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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 11th, 2008, and that's two days on the trot. I had to go into the big metropolis of Sudbury to try and check on some books I'm having made up, only to find out they haven't been done yet, so I drove back through a blizzard and had quite the time. That's what you get up here, but what was interesting was one of the stores I went into I was watching the expressions on people's faces and how they're all rather burned out after Christmas and New Year and no doubt they've got their first bills from all the credit they've accumulated on their cards for this commercialized racket that they give us every year. Everything in the culture is a commercialized racket to serve commerce. That's what culture creation initially is all about and that's what laws are about. All your laws are geared around your commerce and even the price of a human being is factored into it in crime. If you kill someone or maim them, you put them out of work and action and they can't be taxed if they're dead, obviously, and that's how they really create the sentences for such acts.


Now for newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download lots of audios and so on of previous shows and histories of this multifaceted massive octopus with genetically-altered thousands of legs, instead of the eight, which encompass us all. It's our matrix system and you'll find out how it works and how it was created and how we're born into it to accept it, because your parents didn't know either and they're kept running all through their lives, as we all are, so that we don't think too much, entertained to death, and entertainment is like a drug. We want to just zap out at night and get hypnotized and then you get downloaded with entertainment, which has a lot of non-innocent messages contained within.


Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu as well for transcripts you can download and you can print them up and it's all in the various tongues of Europe and you can pass them around to your friends and leave them in laundry mats and different places, doctor's offices, waiting rooms, that kind of stuff, because once in a while someone gets bored. When they're bored they'll think a little bit and they'll read something that might stick in their minds and start the old brain box ticking. That's what it's all about because we better start ticking very quickly, otherwise we'll have nothing left to think with; and that is the case with a lot of people today already. They are almost automatons of the culture creation industry. They've been downloaded. They've mimicked everything they see and hear and they act away through lives and just parrot recitations from authors and movies et cetera and that's what fills their head. They haven't been encouraged to think for themselves. They haven’t been encouraged to use their own perceptions to unlock the secrets beyond the matrix you see.


Everything is worked in such a way that you're contained within the matrix and the matrix is the reality, all of the reality, even your relationships with people. It's everything. It's even your hopes and ambitions and dreams, often, because they are also authorized by the top, as hobbies are as well, and that's the wool that's been pulled over your eyes. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and as always Cutting Through the Matrix, a matrix that encompasses every nationality, every country and whole empires of countries, all squashed together in this big ball they call the planet earth, which is ruled by the same system throughout and it's based on money. Money, that's the key to it, a substitute for real wealth because real wealth used to be the land that fed you, the land that you could sleep on, the land that was all around you that sustained you. Some joker came in a long, long time ago and gave us something called wealth. No doubt the psychopaths created it because they had to get a trick to get people to accept this new type of wealth so they'd stop trading with each other and helping each other and that way the psychopaths who controlled the money, which, before it was coined, remember, was simply weighed out. We know that Sumer was weighing out mainly silver at that time and different kinds of ores in lieu of the coin money that came about 800 BC. Sumer was on the go about 5 to 6,000 BC and that allowed a leisure class to be created and the leisure class became the intelligentsia; you employing intelligentsia in fact and live high off the hog by taxing people.


An old book called "Life Begins at Sumer" goes into writings, tablets that have been found in the Sumerian regions because they had classrooms of bureaucrats, youngsters who had been brought up and trained to be bureaucrats for the system. They had schoolrooms for them. They found thousands of these tablets and some of them were doodles like children love to doodle. In those days they did it on clay and very nice neat writing, mind you. It's all wedge-type writing and one of them was talking about how bored they were with school and what they liked to do when they got home and all this kind of stuff, and his dad was a high Chutzpah in the administration. Near that was another one for a priesthood, because all the priesthoods were specialized in different areas of governing the people. They dealt with real estate and they even had subdivisions and even wills, departments of wills for estates et cetera, and they dealt with import and exports because most of the wool in Sumer was taken eventually to India, a big player in those days.


India will give us all a fright one day when it exposes its real histories, very old, old histories; the last place you'd look for them would be the place that's seldom mentioned. One of the priesthoods in Sumer or one of the actual priests, I guess he had a bad day or too much wine or something, but he at least woke up for a few minutes and chiseled down this little story. He said he looked around him from horizon to horizon and all he could see was government buildings; he says everything is taxation. Everything is taxed. When the fishermen bring their fish in they're taxed for it. When it's sold at the market it's taxed and he says when the people work they're taxed. He said when the relatives bury their deceased and put offerings on the grave, in come the government taxation men and collect them. That was death duties 5,000-odd BC and what's changed really you see, nothing.


Money was the first trick and out of money comes an elite class that then dominates the rest through this trick and it's all based on a psychopathic nature. Predators at the top are interbred. They have been for probably thousands of years because money marries money, and money at the top has never married for any of this pretty modern invention called love. It was promoted by Hollywood. Most folk got married in the past, even the lower classes, through necessity because you needed a big family to help till the land and do all the work to sustain yourself. Everyone had to chip in, but the elite never married even for those reasons. They married for wealth and intellect—the intellect of other ones who are cunning and rose to the top over the backs of the people. They interbred money and power with the same psychopathic personalities because to get to the top in any era in this monetary system you had to be utterly ruthless and that's still the culture today.


The Frankfurt School went into this in great detail because they were the middle-men that were put out and authorized by Britain to come over Natzi Germany. It was just before the war started, the Second World War, and some of those guys formed a particular club to look into culture creation and they were employed by Britain initially and eventually the CIA, so the intelligence services used them along with the big foundations, like the Ford and Carnegie and the Rockefeller Foundations. The big front organizations that really were powerful institutions that would always promote non-governmental organizations and pretending that they were speaking on behalf of the public, demanding that laws get passed et cetera, guiding the public, the whole world really along a certain path.


Their job at the Frankfurt School when they came over was to go in to how the American culture was created primarily because it was the most capitalistic culture. The culture revolved around capitalism and marketing and even the songs that the children sang were all to do with little ads and jingles that they heard. The big companies like McDonald's even had singing classes at summer camps where they'd teach the children these jingle songs and the parents thought that was all very, very nice, as they got brainwashed into eating all this junk food and I think the same still goes on today. Completely intermeshed with the culture and the last ones to realize it were this fairly recent generation who grew up through it, because prior to that the American culture was much like Europe. Maybe even worse in some cases because they were based on factory towns and the factory towns were owned by an owner who had a factor. The factor was a type of boss man and your houses were owned by them, much like the mining towns all over Britain and different parts of Europe. You rented your accommodation from the same guy who paid your wages and you went to the town store, that he owned as well, and you bought his stuff at his prices. All the money that you earned went back into the factor's hands, who took his cut and gave the rest to his boss.


The most recent culture was the 20th century culture where in one generation they forgot all that as they moved into the big cities and worked in factories, the big factories, the big auto factories et cetera, and for the first time they had a few more bucks than they'd ever had before. How quickly we forget where it all came from and who our masters really are and still are, by the way.


I think we've got Chris from Canada there. Are you there, Chris?


Chris:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello. 


Chris:  I have a very real sense of urgency for action and my desire to change the fate that I see ahead of me, but I don't seem to produce actions that are really productive for my own survival. I was wondering if you have any comment or explanation for this.


Alan:  It depends on your circumstances. I mean it depends if you're tied to where you are. It depends if you're even partly comfortable where you are. You'd be surprised how many people will never uproot themselves, even though they're living sometimes in a semi-misery. Lots of people are living in semi-misery and they're addicted to the familiar, therefore they won't move or do anything about it. The only work you have to do is on yourself to find out what you really want to do and take it from there and you take it on a priority list. Make out priorities. What is the most important thing right now and make a descending order from there and go with it. It might be that you're just too – certain things where you are will keep you tied down. You have to break free from them, if you really want to be free.


Chris:  Yes. I think we're taught that animals have a fight or flight mechanism, but I think that our modern conditioning has stripped us of this very vital instinct for action.


Alan:  You're right. It's the parasympathetic nervous system that produces it and it's well understood. This is an interesting topic that you brought up because it was one of the main features that the CIA and the Pentagon and the myriad of laboratories and university experiments that they use across the planet were into back in the '50's and '60's. What they thought was they understood the fight and flight syndrome and they wondered if they could find electronic means to stimulate the biophysical changes that you find when it happens and by stimulating the changes your heart starts racing, your blood vessels constrict, your pupils dilate, all this kind of stuff. You become breathless and ready to run. If you could cause these particular individual things to happen, then internally you then feel fear. They were going to use the symptoms to produce the fear, rather than the fear to produce the symptoms. They discussed using this with HAARP and so on and they also discussed other ways to circumvent it, and that was to create a society where the people would be kept as perpetual children and told and brainwashed into believing that they were being looked after and taken care of in a responsible society. Most people today truly are infantile. It doesn't matter what age they are. They do believe all the masses of propaganda they've been given that they're being well taken care of, so you're right.


Chris:  And when one disengages themselves from the hive mind, it is like being born all over again. Familiar reference points are gone and it's difficult to attain the ideal state of an independently thinking autonomous human being, especially when we've not been there before.


Alan:  Exactly. It's all new. It will mean isolation. Hold on and we'll go into this after the following break.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking with Chris from Canada on how do you motivate yourself, I think really is what it boils down to, and to motivate yourself you must understand what you're looking for primarily and what you're going to leave if you do look for something else, because you understand that you will leave people behind you and it will be hard to even communicate with them. I found this early on in life, very early on in life, and I used to travel parts of the world and come back to my hometown and I'd experienced so many different things. I knew I could go into the local bar and see the local guys I'd known from that town and where each one would be standing. One at the pool table, one at the bar and I knew what their conversations would be maybe two, three years later. It's as though you'd never left them. They were still stuck in time. Their world hadn't changed. Their thoughts hadn't changed. They'd argue about politics at the moment and that kind of stuff, but their minds hadn't expanded at all. You'd find that you had to go back and to talk to them and even be civil, you had to bring yourself down to and act to be accepted by them because they couldn't understand how you'd changed if you were to really voice it to them. They couldn't understand where you were even coming from. That's the choices we all have to make. When people ask me about truth or reality or what to do about it, I always ask them, think carefully first because if you truly want change and you want to understand things, there's a price to pay. That price will be that you might leave lots of people that you're very fond of behind you because you won't relate to them and they won't relate to you either.


Hello, Chris. Are you still there?


Chris:  Yes I am. I've had that same experience. My family thinks I'm nuts. All of my old friends think I'm just crazy for trying to seek out the truth and speaking it and one really must have to be selective with what they say and to whom. Only put a little bit out there, because otherwise you seem like a crazy person. You're speaking Greek to them. They just think you're nuts, right?


Alan:  Really, the amount of propaganda that we do get exposed to on a daily basis from media, magazines, newspapers, it's incredible, all scientifically designed propaganda and they believe it all; that's the problem. They believed it. They've been brought up and raised to believe it and you're talking from a different planet really as you say and that's exactly what Brzezinski said would happen in the society they were creating back in the '60's and '70's. He says, eventually the average person will take all of their reality from the television and their favorite newscasters and therefore anyone talking about anything else would be alien to them. They'd only believe the media and they've been trained now to believe – in fact what he said was "they'll think that the media is there to do their reasoning for them and tell them everything that they should know," and that's happened.


Chris:  And to speak these things it causes them to react to you as if it's an attack on their comfortable world view. They don't want to see it. They don't want to think about it.


Alan:  They don't because if they even take one part of it, that favorite newscaster that's paid millions maybe to grow up with them. They keep them until they're dropping, those guys, because you grow up with them, it's like daddy there at 6 o'clock every night staring right at you and daddy would never lie to you, but the guy is actually an actor and he's reading a dummy board. He doesn't even write the script, but to the average person they think he is really reading and he made up that news himself and he's a man of integrity. That's why they keep putting ads out even here in Canada about the top newscasters and how much they have all this integrity et cetera. It's all propaganda, all of it.


Chris:  People's minds are so full of information that is so irrelevant. They know the new fashion and what some famous person wears for shoes but yet they have very little understanding of themselves.


Alan:  They have none at all. In fact all of that, even areas of it, is called routines at the top. They call it routines. They instill in us routines and we go through repertoires and routines of what we're downloaded with, and so that's what you hear in conversations. You'll hear routines and repertoires and you'll see them go through the motions of the routines. It's like having an old family gathering and the same crew every year and they go back to "do you remember when you were a little boy, son, and this happened when you were a baby," and yah-de-yah. How many times year after year can you listen to that kind of stuff without going nuts? See that's a routine and they go through a repertoire and everybody giggles at the right time at the right spot because they all know it off by heart and we're comfortable with the familiar, so the familiar is always pushed to us. Even the idea of what a Canadian is is completely created and has been created by the intelligence services given to the marketing companies and promulgated to us and we accept it without question.


Chris:  Being a truth seeker is a constant battle to try to hold on to reality as I've come to know it and not fall back into that American dream, that sleeping state, just like everybody else.


Alan:  Yes it is. It's a lonely road because you'll sacrifice a lot of things along the way, but, by the same token, the more you wake up you go beyond the stage where you simply can't go back and listen to people parroting what they've been downloaded with. You can't go back. You eventually don't have the patience even to put up with it. Okay, well thanks for calling in.


Chris:  Okay.


Alan:  I'll be back after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and just before I go on to the next caller, I caught a little piece on the radio today from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation talking about a new project to do with the internet and it was to do with a novel, a bunch of novels. I think it was "Anne of Green Gables" it was called, well known in Canada because the CBC keeps pushing these old, old dramas that are awfully boring to me, maybe because I'm a fellow. It's meant really for women and little girls and it's called "Anne's Diaries," and the whole push of this thing is that the OPP (that's the Ontario Provincial Police) that cover the whole of Ontario are going into partnership with some company to put out scanners for ID-ing children wanting to go into this site and they want to encourage them to go into this site where they'll have to get fingerprinted and so on. Obviously the OPP is in business with a private corporation to put these ID-ers in, the actual ID scanners like thumbprints and so on, to these particular children that want to join the site. I've no doubt it will be promoted at the children themselves so they'll nag their parents to get these scanners and all the rest of it. In other words, the whole project is to get them into getting used to ID-ing themselves on the internet for "safety" in case there's predators out there you see. This is the scam behind it.


Really, it's bypassing the parents and going for an even earlier age to get them used to giving all their ID, all their information out there to them, to the authorities. That's what it's all about. That really is what it's all about. This thing is only one particular instance of this kind of thing happening. The OPP, does it really have any business doing this kind of thing with a private company in toe with it going into the children and they're encouraging the children to put their own diaries up on this site—all their personal information—their dreams, fantasies, whatever. A whole personality profile on up-and-coming very young people, that's what they're promoting. We know where it's all going, don't we? but it's all done under peace and safety. Peace and safety and the parents no doubt who have no time for their children say, "that's nice dear, I'll get you whatever you want," just for some peace and quiet because they're not involved with their children. They think anymore and they also have been brainwashed that they're being taken care of. Socialism was defined a long time ago as perpetual childhood and we have adult (very adult, age-wise) children out there now who live in a fantasy land promoted through marketing and propaganda into their heads. It's rather sad to see it all happening.


Now we've got Jeff from Texas. Are you there, Jeff?


Jeff:  Yes. Hi, Alan. Sorry to make you switch gears. That's a very heart-wrenching story. I'm just as disgusted by all this chipping as you are. I mean I know about Digital Angel and all these things that are being funded by companies like IBM. It's just disgusting but I want to follow-up. I called in Wednesday and I'd like to just talk about what you alleged last Wednesday.


Alan:  It's not religion, is it?


Jeff:  Well no. It's about history.


Alan:  No, it's about religion.


Jeff:  Yes, no but I'd like you to--


Alan:  Okay, okay. We’ll take the next caller.


Jeff:  Answer the question and not brow beat me.


Alan:  Let's take the next caller. I will not talk about your religion under any guise. Any guise, any con game, any trick, I won't do it. We'll go on to Lucas from Seattle.


Lucas:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello, Lucas.


Lucas:  Hi, Alan. Nice to be on the show. Let's see. What was I going to ask you about? Oh yes. I would like to get your views on the importance of integrity and transparency when it comes to gurus and teachers in the 9/11 truth movement. It seems that lately you've come to loggerheads with a few of them and they've been kind of exposed. I'd like to get your views on that and then move on to the next question.


Alan:  Are you talking about the New Age – the ones that are promoted at the top?


Lucas:  Specifically, Michael Tsarion.


Alan:  Well, all I know is – I mean I've had contact before with certain people, put it that way, a long time ago, who asked me if I'd get "onboard" who turned rather nasty when I wouldn't get onboard. I said I would not fool the people. Is that enough for you there?


Lucas:  Okay.


Alan:  Certain people have gone in business with a show that I was on, and I think one of the stipulations was once the deals were signed then the stipulation was to get me off.


Lucas:  So in other words, there's an agenda there between a few people.


Alan:  Yes.


Lucas:  Okay. I'll take that.


Alan:  Who are heavily funded. I'm sure they are heavily funded and one of these particular guys did email me five times in one night giving me nasty emails because I told him I would not fool the people. I won't mention his name but everybody knows it. I told him who their bosses were and I wasn't stupid and I've read the history of it so I understand it very well and I wouldn't go along with it, so I got really nasty emails and this particular one said that he'd phone around all the big radio shows and tell them not to have me on.


Lucas:  Okay. Am I still on?


Alan:  Is there another question there?


Lucas:  I think you answered my question on that. I have another question Alan. I would like to know why it is you can't seem to answer any questions when it comes to your stance on Jesus being a mythical figure.


Alan:  Because I could spend about two months giving you history lessons, including the exoteric, long before the Christian version. I could give you the esoteric and the exoteric. I won't do it because--


Lucas:  Well you don't seem to have any proof. I mean that's what it's come down to is you can't prove anything. That's why you don't want to talk about it.


Alan:  Belief and faith boils down--


Lucas:  It's not about faith. It's about historical record.


Alan:  Let me speak here.


Lucas:  And that's what Jeff was talking about before you cut him off.


Alan:  No, no. That guy has been bugging me for a few weeks here with emails and everything.


Lucas:  I know he's a persistent fellow.


Alan:  Look, I told him I don't need – and he should be quite happy with that – him, to force me to go along with his belief.


Lucas: I don't think he's forcing you. He's just asking you where the proof is.


Alan:  He hasn't read [Plotinus] or any of the other authors, I'm sure, that go into all the pre-Christian sons of God and their virgin mothers.


Lucas: Yeah, but that's already been debunked by various people.


Alan:  The fact is: why should I waste my time? Okay. Enough of these characters with their attacks here because it's just a waste of time and they can't even get to the point. I mean the point is, if it's a tolerant society, why are they so eager to make you believe what they want to believe? I mean faith is something you can't verify one way or another anyway. That's why it comes down to faith and belief. Otherwise it's fact, so let's go on.


Now we’ve got Alex from Toronto. Are you there, Alex?


Alex:  Hi. Alan? Alan, you know I'm calling from Canada. I was born and raised in Canada and I always wondered why these Americans that came onto your show listened to the facts you had disclosed to them always kept bringing up Jesus. It didn't make any sense to me because once you explained the sons of God and once you got into the histories of that it all made sense, but they still had this like a serious indoctrination. They do. They’re nuts when it comes to religion. We're very different in Canada.


Alan:  In the U.S. they got a heavier dose of it than other people on purpose and Benjamin Franklin wrote about it because he brought Wellesley over. Franklin himself says in his writings, he says, "I didn't believe in it," he says, "but I built him a church that anyone could speak at. A Moslem, a Jew anyone," he didn't care. He liked the teachings of Wellesley because he said he could captivate and mesmerize an audience and sway their emotions so much to tears that he could manipulate them. That's what fascinated Franklin about it and they realized early on that they could create what they called an obedient and orderly society using religion.


Alex:  It's amazing. Sometimes I just tune into like you know you're watching TV and you tune into like some religious shows and stuff like that and you're just wow. It is so pervasive in the culture especially in America. Here too, but not to that extent. It's just crazy.


Alan:  They have all the terminology and that's why presidents use it. You know presidents in the Skull & Bones Society can say "I'm born again," and they immediately think he's talking about Christianity, or he'll say "amen" or "hallelujah". You just use terminology.


Alex:  It's crazy and then you find out what that really means.


Alan:  This terminology, these are trigger words and these trigger words blind them to who is actually saying it.


Alex:  It's amazing. I don't know, it's just incredible. You know I want to make a comment. You were talking about Maurice Strong and you were talking about how he worked for Canada Hydro and Ontario Hydro, I guess, and how he installed these emergency generators.


Alan:  He put out the building laws and the whole project for that.


Alex:  Okay. You know it's funny. I live in Toronto. Do you know where I live? I live in the old Roshdale. Are you familiar with Roshdale?


Alan:  Yes.


Alex:  They converted Roshdale to Toronto housing and the people that live here, half of them are on disability or on subsidized rent. The others are market rent but usually it's just working class people or people on disability or new immigrants or something like that. Not the most upwardly mobile people live in this building, but what they did just last week they installed an emergency generator on the sixteenth floor. This huge, huge emergency generator and I'm trying to figure out why they did that because you were talking about they install these generators for banks and financial institutions to continue on as the rolling brownouts were to continue. Why do they do it for us?


Alan:  I guess there'll be a purpose for you. Maybe it's cleaning up the debris after they've created chaos.


Alex:  Yes, I don't know. I mean it's amazing we've got this emergency generator and it's like we haven't had any problems with electricity.


Alan:  Not yet.


Alex:  All of a sudden they put this huge – and it was a big project. They had this massive crane out there because we're on the sixteenth – this is a16 through 18 story building and they had this huge crane to put this huge massive generator on top and I'm like why are they doing this. And I was like very bizarre this emergency – well obviously it's for a reason because they predict that they're going to use it, right?


Alan:  They're going to use it and it will be a gradual takedown. They don't want mass riots happening immediately. They want to gradually work up to the mass riots when they cut the food back and the water and everything else over the next 10, 15 years.


Alex:  You say something that really hits home. I mean like literally in this case.


Alan:  I mean pulling a guy like Strong from the United Nations over to Ontario was an important deal, obviously. It was Bob Rae that brought him in and he got right to work and obviously he didn't make that plan up just like that. It had to have been done probably at the United Nations or the Rockefeller Foundation years before and he got to work implementing it and once it was all done and he'd set in process of privatization, off he went again back to the United Nations. There's big moves afoot you see. Okay?


Alex:  Okay. Thanks, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got Tracy from Texas. Are you there, Tracy? Hello Tracy.


Tracy:  You’re wonderful and I guess I've been listening to you for a couple of months and whenever I can I'm listening to you. It really hits home, the things you say. I know inside of me that this is the truth. Actually I want to talk a little bit about education and I have an 8-year old son and he came home today and he goes to a private school and he's telling me about a social studies test where on the test he's learned that he's not supposed to throw things. Don't litter. You have to stay on the trails when you're in the park. You can't pick the flowers and I thought, oh boy, this is part of the propaganda that's seeped into the school that he's going to and he also got home today and ironically you were talking about the IDs. He said I've got my own ID now and he showed it to me and it was something that the photography company gave all of the children, you know their little missing children's ID. Of course I had to talk with him about fingerprinting and you never let anybody do that. But here's the bottom line question. He is on his way out of that private school and any type of schooling because I want to home-school him, but at this point I just woke up in February and I can't even believe all the stuff that I've learned and I think who – where could I go to even find some information, accurate information if I'm going to educate my son with regards to history or well particularly with regards to history or government? You know I was just wondering if you had any recommendations along that line.


Alan:  It's important – you see the trouble is, unless you get very old books, after 1920 pretty well all the history was completely rewritten.


Tracy:  So before 1920?


Alan:  Before 1920 and I used to scour the old book stores that did not have the internet hookup so they often had little gems of books that no one had. If it's on the internet they know what they're worth and they'll sell them to someone else across the planet, but I went into junk stores and everything and got my hands on these kind of books and had the facts there and when they were discussing the type of society they were going to create for the future and books on sociology especially by some of the big players. They're very important because these are the guys who they brought over for instance the Frankfurt School where the education system came from. The Frankfurt School for culture creation was funded by the CIA and MI6 in Britain and their job was to work with the institutions like Ford/Carnegie and merge communism and capitalism for a new type of future, which they called "The Third Way" after Plato, and that's the play on "The Third Wave" as well that Toffler used. The culture we're coming into is one where we have fascism at the top, for a small elite, governing over through a massive bureaucracy and enforcement system, a communistic type society. That's the one they want to bring in, so they used all the sciences including Marxism combined with sociology, behaviorism, the big player Skinner and so on, to create this new society that they're bringing us through with infantile adults.


Tracy:  Well, it's plain as the nose on my face now. Now it is and I'm in such a dilemma on how to raise him or what you know. Where do I go with this?


Alan:  You have to look at the some home-schooling sites; there are some out there. Be back with more after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and I was just talking to Tracy there and there are sites out there for home-schoolers people should look into because again there's so many rules. The authorities demand you teach them certain things and so on, otherwise you're "depriving" them. What they're depriving them of is a social indoctrination, approved social indoctrination, and you also have to go into the history of the American educational system and the book by [John Taylor] Gatto is excellent on that. It tells you from quotes from the big boys themselves, the big boys of their day, the kind of society they wanted, an obedient conformist type of society, and why they taught certain things in school. Well worth looking into. It's a tough thing for people today, very tough when they wake up and they realize that they want to give their children a working mind, rather than this cultural indoctrinated system mind that they're given by the authorities. If you go into some of the writings of Lenin and Stalin, they said it was imperative for a complete society, a totalitarian type society, to first of all make sure that the teachers and so on and the teachers associations would become incredibly powerful and unified in their teaching so that everyone got the same indoctrination. That was for "cultural peace" they called it and we have a national educational system in every country which is part of the International Educational System, which is run by the United Nations, as they create the global system of indoctrination. On the surface some of their things sound rather nice, until you realize, wait a minute here, they're cutting off our ability to think for ourselves. They want well-behaved planetary citizens who will do what they're told and that's the real point of it.


Read the writings of the first people who setup UNESCO at the United Nations and what their purpose is, and they’ll tell you right in it what their purpose is, it's to give up a global culture with the same standardized indoctrination given to every child across the planet. It's a step-by-step process. It's hard for most people to understand or believe that the world is planned in centuries and if you read some of the books by the great institutions they admit they're the only ones who can plan a world future and work intergenerationally by bringing in new employees into those institutions who follow the mandates of the institutions. Men come in, work their whole lives and retire as new ones come in and they can work out a plan over 1, 2, 300 years and make it actually work. That's how it's done. It's not a little club that meets together and throws some coins in the box to keep themselves going and renting a hall. These are incredibly wealthy foundations and institutions. That's how it's done. The same with the big granddaddy of them all, which is the Royal Institute for International Affairs, it's interlocked with every great foundation that runs the agenda for the future and gave you your present as well.


Well, from Hamish and myself, up in a snowy Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)