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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February the 1st, 2008. Newcomers, look into my site cuttingthroughthematrix.com and try and put the scattered pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together, because you'll find little bits and pieces of them through all the talks I've given throughout the years. Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in various languages of Europe, which you can download and print up and pass around to your friends.

Now some people ask me about the books and so on that I sell, and I sell books, DVDs, a couple of MP3s and that's where the sole income comes from. I don't get paid for the shows I go on; I don't ask for money. If I did, I would have to bring on guests who were salespeople for corporations and companies that sell things, so I try to just give out the basic information and use the avenues that we have. We are lucky in a sense that the U.S. is the only country on the planet, pretty well, that still gives this avenue for people to speak out and tell others what's really going on, the only other real alternative media as far as the big satellite system goes in the planet today, so we have to take what we can and use it to the best of our ability. For those who are selling my stuff in various sites across the internet, I'd ask you to stop because the only place where you can buy the material are from the authorised sites, such as cuttingthroughthematrix.com, that's it, I haven't authorised anyone else to do it.  If I go down, I go down and I'll go back to teaching small groups of people who are fairly wealthy and I'd do a little better than I'm doing right now. For all the little people out there who are trying to put me under, you're doing no one a favour by giving out my stuff for free across the planet. Also, remember too, you can also donate to me because that keeps me going as well; otherwise I'd have to literally, as I say, do a full-time job or teach, same thing. 

Now so much is happening with all of the pieces falling together right now because we're in the next phase of this New World Order agenda that was kicked off, really, visually across the planet on September the 11th, 2001. That was the whole idea of it and that's why the next day you heard the statements from the main characters, the big front-man players, saying that nothing will ever be the same again. Rumsfeld said this might be a hundred years war. What was he talking about, a hundred years war? The supposedly greatest superpower and the only great superpower left on the planet is the U.S., and here he's talking about a hundred years war. Well, let's get it straight, it's nothing to do with finishing off a Middle East agenda; it's not that. It's a war on the entire world to bring forth and complete this phase of an agenda, which is to bring in a Brave New World scenario—the dream of these characters for the last few hundred years at least, probably longer, but at least they did start writing about it in the 1700's. That's what it's all about, and we'll talk more about this after the following messages.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. Before the break I was just mentioning that we're rushing ahead through a very well planned agenda, very old agenda, which is going to culminate with a Brave New World scenario, with a completely new way of living for those who are—you might call it living and some might not—because they're going to breed people for specific tasks. The elite have already decided who each other happens to be and they'll be spared all of this, of course, because they're so superior; they are the culmination of evolution, part of their big religion. Everyone who's left and who hasn't made it to the top is just sort of the junk genes; that's basically it. With all of the sciences at their command, tremendous money went into scientific investigation to create incredible weaponry, which is pretty well silent; it's silent weapons for quiet wars. The quiet war has always been on the public to herd us along into this particular lane that we're in today and they know where they want to guide us, and it's a step-by-step process.

I was looking through "The Open Conspiracy," which is a book put out by our great old friend H.G. Wells. He made a number one edition, which was a bit more telling, his second edition he omitted some rather harsh statements and tidied it up a little bit more, but he does mention in it about this conspiracy, an open conspiracy, because the big foundations that he was part of, and the big societies that were authorised to be there on behalf of the British Crown and what they stood for, had pretty well published a lot of the documentation—which was available in libraries, and still is in fact, it's just that most folk don't want to read these kind of books. They're kind of dry and boring, but within these books, like this one here, "The Open Conspiracy," he tells you back in his day that politics and politicians were really redundant, they were redundant and that they were just front-men. We're talking back in the 1920's when the second edition came out. Politicians were already redundant. They were front-men who know how to pull all the tribal strings, say all the right things that you're conditioned to hear and you're supposed to vote for them; while, all along, much, much bigger groups ran the countries. One person cannot manage the country; he won't even get through all of the top staff in his whole tenure in office, there's too many of them, too many departments and levels of organization, never mind all the black-op systems that came out, the CIA and MI6, which they can't even get into themselves. Those big black-op operations, the high departments of MI6 and CIA, are only answerable to global elite; they were always their masters, not the politicians.

I think we should understand that the usual sideline, as we get sidelined along, this voting for someone isn't going to change this agenda; it won't happen. If someone was genuine, if there was a new messiah that came down, he'd be killed so quickly if he was really genuine if he wasn't part of the system; it would not be allowed. These guys mean business at the top and they're not going to back off for anyone at all. Now it's good that certain politicians are out there right now at least for the first time addressing what everyone has been talking about at the bottom level and making them at least discuss these particular topics for the first time openly. However, believe you me, the changes have to come through every individual on the planet because this is a planetary war. It's not just an American war or a British war. They love to keep it localised to make you think it's still a nation, but these internationalists have been running the world for at least a hundred years openly at their own level. When they set up the League of Nations they declared that was the end of nationalism back then. They still use nationalism when it suits them to have you go off and fight wars for them, but really they are international. Our bureaucracies are already intertwined with everyone else's bureaucracies, and every law that comes down from building a house to putting in plumbing or whatever all comes from the United Nations, has been for years, it's just signed into law by your own presidents and prime ministers. That's the sad truth of what we're living in today.

There are many levels of this deception and we've been given so many false leads by the same ones at the top to keep us distracted, while they pull off the next stunt and they're already doing it. Now people are talking about all the coming catastrophes and possibilities and what-ifs, etc.; meanwhile we've been sprayed like bugs from the air for ten years solid across the planet. We're being drugged, we're being poisoned, so all the rest of it is a moot point; anything is a moot point until we can get this spraying stopped because we are being openly poisoned. People are coming down with chronic fatigue from all the spray. When it's really heavy, summer and winter, we all get lethargic and want to sleep. People have chronic bronchitis all year round now. Asthma is skyrocketing. For the first time in history, they are diagnosing adults with asthma—people in their forties and fifties. It's incredible, an open spraying in the skies, but we're being distracted by everything else. The media will not touch the spraying, so I'm going to be putting more and more sites (other peoples' sites) up on my website who've done their homework and can add to the information available to us on the spraying.

Now I think we've got a caller from New York, Leroy. Are you there?

Leroy: Hey, I was thinking that the new world religion, the U.N.-sanctioned one, will get propagated through exposing how all current religions are allegories for planetary concepts, and so why not just cut to the chase and just start worshipping mother earth?

Alan: There's no doubt about it, within all religions you still have that element there and it's very difficult for those who belong to the authorised religions to see what someone outside of them would see obviously, but they can't see it at all. You're absolutely right; within all the organised religions you do have that. Pre-Christian Rome had the Alma Mater and they brought that in from Persia, they brought lots of gods in from Persia, and that really was where the sacrificing of the bull came from. Eventually they adapted that along with Mithraism into one, but when they transformed into a new church they re-adopted all of the old gods which the peasantry were used to. The same with some of African countries, they accept Voodoo and Catholicism together, as long as you come into the church, they'll use those particular gods and deities.

Leroy: The allegories: are they just to create virtual realities or is it something about being binded to?

Alan: It's a Hegelian technique of mind control. You can go back to Zoroastrianism; that seems to be our first record of a good deity versus a bad deity, and a record kept of your good points versus your bad points, and that transformed into the other religions which followed from it, really, using the same blueprint. To the average person, it's a real head-trip when you follow the Jehovah trail that was given to the West that was supposed to be a localised peoples' deity. Jehovah was a very angry, jealous god that wanted lots of blood and burnt offerings. Now, if we saw that in a movie to do with people in grass skirts on some island somewhere, we'd have no problem being horrified; but when you're trained to believe this is your god, you see it in a completely different way altogether. You understand?

It's strange that that deity was given to the West and then you have the Hegelian part kicking in; just like Zoroaster, you had Ahriman that was the bad guy and Ahura-Mazda was the good guy. Then they give you a Jesus, who gives you a loving, kind god who forgives you, completely opposite of Jehovah, so you're watching the Hegelian dialectic once again. Meanwhile, while that's all going on and you have a fight between good and evil for your soul, you have the one god in charge of both good and evil, so there's no escape really.

Leroy: Wouldn't brain chips actually be something new under the sun? Is that why it would be a Brave New World?

Alan: It would be far easier. You wouldn't need religion then. You wouldn't need diversions. You won't need to entertain people and fill their spare time for them, which is a dangerous thing if they start to think; so they'll simply be chipped and be incapable of thinking as an individual at all. It's an interesting thing when you think about it, they say we've been here for thousands, maybe millions of years and it seems like our main goal, our nirvana, is to work through science to a state of complete oblivion of thought What a goal to have, really, isn't it?  Rather than becoming the greatest thing we can become, we're working to become insects almost, where we're programmed to have our particular jobs and just perform them perfunctorily without having to learn anything; it will be programmed in your genes, like a worker bee or an ant. I'll be back with more after these messages.

Hi, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and we have Umar from Michigan on the line. Are you there?

Umar: Yes sir. Basically what I'm hearing you saying, Alan, is we might as well just take the blue pill and go on back to sleep.

Alan: For most people, they already are, to be honest with you, and they can't break through. Most folk can't, most people. I never expected it either. I've looked through plenty of history and most of the public in all ages are pretty well much the same. It's only the few ones here or there who can divert something or at least stall something for long enough to at least move the rest in a different direction.

Umar: That's why I try so hard, because I understand for a person like me, the way I was, to have access to all this knowledge that came my way from studying the writings of Bill Cooper and Dr. John Coleman and others. You know it's like to me, RBN got the solution on the website, it's the question of when it's going to happen. I'm referring to John Ross's book and I think that's the only thing they don't understand because these people, you know, I mean like we see them on TV everyday and they done caused the demise of whole countries. You know, like Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski and Alexander A. being involved with the global 2000 agenda and depopulation, and how they devastated the entire African continent with AIDS and put it in America so that Africans here could get it and everything. Then it's like it's no justice. It's proof they did it, but ain't nobody going to do nothing about it.

Alan: I've got a whole list of things that were done to the public, Americans, Canadians, British and Europeans, by their own secret intelligence services. Not just spraying nuclear stuff in the sky above them from the 1950's onwards, a whole list of stuff including bacterium and viruses that are declassified from their own governments, and I'm going to put all that up on the web as well; because, see, we don't need enemies in China or somewhere else, we've got them right here and you see it's always been this way. They always declassify it after about 30 to 50 years when a new generation grows up thinking "we've somehow become civilised since then, I guess they wouldn't do it now," and the opposite is true. We're treated just like farming stock.

Umar: Alan, I want to say that I recognise a great spirit in you, and to all you people out there listening, stop with the racism. It's us against them. You know, I'm just a common man just like everybody else is a common man. We've got families, we want to get our kids through this so they won't have to ever go through nothing like this and all of us got to take the leadership role and reverse what these people are trying to do to us. We are not their slaves.

Alan: That's right. That's what gets me, you have all these different factions who are still in their conditioned matrix with their hand to their heart, just like the ancient pharaohs had their nobility do, and swearing allegiance and never clueing in to the fact that, no, we're all just slaves here. It doesn't matter where our origins come from, we're all just slaves and it's about time that the white guy started to understand that too, that most of the white people who came here in the 1700's came out of serfdom, which is just a form of slavery, it's just a nice term for slavery, and they only had a little bit of wealth from the 1950's to about 1975 and that was about it, and now we're going back down again. The guys at the top use this race card all the time to stir up trouble and strife. When we're all fighting each other, we're going down that big hole in the sink at the bottom together; while the guys at the top laugh and get on with it, the real work.

Umar: That's exactly what they're doing, laughing at us, because I look at it too, the fact that a lot of these people that have these shows, they're always talking about they don't want to see the Illuminati get hurt or maybe we ought to forgive them. It's no amount of forgiveness for them.

Alan: No, these guys at the top have chosen. They are psychopathic. Even the psychiatrists with all their pseudo-sciences have done enough studies and they say themselves that you cannot alter the behaviour of a psychopath, they're born like that. Sure enough, these characters at the top come from long lineages of psychopaths, male and female, and power and money. Do you realise that there's only about 200 families on the planet run the stock market with controlling investments on a daily basis? 200 families worldwide, these characters put in about 20 to 40 billion dollars per day through the big investment firms, withdraw. They build countries; they sink countries at whim. That's where the power's concentrated, in the hands of a few very old families that probably have their genealogical charts going back for thousands of years.

Umar: There's a wise quote in what they call the Babylonian Slave Technology Book, it says, and this is to the so-called powers that be, "You are gods, but you will die as men."
Alan, I'm going to let somebody else get in there.

Alan: Thanks for calling. You've hit on some good points there that are so important, that people have to start coming together because we're being picked off from all areas and angles and we've got to stop it now before we all go down the tubes.

Umar: That's right. You have a blessed night.

Alan: You too. Now we've got Andrea from Texas. Are you there, Andrea?

Andrea: I have a couple quick questions about some books. There's this used bookstore here in town and I put on hold some of the 1938 copies of some of the…

Alan: Hold on a second, Andrea. Can you hold on and we'll finish this after this break? I just heard a comment over the earpiece.

Hi, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and we have Andrea from Texas on the line. Sorry about that cut-off there. It was a rapid cut-off but the music didn't come in.

Andrea: It happens. I'd found the Toynbee Royal Institute for International Affairs books and there's also these books on British foreign policy records from 1919 to 1938. Do you think there would be anything in there?

Alan: You will find a lot of the whole idea that was given to the public after World War II, but you'll find it was all stuff that had been decided in the 20's and 30's.

Andrea: Okay. What the last caller hit on about the whole race issue, you know I really feel him on that and everything. I was talking to my father today, he's a trucker and he goes through California and everything, and he informed me that they've got this new thing coming up next year that all the diesel trucks have to be 2008 models and above in order to go though. I also remember him mentioning that it's mostly Mexican trucks running here now. Then I got to thinking about the whole racism thing and how NAFTA ties into all this and GATT, and I was wondering that maybe they have some of the big boys' companies running that side south of the border, something like that so they could make money and even drum up this whole integration of the Americas.

Alan: They will. The big boys themselves – people forget this, it happened not too long ago – after the GATT treaty and before the GATT treaty, they were already stepping up for the mass exodus from the U.S. and Canada of all our industry over to China and the big boys were the ones who brought their so-called businesses over to China and plunked them down there, and they were allowed to pollute, still are, as much as they wish. These same CEOs are also interwoven with the big foundations that back home are telling us we've got to cut down on pollution and so on. This is a psychological attack on many fronts and they also want to put out all the smaller carriers, independent carriers and couriers and tractor fellows, out of business. They tried that about ten years ago with other means to get them off the road so that there's only the big international ones left; so, sure, the big boys themselves will run both sides of the fence at the Mexican border and bring in the old trucks under their own amnesties. Under the NAFTA agreement south of the border in Mexico, they don't have to go along with the same pollution standards, that's written in to the NAFTA deal, and they'll be allowed to bring their own trucks back up here.

Andrea: Wow, alright. He also said Arnold passed it because they had a study done and said that the diesel emissions were causing the residents of Long Beach adverse health effects. I was thinking what about all the criss-crossing in the sky?

Alan: I know. They keep us distracted while they drug us and I'm sure it's not just weather manipulation. It's not just all the physical effects that will become obvious in the near future when we're all probably sterile or something. I'm sure they're tranquillising the public as well.

Andrea: Speaking of that, there was heavy fog the other day and you know I'm not an airline pilot but I don't think jumbo jets should be flying at about maybe 20 stories high, and that happened right in the fog over my head. I looked up and you could hear it, and nobody even noticed.

Alan: No, the television didn't tell them to look up. If TV doesn't tell them, they won't do anything, they'll just wait.

Andrea: Because I'm like I know I'm not a pilot but they're not supposed to flying one after another like that in rapid succession. I just had to make sure somebody else…but I'll let somebody else get on.

Alan: Thanks for calling in though. Bye now. Now we've got Tim from North Carolina.

Tim: Hey, we truly are in the land of the dead because I've been talking to people and they're just so deeply programmed, I don't believe they'll ever pull out of it.

Alan: Most will not and I've always known that though.

Tim: Do you think there will ever be like a defection from this psychopath side that would defect and start opening their mouth?

Alan: I'm sure that will happen as they get toward the end of this part of the agenda, when some of the lower ones who are living pretty high on the hog with lots of status start to see there's no room for them in the next world order. They'll probably start coming out then, but I'm sure they'll also have lots of accidents in rapid succession, all these coincidences, to try and silence anybody else who tries to speak out from their own ranks. They don't tolerate that very well at all.

Tim: You know, another thing that I noticed on a lot of the other talk radio is they're always talking about the money system and the voting and everything, but it never leads back to the crux of the problem which is the system.

Alan: It's the system itself. You see, you cannot fix or save something that was never yours to begin with, and that's what people don't realise in this matrix system. They think and they still want to believe that everything's just evolved sort of haphazardly up until the present and it's just recently it's been taken over or diverted. There's nothing further from the truth. The characters used to have wars in ancient times in order to introduce their monied system. People didn't use money at one time, we've got to remember that, and it was through the introduction of money, even with the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians went through country after country and got them into debt once they had accepted their money, and then they took those countries over, formed armies, paid them money (you can't have an army without pay, they'd all go home), and then they'd go off and conquer the next country. This system has been here for thousands of years. It's corrupt and deviant; there's nothing humane in it.

Tim: You know, I was talking to a guy the other day and he mentioned that he was a 32nd degree mason, right, and he's a nice guy, he really is, and I don't think he knows what he's really in.

Alan: Most of them don't. Most of them join for the little perks they get and to be a sort of naughty boys club, but in reality they don't get into the higher secrets. Life begins at 40 – it's the 40th degree.

Tim: Right, I remember you saying that. I've enjoyed the books, Alan, I really have; and did you get my donation I sent in the mail?

Alan: Yes I did. Thanks.

Tim: Okay, great. I've enjoyed the books. I've read them; I think I'm on about the fifth time on them.

Alan: There's more in there. You'll see more each time you read them.

Tim: I know. It's all come together for me. A lot of people though, even if you start talking this stuff, they just don't get it.

Alan: No, they will never get it. As long as they can switch on that TV or their favourite soap or comedy or regular routine show is on, the world is just fine.

Tim: Why is it that, I've noticed you've had a couple of callers that always want to argue the Bible with you?

Alan: It's an organisation, I think it was on one of the shortwave stations in fact, where some preacher told them to start harassing other talk show hosts that didn't go along with their version of the Bible.

Tim: That's a big sticking point. I wish I could get some more information on how to really read the Bible, you know what I'm saying. I know about the allegory part and the Jacob's Ladder deal with Moses and all that, but I wish there was more of a better way to do it.

Alan: If you understand it, the Old Testament is the rules of the system for the illumined ones who run the world. They're hidden in allegorical form, where slavery is just okay and you can cheat and steal as long as you do it craftily, in fact your god will bless you, and stuff like that, if you understand the rules. In the New Testament is the dialectic again, which makes a passive population obedient to the ones who run the Old Testament system and understand what it's all about.

Tim: I was talking to this lady and her husband on a service call and they got kind of hostile with me about the Bible deal and she told me. I said there's nothing wrong with using your brain, is it? And this guy calls me a humanist, and I didn't even know what it meant, so I come back and checked it out and found out what it meant. She tells me, she says, God would make food come from the sky and water come from a rock. I said, really? I mean how do you talk to somebody like that?

Alan: You can't because you're looking at people who think inside a very small box, it's the only box they've ever known and it's like Plato's Cave. I always use the analogy of Plato's Cave. People should read it because they will try and fit all reality, any new reality, any new fact back into that cave; it's got to fit that cave and what's inside the cave to compare it to; and you cannot, it's a form of insanity.

Tim: I believe it is too. I'll get off and let somebody else talk, Alan. Have a good one, buddy.

Alan: Thanks for calling. We have Robert in Canada. Are you there, Robert?

Robert: Hi Alan, how are you tonight?

Alan: Not so bad. I've been up on the roof getting all the snow off the satellite, up and down, up and down like a yo-yo.

Robert: We're going to get rain here on the east coast, but anyways, Alan, I'm just going to talk for a second. I just want to say that some of the books you mentioned like "Morals and Dogma" and "Tragedy and Hope" and "The Next Million Years," for some of listeners, if you go on to Google and you type in the name of the book and you type the letters PDF after it, you can get the electronic versions of those books online, in case people don't have them they can do that.

Alan: They're expensive to buy, I know.

Robert: Also, I've been taking your transcripts and making them into PDFs, also the free talks you have on your website and making them into MP3s, then you can burn the transcripts and MP3s onto CDs and hand them out to people, and I've been doing that as well. It's a suggestion to some of your listeners.

Alan: They can do that. Lots of people have been doing that. There was even a baker in New York giving this stuff out to his customers. I thought that was really nice.

Robert: That's great. Also, just one more thing, Alan, on the CBC website back in I think it was December when they mentioned that NASA was scrambling to get the space station finished because the space shuttle was going to be retiring in 2010. They were a little frantic and I was just wondering, it just sounds funny that 2010 pops up.

Alan: It's going to be a big era, even with Arthur C. Clarke's "2001" then "2010" that leaves you with "something wonderful is going to happen," and Arthur C. Clarke wrote that back in 60's, so he was a high freemason in on the know and actually wrote for the globalist elite on behalf of their agenda and the United Nations. If you read his book "3001," he gives you what's supposed to be the remnant of the illumined ones living in high towers in a future where you can keep no secrets; everyone's brain is monitored by computers. He writes on behalf of them and 2010 was to be a big year for him too. It's interesting as well, the space station, they used to call it the International Space Station, which is ISIS, if you speak it, and these guys love their little jokes. This is the old mansion in the sky they talked about that would be there if they had to create some catastrophe on the earth; they'd have a mansion in the sky. That's how they couched it a couple hundred years ago.

Robert: One last thing, I took your suggestion and watched the documentary "The Future of Food" that you had on your website there.

Alan: Amazing, isn't it?

Robert: That's a very good documentary.

Alan: It's amazing to realise how blatant they can be with so much, yet because the public are conditioned into this surrealistic world of hearing real truth, little bits and bites of truth in the media interspaced with sports, Hollywood bimbos and their problems and all this kind of stuff, nothing becomes real anymore to them. Most people are living in a matrix, a true scientifically-designed matrix, and they cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction anymore.

Robert: Anyways, I'll let you go, Alan, and I'll let you get on to your next callers. Thank you.

Alan: Thanks for calling. This again is by design. It is called scientific socialism, well documented, again you can get "The Open Conspiracy" by H.G. Wells; that's only one book of many. He was a propagandist employed by the group that was authorised to exist by the Crown. He was also a founding member of the Fabian Society, a society run by bigwigs, actually, even Lord Astor was a member of it and helped fund it, and they would lead the working people along the wrong path by having them demand laws, creating groups demanding laws which would eventually ensnare them all, massive bureaucracies that would run their lives for them. Wells was well aware of his part in it all. He also hated the ordinary working people, in fact he was terrified of them, this great socialist. He wanted the population reduction to occur; he wanted the end of marriage. He wrote a book in the late 1800's, in fact, one of his first books, on free love and the abolition of marriage, after he was released from his specialised training by the grandfather of Aldous Huxley, Sir Thomas Huxley, that was his mentor and teacher, and he belonged to the Red Tie brigade they let loose from Oxford University; that's what they called them back then.

This is not a new agenda we're going through. We're just living a part of an agenda and this part was written a long time ago. That's how simple it is for those who give us our reality. Our lives, all the main things that happen in our lives are already planned and scripted. We live through them and it's given to us by the media as all being one great coincidence after another, one mishap after another, one foul-up by bureaucracies after another, and nothing is further from the truth. These guys at the top don't make mistakes. They don't invade countries then get bogged down and say "we didn't see this coming." No, they know exactly every part of their agenda because they work out the future with military precision and strategy. They hire the best minds and the true experts in their fields to work for them and they don't make mistakes. They really don't make mistakes.

Now they have to simply coerce us to go along with their agenda, the bulk of the population always will; in fact they count on the majority of the public, who are really their greatest supporters. They couldn't do without each other; they form a symbiotic relationship, the good shepherds and the sheep, they truly do. You can't have one without the other. If one perishes, so would the other.

It's the few people who have spirit or soul, call it what you want, intellect, awareness, those who are conscious, who always suffer down through the ages because of the elite and the masses that allow the most terrible things to happen to themselves. Yet, it's always the small group of people worldwide, scattered as they are, who end up diverting or at least delaying this particular plan here and there down through the ages. That's all we can hope for today because most people, even in the supposed patriot movement, and I've gone through the history of the patriot movement, I've even read an article from the Toronto Star where they gave you the history of the CIA starting up the patriot side radio stations, shortwave, back in the 60's supposedly to combat communism and they hired Christian front groups to lead the charge. Personally, I don't think they've ever totally given up. There's so many people involved in the movement who are supposedly ex-CIA, ex-FBI and all that, and to be honest with you, I don't think you're ever ex-'the firm.' It doesn't happen; you're always in 'the firm' as they say. I'll be back with more after the following messages.

Hi, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and we're getting towards the last lap of this particular talk and going over some very unpleasant, maybe even unpopular topics, but they have to be said. Things which are true must be said and it's really a "sin," a "sin" not to say them when people know what's wrong. We must talk out, it's all we can truly do.

Now we've got Shep from Georgia on the line. Are you there, Shep?

Shep: Yes sir. I have a question and I'd like for you to expound on it a little further if you have the time. An earlier caller was talking about the Bible and it being an allegory, and you had said something about that it was a manual for the elite or something of that nature. I wonder if you could explain that a little further and also…

Alan: You've got two minutes before the end of the show here.

Shep: Okay, well I'll let you go. Thank you.

Alan: You can't go into all that in the last little hop in the show, except if you look at some of the situations you're given in story form, such as the blessings bestowed upon Jacob—for what? For cheating his old dad and lying and getting the blessing. He was blessed for doing so because he did it craftily. I could go on and on and on, but you see it doesn't matter because people who are steeped into worshipping a particular form of a deity can't see anything but that form; they will never, ever see any other side of it. As I say, if you were to go outside of yourself and simply look at the same thing happening on a little Pacific island somewhere, and people slaughtering lots of animals and having a deity that smoked out a volcano and loved the smell of burnt offerings in the morning and lots of blood, you'd be horrified. It's quite simple, but I won't even get into these debates because I'm long, way, way past that, way beyond all of that and I never really got into the trap of it, although I understood it more so than some of the people that actually taught the exoteric; it was rather easy to see the esoteric.

That's why, as I say, there's a god of the world and those who serve the god of the world are well blessed by the things of the world, as they say in the higher lodges. Quite simple, but for those that follow such a deity, I don't even try to deprogram; it's not my place to deprogram them. If they're happy in it, it's no different than those who are happy in a television world where the regular soaps come on and keep them feeling comfortable, everything is normal, even though all hell could be breaking loose outside of them. As Gandhi said, "Christianity's all very well…I'd like to meet a Christian."  Think about it. Just think about it, because you don't see much today and they're all ready to kill each other over minor differences, and it's all exoteric differences because they don't understand the inner.

I always say too, if there was a Jesus Christ to come back tomorrow, they'd put him back on the cross again because he wouldn't fit in. They follow someone who supposedly stood up against a corrupt evil system, and because of it he was killed. Meanwhile, these are the same characters with their suits and ties that go to church that are always voting for the same tyrants over and over again to stand for what they think is their system and their way of life.

Well, from Hamish and myself, from a snowy, windy Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your god or gods go with you.

Transcribed by Samantha.