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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 30th, 2008. Newcomers, look into the site cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download lots of talks where we've gone over a lot of the histories leading up to the present and where we're going in the future and the big organizations are mentioned, the ones that all work together that bring it about, because nothing just happens by chance in this big world of ours. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu where you download transcripts in the various tongues of Europe. You can print them up and pass them around, leave them out in doctor's waiting rooms, hospitals, all over the place, you can leave them in laundry mats and so on, where people get bored and don't have much to read or they're fed up with the usual gossip rags, because we've got to get people thinking pretty quickly.


People don't know what's happening in the world at all. They get all their news from mainstream television and they have been brought up to believe that that mainstream television is there to tell them all they have to really know for their own good. They really believe that that's the job of it. They've no idea at all that the news is managed, and because they can flip across so many different stations and get the same news and same opinions, it doesn’t occur to them it all comes through two main wire services. All the news does to the Western countries, therefore it's all standardized information. Quite simple, telling billions of people all the same stuff, even though 95 percent could be absolute bunkum or definitely very, very misleading, and it's quite easy to mislead if you simply omit other sides of particular stories; you form the opinion you're meant to come to.


Old techniques but we live in a world that was set up for the structurizing of the system a long time ago. Even before World War I, European and Pan American associations had formed with very wealthy people who owned corporations and royalty and so on, and they foresaw a time when they've have to coerce the public along a certain path and make sure that the public were unaware that they were even being guided. They would allow them to think that they had freedoms and something called democracy. It's been very, very successful and those same elites also knew that they'd have to have struggles, wars to play the dialectical process to bring major decisions to a head. That's what wars really do.


Carroll Quigley said it himself. He said, "wars are designed specifically not just to loot other countries for the wealthy but also it changes the society, the culture on both sides because government can do more in five years of war on a social change basis than it can in 50 years of propaganda and peace."  Wars were essential to what all this has come to, including the Cold War, all the con games about getting blown up, which were never meant to happen at all. I'll be back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and just mentioning the fact that as most people float through their lives and generations do this. They float through their lives. They're trained from their parents really. Their parents pass on indoctrinations if they even converse with them at all these days. It's mainly done through television, cartoons, then school takes over. Peer group, peer pressure, advice from counselors and all the indoctrinations they get and then they're into the workplace and competing for their little piece of the planet and paying taxes and so on.


However, if we go into Aldous Huxley's talks on "Brave New World Revisited," you can find his speech at Berkeley on my website and listen to it. It's an audio where he mentions what they already knew at the top because they were going to bring a system where stress would be the prime factor in life for everyone. Everyone would be affected by it through massive changes too. They knew that massive change causes stress and they knew what changes they were going to bring on in the 1930's and he said, "most people are unhappy. Generally they're unhappy."  Well of course they're unhappy, because this system was designed not to allow you to be happy.


If you were content and happy you might stop buying stuff and have other outlets and use your brain and be quite content with it, but that's not productive. This whole reason for being in this society, supposedly, from the elites' point of view, is for the commoners all to work and produce and consume and pay taxes and fight wars and build them big projects and stuff. So being happy and content isn't a driving force, you see. They call it stagnant. You become stagnated. You're not being motivated to work and produce for them and so he said, "most people are unhappy and what's wrong with making them happy through artificial means?"  He discussed the possible use of drugs and hallucinogenic drugs too, of course, and various tranquilizers and even going so far to suggest they put wires—at that time they were experimenting putting wires in people's brains and controlling them remotely and stimulating certain parts to make them smile or feel sexy or whatever. In other words, altering their whole perception of things through stimulating of the brain itself; and sure enough, they tried big experimentations on a wide scale with drugs. LSD didn't come out of nowhere. It was promoted from the top down.


The next step, of course, we know what it is. It's an interfacing with computer, which really has been done. Sweden led the field in this. They used prisoners for experimentation as far back as we know as the '70's. It was Parliament who authorized that and we know too that Windows or Microsoft has different departments all separate from each other trying different methods of interfacing people with computers because that was always the intent of it. I'm sure it's been done long ago in reality and they'll get us used to the helmet type (the little ring on the head) first, which they've already disclosed it's patented and it does an EEG on your brain. It picks up a brain scan of you, but it can actually pick up what parts of the brain are stimulated by you personally. These are all slightly different and it sends signals back into your brain and you're becoming interfaced with the computer as it does personality profiles upon you. [Windows] Vista was a step towards that, in that the computer tries to build up a habit system of you, personality profile type, and anticipate what you want it to do before you do it.


You've been trained step-by-step like an animal to the final part, which is obviously going to be interfacing, then the brain chip will seem quite logical to people who are spending most of their lives in fantasy land. That's the point I was going to get to because this virtual reality is being pushed at the very highest levels right down the people at the bottom and nothing happens on a social scale unless it's approved, authorized, highly debated, long, long ago by many different departments over and over again because they don't want to lose control. Everything in this world at the top is about control and the maintenance of control.


They're pushing the "virtual business world" where you'll meet "virtual people," in other words, cartoon figures, because that's what it is to me. It's cartoon figures and they're promoting it as an escape form of coping as well, a form of escapism. Now, after watching a disc that was sent over from Britain put out by a major television company on this coming virtual world and they interviewed some people who were already in it, who are not children by any means, they're adults, but they prefer living in this fantasy world; this Peter Pan world where they can create their own avatars or bodies. They can be male or female or whatever they want to be and design their shape, size and all the rest of it.


Now of course even the big advertising companies are in on it (I'm sure that was decided in the beginning) where you can actually buy things online for your avatar world. It's quite the thing. An alternate reality, the very thing that Huxley was walking about back in the 1930's and still talking about when he went to Berkeley and other universities and discussed this. The creation of a virtual world where people will either be drugged or their brains will be altered in some way. We know it's going to be interfacing where they'll live in a cartoon world. The big boys have already said when you're living like a zombie in true matrix system where your body could even be fed by nutrients like the Borg – like Seven of Nine in the Borg. She went into her little cubicle and got fed with tubes and all that. While they're doing that, they can use the other parts of your brain, and that's the majority of your brain, for other tasks, that can be interfaced with other computers and you could literally be – they'd be using your neurons as a computer – interfaced with a computer to do massive calculations or something for big banks. Something like that.


Therefore, from the elites point of view it kills two birds with one stone. They get more efficiency out of the person, even 24 hours a day, and the person will never rebel or complain because while that's all happening they're really living in a fake virtual world where everything is wonderful and the sky isn't full of sprays from chemical trails. It's nice and blue again and nothing dies in it. Everything stays new and you'll have unlimited money to buy unlimited imaginary things. A complete fictional world that's being pushed and people now are getting together and even marrying because they like each other's virtual world. That's how it's taken off. Astounding.


Children are getting addicted to it. They'd rather be in that world than the real world, yet it's only in the real world you gain by experience and you mature and your coping mechanisms come into play and you sense and perceive things properly and you can decide. When you're in this fake fantasy world – remember too, once you're in a fantasy world, you might have a limited selection of things you can choose or even what seems to be unlimited, but someone programmed that for you. You're not the programmer. You're not in control of that at all. Who would want to be living in that kind of state, just like the true "Matrix" movie, the first movie, where your body is as I say being fed because you're a battery. You're providing energy, the power source of the big hive, while you're living in a fantasy world thinking you're walking around in the streets and so on or having a ball.


Who would want to live in that? Well, lots of people probably will. As they put up the stress factors, more and more people are opting into it and it's being pushed as I say from the top. Complete fiction, complete fantasy where you can be Peter Pan and never grow up, never grow old, because everybody knows that getting older is taboo; has been since at least the '50's. Anyone over 25 even in Hollywood is over the hill and you don't count as a human being anymore.


That was pushed deliberately by people at the top and it's so interesting to me, all through my life, I've noticed the people at the top are elderly people. Sometimes very old people still working 12 hours a day when they're 80 or 90, some of them, and they're giving a culture and they have done it where the public dismiss anyone who's over 25 or 30 that has an opinion on anything, like they don't count. Old people, old cretinous people are running the world and these old people come from very elite interbred families that have incredible wealth and power and they all know each other. They all have the same old school ties and acquaintances and so on. They move in what they call "their circles of friends" and their circles of friends are also very powerful elite families and they give the young generations, every generation, a completely different culture which they designed for them.


It's quite an amazing thing. It's almost like two species, this elderly cretinous bunch working on the young. Always the young because it's the young ones who have fresh minds that they can inculcate with new ideas, which aren't their own of course, but these children will adapt to them without thinking; it will seem exciting and they'll walk into the next mouse trap. Same with fashion. Same with music and everything else. The people who ran the departments of culture all through the Cold War for the Western countries were generally 50, 60, 70 years of age and here they were giving us a youth culture, which we were all trained to think it was ours and we were rebelling. Ha-ha. Back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and what a matrix it is, because when you go back in the old books, especially the ones written just before World War II and the ones written during World War II, much of what I'm talking about was written about then. Huge governmental departments and think tanks were set up to deal with what they called "post-war world" and a united world, a global society, including the internationalization of airports, a world police force and world standardization committees and all the rest of it and we're living through it. They also looked at all the revolutionary movements that had taken place and been built up since the 1700's and the 1800's and they were terrified by that and they wanted to find ways to control the public – keep them placid, calm; and lo and behold, we know what came out of that. We get Huxley and his tranquilizers and LSD and wires in the brain and now we're going into a virtual world where we'll all be happy little cartoon figures. What an ambition, eh?


They also decided to unite the Americas. Unite the European countries too. In fact, that was part of the Arms Lease Agreement they had and the Land Lease Program during World War II to European countries including Britain. That was a mandate that Britain had to start amalgamation and start giving up its old colonies, but only after they had set up the same type of democratic systems within those countries. By that, they meant India and a few other countries. The U.S. was paying for this, and it wasn't really the U.S., it was the U.S. branch of a British non-governmental organization called the Royal Institute for International Affairs that was pushing all of this. What they took as a blueprint was a plan that Karl Marx had written about in the 1800's of three main trading blocs in the world that would have three sort of localized or provincial governments. These blocs would be the amalgamations of what were previously countries and they'd be all under the command of a United Nations. That was the purpose – that is the purpose of the United Nations, it's to be the front for the big boys who control the world and it wasn't to be done in a democratic fashion because a couple of years they released the documentation that set up the structure for integration for Europe, now that it's a done deal you see. It states that toward the end the public must not know any of this and understand what's happening until it's all been completed.


Well, it's the same with the American Union. They still lie through their teeth, even though they'll show the occasional piece on television by the CFR who proudly tell us all on television and national television in Canada that they drew up all these plans for the presidents and prime ministers to sign for the amalgamation of the Americas. What they're bringing in is not a democratic system. It's nothing to do with democracy and we better understand that from the start. We're treated like children. Democracy is a term used to keep us as children and we're treated like children. You can't tell the children the bad news or the truth. You can't tell them that granny died if the child is too young, you see. That's how you're treated and democracy is long dead. In fact, it was dead at birth; stillborn.


Here's an example from "The Sunday Times", January 27th, 2008, of how you're kept in the dark. It says here:


            "MPs members of Parliament kept in the dark over EU treaty.

            By Isabel Oakeshott, Deputy Political Editor


            MPs are being asked to vote on the revised EU treaty without key information about the powers it will create…"


Alan:  Now isn't that reminiscent of what George Bush said to all the Congressmen when they were given the anti-terrorism bill? He said any Congressman that reads it is unpatriotic. Just pass it. Isn't that kind of reminiscent as to how we're run?


            "MPs are being asked to vote on the revised EU treaty without key information about the powers it will create, a leaked document suggests. The paper, from the office of the president of the EU, reveals that matters such as the possibility of a European army and the powers of an EU president will not be determined until after the revived constitution has been pushed through. Other issues include how the proposed EU diplomatic service will work…"


Alan:  Well, isn't that kind of important?


            "…the powers of the new EU foreign minister and whether the European police office, Europol, will be able to expand its activities."


Alan:  Of course it will expand its activities, but they can't tell you right now. They've got to pass it all first.


            "Neil O’Brien, director of Open Europe, the think tank that obtained the document, claims that MPs are being asked to “sign a blank cheque”.


Alan:  I don't know if people realize that MPs and politicians and Congressmen have been signing blank checks for donkey's years because pretty well all bills that are put through today are so huge – they're made so huge, maybe hundreds or thousands of pages long. No one could possibly read them. That's a fact. That's why they're written that way. I'll be back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just finishing off this little piece here and then I'll take callers. It's about the European Union and how they're asked to basically sign a blank check where they'll get all the details of what they've passed after they've passed it.


It says:


            "Neil O’Brien, director of Open Europe, the think tank that obtained the document, claims that MPs are being asked to “sign a blank cheque”. The confidential strategy paper, prepared by the Slovenian EU president, suggests that important decisions will be taken only after Eurosceptic countries such as the UK have ratified the Lisbon treaty. The disclosure is likely to fuel opposition to the treaty in a Commons debate this week. The paper identifies 31 areas in which practical decisions have not yet been taken."


Alan:  Well, they have, really. It's just that you won't hear about them until they've passed it and then they'll tell you all the bad news.


            "O’Brien said: “Once the treaty is ratified, there’ll be no going back…"


Alan:  That's typical too.


            "…MPs would effectively be signing a blank cheque to the EU if they ratify this without a referendum.”


Alan:  That's the point of it. That's why they give it to you like this. "Sign this and we'll tell you what it's all about once you've signed it." The American Union – the reason I talk about Europe is because the American Union is being done in the same exact fashion.


Now I'll take the callers. We've got Derrick from Vermont. Are you there, Derrick?


Derrick:  Yes, I am here. How you doing Alan?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Derrick:  That's good to hear. I was just thinking about how in the past you've talked about your youth and how you saw at a very early age how things are so wrong. I'm pretty fortunate to have a son. He's six now and I see exactly what you've been talking about in him. He talks to me like a very – he seems smarter than most of the people walking around us today and it makes me so happy to see in my son. I also have a daughter and she'll be two in May but they just seem like such bright little kids and they're in public school and it just shames me there's this program going on there that they're installing these devices in the classrooms. They have two in elementary school. She's just in kindergarten and they have this machine that – I don't know if it's the machine or what, but it amplifies the teacher's voices. It's pretty sick.


Alan:  Yes, I've read about that.


Derrick:  They're asking for donations from families and everything and it's really sad and not only that, the school bell isn't – it's not such much a bell as it is a loud tone. It reminds me of like the Pavlov training.


Alan:  I'm sure it has many functions and I'll bet you anything too that it will be linked in with a form of voice-to-skull certain vibrational frequencies. I'll bet you it is because you see they're bringing in the whole Soviet system and they did use devices in the Soviet classroom which made the children very, very passive in fact, very quiet and passive, and that was discussed by the inventor of it who was invited to come into the Waco conflict and bring equipment over. He did get over to the U.S. but they didn't quite clear it in time for them to try it on the Waco people. This is real stuff. It does exist and they do want to use it in the classrooms here.


Derrick:  Oh yes, they're absolutely using it and it's kind of crazy here where I am in Vermont. I was reading in the paper today, it looks like I'm situated right within the green triangle. It's this place between three towns and forms a triangle and it's where global warming has become law. I've been fortunate though to get on the ballot as an anti-Masonic party and I got myself a little forum. I'm hoping not to win because I won't go through with the ceremony or anything. I know I won't win anyway because I got doors slammed in my face collecting signatures, but I just want to let everybody know.


Alan:  At least you're doing something, rather than sitting back and just complaining.


Derrick:  I know. I can't do that anymore.


Alan:  See you have two children there that have minds which are capable of so much, so much and you have to guard it so well for them and protect them because there are big, big powers after the minds of those children.


Derrick:  Yes, absolutely. Well, Alan, I want to let you get on to other callers but I appreciate your work and I'm waiting for your CDs, so take care.


Alan:  You take care too. I've got Henry from Connecticut. Are you there?


Henry:  I was going to say that I hear some of the stuff that you're saying. We spoke once before but this is like way back in the summer of last year. I don't think they're going to get anything that they want. I'm seeing what's going on now. They have to rig a primary of two parties that they control and they have to rig it. When's the last time they even bothered rigging a primary, so they're scared to death of Ron Paul for some reason because that's unheard of. You know usually and I know what you're talking about. I haven't been voting that long but I've been voting for at least almost 15 years now and they never went out of their way with a primary, but that's like a light thing on the surface, but I'm thinking all this other stuff that they tried to do and it's just not working. Everything they try to do--


Alan:  What isn't working?


Henry:  The stuff these illuminati people are doing with this one world order. The stuff they did. Let me ask you. Do you think the European Union let's say as a starter is working for them, I mean on their side? They made a mess of Iraq. Robert Chapman mentioned that. They're not going to get the European Constitution. They're not going to integrate--


Alan:  The European Constitution has passed.


Henry:  Oh, they just passed a new one without the peoples consent in other words?


Alan:  Yes. Listen, these guys have got everything they wanted.


Henry:  Even if they did there's going to be a revolution--


Alan:  Ha. There's a super-government running the world already. There has been for a long time and it's a parallel government. I've gone over this in shows where even Margaret Thatcher admitted she was a member of it.


Henry:  Yeah and they're very old too.


Alan:  And it works very, very well. These characters are in touch with all the big power magnates or the big international corporations. They're in touch with all prime ministers current, presidents current and past, because they never retire and they make all the big decisions. They work with the scientists that also shape your future. We’re living through it. You're talking about 15 years. Look at the changes in 15 years.


Henry:  Yeah I know. This country became browner and more with third world filth and the garbage and bowel movement across the Texas and California border and becoming a third world country and everything else I know. I mean it's just not as much everywhere but certainly even Queens and parts of New York and California and it was much better when it was mostly white. I mean that's one example I mean compared to all that crap. But that's another thing too. They tried last year. I was on the phone with Senator Kennedy's office and a couple of other senators. They tried to pass that amnesty. They didn't get that through. As far as the European Union, I know from listening to Robert Chapman because he keeps in touch. He says that they are -- people in Germany are demanding that they really think they should go back to the Deutsche Mark. The ones in Italy wanted back out of it. There's some countries in Europe that don't have the euro at all whatsoever--


Alan:  That doesn't matter. That doesn't matter. That's just superficial stuff.


Henry:  Yeah, but you have to have all that together to bring about this one world region. It's just not going to work and they're not going to--


Alan:  The one world region is there already.


Henry:  Well you have region one and region two. This is region two. Over there is region one.


Alan:  And to be honest with you too, so are we. We're in – we're in a North American Union already. Again, that was all done even during World War II and the end of World War II and before that too, they were building the Pan American highway from down through Texas all the way to Brazil. That was all part of the start of it even then. This is an old, old idea.


Henry:  Oh no, I know it is. It's by these old Jews. I know about--


Alan:  What do you mean old Jews? You seemed to have your mind fixed on things. You know, most of the people who run this system are based in London and these characters are not Jewish at all.


Henry:  Rothschild is Jewish. Queen Elizabeth--


Alan:  He came in very, very late on the game here.


Henry:  Yeah, but the original Rothschild. I'm talking 600 years ago.


Alan:  The Normans came into Britain about the 11th century.


Henry:  Yeah, but there's these Khazars for instance I'm sure you're aware. I mean you're a very educated guy. You know that the Netherlands never did originally have a royalty. There was a wealthy family there and planted--


Alan:  I know the whole history of it, but the fact is even during the 1700's many of the revolutionary parties were complaining about the system as it was then and what they knew was that most of the Jews were simply turning out sons to work as bankers to serve the royalty, not to rule the royalty, so they knew their histories even back then, more so then today.


Henry:  Yeah, but I mean the Khazars. They are Jewish. I mean at the very top Queen Elizabeth -- Rothschild's they are -- they even declare themselves they say they're Jewish.


Alan:  They also declare that they're Eastern and Indian as well. If you listen to Prince Charles' speech, he says he's now the protector of "faiths" (plural).


Henry:  Well it's not going to work. You see them winning. I see either we -- I think it should be resolved peacefully and if it’s not--


Alan:  If it's not, you know what's going to happen?


Henry:  There's going to be a revolution. I'm not just talking here. I'm talking over there.


Alan:  I can tell you one thing, over there there's nothing left to fight with.


Henry:  Oh there isn't. What about their culture, their heritage, their language, their economy? They've already got that -- Chapman said that--


Alan:  I don't care about what Chapman says. This is not Chapman's program. Maybe you follow Chapman. There's a lot more to it than what he's telling you. They've been building up international armies, the same thing here, for the last 25 years to deal with the problem they see coming up anytime in the near future. They have high-tech weaponry you haven't even heard of yet.


Henry:  Are you talking about that stuff they ripped off from the Germans in World War II?


Alan:  No.


Henry:  The death ray.


Alan:  They had this stuff in World War I some of them. Even Tesla was working on stuff to knock out whole cities.


Henry:  Yeah, I know. They killed him too.


Alan:  We'll go on to the next caller because I know where this one will go. Now who's next on the list here? This character here, it's all the blacks and the Jews and the browns as far as he's concerned and he doesn't realize that the ones at the top are already international above all of them. Anyone can join them if you have the right stuff and have proved you're a good enough psychopath, from any race, nationality or color, especially if your family has been at it for a few generations to prove it that you can get wealth, get power and retain it through selective breeding and that's how they do it. Some people have their minds fixed on things and they can't see the big picture. It's got to be this or it's got to be that.


Now who have we got on the phone here? We've got Megan from Pennsylvania.


Megan:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Megan:  Hi, Alan. I have a bad cold so I'm only going to ask you one question and then I'll take your answer off the air. I just wondered how do the elite avoid breathing the poison chemtrails? I know there's air filters in their homes but I mean they do go outside; and also what kind of world are they going to inherit if the water, oceans and land are poisoned? I'll take your answer off the air. Thank you.


Alan:  I think – again, with technology the way it is, you probably seen, for instance, dialysis machines that people get hooked up to. Once in a while they'll show you something on television, big huge machines, fixed machines in hospitals and again that's old, old stuff. The elite don't use anything that's old technology. They use very high technology, even portable stuff. You could walk about around with a device that would be in your pocket that could filter you all day long, quite quietly, and no one would ever know you had it, so they have very advanced technologies. They would never harm themselves I'll guarantee you that.


What's interesting to note here is that back in the '80's all the Western countries had their politicians put through bills so that all the politicians and their families including Canada and the States would have access to top military hospitals for certain kinds of treatment. They never specified what or why they would have to go to military hospitals and the public would be excluded.  I think they also do some of that in some of the special military hospitals. They can filter out anything at all through very advanced technologies. You see the elite look at every possibility that could go against their own survival and they do have underground cities in certain areas. Margaret Thatcher talked about them because it came out during a "Man Alive" program that the elite would be taken by helicopter and harrier jump-jet, picked up very quickly, taken to special bunkers underground and they'd be guarded by the Special Air Service that would kill any member of the public trying to get in who was unauthorized. They do have this – and that created a furor at the time. They definitely have these places set up for every possibility. I have no doubt they could live under the earth for a few hundred years, if need be, with all the supplies they've stocked up and the particular advanced forms of powering these plants that they already have set up. They could live quite comfortably, I'm sure, and they always look after their survival, but I'm sure it's more than that. That's an option. See they have many options. They'd rather get this plan through on the surface perfectly, if possible, rather than take that particular option, but they do have it ready just in case something goes wrong.


Now we've got Mohammed in Oregon.


Mohammed:  Yes. Thank you very much for taking my call Mr. Alan. From all over the world we love your show and what you do for us. My questions are comments. I have comment that how many kinds of New World Order do we have? We have a Christian New World Order which are 800 division and all of them they say New World Order. We have Islamic New World Order that all of them they say that all the people they have become Muslim. All people need to become Christian, and we have a Baha'i New World Order that they say that all the world needs to become a Baha'i and they have – I mean this is three, four or five different versions. I mean what's going on?


Alan:  They'll all be led by their leaders into the same road at the right time.


Mohammed:  I mean what is this crazy that everybody talks about New World Order, New World Order and everybody has their own different version of it.


Alan:  What you'll find is people want to be on some winning side and I've often heard that, "I'll do this or become that because they'll probably win," and they don't realize that we're always given our top leaders and all the tops of religions are married to extreme wealth. You'll find that too, so it's quite easy to give the public leaders, the good shepherds as they called them in ancient times. They always give you good shepherds and the sheep follow, and the sheep are the last to notice that they're all merging from the same highways onto one particular road and that's where it's all going, down the same road. Science has been elevated over the heads of all cultures and religions anyway and so it's the children they're after. It's quite easy to entice children into a magical world because they're partly in a magical world when you're a child. You're living in a hypnotic state part of the time. I'll be back with more about that after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and I'll just finish off with Mohammed. They go for the children. After you've served your purpose, the older ones, and we all have served our purpose to an extent, especially if we’ve done nothing. They go for the next generation and that's how it's been for many generations now and young children, whether they're brought up in Islam or Christianity or even Buddhism, wouldn't make any difference whatsoever, these games and so on and the computer and so on are all designed for them. They're designed to take them in and their imagination can run rampant with it. They're all being introduced into the new priesthood, the scientific society, and they will to an extent be hooked on it, addicted to it and they'll think it's all quite natural and that's meant to supersede all the basic religions. You see that happening in many countries even in Africa where they're given their computers, they become addicted very quickly and to the world of games, sex and all the rest of it and they can't even communicate to their parents with their old lifestyle anymore.


Now we'll go on to Kalum from Connecticut. Are you there? Hello, Kalum.


Kalum:  Hi. How are you Alan?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Kalum:  I just had two questions if you don't mind. Just wondering if there's any significance behind the American flag on the soldiers being inverted?


Alan:  If it's inverted, it used to always be a sign of distress, but there could be more to it if it's just the same flag.


Kalum:  I saw it and I thought it was odd you know.


Alan:  Yes, I'd say so. Either that or someone's going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble for putting the patches on wrong. I don't see it being intentional unless it's a statement by the troops themselves.


Kalum:  Okay. Also, do you think at the high levels of the elite, do you think they indulge in psychedelic drug use at all?


Alan:  Some of the do but they themselves are watched pretty much. They have their own associations that watch themselves because they're as paranoid about each other as they are about us and they take tremendous dossiers on each other and they do watch their own. They expect a lot of their own teenagers to go through a lot of this stuff and they do. They don't mind that so much as long as they sort of give it up as they start getting older and taking on their new responsibilities. They also have incredible drugs that the public would never get their hands on that don't have all the same physically addictive side effects.


Kalum:  Okay. Well I wasn't sure in the societal aspect the more of the ritualistic or lodges type idea if they indulged in such things.


Alan:  Some of them certainly have been recorded to in the past, especially some of the French ones. They definitely had orgies and they used drugs and various stimulants and so on.


Kalum:  Okay. All right, thank you Alan.


Alan:  We have Thomas from Arizona. Hello, Thomas?


Thomas:  Hi, Alan. I wanted to do a follow-up. You had mentioned some of the advanced technologies in place to kind of control the people especially over in Europe and I just wondered if you sometime could do like an exposé on those technologies.


Alan:  I should do and some of it has to do with HAARP type technologies, which they've admitted they used it in the Gulf War and it certainly stunned thousands of troops. They became zombies. I'll go into that in another show.


Thomas:  I've actually seen some of the classified video.


Alan:  Okay. The show is just ending now I hear the music, so from Hamish and myself, up in a blizzardy Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)