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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 21st, 2008. I always start off by asking the newcomers to the show to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download as much of the previous talks I've given over the years as you wish. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for the transcripts which you can download for print up and pass around to your friends and they're in the different languages of Europe and Scandinavia.


So much has been happening our whole lives and yet most people are oblivious to why things really occur. Things don't happen spontaneously in any society in any era without massive planning and that's no different from today. All this globalization, the new substitute for war, which is a war to save the world from us, which is the eco movement, is an echo of the past you might say, has been pushed down our throats at one incredible speed and it's coming from the top down, as all culture does in all eras. It’s created from the top and pushed down to the people at the bottom who begin to parrot it and have no reason to suspect that they've been conned in any way at all, or even why. The reason they're being conned is because, as the Club of Rome said, the big think tank, one of the top think tanks, really, the premiere ones, the Club of Rome comes up with ideas to rule the future and methods of controlling whole countries, in fact a world of people. They went over in the '70's all the times in histories where people have come together and acted together and got along together for a common cause and they found that they only do it in warfare, and therefore they came up with a substitute for war, which they must have in a global society, and that would be terrorism as one of course. You've got to find terrorists everywhere to justify the big internal police forces we'll have everywhere and you also have to have a common enemy outside of that.


In past times, religion used to supply it and you'd have inquisitions going around countrysides and inquisitors would kill people here and there just to remind you that evil did exist and you better obey them because they could inflict terrible evil on you if you didn't. It's no different with this eco nonsense and the new high priests are simply the scientists who are paid very handsomely for getting onboard with the global agenda, even though the facts don't fit their talk. That doesn't really matter to a gullible public who don't study these particular sciences or have access to the data either at the top.


Therefore they came up with this whole idea with greening. It's an interesting thing from Pythagoras onwards. Pythagoras and his schools, secret schools really, because you had to apply to join and have a code of silence for a few years before you were allowed into the inner chambers or the inner secrets of the society, and part of that was to do with their purpose which was revolution. Revolution was to be spread in ancient time through recruitment of certain youngsters who could keep secrets and who would be tested and who would be put on from there to travel elsewhere and spread the word. Be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and I was jumping from this big green movement that we have today, coupled with of course the Green Party, because "green, green is green they say on the far side of the hill" as the old song used to go. It's very, very old because Pythagoras who also used numbers coupled with letters, as did the Chaldean's and even in the Hebrew alphabet, and in the English one too, all used these little codes they have and colors also as far back as Pythagoras were used. The colors for yellow or gold were the sun, those in the light, the illumined ones, and so they used to talk about "golden-thighed" Pythagoras et cetera, meaning he was – and they didn't mean the thigh, either, by the way. They were rather polite in those days and the later censors made sure they kept polite. They called it the "thigh," the same in the Old Testament when they swore oaths on each other's "thighs." It wasn’t the thigh of course.  It was on your generative forces we should say.


Green is used. You'll notice, too, in the conservative parties worldwide they always use blue for their ties. Although, sometimes they will use red when they're pushing part of a revolutionary agenda or they're progressive, as they like to call themselves now. Labor generally took red. That's why the Communists took the red as well for their star and now we have the green because these are all Masonic lodges at the top and each lodge was much like the various Catholic institutions that they had down through the centuries for the monks. Each monk or type of school had its specialty; some were into the law, like the Dominicans, they were into dominion. Then you had other ones also into factions of the law, which were the sons of Edict or Ben Edicts, Benedicts.


Everything is part of a system of control on a large scale, unknown to the public of course who only see the outer facade of holy men; and even going as far back as Sumer we find the same kind of things. The priests even there in Sumer 5-6,000 BC were trained in special areas, even real estate and corporate law. They dealt with all imports and exports to the country and all goods and all things that were sold within, even down to what we call today a value added tax. There's nothing new under the sun, as they say, it's just that the public are not taught their histories. They're entertained after they've been indoctrinated into whatever the present society wishes them to know.


I think it was Charles Forte that once said "we're farmed" and he's quite right. We’re farmed. Even now with the dehumanization and that happens once you knock down life from being sacred, all the pillars following one after the other and the Pantheon roof falls in eventually, because you've got to have all the pillars up to keep it all strong. One goes down and they all topple, and that's the name of the game today because we're harvested and even our body parts are harvested. Farming terms are used on us because you see we're the animals.


At one time it would have been a horror show to use such terms on people, never mind the businesses that would run them. They'd have been lynched for even suggesting they do that, but today, we’re harvested. In Britain there's even a law they're trying to get through (I don't know if they've passed it yet) to put everyone down as a donor—whether you want to or not. You're a donor. Now if that becomes law then you certainly are property. I think we should understand that first and foremost, you are property, because if you have no right and say over your own body and what happens to it, then that means someone owns it and you'll find that the corporate state owns it.


That's how far down the ladder we've gone and now they're chipping baby's heels in some hospitals. They're chipping the elderly and now they're going for the prisoners. In Britain, too, they're passing this law to chip prisoners. These tiny little chips are followed by satellite tracking; so forget little passive chips, that's out the window, and in with the new, which is not new at all, the passive ones were just getting us trained to accept them in the first place because we don't get spooked when they give us the whole packaged deal at once. They get you ready for it piece by piece by piece. That's how you train a herd of animals. Otherwise, they'd all run away. Every farmer knows this.


We’re treated like animals on an incredible basis every day by the media, and the media is the big arm of the system of CONOLOGY as I like to call it. They're job is to CON you every step of the way in every facet of life. Governments and this system and the real government behind it could not get its way without the aid, the complete aid of mainstream media. It's an essential arm of government.


Now there's a little blog here. It's from Marc Morano at epw.senate.gov and this one is to do with the con about environment. It says here. This is December 11th, 2007.


            "Skeptical Scientists Urge World to 'Have the Courage to do Nothing' at UN Conference.


            BALI, Indonesia. An international team of scientists skeptical of man-made climate fears promoted by the UN and former Vice President Al Gore…"


Alan:  I call him the allegory.


            "…descended on Bali this week to urge the world to "have the courage to do nothing" in response to UN demands. Lord Christopher Monckton, a UK climate researcher, had a blunt message for UN climate conference participants on Monday. "Climate change is a non-problem. The right answer to a non-problem is to have the courage to do nothing," Monckton told participants. "The UN conference is a complete waste of our time and your money and we should no longer pay the slightest attention to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,)" Monckton added. Monckton also noted that the UN has not been overly welcoming to the group of skeptical scientists…"


Alan:  The public too, they hear all this massive propaganda on a daily basis and it's all put out by the same United Nations approved scientists. They make their living you understand – these scientists come out of university and they all want to get their names in the history books as inventing or discovering something. If they can't do that they want a lifelong career on some agenda or other and this is how they do it. A lifelong career, just like priests in ancient times when they used to get together at major conferences and discuss for months on end how many angels could stand on the head of a pin. You see, this is the equivalent, all this nonsense with the planet and so on and global climate change and carbon emissions and on and on it goes. It's all the same technique that's being used again. This is the substitute for previous CONOLOGIES.


It says here:


            "UN organizers refused my credentials and appeared desperate that I should not come to this conference. They have also made several attempts to interfere with our public meetings," Monckton explained. "It is a circus here," agreed Australian scientist Dr. David Evans. Evans is making scientific presentations to delegates and journalists at the conference revealing the latest peer-reviewed studies that refute the UN's climate claims. "This is the most lavish conference I have ever been to, but I am only a scientist and I actually only go to the science conferences," Evans said, noting the luxury of the tropical resort…"


Alan:  They always have that in lovely exotic places, these big conferences, don't they? It says:


            "(Note: An analysis by Bloomberg News on December 6 found:  "Government officials and activists flying to Bali, Indonesia, for the United Nations meeting on climate change will cause as much pollution as 20,000 cars in a year."


Alan:  Very true.


            "Evans, a mathematician who did carbon accounting for the Australian government, recently converted to a skeptical scientist about man-made global warming after reviewing the new scientific studies. "We now have quite a lot of evidence that carbon emissions definitely don't cause global warming.  We have the missing [human] signature [in the atmosphere], we have the IPCC models being wrong…"


Alan:  That's what they use for all their computer simulations et cetera. You get out from it what you feed into it and of course you can predict anything that way.


It says:


            "…and we have the lack of a temperature going up the last 5 years," Evans said in an interview with the Inhofe EPW Press Blog.  Evans authored a November 28 2007 paper "Carbon Emissions Don't Cause Global Warming." Evans touted a new peer-reviewed study by a team of scientists appearing in the December 2007 issue of the International Journal of Climatology of the Royal Meteorological Society which found "Warming is naturally caused and shows no human influence. Most of the people here [at the UN conference] have jobs that are very well paid…"


Alan:  Very, very true.


            "…and they depend on the idea that carbon emissions cause global warming. They are not going to be very receptive to the idea that well actually the science has gone off in a different direction," Evans explained."


Alan:  This again can be found – this whole climate change was dreamed up a long time ago and it's admitted to that it was dreamed up by the guys who dreamed it up because that's the book, "The First Global Revolution," printed in the early '90's where they tell you right in there, the founders and their authors of the book tell you, the think tank The Club of Rome who published the book. They tell you that they dreamed up that whole idea back in the '70's when they were looking for an enemy to unite the planet, like a warfare scenario where we all work together and get great things done, so they hit on the idea of global warming and blaming the public so it all had to succumb to this new priesthood who'd be very authoritarian over the top of us. Be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back and Cutting Through the Matrix, just talking about how we take everything for granted mainly because through repetition by the media concerning certain topics we start to adopt and adapt to those particular little phrases we hear. Most people have no real idea of what's happening themselves. We parrot phrases. "Slogans" as Lenin called them. He says, "we shall conquer the world by the use of slogans," and you'll find people simply parrot slogans to you and that's the sign you have a non-functioning non-thinking person that's addressing you with the address at least of slogans. Ordinary people try and talk through things from their own perspective and use their own language. They don't copy slogans.


Now I've got Joe from Florida on the line. Are you there, Joe?


Joe:  Hi, Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Joe:  I got your DVDs the other day and I watched them this weekend. They were wonderful and today I was over protesting Rudy Giuliani. He came down here where I live and I had a sign that said "September 11th, treason exposed" and I was giving out free DVDs, but what I wanted to talk about was the place that he went was a corporation called Raydon that worked for the military making like simulated equipment for simulators and stuff. But when I was standing there with my protest sign and I looked at the sign, I noticed that the 'Y' in Raydon was like one of those crooked cross Y's. It wasn't a normal alphabetic Y. So I was looking at it and what I got from you I was like Ra and then they had the cross and then don.


Alan:  Don is master. Don means master.


Joe:  Okay. So Ra is sun, right? Sun god or something.


Alan:  That's right.


Joe:  Sun god and then don is master and the Y would be what? Like the sun god over Jesus master or what is cross, the crucifix? You know it's like that peace sign upside down. It's like a Y but it's like a cross.


Alan:  Y has always been used. Y is partly a trinity, if you take the three points of it, but it's also a duad. It's two into one. It's a male and female also, but it's also the Y-chromosome of the male, which is now misshapen. It's the new man to come.


Joe:  What would you get out of that name, sun god?


Alan:  Master of Ra. Or Ra is the master.


Joe:  Yes. It's just funny now I just get done watching your DVD and I'm out there protesting and there it is. I've got to tell you, you opened my eyes to things I never would have noticed before and I want to thank you for that. The other thing I wanted to ask is does it do any good like being out there by yourself with a sign? Like I kind of got a thrill out of the fact that hopefully Giuliani driving by in his bus saw me there, but I mean does it work? Does it do anything or am I wasting my time?


Alan:  One person really it doesn't do anything. What it can do if you're in the right places is inform yourself because some of them will stop and talk to you occasionally and they give you little clues about things which you would never suspect, including the type of language they use, which again is all higher, higher Masonic type coding which they give out in public if you understand what they're actually saying. It's the same in the Canadian Parliament, there's people who've demonstrated on the steps of the Parliament and they've been informed that what they're complaining about is all the wrong things because the Parliament is simply run by High Masonry at the top and there's certain people there who are never the number one guy, the Prime Minister. It's always someone else in the Cabinet who really runs the show and it's no different wherever you go. However, sometimes they will stop and talk to you personally, because it's a personal education you're after.


Joe:  Right. One other thing is I see that the Prime Minister of England is talking about a New World Order now and it just seems like with the economic collapse. The economic collapse going on, is that part of the reason he's coming out openly like this?


Alan:  Yes, they're talking now. He was over in India and promising them billions of pounds in foreign aid to bring them up to scratch with a new economy and all the rest of it, and he's talking about internationalism and globalization and so on and so on. This is a crucial phase that they're at right now. That's why there's so much propaganda hitting us from so many angles as they believed they've destroyed the old society. They've put the last of it into the ground. That's the eradication of family. Interpersonal relationships are almost gone. Most folk communicate electronically in fact. They don't even need people. They don't even want to see real people and so they've eradicated the old structure in order to bring in the new, which they've already planned. The Great Architect plans in advance before he knocks down the old building and so the new society is already to come into force. They know too there'll be a kickback from different segments within society because of the massive difference in lives they're going to have to lead shortly. They're ready to deal with that with brute force and high technology. They've been preparing for this for many, many years and they do expect a massive backlash within especially the United States and parts of Europe.


Joe:  Alan, how come like after watching your DVD you talk about the elite working together? How come the King of France and was it Charles of England, how come they were killed then? I don't understand.


Alan:  Sometimes you would get the oddball that wasn't quite psychopathic enough and sometimes, too, you'd have one that really thought he was the supreme deity, the ultimate king, the sun god, as they called him; and it's the same with Ronald Reagan. When he got into office he went off to Helsinki. They always go off to Helsinki for the first meeting and Ronald Reagan promised to change the whole world and benefit everybody through financing from the U.S. and he wasn't supposed to say that. He went off his script so when he went back they shot him just to remind him that he really wasn’t the boss.


Joe:  Wow. Well hey thanks, Alan, and your DVDs are great and I'm waiting for you to put something else out.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Back with more after these messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and it's quite the tangled web they've woven for us, and most people are stuck on it right now. Remember, when you're on a web, eventually the spider comes along to eat you. That's the purpose of it.


Now we've got Tom in Massachusetts. Are you there, Tom?


Tom:  Yes, Alan.


Alan:  How are you?


Tom:  Fine and you?


Alan:  I'm doing not so bad.


Tom:  That's good. First of all, I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the time and effort that you've put into all your research and that you made this available to the public. It's truly appreciated. I really want to thank you for that.


Alan:  It's an ongoing thing. It certainly does take more time in the day than you can spare.


Tom:  Oh yes. I noticed that earlier in the talk you had made reference to the priests of Sumer and I'm just wondering in your research is this basically where you've found that the dead end hits, so far as the beginnings of civilization, or do you feel or have found that civilization has actually been in existence longer than that in other forms?


Alan:  There's no doubt it was there in from other forms. Sumer simply didn't develop as such or evolve in trial and error and all the rest of it. It kind of arrived on the spot from the Highlands to the Northeast and we know that they came down and they initially built post and beam construction houses with wood, so they were used to that by living in the Highlands. However, they brought a whole system with them and in no time at all they had this pantheon of gods, which was really again parts of the system with the priesthoods accordingly matched, and they ran this whole commercial system. Most of their produce was going to India, so we know that they had the idea of this system, including even the weights and measures, which we still use today, for their produce and the weighing of their precious metals. They used to use the raw powder for silver and they'd weigh it out and that's how they could use it for commerce, but India was their biggest trading partner and it simply was on the go too quickly to evolve out of trial and error. We know now even through archaeology there was a previous civilization even beneath that at those trade routes and now they're calling the Harappans. Mankind is far, far, far older than we're led to expect and we have gone through different "ages," as it's called, so I think there's some more truths in the Vedas of India because they go back millions of years with civilizations.


Tom:  Wow. Now insofar as the establishment of the Secret Societies, the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati and that such as Benjamin Franklin, Jefferson, John Dee and Francis Bacon. Why did they continue to devote their entire lifetimes working towards the completion of this Great Work even though they wouldn't be able to see the end result? They basically went to their graves knowing that they had worked on this project, but it didn't come to fruition during their lifetimes. Were they promised some type of reward in an afterlife?


Alan:  Life extension was the first part. Life extension was one of the few things that even Rosicrucians allowed the public to know. That was to attract people into it, that those that served it well would have it – and prosperity of course. Prosperity was another thing. Life extension and prosperity was pretty well guaranteed if you served them well for the Great Work, so that was quite the impetus in those days when poverty was such terrible squalor.


Tom:  These people basically went to their graves with probably no reward but just that hope it was so fervent and they probably had it really inculcated in them, maybe through the secret religion or whatever. 


Alan:  It's a religion no doubt. Some of them did tend to believe. See, they're allowed to believe what they want really in a sense. However, some of them also go traditionally along with the reincarnation theory, just like the ancient Roman elite did and the Greeks before them, because it was the same bunch who moved into Rome. They believed that their own spirits would reincarnate into the same family lineages and hence the need to always have the perfect bodies, so they married their relatives to try and ensure that they're own spirits would reincarnate into their own family dynasties.


Tom:  How would their personalities be manifested at some point in the future? Evidentially they wouldn't. It's just the fact that they felt that probably their descendents of progeny would be carrying on I guess part of them and that's about it.


Alan:  They also believed they were far superior physically because of special selection of the breeding partners. That's why Charles Darwin and many others just married into the same family lineages for five, six, seven generations. They truly do believe, but they've always been into eugenics and that's from the most ancient times. That's what kings and queens were into. They didn't marry because they fancied someone or because they were horny. They married people because the priest matched them up for the right kind of progeny that they wished to have. Plato went into it in "The Republic" the whole breeding process for aristocracy and that's how he rationalized why they were superior over the masses is because they had their wives selected for them. Intelligence, cunning, ruthlessness and the proof that their family had succeeded in business over a few generations, that was the proof or the qualifications necessary, the credentials for marriage to a similar type person. Psychopathy can be bred in from generation to generation. You breed out certain other traits like being a nice person. You'll get stood on. You won't get to the top. If you're cruel and ruthless and you marry a similar person who's cruel and ruthless from a wealthy dynasty too, then there's a good chance your progeny will have the same traits as you do.


Tom:  So the reality is then we probably won't see a clone of Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin but we'd probably see their same personality traits just manifested in their descendents of today then. Is that about it?


Alan:  There's no doubt. It's well shown actually. That's why lineages are kept with such accuracy amongst the top elite. They go back thousands of years some of them.


Tom:  Wow.


Alan:  I mean it's so important to them and you will find maybe every third, fourth generation you'll get someone who's almost identical to great-grandfather in his personality traits and his likes, dislikes and ruthlessness; or it could be the other way. They might get a throwback for someone pretty nice and easy going and he won't be let in on the secrets. It might be his brother who's pulled up the ladder. Traits can be bred in or out of people the same as animals. If you want a good pet you get a Labrador. If you want a good attack dog you get a German Shepherd or Pit Bull or something that can be trained, so it’s all to do with breeding in or out of traits which you desire or which are undesirable.


Tom:  I guess that's what you were referring to for the last caller when you mentioned about the fact that sometimes somebody has to get taken care of because they aren't manifesting the psychopathy of previous ancestors.


Alan:  That's right. There's no doubt. I mean some of them realize what was happening. I mean even JFK, we know that he gave speeches about secret societies. He knew they were dominating the U.S. Congress and Senate and he gave speeches about them trying to expose them, meanwhile he belonged to an elite family.


Tom:  So I guess it doesn’t pay to get religion even when you're on the top.


Alan:  It certainly doesn't pay to have a conscience when you know the agenda.


Tom:  That's right. Well I think I guess you might have some other callers so I'd just like to say thanks for your responses to the questions and I look forward to continuing in my listening to you.


Alan:  Okay. Thanks for calling.


Tom:  Bye-bye.


Alan:  Now Keith from Florida. Are you there, Keith?


Keith:  Hi, Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Keith:  Good. Hey, you mentioned Helsinki, Finland and Ronald Reagan went over there and it's maybe nostalgic. Last year, I was there for about three months and it was really a strange experience. There was a real heavy illuminati presence you might say and I was just wondering how much you know about Helsinki and its relationship to like maybe Swedish Freemasonry and I was wondering if you've seen the film. It was circulating in Helsinki when I was there of Hitler visiting Mannerheim. He bought him a couple of cars and trying to kiss his butt trying to get Finland over on the German side in World War II. I was wondering if you're familiar with that.


Alan:  Yes, but it's so odd too because that country has been a thorn in the side of various powers over the last hundred years or so because they tend to not give in as a people. Although some of the elite definitely run the country for them, but that again, there's a big global meeting there every year all coming from the Helsinki agreement and the big boys go there. That's their kind of christening into it, their baptism into being the big boy when you become elected president or prime minister, but unfortunately Ronald Reagan didn't – he thought he really was the president for a while until he came back and he was shot, not fatally, but just enough to remind him that he should stick to his script.


Keith:  Yes. It's interesting Mannerheim who was the field marshal at the time for Finland was of Swedish and Germanic royal blood and it's interesting. If you look at the footage – if you look at Mannerheim and the way he and his officers they're sort of amused by Hitler and you sort of get the impression that here is this lower caste former artillery corporal or whatever he was during World War I and a real sort of a pawn of the big scene going there to ask this world figure for his help. I was just wondering if you've studied that particular film at all. Have you gained anything from that?


Alan:  Not really. We do know that in the royalty, you'll find that all the royalty across the whole of Europe and Scandinavia are interlinked from the same family dynasties. They've all intermarried down through the many, many centuries and they've never lost their control over their countries, either, except for again like the oddballs that stood up and said no to something and had their heads chopped off, but the rest of them went along with it because they had the right stuff. They know that revolutions are not to aid the people, but revolutions are intended to go along with an agenda which they and their high priests have already decided upon. That's the beauty of the dialectic. Those who lead the revolutions never see the big picture. They never see the whole picture. They only see what’s in it for them. The see the goal that they want to achieve and they're always looking for a utopia; while the elite have already planned their own utopia, which doesn't include those that lead the rebellions.


Keith:  Right. Very good, very good. Well thank you very much for the answer and I appreciate your show. Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Yes, it is important to study the places where they have the particular meetings and you'll see the same thing. You see this was all started off by the Royal Institute for International Affairs and they had specific meetings in different countries, the Marrakech meetings and so on, to do with financing and all this kind of stuff. Every place that they go is of significance to them and whenever they go back and deal with a specific part of their agenda they'll go back to the initial country they used for that part of the agenda for the first time. They have the Ottawa agreements and things like that going back for the last almost hundred years. Therefore it's important to see where they go and what particular meetings they're having there. Again, it's specialized areas of controlling the whole world: economics, population, resources and so on. Each place has got it's own special place in that and it's almost like Israel too, because in the '60's in the newspapers across the world they announced a meeting there for the United Nations and it was to do with controlling the water of the world around the year 2000 or so; and lo and behold, it happens, this sudden emergency for water and guess what's going to happen? It's all going to be privatized because the public can't manage it properly and they'll have to privatize it and own the whole world's water supply and sell it to us for big bucks.


Everything is planned way, way in advance generally before we're born. We live through the changes and because no one tells us it’s all a con job and we adapt to it thinking it's all quite natural and it never occurs to most people they're being lied to. Why would such a massive media go to such lengths to continue to lie to you? Well, that's exactly what they do do. It's quite simple. That's their job is to con you. You’re educated, which is indoctrination, and then the media takes over and then entertainment too. There's hardly a movie out there you can watch without messages; politically correct messages getting inserted into your brain and also predictive programming getting you used to an idea that you never thought about before, so that when the real thing is mentioned in the media as going to be put into law you'll think it's quite a natural progression. Meanwhile you haven't done any thinking on it at all. It's just little parts of it that's been inserted into your mind, predictive programming, and it's quite an advanced science.


We're simply rolling along through an agenda with techniques being used on all of society; a standardized technique too. That's the whole thing about the United Nations and UNESCO. UNESCO, the first head of it, remember, for the United Nations for the educational part of the United Nations, was Aldous Huxley's brother Sir Julian Huxley and read the statements that he made because he put it right on the line what his function was to be. The indoctrination of a whole world's youth into a new global system but not for freedom's purpose but really for the peace of those that ruled the country – their "betters," in other words, to make it easier for their betters to rule them. That was the whole point of it and that's the point of all education really is, it's to make it easier for you to be managed by your betters, those ones who come out of special wombs and they're sinless. They don't have sins you see or anything like that and they're sort of holier than thou. The special people that just happen to be there born into the right families with the right wealth and the right positions and get the right education and we're trained to think that they are special; and unfortunately the public, even the poor public tend to grovel at the sight and in the presence of wealth. They grovel. It's rather disgusting to see ordinary people doing that, but they do it, and that's what all that Hollywood nonsense is about to with the stars and the glamour and the wealth being flashed in front of you, it's to dazzle you and make you salivate at the thought of being so rich and living such a luxurious lifestyle. It's a con job and if the public at the bottom just got it through their heads that they have one life to lead, one life they could be sure of because you wake up as you every day.


One day, you won't wake up at all, but at the moment, you wake up as you and you better use it. That means you use your mind to its fullest extent. Don't waste it. Use it for yourself. It's the most precious gift that you have. I often thought if they start harvesting brains, even though there's so many people out there, they'll be very, very expensive because it will say in the papers "like new, never used." What a tragedy. Most people don't use their minds at all. They simply parrot their indoctrinations their whole lives and whether that can be achieved, I have no idea. I have no idea at all. Some say it's always been this way. The vast majority of the public are living in the darkness. Who knows? I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and trying to point out that the whole system we live in, and I refer to it as the matrix, isn't a real matrix. It's a complete system and world that's been presented to you and you're expected to accept it with that presentation unaltered. Most do. Most truly do and of course it's not difficult to keep them in that state once they've accepted it because after indoctrination into it, if you're parents don't know especially, it's highly unlikely the child will wake up to the big con that's going on all around them every day.


Wars don't happen spontaneously. No war ever does. No revolution happens spontaneously. It takes many, many years of preparation and organization and funding to get them off the ground and that also goes for the cultural wars that we've had. Most revolutions as well are bloodless. They're changes advocated from the top, like Plato said they must be, and pushed down to people at the bottom to copy and to work into being. We work the agenda into being on behalf of the elite. We speak it into being when we parrot what they give us to say in our conversations. We make it so for them, while they laugh up their sleeves because they don't believe any of this stuff they've made sure that you do believe. It's not so hard to understand.


Like Plato said, if they were to allow something at the grassroots level, a cultural change to emerge and take off, it would upset the whole apple cart with unforeseen consequences. Today, they would call it "the Butterfly Effect" and therefore they can't allow anything truly to emerge from the grassroots and to flourish. It would cause change. The elite would lose control and it's so important for them to maintain control because they believe they are the only ones who are deemed intelligent enough to have control in the first place. They have no respect for the ordinary people at the bottom whatsoever. In fact, they see themselves as a separate species and I'm not joking about that. They've always been eugenicists at the top. Eugenics goes back for thousands and thousands perhaps millions of years, where the elite had royal blood as the called it, royal blood. The "Blue Bloods" as it was termed and the rest did not obviously.


Nobility could not just be bestowed. It had to be inherited. You could gradually work your way in by accepting marriage to a woman who was from nobility. Your offspring would have the chance to go on higher than you would. That's still the rule today, even in higher Masonry, and you find that in some of the clues that Benjamin Franklin leaves you with because he joined the Hellfire Club and they had their own little bordello attached to the Masonic lodge, the particular lodge, but these were not ordinary prostitutes. They were very selective specific gene carrying types and the owner was to be mated with one and have an offspring from that woman. That was the honor of high masonry at that time.


From Hamish and myself, up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)