promoted by the CIA and MI6 from Britain.


Andrea:  And people listening, if you haven't gotten his books, I recently got them and read through the first two and I was laughing all the way through them and not because the material was funny, it's just when you see what it is for what it is it's just comical.


Alan:  It's comical when you stand back and just look at it and the penny drops here and there and you realize that you've been – it's just one big joke. It's one big joke on the public.


Andrea:  I've even been noticing the architecture at my school and we've got these huge twin towers that are the dorms. They have the Big Ben tower that houses the administration people, the libraries, the temples with the Greek gods in the stain glass windows. I recently went to a friend's graduation and I was like wow, this really is a ceremony. You see the chancellor come out with the mace and everything and all their square heads.


Alan:  That's right. They've got the hods on their heads, the old bricklayer's hods, and people don't even know what they're looking at. They don't even understand what they're looking at because it's become tradition and we don't question tradition. If you do stand back and question any of tradition, you'll start to get the answers and it can actually freak some people out when you catch on to what it is.


Andrea:  Yes. And I sent you an email. I don't know if you received it. You should read that and other things I wanted to touch on. That's pretty much it but look at that email


Alan:  Well you hang in there and keep out from the spraying as much as you can and there's actually filters you can buy that they use for underground bunkers. There's a company out there that you can buy some of the external filters which do limit the stuff that comes through your window for instance and it will help keep some of it out.


Andrea:  I'll have to look into that. I don't know if this helps but I use – I got it from yoga actually. I was getting into some of that – I mean like you said there's a little bit of truth in everything just as long as you don't go—you know because I was never one to chant. I don't know what the hell I'm saying. It's a neti pot; it clears your nasal passages. That helps me because I've noticed when they're spraying real hard I get so stuffed up.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling in.


Andrea:  All right. Bye.


Alan:  I'll talk to you again. Here's another little deal that going on too. The United Nations was so steeped in bad publicity over the years with all the scandals within it where their peace keeping forces were running prostitution rings with underage girls and all the rest of it and making a lot of money selling photographs back home to the big porn companies and brothels and then roasting an occasional person over in some country over fires. That's all been disclosed in the news and forgotten about quickly by the public who doesn't want to see evil or hear evil or talk about evil. Then the scandal the food for oil when the big boss at the UN his own son happened to be handling it and they were funneling oil out of Iraq and making a big pile of money and allowing some food to go in. What a great deal to starving people, eh?


Here they are and this little clip that was sent to me. It's says here. It's by Kurt Nimmo. It says:


            "It's a super — as in super hero — way to inculcate the younger generation: Marvel Comics and the United Nations are teaming up to create comic books to show superheroes working with the agency to rid the world of conflict and disease…"


Alan:  Oh, isn't that nice folks? It says:


            "…reports United Press International. The United Nations and Marvel Comics are working together to develop a comic book set in a fictional war-torn country…"


Alan:  Which they'll make sure is war-torn, by the way.


            "…with superheroes working alongside UNICEF…"


Alan:  You know the ones to give a world culture, UNICEF.


            "…aid workers and UN peacekeepers…"


Alan:  I love "peacekeepers." War is peace. Freedom is slavery, and these guys look like soldiers to me with guns and so on and they call them peacekeepers. They're not invaders.


            "…No mention of the "war-torn country" this will be based upon, but allow me to offer an example. Yugoslavia. In this example, the United States secretly supported a terrorist group, the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, and filled their ranks with “al-Qaeda fighters,” delivered by NATO with a bit of help from Germany’s BND. As engineered, this project helped fuel Yugoslavia’s social and ethnic divisions and create a situation rife for a “peacekeeping” operation. It also helped to have the IMF and bankers working on the destruction of the Yugoslavian economy, ushering in third worldization and blueprinted misery."


Alan:  That's true because Yugoslavia was not part of the World Bank. They wouldn't go on it and they even used the ethnic Albanians as a front, the poor ethnic Albanians, but what they didn't tell you was it was groups within those ethnic Albanians that funneled the heroin out of Afghanistan to the big marketers who refined it down in Marseille, France, so it was holding up the heroin traffic you see and you can't have that. You can't have that especially when Poppy Bush was in charge of it at one time. Everything fits into place if you're thinking at all and we're living under incredible, incredible corruption. That's the system we've been brought up in.


We've been trained to see the wolves as good shepherds and the training has worked so well on most people. People will never figure it out for themselves because to realize that your good master wants to kill you, it does settle you down into reevaluating everything you'd ever thought about, everything, that is, that you've ever thought about and reevaluating things into new categories and freaking out at first of course. If you do freak out do it quietly, privately. Don't let your relatives see you freaking out because they'll think you've gone crazy. What's happened is you're just breaking through. You're breaking through into a reality and it's best to keep it quiet from those around you who are still in old-think, conditioned-think and conditioned-think has been very, very successful for a long, long time.


Now I've got so many articles I could go on about but I'd rather just talk about this matrix. The matrix that we’re living in and how everything as I say everything to do with your culture has been given to you. I had this conversation a couple of days ago with someone who talked about Ron Paul and good luck to them all. However, I said look, this is beyond one man, the abilities of one man, because your entire culture that you have adapted to, male, female, all age groups and your children, were given to you to bring you to where you are today and the next step. One man cannot bring values back that you've already lost. They've been taken away from you and you've adapted to the new values—values put out by the culture creators, so it's much bigger and it's above what you think of as elected governments. It's above them.


The elected governments do what they're told to do by the parallel government, the one that Thatcher and Professor Carroll Quigley talked about. They do what they're told. When this multi-bill went through, the Patriot Act, remember that the president order all the congressional men not to read it or they would be unpatriotic if they did. Do you remember that? Do you remember how many hundreds of pages it happened to be anyway? You'd have to take about a month or two months off just to go through it with a battery of lawyers to interpret what they were really meaning; but you know only about three or four congressmen objected, they wanted to read it, out of all those hundreds, four people objected.


That tells you who these psychopathic politicians work for, the big boss, the high Chutzpah. The guy at the top that can get them up the ladder if they're good little trained seals and they clap their flippers like a circus seal. That tells you all you need to know. They don't represent you, if they did they'd read every bill that went through, yet for about 50 years bills have been getting bigger and bigger and bigger until it's physically impossible even if you wanted to read them to wade your way through it. You wouldn't have enough lifetimes to do so. That's why they're written that way, but at the top those that write them, the batteries and batteries of bureaucrats within the real government, know exactly what they're putting in them and it was all designed to merge with what's happening right now today.


They are more laws on the books governing every aspect of your life that's going to be interfered with shortly. More laws than any tyrant or combined tyrants in history ever dreamed of and you simply haven't seen them put into effect as yet.


Years ago I said they'd go for your main needs, and what are your main needs? It's food. They've gone for that big time, shelter, water, clothing, heating and now we have reports coming out of Maine mirroring the ones in Canada and Toronto to do with the big food banks that are going under because now you have the working-class poor who still have jobs but can't make ends meet anymore. They always get hit first. In local papers across the country, the states and Canada have the same articles in them. You can't keep up at the bottom anymore because we're on a roll now to increase all energy. That was under the Kyoto Accord. Everything you pay for energy is electricity, oil everything. Natural gas is to go incredibly up and that means all transportation of all goods including food will go up and the food has been taken over by five agri-food businesses worldwide.


California is also having a shakeup to do with its water supply because one big corporation that deals with California and other states as well down there is cutting back their water at least 10 percent. Maybe 20 percent per household and jacking up the price about 10 or 20 percent at the same time. This is crisis creation. I've been telling you that for years this has been in the cards. They would use food, water, as a weapon. That's what they said at the United Nations many years ago. That's starting to happen and this is the beginning of demonstrations, just like Europe is going under right now, demonstrations to do with the cost of food and so on and the cost of living, which will eventually jack up the prices even more. It will lead into riots and that's why the Department of Defence in Britain its top think tank issued that 90-page report of what they foresee coming down the next 30 years: Increasing riots nationwide, international and so on of an incredible scale. So much so that they're prepared to use little battlefield nuke bombs on big, big riots.


What do you think is going to stir up the people?


Now they wouldn't be telling you this unless they knew step-by-step what is going to be done to the people to make them do the rioting. Now that's very obvious. They know what's in store for us. They know because it's planned that way. The intelligence agencies know that work with the war institutions. You don't pay big boys experts in their field the kind of money they get paid to make mistakes. All data is gathered across the planet on a daily basis and fed into their hands and they make their plans accordingly, but when they project 30 years of escalating riots and so on, why ordinary people, all age groups, right down to using neutron bombs on them, they know what they've got us in for. They say they're preparing for it and your basics – it's not going to be just so many brownouts per week they'll give you as they do in Europe, where they'll actually tell you your city is going to be browned out for two hours this day, two hours that day as a cutback, it's when you cannot afford food and you don't have enough water and when you certainly can't heat yourself. Those that try and heat themselves by wood and ulterior methods will be forbidden to do so – forbidden to heat yourself because you're sending all that carbon in the air. You have a choice of freezing to death legally, legally dying and being frozen to death and complying. The same thing goes with food. You going to get it any way you can or let your family starve; and water.


The same techniques used thousands of years ago when they stormed big cities and starved them out and cut off their water supply are being used again on a grander scale, a global scale. Meanwhile we see the Baroness de Rothschild in league with her hubby buying up for peanuts, pennies, all of the farms in India that went under because of the modified seed they were forced to take by their own government and Monsanto. Back with more after these messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt and Cutting Through the Matrix just warning people of what's ahead. It's far better to be forewarned because at least you can do some precautions and get ready for the worst of it and try and get through it for as long as you can; because, after all, they say hope springs eternal and at the moment that's all we're running on is hope. Hope that the few, as always, down through the centuries, can really put themselves forward and point out openly in the right places that the king has no clothes and all the global warming farce and the coming bird flu farce and all the other farces they've given us, and they've drummed up all these terrors that are just out there lurking to get us all, are not only figments of think tanks' imaginations but they're meant to make us obey like slaves a whole new agenda for a different purpose all together for total control. Complete and total control of every individual on the planet.


After 9/11 happened they talked – I think it was either Cheney or Rumsfeld came out and said "nothing after this is ever going to be the same again, nothing." That little statement meant exactly that. It had its full impact if you just think about it. Nothing, nothing will ever be the same again. The old way was gone. That was a statement. That was a legal high occultic Masonic statement. "Nothing will be the same again." And nothing will be the same again. We're running through the changes very quickly. All that was in society is almost bust apart. People don't know how to even bond anymore but they are going along with what they think is bonding in the ether with each other through the internet and the cell phone and all the rest of it.


That's exactly what Marshall McLuhan talked about, where you'd be a bodiless person, a mind floating in space talking to others whom you'll never actually meet. Not only that, you'll become addicted to it until you don't really want to meet people. You become isolated. You're all being prepared for the next step. A sad statement to make because people cannot really bond anymore, it's been under attack for 60-odd years.


Everything that made you bond has been destroyed and youngsters now have so many partners by the time they're 20 it's been made impossible to bond for any length of time with a mate. A mate's different from a partner. You'll notice in all articles they call it "partners" now. See a partnership is something you can break up and throw away. A mate is something more permanent. They don't like the name "mate" anymore. It's all removed from the vocabulary that people use every day and they're quite right because Russell proved this back in 1920's in his special schools where they encouraged even pubertal sex with the school children that he was given custody of to do all these experiments on. They found out that the more they had, and then up through the teenage years they were also encouraged to have more and more, and the likelihood of ever bonding with anybody on any semi-permanent basis was zilch, zero.


Nothing happens without testing and the boys at the top were always so absolutely confident they could pull it all off because they have tested everything on us already, so we've got to get forward now, get really active very quickly to save those things which keep us human.


So, from Hamish and myself, up here in Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)


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