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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on




Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 14th, 2008. Newcomers should always look into my website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and even though it's in a sense disorganized, because I don't have the staff to sort everything out in categories and so on, there's a lot of information there. A lot of information on the histories leading up to the present and the future, where we're going, why it's happening, the big forces and foundations and so on that are behind it and how they do it and how they work intergenerationally. It's quite an easy task to do if you have big foundations with an agenda. You can literally hire men three, four generations of them and here’s the agenda. You teach them that when they join and when they retire the new guy comes in and he takes over and it's quite simple to keep it going. That was discussed a few hundred years ago when they set a lot of them up. Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and download the transcripts which you can print up and pass around to your friends and they're also in some of the languages of Europe and Scandinavia.


We are really on a roll now. I was wondering when they'd eventually start jacking up the prices in North America to start to simulate Europe. Europe's way ahead on this decrease in the standard of living and high costs and America, of course, has been cushioned because they didn't want to pull the plug too early. They want you to pay the taxes on the military and all this kind of stuff while you're finishing off the world, but now, as they're doing that, they're also raising all the costs back home and things are really increasing in Canada and the United States. It's almost daily. It's like a calendar. It goes up every day.


When I went to the post office today to post off one big envelope that normally costs me $28.70 or 80 cents for overseas mail, airmail, and she said $55. I said you're kidding. She says I'll have to check and see what the right price should be. I said I think you should. Almost double, that's impossible, but it has gone up for sure. Everything has gone up and it will continue to go up. All transportation, everything that is transported is to start going really up in price. We’re on a roll with the oil increases with the big cartels working hand-in-glove with the foundations, which shouldn't surprise us because the CEOs that work for both, back and forth like ping-pong balls, into the foundations, back into the big corporations and back again, sometimes into politics. They do this musical chair act and it's quite interesting to see how they get away with it, very interesting indeed.


Before I go on to anything else, I think we should look at the chipping program that's going on and lots of people have emailed me the same article to do with the chipping of prisoners with the new VeriChip. This is inevitable because it was planned that way. They got us used to the idea of it in our heads to begin with. First they said it would be rouge pets, you know the ones that occasionally get in trouble with the dogcatcher or something, and then they made it mandatory that all pound dogs had to have chips put in them. Then I think in Canada they made it mandatory that – at least they're trying to get all your pets chipped and some U.S. states have done the same and that's simply to familiarize you with the whole idea of chipping in the first place, step-by-step, until we all get it ourselves. Now I hear the music coming so I'll be back after these following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. Before I read this article, I better take this call. It's from Queensland, Australia. It's James. Are you there, James?


James:  Yes. I actually missed the start of your show but I was just – I hope I'm not talking off the topic, but here in Queensland in Brisbane we're just about to get fluoride in our water and it just sort of concerns me a lot because we're having all these public relations spins coming out and saying it's not massive medication, don't worry about it and all that. I don't know why we need to have it.


Alan:  It's interesting because the man who pushed it in Canada, this dentist came out. I think he even wrote a book about it. He was the man who pushed it. He swallowed it all himself. He believed it was all true and he promoted it to be brought into Canadian water supply and then he came out against it when he really went into the details, especially to do with its effects on the body and the brain itself. It's been well known since the 1920's the effects of this – it’s a byproduct of aluminum and that's where they put their byproducts, in our food or our water, and it helps to dispose of it, but it also dumbs us down pretty quickly. It makes us more docile and placid and it also causes brittle bones as you get older and it also can put little white pitting in the teeth itself. Little white particles appear just under the enamel, so it's a pretty dangerous stuff, never mind the mental effects. You're quite right. You should be asking why they're putting it in.


James:  There's also a lot of things coming out now about the environmental thing. It's sort of almost driving me mad. I can see through the propaganda every time I look at someone else's TV because I don't use mine anymore, but I always see like these reports and articles about green vehicles and green energy and carbon neutrality and I can see right through it now because I've listened to your programs for a few years now and it's just crazy. How do I deal with these people who don't understand it yet?


Alan:  You'll probably find the general population around you don't even question it, do they?


James:  Not at all, no. They think it's good. They think it's a good thing. I can see where it's heading and it seems quite sad because the interest rates are rising and we've got new leadership supposedly in Kevin Rudd and I think these guys are going to bring in really serious environmental rules. They didn't waste any time in ratifying that treaty or whatever it was.


Alan:  That Green treaty the whole greening program is what they call a "must be."  It's going to be the big stick to make us all conform and accept a completely new system and a new standard of living.


James:  I actually thought about you, that's why I called the show, because I was going through a fairly recent market magazine and then there's a massive A3 size spread with Mikhail Gorbachev and Louis Vuitton in an advertisement in a tech field something like that and it says here: "Mikhail Gorbachev and Louis Vuitton are proud to support Green Cross International." I looked up what Green Cross International was and that was very interesting in itself.


Alan:  It is, isn't it? They love their crosses. He also was knighted when he went to England into the Knights of Lazarus and the Knights of Lazarus symbol is the Green Cross. Everything was planned that way and the whole world is to get the same agenda and now the big corporations all their ads are bringing the eco terminology into it to brainwash us further.


James:  Nothing is. I mean in the town I live in there's a local magazine or local rag as they call it and it's got a section which is there every week which is called "Sustainable Living" and it's called I think onedegree.com or something like that. It's a section dedicated to environmental concern and it's obviously promoted by bigger powers much larger because it's very well formatted and it's not like some private ad. It's like a whole picture.


Alan:  You'll find again the Club of Rome was the ones who came up with this particular idea and all the other foundations and Round Tables worked out the details how to market it to the public through magazines and so on.


James:  Amazing. Another thing I wanted to ask you. I get a lot of invitations and offers from people who are in groups, and you could call them cults I guess, and some of them do actually check out to be frequently recognized cults. I think because I have such an inquiring mind and people will try and get me into their marketing programs and their religious organizations which are often offshoots from mainstream religions. I get a lot of offers and also, since I work in sales, I get people coming to the store to try and recruit me, which is quite amazing. Not the kind of people I get involved with, how do you handle them?


Alan:  It depends on which ones you'd go to because the ones who already have a pre-destiny written within somewhere will enjoy the news because they look forward to an end and they believe it's meant to be that way. The other ones that don't have anything written in stone or wherever are more liable to take more of an interest and perhaps even become more active in it and to start and try to change it.


James:  I actually went to one of these Buddhist organizations and I was invited to a massive seminar in Sydney and went there last year and I just couldn't believe how it's so youth focused. Everything revolves around recruiting the youth. I can see through what they're trying to do, but massive connections to the United Nations as well. They're quite open about it.


Alan:  Yes. That's always – what actual sect was it? Do you know?


James:  I'm not sure if I should name it.


Alan:  Was it the Japanese one?


James:  Yes, the Japanese one.


Alan:  Okay. They've been known for going--


James:  I'm getting harassment from them as well and I had a lot of repeat offers and invitations and quite pushy about it. What's the point when I can just sort of ignore the phone calls and make up excuses.


Alan:  They all go the hard marketing idea. It's interesting even all the religions are into the hard marketing idea and they use hard marketing techniques and they don't leave you alone.


James:  Yes. I tell my family I'm not getting involved in any groups. I want to be an individual, just come to my own conclusions and listen to other people. That's what I want to do but I find the trouble is when you get involved in these groups they're all the same. Every type I've been to, whether it's a marketing one or a religious type of group, and it varies with mainstream religions and so on, they've all got the same formula. I just can't believe it and I think you've said this before about totally brute. It's amazing. It's like they've all got the same worship of a superior human being or whatever.


Alan:  Each one thinks they're superior. They're going to come through this. Yes, that's the sad part.


James:  All right. Well thanks very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


James:  Thanks.


Alan:  Thank you. I've got a guy called Garrin in Rhode Island, is it? Hello, Garrin.


Garrin:  Hello, Alan. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions. First, do you know the new UN secretary general, Ki-Moon?


Alan:  Ki-Moon? I haven’t read much about him.


Garrin:  So you don't know that much about him?


Alan:  No, I haven't kept up with the UN. I lost interest with the last one with the oil for food scandal with Iraq when they were filling their pockets there, you know the boss and his son


Garrin:  Annan. I didn't know too much about him either so I was just wondering if you had. Then the other question is I had heard you mention one time about the global elite or aristocracy. They have the belief in reincarnation but only for them?


Alan:  Yes. They have an odd – you understand that all religions have an esoteric side and each side can be misinterpreted even by those that follow them, so even the elite themselves claim that they are man. We are not man. We are human and human comes from "humus," meaning the earth. That's the whole story of Adam. Before Adam was created in Genesis you'll see that God created man and woman in chapter 1 and that's the last you hear of them and then he says there's no one to till the soil so he created Adam and Eve. They were the workers. These characters at the top believe they have spirit and the rest of the public down below do not. That's the difference.


Garrin:  So they believe that they have spirits that will go on to live another life being reincarnated and all these things, but the rest of us--


Alan:  In fact if you read the books by Plato, he being an aristocrat of his day and studying in Egypt, he believed this himself and he wrote about it in his books.


Garrin:  And so the inferior ones like us, we don't have souls?


Alan:  You have a soul. In ancient times, and this was even taught in the early Christian church, you had body, soul and spirit – and if you had all three, that was completion. That was the ultimate trinity. However, they claimed that the people at the bottom never achieved or acquired spirit so they were just soul. The soul had no intellect of its own and you just went back into the big sea of pea soup and got mushed up.


Garrin:  Oh, I see. That's pretty wild.


Alan:  That's what Plato attributed their superior intellect and knowledge and for the very fact they were aristocratic and successful, that's what he attributed that to, was they came from these lineages that had spirit.


Garrin:  So they go on and evolve but the rest of go back into the primordial soup?


Alan:  That's it.


Garrin:  Wow, that's pretty wild.


Alan:  Isn't it?


Garrin:  All right. Thanks, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now I've got Chris from Canada. Are you there, Chris?


Chris:  Hello, Alan. I have a question for you. I don't wish to cause any offense but I was wondering how is it that the New World Order does not act against public figures not unlike yourself who are speaking out against them and to stop this information from being released?


Alan:  Oh they will. In fact they are.


Chris:  Are they?


Alan:  Oh yes. You have no idea what I come under, what kind of attacks I get put towards me here or even groups trying to start up in the U.S. trying to get me off the air. You have no idea what's going on. This is all the time actually. I'm probably the only unauthorized person to get up this far, simply because I couldn't be ignored anymore.


Chris:  So the information you're putting out is of the quality that they can't really stop it?


Alan:  That's pretty well it, yes. I'll be back after these messages. Hang on the line. Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, this big thick pea soup around us and we're cutting through pretty quickly and people are noticing, which is good and bad, because when you do cut through it you will take hits coming back at you, especially when you're making a difference. Chris from Canada was talking there. Are you still there, Chris?


Chris:  Yes I am.


Alan:  About coming against you, yes, they do come against you and I'm sure something bigger will come this year. They try a whole bunch of different ways to get at you, legal or otherwise, and so you have to try and keep squeaky clean.


Chris:  Can you be more specific about things that they've done to try to impede you and stop you from fighting the good fight like you're doing and releasing this wonderful information for us?


Alan:  There have been some groups in the U.S.  You've got to understand what was called the patriot radio business in the U.S. was started up in the '60's and in a Toronto Star article a few years ago there was a half page on it that gave the history of it and initially it was started up by the CIA. They give the history of it and they put Christian front groups out there to try and fight communism with counter-propaganda, and personally, I don't think they really ever gave them up. Why would they give up a great tool? Unfortunately you have so many schisms within those groups there that they can be easily used by someone that's well known or powerful to go after someone and harass them or get a campaign going to get you off the air and they do things like that, but it's always one leader and the rest are always followers. They're called "the useful idiots."  They don't think too much. They have no peace in them. If they were real Christians they would have peace beyond understanding, but these people literally need causes. Plus, the culture of the U.S. was given heavy doses of militarization, that's been all through, especially the Hollywood era of propaganda, and so they couple militarization like Hit Men for Jesus or Swat Teams for Jesus, with the military, and so you have all these strange mindsets out there that are kind of dangerous at times too and you get death threats from some of them.


Chris:  Do you get lots of threats and things like that?


Alan:  You get the death threats from the ones who are on the fringe. There's always a fringe group on every group. There's always a fringe on the outside with the ultra paranoid that get fixations upon you and they'll stalk you, for instance, and you take these things seriously. You have to chase them down before they come to you. I have had people up here looking for me.


Chris:  Really? Why do you think the New World Order like doesn't completely just eliminate people who are speaking out against them?


Alan:  The whole show of the New World Order, through propaganda and gradualism, has been very gradual step-by-step up until now. It's to fool the majority of the public. That's their target. They worry about the minorities but the majority is always their target. As long as they can convince the majority, everything is okay. If they start wiping out people who are speaking out, even the majority would get the wind of something being very, very wrong, so they try to leave that as a last resort if possible, but they do do it. They wiped out James Goldsmith in England who came out with a counter-movement to pull Britain back out of the European Union and because he had name, fame, intelligence and enough publicity. He was wealthy too. In other words, he could do it. He was being listened to. When he came out with his book called "The Trap," he died within a few weeks of a rapid onset of pancreatic cancer and he was dead in two weeks.


Chris:  So they're not really so concerned about the fringe movements and the truth movement is so small. Is that why it's not really being targeted so much?


Alan:  The truth movement can be well manipulated too. There's so much confusion within it. I mean number one, there's no idea of what they actually truly want collectively. They're all fighting within each other for different ideas and they don't see the big picture at all. They only see their little paradigm of the box they live in and what each one really wants is for their particular little box to stay the same way until they die – just don't make it get any worse, just stop right here. Other ones want to go back to a previous time when they think it was better. There's a whole bunch of ideas and other ones want to get America back. Now the industry has been moved out of America. How would they support themselves and not only that, they don't even think through the next problem since the United Nations is primarily funded by the U.S. and was promoted and set up by the U.S., even from Woodrow Wilson for the League of Nations, they would be classed as a rogue nation if they pulled out now and the other UN countries would then have to go to war with the U.S.  Nothing has been thought out at all, in any way, shape or form, and you have confusion there and confusion feeds fear and fear makes them fight each other. There's a lot of in-fighting on with different groups you know.


Chris:  Do you think they cause the in-fighting and cause the splintering?


Alan:  Absolutely. You always divide and conquer as standard techniques, and they have put out so many provocateurs in the past to do this and it's not a hard thing to do and then they do smear campaigns, even on the politicians, you'll see that all the time. That's standard in politics; you get smear campaigns. They do the same thing with people who can make a difference, they try, because it's the general public who don't take much convincing generally. They don't go into facts, details or question or even check things out for themselves. They just accept what they're told. Until they actually decide and discuss what they all have in common, what all their interests happen to be in the main agenda and then come together, then they'll have an idea of what they’re fighting for and what they want to save and keep and what they want to throw away. Back with more after these messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix of deception and just finishing up with Chris, talking about what happens when do they come against you and so on; and yes, they do come against you. I've had the break lines cut on my car in my last place when I used to be on radio ten years ago and other things happened to me too, which were just bizarre. Something you couldn't even go to the cops and tell. They would never believe you. I did have a phosphorus bomb put down my chimney from a helicopter one night.


Chris:  So this is actively ongoing then?


Alan:  Oh yes. You don't get a minute's peace here and you have to watch every car that pulls up here.


Chris:  Also I was wondering about the fact of the big date of 2012. Do you think that that's some special date where they're really going to implement eliminating the population by that point?


Alan:  2012 was picked – 2010 is for the complete amalgamation of the Americas to be up and running. That was done at the Free Trade negotiations way back in the '80's decided that. 2012 was to be the implementation where you have the three trading blocks that are also implementing the trading blocks of the Pacific Rim and the United Nations is to take over and be raised up to its status now as the world's policemen, the real policemen, and real government that oversees everything by 2012.


Chris:  So by 2010 it's going to be officially the American Union?


Alan:  Yes. In fact that was even stated on Canadian television CBC in 2005 when they told you they had one agreement to sign per year and they had five to go.


Chris:  When do you think they're going to begin doing the culling of the herd, the mass killing of the population?


Alan:  Slowly they've been doing it with other means for all our lives actually, but I think they'll bring out pandemics. You know all this stuff to do with putting barbed wire around little ports on the Great Lakes and stuff, that's all to keep people from moving in or getting out. This is all containment policies we're seeing right now getting set up. It's nothing to do with terrorists. The same with all the gunboats, they put whole fleets of them on the Great Lakes there, heavy caliber machine guns that can punch through thick steel. Now that's not for terrorists or for the average fisherman that's drunk in his boat without a license. That's for populations in a panic trying to move.


Chris:  Do you think they're going to keep quiet about it? They're just going to slowly be implementing these things and not actually have a mass like reveal themselves for what they are and creating overall panic in the world?


Alan:  It will reveal itself when they release the pandemics, then you'll see all these forces. They are set up to go into action.


Chris:  So they're ready to come into effect at that point?


Alan:  Yes.


Chris:  Then it's all going to be, for lack of a better term, all hell is going to break loose?


Alan:  That's right and that's why the Department of Defence for Britain gave us a 90-page report on 30-odd years of riots and chaos. That's all they predicted. They wouldn't tell you why that would happen but they obviously know the agenda. They know what they're going to implement to cause it to happen. Food is going to go out of sight. Transportation is going to go out of sight. There will be curfews. They'll be cordoned-off cities, areas, roads, and the pandemic is beautiful in that it can spring up in one place, die down and spring up in another, so they can keep changing the containment points.


Chris:  What do you think they're waiting for? What is their agenda?


Alan:  The full readiness of the forces to take care of it all, manage it all. It was Rockefeller that said in a speech in California, because they were complaining about the United Nations meddling in the U.S. affairs, he said, "the day will come," he says, "when you'll welcome the United Nations troops in America under the right circumstances."  All that's been dealt with too, which forces will be used, when they'll come in, et cetera, et cetera.


Chris:  You don't see a clear timeframe where that's going to happen?


Alan:  As I say, the Department of Defence see it starting anywhere from 2012 onwards and so it will be just a gradual escalation. It's an age of chaos. That means all types of chaos will be implemented. 


Chris:  Also, do you see – the other day you were mentioning northern India might be a safer place to go because it's less developed. They're less likely to have infrastructure to implement these plans. Is that true?


Alan:  That's right. It will take a lot longer. It will take years and years and years – even the cultural changes too. They don't think the same way about things. It's not organized at all in that respect.


Chris:  Is there any other places that you could mention that would be of similar attributes?


Alan:  There's a few but I don't want to mention them all. There will be a mad rush to go there.


Chris:  What about the tip of South America?


Alan:  No. I wouldn't go into the Americas at all.


Chris:  So the Americas are just going to be not the place to be?


Alan:  That's right.


Chris:  There's lots of little islands around. Normally would like that be another alternative?


Alan:  Possible, but I'd get far away from the Americas when it does come down.


Chris:  Okay. So heading over to Europe is not a good idea either, right?


Alan:  Temporarily it can be good, but not for the long run.


Chris:  One thing about northern India is what about the fallout from – perhaps nuclear fallout from Iran and what they plan on doing in the Middle East?


Alan:  I wouldn't worry. I mean fallout travels across the whole planet anyway. We had that in Britain even when Chernobyl went off and the cows were giving radioactive milk, so it doesn't matter. It's best to take things a step at a time and don't worry about the what-ifs because there's a thousand what-ifs out there. You deal with one thing at a time out of necessity. Necessity should dictate your plans.


Chris:  Also I was wondering--


Alan:  I really have to go on to the next caller.


Chris:  Okay. Just one more question.


Alan:  Very quick.


Chris:  The spread of the pandemic, do you think it's going to be global or is it just going to be localized to large population centers?


Alan:  It will spring much like the SARS nonsense came to Canada through Toronto from the Far East and then it supposedly it was – it wasn't even contained. It was a heavy flu. Flu's kill off people all time, but it seemed to definitely take down people of Far Eastern heritage must faster. They got it worse and a lot of them died of it. It was almost gene specific and a lot of the Chinese are asking questions about that now. That's how it will come. It will probably come straight over and through aircraft and visitors and so on.


Chris:  And it will be person to person, correct?


Alan:  Yes.


Chris:  Not really like a big massive air cloud coming with the--


Alan:  No, unless they spray it from the skies, which is possible.


Chris:  Okay. All right, thank you for your patience, Alan. I appreciate you answering these questions.


Alan:  Okay.


Chris:  Thank you.


Alan:  Bye now. Now I've got Mark from Massachusetts.


Mark:  Alan, this is Mark from Massachusetts.  Just two quick questions. You mentioned a couple of times I found very interesting is the connection with I think it's Fred T. Gates and John D. Rockefeller. I was wondering if you had any more information on that AOL or resources I could look into on that because that was kind of intriguing and I haven’t been able to find. I found a couple of small things on the internet about it but it was nothing too concrete.


Alan:  You'd have to really dig in to the genealogies. I did it ages ago but I never kept it. You'll find these characters are all interrelated intergenerationally, same ones, big powerful families.


Mark:  Yes. I thought that was very interesting. And the second thing, not to harbor on the what-ifs too much, but as far as financially what would you consider to be the best offensive position to take for what might be coming down the road in the next few years? What is – obviously currencies, probably paper currency is not probably the ideal. Gold, the same thing, someone has to take the gold and they can value it at whatever, so what would you do if you had to take a position financially at some degree?


Alan:  If you stay in the states, the best currency there is eventually going to be food, food and medicine. Food and medicine are going to be like gold. People who have the ability to grow their own food too, that's a good area to be in at that particular time because people will certainly want it. The supermarkets you understand even during a pandemic will be cleared out in one day. Bartering is going to come in quick for necessities. Necessities, that's it, so it's food, good water and so on. That's your first thing on anyone's mind. Every mother thinks of that first and that's going to be essential. Stock up with beans and dried stuff and so on that you can add water to and cook up in a stew.


Mark:  Okay. Well nice talking to you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. We've got Ted in California. Are you there, Ted? Hello.


Ted:  Hello, Alan. A while back somebody was mentioning Walt Disney on your show and I did some research on it and I'm convinced now he was certainly an assigned culture creator. I found some things about Epcot Center. It was supposed to be a utopian city of the future and he said it would be a planned controlled community where there would be no slum areas because they won't let them develop, no landowners, therefore no voting control and people will rent houses instead of buying them.


Alan:  Yes exactly, the Agenda 21.


Ted:  Yes. It fits right there and that there would be no retirees and everybody must be employed.


Alan:  That's right. He also started off the whole movement towards talking animals to change a generation's idea of animals. You had talking rabbits, talking deer and children grew up thinking that those animals were much like themselves. That's quite a psychological preparation because that's what it's all based on really; and he was a very high Freemason too.


Ted:  Yes, that's what I've heard. You know there's a fireworks show at Epcot that they say lasts exactly 13 minutes and it's called "The Illuminations".


Alan:  Thirteen, it would be 13.


Ted:  And it's divided into three movements called "Chaos, Order and Meaning".  That tells you right there, it's right there.


Alan:  It is. I know. Everything is in the open. These guys knew where they were going 100 years ago, even before that. They knew this kind of world they would setup and what they'd work towards through maybe three generations of employers in the big foundations. They knew they could pull it off and they were quite right, but they knew this in the 1700's too they could do this.


Ted:  I'm resisting as best I can.


Alan:  Yes, we have to. We have to. Well thanks for calling.


Ted:  Thanks for everything Alan.


Alan:  Bye now. We've got George in New York. Are you there, George?


George:  I'm on. Yes, it's George here, just a quick question. Francis Bacon was the head of the corporate structure that put together the King James Version of the Bible. Is that correct?


Alan:  He was definitely involved in it.


George:  He was involved and he was a high level Masonic personality?


Alan:  There was a Rosicrucian lodge and there's a whole bunch of them, Francis Bacon, Walter Raleigh, Drake. A whole bunch of them belonged to that lodge and they've all written about that they had their meetings there and so on, and they were pirates too. They were all pirates.


George:  Oh, so they'll hook up with the Skull & Bones so to speak?


Alan:  Yes. You see the pirates came out of the Knights Templars.They were the first pirates. That's why the hoisted the Skull & Bones up there when they became renegades and they were kicked out. They had a massive fleet and they never did find the treasure that was pulled out of Europe and France, and they simply pillaged the seas. They were pirates and buccaneers.


George:  And they went with their Masonic word or the bible?


Alan:  Yes and they based themselves initially in Argyllshire in Scotland and then they also had an in with the court in London, England, so they surrounded Queen Elizabeth I with advisers and so on.


George:  That's just because these ones seem to be calling you up (because I'm a long time follower), these religious ones, and I would really in charity ask them to back off because you're on a different subject. They should look into what we just discussed about the origin of the King James Version of the Bible and these other religious works.


Alan:  Actually, they're pretty good, George, because some of them when they lose their temper like that show you that demons really do exist.


George:  Well, they shouldn't do that. Really one of the most educated and intelligent charitable priests I ever met in my life, he used to stress that Jesus, as he knew Jesus, was a gentleman and he didn't push himself on anyone.


Alan:  Well, it's supposed to give them peace beyond all understanding. However, those who don't understand anything really, they've taken a dogma and they're on the fringe group, they have no peace within them at all.


George:  They've seen that that have to go out and attack others, which I've been caught in that myself over the last decades and decades and decades, 50 years or 40 years or whatever you want to say, but I didn't stay there too long so I understand where they're coming from, but it's not the right place to be. I think you're really correct when you say that faith and belief is you have faith that you believe what has been given by others as the truth, but it isn't necessarily so because I go by my experiences and that's all I can go by.


Alan:  That's all you can go by. "I think, therefore I am" and this is what happens to me, and you come to your own conclusions.


George:  Right and just like my own belief and I'm not pushing it on anyone. I mean if you do know the Lord Jesus you have to know the lady Mary his mother and the saints because they seem to be around. They travel together. That's the family and I've always been perplexed for years at people. They want to push Jesus on you and they don't seem to know the other aspects of the family.


Alan:  That's the divisiveness of the different factions and sections. The whole thing boils down to, as I say, peace. If you have peace within you because of your faith, then you wouldn’t go around harassing people.


George:  Right and charity. I think that people should take another look at you and try not to push you because you're on a grand mission of bringing to light something and it's not the time and the place to push you.


Alan:  Remember, there's also an agenda out there, George, with a small group and they think they're SWAT Teams for Jesus, you know. Again, they've combined this military mentality with pushing their version of Jesus on everyone else.


George:  Well, for the love of God, I wish they would just back off and give you some peace and not harass the rest of us who are trying to look at ourselves and I really take you up on what you say. I think you're absolutely correct; or I don't like that word too much, "absolutely." Like you're correct in saying, you've got to question what you've been taught or what you believe. I only can believe what I know and I'm well over 60 and I've been working at this for a long time.


Alan:  You'll always change as your life goes on as you know more and more and more.


George:  True, true. All right. So I just came in. I wouldn’t have called except I got stuck in a "safety checkpoint," they call it, 1984, right?


Alan:  1984 checkpoint.


George:  Safety checkpoint, but I didn't have the upgraded insurance papers so I came back to get it. You know an ounce of prevention is worth 20 pounds of cure. You've got to have your papers and everything.


Alan:  Ah, your papers please.


George:  Yes, but he let me go, but they scanned the license and the registration, you know, Big Brother.


Alan:  The land of freedom.


George: Once I didn't have the upgrade and I remember I forgot to put it in my wallet. I should have put it in there right away, took the old one out and put the new one in. Anyway, Alan, so good luck and everybody out there please, please back off and let's have peace and harmony here. Otherwise, move on to other sites if you want to where people enjoy fighting. Alan doesn't and we're trying to listen.


Alan:  It's pointless for me and they won't win anyway. Thanks for calling, George.


George:  Okay.


Alan:  I'll be back after these messages. Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and I've got Chuck on the line from the UK. Are you there, Chuck?


Jack:  Hello, it's Jack. I think you misunderstood the [Cumbrian] accent.


Alan:  Okay. C-h-u-c-k I've got here.


Jack:  Okay, the question I have for you. It's great to talk to you by the way. About a year and a half ago as far work and that goes, I'm sailing past the point of no return and in that time there's been a lot of – you know you feel like your mind makes more links with synapses or whatever it is and you concentration got strung out, but seeing as you've been at it for decades, I was wondering if you could let me know what I'm in for somewhere down the line.


Alan:  You're in for a roller coaster, a roller coaster when you're awake. When you try to sleep it will suddenly come on you and your mind will just roller coast and everything – all the little bits of information you have that you've tucked away through the years you didn't know you had but you thought you had forgotten, will all come together like gestalt. It all comes together. Rather than explode, it implodes, and it's like putting a plate back together that's all been smashed and it won't leave you alone until you finally get it.


Jack:  I find I'm kind of seeing three people as well with delusions they have and the questions they ask me, I can just bang and fire something straight back at them because it's all the same kind of slogans really.


Alan:  You're seeing them go through repertories and routines. That's what they're called by the big world psychologists. Most people can only repeat routines that they’ve been trained in and give repertories of information, and it's all bits and bites of information that's been downloaded into them via the television.


Jack: I see and I guess a second question, if I may. I'm not talking about supernatural powers here, but as far as the powers of the mind goes, what things are human beings capable of?


Alan:  Pretty well anything for some.


Jack: Well, it was a pleasure and thank you very much, Alan.


Alan:  You call again.


Jack:  Will do. See you.


Alan:  Bye now. We might just fit in Jack from New Brunswick. Are you there?


Jack: Hello.


Alan:  Hello, Jack.


Jack:  It's very much a pleasure to speak with you. I've listened to your show for, let me see, one month now and I suppose I understand that there is a certain network. It's an old family that's put itself in a position with vantage and is taking the advantage and which seems to be normal to me. I know that I would help my cousin before I would help my neighbor and so on down the line. I suppose I would even help, without sounding like a racist, I might even help my own race before I'd help another race and that seems to me to be natural to me.


Alan:  Amazing, isn't it?


Jack:  Yes. But then I find it – and then strangely enough, we hear about this culling that is evident. They're disclosing that they – it appears as though they intend to eliminate a very large portion of the population on the earth.


Alan:  They do want to do that.


Jack:  I was just speaking to a friend of mine living in Washington, D.C. and she wasn't aware that Washington, D.C. is a sovereign state that exists within the United States Union--


Alan:  That's right.


Jack:  And is not part of the United States.


Alan:  That's right too.


Jack:  In fact the President of the United States is president of a corporation called the United States and does not represent the people of the United States unless they are citizens.


Alan:  I'll have to go now. The music is on. Call again.


From Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)