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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February 6th, 2008. I'm late because I didn't get my call, make my call and that sometimes happens when you're doing these live shows. Now, newcomers should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and go through the material that's there. There's lots of material covering lots of different issues that all make up the big picture, the complete whole of our system, our reality and you'll find out there's a lot of organizations involved in making your reality, big powerful organizations, well funded. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu where you can download transcripts in the various languages of Europe.


To go back to what I was just saying there about the organizations that run what we think of as our system, I sometimes mention books to look into which show you how far back the big organizations go. When they raise their heads in fact and give us little clues and tell us where they want to bring the world – what kind of world they want to bring in. They admit in their own writings like this one here, "The Open Conspiracy," by H.G. Wells, who was a paid propagandist for the British establishment.


He tells you that they were going to create this new utopia and if you know how to read and if you're used to their way of writing, because there's always an exoteric for the general Joe who's glancing over it and a deeper meaning for those who have a bureaucratic type mind or a lawyer's mind, they can interpret the inner agenda through little phrases they use and little innuendos they make. Because the average Joe who has been trained since school not to do any critical thinking about things, just accept things; whereas those who are trained in logic and reasoning can catch on rather quickly to what Wells and others are really hinting at. They were talking about their utopia back at the beginning of the 1900's, a society that's really well behaved that all works toward this global society. A global system where there would be the abolition of private property. He redefines private property in fact in the book "The Open Conspiracy."  He redefines it into being really everyone's property but under the management of those who will be in charge of everyone, you might say, on your behalf. He goes through all of the animal rights, the insect rights and all kinds of different kinds of the rights of different lives of everything that lives on the planet and the greening and all the rest of it. You think it's all brand new. No, it's not new at all. This is an old agenda.


However, by the redefining of private property, there are obviously penalties on having permission to be a tenant. They really define ownership down to tenancy and you'll find what a tenant is. A tenant is someone who occupies, not an owner. Really, you're privileged if you think you own because really you're a tenant in the big global society; you're responsible to them for how you handle that property, what you do with it and so on, decided a long, long time ago at big meetings. One of the books I read by H.G. Wells when he met with the Fabian Society at a function, he mentions Lady Astor.


You'll find the Astor family was brought over from the States as a big connecting link for the Anglo-American establishment when they were setting up the world foundations to bring in this redefined socialist system. I say "redefined" because it was to be governed by the natural aristocracy – those that were already aristocrats and the better of them had the brains, you might say, the intelligentsia. They said that Lady Astor made a comment that they couldn't lose when she was asked if there was any opposition to this or what made them so confident they could pull off this whole system of global management. That was management of everything and everyone on the planet and she said, "no, we can't fail." She didn't go into the details of why and elaborate as to why they couldn't fail, but it was because she already knew that the big powers of that day, the financial powers, were already backing the system. It was all planned out.


Now remember, H.G. Wells was recruited by Sir Thomas Huxley, the grandfather of Aldous Huxley and Julian Huxley. Julian became the first CEO of UNICEF, but the grandfather was Sir Thomas Huxley (the best friend of Charles Darwin) who championed Darwinism and kept the whole ball rolling for evolution and therefore evolution became the main religion that's been pushed on the masses. If you believe in evolution then you believe that anything can be done to you to improve you because you're just an animal that's evolving along the way and so science takes over and those in charge of science will decide which way you evolve. That's how it's done. It's very, very simple.


Now the next part of the evolution, apart from taking us all the way to brain chips, et cetera, was written about by again The Futurist Society, the ones who give you predictive programming, back in the 1950's to do with genetic enhancement, further elaborated through these movies and even the Star Trek series. Genetic enhancement was to create composite people and to eliminate the bad genes from the sperm and the egg, male and female, and introduce healthy ones from other donors so you can make a composite person. Because the Borg that they're going to create to serve them you see, the Borg that will have no minds of their own, will be very efficient workers, the dream of Plato in "The Republic" basically.


This Borg must be very healthy too because you see it's an economic system nonetheless, this utopia, and you have to pull your weight. If money is going to be invested in you to create the perfect slave, then they don't want you breaking down and when you're sick with various things, especially what they're now calling hereditary diseases, which keeps expanding down to allergies and even temperaments you might say. They're going into this new form of "genetic enhancement" as it's called. It's much better.


It's a socially acceptable word, "enhancing," and this is from SFGate.com. It comes out of the Associated Press on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008.


            "Embryos Created With DNA from 3 People."


Alan:  Now this is just to get us used to the idea, which doesn't take much with the general public, and it says here:


            "February 5th, 2008.


            "British scientists say they have created human embryos containing DNA from two women and a man in a procedure that researchers hope might be used one day to produce embryos free of inherited diseases."


Alan:  Once again, they use the unfortunate ones to get a different agenda through.


            "Though the preliminary research has raised concerns about the possibility of genetically modified babies, the scientists say that the embryos are still only primarily the product of one man and one woman. "We are not trying to alter genes, we're just trying to swap a small proportion of the bad ones for some good ones," said Patrick Chinnery, a professor of neurogenetics at Newcastle University involved in the research. The research was presented at a scientific conference recently, but has not been published in a scientific journal. The process aims to create healthy embryos for couples to avoid passing on genes carrying diseases. The genes being replaced are the mitochondria, a cell's energy source, which are contained outside the nucleus in a normal female egg. Mistakes in the mitochondria's genetic code can result in serious diseases like muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, strokes and mental retardation."


Alan:  Now they're also expanding it because, as you notice, they've got an awful lot of children on drugs in school now under various categories when they create neologisms and create new diseases with the stroke of a pen. As I say, your personality type is also coming into this too. Are you easily managed? Do you question too much? Are you a problem in school? Do you have leadership capabilities? Because individuality, remember, even in Wells' great thesis, was a bad thing.


To continue:


            "In their research, Chinnery and colleagues used normal embryos created from one man and one woman that had defective mitochondria in the woman's egg. They then transplanted that embryo into an emptied egg donated from a second woman who had healthy mitochondria. The research is being funded by the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, a British charity."


Alan:  Now I've told you about these big charities and what their real functions are. It's like the cancer one. I don't know how much money has been thrown at cancer and yet we're coming down faster and faster with cancers and the public never catch on that these big front organizations are not there to serve you. They are on the one hand a placebo and on the other the money goes in to this kind of program here, where their actual object is to create new types of humans. That's what it's all about. That's where they get their funding, a lot of these scientists.


It says here:


            "Only trace amounts of a person's genes come from the mitochondria, and experts said it would be incorrect to say that the embryos have three parents."


Alan:  Yeah, really.


            "Most of the genes that make you who you are are inside the nucleus," Chinnery said. "We're not going anywhere near that."


Alan:  I'll add "yet" on this one. I'm sure it's been done already.


            "So far, 10 such embryos have been created, though they have not been allowed to develop for more than five days. Chinnery hoped that after further experiments in the next few years the process might be available to parents undergoing in-vitro fertilization."


Alan:  I'll be back with more of this after the following messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and just giving you an example as to how predictive programming is gradually let out to the public because this is really old stuff you see. They've been doing this for years and I've read similar research released 10, maybe even 15 years ago on this particular type of topic, but they reintroduce it as though it's brand new after they've put it on the shelves. It's all to get us used to the whole idea of being reengineered; "perfected," as they call it at the top, so we'll be nice happy people six-feet tall with the approved hair color and eyes all the rest of it and we won't have any of these nasty diseases because they really worry about you being sick. They really do worry about you, as they try and bring down the population numbers.


To continue with this article here. It says here:


            "Similar experiments have been conducted in animals in Japan, and has already led to the birth of healthy mice who had their mitochondria genes corrected."


Alan:  See, there's the word "corrected." You've been corrected, just like the drugs that are given to the supposed hyper children in school under a whole bunch of brand new terms that really can't be proved one way or another. They're just brand new diseases, just like the correcting the minds of those youngsters as they shrink their brains because they cannot have leadership qualities in people growing up, especially now as we go through the big, big changes. They want us all to be dumb and part of the masses. I know for one thing, if all this was done when I was small, I would not be talking like this today to you. I'd be drooling somewhere in a chair and playing on the internet in cartoon world. This is quite interesting.


It says:


            "A bill to allow the procedure to be regulated as a therapy for couples — once it is proven to work — is expected to be discussed in Britain's House of Commons in March."


Alan:  In other words, it's a done deal you see and that's how it's going ahead at quite a rapid pace. Now getting back to what's happening elsewhere in the world especially in the U.S. after the primaries and all the rest of it and the usual fake stuff that distracts the public for a while and I've watched this for years. I've watched the big movements of those who think they're awake being misled around in circles hoping that the lone gunman will ride into town and fix everything for them. "Fix it in time. Don't get any worse. Just stop everything now. Let me live until I'm retired and then die quietly in my bed and then change it. It doesn't matter once I'm dead." That's the average person's point of view. That's for those who are stuck in the fake world really of counter-intelligence in a sense, because this is much bigger than any one man can fix and it won't come from one man. It would come from open discussions across the whole planet with everyone involved – everyone involved to change the course that we're on. There's no other way that it could actually happen, unless enough at least of those who are completely awake make their voices heard simultaneously and really push for open debate about projects like this one I've just been reading from and get it all out in a public forum. That's the only way it could possibly happen.


That's why, again, if you go back to that book I mentioned by H.G. Wells, "The Open Conspiracy," he talks about the general public how they float along through their lives never questioning anything. They adapt into the world they've been born into. They don't wonder how it became that way. The culture they presently live in, they don't know how it's altering, who's altering it. They just go along with the flow and that is true. The big boys tell you a lot of truth because they've had centuries of studying the general public and managing them. You'll never wake up all of the public because most of them are quite content as long as the guys in black aren’t knocking on their doors or dragging them off to some gulag somewhere. They're quite content with the way things are and they will pay and pay and pay every fee and tax that comes along, as long as they can still do their little things that they habitually do on a day-to-day basis. It's a "me" generation that was fostered intentionally to break the old community spirit where people at least felt they were in touch with everyone else. What affected others would affect you and so you tended to stand up together. That's been pretty well destroyed by the creation of the "me" generation. Very deliberate, very methodical, very successful; therefore as I say the politic sham that we have won't change things, even if some Martian came in here from outer space and got elected and was not on the payroll of someone else they'd have to kill him because this agenda will not stop for one person. It won't happen.


The incredible power and money and organizations and thousands of bureaucrats working at this agenda, just look into the United Nations alone. Look into all your own bodies within your own federal governments that are associated with the United Nations working in tandem with them. It's staggering. You can't keep up with it. It's too big. That is the real government. It's here already. It's here already and they are not responsible to the general public or answerable to them in any way at all. That's the truth of the matter. We've got to wake up to that reality. I'll be back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and yes, it's bad news. It's bad news when our illusions are often shattered and when we put hope in things that we're not really involved in. I mean how can you be involved in politics? We've watched it our whole lives. Our parents watched it their whole lives. Our grandparents watched it, while this massive agenda that was already on the go a hundred years ago marched on with its statistics and its scientific investigations and all the funding, it kept going into certain areas. All the telltale signs were there. The footprints were there and it's rampaging ahead at the moment in fact and here we are, under pretty well basically martial law the world over, and people still think they can go back to 1950 or some "Leave it to Beaver," "Little House on the Prairie" generation. It won't happen.


We're on a roll and we've been given no say into where we want to go whatsoever. It's all been decided for us long ago and that's the shock we need. We have to get the shock into us to wake us, truly wake us up past all the illusions and the fronts and the diversions that we're traditionally given generation by generation. We've got to sit down and really talk in earnest to everyone we know about what life is and the value of life, and do we have the right and say of the direction we can go, rather than let others, you know "our betters," do it all for us and just dictate to us down below. Because we know where it's going if we leave it to the guys at the top. We know where it's going. We know it's interfacing with computers. We know it's a Borg world ultimately and at the moment, here we are, supposedly just meant to walk into it and enjoy ourselves. Play inside a cartoon world while others manipulate your body and give you different work to do. You won't even know what you're actually doing. You'll think you're in some sort of game or some lovely cartoon world with lovely trees and everything or a beach or in the sea. Meanwhile, your body is doing manual labor because you're programmed to do it. You won't know and that's where they're taking you, but they've got to get fit healthy animals (that's us) because then we'll be very cost effective. They don't want us being sick. That detracts from profit.


Now, I'm going to go to callers now and I think we've got Daniel from California. Are you there, Daniel? Hello.


Daniel:  Hello.Hey, what's going on Alan? How you been?


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Daniel:  You know I've been noticing. I like to listen to a lot of radio shows, even the conservative, liberals, everybody, NPR, Michael Savage. You know I've been noticing a lot on some of them, especially on Savage, they're getting a hint that something is wrong.


Alan:  Well, my goodness. It's a delayed reaction. What it might show you is they need some genetic enhancement.


Daniel:  Oh yes. Because I was just listening on the way home from work one day and he was on there. He had a fellow on there talking about "we can all sense there is something on, we just can't put our finger on it."And I was thinking to myself, come on, man, it's right in front of you. Open up your eyes. There's more at work here than you realize.


Alan:  Here they are, they're connecting all your main internet servers together through main routing systems so that the NSA can monitor each individual 24 hours a day. Here they are, reconnecting the cables over with India and the Middle East and so on, so they can get routed again through the NSA system more securely and to make it more efficient. We're being observed in everything that we do. They've announced in London that every vehicle that comes in and out of the city automatically has its licensed scanned by cameras and they will suss-out who you are in split seconds, every vehicle, millions of vehicles going in and out. This is incredible and you think you're going to get some kind of freedom out of all of this at the end?


Daniel:  Even his guest termed the phrase "New World Order," but he's like who knows what it is. He just kind of was like I know it's something. Call it what you will, he said, but there's something going on.


Alan:  At one time when guys in black uniforms strolled into countries in Europe everyone knew what they were and when they had machine guns at every bus depot, subways and so on, they had no problem realizing that these guys meant business and they were not your friends. Here they're training your children to grow up in a world where this is the norm and they're telling you it's because it's terrorism – we know what they mean by terrorism. "Terrorism" has been expanded to include everyone who does not think and agree along the lines of this authorized agenda of Brave New World policy. The Psychiatric Association and the Psychological Association have already defined us all as "mentally unfit," so we are all potential terrorists you see. That's what it all really means by it.


Daniel:  Even in my small town – I live out here in a very small town, less than 20,000 people, but I can see it. I see it more in the city next to me that's a quarter of a million people but in my little town I drive around and talk to people. I try to get a feel of what it's like and it's here too. It's kind of scary especially since I live in a small town. I mean I'm not going to run around afraid and lock my doors but I can see it and I try to – you know what I find? I'm Hispanic and I find that Mexicans are more open to the things that I tell them than are Americans and I mean Mexicans straight from the Motherland. Straight from over there that come here and they're like yeah. I think it's just that they've been dealing with the corruption down there for so long, why wouldn't it be true to them.


Alan:  Yes and they have more of an oral traditional history, whereas in the U.S. they're in la-la land with fiction where fiction and news is all mixed together with advertising and nothing is real in the American mind anymore.


Daniel:  I mean I've even gone to your transcript site and printed out shows in Spanish to hand out to people because I see them reacting more to it and being more open to it than we are.


Alan:  That's right. It's the same with people who grew up in the Soviet system. A lot of them are in contact with me and they can't believe that they're watching it all here and they're trying to tell people and they just don't want to hear it.


Daniel:  Yes, exactly. It's funny because you hear on some of these shows they interview Russian exiles and what not on some of the political shows and they have them on there and they're like, man, I see everything going around that happened in Russia around here and then they just kind of dodge the comment.


Alan:  It's too unthinkable. See, most people have given their minds and the responsibility of their mind over to the media. Brzezinski was quite correct. He said that shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves. They'll only be able to repeat what they've heard on the previous night's news because they expect the government and the media to do their thinking for them, their reasoning for them. That has happened with most people you understand.


Daniel:  Yes and it's funny because at my work just this last six months they put in a TV in our break room on CNN 24/7 and I'm thinking to myself, huh, paranoia, while at break.


Alan:  What a relaxing break.


Daniel:  It reminded me of George Orwell's "two-minute hate." Everybody breaks and watches TV.


Alan:  You couldn't get away from the television in 1984. Even your bedroom had it. You couldn't get away from Big Brother.


Daniel:  I'm sitting there eating my lunch and I'm looking up and I look around at everybody and everybody's head is up. Everybody's head is up just glued.


Alan:  That's right. It's hypnotic too of course. We know that and it's the greatest tool ever devised. If they made the public take it they'd be suspicious, but they give us flashy televisions and keep upgrading them and we buy them. Therefore, we think it's quite innocent. We’re buying it so it's safe.


Daniel:  Like I said, I see it in my small town and it's just very disheartening. I walk around going man – I just inform who I can who will listen to me, because most people like you say will get a knife out and kill you to keep their little peace of mind in their head and would run away. But it's funny. I keep telling people just wait until it comes to your door. Right now you're not worried about the boogeyman over there, but when he comes and knocks at your door you will be scared.


Alan:  Most folk will never be able to handle the truth. Most folk will not and that's something I've always known, so just expend your energy on the ones that you can teach. That's what you have to do.


Daniel:  Yes, I know and that's what I've done. I've got a buddy at work. He opened up. He listens to your stuff. I gave him a disc of a lot of your shows and he's like, man, I love what this guy says, but he just shakes his head. He said I can't get my mind across that so many things are connected, and I was like, well, you can follow the trail. Read the books. That's what I tell him. Just like you say, read the books. Pick them up. They're right there.


Alan:  That's right and just look into the United Nations and look at all of the non-governmental organization affiliates registered with it. These organizations affect every facet of your life, your wife's life and the children's lives, every facet.


Daniel:  Well thanks Alan. It was a pleasure talking to you once again.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got Harley from Michigan.


Harley:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello Harley.


Harley:  Hey, Alan. How are you doing this evening?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Harley:  Good. Hey, I wanted to kind of comment on – actually a comment and actually one question, what you were talking about early on. I see the perfect slaves as getting ready to come to form, to eliminate the argument between the two sexes and they are really working on getting the perfect slave. It also plays into what you're talking about. I keep telling people you're living in a mirage in the politics because politics is nothing. It's a mirage. It's a façade. It's like I said the other night before and to the last caller I can sympathize with him because a lot of times – I work by myself and I actually enjoy working by myself because I have time to think. When I think about when people they say this is the land of the free and home of the brave, I wanted to say, no, this is the land of naïve and the home of the slaves because you guys you love your bread and wine and circus too much and you don’t see. When you see the nice man with the candy and you're taking it from him like a child, but you don't know he's slipping certain things into the candy to make you be delirious and delusional.


My question I wanted to ask you is that I remember on Red Ice you did an interview on Red Ice and you talked about Hillary and you called her "HILL-AR-Y" and you had already predicted – I'm not going to quote you verbatim, I don't quite remember, but you predicted that she will be the next president and I told everybody. I kept looking at certain things. I have some clips on her about the UN. She presented an award to Walter Cronkite for the UN and just after your talk I got documentation on that called "The UN Deception." Boy, I really see this thing really coming to this opening up, I should say, and my question to you. Do you still think that even though the agenda will still go through, do you think she will be the one to push the agenda?  I'm going to hang up and listen to your comment. Have a good night, Alan.


Alan:  You too.  I've watched down through history. If you look at history you'll find some of the bloodiest periods we've ever had is when a woman is put in apparent charge. I say apparent because it's an occultic thing with them when they put in the female. Even old Queen Victoria went through one of the bloodiest phases in the British histories. It slaughtered its way across the world and plundered it and you'll find the same with Bloody Mary and a whole bunch of characters in history. It's almost like an ancient tradition where they put the female in charge who's unforgiving, unforgiving and perhaps tremendously vindictive with it too, and it's very, very possible they'll put her in at the right time. I mean, to be honest you, it's an odd thing for an outsider to look at how the U.S. works and to see someone whose main claim to fame was to be the wife of a president. That's all it takes really to get in there, although she was involved in some supposedly far-left organizations that you find were still run by the Rockefellers and the rest of these globalists. There are no left or right. It's just two arms or two wings of the same bird. We are herded by left and right generally, but it was too much fanfare made about her given her background and it tells you that she has been groomed for a particular job as at a specific time.


I noticed even when they launched this big occultic ceremony to the world, and that was the Waco burning, when they burned down the people and killed them all at Waco, it was Janet Reno they put in for that particular era. That was like a religious festival time, you might say, for the high ones to do that. It wasn't done by mistake. They put her in for that particular phase. They tend to put the female in when they give you the bloody phase. Even in ancient Greece it was similar. They had ceremonies there where women would often, when worshiping Demeter (Roman Ceres), they would offer their first-born and that was tradition with them. They would kill their first-born and that was supposedly the old mother goddess days. It's a tradition. It's a tradition in the occult system. Very ancient system that's behind all of this and an occult tradition that also has data and archives of humanity and how to handle them; and as Plato said, "if you know the formulas and you know what you want to achieve, just look back, get the same formula and reintroduce it in the right sequence and the public will react the same way again."  That's how simple it is, so I wouldn't be surprised if they put her in at the right time. If she is elected into the top, then you know it's time to head for the hills and dig a deep cave somewhere and live there. Just live in the darkness. You'll be much happier and safer and if you can think for yourself you've got lots of things to occupy your mind and you don't need a lot of reading material.


Now we've got, who is it? Is it Israel in New Jersey?


Israel:  Hey, hi, Alan.


Alan:  How are you?


Israel:  It's an honor to speak to you. I just have a question about – well, I think it goes along the lines of the hermaphrodite agenda because I read that this phenyl-A is used in a lot of plastic products and it acts like an estrogen, I believe--


Alan: Yes, that's right.


Israel:  And when you microwave a lot of items, even the baby bottles that use hot water, it becomes more active and I just wanted to hear your ideas about that.


Alan:  There's no doubt. I've even got stuff I could have read tonight on it that's official. They admit this. They've been doing this since the '50's and then the plastic bottles and then with the particular heat they put on it, it does give off vast amounts of xenoestrogen which affects both male and female. It's intentional. Hang on. I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix into the last few minutes and we're talking to Israel in New Jersey and he's talking about the biphenyl, which is xenoestrogen that's released by these particular types of plastics, not just with microwaving, but with any heat at all applied to them and it's intentional. We find that Monsanto knew this back in the 1950's in different experiments they were doing. You can actually trace it back to the 1930's they knew this and they knew that it was introduced into babies basically it would definitely affect the hormonal actions of the male and the female and today we're seeing physical changes in the population. Since we're monitored like any livestock, a very precious livestock, believe you me, nothing is a surprise to the guys at the top. It means that everything is going as planned and it's all to bring down the population and it's working very well since 75 percent of the sperm count in the average male is down from the 1950's level, 75 percent, so we're 75 percent sterile according to the guys at the top; and it's not a crisis, so it's intentional. That's your clue right there.


Hello. Are you still there, Israel? Okay is John from Connecticut there?


John:  Yes. Can you hear me okay?


Alan:  Yes. Go ahead.


John:  Hi. I'm glad to be on your show. Just kind of woke up myself to all this New World Order stuff. I'm originally from Ireland and been over here about 20 years, but I read a book by Jim Marrs, "Rule By Secrecy."  That really kind of tipped me off that 9/11 happened. I just found out about you recently and I listen to your show. You mentioned something about Chile being the breadbasket of the world and all that in one of your previous shows and I just got back from Chile, Santiago and areas around there. I just wanted to mention one thing. There was no chemtrails whatsoever.


Alan:  No, there won't be. Chile was signed in under the Free Trade Negotiation before the NAFTA and it was discussed then that they would bring them up to be the breadbasket. Of course that meant obviously they were going to put out the American, the U.S. and Canadian farmers, which they've pretty well done.


John:  Right, but the whole place down there was really Americanized. I mean [Sentra] have built all the highways. It's got the tags. They've got the toll booths just like here and the rented car we had. Every two miles as you go into Santiago automatically with the things in the road, it sends the bill to you.


Alan:  We built up through the NAFTA and Free Trade Negotiations – all the infrastructure was built up by the taxpayer of the U.S. and Canada for Chile.


John:  Okay and one other quick kind of question that's been on my mind. Why did they build Ireland up at such a fast rate? It's so expensive I can't afford to go back there. What's the thing with Ireland do you think?


Alan:  Ireland seems to be very popular. You know yourself that the Russian mob moved in big time there and they get massive grants from the EU for their businesses to start up et cetera and it seems to me wherever the Russian mob go, they have to live in a certain standard of luxury that they're accustomed to and that's part of it there too. It's almost like setting up a future residence for them and it's a beautiful country. It's a beautiful country to live in if you can afford it as you say.


John:  Okay, Alan. I know time is tight. I'll call you another night and talk to you again. Thank you very much.


Alan:  Okay. Thanks for calling. Also, for tonight, people should look up ParallelNormal.com, Mark Baard, because he's going into the new method of inoculating HPV inoculation (Human Papilloma Virus) for females. It's a new tattoo they've come out with which they hope will be popular. I'll be back with more on Friday.


Now for Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)