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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February 13th, 2008. Newcomers I always ask to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com where you can download an awful lot of information on this very old system that's simply accelerating and I show you how it's all happening. I show you it's not just happenstance as we evolve along some strange track, but in fact it's been organized for an awful long time and the big boys at the top had their front men writing books about it in the past – books that are rapidly disappearing too, as they rush on towards the future. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu as well where you can find transcripts in the various tongues of Europe and you can download them, print them up and pass them to your friends.


We're on a roll, on a roll into this brave new scientific world where the elite hope to get safety for once and for all by having us pretty well brain deal. Mind you, just with all the indoctrination we've had and this incredible glut, this overfeeding, this massive fest of entertainment that we stuff ourselves on and get programmed along with it too, I'm not surprised that they haven't accomplished it already. They already have in a sense because most people don't really have an individual mind of their own. They only have their conditioning and they want to be the same as everyone else. Unfortunately, that's been pushed for the last 100-odd years to be the same, be the same, be the same, because about the 1700's they noticed that people were beginning to become for the first time individualistic in the 1700's and they didn't like that too much.


They knew it would be hard to control lots of individuals with their own mindsets and therefore they put mass movements on the go in the age of mass man where you had mass production and you had the Lenin for the masses and you had capitalism for the masses of the West, the mass man. Everything since then has been to create the new supercities because in cities everyone is pretty much the same. They all have to really, really scurry for a living and pay the massive rents and they're cramped together like animals, but they also are scared to stand out in a crowd. Even the ones who think they're rebelling with their spiky haircuts or no hair at all, or their tattoos or whatever, that's all given to them by the top. These are safe avenues where they're allowed to express something, but in reality it's guys at the top that give them even the venue to express themselves, so they're not being different at all.


They're simply taking one of the predetermined groups that they want to identify with and it's a sad thing because we're going into as I say this mass man mentality where everyone will be the same. "We’re all one" – kind of like the demons of old. You know they used to exorcise them and they'd say, "We are legion. We are one but we are many." They're all one and that's pretty well where we are today with the computer and when the chip comes along, all New Agers will have their wish. They'll all be one for the first time. The problem is they won't know anything about it; about anything. I'll be back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we are Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the next part of the agenda, which I knew years ago. In fact, I knew back in the '70's this was coming by little snippets that came out in newspapers and even watching various newspapers. They were mentioning this new phenomenon of people complaining that they had chips in their backs controlling them, in their spines generally. Now these characters were usually locked up in psychiatric hospitals and they claimed that while during in the military, usually, they had little operations done on them. Minor operations for their abscesses and things and they were never the same since, which tells me they were testing these things out long ago and that's why they're so certain they can pull all this off. They never give you something that's untried. They won't give you a Mark 1, 2, 3 and 4 version. They want to give you the full kit and caboodle, although they'll lie to you to get the first one done and that's what the VeriChip will actually be. They'll tell you it can only be read by a handheld scanner, have you debating all of that and meanwhile it's got enough space there to be tracked by satellite in fact, just like the prisoners I read last week.


Here's the next phase and this is from the "Daily Mail" in Britain and it's coming here too. Whatever Britain does we follow a few weeks later now. It used to be years, now it's weeks. It says here:


            "Every Pupil to be Numbered and Kept on Government Database for Life." This was put out by Mr. Bates. I guess he's the writer on this particular item and it says here and it's updated on the 13th of February 2008 so you should be able to find it. Daniel Bates and it says here:


            "The exam results and personal details of every 14-year-old in England are to be put on an electronic database for the rest of their lives."


Alan:  It's a life sentence.


            "Under Government plans…"


Alan:  Again, government plans. They never mention any of this when you vote these characters in, these two-faced liars we call politicians. They talk about the usual things, welfare, schooling, employment and so on, but they never mention amalgamation like the EU or the Unification of the Americas or GATT and NAFTA and all the other deals that they've done or anything like this – when they brand the animals they own. That's what a chip is you see and that's what the data is on you. They're collecting all the data on the animals on their herds that they own. That's what this is about. I'm kidding you not. That's what it is. Anyway:


            "Under government plans to be unveiled today, each pupil will be assigned a unique number which they will keep even after they leave school. Employers and colleges will be able to use this number to access students' records on the internet to check if they are telling the truth about their qualifications."


Alan:  Well, what about – why bother asking them? Punch the number in and it will read. Here's the farce of it.


            "It is hoped there will ultimately be a numbered database for every citizen aged over 14 years."


Alan:  Citizen, back in the citizen days of the French Revolution.


            "Last night, the Government denied the individual numbers would be linked to ID cards."


Alan:  Ah-ha, ah-ha. Government never lies, that's why you always vote politicians in, right?


            "But a furious coalition of teachers, parents, opposition MPs and human rights campaigners united to condemn the "Big Brother" policy."


Alan:  Here's where you'll get your spin when they pretend that there's an opposition to it.


            "They pointed to the Government's abysmal track record on keeping data safe and warned the personal details of millions could be compromised."


Alan:  See, right away they've got you off. Instead of giving you the complete opposite argument, like we shouldn't have it all for any reason, they go off and say it could be stolen. The information could be stolen and hacked. You see that's what fake oppositions are all about. These guys set up the chessboard. They own both players. You see there's really one player. They're playing both sides and the public watch it thinking there's two sides actively going at it and nothing is further from the truth.


            "The new database will be made up of Unique Learner Numbers (ULN) which work in the same way as the current Unique Pupil Number (UPN). The crucial difference, however, is that the UPN is discarded when the individual leaves school. The new ULN will not be and will let Government agencies track them until they retire."


Alan:  All through your life.


            "It will be compulsory for every 14-year-old to have one."


Alan:  Compulsory. Is that what you vote governments in for? Do you ever think about why you really vote at all? And since they're off on a different tangent, they serve the corporations and the corporations are made up of just the lackey men of the big banking boys who own the planet, coupled with the royalty – the very old families that run the planet.


            "Margaret Morrisey, of the National Association of Parent Teacher Associations, said the plans would horrify parents."


Alan:  No kidding.


            "She said…"


Alan:  Well, actually I don't really agree with that. Most won't really care. In this day and age they're too busy playing themselves, if they have actually parents anymore.


            "She said: "I suspect there will not be more than two parents in the land who would have faith in the Government that this information will be secure." John Dunford, General Secretary of the…"


Alan:  Now it's nothing to do with security. See again they're going into the security of it. That's the argument: will it be secure?


            "John Dunford, General Secretary of the Association for School and College Leaders, said: "Given the track record of Government IT disasters and the possibility that all these children's record will end up in Iowa, this is a worry."


Alan:  Because lately they've been telling you about all this stuff that the government had on millions of people that went missing.


            "The new database will let students build up a record of exam results across their whole school career. It will be known as the MIAP, or Managing Information Across Partners…"


Alan:  Across partners?


"…and will have two passwords. Students will have one password to access the records themselves and could give another to employers or colleges to have a restricted view of the records."


Alan:  Oh, like sure.


            "When the scheme was first proposed in 2003, education secretary Charles Clarke said the ULN could be cross-referenced with, or the same as, the number on individual ID cards."


Alan:  In other words, here it's going to link up together ID cards, chip, all the rest of it. You know, we're treated like children and I get so disgusted the way we're treated like children. They don't even make a really good in depth mystery on any of it. They just give us these silly parental type statements that you'd see from Little House on the Prairie.


            "Critics say the move is part of a general trend towards the Government computerising records and requiring departments to share information on ordinary citizens with each other. Information Commissioner Richard Thomas is said to be satisfied with the security for the new database."


Alan:  Of course he is. That's his job. He gets paid to say this.


            "But Shadow Schools Secretary…"


Alan:  They've got Shadow Schools Secretaries there; they might see "shadow people."


            "...Michael Gove said: "The Government has a terrible track record in managing complex IT programmes.  "Recent events have shown that sensitive personal data is not safe in ministers' hands. "There must be profound worries not just in terms of civil liberties but also in terms of the security of young people with a project like this." The Government is pressing ahead with the introduction of ULNs whilst awaiting the results of a security review into a separate planned database called ContactPoint, which would contain personal details of all 11million children in England."


Alan:  They'll grow up to be adults and be tracked all their lives.


            "The ContactPoint review was ordered last year after Her Majesty's Revenue…"


Alan:  See, everything in Britain is Her Majesty's. They say it's the home of democracy but every cop and postman swears allegiance to Her Majesty.


            "…Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs lost two computers discs containing the personal details of 25million people."


Alan:  It will be very, very secure.


            "A slew of data breaches has since followed including the disappearance of 3million learner driver details from Iowa in the US."


Alan:  This is all leading to the chip you understand. That's why they're all going missing, if they have gone missing in fact. It's just to get us all thinking "oh my goodness. We've got to have something more secure than that," and voila, just like the school shootings, you'll get a chip. It will be made to order you see, right at the right time.


            "A spokeswoman for MIAP, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Learning and Skills Council, said any plans to link the ULN to ID cards had been shelved."


Alan:  That means it's not been dismissed. It means now they've got you used to the idea. They'll put it quietly away for about six months.


            "A spokesman for the Department for Universities, Innovation and Skills said the aim of MIAP was to give students an online "record of achievement" they could show to universities or employers. He said: "MIAP is supposed to be a simple record of learning which someone can use to apply to a higher education course or into the workplace."


Alan:  Of course this will be available for cops and everybody else too – like we're all a bunch of flaming idiots here. That's the sort of thing that's happening in the world as we all get merged together in this great global, I was going to say sheep pen, but it will be a pig sty, really, by the time they're finished with it. We'll all be happy little animals amusing ourselves as we all start to lose consciousness indeed, for the few that still retain it, that is.


We're living under a scientific dictatorship, at least a dictatorship where they're dictators, an oligarchy who simply are the paid henchmen of the ones who own the money and the resources – resources which are passing into fewer and fewer hands all the time. The resources across the entire planet are going into fewer and fewer and fewer hands until you'll find the real owner eventually, the Numero Uno, and we'll all serve the world state, and, believe you me, they don't have a happy existence planned for us. They don't what us sitting just playing as we're doing now. We're lost in space staring at that silly screen and getting square eyes. They want an efficient work crew, not too many of you, but an efficient work crew and that's when they'll be satisfied, but you'll have no brain of your own. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and we have Drew from New York on the line. Are you there, Drew?


Drew:  Hi, Alan.


Alan:  How are you?


Drew:  Good. On your comment earlier about tattooing and how it's become this brainwashing phenomenon, it's crazy. It's everywhere now. It's on TV and of course I knew immediately it's coming from the top. People don't deface their bodies on their own. I don’t know if you saw it but last week there was a story in one of the British newspapers about this vaccination that they were doing that potentially was going to leave a tattoo.


Alan:  That was for the human papilloma virus.


Drew:  Right. I couldn't help but feel like this whole tattooing phenomenon is setting people up for something. You know clearly there are echoes from World War II and that kind of thing, but I'm wondering what is the tattooing really about?


Alan:  There's two things they can do with a tattoo. Now they claim of course that the more tissue they break or disturb or destroy the better they take or hold of the vaccine that they put in. In other words, the greater tissue damage they do the better the stuff takes. However, after reading about how they can actually draw circuits in on skin – you can draw a circuit you know on skin or they could stamp it on a skin as well, an actual functioning circuit, that gives me pause to think.


Drew:  What do you think the purpose of this tattooing fad is?


Alan:  The purpose of the tattoo is to get them used to having this supposedly new inoculation technique. It's not new at all. I mean they used it with the old smallpox where they scratched the skin but I think it's more nefarious as they get them used to it. They might even give them very trendy ID prints – circuit boards printed on their skin, very, very trendy ones. If you're low class you'll get the bronze. If you're wealthy you'll get the silver. If you're really wealthy you'll get the gold or the platinum. They'll give it snob appeal but it will actually be your circuit board and they already have weapons that they can train on anyone. With your ID they could train it on you and your circuit and you'll feel extreme pain somewhere in your body.


Drew:  I don't know if you saw, there was a chip that they showed on one story I saw, that imprinted on the chip was the emblem of NATO.


Alan:  The emblem of NATO, if you look at it very carefully, it's just a disguised swastika. It's a more modern version of the same thing.


Drew:  Right. I had one other question for you. A while back you had mentioned the music of Elton John and you were about to say something about Bernie Taupin who was his lyricist and I was just curious what you had to say about that because clearly his lyrics are very unusual and I was wondering what your take on that was.


Alan:  He is a good lyricist, there's no doubt about it, and John himself had classical training; but the way it works is the lyricist does it first. He gives the lyrics and then it's up to Elton John to come up with the music to match those particular lyrics. I mean it's a good combo the two of them and they've stayed fairly – I mean for all their in show business and all the other stuff that's going on there, they've kept fairly apolitical with most of their songs.


Drew:  I was just wondering though about Bernie Taupin in particular. I mean their music was very unusual for the time.


Alan:  It was ahead of its time, there's no doubt. Again, it's just the Futurist Society for authors where they get in on what's coming and this is what to promote if you want to get bestsellers and so on. It's the same in the music industry. They bring certain ones in. They give them the trends in the culture they want to have 10, 15 years down the road and you can start to promote it as far back as that.


Drew:  I mean I just thought the whole Elton John phenomenon in the '70's was just unbelievable. It was almost too good to be true. I mean it was like the new Beatles and I was wondering why are they promoting this guy like this? What is so special about him?


Alan:  I don't know. I don't know his background as far as his family goes, I mean they're pretty wealthy, I know that, and he has connections too. He's well connected.


Drew:  Right. He ended up being friends with Princess Di.


Alan:  Yes. Well thanks for calling in.


Drew:  Thanks.


Alan:  Okay. Now we've got Moe from Oregon. Are you there, Moe?


Moe:  Yes, Mr. Alan?


Alan:  Yes. It's Mohammed.


Moe:  Yes. Can you hear me good?


Alan:  Yes.


Moe:  Okay. I would like to have a few comments if it's possible. The first one is that my niece in Canada she's studying to be a lawyer very soon and she has been harassed by the Canadian police on three, four occasions. The first occasion was when they were driving they stopped them because they couldn't read her plates and because of the snow. You know when it snowed all the time in Canada and sometimes when you drive in the snow, so of course your back plates are going to be sometimes invisible. Because of that they stop her and they harass her so much and had searched her and I thought always that in Canada is much better than United States because recently in Ohio the lady was stripped searched in Cleveland and you know I thought that you guys are much better than us. It seems like you're not, either, so you guys pretty much look like us.


Alan:  It's the same culture worldwide. Hold on and we'll talk about this after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. We have Moe on the line from Oregon who was talking about an incident in Canada – see, it has nothing really to do with your driving plate being covered. It's the fact that every cop out there today has to please his boss. He's given a quota of tickets and things to bring in every week. It's almost like an industry; they have to bring the cash in and they start harassing the people. That's the reality of police. Police is nothing like what you see on TV, all the propaganda shows and the movies you watch where they're all after some vicious murder or pedophile. They're out there in the streets giving out tickets because that brings in thousands and millions of dollars a year to governments and it keeps the whole law industry going, in fact. It's an industry and we have a generation that's grown up who’ve been trained on video games designed for the military to desensitize them about killing and all the rest of it.


On these games you have guys dressed in black and the guys that win are their heroes, so they become their heroes and they're given the real toys and the real fancy cars with all the gadgets and they can boss the peasants around, you know all the "losers," as they call them the police force. Therefore we've got to realize we're going into a brutal stage that was designed to be this way a long time ago because they're going to get really, really brutal with the public when the public start to object about all the quick changes, the fast changes that are coming down the pike. Are you still there?


Moe:  Yes. Then the second thing I would like to bring to your attention is the tax rebate that they're going to give to every American and that is a bogus tax rebate. Is not real rebate because it's called rebate at once, so by the time 2008 when you will do your taxes in United States they take the $1,200 that they have given to you so even IRS.gov if you go or your listeners can go it will tell you rebate information and it says "rebate at once" so it's like cash at once.


Alan:  As the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away, you see.


Moe:  Exactly.


Alan:  And that's the name of the bankers and let's be honest. The money games and cons with governments are endless. They employ lots of psychopaths to think up these little tricks and the public don't think past the statement that they even read and they think they're doing well. You never win. It's not meant that you win when you're serving their system.


Moe:  Exactly. And there is a movie called "Right at Your Door."  It was censored in the United States for about one and half years. Only Canadian and European, Mexican could see this movie but this movie is now in United States at any Blockbuster, BestBuy or anywhere else. Please I request your listeners need to see this movie "Right at Your Door" because it shows us that toxic ash and marshal law in Los Angeles and terror hits home when a young couple is separated during a city wide attack on Los Angeles. The infrastructure is crippled and the air is raining on toxic agents and Lexi is trying to get to home her husband Brad before it's too late and this movie is recommended and I hope that everybody gets lessons of this movie. Thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we have Ken in Connecticut here. Are you there, Ken?


Vick:  Actually, it's Vick. I wanted to apologize if I disrespected you the last time I called. My intention was to show appreciation for your work and I think I came across like a prick and I'm sorry for that. It really is all about helping you spread your message in helping people survive and stop being deceived. Is there a place on the internet where you might recommend where people can go to meet others that are in the know?


Alan:  To be honest with you, the internet is a double-edged sword. I mean the military industrial complex gave it to us and made sure they put out the biggest sites out there to disinform everybody under the guise of telling the truth. You are in an information war, there's no doubt about it. It's a war for the mind. You can't rule the people without first getting their mind and that's what it's all about. It's hit and miss as to whose – many people get little bits of their own view of things depending on what their interest is. They don't see the overall picture. Some people are trying to get America back and they don't realize that in the '50's, '60's and '70's it was already gone, you just didn't notice it then; where are you going to take it back to? We haven't even discussed what kind of culture we'd even like ourselves if we could even have one of our own. It's never been given to the people. Whatever culture has been given has been a monetary debt system with national insurance numbers or social insurance numbers and all the rest of it and compulsory military to fight the rich men's wars. We've never had a system of our own and that's the brass tacks of everything.


Vick:  So if you find an oasis of people that know what we know and are willing to discuss it and get to the bottom of things and talk about everything you talk about, do you think that that's a danger to be involved in that?


Alan:  It's a danger unless you go through someone's complete site and see what their spin is, or if it's a particular area they want to take you. See, all energy is your energy and if you start using your energy in one limited part of it, you can be waylaid for years fighting for one part of a cause that doesn't have a chance, that doesn't have a snowflake's chance in hell of surviving.


Vick:  You said they generally round up all the people that know the agenda and are able communicators and what not and they're the first to go, correct?


Alan:  That's what Lenin talked about. He said that they had set out organizations before the revolution. They set them up. They had lots of members join them and particular ones that could be leaders after the revolution, they simply rounded them up. They had all the lists of their names and addresses and eliminated them and it's the same thing. Even on patriot radio, I remember Bo Gritz when he used to have his own shortwave radio show and he was telling people to phone in saying "you're all part of the militia and get a Garand rifle from the government" and he was collecting lists and addresses. Right after 9/11, he was on national television on the steps of the Congress going up there and he was asked who he thought blew up the buildings and he said, "it's probably those crazy shortwave patriot types that run around in camo and believe in black helicopters."  This is the man that led the patriot movement for years for a lot of people. This is the man that left the Pentagon saying that he left it with hip pocket orders.


Vick:  When you said there are maybe forces working in your favor that you don't know about, what did you mean, spiritually? Like I'd love to hear about what they are, can you tell me a little bit about the good side of the force?


Alan:  Well, the good side is something you have to break through yourself into and it truly does take a massive self-examination for your mind to start to comprehend things on a much, much bigger scale and not to be overwhelmed. If that doesn't happen, all that happens is that you'll be eaten by anger and you can't be eaten by anger. It's destructive. It's destroys you first and you're no use to anybody and so you have to go much, much higher and I think it comes to a person if you're ready for it, to be honest with you.


Vick:  But is that what you were insinuating when you said that maybe some things were working in your favor that you didn't know. It's another type of entity that's good?


Alan:  I think that whatever is running – I don't think it's running this world. I think we have choices in this world. I think that's a big part of it. I don't believe in predestination. That's what religion teaches you. "It's God will. They're going to nuke you. They're going to do this, they're going to roast you and then you go to heaven, maybe." I don't believe in that kind of old Demiurgos type deity that they gave us. That was for control purposes. I think any creator is way beyond the angry old man image and I think people have to come to it and I think it manifests in your own life. How do you treat people? Do you ever get that real empathy for others, even for people you don't know? You know suffering is going on, do you really feel it? Is it there? Is it real? Does it stay with you and regardless of your own life, is it worthwhile?


Vick:  One important thing and unfortunately that's why it seems to me the logical conclusion there is a benevolent force because of the suffering. That's my problem with it.


Alan:  That's right and we've got to accept the fact too there's lots of people all through the strata of society that truly don't give a damn about anyone else.


Vick:  The Rapper, M&M, meaning Master Mason, and the word Rap, meaning wrap it up – did they tell you that or is that conclusions based on how they generally operate?


Alan:  It’s conclusions plus hearing little jokes about it on mainstream radio and stuff. You start to get the lingo. You know what the little inside jokes are.


Vick:  Oh really. So if somebody heard it, they actually were pretty much insinuating that he was a Mason?


Alan:  You hear this all the time on mainstream if you know what you're listening to.


Vick:  Do you actually think that guy Marshall Mathers took an oath?


Alan:  I don't know, to be honest, about that particular one, but I do know that the religion that's run the world for ages has been in every town and village and it's called Freemasonry. It's across the world.


Vick:  And it's global?


Alan:  It's global.


Vick:  It almost seems like anybody who's global is really a freemason.


Alan:  You find the British troops went into India thinking they were the only freemasons, only to see lodges all over the place. They were already there.


Vick:  Also, it's counterintelligence that it's alien at the top of the pyramid but you told us it was demons. I mean how do we beat literal demons with glowing red eyes that levitate?


Alan:  I think you can fight any evil if there's a strength within yourself. If you know yourself I think you can come up against any evil and I think part of defeat is simply being afraid to begin with. Fear itself is our downfall.


Vick:  Thank you for talking to me and thank you for the inspiration. You're an exceptional person, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Vick:  Peace and love.


Alan:  Now I've got Megan from Pennsylvania. Are you there, Megan?


Megan: Yes I am. Alan, I'm glad he mentioned that levitating with the red eyes or people with red eyes because I do listen to your shows that other people interviewed you and I was going to ask you about that woman that floated down the steps and she had red eyes. What do you think that was?


Alan:  Well, even when it was happening I was the only person left standing. It was someone who was married to a famous producer in Hollywood and at that time she had bought a big place in Toronto and I was asked to go there just for a small get-together. It wasn't even a party really and I went there with a couple of people. One of them was from a well-known band in Britain, a famous band, and I was about the last person standing. I was going to walk home. Everybody else had gone to their beds. I was standing having a brandy, and yes I do occasionally drink a brandy, and just then she floated these Hollywood type wide stairs she had put in and literally floated and I watched it happen thinking, oh-oh, it's something they slipped in this drink or something. All that was running through my mind. I wasn't even panicking. I was just watching it, almost studying it, and she floated, she floated all the way up to me and mumbled a few things to me.


I'd seen that kind of face before, mind you. It really is a feeling to it as well as the look and then I declined her offer. I said that "not tonight Josephine" and she spun around on a top and floated all the way back up and I'm standing thinking about this and Keith the guy that had come with me, he got up. I thought he was sleeping in the corner and he said did I see something or did I hallucinate? I swore that female just floated down the stairs there. I said well thank goodness we've both shared the same hallucination because I wanted a witness and I never thought I would have one. These weird things to happen to you but I'm used to sort of paranormal stuff, although I don't push it into the New Age vector. I think it's beyond that. I think the New Age is a complete deception. However, the eyes definitely were almost – there was no pupils. It was like they were turned right back in her head and it was just pinky red and it's not something I like to see in the middle of night, mind you, if I was in my bed or something, but it certainly did happen.


Megan:  Do you think she was a demon?


Alan:  I knew she was involved in a high cult, I found out later, a high cult and she also had connections with Prince. You know the Prince that does all the weirdo stuff and pushes this sort of black side of the New Age, so I take that with a grain of salt, but she definitely was involved in some high cults from California, Los Angeles.


Megan:  Then you mentioned that you saw a shapeshifter, that you saw people do shapeshifting.


Alan:  You don't really see them shapeshift. What you'll see and this guy was a very high Mason and what you'll see is almost like superimposed features come upon them. You know it's not coming from their skin. It's almost like a second outer layer of kind of misty – you might say it's in your mind eye, as they used to say in ancient times. You see something. A child can feel things and say so-and-so doesn't feel right to me. It's kind of like that. You see something come over them. Sometimes you will see the pupils constricted, very, very tiny pupils if they get excited these particular people. Strangely enough, he was one of the guys at his age who could run. He did run with a massive ladder. It was a long ladder, 40-footer, heavy duty, in the middle of summer. He was in his 70's and he ran about 100 yards to the house to get them and run back, and when he stood up after putting them down, his mouth wasn't even open to breathe heavy. He had told me there was a tradeoff they get when they bring on an entity and that's part of it, they get this kind of strength.


Megan:  Oh wow. Okay, well thank you Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Megan:  Bye.


Alan:  It sounds really way out there, but there's far much more in this world that meets the eye and there's definitely evil. It's not the first Mason who told me and it wasn't the last either that told me the same high ritual when they go on the stage and take on an entity. That's what they used to call "perfect possession," when they get up to a high degree where the entity is at home with them and they're at home with entity. I think Malachi Martin used to talk about that kind of stuff, but Malachi brought so much of the old dogma from the church into it unfortunately, although his descriptions of these events were quite correct.


Now we've got Richard from Alabama. Are you there, Richard?


Richard:  Yes. I had a disturbing thought while I was listening to you about a half hour ago and I remember Bo Gritz. I remember I trusted Bo Gritz for a long time. I used to listen to his program. I thought it was nice and there have been a lot of programs like that on this network and Genesis but I have this spooky little feeling that even though I'm hearing the truth on this network and on Genesis I'm also hearing this kind of a confused logic. They both tend to lead us into dead ends. Like for instance this Ron Paul thing, everybody agrees that Ron Paul cannot possibly get in the debates.


Alan:  Hold on, Richard, because this is an important topic and we'll be back with you after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix and we have Richard from Alabama on the line talking about the patriot shows over the years. He's followed them and he's beginning to wonder if everything is on the up-and-up or are they being misled or diverted. Do you want to continue, Richard?


Richard:  Yes. It seems like you and Genesis give us schizophrenic advice. You tell us well Ron Paul must stick to the 'Arabs with box-cutter story' because he'll lose his congressional seat if he changes and he won't be on television anymore and he won't be able to debate anymore.


Alan:  I'll correct you there, though. I never, I never – I've told people what I thought about politics from the beginning and I've never pushed Ron Paul. Now I know the rest of them do and see it's purpose made for an American audience, the lone gunman rides into town, Clint Eastwood, cleans it all up for the people while they sit and munch their chips and what their favorite movies. That's the American mentality. It's scripted by Hollywood. It would only work that kind of scenario in the USA, so they give you the lone hero. Any change won't happen with a lone person. You know that, don't you?


Richard:  I just wanted to get your opinion. Does it seem to you that we're getting schizophrenic advice from patriot radio?


Alan:  I'd be very weary of all people on all radio. I've said it before. The big boys don't miss any opportunity to set up front movements and so on. It's up to the individual to decide by consistency and by their record. Do they stick to the same thing? Are they big enough to apologize if they make mistakes? That's another point too; or do they just go on to another topic? It's up to the individual listener. You understand?


Richard:  Well, there's no consistent answer to those questions.


Alan:  No and you'll get people from all walks of life who have their own little specialized field there too; and let's be honest too. It's all – I'm not – but it's all dressed up with economics too. They need money, advertising, all that kind of stuff. It's a business remember and without it you wouldn't have any of the patriot broadcasting at all, so you have to take all these factors into consideration and remember there are forces out there that will, as always, give you leaders and so on who will mislead. That's the history of the world.


Richard:  It does seem as if patriot radio could be easily shutdown by just disconnecting your telephones.


Alan:  It could be. It could be very easy or they'll simply make it politically correct. They'll tell you what are safe topics, which are not safe topics. That will come one day; there'll be orders from Pentagon. They're already working on it in fact, but thanks for calling.


Richard:  Okay, bye.


Alan:  Bye now. Now there's Kevin from Connecticut. Are you there?


Kevin:  Hey Alan, how are you tonight?


Alan:  Not bad. You have to be quick though.


Kevin:  I'll be real quick. I've heard a lot of people talking about the fact that the "big boys" as you call them are a couple of years behind in their plans--


Alan:  No.


Kevin:  Is there any truth to that?


Alan:  No. They're steamrolling ahead. What's happening today was planned years ago. What's happening tomorrow was also planned years ago. They're right on track.


Kevin:  Where did this whole concept come from, because I found that kind of intriguing?


Alan:  The plans you can actually read from the first revolutions onwards what kind of world they were going to bring in. Look at H.G. Wells' "Shape of Things to Come" for an idea. Okay?


Kevin:  That will give you a real good idea. Thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. From Hamish and myself, up in a cold Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god and your gods and definitely your common sense go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)