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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February 11th, 2008. Newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download as many talks from the past concerning this great new world, new world, New World Order always becoming new and you can put all the little pieces together from all the different talks that I've given over the years. Also, look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu where you can download transcripts in the various languages of Europe.


I spent about a week just tossing over my mind all that I knew about something that's very old-fashioned because we live in a time of moral relativism. Everything is relative, nothing is really true – except of course what the big boys tell us to believe; that's political correctness then that must be true. However, everything else to do with society itself, anybody's opinion is as good as everyone else's opinion, then there's no right, wrong, up, down, good or bad really. The old Kabbalistic trick that there was no real good or bad, it's just a human judgment on events. For those that suffer from the event of something, those that would suffer called it bad. Those who profit or benefit call it good and that's basically the relativism of morality as we know it today, but it doesn't explain what's happening. It's not meant to explain. It's supposed to make you think that events just steamroll along and we evolve along this road of progress. Progress, a strange word that no one will truly define because we don't get in on the planning of the direction of progress. It's made for us and we simply are born into it and we adapt. We adapt to the big changes that exist in our lifetime, even though your parents are still adapting to the changes because it happened during their lifetime and they haven't quite caught up yet.


The young adapt very quickly, immediately in fact. It must be normal—it exists. Everything is free. It must be normal. You can download whatever you want. It's all free, free, free and the parents of course know better. They're generally paying for something or other that pays for all of it ultimately and we do pay for it all eventually. There's no escape from that. That's a law in life itself. You pay for everything in one way or another. However, the young don't know and they're being taught moral relativity in school mandated from those who control the world. They make sure they always grab the minds of the very, very young. They're like blank slates and they can put in the initial indoctrination.


It's like giving you your own Plato's Cave. You're born into that cave in that particular generation and everything you're taught or you experience outside of that cave as you grow up, you run back into the cave with it to find where it fits. It must fit with that which has already been indoctrinated into you, even if you have to mush it up and squash it to make it fit and that's how simple it is. A very old, old technique known thousands of years ago by various priesthoods – grab the minds of the young, then you can create any kind of being you want them to be. However, as I say, we're not simply progressing willy-nilly along some stumbling zigzag road. We're going generation by generation into the mouth of hell and I'm not exaggerating. I'll be back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix and just simply going through what's on the other side of the mouth of hell because we're going into it so quickly now we're actually past the lips you might say and we're going that old deep throat there and they're progressing so quickly. When you see how fast everything is moving, we’re in such flux, such flux of horror really, which is now normal. Torture is normal. Everything is normal and we see the sacrificial lambs being tossed up to the public to sacrifice for the sins of the past, including those at Guantanamo Bay where they've been through torture and all the rest of it. They'll be set up by the military in the military trial to take the can for supposedly masterminding 9/11 and all that came out of it. Yet people forget, because they have no memory, that not so long ago there were show trials during the Cold War in both Russia and China where they'd have the 'gang of three' and the 'gang of four' who would admit to everything, just like George Orwell's "1984."  They'd come out and admit publicly in front of thousands of people that they went out and had prostitutes and let the party down and contracted syphilis and all these ridiculous things, and the public would believe it.


You'd agree to anything after torture and mind control and you might even believe it yourself if you go through that. What gets me is the fact that there's no problem today in finding the brutes that do the water torture and the burning and all the other parts of the medieval practice where they used to do it with old ladies before they burned them as witches. Now it's all authorized by a scientifically led establishment of progress. Pretty disgusting.


Now I've got Vic from Outlaw here on the line. Where's Outlaw? Hello.


Vic:  What's going on Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Vic:  You have detailed like no other. You know certain stuff like how the CIA wrote the '60s songs, "Baby" and "Walk Like A Man" to disrespect the population. How did you get that? Is that intuition or do you have an inside source?


Alan:  I knew it just growing up. As soon as I heard them it was so strange and obvious to me, not just the characters who sang who were becoming skinnier and skinnier and that was really the hermaphroditic agenda of course, but also what kind of man would sing in a soprano and tell his son to follow him?


Vic:  It's based on what you knew and then when they came on you realized the CIA was involved in that?


Alan:  The whole culture creation business has been led by the nose, like everything else in society is led by the nose, by those who control money and power. Even the whole greening project is coming down through corporations directed by those with multi-trillions. Culture is always promoted from the top and nothing really is allowed to come out from the bottom because it could upset the whole system that they've created, so they always direct the future and the only way you can truly create a new structure is to completely demolish the old structure, as the old Freemasons used to say, and the old structure was man, woman, child, family. That was the building block for the whole of society. All of that had to be eradicated, right down to even human bonding and emotional bonding was to be eradicated. Now they live for thrills. One thrill after another and that again is promulgated through all of the culture and the media industry.


Vic:  Absolutely. You inspire people to spread this information but if you're successful at doing so you say they're going to kill you, so it's kind of a contradictory scenario you're presenting though.


Alan:  It is, it is. However, we're at a stage now where we have no choice. We're going down the tubes fast anyway and we can tell that they're building up for a period of pandemics that they will release themselves and we're going to die off regardless. That's one thing, when you realize you're going to die one day anyway, you may as well be doing something useful with your life and especially there's no greater task in life than combating utter evil.


Vic:  Valor. Why do they let you live, do you think, because they got Cooper. They framed Springmeier. You must have some kind of security.


Alan:  I think really it's just the fact that if I stay on the basic facts – you don't have to go off into fantasy and adapt it to people who wear crocodile shoes. You can simply use the facts as they have published them themselves and legally – they're very legalistic at the top you understand.


Vic:  But I think you said they already tried to intimidate you and they dropped whatever down your chimney. Why is it they are not successful in doing whatever because it seems like if they want to get some of it done they get it done?


Alan:  Well, either that or I've got some power they don't know about or even perhaps I'm not sure about myself.


Vic:  There you go.


Alan:  I think there's more to all of this than just what meets the eye. In fact I know there is, but that's not too popular these days.


Vic:  Interesting. Do you have any advice about how one can escape specifically? I heard you tell people you can't give away all the places but some of us need a little assistance because everybody around us they don't believe us and what not so it's very difficult.


Alan:  The only thing you can really do – I mean some people write to me and say I want to go somewhere where there's medical practitioners and I want dentists and I tell them to stay where they are. The best thing to do is to look for certain third-world countries. It's not hard to see where the development is taking place, where it's scheduled to take place and where it will eventually catch up to where we are.


Vic:  I think I heard you say maybe Spain or northern India.


Alan:  Those places will be the last for them to reach and they don't have the great plans for them that they do here, because everyone everywhere else is going to be an utter living hell.


Vic:  I know.


Alan:  I'm not kidding about the hell part. I mean this is hell and I was looking through racking my brains to try and describe this thing even to myself and its completeness of power and sure enough, I know that the money boys are the economics brains behind it because economics is not the stuff they're taught at school at the bottom level. It's not basic accounting like Scrooge's employees with bookkeeping and balancing the books. True economics is to do with vast amounts of time and debt and how many generations it will take off to pay this part of the debt. How many people do you plan to have alive in the future to pay off a debt and all of that kind of stuff. Long term planning and it has to go hand-in-glove with all the other sciences especially sociology and anthropology. That's why the big boys pump so much money into these particular fields to study human behavior in different cultures.


Look at the common things they all have in common and then say these are the prime things to motivate. You can then use those drives that are instinctive to people and overload them, push them to the maximum and then you control the people, whether it's sex, food or everything or anything else. That's why they pump so much money into studying peoples and you should look into these particular sciences and look into who does fund them. You'd be astonished. It's the same old groups of foundations, you know the benevolent ones, the ones who are philanthropic in their designs for humanity as they say. It's also tied in with all different kinds of institutes and chartered societies from royalty and the bankers of course are always involved in it all.


That's how they work with us because we're all mammals and we're all born into a system that we adapt into, especially it's easy to happen when your parents don't know. They're already in flux. Their generation was under attack to destroy the old and so you allow more and more debauchery with each one and the youngsters think the debauchery is normal. In fact they're taught at school it's normal. That guarantees they have no ability to bond for any length of time. When you're not bonded to anyone and you do grow out of the teenage years, very important. See, teenagers are a group people. They're not individuals yet. They think they are. They're taught they are, but they want to belong to the big group. Once they're competing in the world they start to develop their individuality and a little bit of maturity and wisdom, but up until then they belong to the big group so they're easy to manipulate. They accept everything that is as some kind of paradise, especially nowadays when you can satiate any sense that you wish and it's all free. However, we pay for everything as I said at beginning of the show and we'll pay big time for what's coming up in the very near future when the actual bill for all this comes in.


Now the United Nations was set up again as this big blue organization, the Blue Lodge, you know, out in the open supposedly, to help people to stop fighting each other, supposedly, at least to the public. If you go into their books when they set it up, you'll find that they set it up to be a world government to take over and not just to be an independent government or even interwoven with the public. It was to be a sort of dominator factor because it's not run on democracy at all. It would be run on the sciences, the sciences based on evolution and again funded by the big boys that control the economic system.


The United Nations said that China is to be the model state for the world to copy, to follow, to emulate; modern China. This is an article going back to August 11th, 2007 from the "Old-Thinker News".  Now this is their model for the world, right?


            "China to issue RFID imbedded ID cards. Contains your work history, your religion, police record, reproductive history is all to be tracked - by Daniel Taylor as reported initially in the New York Times." 


I'll be back to read more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, just showing you this particular part of the agenda, what's happening in China. The whole agenda being promoted of course by the United Nations and the big monied powers that run the United Nations and put all the top guys in their positions, just like they do with politicians and everything else across the world. This is from the "Old-Thinker News," August 11th, 2007 by Daniel Taylor.


It says:


            "China is set to begin issuing computerized RFID enabled identification cards to 12.4 million people in the city of Shenzhen."


Alan:  Now it’s coming to a place near you.


            "Data on the chip will include not just the citizen’s name and address but also work history, educational background, religion, ethnicity, police record, medical insurance status and landlord’s phone number. Even personal reproductive history will be included, for enforcement of China’s controversial “one child” policy. Plans are being studied to add credit histories, subway travel payments and small purchases charged to the card." In 2006 China's Ministry of Public Security…"


Alan:  See, they have a Ministry of Public Security, just like safety, same thing.


            "…announced plans to issue 1.3 billion cards utilizing RFID technology. The vice president for investor relations at China Public Security Technology, Michael Lin states that, “If they do not get the permanent card, they cannot live here, they cannot get government benefits, and that is a way for the government to control the population in the future.”


Alan:  That's right out of what Bertrand Russell talked about back in the '40's and '50's when he said that eventually the public would be issued forms of credits and if you don't toe the line, if you're socially inappropriate, they'll withdraw your credits and you can't pay your rent or buy food and all the rest of it. So here you are, the card of course is the technique that's to bring all of this in and this card is the same as everyone else's card, British, U.S., Canadian, it's all the same. Same companies that make them and there's room in them for all your purchases in the future. That's going to be a bank card as well.


To continue with this article:


            "The New York Times also quotes Robin Huang, the chief operating officer of China Public Security as stating, “We have a very good relationship with U.S. companies like I.B.M., Cisco, H.P., Dell,.", “All of these U.S. companies work with us to build our system together.”


Alan:  Right off a PR little logo there, obviously.


            "Similar statements to those coming from China Public Security have come from Britain and the United States regarding plans to issue RFID enabled cards in the two countries. As the UK Daily Mail reports, "James Hall, the official in charge of the supposedly-voluntary scheme…"


Alan:  Oh boy, I love how they do it.


            "…said the Government would allow people to opt out - but in return they must "forgo the ability" to have a travel document."


Alan:  You see, you won't be able to work either and that's the other big stick. You're coerced into this as they always do. It's done by coercion.


            "The Real ID Act, signed into law in 2005 in the United States, is a "voluntary" program…"


Alan:  Voluntary.


            "…in which states will follow federal standards on drivers licenses. If individuals choose to not accept the card, they lose the ability to board a plane, open a bank account, or enter a federal building."


Alan:  Ha-ha.


            "…Biometric information such as fingerprints and retinal scans are required on the cards. Also included in the Real ID legislation is the requirement for "Machine readable technology." While RFID is not specifically mentioned, the trend is towards the use of the technology, as American passports have been recently RFID enabled. Homeland Security has warned states not to reject the "voluntary" cards."


Alan:  So you've got Homeland Security warning the states. How can you warn something that's supposed to be voluntary? Here's the big stick, big blackmail.


            "Computerworld reports, "Despite the criticism, the DHS continues to insist that the law be implemented on schedule. " I think residents of states that choose not to comply are going to be displeased with their leadership's decision when we get closer to full implementation," a DHS spokesman said. "They'll no longer be able do certain things that carriers of state-issued drivers licenses take for granted today."


Alan:  You won't be able to even travel. You see what all of this is coming down to and meanwhile Hollywood and that awful thing they call the news media has you concentrating on utter trivia and what's happening with the bimbos in Hollywood and their little love lives. It's astounding, astounding that people will be attracted to a little scandal of sex as though nothing on the planet had had sex before. The insects do it without getting taught. Everything is having sex, but no, we focus in on some little situation in Hollywood while this kind of stuff is rammed down out throats and will be enforced by boys in black uniforms with all kinds of fancy scientific gadgets to electrocute you, blind you, to torture you and all that kind of stuff. You know this stuff they've grown up watching on television the winners use and the guys in black uniforms. The winner types, that's what they want to be. Now they are, they have that power, but we're concentrating on utter, utter trivia – how about mind control.


You know I was thinking about the old stuff that they used to do with the rats, sticking wires in their brains into the area where the sexual sensations all occur, the limbic system, and how eventually the rat wouldn't even eat. It would continue pulling that lever for stimulation, constant masturbation, as it was dying. It wouldn't even eat or drink water. Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, just going through some of the wonderful horror stories that have been out there and are still out there as we rush on towards this road of progress, this preplanned hell that's going to be a small group's utopia. We’ll all be in hell at the bottom. At the moment we don't know we're in it. We think we've never had it so good with all this credit and entertainment. There's more entertainment filling the minds of the general public probably 90 percent of the time than anything of fact. There's no fact in their minds anymore. They live and daydream entertainment all day long every day and that's what they talk about. Entertainment itself is nothing but predictive programming and as Plato pretty well said, "monkey see, monkey do."  We mimic what we see. We mimic the behavior, the fashions. We adjust to the new neologisms they throw out there, the new words, and we parrot them too. "Monkey see, monkey do."  Old techniques of culture control and why change it when it works so well?


Now we've got Tim from Indiana on the line. Are you there, Tim?


Tim:  Yes, I'm here man. Hey, I just want to thank you man for everything you do. I bought your books and just like you said, I mean they're not like normal books. They really get you thinking about a lot of things and gets you seeing some stuff. But tonight I just want to call in, just a couple of observations that I noticed like the last couple of weeks. I'm not into politics. I think the caller a couple of weeks ago said he's done voting and the guy too based on just all the rhetoric that goes on with things. But I was watching TV and Obama he's got this logo and it's just funny because it looks like a giant 0 cut in half and it's spaced over the end of the flag, but if you look at it, it's like a giant eye coming over the Americans or whatever, but it's funny I just saw that. It's like man that's just so blatant if you could see it and something and all these little signs of change, change, change.


Alan:  The logo now of course, the logo they've been pushing for a while, even in all the ads for years now is "change is good." Change is good and they don't explain to you what kind of change they're talking about. They're just getting you to parrot "change is good" and that's the main logo because we're not supposed to think about what change is and what will be the consequences of the particular changes. They're creating a flux in culture because they're on a roll now. We're in flux. We're fluid and when we're fluid we're not looking towards any particular ending personally at the bottom. The ones at the top can rush it ahead all the faster and that's why even a building today in a small town will probably last five years, ten years and they'll knock it down. They don't want you growing up with familiar places. They want it constantly changing so you have nothing to identify with and that creates a form of disassociation in your mind. It's well understood at the top.


Tim:  Yes, that's something. All right. Well yesterday it was weird. My fiancée we were driving down the road or we went up and we were just driving in the morning and I noticed like a lot of spraying like the last maybe two or three weeks just noticing. Yesterday, there was like nothing out there like the entire day. Like the entire day and I got a buddy of mine at work and he's kind of aware of things too. I can talk to him about some things and I told him about that yesterday and he went on break today. He went outside and he says, "well they started back up again, six trails today." I'm like man. I thought we had a break. I thought we were done. I don't think that's going to be the case.


Alan:  What you should notice too and what you should watch for is mood changes when the spraying is going on and when there's a break, because you'll find people get very nervous and agitated during the break and I think it's because there's a tranquillizer also in the spray. It's not just metallic particles for weather control. It's got many purposes and these guys always get the most for their buck. I think as you go through withdrawal when they stop spraying for a few days, people are getting agitated. They start spraying again, your blood level comes up, the dose comes up in your blood in a maintenance dose and you're back to feeling lethargic and calm.


Tim:  Yes, I was kind of on edge a little bit and anyway I just noticed that. I just wanted to get those two little points out there for you and I'll let somebody else get in because I know other people are out there listening.


Alan:  Yes, thanks for calling.


Tim:  All right, buddy, thanks.


Alan:  So much is going on as we live in OZ land, The Wizard of Oz land, and I was taking about China as the model state. We should take this very seriously because they're not kidding when they tell us this. These guys don't kid. They don't kid us on when they make these big proclamations that China would be the perfect model for the rest of the world to emulate. This is from the "Epoch Times," February 9th, 2008.


It says:


            "Human Right Crisis. Organ Transplantation and Organ Trafficking by Ana Lita, Ph.D.


            "Harry Wu, Executive Director of the Laogai Research Foundation with Mr. X who is keeping his identity secret to testify before the U.S. House of Representatives International Relations Committee and Government Reform and Oversight Committee in 1998…"


Alan:  That's when he first came across.


            "…Mr. X is a former Chinese prison official who witnessed the harvesting of organs from dead prisoners, testified on the sale of body parts by the Peoples Republic of China.


It says:


            "Progress in medical science and technology has contributed to the growth of kidney and other organ transplantations around the world. Nevertheless, the gap between the supply and demand for transplantable organs continues to widen. In Europe, for example, the average waiting time for transplantation averages about three years and is expected to lengthen to ten years by 2010. With 120,000 patients on chronic dialysis and 40,000 patients waiting in line for a kidney in Western Europe alone, about 15-30% of these patients will die annually because of organ shortages.


            Many patients engage in organ trafficking as a solution. Various criminals and other individuals have recognized organ shortages as an easy opportunity to pressure people from countries living in poverty into selling their organs. The potential for large profits underpins their interest: sellers of kidneys are paid approximately $2,500-3,000, while recipients pay anywhere from $100,000-200,000."


Alan:  For that same kidney.


            "On December 11, 2007, the IHEU-Appignani Center for Bioethics—co-sponsored by the U.N. Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women (OSAGI) and the Council of Europe—convened an expert panel discussion, "Intersecting Human Rights Crises: Organ Transplantation and Organ Trafficking." During the discussion, various ethical, medical, social and legal questions were raised. Speakers included representatives from the U.N., the Council of Europe, the Bioethics Center at the University of Pennsylvania, the Department of Transplant Surgery at New York University, as well as the Westchester Medical Department of Surgery and Transplantation. Those in attendance included students, journalists, professors, physicians, and interested others."


Alan:  I wonder who the "interested others" would be.


            "Organ trafficking and organ markets were discussed at length. Professor Art Caplan of the University of Pennsylvania made the point that Falun Gong group has long worried…"


Alan:  This is a religion in China.


            "…that its practitioners in prisons or labor camps in China have been being used as organ sources for rich transplant patients, domestic or foreign. An audience member talked about an independent investigation report from two Canadians, a former member of Canadian Parliament David Kilgour and a human rights attorney David Matas, on their findings on the allegation of Falun Gong practitioners being killed for their organs. These organs have been offered for transplantation to people who have been desperately seeking suitable organs and ready to buy. In the report, the two Canadians present the 33 kinds of evidence they have gathered so far, including various documents, witness testimonies and hospital phone calls in which Chinese hospitals admittedly acknowledged organs from Falun Gong practitioners were available."


Alan:  This is right from the hospital. You can phone in and they'll tell you.


            "…More information of this specific issue can be found on www.david-kilgour.com.  Rachel Mayanja, U.N. Special Advisor on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women, highlighted the critical importance of poverty to organ trafficking in her introductory remarks."


Alan:  The problem is you see this has gone further than that. They just rounded up another gang in India with a doctor who also lived in Canada and they were kidnapping people, low class labor types, no education, offering them jobs and then when they came to their work they'd kidnap them. They'd take them off to houses in the jungle and take a kidney out of them and then threaten them with death if they disclosed it to anyone else. A lot of these guys are starting to come forward now and they've identified what they thought was one of the ringleaders.


What you're seeing is a horror show. Once humanity and human beings are dethroned from the position of being sacred, that's the only reason we used to punish people who killed people, who murdered people because it was a big no-no. Big, big no-no. That gave us all some protection even from your own government to an extent. You had to go through all kinds of loops and hurdles if they wanted to kill you and it's all been knocked down again with moral relativity. What is life after all? What's a human being? You're just another animal. One of many animals on the planet and you don't have any more rights or less. Actually, we have less rights than the rest of the animals. They have protection rights. We don't even have that under the Earth Charter.


We've plummeted, plummeted like Prometheus falling from very high places and it's all been championed by front groups, non-governmental organizations that are paid for promoting radical change. That's the key term they use in order to get a grant from the very governments which they end up lobbying. This is all rigged, folks. Nothing happens by chance and these non-governmental organizations are paid big, big money, big money in order to lobby your governments who then come forward and say, "well, the people have spoken. We're passing this law or that law." It's so disgusting to watch this going on all the time and I know this for a fact. Even in the music industry because I was asked to play in a club once and it was in Toronto and it was called the Trojan Horse and I went in there and I sang a couple of songs and they said "can't you sing something more radical than that?" And I said, what do you mean by radical? "Revolutionary," they said, "We get paid, we get paid by the government to help radicalize society," and the same old groups where there – all the different factions supposedly representing women and every other things in between. That's how it's done. They're paid to lobby their own government by the government because we're living through an incredible agenda.


Now is Vince from Montana there? Hello.


Vince:  Terrific. Yes, I'm here. Your show is fantastic and I really enjoy listening to it. I learn something every time. Your topic tonight seems to be taking about change and change that they want to implement and I think that one of the big changes coming up is the challenge to the right of the people to keep and bear firearms. I think that's one thing they have to get out of the way before they can proceed any further.


Alan:  They've said that for years. Even the communist party as far back as the mid-1920's said that for American to be ultimately conquered they'd have to completely disarm it. You do know that written into the United Nations Charter on complete and permanent disarmament in a peaceful world, that includes of course all civilians and the U.S. signed that. You know that?


Vince:  Yes, I've seen that. I've seen that a long time ago. But this case that's coming up with the District of Columbia, I'm telling you I've been doing my research hard on this and this is a real rouse that's coming down the pipeline. Everybody better be ready for this one because the District of Columbia is under a completely different set of laws. It is not a state and it is under the Constitution, but they have – if you look in the official code, if you go off to the District of Columbia and they actually call it "The State of New Columbia."  That's the official name and if you look under the official code for the District of Columbia you'll see that there's a constitution imbedded within their law code. They have their own separate constitution. Now in that constitution they have what looks like a second amendment right imbedded that's identical to the one that's in the U.S. Constitution, but there's also if you look a little further there is a division 8, general laws, Title 49 military and it says, "the quartermaster general of the militia shall provided by rental or otherwise such armories for the national guard as may be allowed or directed by the commanding officer. He shall provide for each organization such lockers, closets, gun racks, cases and debts necessary for the care preservation safekeeping of the arms equipment uniform records and other militia property in their possession."


So in other words, they have this illusion that they have a second amendment in the D.C. constitution, which is not part of the U.S. Constitution, and then they have a separate provision in there for the keeping of arms by the quartermaster. Now the court is going to rule on this case in D.C. and they're going to use this as a smoke and mirrors to infer this on to the general ignorant population if they make ruling about the D.C. Constitution which has separate provision for the militia to store their arms that can't be inferred over to the several states.


Alan:  Yes, that's obvious but you know the intent anyway and you know the fact that they've been building up for an armed conflict with all of the general public for about 20 years now. They've been building up internal forces, which are really just the same as occupational forces, to take care of major strife which they predict is going to come when they start to make us pay more through the nose for everything and they bring what's left of this service economy down the tubes.


Vince:  As long as they keep the bread and circuses rolling I don't think anything is going to get the dead or any dead American people off their butt. I only thing they're afraid of two things. I think they're afraid of the upheaval they saw in the late '60's from the military draft--


Alan:  You're right with that. You're right with the fact that even those boys who are in right now were young guys, young advisers and civil servants in that time, Rumsfeld and all these characters and the Pearl's were all involved with that era and they vowed then that never again would the public start having protests and demonstrations about any war which they objected to and so you're right about that part of it. They've planned massive strategies to take care of that.


Vince:  But they've taken out the self-preservation element by eliminating the draft and going to other forms of prescription there. The other thing that they're very afraid of is what will happen with the general rebellion that would happen at the end of the Second Amendment and I mean this is really the last amendment that hasn't been challenged yet.


Alan:  It's been challenged. It's just that they haven't quite brought it through yet.


Vince:  This is the big one coming down the pike.


Alan:  Okay. Thanks for calling and I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and cutting through this rather bizarre but planned very, very well intellectually planned matrix that we're born into and trying to at least show some people the path through it and hopefully out of it.


Now I've got Robert from Canada on the line. Are you there, Robert?


Robert:  Yes Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Robert:  That's good. Just a couple of quick questions here, Alan. I was wondering what you think what is it about the New Age or native religions, Celtic religions that are catching people's ears and eyes these days and just kind of luring people in?


Alan:  That was planned again to bring in the New Age. The New Age is really—for the public, that is—they've rehashed very old religions. Now look at all those old religions. The New Age really is based on a form of Hinduism. You take the Indian culture. They even went back and tried the Druidism. They've brought all that up again and they've got very little to go to so they copied Tacitus' little statements about it. However, look at all those countries. They were all conquered. They were all conquered and put into slavery. That should be the first warning about the New Age. The New Age, it doesn't matter what name it goes under, transcendental meditation, there's a whole bunch of names – a thousand names of Isis. That's what they used to call it in Babylon and it tells you one thing mainly.


Apart from channeling your little demon into you, it also gets you to look away from everything that's unpleasant. Now if you don’t look at the unpleasant you are dead meat because that's your survival and preservation instincts that go down the drain and that's what they want to happen and so you're taught to look at the happy, happy, happy good stuff like a child, a friend of Peter Pan. The Peter Pan Syndrome, you don't want to grow up and somehow some big omnipotent daddy will take care of all the bad problems for you and that's what it's primarily intended to do. It's a form of creating a disassociative state where the real things in life don't matter anymore and you're easily managed. It's a form of very good, very effective mind control, under the guise of freeing you it enslaves you; and, as I say, look at all of the religions they've taken it from. Each one happened to be conquered totally and enslaved in the past.


Robert:  Okay. Also, just one more thing. I just wanted to comment on one of your blurbs from last year. You spoke about how we can see psychopathic tendencies in some of the politicians and leaders and scientists and whatnot, but you mentioned that we should look within ourselves too and see how different things that we do to other people and our relationship with people and society. Just look inward and see if we're doing some of the same things that we point out in some of the politicians and whatnot.


Alan:  Well, that's true. You see, the psychopaths run the top. The book, "Political Ponerology" is excellent on that. It's really just the question of evil and the psychopaths give the public, promote to the public, a psychopathic culture, so even if you're not psychopath you certainly will adopt a lot of their traits, except perhaps the final kill. You can become cruel to each other and you can manipulate each other. You're out for yourself, a dog-eat-dog system, but the psychopath himself will go the whole way including mass slaughter if need be to achieve his goal of power, so we adopt a psychopathic culture. We have to be very, very careful that we don't start doing the same thing within our own circle of friends or relatives and start to manipulate them for our own ends.


Robert:  Okay. Thank you, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Well, that's the music coming in, and for Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, where the temperature is plummeting, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)