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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 16th, 2008. It's 2008. I've got to keep reminding myself that. We certainly do have a list of grievance 100 miles long because there's never been a time when so much is happening all around us on a daily basis, not just in one country or the other countries, but all over the entire planet at the same time. This is because a very old plan is all coming together and they must rush it through now to get their global society and not this happy hippy type global society that we're taught was coming back in the '60's.


This is more of a totalitarian regulated scientifically designed and controlled society with lots of government departments, world government departments, which are already established, running our lives. In fact, eventually down the road, step-by-step you won't get born unless they have a function for you to fulfill and there's hardly a day goes by or there isn't a day goes by now where there's not little pieces in newspapers and on the internet from big corporations with all of their big lovely plans coming into view. They're rushing it ahead now very, very fast. They have to. They have to because it's like the old executioner with the big axe. Once that big, big heavy axe is halfway down you can't stop it. You either lose it and miss your target, but you can't start again, so it’s all or nothing and that's why we have seen since 2001, openly that is, the whole scheme, the network coming out into the open under the guise of anti-terrorism to regulate the whole planet, every society in every country worldwide. That was planned a long time ago and, as I say, for the big boys, it's all or nothing, all or nothing. There's no doubt about it. It's hard to even choose what part of it you want to look at because it's all around you. It's everywhere.


It is the new matrix that they've created. You slip from one room to the next. Most people will go through never ever realizing the changes. They just adapt to the changes without thinking consciously; while a smaller minority, which has actually grown over the last few years, is trying to point out all the danger signals and those things which you should be weary of.


I can remember years ago when Robert Duvall came out in a movie. I think it was by George Lucas. Maybe his first big one in fact and that was THX or something followed by a number is the name of the movie. THX-1138, a science fiction to do with a future society where all the ordinary people who were graded in different categories of peoples for your function and your necessity to the system. You'd be drugged and you'd work like robots all day long and I'll have more of this because it's coming out into the open. That's what they want. Back in a few minutes after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. Cutting through the matrix which I say is all around us. We have another room we're supposed to all move into and most folk are already moving into it. Some are in there already and they don't even know and I've mentioned about a movie to do with the future. They always show you the future from the top of Hollywood because Hollywood writers don't necessarily have great imaginations. They just belong to The Futurist Society and they get in on the script, the real script of the world. The big planners give it to them and they give us predictive programming so that things become familiar to us in a subconscious way, therefore when we’re guided along a certain path it all seems quite natural. We're kind of vaguely familiar with the idea and we think it's the only way we could have possibly come down, down that particular path; predictive programming.


That's what it is and in that movie to do with Robert Duvall in this drugged and specially created society they just worked like robots. They showed you that everyone is monitored bodily. Their bodily functions were monitored and then a few years ago in Popular Science I can remember there's an article to do with NASA and NASA said that they had microchips sewn into the spacesuits of astronauts to monitor not just their brain patterns but their heart, their respiratory functions, plus all the rest of it.


Lo and behold, here it comes down to the workers at the bottom because in an article from the "Times," January 16th, it says here:


            "Microsoft Seeks Patent for Office 'Spy' software"


It's by Alexi Mostrous and David Brown. I almost said Alexi Monstrous and David Bowie. I need new reading glasses, but this is what's coming down the pike right here right now and it says here:


            "Technology allowing constant monitoring of workers was previously limited to pilots, firefighters and NASA astronauts. This is believed to be the first time a company has proposed developing such software for mainstream workplaces. Microsoft submitted a patent application in the US for a “unique monitoring system” that could link workers to their computers. Wireless sensors could read “heart rate, galvanic skin response, EMG, brain signals, respiration rate, body temperature, movement facial movements, facial expressions and blood pressure”, the application states. The system could also “automatically detect frustration or stress in the user” and “offer and provide assistance accordingly”.


Alan:  Here we are into the Twilight Zone already, eh? It's here.


            "Physical changes to an employee would be matched to an individual psychological profile based on a worker’s weight, age and health. If the system picked up an increase in heart rate or facial expressions suggestive of stress or frustration, it would tell management that he needed help."


Alan:  You can imagine they also are going to decide what kind of help you might happen to need.


            "The Information Commissioner, civil liberties groups and privacy lawyers strongly criticised the potential of the system for “taking the idea of monitoring people at work to a new level”. Hugh Tomlinson, QC, an expert on data protection law at Matrix Chambers…"


Alan:  Matrix Chambers, interesting.


            "…told The Times: “This system involves intrusion into every single aspect of the lives of the employees. It raises very serious privacy issues…"


Alan:  I'd say. I mean this is amazing but not really. It's not really when you understand who rules your lives and where it all must go because it's planned that way.


            "Peter Skyte, a national officer for the union Unite, said: “This system takes the idea of monitoring people at work to a new level with a new level of invasiveness but in a very old-fashioned way because it monitors what is going in rather than the results.” The Information Commissioner’s Office said: “Imposing this level of intrusion on employees could only be justified in exceptional circumstances.”


Alan:  Now you can imagine lawyers will have a field day with "exceptional circumstances" because they'll get round it one way or another.


            "The US Patent Office confirmed last night that the application was published last month, 18 months after being filed. Patent lawyers said that it could be granted within a year…"


Alan:  Now it's not going to stop there, you know that. It's going to go into the school system too, until everyone's got it, because we're in a step-by-step towards an actual imbedded chip which can do all of that and it will be in your body in one chip. That's what it is, a training exercise to get the sheep to keep grazing on that nice green grass while they don't notice the wolves gathering around them. That's the whole trick of step-by-step approach, familiarization, and that's what Skinner talked about, a behavior modification expert. He said that to change a person or a whole people you change their environment around them and that's what they're doing. Whether you wear it, see around you, whatever, it changes you and modifies your behavior accordingly. The old saying that you had to guard your thoughts, guard your thoughts has never been so true because that's where it's all going – the totally controlled society.


To continue it says:


            "Microsoft last night refused to comment on the application, but said: “We have over 7,000 patents worldwide and we are proud of the quality of these patents and the innovations they represent. As a general practice, we do not typically comment on pending patent applications because claims made in the application may be modified through the approval process.”


That's part of what's going on and you have to shake your head. I saw the bank tellers at one of the Sudbury banks, the great metropolis of Sudbury, Ontario, picketing outside their bank because they're not getting their pay raises and the working conditions are not the best and so on because everybody now wants to maximize a profit. Bank managers are encouraged to try and give the least amount as possible in pay to the employees and you'll see more and more of that because it's a rare thing to actually see tellers going on strike. I don't think I've seen that before, but now it's starting to come out and we'll see a lot more of this as the people at the bottom get hit first. They have rents to pay and all the rest of it like everyone else but everyone now is based on greed. That's called success and the system is fear based. Everyone is terrified of being poor because we know what happens when you're poor. You're a non-person. We know what street people are all about. That's why they encourage that kind of stuff. That's why they always make sure you know there are street people. They're poor, they're lonely. They can get no help or healthcare or anything else and they terrify you. This is called a caring society. I don't know who coined that term, a caring society. It's all fear based and one way or another we can't save the old system that was never ours to save. We've got to somehow divert it into a working system where we can live for a change in a different system instead of this punishment and reward technique that we've all grown up to accept simply because it exists that way.


Now I've got a caller Rick from California. Are you there, Rick?


Rick:  Yes Alan, I'm here. Thank you very much for putting that stuff out. I have two questions. I just wanted to explain my situation because of the mistakes I made in the '90's with my career and everything. I live in a rental in the city living month-to-month and most people I know live like that and none of us can even dream of affording to pick up and go live in the country or move to south India and so I'm planning out – you know buying like water filters and books on how to survive in the wilderness in case I have to run and like planning to go places in the desert to run if the going gets really tough. My question is, what do you have to say for people who live in a month-to-month situation in the city in a rental apartment; and my other question is how long do we have to prepare? You know, buy food and things like that, how long do you think?


Alan:  I'd imagine – I think, now anything could happen, but I think there's probably two years left. They want it to be fairly clear up to 2010 for the unification of the Americas. They don't want too much internal strife at the moment. They're all prepared for as you look around you and see, so there's a couple of years to do it. Yes, I mean I know it's very difficult in the city. I understand that it's a trap. It’s a trap and you pay out whatever you earn trying just to live there. It's designed that way and of course the closer to the outskirts you can get, the better, step-by-step if you can, and don't be terrified of everything too. See, this war is worldwide, remember that, and it's up to us to divert it off into some other direction rather than simply be scared stiff and let it happen and then decide and try and save ourselves. We have to do as much as we can now to thwart it. That's the whole point of it. It's not just a country, it's worldwide.


Rick:  Do you think there's still time to actually divert it from its path?


Alan:  Absolutely. If enough people, the right people, start speaking the truth for the first time and it really is – I mean for the first time, since 2001, there's never been such a chance from people who are scared. They know things are wrong. They can't fill in the blank spots but they're asking the right questions for the first time and this the time when they hear and if you have the right answers we can thwart it. We can point to the kings and say that they have no clothes and not only that. They have no right to run our lives according to some economic agenda, some plan where we're just cannon fodder for their particular agenda. We have as much right to exist on this planet as anyone else, anyone else including them.


Rick:  I have another question actually I wanted to ask you. Would it be all right if me and other listeners made flyers to promote your website or would that overload your bandwidth?


Alan:  Sure you can do it. No problem. Thanks for calling in. Back after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt. This is Cutting Through the Matrix and just discussing some of the amazing things that are happening on a daily basis in the present world as a big plan comes forth. Don't think for a minute that Microsoft is its own boss because during the Cold War the CIA and MI6 and others set up huge front companies, real companies, real international corporations and supplied the staff so they'd produce real items et cetera because they decided that this Cold War would be fought and won by those with the highest technology. Therefore, they couldn't allow anyone to come in from the outside and actually produce something they hadn't thought of themselves which might give power to the people. You'll find that with all the big corporations, the international corporations and the CEOs, they jump in and out of those seats into politics and back again and into the big institutions like the Rockefeller Foundations et cetera or the Council on Foreign Relations and back and forth, musical chairs, and that's the real world. It's just one big corporation at the top with the illusion of competition. That's how it really is. That's how it's been our whole lives in fact.


Now we've got Eddie from California there. Are you there, Eddie?


Eddie:  Hi Alan. First of all, I'd like to say thank you for helping me see the world as it really is and I can say I've learned a lot from your shows and your books and videos and all I can say is keep up the good work. I was wondering if I can get your opinion on my current situation I'm going through right now. I've been dating this girl for about a year now and you know it's getting pretty serious. I see myself having a family and everything with her and getting married but she's really heavily into religion. It's called the Baha'i religion. I don't know if you are aware of it. At first I didn't really pay too much mind to it because you know you're going out, the whole courting, just kind of going along to get along and not really ruffling too many feathers, but I went with her to some of her functions and what not and I didn't think too much of it, but then lately for some reason I just started looking into her religion and I started finding some pretty startling things. One major person in her religion is Maurice Strong and I know what you've mentioned about Maurice Strong.


Alan:  It's the religion that the United Nations has actually sponsored. They say it's the only one they would promote.


Eddie:  Exactly and that's the one thing I started researching and then it showed they're the only one to have a seat in the UN, considered an NGO by the UN, that Maurice Strong and then I started looking into some of the people and their affiliations and so I typed in a Google search, Rockefeller Foundation and the religion and the person on the Board of Justice, whatever that is, was a part of the Rockefeller Foundation in Columbia. So I just finding more and more of these startling things and I started reading through some of her stuff and they started mentioning a New World Order and I brought this up to her and I'm like what the hell. You guys are talking about a New World Order, but she's like oh it's not in that sense. It's in a different sense and it’s just a bunch of stuff like that, and yesterday we getting into this discussion about spirituality, religion, faith what have you. I mean we go on hours and hours with the discussion and she happened to go to the bathroom and I picked up one of her prayer books and in there I started looking. It has a medium, short, long obligatory prayer which I found kind of funny and then there's one called America. I was like what the hell, so I turned to the page America and it's talking about their so-called prophet saying, oh we want to kind of have America push democracy throughout the world and I just started laughing. I'm like what democracy. It's like what the hell.


Alan:  You've got to understand the history of the Baha'i. It was started up around the 1800's by one man at the same time when H.G. Wells and others were talking about pushing a world religion and so they thought they could get a religion which would encompass all religions and bring them together. It takes little bits of all the different existing religions and mushes them up together. That was the whole idea, but they're highly Masonic at the top, like all religions are, they're very Masonic at the top. If you look at their building even for the Baha'i, as it opens at the top it looks almost like a fruit, but you count the petals et cetera it's all very highly Masonic. I know the United Nations even recruits some of their top security guards from the Baha'i faith. It's all part of it. They have their own meditation room within the United Nations as well and the Bahai's take care of that. You've got to understand – I understand your position with a girlfriend who's into a religion heavily, that she might not understand herself. It sounds very beautiful from the exoteric side of things, but all you can really do is point out the foundation of that religion. It's not hard to find it, what their goals were and where it's heading because you can see yourself. The United Nations is to be raised up to be the dictator of the planet.


Eddie:  It's funny because I tried to bring this up to her as well and she's like, "all you look at is the negative. These guys are trying to do positive stuff." You know they do little things here and there and I was like you have to see the big picture and the major players and the people who are involved because she's like I went to college and I studied international [inaudible] and I was like have you ever heard of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers? You know, start naming people off and she's like uhh – it's funny because they'll try and come at you with little things but when you try to encompass the whole picture it’s kind of too hard for them to see.


Alan:  I know and you have to be careful about it. Back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and just to finish up what Eddie was talking about. It's a big problem when one person is awake and the other isn't, and it's not a time to be impulsive about things either; either way. It's a time to reflect and stand back sometimes because it can cause tremendous problems down the road and that's really where we are with all of this that's happened already to people down through our lives. Those who've understood, those who have woken up, only to find their mate hasn't woken up and then they find they're incredibly lonely because one's under a form of conditioning and they accept the world the as it's being presented to them, while the other sees what's really going on and they can't communicate. There's a tremendous barrier there, so it's time really to reflect and stand back and think in matters like this "of the heart" as they say. It's a difficult thing to do but yet it's still essential.


Now we've got Dave from Texas there. Are you there, Dave?


Dave:  Yes sir. Thank you for having me on. Man, that last caller reminded me of a similar instance. I'll just say either she converts or you convert to have harmony, man. That's the only way you've got to do it, but anyway. You ain't going to convert so start looking for another girlfriend anyway, you know. Seriously man, the only reason I called is because I wanted to get your opinion and try and give us a sense – it has to do with the difference between being vigilant and being hyper-vigilant, being irrational and kind of going overboard, because I think a lot of times when people first get a hold of this information and it could get really kind of scary and you could pretty much start seeing like Sancho Panza. You'll be seeing windmills all the time and not to say that they're not there or not to say that just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. But in reality I'd like to understand or get your experience because I respect all the work you've done and I want to know how you personally keep your head on your shoulders because a lot of times we’re looking at this powerful information and we're looking at really new scientific paradigms and things and it can be a little tricky, but I like the ability that you have and in general the way you present your stuff.


Alan:  The thing is not to panic. I mean the whole thing is to do with panic and you'll find this is a war remember. It truly is a war and most of the people are on the battlefield. They just don't know it yet and when they do wake up and see they're on the battlefield and the war is directed against them, they often hear all of this massive alternate media for the first time and they completely panic and that's what happens in battle as well. A certain portion will always freeze, panic or go hyper and some of them will get over it and calm down again and take things step-by-step. Others take it and run with it. They're running all over the place. They're no use to themselves or others, so it's a matter of seeing what's important and taking things by priority.


Dave:  You can't really teach anyone that, can you though? I mean you just kind of have to have that irrationalist kind of innate ability to—is that why the public school can't teach it because it's more character?


Alan:  I mean if you walk from one world view to another and suddenly it's like walking from the rain into the sunlight, it can blind a lot of people and a lot cannot handle it. Some will never handle it. Some are just terrified and the ones who are the most terrified I find are more concerned about themselves personally. They don't have much compassion for others I find. In fact I've really found that the ones who are ultra-terrified and scared are more into themselves and what about me, me, me, me, me than other people and if you have an empathy for other people, too, then you become motivated and you start doing something about it. You'll find the fear tends to diminish as you're actually being active doing something about it.


Dave:  Do you remember that song by John Lennon called "Imagine"? There was a philosopher. Do you know there was a philosopher that had basically the same philosophy that song was named after? Do you remember that guy? The same philosopher, didn't he have something to do with the Baha'i faith and that's why the UN picked it because it was like it was an internationalism type of thing?


Alan:  I know they picked the song. They picked the song because it was international type flavor but the United Nations will be its own god anyway. They’ve already given us a new religion and it's a form of materialism. It's a combination of Marxism and fascism, plus they're giving us environmentalism, which is to be the big stick, so you always get a religion to go with the fascist system and all systems technically that run on money are fascist by nature. Even the communist system ended up the same way.


Dave:  So getting back to that caller earlier. Do you think his battle is a spiritual battle with a spiritual battle between his partner? because I was getting to the same thing you were saying like it's a spiritual thing. I have friends that are communist that I go and debate regularly but you still can't convince them. If you beat them an argument they still have their ideology which you're never going to change.


Alan:  That's correct. I bypass the ones I can't work with rather than expend energy. It's pointless to expend energy when there's so little time and so much to do. You pick those you can help because it has to be done fairly quickly now. They're on a roll at the top and there's no doubt about it that there's some kind of odd spiritual nature. However, don't forget too, people are attracted to the particular religion that reflects their inner nature and some religions are very, very strict for instance and you'll find those who are control freaks themselves will go into those particular religions. Other ones truly want a sort of world flower-power scenario and they'll pick something that's written on the exoteric just for them. They won't look above it to see who's pulling the strings at the top and so you've got to leave people to their own when it comes to religion, as long as the don't stand on you and demand that you follow them as well.


Dave:  Do you remember that story about the marine captains at the Naval Institute, dispensational Christians, and all the people under their command that are making have to – and I think the ACLU just one a lawsuit against those guys. Did you hear about that case?That's where like you have – the problem with that is when you have the tyranny, the government and monopoly and so forth telling people what they need to do.


Alan:  I know. I know, but the government also encourages the strife in the first place. They're the best at encouraging strife. You divide and conquer, divide and conquer, and then people have a hard time uniting and they're fighting over petty little trivial differences.


Dave:  I've got one more quick request--


Alan:  I have to go on to the next. I've got a whole bunch of callers here, but call in again. Thanks. Now we've got Vince from Canada. Are you there, Vince?


Vince:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello Vince.


Vince:  Hi. Great to be on. I wanted to just redress what the previous caller was talking about how there's sort of like a gender war going on between males and females and it's hard to sort of relate to the opposite sex now, now that the family's been destroyed. It's kind of interesting how he's kind of having to appeal to you as a father role model to sort of teach him how to deal with women, because I myself don't have a father living in my household and the family's been really destroyed. Can you kind of elaborate on that?


Alan:  I've gone over many talks on the agenda from 100-odd years ago in fact. Even further back than that and every part of the agenda, whether it was Marxist or the elite institutions running the West that also funded Marxism, still exists today, or even Albert Pike with his "Morals & Dogma,"they all advocated the destruction of the family in order for the 'illumined ones' to take control because it's hard to control families, they're like small tribes, and they stand up together and stand up for each other. Now they've given almost 50 years of special indoctrination to the female. They've given a massive guilt trip to all the males. That has been taught in school and the whole purpose was exactly that.


Now what's interesting too, Albert Pike said something very interesting. He said, "we have to stop targeting individual countries according to the culture." He said "men are men and women are women so we'll target women of all countries because they have certain things in common," and so they broke down the personality of the male and the female. For the males, of course, they give the sports and all this kind of stuff and a fake macho image and an ego that simply wouldn't get along with anyone. For the female, they looked at the traits there that they would encourage and promote and every woman likes to be loved. She likes to be admired. She likes to be called beautiful and so on, and of course if you create a society where there's free love and all the rest of it, they knew darn well that eventually it was hard for a female to mate with a single guy. However, it's also been indoctrinated into them what he's talked about and others talked about, as well, that if they create assertiveness training it would actually be a form of aggression. There's no compromise between the two.


Vince:  I just have one more question. Is that in a sense – doesn't it have the effect of decreasing the birth rate because when people don't really have too many children and they can't get along and they divide and conquer like you mentioned?


Alan:  They did the same thing, they tried to pull out this stunt in the 1880's, of all times. They called it free love. H.G. Wells was promoting free love in the 1880's and they tried it right through the 1920's, the Roaring '20's. They brought the miniskirt in, the booze can out in places, the jazz, the drugs, but they had all the fallout from unwanted children. Boy's Town was created, all the big orphanages, so they went back to the drawing board and all the governments put lots of your tax money into finding ways to get either acceptable abortion or else birth control methods and so they brought out the pill, re-launched the whole same fashion again, miniskirts, the whole thing, free love and the pill at the same time, and drugs, and of course the bonding process like Bertrand Russell said. Bertrand Russell said the more partners they have before they're 20, 22, 25, the less likelihood anyone can bond for life. That's been successful as you can see.


Vince:  It's really sad though.


Alan:  Yes, but we've been under war for a long, long time and it's not to help the female or the male. It’s to create a new type of society, as they're fighting each other we'll all go down the tubes and they will bring out their perfect clone being that would be a good worker maybe in 50 years time. Maybe under that, who knows?


Vince:  Well thanks Alan.


Alan:  Yes. Thanks for calling. Now I've got Nicole from Canada. Are you there, Nicole?


Nicole:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Nicole:  Hi Alan. It's good to talk to you.


Alan:  It's a pleasure to talk to you.


Nicole:  Thanks so much for your show and you played a really big role in helping me see the world for what it really is. Ironically, I'm just finishing up my sociology degree and I'm just wondering like how do we go about waking other people up? I've tried. I'm being a good student. I've tried to do lots of research and academic research into these kinds of things just to show to people because people won't take things that are on the internet as proof positive, and nor they shouldn't, so I kind of started my search with chemtrails because it's something that people can see. I started searching all the university databases and the only thing I can find is in the human rights databases stuff about right-wing racists who believe in chemtrails.


Alan:  Really.


Nicole:  Yes. That's all that I can find on it.


Alan:  So it's only right-wing racists that can see them, eh?


Nicole:  Yes, anti-Semitic people and what not who are like ultra-nationalists, bad guys. So I was just wondering like what can I do like to try and wake other people up because you've got this feeling like there's nowhere to run at all. So the only way to stop the ship from sinking is for everyone just to kind of realize what you do, or at least about it at some level, and I'm coming and hitting roadblocks trying to do it.


Alan:  Yes you will because everyone in every age group has gone through their own conditioning and see we're under a scientific indoctrination and it works very well. That's why they could write, guys like Huxley and Russell and others, could be absolutely sure in their writings that they would pull this off. They were convinced back then even in the 1930's they could pull all of this off through scientific indoctrination. It's very difficult. Even printing up your own material, writing for your own age group in the language they use is very important as well to try and get through to them and point them out to websites that would be helpful to look at that doesn't overdose them on too much out of their reality at one time. That's the biggest mistake everyone makes is giving a person too much information on different scattered topics all at once. They crash and so it's better to pick a particular topic and just feed them a little bit at a time, but make sure of your facts, but especially go into the histories of what built what they call "modern society," all the forces, agencies, institutions, behaviorists and so on that gave them their present reality. That's more important because that will – that's provable and they'll be able to relate to it when they see what was planned and how they're actually living today. It's right in front of their faces. That will stay with them.


Nicole:  Right. Okay, well thanks very much Alan and I'll keep tuning in.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got Keith from Florida. Are you there, Keith?


Keith:  Hi Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not too bad.


Keith:  Good. I was wondering if you could make some comments on as far as religion. L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, maybe CIA or maybe—I think he was a lieutenant commander in the Navy. Maybe there's a little Naval intelligence background and I would appreciate that.


Alan:  He started off in Navy in Naval intelligence. He was related to Aleister Crowley. You'll find that Hubbard also spawned off a couple of other institutions along with Crowley and one of them was to do – they were all sort of Freemasonic societies initially and one of them became the early American Rocket Testing Institution that eventually down the road became NASA. It was Parsons I think was the guy he initiated into taking over in starting up the first association in the United States. That was from him. However, we know that he himself was a science fiction writer as well. Obviously well schooled and well helped by very intelligent and probably scientifically trained people to create a new type of religion coupling science with spirit. Now that was tried already with theosophy. They spawned a whole bunch of branches where they said they would couple science with spirit and they'd both come together at a special time, the Age of Aquarius, ha-ha, and here we are, as it's all coming together as they blend the natural you with the artificial scientific chip et cetera, the artificial intelligence. That's really what they meant by it, I guess, and you'll find that Hubbard was only one of the many branches they created. The idea being that most people are attracted to a specific branch of religion according to their personality type, but they know there's different personality types so they would give you a variety to choose from that all went on the same path towards the same ending. That was the purpose of it.


Keith:  When you mentioned Parsons, is that the same Parsons that is associated with the School for Social Research in New York?


Alan:  I'm not sure if he was into that. I know he was definitely into the early – he had his own lodge he started up but I don't know if he was into that particular one you mentioned.


Keith:  Well thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. I'll be back after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and covering some topics which are generally omitted in other talk shows because no one wants to talk about them, but the fact is people are incredibly lonely. There's no doubt about that in this day and age, and even the lonely ones have hard times bonding with other people because of their own conditioning on either side and there's an almost impossibility of compromising.


In this day and age, everyone thinks they're being used and abused, both sides, and apart from that, we have an artificial system which we're living. A system which makes us dependent on this particular system and people don't realize that this thing called "progress," that someone defines, I guess, at the top, is taking us into oblivion ultimately where they're going to solve all of these problems that we can't figure out for ourselves by taking our ability to be sentient away from us. That's the plan. When we can't think at all there'll be a utopia for the elite. We’ll just be walking robots that are run by regional computers. I'm not kidding about that. They have them all set to go, these huge massive regional machines, and that's been discussed at world meetings, now they have to convince the public that there's too much chaos, too much mayhem and here's the way out of it. This is your natural tranquilizer and there'll be no more you one day and that will be peace. That will be peace.


Peace comes within you and we've got to stop looking to others to give us peace. It can only happen within you and that takes a lot of work to make that happen inside. Then once you have peace you can share it with others who are looking along a path to gain the same kind of thing, but it comes with a price. You won't be able to live the same life as everyone else because you walk in a different world literally. You see what they don't see. You understand what they don't understand and for the young especially who have had nothing but a scientific indoctrination. This isn't the first generation of it either. It's very difficult because it's well known and well understood at the top that they like to party and have a good old time and the hormones are jumping and as long as they're completely preoccupied with that they won't look at these bigger pictures which will affect them down the road. That's well understood at the top.


Every age group is catered to: the five year olds, the under five year olds, the ten years olds, twelve, et cetera all the way up; 50, 60, 70. They're all catered to in this system. That's why it’s called a system and they've made sure that even the generations don't collude together to help each other. That was instilled a long time ago. They said they'd have to break up the intergenerational bonding where information was passed from the wise, those who'd gone through life already, seen all the cons, who could pass it on to the younger ones – that's been destroyed. They've created what they call the "youth culture" and even the word "teen" for teenager was not used before either. You were either a youth, adolescent or adult. That's how it used to be, not so long ago. They literally gave a teen culture to separate the generations and they taught them back in the '50's even when the Teddy Boys were on the go, then in the '60's, "don't trust anybody over 30." Now it's "don't trust anybody over 25 or 20."  So much ground to cover and so little time to do it.


From Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)