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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 25th, 2008, and newcomers should always check into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and go through all the different talks I've given. You'll find there's little bits and pieces that fit like a jigsaw puzzle the more you listen to them. There's a big variety there concerning the big agenda and the reality behind it all because we live in a world of mirrors and delusions, projected delusions certainly and indoctrinated ones too. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu where you can download transcripts and print them up, pass them around. You'll find them in the various languages of Europe.


I hear so much going on about the truth needing to be exposed and it's not just since 9/11. That's the whole thing. 9/11 was one start, a beginning of a part of an era and part of an agenda that has to unfold to amalgamate the Americas quickly. That's the difference between the American amalgamation and the EU amalgamation and they're also using the same terrorism, et cetera to push ahead the amalgamation of New Zealand, Australia and some of the countries in the Far East. They're talking about signing a deal in fact for the Far East within the next two years to basically start the real amalgamation progress, at least the open one for the public to see.


Europe led the way as they knew back in the 1800's it would do and here we are with terrorism, a necessary factor to bring in a global society because when you have no enemies and you're a global system you must always have new enemies to keep the people obedient and behaving themselves and to justify a sort of police military class. You have to justify the existence because police and military down through the ages really didn't simply arise in response to some sort of threat within or without. They were generally run by the big merchant boys, the boys that ran the gold systems, the monied systems, and the princes and kings that they put into power. That's who ruled them and that's what the military was for. Even the first policemen they brought into England after John Peel (they called them peelers) and they were dedicated to go around the very wealthy houses in London and protect them from the rabble down below or the common people.


Nothing has changed. It's just the perception has changed and everything has to do with perception. You'll find most of your perceptions have been distorted, something that goes back all the way to the old Zarathustrian religion because they were experts back then in understanding that what comes through your senses, if you can get in there before they get to your brain, you can distort the picture that gets to the brain; or else give them a fake reasoning and they'll use that particular program, just like a computer, of reasoning to come to a false conclusion which you want them to come to. Nothing has changed. I'll be back with more of this after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and just mentioning how terrorism was decided upon long ago. In fact, Lenin even talked about it in quite good detail that terror was the best way to go to keep everyone in line when you're making massive drastic changes within a society, which of course Lenin and his boys where doing when the Bolshevik Revolution took over and a second revolution took over the system of Russia. They used massive terror within and they used this also from history because they'd used the same techniques in the French Revolution and the big boys at the top who run this world understand this game very well. Most of the public won't do anything to draw heat on them from any of the authorities. They know that but they always give someone that will and make a sort of goat out of them. They'll hang them. Kill them, punish them and do big trials to make sure that everyone else gets the point. That's what terror really is for.


If we look at the aristocracy of Europe, they had no problem in having public displays of executions down through their histories. It's a tradition with them. They'd hang and draw and quarter people in the public square and often they'd demand that everyone in the area turned up to watch it, even the children, to make sure that everyone got the point you don't buck the system because the system is ruthless. They would do this tremendous long drawn-out torture and death ending with disembowelment in front of the dying person's eyes and that was their way of instilling terror within the public. It's always been well understood. Terror is to be used and the threat of terror.


In the old days they used the "Reds under the bed" type of deal, that there was communists everywhere hiding everywhere all throughout society and really it was nonsense because most people were not communists at all. They were just working people that had come through a system of the "evolution" you might call it of various social doctrines that all began in the 1700's, sped up in the 1800's and it was only in the early 1900's, the mid-1900's that the propaganda machine went into high gear to eradicate the past, to completely eradicate history, especially in America, and this has been done pretty effectively. Most people don't know that there were violent clashes through the 1800's, just the latter part with big organizations fighting for simple rights for ordinary people that you did enjoy for a little while, but they're now being taken away from you, but they were hard-won by people that fought for those rights. Many people died in the process for the corporations with the militias turned their guns on them in different places across the United States.


That's the only reason that up until about the '70's and '80's that you had big corporations contributing to your pension plans. They were told to and encouraged to from the top. They'd be given tax relief if they would actually give you pension plans or drug plans, medication plans, that type of thing. Now they're taking it all away from you again and if it hadn't been for all those that fought in the 1800's you wouldn't have had them in the first place. As they always say, "easy come, easy go," because the next generation can be so quickly spoiled and indoctrinated they won't even know the past and they won't really care. That's the tragedy of history and they say history keeps repeating itself for the same reason.


We're living in a time that was planned a long, long time ago because during all these different revolutions that were going on and you have to go through all the different factions of socialism, communism and all the 'isms' that broke out in the 1800's with radical groups that came in from Europe, from very often working class people, but they were led by the intelligentsia. Some had devious plans. Other ones were more honest about what they were all about, but there's no doubt about it in those days there was a very rich and a very poor and there was a very, very tiny middle class really. Now they're doing away with the middle class altogether to make sure there's no one to lead the masses again and that was always the agenda because the elite watched these revolutions. They dealt with them severely—completely severely. You wouldn't believe. You have to read your history, if you can get your hands on any, and they had no qualms about slaughter or mass slaughter and rounding people up in the good old USA.


The Hollywood from the 1950's onwards gives you nothing but cowboys and some fake old history. Most places within the U.S. were factory towns owned by big magnates. Every house was owned. The shop that sold you your food was owned by the guy who owned the mine. The clothes you bought were bought at his store, so the money that you were paid went back into his hands again, you see. These were based on a form of what they called the Owenistic society from Owens who came over with his idea and he named a town called Utopia and this was where the benevolent type of dictator would rule. He got this idea from Voltaire long before him because Voltaire had tried it with the factory that he ran, a factory town where they made watches. You would go to the boss if you wanted to get married, you go to the guy who owned the town who owned everything in the town and you'd ask him "is it okay if I marry so and so" and he could say yes or no because they wanted to encourage a good eugenics type breeding amongst the commoners.


This is all fairly recent history but it's been completely eradicated from the schoolbooks and Hollywood as I say took over and gave us a completely fake reality with Leave it to Beaver and everybody in the U.S. wearing a collar and tie when daddy came home and mummy being completely spotless and acting like a robot. That's how they changed reality and at the present time they're going for the kill because the big boys during the 1800's the big powers, the monied people don't forget their history. They are taught this stuff and it terrified them. It terrified them. That's why they eventually started to come up with the idea of leading those parties, actually creating some of them, and that's why they created the Non-Governmental Organizations, which actually work for the elite themselves. That's how it was done because they did not want a repetition, a repetition of any kind of internationalism on the workers' scale. They wanted their own form of internationalism where these same families who are always internationalists would own the whole planet. It's quite clever. You see that's the dialectic technique. Hard for some people to fathom, but that's how it works, whereas those at the bottom work for a global system with some kind of utopian equality and they'd no sooner gain a yard before they were fighting with each other because that's human nature. They can't stand together like the ones at the top do and they're easy to fragment as well.


We're on a course for massive change, massive change and the media churns out little stories every day to make the public think we're just going through this and through this and through this. I do get hundreds of stories sent to me, which I often don't read because I know the agenda and to be scared because you actually see part of it being implemented doesn't scare me at all. I'm expecting all of this and a lot more because the idea when they created the League of Nations it was to be the white horse, you see. It was going to be the white horse that would lead all of these big radical factions together to the table, when in reality the rider of the horse would be the big boys as usual, the same aristocracy, and that's what became the United Nations.


The United Nations, you can join them if you go along with all of the tenets of their association. Look at all the names of the Non-Governmental Organizations that belong to the United Nations. You'll be shocked yet these are the associations that you'll see everyday in the newspaper demanding the people get this, demanding the people want that, and you'll see governments passing laws on their behalf. This is the new supposed democracy, which is just an updated covert Sovietized system and the Soviet system really was no different because the politburo used to appoint the heads of the NGOs. Today, it's just Rockefeller and a few hundred of his own little henchmen that do the picking and the funding.


9/11 should not be stuck – you shouldn't get stuck on it because this is a war. The war was going on long before 9/11. For those that think that somehow before 9/11 things were rosy and cozy, you'd have to be very, very young indeed because it wasn't. The economy was already going downhill from the '70's onwards. The big plans to bring it down further were already in progress. The Free Trade negotiations were already done in the late '80's. They talked about the unification of the Americas and they mandated it too. All of this was on the go. As I say, the only reason they gave us the big shock factor was to allow the unification of the Americas, the Far East and have the rest of the world come in with the same agenda. Unite through treaties on the same goal to hand power ultimately to the United Nations. This is a chessboard. Every part of the puzzle is just a piece on the chessboard and most people don't know the game is even on; therefore you can't simply get stuck on one part of it.


You have to do your history before 9/11; you have to see all of the big corporations that were involved already in running the world. H.G. Wells talked about it. You had Proudhon and others in the 1800's talking about it. The corporations would be the new system, we'd have a corporate fascism and that would become the new government, but they also knew they would need these supposed speakers or organizations that would pretend to speak on behalf of the public to guide the public along into acceptance and compliance.


You've got to get into your books if you really want to know how we got to where we are today and where we're going and don't be afraid when you see the news when you read it every day. Back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, trying to get people to realize that nothing is just happening by chance on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. We live through a tremendous plan. That's what government is all about, above the guys that you elect or think you elect into office, there's another government Quigley talked about and others talked about it. It's a parallel government and they have untold billions at their command with which to hire think tanks on a full time basis to work out problems and details and project the future. Project it in such a way that they'll make it all happen. That's what a business plan is. It's a long-term business plan. That's what the world is. We're living a big business plan and we're all property of the big business boys and that's why they're privatizing everything that the public built up with their tax money, because once they privatize it they can really put it to you when you need to use them.


Now we watched the Kyoto deal going down and there's so much hitting the public that most folk forget everything. They can't remember even a few years ago and what was the last big crisis they had. However, the Kyoto is to be a long-term ongoing thing as we are reduced to total interdependence on those who control all energy and resources. In other words, everything you need personally to live as an individual, a living breathing person. And they'll tax you on your breathing too. I've no doubt about that. After all, we're carbon-based entities, aren't we?


Here's a little bit from "The Observer", Sunday, January 20th, 2008 and this is a taste of what's coming here and I saw this years ago coming in Britain.


            "Fury as fuel poverty soars close to a 10-year record."


Alan:  This is Kyoto you see. They won't mention Kyoto anywhere in this article but this is the result of Kyoto.


            "One in six British households is living in fuel poverty…"


Alan:  A new term, fuel poverty.


            "…the highest for almost a decade, according to new figures that threaten the government's target to eradicate the problem in England by the end of the decade."


            "Fuel poverty is defined as when a household spends more than a tenth of its income on utility bills. The consumer group Energywatch said yesterday there are now about 4.4 million of these in the UK, with just over 3 million in England alone. Charities and other groups…"


Alan:  These are the NGOs, right?


            "…led by the Association for the Conservation of Energy…"


Alan:  These are the ones that work for the big foundations that demand what the public want.


            "…are preparing a legal challenge in the next few weeks to force the government to meet the 2010 target, to which it is committed by law."


Alan:  That's how they do it. They always do it with the government making statements of their commitments to reduce energy consumption, then you use a big NGO to make sure the government gets to it. That's how they play this game for all the people who watch it, all the ordinary people. That's how it works.


It says:


            "The figures came at the end of a week in which the UK's largest energy supplier, British Gas, said it was increasing bills by 15 per cent. This month EDF Energy and Npower raised prices by up to 27 per cent…"


Alan:  In one month, 27 percent.


            "…and two-thirds of British households will have to pay higher tariffs. Other suppliers are likely to follow suit soon."


Alan:  Of course they will.


            "The regulator Ofgem's estimate of 4 million UK households living in fuel poverty in 2006 does not take into account the price rises announced this month. According to government figures, the last time there were as many fuel-poor households was in 1999 when the figure was 4.5 million. Numbers then fell until about 2005, when fuel poverty started increasing again."


Alan:  Now remember, these are the people who applied for help that can't heat themselves and so on. Most people don't apply. They're too ashamed because this system encourages you to be ashamed and put on a happy face to your neighbors.


            "Despite the likelihood of meeting the 2010 target becoming ever more remote, last month the government was accused of underfunding its 'Warm Front' programme…"


Alan:  They have all these silly programs.


            "…which provides grants for poor households to insulate their homes. It allocated £800m until 2010 but a government quango, the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group, says £1.3bn is now needed."


Alan:  Then it goes on to say how Gordon Brown will be embarrassed and all that rubbish, and I'll skip on to the next part though. It goes on to say how much they're actually earning.


            "The sixth largest energy supplier has made profits of £2bn in six months alone last year."


Alan:  You see everyone's getting fleeced as the big corporations just go on a mass slaughter of reaping their big harvest of bucks and pounds and all the rest of it, and this is all to do with Kyoto. Everything presented to the public as something that's going to benefit the public. The public often pay for the big institutions we set up, whether it's gas, electric or whatever, and then they have a privatization process. Britain had this all my life. I used to watch them privatizing things like the railroads and then putting it back to government so that when it was all used up and they had to repair everything, the taxpayer thought okay it's ours again so we'll repair everything, buy new engines and all the rest of it, and then they go and privatize it again for peanuts to their buddies.


An old, old con game left, right, left, right, left, right and it's all happening right up to the present time, won't change, because under this energy conservation act and all the rest of it we're going to be reduced to utter and absolute poverty. The idea being that your duty—and this is the Royal Institute for International Affairs, this is their mandate—your duty is to be born to serve, to serve the state. You're a servant. You have no rights, you're a servant. That's your purpose is to serve and the whole idea down the road of working supposedly for yourself, the little toys and all that, is to go out the window and eventually of course you won't need toys because you'll be a Borg. That's where you're going with all of this. Happy Borgdom. Why would people take brain chips? Why would they take them?  I'll tell you after I get back from these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. Before the break, I was mentioning the fact that people would take brain chips down the road and I was going to tell you how it would happen. It will happen because it will be promoted for a whole host of benefits to everybody – promises, lots of promises. Number one, it will stimulate your own various brain chemicals which will tranquilize you so you won't feel so uptight and it will be advertised on talk shows, big ones, television ones with famous people and how wonderful it is. They'll also tell you that you can live a movie inside your mind. Who needs a screen? That's here too. It's a virtual reality.


They can follow the brain patterns from your eyes to the occipital lobe and so on and they can literally tap in and project visions into your head. Movies, in other words, will be sold to you as something that you'll want, which goes down well in a jaded society that's done everything else there is to do anyway. They want more and more and more and we have an insatiable desire and appetite for entertainment. We can't get enough it appears. There's never been such an entertained society in the planet's existence as this one that exits today. Never been here before like this and when they raise the stress level of just living in itself, that will be another reason to go and have your little chip put in to make you feel less tense and anxious. It's quite simple. It will be a new type of tranquilizer. They've already talked about this. They can do it and that's how they'll sell it to the public and all the big professionals will be on television to tell you how wonderful it is, this new science, and how we're all going to benefit from it.


Of course what they won't tell you is once you all have your chip you'll be monitored 24 hours a day wherever you go. You can't remove it because it's covered with a form of protoplasm that binds with the tissue around the nerves, around the neurons. It can't be removed by ordinary just trying to pull the thing out. It might not be able be removed by a surgeon even without causing tremendous damage. That's where they're going with all of this and the public will step-by-step, it won't take long, they will take it. Most will take it and then it will be mandatory eventually or you won't get into even a store to get your food. Alarms will go off if it doesn't detect that chip. That might even happen with the cards in fact. I believe there's already some stores that do that that they're testing out in the U.S.


Science is our imprisoner, you see. It's the warden of the prison and the experts are the wardens as well, and what do they say is going to help us? They say that science is going to save us. You know, give us more of the same stuff that has got us in this position and science is going to save us. This is from "The Observer", January 20th, 2008.


            "Only Science Can Save Us From Climate Catastrophe."


Alan:  There's a statement right there. It's a premise. They always give you a premise that you swallow and if you don't think about it you'll swallow the rest. Remember, you're being sold a premise, a priori. That's what it is. You're getting something in advance that's not debatable.


            "With an increasing population…"


Alan:  Which isn't true either, because the West has been declining in its population for years. They don't have the big families anymore you see.


            "…the earnest debate over the merit of biofuels and wind farms misses the point - it is the technologies we fear that will be our salvation. By John Gray. The Observer. "If there was ever an example of humankind…"


Alan:  Listen to how this is worded.


            "…being unable to bear too much reality, it is the current debate on climate change."


Alan:  I don't see any debate on climate change. I just see orders coming down from the top.


            "No reasonable person…"


Alan:  Right.


"…no reasonable person any longer doubts that the world is heating up or that this change has been triggered by human activity."


Alan:  There's another two premises. You're not reasonable if you doubt it. You can't be a reasonable person and it's caused by human activity you see. It's premise after premise. You've got to swallow it before you can go on with the rest of the stuff. This is how propaganda is worked and generated. It's classic.


            "…Aside from a dwindling band that rejects the clear findings of science…"


Alan:  In other words, they know that the massive herd follows the majority, that's why they use polls and polls are generally fake to make you want to join the winning group.


            "Aside from a dwindling band that rejects the clear findings of science everyone accepts that we face an unprecedented challenge. At the same time, there is a pervasive belief that this is a crisis that can be solved by feel good gestures such as eating organic foods and refusing to fly or installing a wind turbine on the roof. When it comes to deciding what should be done, most people, including the majority of environmentalists, shrink from the discomfort that goes with realistic thinking. George W Bush seems to have been persuaded that climate science is not a left-wing conspiracy to destroy the American economy. Along with the rest of our political leaders, however, he continues to insist there are no limits to growth. As long as we adopt new technologies that are supposedly environment-friendly, such as biofuels, economic expansion can go on as before. At the other end of the spectrum, greens put their faith in sustainable growth…"


Alan:  There's blues and greens.


            "…greens put their faith in sustainable growth and renewable energy. The root of the environmental crisis, they say - and here they agree with Bush - is our addiction to fossil fuels."


Alan:  Again, this fossil stuff is quite fascinating.


            "If only we switch to wind, wave and solar power, all will be well. In political terms, Bush and the greens could not be further apart, but they are as one in resisting the most fundamental fact about the environmental crisis, which is that it cannot be resolved without a major reduction in our impact on the Earth. This means curbing the production of greenhouse gases…"


Alan:  There's that greenhouse gases again. Where's all these greenhouses that are giving off these gases? Greenhouse gases. Remember what Bertrand Russell says and all the rest of them? Just repetition, repetition. Go back to Lenin again, "we shall win by the use of slogans" as people start parroting slogans and as Russell said, because everyone else is parroting a slogan, even if it's 100 percent almost parroting the slogan, doesn't mean they're right. It doesn't mean they're right.  They used to all parrot the Earth was flat at one time in unison.


This is what it says here:


            "…The shift to biofuels, led by Bush but which is also underway in other parts of the world… [audio interruption].



I'm Alan Watt back again after something odd happened with the phone. What is it I'm not sure but apparently the phone started giving a kind of fax sound and I don't have a fax so I don't know what it was. I guess it's the boys in between having some fun as they often do, because they put the youngsters on in these intelligences services to listen at night and they can get awfully bored and they play with the lines and stuff. However, I was reading this article and I'll continue with it.


It says:


            "Yet standard green prescriptions are not much better. Many renewables are not as efficient or as eco-friendly as they are made out to be. Unsightly and inefficient wind farms will not enable us to give up fossil fuels, while large-scale hydroelectric power has major environmental costs. Moving over to organic methods of food production can have significant benefits in terms of animal welfare and reducing fuel costs, but it does nothing to stop the devastation of wilderness that goes with expanding farming to feed a swelling human population."



Alan:  If you'll notice the big boys are moving into farming big time, the Rothschild's actually bought hundreds of farms over in India, maybe thousands, and they would be the main owners, the agri-food business, over in India and now I see that Bill Gates is also going into this big time. Once again, these big philanthropists that own trillions of dollars are going out to grab your food supply. That's what it is now that they've put most of the farmers out of business.


It says here:


            "So conventional green nostrums are not all that different from Bush's business-as-usual policies. In each case, the end-result can only be a planet gutted of biodiversity, with humanity exposed to an increasingly hostile environment. To some extent, technology may be able to replace the biosphere that has been destroyed…"


Alan:  Really? It's been destroyed, has it?


            "…but, like an obese patient hooked up to an artificial life-support system, we will be living on borrowed time."


Alan:  Oh terror, terror everywhere.


            "…One day, the machine will stop. The uncomfortable fact, which is ignored or denied by both ends of the environmental debate, is that an energy-intensive lifestyle of the kind enjoyed in the rich parts of the world…"


Alan:  That's all us people. That's all us, you, reaching at the bottom of your pockets right now to cough up the extra taxes and stuff, that's you.


It says here:


            "…cannot be extended to a human population of nine or 10 billion, the level forecast in UN studies…"


Alan:  They're awfully good at these forecasts but never right.


            "…for the middle of this century. In terms of resources, human numbers are already unsustainable."


Alan:  See, they're telling you this. You're the problem and I keep talking about "The First Global Revolution" the name of the book, the title of the book written by the founders of the Club of Rome. The big think tank that dreamed up the idea of pretending it's global warming and blaming the population for causing it in an effort to try and unite the planet so that we'd all do what we're told and get this agenda through to make us all serfs again. The authors admit that in that book, the guys who dreamed it up. Here's this guy parroting the same thing. He's on the payroll and he'll belong to the Royal Institute for International Affairs no doubt because these guys are propagandists and they work for the major mainstream medias and give out this kind of pabulum.


It says:


            "Contrary to the greens, there is not the remotest prospect that the world will renounce the use of fossil fuels. Ask any competent energy economist and you will discover that no expansion of renewables can satisfy the demand for energy that is being generated in China and India. Anyway, does anyone really expect the countries getting rich from hydrocarbons - Russia, Iran, Venezuela and the Gulf States - to give them up? As long as there is enough demand, these countries will continue extracting fossil fuels. The only way forward is to curb the need for fossil fuels, while at the same time, since there is no way of giving them up altogether, making them cleaner. This means making full use of technologies many environmentalists view with superstitious horror…"


Alan:  It goes on to talk about the nuclear energy and how to bring that back and how genetically modified crops are going to be our saviors, as we all mutate into odd weird creatures, and the rest of it is not really worth reading because it's a pabulum piece. It's a propaganda piece put out in the typical fashion with all its predisposed presumptions to make you go along with it and that's how we're given propaganda. It's quite simple. The more you hear it the more people will generally parrot it.


Brzezinski said it, remember. Brzezinski said that "shortly the public will be unable to think for themselves. They'll only be able to converse the following day discussing the previous night's news" and unfortunately he's right. It's happened. If it's on television it must be true. "Wag the Dog".  Watch the movie, "Wag the Dog".  It went through the whole scenario of how you con the public by being on TV. They can tell you anything on television and the public believe it. They've even pulled off stupendous jokes on television and given fake pictures just for a laugh and the public all believe it. If it's on TV it must be true, the holy TV.


We're all brainwashed and we're all herded along a path towards this particular plan, the business plan, and only a tiny, tiny minority of the public truly understand what's going on. Other ones who are involved in movements, left or right-wing, it doesn't matter, see bits of the plan but they don't see the rest of it. You've got to shed all your previous beliefs to see the whole big picture and how it all works together left and right, which mobilizes you along the same path towards someone else's goal. Science is supposed to be your savior and they're going to elevate the scientists to an even higher level, a higher level of holiness than it already has and all we'll see eventually are guys with badges that say "expert". That's all they have to say, "expert," and we'll parrot what they say. Badges and experts, it doesn't take much to control the planet these days.


Again, there's no interaction between the generations. The previous generations had little to pass on after about 1940 because they had a field day after World War II. They were given a few extra pennies. They wanted to get married and have children and have fun and they had a lot of fun for a while. Eventually, they gave them easy credit in the Americas too, which helped to exacerbate that fun. When you're having lots of fun and living like there's no tomorrow and with the introduction of television, you didn't do much conversing anyway. You could always give the children money to go out and play and that's what's happened. There's no teaching the young. The State, as Bertrand Russell said, the State now give the values to the children and the parents have nothing really to pass on because we've been degenerated by television primarily, and magazines and the culture they've given us for the last 50 years. That's almost like three breeding generations, 50, 60 years.


You knock the pillars away with the first generation to make them debauched. The second generation will accept more of it and today anything goes, as we can see. There's simply no bonding. No cohesion between family units. That's exactly what they said they'd do has happened. We don't even have and most folk don't have the finances to take care of their own parents. At one time that was common. They'd move in or one or the survivor would move in with the offspring. That's gone too. It's very expensive now. The State has taken over that role too. Back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and cutting through all the distorted perceptions with which we're bombarded with every day. All these warped ideas that we get through propaganda, masses of propaganda. We're even told where to focus our attention, what to worry about. It's the economy. It's this, that, it's the other and they give you all these different things to look at so you're always distracted and worrying about the things they tell you to worry about. Meanwhile, it's like the magician on the stage who wears the white gloves and the black coat and when he's showing you his right hand you're not looking at his left hand so I generally try not to look at what they show us. There's something always bigger somewhere else going on which they'll keep low key. That's how we're controlled. We’re told what to worry about as well.


Let's be honest, when you think about it, when they give us all the pabulum about the NASDAQ and all the rest of these fancy sounding names that no one has a clue what they really mean, except the guys that control them and laugh at us that try and follow them, it means nothing at all. It's a juggling act. It's a numbers racket and money itself at the top is a complete numbers racket. That's what they used to call it in the '20's and '30's when the gambling was going on; a numbers racket. It's all games by numbers.


What is money anyway? It's now blips on a screen. It's now dashes through the ether. The big, big corporations like Merrill Lynch and others can transfer billions of dollars overnight maybe to three different banks depending on which ones are opening and what the rate is there and again they make millions on that investment for maybe half hour, one hour, two hours and then transfer it to another one. Just like that. Meanwhile, all the people at the bottom are scraping for a living. Most folks scrape for a living. The biggest corporations pay no taxes at all. Some of them in Canada haven't paid taxes for 17 years and the government won't go after them because the excuse being is "if we hit them too hard they might close down and you'd lose jobs." See, we don't have that option at the bottom. If you don't pay your taxes you're in the slammer. That's how simple it is.


We are owned by a big extortion racket. It's not new. There's nothing new under the sun. Your perceptions are different, that's all. In the last century they had different perceptions and before it and before it and before it and so on. We are owned lock, stock and barrel and our function really as citizens of nations is to produce and consume. That means produce, pay taxes and consume. That's a good citizen, the definition given out by the United Nations.


I didn't know that's what life was all about. Now they've told us I'm very grateful to them for clarifying that. The whole idea of nations in the first place you've got to understand was given to us by those that already ruled vast areas of old Europe. They had their cousins move into other countries with massive armies and a hundred years later they'd pretend they were creating a nation and drawing a border and they'd have wars ongoing down through the centuries as they fleeced the public, reduced the population and kept themselves in power. After all, we need them to save us. That's the con game that all goes on today. Now they're taking away those borders and going for the world.


Well, for Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)