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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 18th, 2008 and we're steamrolling ahead into the Brave New World. There's so many articles coming out every day, every day from across the world, which guides our thoughts into a particular tunnel. We’re supposed to all go along thinking everything is simply evolving and the more newspapers and magazines and TV shows that say so, then it must be so. That's how simple it is, and everyone else parrots the phrases and catch phrases that they're given to emulate and it becomes part of their conversation in fact. They're downloaded and it doesn't occur to them that they're being scientifically indoctrinated along a particular path.


I got an email today from Debra talking about a program that's coming out on the History Channel. I never watched the History Channel. I have heard that it was very good at bending and altering and omitting history, but she says here:


"Just watched the sneak preview on the net of a show to be aired January 21st at 9:00 p.m. Eastern standard time on the History Channel entitled "Life After Humans."  What struck me was how they kept referring to the scenarios when, not if, it occurs in creating the impression that it's eminent. This biology professor from Hampshire College, Ray Coppinger said how wonderful it is to imagine all the vines growing up vertically around the tall buildings creating a virtual ecosystem."


Then she goes on to ask, she says, "my question is what these gods will do afterwards for sport after they've achieved their ultimate, you know, this big orgasm of vines going around big tall buildings and after we're all gone?"


That’s exactly how this program will be presented in an excited fashion. You always find these professors come on and they're so excited, just like the same guy I think it was Warrington about the chip in his arm and how he could open doors and his garages and all the rest of it. This will be a similar type program on the "post-human" era, when we're part cyborg or completely reengineered. They'll have a new name for it, not humans; it'll probably be taken from Huxley's "Brave New World." You'll have special types of workers and so on, and you'll have non-workers at the top because the elite plan to bring themselves through and probably give themselves more life extension than they already have, but they technically won't alter themselves, definitely not their brain. They're not going to bring it down. They want to think, since they will be leading and guiding planet earth, they must retain their survival capabilities, according to their own authors like Charles Galton Darwin in "The Next Million Years." 


This is how they're presenting this scenario, as though it's all evolving along a particular natural path; and that's what Lenin said. He said that "there are thousands of ways society could evolve; thousands of directions." He says, "but the public mustn't know."  He said, 'they must think that the particular system they're born into is the only natural one that could have evolved," and that's how it is with most people. It never occurs to them there can be many other kinds of societies. We’re taught this is the only one that simply exists, therefore it's natural, and it's going along a particular direction that everyone knows about with computer interfacing and so on, and it must be quite, quite natural for it all to happen. It's being guided by very big powerful people. Be back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and Cutting Through the Matrix, just to show you, trying to show you and teach you how society is managed and how our minds are managed and how generations are managed one after the other by very clever people who employ thousands of staff and think tanks to not only follow an agenda but make it work. "Make it be," as they say at the top, "so mote it be," they say in the higher lodges and they make it all come into reality. It's not difficult to do, really, if you think about it, because Lenin was very good when you study the communist structure. They wrote about their structure copiously. They showed us how the different segments and aspects of society were all managed by various bureaucratic boards. They explained these boards in detail too and when you study it you realize it's the exact same system in the West that they're using.


The education system is vitally important. That was what Stalin stressed because that's where the primary indoctrination is given to the children and Stalin took that even after the Jesuits when the Jesuits had said long ago (Ignatius Loyola) "give me a child before seven and I'll turn them into anything I wish."  In other words, if you captivate the mind very early on it's very difficult for that particular test subject to ever break out of their conditioning. It wasn't new in Ignatius Loyola's day either. This is an ancient technique that was always known in the higher societies, those with archives, and we find the same thing with Bertrand Russell with his special schools that he was given permission with Royal Charters to test in Britain where he promoted all kinds of new ideas that became the norm. They're now used as the norm including promoting what they called "free sex" amongst even pre-pubertal children to see if that would help destroy bonding in later life and you find it was successful.


He said the same thing too. He said, "we, the aristocracy used to go by Plato's model," because Plato had advocated taking the children from parents at birth in his book "The Republic" and the state bringing up the children from birth, so they'd never know their parents and that way they could never ever contaminate the children from parent to child. They wouldn't know their parents and old-fashion ideas. Then he found with scientific indoctrination with some of the first kindergarten schools, he said, "we don't have to take the parents away. It's more economical for us to have the parents pay for their children's upkeep and take care of them because we can now scientifically indoctrinate them from the age of two perfectly well and when the child goes home they'll disregard the input from the parents." 


That was known in 1920 and here were are living through it where again under the guise of freeing the people, the male and the female and all the rest of it and all the other wars we've had. Gender wars and sexual wars and revolutions and so on and so on, people think they're actually winning something and that's how it's meant to appear to those who go for the bait. They always go for the bait when it concerns us personally. We want it. Everything works on the bait. They call it "the mousetrap" in marketing and you don't realize that it affects all of society down the road because then the government steps in and becomes the new type of father. He's the father of everything. He's big bother. He's father. He's everything but he comes with big conditions and lots of laws and rules and he will then indoctrinate your child, so all you are is you just pay for that child's upkeep. That's all you do really and that's why there's so much confusion because no one can relate to anyone else. The child can't relate to the parent because of the indoctrination. The parent can't relate to the child.


Quite simple and again written about very, very copiously many, many years ago, a hundred-odd years ago, even further back and we're living through it. We’re living through the chaos that has been deliberately instilled because we're living along an agenda, a plan that's technically fascist, they just don't wear the uniforms in the Western countries, but it's completely fascist in its way of functioning. The corruption at the top, themselves who are involved in it, don't see it as corruption. They see themselves taking the herd, which is the general public, their tax money and using it for their own big multinational businesses. They think that's a natural order of things and they have made the legal system to allow themselves to do it, like these big football teams and so on you have across the West. Even the soccer teams, the big soccer ones in Britain, you'll find that the owners of these clubs are basically paid by the taxpayer to buy them. Even their stadiums are paid for by the taxpayer and given to them. Not a bad deal. Anything else at the bottom doing that you'd have corruption and you'd be in the slammer, but you see the big boys make sure they run the legal system and what they do is technically legal. It's immoral but it's legal because we are the herd and that's what we exist for according to them.


Now I've got Jack in the UK there. Are you there, Jack? Hello Jack.


Jack:  Hello. My question today is that it's interesting what you've been talking about with all the indoctrination and such and I was wondering your opinion on how much the psychopaths know about those who wake up, because from all the drugging and boasting and planning they haven't been able to stop it.


Alan:  No. They wrote about that 100 years ago and they said that up until that time and for some time to come, a few fish will slip out of the net but they said that eventually through scientific observation that would be stopped and that's what they're doing now at school. They know that certain ones have gotten through. For the last about 18 years now, maybe even more, they've been really testing the children at school to find out which ones are the thinkers. They have so many young men now especially on Ritalin and the different variations of the same drug which does shrink the brain. I mean that is actually a clinical fact, so they're trying to get those with leadership abilities for the next generation, they're going to go through the main chaos in fact, and make sure there's no leadership for them. They want the passive ones only, the ones who are quite happy in school in the collective system where they all have consensus in the classroom and no one is a dissenter with a different opinion. Those ones are classified as safe, but those who ask the questions, the ones who are out of the box and ask the questions the others can't even think of for themselves, those are the dangers, so they're being drugged and even ostracized. That's part of the technique in school, if they don't go with consensus in the group they’re ostracized by the group. They're shunned.


Jack:  Okay. So that's one side of it for the very young and how much do they know about those who have been doing it for a lot longer? What is their understanding of what the awakened ones are capable of becoming?


Alan:  They know that most people and here's the thing. Most people up until now, and even now it's still happening, the few who come through know they're different than the rest of the population. Some of them turn in on themselves and very early on they'll hit either drugs or booze, and they'll try literally to calm and quieten their brain because their brain is racing and they know that everything is wrong. They can't put it across to their friends. Their friends don't understand so they blame themselves often and so many of them burn themselves out that way. Other ones can manage to come through that and continue and become active in some way. A few will join the ready-made groups, unfortunately, which they think will speak for them and then they find out they've actually got the same agenda as the elitists at the top.


Jack:  It must be quite hard for these people who've sworn a lot of oaths and made a lot of promises to find people who are soaring above them who've done no such thing. Do you think would have made them – it's strange because you've talked about it in the past how much they hate the general public and they seem to have slightly less hatred for those who aren't as dumb really.


Alan:  They have some kind of respect for those.


Jack:  Strange isn't it? It's very strange.


Alan:  Yes. It's a kind of respect and it could even be beyond respect. They're also very curious, that's another thing, tremendously curious as to how you escaped the indoctrination, the inoculations, why it didn't affect you the same. They're very curious. That's what I've found too.


Jack:  It's interesting when you mention people who can't stop their thoughts and one of the things that helped me an awful lot was a kind of meditation where I was able to better control my own thoughts and if necessary just have silence in my mind, so to speak. Then with the mind of the eye the way you can visualize things and hear things.


Alan:  Sometimes there are techniques that can be natural and depending on your personality you can find your own one. That's even better if it works for you and that's your little space that you can move into when you need to relax and be quiet.


Jack:  Indeed. I mean the strange thing about this, I am fortune enough to know two people who are trying the same thing and we're so different. We've gone off in such different directions. It's fascinating. But more than that, we can also talk to each other and it only takes a minute of questioning before we're on exactly the same wavelength and at the same time. It's almost impossible for us to even say the simplest of our thoughts to those who haven’t woken up and it's not much easier to express yourself to those who flash funny hand signals and all that. They're not much better at understanding what we're trying to say to them, but, like I said, I am fortunate to have two friends who I can talk to and it's well worth it when we do.


Alan:  It’s quite amazing because when you meet one of your own kind you know it immediately. It's like someone you've always known. It truly is. It's an oasis in the desert.


Jack:  Okay. Well there's your music and thanks again. I'll call you again.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Back after these messages.



Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and the last caller was pretty good there on his observations, because it is true if you've woken up you can have a lonely road and you spot your own kind very rarely. When you do, it truly is, it's an amazing thing to meet someone who not only is on the same wavelength but has sought out the information for themselves. They understand it completely and they see, they see. They are true seers in the old sense of the word.


Now we've got Keith from Dallas, Texas. Are you there, Keith?


Keith:  How are you Dr. Watt?


Alan:  Not so bad. How are you doing?


Keith:  I'm fine thank you. You'll have to please bear with me because I'm very nervous. I just wanted to say first of all thank you for all the work you do. You're truly a tremendous individual and I appreciate it personally. But I just want to run a few things by you real quick. I find myself full of contempt not only for the 87 percent you know the fellow commoners like myself and of course the 7 percent of the enforcers as well as the 3 percent that are controlling us and I know that that has to be something that's psychopathic in itself because the same people that I would like to wake up I find myself having nothing but contempt and distain for because of the fact that they're so asleep and because of the fact that they simply think that someone like myself is some loon and "conspiracy theorist" and it just totally – I have so much frustration trying to talk to anyone.


Okay, for example, I'm a black guy. For eight years I told people that Bill Clinton was a precursor of things to come and the black people that I told this to thought I was on the comedy strip in Vegas. I mean they just laughed and more importantly than that, being in Texas here, this is called the Bible Belt, and when you try to talk to people who have been so indoctrinated about religion and you tell them things just about the holiday that they hold in such high esteem, the Roman Saturnalia, the winter solstice, and you try to explain to them where these things come from, they laugh at you or they will shun. It's like you said in another blurb of yours, even in permanent tribes if you have politically incorrect views about things that they will shun you and it's just like that even now.


Like for example a few weeks ago over the holiday, I saw an interesting ornament of here's Pierre Noel kneeling down next to the manger and this lady said that was her favorite ornament, so I had to laugh at that. I mean I didn't mean to laugh right in her face but I thought it was ridiculous and so I was explaining to her a few things and I could just tell before I even really got deep into it that she didn't want to hear what I had to say, plus you could tell by her bottom lip stiffening that she didn't like what I was saying and so I'm like these are the people that I'm trying to tell things to, the people who have lived half a century or more on this planet, and they haven't questioned anything and I just find myself so--


Alan:  Frustrated.


Keith:  Frustrated, yes sir. And so I just – I don't know what to do about the fact that I know that there has to be psychopathic that exists within my own self.


Alan:  It's not psychopathic. I understand what it is. It is kind of like you're trying to save them from going down with the ship and they don't want to go and you frustrate yourself. That's more true than anything because you're expending so much energy to closed ears and I know people who've gone round and spent lots of money having talks, hiring halls to talk to people and try to wake them up, and after a few years they become so bitter because people just want to stay in their own little world. They're scared. They might sense something but they don't really want to know too much and they want the world really to stay the same. You see, human creatures want things to be the same, a form of permanence in your own lifetime. Rapid change scares them and most people are like that, so they're brought up with particular religions which are meant to comfort them and get them through the hard times and so they'll cling on to those systems of belief tenaciously. Even some of them will be homicidal if you try and take it away from them or wake them up, and you have to accept that most people in this system will probably go down with the ship.


These are the same people who line up for inoculations when they're ordered to do it. They will do what they're told because they want to believe in the conditioned reality and they will totally disregard the true reality of what's happening to the bitter end. It's more that you have to try and almost pity them rather than get angry with them. They're like lemmings in a sense wanting to rush off into the sea. I think that's just the way it's going to be with a lot of people right to the bitter end and I always tell people you can't really save them all. All you can do is try and pull a few out and I think it's been like this down through all the ages. You can only pull a few out and these are the ones who do make the difference. They are willing to get active. They are willing to demand answers and demand changes in other directions. The rest of the public will always be the followers and I always say the problem is not so much just the elite or the masses. The elite and the masses count on each other to an extent.


Keith:  I understand that.


Alan:  There's a form of symbiosis there.


Keith:  I had a conversation with some – I guess they were there from, you know like Tom Brokaw said, "the greatest generation," from that World War Two generation, so I had a conversation with these two people and they were what you’d call seriously devout Christians.


Alan:  Hold on and we'll follow this after the following break.


Hello. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, with Keith from Dallas, Texas, is on the line talking about the difficulties in trying to wake people up and how it's so easy to become contemptuous of them if they want to slumber on and stay in their little boxes; their little mental boxes. You were going to say that you had a conversation with a couple of them recently?


Keith:  Yes, sir. I had a conversation with someone – I guess they're about 75 years old and they're very wonderful people. On the inside they're beautiful people but my problem is or they wanted to know actually why I felt the way I do because of the fact that there are so many African-Americans who are – you know they act like they have the red phone to Jesus or whatever, and because I'm not they wanted to know and I was like yes that's fine. They can pick my brain and I'll be glad to explain whatever I want or whatever they want to know. If I know it I'll be glad to tell them, anyway. So I was talking about we went back to Rome and then we went to pre-Christian Rome and then we went to Greece and then we went to Egypt and so I'm explaining all these things that I know it was blowing them away and you know how the conversation wound up ending, Dr. Watt? They brought me full circle right back to pre-Christian Rome and that was it. It was like after I thought about it because I brought them back to Greece and Egypt because I just wanted to see where they were in their own minds and they were honest enough with me, which is more than I can say for people younger than them, that they didn't know what happened before Rome. So when you talk to people who are a little bit younger than them and even down to my age or even younger, the ignorance is tremendous. Even the people younger than them aren't willing to admit that they don't know certain things, or they don't want to know, or they're actually expecting the Fox News Channel to tell them.


Alan:  Or the history channel.


Keith:  Or the big preacher out here named [inaudible], or they're expecting the preacher to tell them the things that I was telling them. Just for example, the older people I was telling you about just a minute ago, I was telling the grandfather that FDR knew about Pearl Harbor before it happened and he was blown away by that. He just couldn't believe that somebody that was 45 years younger than him told him that, because I guess he's lived his whole life believing what the bottom of level one reality, like you say, which I think that's very correctly termed.


Alan:  What you'll find too, I found this, the people who went through World War II still are stuck with the initial propaganda that was downloaded into them at that period. They've never looked into anything afterwards. It's almost like an inoculation – they call it "taking." It either takes or it doesn't, and that initial wartime propaganda is stuck in their mind. It will never change.


Keith:  It's interesting. It's kind of like Alvin Toffler's book, "Future Shock," where I'm in the halfway point in that book, and all he talks about is change. That's all he talks about and that book was written when I was two months old when the particular edition that I have was published and so I'm reading this book and I'm 36 years old and when I was 20 it was when I really started questioning things. The first place I looked was at the holidays because the first place I started personally was in a Baptist church, but to have my associate pastor tell me that "I don't think you should be reading Revelations because you just got baptized last week, so you shouldn't be reading Revelations right now. Maybe you should start reading in Third John," and because the stubborn individual that I am, that's exactly what I did was go right to Revelations because I wanted to know why this person thought that I was I guess too young to understand what was going on, so that's exactly where I went. I also had a problem with the fact that he had the nerve to even tell me that he didn't think that I should be starting there. So that right there – I'm actually very, very thankful that he did that because I'd be just as caught up in the bottom of level one reality like everyone else. But I really don't want to have contempt for my fellow commoners because it’s like you had said on another blurb, you have to have love for all, and my heart actually bleeds for the people that don't know but they think because they live in a 2 or $300,000 house that they're better.


Alan:  Or they're blessed. They think they're blessed as well. That's another part. American Christianity is a peculiar type of Christianity. It was married with commerce from the beginning and it's completely intertwined.


Keith:  It's amazing to see people with license plates and they have "blessed" on the back of their cars, or the fish symbol Ichthus and they don't know what that means.


Alan:  Yes. I thought "blessed were the poor." Blessed were the poor were the ones.


Keith:  Yes, sir. Anyway, Dr. Watt, I know a lot of other people are trying to get in touch with you. I really thank you for all that you do and I've read your first book and I'm in the process of buying the other two because I have to buy 4 of your books because I'm giving them out as gifts but I want to thank you for all your work.


Alan:  Well you hang in and don't give up hope.


Keith:  Thank you. Thank you so much.


Alan:  Eventually your patience comes the more you do it too.


Keith:  Thank you. I appreciate it.


Alan:  Bye now. Now we've got Roger in Tennessee. Are you there, Roger?


Roger:  Oh hi, Mr. Watt.


Alan:  Hello.


Roger:  Hi. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Roger:  You're talking about indoctrination and media influence on peoples lives and our culture it brings to mind some research I've been doing about the destruction of the American family within like a 20-year period of time it just kind of totally crumbled, starting in the '50's and then in the '60's with the women's liberation movement. I know women get a lot of flack for getting jobs and causing this two members of the family getting into the tax structure and causing prices to go up, and Gloria Steinem who was the leader of the Feminist movement worked for the CIA--


Alan:  And the New Age.


Roger:  Yes and she used to spy on students in Europe for the CIA and that's what got the MS Magazine funded, the CIA. Like I said, I was seeing how women usually have to carry the brunt of responsibility for that but I looked further beyond that and just prior to that in the '50's I think was kind of the precursor that got women motivated to become independent and that was two factors: One being Playboy Magazine and the other being James Bond movies. I know that sounds a little crazy but they went really hand-in-hand. I remember growing up my dad used to have these Playboy Magazines all over the place and anytime a James Bond movie came out it was always a big spread in there. If you look at the James Bond character you know he's this flamboyant womanizer who has this hard life and if you read the books, I mean he drinks like a gallon of liquor a day, smokes five packs of cigarettes--


Alan:  "Shaken, not stirred."


Roger:  Yes and then he'll beat up five guys, and in men it's more or less created a fantasy world and emulated this character and Playboy Magazine would have these spreads with these women, these unrealistic women. That's where I saw men actually falling out of the family and having mistresses and wanting to have this kind of playboy lifestyle and it really, I don't want to use this word, but pissed women off, really.


Alan:  It was fantasy, wasn't it? See, the James Bond character, and it's been well analyzed too, is a psychopathic character. The man can kill ten people in a day and have sex every ten minutes. He doesn't have remorse, regret, anything at all. He fulfills his instant gratuitous desires and he has no remorse or anything, so he's psychopathic. I mean that's literally the character they're portraying as the highly successful man, wears the bow ties and goes to the best places.


Roger:  Right. Well I have no way of proving it but I kind of put the two together and I just wanted your thoughts on this, for instance, Gloria Steinem having these CIA connections--


Alan:  The whole '50's, '60's onwards was funded by the CIA. The whole culture was funded by the CIA. Poetry, artists, musicians, novelists were all funded big time by the CIA and MI6. They had joint offices. One was in London and one in France and one in Germany and in different countries and they controlled the whole culture industry. They financed the revolutions because they wanted a completely fragmented society that would end up being totally dependent upon the system, both male and female, and that's exactly what they've got, but there's no family left to stand together to fight for anyone's rights.


Roger:  Do you believe – because Hugh Hefner who started Playboy Magazine, he takes big credit for being this great pioneer, but it's my belief that he was probably encouraged or actually funded or financed by like you say MI6 or CIA to – you know like this is just some kind of plot.


Alan:  I've no doubt. Again, this was written about before World War II. They talked about a future world in a series of lectures that they gave at Sandhurst Officer Training for Britain for the military and they came up with the concept of total war in the 1930's. They said if they can get another war going they would bring all the women into the workplace for the first time and make it the normal thing to do and have them dress even like men, so that was also part of it to dress like men and then blur the distinction between the sexes. Once they were in the workplace they would give them special rewards to be able to buy material things for themselves and that would further disintegrate the family for a post-war world. This is what they wanted. This is all talked about at top think tanks for the military, which only works on behalf of the elite. They knew exactly the format to do and then once the Cold War was started, they got the funding, they set up the cultural industry and they guided all of it; all the left-wing and the right-wing. The radical left-wing groups you'll find now it's admitted to were funded by the CIA.


Roger:  You watch these television shows today, especially these crime dramas like CSI or Law and Order, and they always have these female characters that are 5'1" and they're taking down 6-foot guys.


Alan:  And they're always beautiful women, very, very beautiful women.


Roger:  Yes and they seem to be able to maintain their feminism yet they're masculine, just as masculine as men. There's just this total weird kind of world. All the characters are either – you have the suspects, which are just totally demoralizing; or the victims, who are just totally weak, which is everybody that's not a cop; and the only person who's just the perfect person who's got it all in control, who has the perfect balance and the only human attributes, are the police officers themselves. They're the only ones who seem to know what's going on and it's just a weird--


Alan:  Remember what Jacques Ellul said: "All police docudramas, all novels to do with police, all movies to do with police or hospitals or lawyers are nothing but propaganda for the public consumption."


Roger:  I know you sometimes analyze movies and I just wanted to suggest one if you haven’t seen it already. It wasn't real popular but it was called "Soldier" with Kurt Russell and he's a futuristic solider who goes into these conflicts and I think you should really see it. It's just basically like the old Spartan upbringing. It's in the future but I can see this actually happening in the future where they get children and they indoctrinate them into becoming just soldiers.


Alan:  There's no doubt. There's a generation growing up now since 9/11 that shortly in a few years will be going into the military and they've never known the previous system. They thought it's always been under terrorism. A good book to read is "The Handmaids Wife" to do with the feudal system with the elite at the top and constant warfare, how they selectively breed their own offspring to be the commanders.


Roger:  And just one and then I'll let you go on this, but if you could comment on this, because I don't hear a lot of people talk about cigarettes and I know the UN was really pushing to demonize people that smoke cigarettes and of course there's health risks with cigarettes, but why do you think that they've gone on this assault? All of a sudden, people are smoking and all of a sudden it--


Alan:  An old saying that was put out there long, long ago by a top man who helped run the U.S. government and he said, "for the public there's always a very good reason the things that are done," he says, "then there's the real reason."  When they go on a completely major assault with something like that, you should look for the real reason. Now they're spraying you like bugs. The United Nations wants the population to drop and they have a Department of Population Control. They even have statistics for ideal population sizes and so on and so on, and here they want you to stop smoking while they spray you like bugs from the air in some global agenda which they will not even talk about, so I think the smoking probably inhibits the absorption of the particular drugs. There's also drugs in the stuff. It's not just the metallic particles.


Roger:  Wow that's amazing. I've never heard that actual connection been made. That makes some sense because I've always wondered, if the whole idea of this global movement is to reduce population, you would think that they'd want you to smoke.


Alan:  They'd make cigarettes as cheap as could be.


Roger:  It's crazy.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in.


Roger:  I appreciate all that. Thank you.


Alan:  Take care. Bye now. Now I've got Omar from Detroit. Are you there, Omar?


Omar:  How are you doing tonight?


Alan:  Hello.


Omar:  I've been listening to you for a while and I think you've got some good information and everything. I want to say I've been talking to my people for like almost 20 years now trying to wake them up and it's now just finally the last couple of years they’ve been talking about Omar, everybody's been asking when you're going to come up here. They see what's happening so I want to tell the brother just keep talking to them. They're going to see it. They're going to see what this New World Order is all about and then like you was talking about James Bond. I had a revelation. All the bad guys, Dr. No, Goldfinger, [inaudible], all of them was actually the good guys because according to what we see in the world, Britain and Israel and America is the greatest troublemakers on the planet. And as far as religion goes, I was born into a family of Jehovah's Witnesses. I never could accept it. I'm the only one in my family that's studied Islam but I never converted. Really, I just kept the name and because once they started talking about Muslim terrorism and all that in the '90's I kind of like got away from that, as well as the fact that I knew that Muslims were about to be targeted because they were being defamed and everything; demonized. That's the word.


Alan:  Always demonize the enemy before you attack them.


Omar:  Right. And like I say, I've been doing this for like 20 years trying to talk to people and tell them, hey, we've got to get ready for this thing. They've got population reduction plans, this that and the other, you need to get ammunition, food stored up, plenty of weapons, everything you need so you won't have to be in no breadlines and stuff like that, and people was laughing at me and this and that and now they can't wait until I come around to find out what I've got to say. I'm also the commander of the Black Panther Militia in Detroit.


Alan:  It's good that people at least now they're willing to listen.


Omar:  Right, but I wanted to say that if it wasn't for people like Bill Cooper and you and various others, I wouldn't even know this stuff. Well thanks and have a blessed day. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling in. Call in again. Back after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and we have Claudine from California. Are you there, Claudine? Hello.


Claudine:  Alan?You're there. I get to talk to you for real. This is sort of in response to the gentleman that's 36 years old and he's talking about Pearl Harbor. Nobody believes him. I'm 62 and my mom was born in 1925, my dad 1913, and my mother used to tell me all the time how some big shots from Japan met with FDR the day before Pearl Harbor was hit. She says they knew, so I grew up with that kind of talk and just like a lot of your callers I can't think of one person that's on the same wavelength that I know. It's very difficult.


Alan:  With FDR, he'd already cornered the Japanese in. On the one hand, Bernard Baruch was financing Japan into the modern military style under the Fugu Plan, F-U-G-U. That's in your Pentagon records there in your Congressional records. You should check that out. The U.S. was funding Japan to build them up through big bankers like Bernard Baruch, and at the same time as they tried to expand, because Japan didn't have oil resources and so on, the U.S. was cornering them in and so they were pretty well bringing a war on intentionally and it's pretty well described in "The Fugu Plan".  Amazing book and, as I say, the U.S. was funding them. Canada was sending scrap metal for 50 years down through trains to the U.S.


Claudine:  My mother, we lived in San Francisco and she used to tell me how they taken up all the rails and sent it to Japan to make bullets.


Alan:  That's right. Britain gave them the Rolls-Royce Merlin engines for their zero fighters.


Claudine:  I'm the oldest of five and I'm the only one who does see the whole picture and I'm not afraid to learn more. I can't talk to anyone in my family without them cutting me off. I just talked to my youngest brother and he's a staunch right-winger and we all came from the same family, so I don't know. It is very lonely and I know for myself I really have to find my little safe place and keep people away and just do my thing. Be grateful. I live up on a hill. I have 180-degree view and so I get to watch all the activity up there you know with the chemtrails.


Alan:  The beautiful chemtrails.


Claudine:  Oh gosh, it's unbelievable, unbelievable and I've taken photos and we've got one guy in the county who is a professional photographer and he can't even get anyone to listen to him and I try to get him to listen to you because I told him this is just a part of the picture. This is just a symptom of many, many, many things that are wrong and there is a good book I recommend to people and I don't know the author and I just picked it up accidentally, "By Way of Deception," and it's a Mossad agent. How he was recruited. He's out now.


Alan:  That was Victor Ostrovsky. He also wrote "The Dark Side of Deception" and it's a fascinating story.


Claudine:  Oh I didn't see that yet. Thank you for reminding me because that's a real picture of here and now and how they operate.


Alan:  He worked in Mossad. He was recruited in Canada and he tells you the true horrors of these psychopaths that run the Secret Services and what they really, really do and it's just atrocious.


Claudine:  Yes and it just reminds me of Pearl Harbor and all these other things that are going on. Anyway, it’s a trip.


Alan:  It is.


Claudine:  And I listened to C-Span today, Paulson, oh my God.


Alan:  It's bad, isn't it?


Claudine:  What they're trying to do is ease the fears of the American people and they're just going to put another little Band-Aid on and we're just going to get deeper and deeper. It's unbelievable and I've been involved in real estate. In 2005, I was telling people do not buy. I didn't make very much – actually I never make much money because I don't lie, and cheat and steal, so I told everybody that came to me and I said don't buy. They all bought. Not one person except for my daughter. Everybody else still thinks the market is going to come back and they’re nuts. They're absolutely nuts. I mean we've seen a huge drop in price here. 


Alan:  Apparently we're going off the air. I don't know what happened with the music.


Claudine:  Anyway, at least I got the best call of the evening.


Alan:  You call in again.  


Claudine:  I will.


Alan:  I'll talk to you later. From Hamish and myself, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)