July 15, 2010 (#621)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 15, 2010:

New World Order -- Communitarianism:
Hundreds of Years in the Making,
Now Your Wealth They're Taking:

"Communitarianism, We're Told's the Plan We're On,
Individual Liberty and Choice to be Dead and Gone,
It's All Under the Guise of Sustainable Living,
The U.N.'s the Boss, So Get Used to Giving,
Taxed till You're Destitute, You Poor Old Soul,
To Build Factories in China, Guzzling Up Coal,
To India too, We Redistribute Our Wealth,
As We're Told to Go Vegan, Good for the Health,
Yet We Must Cut Back, Too Much Consumption,
We Should Nip this in Bud, If We've the Gumption,
Are We so Stupid We'll Pay Taxes for Breathing?
We've Already Lost Homes, the Banks are Seizing,
Stop the Madness Because it Grows, You See,
Carbon, Energy, Food Taxes, it'll Endless Be,
Masters, Minions Worked Up to Age Aquarian,
For "Big Idea," New Governance, Communitarian"
© Alan Watt July 15, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 15, 2010
(Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi Folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 15th of July, 2010.


Now, I always suggest at the start of the show to get it out of the way, that newcomers look into www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com website. You’ll see alot of other sites I’ve got listed there on the front page and you should bookmark these for future use in case the ‘com’ goes down which it does once in a while. If you feel that there’s a ‘sticking’ problem on download, it’s slow or something on the ‘com’, try one of these alternate sites. All these sites have the same audios. They all have transcripts of alot of the talks I’ve given over the years in English for print up and if you want transcripts in other languages, plus the audios, you can also go into www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, the European site and choose from a variety of languages.

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Outside the Americas it’s the same idea, Paypal to donate and order. You can also use Moneygram Western Union and some people always still send cash from Europe in fact while they still exchange it over here while it’s worth something at all and that keeps me going; just ticking over. It’s not a business, this is not an enterprise. I’m just out here because as I said, 10 years ago or more, I had to come out at the right time and just start saying what was happening because no-one was talking about this particular agenda at all, the big real agenda, the world agenda, eugenics and the new controlled society that the whole world was to go under and we’re going under it now. That’s why I came out in the first place and got it off my chest basically.


There’s so much to it that I try to put it out in little bits, connect the dots for the people to show them the big picture. I try to stay from just the daily events because the media is there; it’s the same media that keeps you in the dark and will churn out lots of events everyday to keep you howling, screaming and afraid. That’s their job but they’ll never tell you what’s really going on and why you’re going under the controlled society, a form of ‘communitarianism’ and I’ll be talking about that tonight because it was designed a long time ago. It was designed before they set up the League of Nations and then the United Nations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs that’s often mistaken; often mistaken for left wing policies even communist, were the ones who helped draft alot of it up and their ‘think tanks’ work with the agencies they put out there and the NGO’s that are all around you that are forcing us all into it.


We’re like the hub of a wheel and on the outer rim you’ve got these spokes going towards the hub. We’re in the middle. We are the hub and all these agencies, thousands of them are all working through education, NGO’s and fake agencies really to get us into the new communitarian society, the ‘greening’ projects and all of that. That’s all part of it to make sure we get the message.


I’ll be back with more after these messages.


I’m Alan Watt and we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m talking about something that’s called many things, the ‘big society’ is one of them and it’s the New World Order again. It’s ‘governance’ and all of these things as they train the obedient society in communitarianism. It’s all part of what George Bush Senior called the New World Order.

He mentioned a ‘thousand points of light’ that would bring it about in one of his talks; all vague little things he was putting out there because his scriptwriters wanted it to be very vague except for the insiders. They gave us buzzwords which become more and more common. The thousand points of light as I say were the thousands of NGO’s and agencies they were training and who were already in circulation basically promoting ideas via media which they got great access to the people and they were in education too.


Part of it too is to do with of course, ecology’s the big thing. The ‘greening’ plan and all this kind of thing and how we must ‘serve’ the planet and of course we’ve got high priests who tell us how to serve it. They always give you high priests for new religions and many people have called it a new religion, even Gorbachev in one of his books. He said ‘we are creating a new world religion, and it must be based on a form of Earth worship’.

Well that’s exactly what you’ve got with ecology and the greening program. The children being raised at school now are the perfect little indoctrinees and they will come out spouting all the proper things to you. I’m sure they’re already nagging their parents about waste and all that kind of stuff already. In fact they are. I get letters about that.


They’ve put on ‘eco fees’ in Ontario which I mentioned last week; ‘eco fees’. If you look into even a litre or a pint of oil for your car you’ll see there’s an eco charge on it. It’s across the board on pretty well everything and here’s the Toronto Sun on this because we take everything, especially in Canada for granted. They’re the most passive people on the planet.  They truly are the most passive people on the planet. There’s nothing going on there except “there’s a ball game going on tonight and where is the beer” and that’s really the society and the culture that’s been given to them. This is from the Toronto Sun and it says...


“The new Ontario “eco fees” charged to consumers on thousands of products are illegal, consumer and legal experts say.”


“It’s an illegal fee,” Mel Fruitman, vice president of the Consumers’ Association of Canada, told the Toronto Sun. “It’s an add-on fee and there is nobody in this country who is allowed to put on a tax except governments. As far as I can tell, unless they slipped through something quietly in the middle of the night when everybody else was asleep including me, they have no authority to do this.”


Cyndee Todgham Cherniak, a sales tax counsel affiliated with Lang Michener LLP, said the fees are not permissible under the provincial government’s own Waste Diversion Act or the Constitution of Canada.


“This smells like a tax, looks like a tax, how is this different from a sales tax?” Todgham Cherniak said. “What you’ve got is the tax being passed on from someone to the consumer which means it’s an indirect tax, and under the Constitution Act... the province can only impose direct taxes, they can’t impose indirect taxes.”


(Alan: Now how did they get them in there? well you see, you have lobby groups that seem to be; these lobby groups seem to be private as far as I can tell because when you go into who goes around encouraging the big companies like Canadian Tire and such what to do and this one here comes under 'stewardship'. Who are we? Stewardship Ontario. A very important term 'stewardship' because you see it's part of the whole greening, sustainability movement and your children already are indoctrinated into using these terms 'stewardship' and 'governance'. This is Stewardship Ontario and it says...)


"Who are we?"


(A: And you scroll down trying to find out who exactly they are and they try not to give it away that they're a private company that's put this tax on. They go around all the biggies and get them to put the tax on for them. Now who's getting the cash I've no idea but the fact is that it's an illegal tax. So everyone I hope, you know, who's off the bottle in Canada, can go to their stores charging these taxes and look, for goodness sake, look at that receipt you get at the end. Don't just chuck it away and see if you have the eco tax and go back and say you don't want to pay that, give me the money back because it's your money they're stealing. This is to go across the board in every country and I think it is already in alot of different countries)


Now, communitarianism, as I say, an idea set up really for those who set up the whole New World Order for the 20th century into the 21st century and the of whole 21st century I should say as well. The Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR, there are a higher inner group, they always have an inner group, there's always an inner party and an outer party and the inner party know the whole agenda, the big secrets you see?

Now, there's a very good article here and it's called 'Our Common Community' and it's from the UK Column, a very good article by Nikki Rapana.


"Americans have a lot more in common with the British than many may realize. On both sides of the Atlantic there is a very quiet and totally identical revolution underway. Commoners from Alaska to London face the same enemy with the same name. What binds them in a way that surpasses all others is the simple fact that neither side knows what exactly their enemy is called."


"It's not hard to notice cameras on every street corner. Their parents may still need personalized retraining..."


(A: As the Soviets did)


"...but every school age child has been taught their new responsibilities and requirements. Our national government's new and very serious concerns regarding our health and smoking, drinking, overeating and exercise is impossible to ignore."


(A: And I'll jump to a very important person who's written about that too in one of his books after this. To continue...)


"It's no joke anymore that we all may have to pay global taxes on the air we breathe. Inside our private homes we're all dealing with a whole new bureaucratic system that assumed the role of our new Big Mother.

What we share in common is we're all children in Big Mother's global communitarian family. I do know communitarianism is a mouthful to say and a challenge to spell, but it is the most important word you'll mumble aloud this year. Its use is slipping into the mainstream a little more each month and I think they're gearing up to unveil it before the "unwashed masses.""


(A: Actually they are going to use this as the excuse to get out of the mess they brought on so that they could bring it in. Everything happens for a purpose and that's why they pulled the economy when it was time)


"Some of you may remember when it was introduced by Tony Blair and New Labour as the Third Way."


(A: Like Alvin Toffler)


"Now Phillip Blond is reintroducing communitarianism as the newest theoretical political answer to what ails us. The British Conservative Party, under David Cameron, is leading the British communitarian resurgence."


(A: You see, all the parties are in it. They're the same you see? There's no difference)


"Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, in a TV interview on April 18, 2010, described Americans as more diverse and communitarian now. This was just the latest of Bill's assertions about American communitarianism, a repeat of speeches he's made in Toronto, Montreal and Berkeley over the past year."


(A: It's very important you understand. That's why these guys don't retire. They're retained by their masters)


"For once in his public-private career, Bill Clinton is not lying.

Communitarianism is a political system that gives authority over individuals to unelected community "stakeholder" councils."


(A: Now you're going to hear this term in your papers and I've already seen it in the newspapers, you're a stakeholder in your community. In fact that "Who are We" one in Ontario, 'eco fees' also used stakeholders. Everyone's a stakeholder in your local area)


"A stakeholder is defined as a "group, person, organization or system" which can be just about anybody or anything. You'll find the term used in just about every government and grant funded project in existence today. It's always used as if it means you.

Forming "partnerships" with "stakeholders" is an effective way to bypass voters and taxpayers living in the affected regions. Their community goals and missions always include "raising public awareness"..."


(A: And they'll tell you what it's to be raised about and where to go)


"...and advising legitimate government bodies how to adopt the new communitarian laws (never identified as that though, unless it's a former communist new member EU state like Serbia, Croatia or the Czech Republic, or Bolivia and Peru with their new openly communitarian constitutions).”


(A: And they are. They've been given communitarian constitutions where they're all stakeholders and shareholders in their own community)


"Claiming to include more citizens in the democratic process, communitarian councils do just the opposite. And they continually seek more power.

Bill's right. We are all communitarians now. What that means to us is anybody's guess. Most people will adopt the vague party line and agree it's a fresh solution to partisan politics. The libertarians will tell you they like the part about giving power to unelected, self-appointed community councils who have the communitarian power to regulate every one's personal life in the community. The Catholics will tell you they just hope a communitarian spirituality is included. The Protestants, Jews and Muslims won't want to seem selfish so they'll assume a moral value in it somewhere too."


(A: You see? They've got something for everybody you see?)


"The left will dismiss it a right wing conspiracy theory and the far right will call it a communist plot.

Here's the part that our politicians and the "experts" never tell us about communitarianism: it's also the law of the European Union."


(A: And that's right folks and it's going to be the law of NAFTA as well for America, Canada and Mexico. It's already inching in. It's around you. It's within your communities already. So, it's the law of the European Union)


"Communitarian Law is the entire basis for the supremacy of law clause that overrules all national, state, county and municipal laws in conflict with it.

Lots of really smart people will go to great lengths to explain the theory, how some parts of it make real sense to other smart people. Those same smart people will probably tell you they don't know anything about the law part, sorry. It's just a benign social theory, they say, one that rose and fell already, nothing to worry about. Others will tell you the law's a conspiracy theory."


(A: I'll be back in a moment with more on this)


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.


I'm reading an article which explains pretty well, although briefly because it's much more complex of course if you go into the nitty-gritty workings of it, communitarian law and the communities that we're going into. They're already here and you don't even know that yourself; that there are agencies and NGO's set up in your communities getting money from government funding, from the UN as well and from various other organisations and foundations to guide the new society as we're going downhill you see. That's why they pulled the economy now. They could have kept it going with their bubbles for another 50 years if they'd wanted to; the sky's the limit. There're always a fraud so why burst it now? It's to bring in this and then say "Oh my goodness, we'll have to cut back on police forces and so on. There's going to be alot of crime in the areas. What will we do about garbage and so on and taxes and so on?"

Well, guess what? You'll all go to meetings in your communities and all participate you see? That's your stake in being a stakeholder you see?

Now it says here...


"Communitarian Law is the law regulating all community based government. At the top level it represents the global community. At the middle level it represents the regional community. At the bottom it represents the local community ("not to be confused with local government." Amitai Etzioni).


In October, 2004, Professor Jan Mazak, Ph.D., Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic published one of the most amazing descriptions of the EU I've ever come across. In it, he details the "immediate applicability of the communitarian law." He explains that the Slovak Constitution gave the Slovak government the power to sign an international treaty that transferred some of the republic's power over to the EU Courts, telling in no uncertain terms that communitarian law overrules conflicting national laws."


(A: Remember, as I say, this has all been arranged with NAFTA as well)


"There was one news report that identified the French and Dutch referendums rejecting the EU Constitution in 2005 as based on voter concerns about the EU's supremacy of communitarian law clause. But both times the Irish voted on it I couldn't find any Irish articles or debates about the EU communitarian legal system Ireland was adopting. I thought that a matter of such importance would become a primary issue in a national vote over joining the EU. It never even became a minor point. The theories of communitarian justice, economics..."


(A: A very big part is economics by the way)


"...development, morality..."


(A: And morality's a big part of it. So is your healthcare and your self-policing of health)


"...policing and mandatory volunteerism are not up for debate. To join, or not to join, that is the only question."


"But the real dilemma is this: communitarianism is also the philosophical/legal theory for global sustainable development. Communitarian supremacy is the moral philosophy justifying new land and resource use regulations under UN Local Agenda 21. We don't need to accept EU style regional government to become communitarians. Yes the EU Communitarian system of harmonization and norms is the model for all the emerging trade unions from the Middle East to Africa and South America. But we already adopted community government hook line and sinker when we changed our national mission statements to adopt sustainable development principles.


Americans, like their neighbours across the sea, are manipulated back and forth between the right and the left, and then they're admonished for not thinking more communitarian, whatever that means.


Communitarianism enriches experts, stakeholders and compliant citizens only. Individuals who can read and think for themselves need not apply. Voters who insist their national and state law reigns supreme in their nations must be re-educated into more moral, enlightened thinking. Our Common Destiny requires we all share one Common Purpose. We can forget Common Sense, it's completely outdated."


Now, Common Purpose was one of those massive organisations set up, as far as I can tell, by the Royal Institute of International Affairs. It brought in members of the European Movement that helped set up the integration of Europe and they went on to form Common Purpose and worked with Chatham House. They train future leaders to be your leaders in the community. They pick them at school folks and make sure they've got the right indoctrination and the right ability to stick to what they're told to stick to, have good lying abilities of course and be very charming at the same time, in other words, good psychopaths. They've already got them trained to appear at the right time for whatever purpose it happens to be. America has its own version of Common Purpose working steadily all through its system and so does Canada. They even get local community funding from your council and your government for this charitable organisation.


Believe you me this is what's coming in. This is the system that is coming in. It's already a good part way in and you don't realise it yet with your 'green police' enforcers and your garbage enforcers and so on and so on and so on, but you will, like George Orwell had in his book '1984', you will have to participate. You will have to attend meetings eventually and they'll want to know why you didn't attend. 'Are you unsociable?'

It will work too because most folk cave in. They can't tell people to 'sod off!'


Now, many organisations are working this whole act here and there're many of them under different names. Now Bush Senior also talked about the 'Big Idea' when he was asked about the New World Order; in one of his little readings, his script that is, he said it was a tool to bring in 'possibilities', a world of possibilities.


(Break Message) You're listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you CAN handle the truth.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt. We're Cutting Through the Matrix.


The idea, the 'big idea' that Bush talked about; they use these buzzwords again at the top. We're not supposed to know what's really behind things. We're told the fronts and given pictures of 'green' and all that stuff to make us all fuzzy but they don't tell us what it's really all about.


Here's one of these organisations that's for communitarianism and this is how they put it to you and this is about the 'Big Society' you see, with the 'Big Idea' and it says...


"We must be the change we want to see in the world”


(A: So we're the change, you see?)


"Mahatma Ghandi"


"The Big Society is a society in which we as individuals don’t feel small. Does our society pass this test at the moment? Well, only 4 out of 10 of us believe that we can influence local decisions. Only 1 in 33 of us attend public meetings."


(A: That's our fault you see?)


"We feel anger and frustration at the recent behaviour of both the City and Westminster and relatively powerless to change them. We are often anonymous tax-payers without a real sense of how our money gets spent. Most of us try to be reasonably good citizens but our influence seems very small."


“The Big Society Network is an organisation being set up by frustrated citizens..."


(A: It's just ordinary folk who're setting this up. They're just frustrated you see


"…for frustrated citizens, to help everyone achieve change in their local area."


(A: Change is good you see)


"Our aim is to create a new relationship between Citizens and Government in which both are genuine partners..."


(A: See, you're a partner now, a shareholder and a stakeholder, you understand)


"...in getting things done: real democracy using all the human and technological tools we now have available. This partnership will also add a third and fourth leg to its sturdy chair by involving business and the voluntary sector."


(A: See, everybody's to be in on it)


"As well as helping you get things done as an individual..."


(A: Aren't you doing ok yourself apart from all the taxes? Anyway...)


"...we also want to help you meet up with other people in your area with the aim of discussing what you want to share and change together in order to make your neighbourhood stronger, safer and more enjoyable."


(A: And of course they'll give you the guys that'll say it all for you and they'll become the leaders obviously. They're trained already but they won't mention that here)


"Our aim is to not only create the largest co-operative or mutual in Britain, but to create a mutual that is Britain. Every citizen can be a shareholder, contribute, receive help and rewards. The Network is, above all, practical. It’s an enormous tool-box of advice, case histories, links to people and resources, using the power of the Internet, Mobiles and face-to-face action."


(A: Wow! It's like a movie that gets you going isn't it? Are you ready to join this stuff and sit in chairs and say "yeah I'm not happy about this" and the 'expert' will jump up in your community and they'll say "well let's pass a vote on it. We'll all volunteer for X amount of hours a week to clean up this stuff right?" "Yeah ok" That's how it goes you see. We're guided by the nose because we've got rings in our noses like tame bulls, minus a couple of things that would make you a bit more aggressive.)


Anyway, that's what it's about. They’re one of many like that funded from the top, the Big Idea, the Big Society, communitarianism, they’re all over the place, all through the US and all through Canada too and one day you will...Your children are already getting geared to attend these meetings when they leave school and you’ll be expected to turn up as well. “Why weren’t you there?” you see? “You’re anti social”

That’s how it runs; that’s how it runs.


Part of this whole world society too is about how we’ve got to pay and distribute the wealth across the world like Karl Marx advocated. Isn’t that amazing? Karl Marx advocated the same things back yonder eh and here it’s all come to pass. It’s amazing. It’s just amazing it’s come to pass.

We find that the rich countries have to pay energy giants to build new coal-fired power plants. Isn’t that nice? Don’t you feel good about you in the States, Britain and Canada paying to have new coal-fired plants built in India and China? Because you see, under the GATT Treaty, regardless of the income and the multitrillionaires they’re creating over there, they’re still Third World countries apparently, until they themselves say they’re not and that’s up to them to say when they’re not under the treaty.


Anyway it says...


“UN's Clean Development Mechanism to use European carbon offset credits to subsidise 20 'efficient' coal plants in India and China”


(A: Meanwhile we're being told to shut all ours down in Canada and we'll probably start getting 'brown outs' like Europe when they tell you Wednesday is your day. You'll have no electricity on a Wednesday. That's coming, it's coming. This is all part of what Quigley said. The Royal Institute of International Affairs, what they do and the different organisations they rule over are often mistaken for being communist because they have many of the same plans and agenda in common; the sharing of your wealth across the world)


This article here is from the Guardian.co.uk. It says...


"The UN is set to channel billions of pounds..."


(A: That'll be dollars as well)


"...of public money from rich countries to giant energy companies to build 20 heavily polluting coal-fired power plants on the basis that they will emit less carbon dioxide than older ones."


(A: And that's been exposed as nonsense too in the way they're putting them up)


"Data seen by the Guardian shows that 12 companies have applied to the UN..."


(A: the UN! They've applied to the UN for your dough by the way)


"...for hundreds of millions of emission reduction credits to subsidise "efficient" coal-fired power stations in China and India. Many of the plants would be paid for with carbon offsets bought by British and European companies in lieu of cutting their own emissions."


(A: So the fake nonsense that when we look in the sky, stick our finger in our mouth and test it you know and some bigwig says "oh there's too much carbon in the air, we better pay the UN so much carbon emissions today, carbon credits." Well they gave it to China and India, this magical nonsensical act that only really insane people would believe)


"If, as expected, the power company applications are approved by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)..."


(A: Did you know that they put that through on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change? Did your media tell you a darn thing at the time? No)


"...they will earn around £3.5bn (about $7bn) at current carbon market prices. This would make the UN body set up to promote clean energy and reduce global climate emissions one of the world's largest provider of funds for new coal burning."


(A: As well. So here they are putting up smoke in India and China but you can't do it here. No, you've got to cut back here and have 'austerity'. Austerity mind you! Go to your little communitarian meeting and they tell you how to. Maybe we can all see who’s got extra sweaters and share them when we're freezing in the winter? It says...)


"The rush by companies to take advantage of the UN's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) subsidies follows the successful application for credits by the Indian Adani coal group for two large power stations at Mundra in Gujarat, India. Adani will earn around £25m a year for the lifetime of its power stations in return for using "super-critical" technology, which burns the coal at lower temperatures and emits up to 30% less carbon dioxide than conventional power plants."


(A: yadda yadda ya nonsense. In other words they're backhanders they're getting. They're all getting cash in this as backhanders. Backhanders are 'under the table' and that's what it's all about and I'm sure the ex director of the IPCC, or maybe he's still there, will be in on that because he's one of the biggest businessmen in India)


Now back to communitarianism and the future. Jacques Attali is up there at the United Nations. He was the top advisor to French Presidents, Mitterrand and other ones and in fact most folks went to see him. He really ran the show. Number 2 is always the boss, not the guy they put in front to take the tomatoes and the rotten eggs.


He wrote the book ‘A Brief History of the Future’ published in 2006 in French originally and he also wrote a book before that called, before 2000 or 2001, and he called it ‘Millennium – Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order’ where he said what was going to happen to America and it’s pretty well happened; they would flatten it economically. Massive immigration from the south he said would be akin to the invasion of Goths and Visigoths and all the various Goths etc that came into Rome, flooding into America with their gangs too. So they knew all that was going to happen back in about 1990 or so and here he is giving us the future. Now alot of what he’s talking about is already here but he attends the top thinks tanks as well and he says this on page 123 of ‘A Brief History of the Future’. He says...


“Public administration will be overturned by the use of new methods of communication, particularly of the internet, which will permit running of public services at lower cost and with immediate results. To manage this merchandised time two industries will dominate as they already do.”


(A: Now guess what they are that are going to run you? insurance companies and entertainment. You know, insurance companies have more building projects going on than the banks put up money for? They have had for about 30 years. But it’s more than that because it’s your personal insurance. Now you’ll find out why you’ve got to be healthy and you’ve got to not smoke and you’ve got to be underweight and so on and so on.)


“On one hand to shield him against risk the rational response of every player on the market...”


(A: You see you’re a player on the market as well. He says...”


“...will be and already is, to insure himself, in other words to protect himself against future uncertainties. Insurance companies and the risk coverage institutions of the financial markets will complete social security regimes and will become, if they are not already, the planet’s leading industries, both for turnover and the profits they reap. For the poorest, micro insurance will be an essential tool in reducing insecurity.

To escape financial insecurity on the other hand everyone will want to amuse himself, in other words to protect and distance themselves from the present. The entertainment industries, tourism, movies, music, television, sports, live shows and shared play space will become, if they not already, are the planet’s leading industries judging from the time it takes to consume their products and services.

The media will enjoy a greater hold over democracy...”


(A: The media will enjoy a greater hold over democracy. You see, they’re an essential arm of government this media)


“...and over citizen’s choices. Both options will also be the pretext for illegal activities. Racketeering is the criminal face of insurance. Drugs and the sex trade are the criminal versions of entertainment.”


(A: I’ve always said that there’s above and below and the same people run both versions. The same people run both versions. It’s like the legal system. They run the legal system and the illegal system down below. It says here; he’s going around 2040 but probably alot sooner, he says...)


“The descent will begin but will cut massively in organising market democracies. Re-establishing the profitability of industry, gradually reducing the role of states to zero...”


(A: We’re all becoming nothing now)


“...and by destroying little by little the polycentric order. Acting as the engines of growth, the new objects will take over from automobiles, washing machines and nomadic objects”


(A: That’s means what’s portable)


“These will be surveillance objects replacing many traditional state run functions. I shall call them ‘the watchers’”


(A: You’re going to buy your own ‘watchers’ folks. You already are buying them)


“Services such as education, health and sovereignty will all be slowly replaced as is the case with transport, domestic services and communication by mass produced machines and so once again, open new markets for business and raise the profitability of the economy. This will mean manipulation of services essential to order, indeed the foundation stones of states and peoples. It will radically modify relations with the individual or collective imagination with identity, the life sovereignty, knowledge, power, nation, culture and geopolitics. And now we stand before the most sweeping revolution awaiting us in the next half century.

These ‘watchers’ will not spring forth ready made from the imagination of crazed receptors or technicians touched by the hand of God. You’ll be responding to the financial imperatives of the mercantile order always on the lookout for reducing the time needed to produce existing objects, to raise network capabilities, reduce collective expenses, enhance the use of their time and transform...”


(A: And here’s the important part, as Bernays said...)


“...desires and needs into commercial wealth.”


(A: They work on your unconscious)


“This process will go through two stages which I shall call ‘hyper surveillance’ and ‘self surveillance’”


(A: Now, your communitarian part is part of the ‘self surveillance’ by the way)


“When the law of the market starts to prevail over that of democracies, public services, education, healthcare, security and then justice and sovereignty, we’ll begin to feel competition from private enterprise. States will be expected to create chains of foreign hospitals as public hospitals and affiliates of foreign, private universities as national universities. Private security police...”


(A: That’s why you’re getting all this hype, they’re laying cops off and the crime’s going to skyrocket. You’re getting made ready for all the privatisation folks)


“...and information will compete with national police forces and surveillance of movement and data on behalf of insurance and commercial companies. These will want to know everything about their employees, clients, suppliers, competitors and risks. They will also want to protect their assets; material financial and intellectual against a range of threats. This transfer to the private sector will gradually reduce public spending and help save on scarce resources.”


(A: This is all part of the sustainability part)


“As we’ve already seen it will become part and parcel of the host of services, making it possible to track objects and people. Nomadic ubiquity opens up to hyper surveillance when whoever is connected leaves traces of his passage.”


(A: Well they’re putting the stuff in your clothing and everything now with nanotechnology to track you everywhere you go)


“Private services will then manage social rights and administrative services...”


(A: They’re talking about local government and government too)


“...will be in a position to administer documents or by an allotment pay more. This is already the case with Britain. In many places, the state is henceforth relieved of countless decisions and trusts them to high independent authorities that relieve the state of all responsibility.

To put it in different terms, to put in a tax cut that will above all benefit the wealthiest and penalise the poorest...”


(A: And he’s not saying it because he wants to help the poor. He’s telling the truth here. He’s impartial)


“...we shall henceforth have to pay for public services and since these competing enterprises will have to spend considerable sums to attract clients, which our public service does not have to do, the services final cost for the client will rise accordingly. Users, private individuals or businesses will become consumers, obliged to pay directly for their services whether in the form of a direct purchase for providers or else in the form of premiums paid to insurance companies, private or public, as a substitute for tax revenue which will plummet. These insurance companies will not only demand that their clients pay their premiums to insure themselves against sickness, joblessness, death, theft, fire and so on, but will also verify that their clients conform to norms to minimise the risks they will be called on to cover.”


(A: See, we’re all one big insurance risk, folks, and that’s what’s going to run the system)


Back with more after this break


I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.


I’m just reading a few pages from ‘A Brief History of the Future’ by a United Nations’ guy, Jacques Attali who’s right up there with the boys in the know, talking about the future and what’s planned to come down, and there’s no doubt about it, it’s a plan and insurance companies will be the big stick really. It says here...


“They will gradually come to dictate planetary norms; what to eat, what to know, how to drive, how to protect oneself, how to consume...”


(A: And that’s all part of the ‘greening’ too)


“...how to produce. They will penalise smokers, drinkers, the obese, the unemployable and the inadequately protected, the aggressive, the careless, the clumsy, the absentminded, the spendthrift, ignorance exposure to risks, wasting and vulnerability will be considered diseases.”


(A: So wasting stuff under this sustainability will be considered a disease)


“Other businesses will also have to comply with norms in order to avoid industrial disasters, accidents or external aggression and even the wastage of real resources in a certain way. All businesses will be thus forced to take account of this general interest in making their decisions. Some will even make their citizenship...”


(A: And citizenship is going to be a big thing and world citizenship)


“...a dimension of their image and their competence.”


(A: You already have it, world citizenship by the way. And by the way too, think about it, in insurance too it’s interesting how Lenin talked about these agencies, health agencies and so on that would start off as services and become authorities over the public all paid for by, guess what? Your tax money for insurance)


“Businesses will at once respect the norms imposed on them by the insurance companies who in their turn will require their collaborators, part of whom they will pay contributions to comply to other norms.”


(A: Here you are, self monitoring)


“Monitoring one’s health.”


(A: You’ve got to constantly monitor your health. Your knowledge, what you know. Are you politically correct? Are you up to date with your download?)


“Vigilance and property, being thrifty with rare resources, keeping an eye on one’s health, training and protecting oneself and more generally staying in shape will become socially necessary behaviours”


(A: And they’ll make sure of that in your little communitarian meeting when they weigh you and so on, or point you out in front of the others to shame you for being a bit over)


“For the insurance companies to pay off economically everyone, private, industrial or business must therefore agree that a third party verify his conformity with the norms. For this everyone must agree to be monitored. The era of ‘big brother’, earlier proclaimed but only partially implemented, will become the norm. Surveillance is the master word for the times ahead. First of all a kind of hyper surveillance will see the light of day, technology will make it possible to know everything about the origins of products and movements of men which will much later be applied to essential military applications. Sensors and miniature cameras will be installed in all public and eventually private places, in offices and in recreational areas and finally on the nomadic objects themselves...”


(A: That’s your portable objects)


“...will monitor all comings and goings. The phone already allows us to communicate and be tracked. Biometric techniques, fingerprints, iris, shapes of hands and face will allow for surveillance of travellers, workers and consumers. Countless analytical devices will make it possible to monitor the health of a body, a mind or a product.”


(A: A mind’s interesting eh)


“Even a nomadic object will be permanently traceable. All the data contained, including images of everyone’s daily life, will be stored and sold to special businesses and public and private police.”


(A: And they already are sold to the police by the way. I’ve got all the data on that. I should put it up sometime)


Well, I hear the music coming in folks and an hour’s awfully, awfully short to try to get some stuff out. I’ve only scratched the surface for you but I hope it helps.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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