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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February 15th, 2008.


For those who just tuned in, I was on earlier. Actually an hour ago I finished the second hour and I was talking about sterilization that's now being advocated for young females. Something they're trying to get on the books, temporary of course, temporary sterilization; but you know, you know that nothing is temporary once they get something on the books because this was advocated in Britain of all places where everyone is dependent upon a national health system which is run by the government. Once they have you on something I'll guarantee you you'll have to apply to have it reversed, or you can't stop it or continue it by itself.


You can't trust these characters as far as you can throw them and by the size of them on the big fat salaries, that's not very far, so you have to start using your own common sense. It's time the common people used their common sense instead of trusting the experts, you know the big shepherds, the wolves in sheep's clothing that guide us down this terrible path that was planned a long time ago, where they want to annihilate all the "useless eaters." You know all those folk at the bottom they just don't fit into an updated mechanical or even electronic New World Order. We don't need all those laboring types any more with the low IQs and I'm not kidding. This is how they talk about us all and they want to start sterilizing people and getting us used to the idea of it; after all, the young girls are having a good time so what's wrong in just sterilizing them temporarily? Look into the Daily Mail report I mentioned on that previous show that I just finished an hour ago.


I also mentioned a book put out about Charles Darwin and the whole evolution theory nonsense by Ian Taylor. The full title of the book is "In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order," excellent book to read. Try and get at your library if you can or used or if it's not in print you could order it. I don't get anything for anything I advocate here at all. I don't get paid for what I do so people should realize that I live on selling my own books, which you can get on my website. You'll find it there to order or you can send donations to me. It's also on my website cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu my other site where you can get the languages of Europe which have basically transcribed all my different talks. At least not all of them, but they're catching up quickly and you can print them up and pass them around to your friends in the different languages of Europe. Quite a good way to get the message out because we're living in such a transient phase now. We're speeding up.


Nothing is still for a day – day to day being bombarded by a coordinated media like a coordinated barrage of information which is meant really to guide our thoughts. It's not our thoughts at all. It's their thoughts which become our thoughts and we work their plan into existence by accepting what the experts tell us step by step by step. It's pretty, pretty disgusting but it's also very perfected in its technique, been on the go for an awful long time.


In Australia they're trying to bring in an electronic form of basically sterilizing the males where someone with a remote on and off button like a doctors office can trigger you so that the sperm can come through or it won't come through the vas deferens. This is how far they're going with all of this and I guarantee you the people at the bottom will be told it's a good thing for them and they'll believe the experts again. It's always the same con job. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hello. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. I was talking in the last couple of hours while I filled in for John Stadtmiller about the sterilization amongst one of the topics, but really how the whole generation they're now targeting for sterilization was encouraged and so was the previous generation to do nothing but indulge in sex, sex, sex. That was highly promoted, heavily promoted really from the '60's onwards incessant from the top down, not from the bottom up. Everything comes from the top in culture creation to get the particular desired effects occurring within society so they can then present you with what they wanted all along – the solutions. The solutions they've written so much about to start bringing down the population of what they think of as useless eaters, those who simply won't fit in to a technological type New World Order, a Brave New World, all the laboring type classes that H.G. Wells spoke about in some of his various books fiction and non-fiction. They've trained children to put all of their information up on the internet because in this Brave New World everything about you and everyone else is supposed to be made available to the authority, the world authority. The world authority that's already here, just lurking behind the fronts but still remain the old fronts of governments of nations. The big authority is behind them all, set up waiting to go and all this stuff to do with telephones all going down then the internet going down and so on as cables get slashed and satellites even today getting revamped.


It's all to do with the National Security Agency piping all information through the same system, which will be theirs. They want the first dibs at all the info that's going around the world because we're living in an age where you'll be controlled completely from birth to death eventually by governmental authorities.


How are they training the children to do this?


They've trained them to forget all about privacy. They don't know what privacy means. This is an article from the Washington Post.com and it was written on January 24th. The title is:


            "In Cyberspace, Everyone Can Hear You Scream" by Marc Fisher.


Alan:  Now they say "the kid." Everywhere it's the kid and I refuse to go along with their dehumanizing neologisms. A kid is a young goat, which dehumanizes the child, so I'll replace it with the proper words.


            "The child knows no boundaries. But neither does the adult. The high school senior is so lost in a hyper-public YouTube world that he thinks nothing of forwarding a private phone call to the entire planet. The wife of the Fairfax County schools administrator the child called at home is understandably miffed about the invasion into her private sphere, yet she returns fire with a shockingly disproportionate blast of rage. Every once in a while, a story confronts us with just how deeply divided we are -- and how little we realize it. In Washington Post reporter, Michael Alison Chandler's, tale of how Lake Braddock Secondary School senior Devraj Kori called the chief operating officer of the Fairfax system to ask why schools weren't shut during last week's light snowfall, there are no good guys…"


Alan:  Meaning out there.


            "There is only a confrontation with the gulfs that separate digital children from analog parents and new concepts of community from old notions of responsibility. No one in a story like this sees himself as having done wrong. When Kori called administrator Dean Tistadt's home number to voice his opinion that school ought to be closed, he thought he was standing up for himself and his fellow students, just as adults often encourage children to do. The idea that he crossed a line by calling an adult's home is an alien concept to people who chronicle their every social encounter on Facebook or MySpace. We are the cellphone generation," Kori said. "We are used to being reached at all times."


            Or as one reader put it, "who has a home phone anymore?" Nor would someone who thinks like that pause before posting on YouTube the intemperate response he received to his adolescent plea for a snow day. Similarly, when Candy Tistadt returned Kori's call and left a message referring to the students her husband serves as "snotty-nosed little brats" and urged Kori to "Get over it…"


Alan:  She did call her kid.


            "…and go to school!" she could not have imagined that her righteous tirade would be enshrined on the Web and on Page One of The Washington Post. "It used to be you could have an inappropriate or rude conversation with someone, and it would stay private," says Ron McClain, director of the Parkmont School in the District and the parent of teenagers in the Montgomery County schools. "There's a much fuzzier line between public and private now. This is a case where the technology has outpaced our ability to cope with its effects. As parents, we're way behind."


            At home and at work, McClain says, he sees "boundaries dissolving. I send my child a text message, and I expect an answer at the end of the day, but I hear right back, while he's in English class. I didn't mean for that to happen, but for children, that's how they converse. They don't leave their friends like we did to go home to your family and your homework. Their conversations just keep going, all through the night."


            In the Fairfax case, the child was clearly out there. Blame technological change all you want, but even today, most teens wouldn't dare call a school administrator at home. Heck, most teens I know consider phone conversations as enticing as a bowl of anthrax. When it comes to speaking to anyone in authority, if they can't type it, they'd rather not say it. Kori was out to press some buttons. So this is as much a matter of etiquette as digital revolution. Some readers think Kori will get his in a few years, when he's on the job market. Employers will Google him and toss his resume in the trash, one online commenter said. "Technology bytes both ways…"


Alan:  They say kid again.


            "That may be an overly optimistic reading. " That kind of chutzpah may reward him in a culture where people value that kind of cheeky behavior," McClain says. Heaven help us. Or maybe teachers can still help. Julie Good, who runs a program at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville that trains students interested in being teachers, agrees that boundaries have shifted but says that teachers who move in step with young people will usually be rewarded with civil and appropriate behavior.


            I give my kids my cellphone, my office phone, my home phone, my three e-mails and my Facebook," she says. "This is a 24-7 job, and I've never had a problem with children abusing it." As for the YouTube posting in the Fairfax case, "Hey, it's called freedom of speech," Good says, reminding me that "at this age, impulse control hasn't kicked in fully."


Alan:  It goes on and on and on, but what it's telling you really is that the boundaries that used to be there that protected privacy, which was really social norms, you learned them as you grew up, have disappeared and the children themselves are used to talking to or having information put up there for thousands to see. They don't understand what privacy is anymore and that is a tyrants dream. A tyrants dream. Tyrants all down through the ages, and that goes for the authorized ones too and the ones who wear crowns and all the rest of it, used to hire thousands of spies. Sometimes in a city like London they had 1,500 spies full time in the 1800's and early 1900's just going round the bars and listening to gossip to keep tabs on everything that was happening. Now they don't have to do that anymore. We give them all the information they need to know about what we're doing, what we're thinking. Are we adapting to all their indoctrinations? Are we copying all the media spin that we're given? Do we parrot it back to our friends? It's perfect for the tyrant to keep tabs on everything. It's never happened before and most of all it was planned this way, planned this way a long, long, long time ago.


A hundred years ago some of them even had inklings into the type of technology that would be used and gave these little impressions of what they thought was going to come in order to do it. H.G. Wells thought they'd have to do it simply by mandating and making government so incredibly huge, even local government, that you'd need permission from various departments of bureaucracies to do anything. He thought that was a swell idea. Now we have the semblance of a freedom, where in reality your life is an open book – what you eat, what you buy, and most folk now are cashless. They don't use paper money or anything else at all. It's all cashless. As long as it's made convenient, they will sell their souls and they'll give all their information out there for all to see. They have nothing to hide, they'll tell the authorities. They'll tell you they have nothing to hide – missing the main point that privacy is also a survival mechanism. You need privacy to survive. You need to retain your own thoughts to survive in this world.


Never mind the crazy people that are out there that you have to mix with too, but you also have to retain little intuitions and listen to them and don't voice them to other people as regards to what's happening around you in your immediate environment or what you feel is coming down the pike towards you. However, government will have a field day and are having a field day through the big agencies, the agencies that are above in fact governments, like the National Security Agency, which is really an international security agency, probably THE international one in fact. All info is being piped through the same systems to make it easier to collect all data across the whole planet on every single being and that's just part of the Brave New World.


It was disgusting to read about it many years ago what they planned to do. It's more even more disgusting having to live through it. It's like a rerun to a few people like myself. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix and I was just informed that there's voice distortion going on, this odd phenomenon that's been happening today because I know the satellites for instance were out this morning. That's for uploading to internet where I am and I think they're probably rerouting stuff back through the NSA et cetera and now the voice which is going through regular telephone has got some kind of echo and distortion on it, so there's nothing much I can do about that right now. It's out of my hands and it's out of the technician's hands, I think. It's somewhere in between where the routing is going on and I've noticed that before, over this last couple of years, odd phenomenon happening like that. Even all the servers I am sure have got special routers going all the way through the NSA. Everything is being routed through the big agencies now for Total Information Network and we're the last to know anything about. That, one day, will be a way to punish people for speaking out in fact, will be to cut you off from any means of speaking out until you start behaving yourself – social approval, social disapproval. That's what they'll use I'm sure.


I'll take a caller now. We’ve got Mike from Maryland there. Are you there, Mike?


Mike:  Yes. Thanks for taking my call. I really enjoy listening to your program. It's really interesting. I noticed that you like to talk a lot about authors and you're obviously well read and not as well as maybe some people but maybe better than others but I thought I'd mention this one author to you and maybe get your opinion on him what you think of his quality of writing or if he has a certain message or if you think he's under control of the New World Order. The author I have in mind is Hermann Hesse. Have you read his books and what's your opinion of him?


Alan:  On what particular topic though?


Mike:  The author Hermann Hesse, what's your opinion on him? He wrote "Siddhartha", "Steppenwolf". He's a novelist. I was just wondering what do you think of him as an author and do you think he's part of the cabal or part of the New World Order crowd or if you think he's an independent author?


Alan:  I would imagine anyone who climbs to fame and who's put out there to be – especially someone who’s pushing what used to be called this sort of New Age phenomenon, generally is authorized by the top. You see, MI5 and CIA and MI6 came out not long ago admitting that most of the most famous authors for novels and so on and even poets and even non-fiction writers of the 20th century were paid by these agencies and they were given information and told to write around them and put out to the public, so anyone who is really made so highly famous it takes big money to promote you to the top you understand. A lot of money passes hands and you don't just make it like stardom. Nothing happens in stardom unless you're made a star and it's pretty well the same in the whole writing business.


Mike:  I think his last book he wrote was pretty interesting, "The Glass Bead Game." It's kind of a post-apocalyptic picture of Western Europe where Europe is recovering from this devastating war, probably nuclear, and there's been also famines and diseases and there's kind of like a renaissance of sorts going on in Western Europe. The main character is called Magister Ludi and basically what happens is there's these learning centers that spring up around these revitalized cities and they kind of combine Eastern mysticism with kind of a New Age form of Christianity.


Alan:  I know, I know. They started churning this stuff out in the late 1800's out to the public. It's just the same reiteration of a predictive programming getting you used to some apocalyptic type of idea and then given you this new rosy wonderful community that's going to come out of it. H.G. Wells was doing the same thing with "Shape of Things to Come."


Mike:  It was a really interesting book. He's a good writer--


Alan:  They're all good writers, but the point is you see it's predictive programming. It gets you used to scenarios still to come but they always twist the outcome and make you actually work towards it thinking it's going to be a wonderful thing and they do it very well. They're very enticing. They're very good writers and big, big authors are paid to do this. They're instructed to do this. In fact, the big publishers – I've had authors write me and tell me that the big publishing companies have approached them to write material just like this stuff you've talked about.


Mike:  The reason I brought that up because you were playing that song by Steppenwolf earlier in your program and that's where the rock group got its name, it's from a Hermann Hesse novel. Well thanks a lot and I appreciate your input. You have a good day.


Alan:  You too and thanks for calling. That's the game we live in. We do love this kind of stuff. We lap it up and as Plato said thousands of years ago, that was a technique that they used then too, was to simply make everyone attend theaters that were traveling theaters in ancient Greece and they watched the public emulate the actors, emulate the dress and fashion that was shown to them. When they introduced new words and so on, they'd start all using the new words especially the youth and the youth would go away humming the songs that they heard during the play. These are ancient techniques because most of the thoughts that we have are not our own and especially those that fascinate us and we start to love them. They can grab our fantasies so well. Back with more after these messages.



Hi. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. As I say, from the last caller, it's difficult to not get lost in a good novel or a good movie for a lot of people. They get totally lost in it because it's meant to be fascinating. We do identify with everything that's in it and we don't realize that our minds get shaped primarily through fantasy and fiction. It's an old technique. It works very well and think back on the old Star Trek series and how that really did impact a whole generation who became addicted to it. Great stories, we could all relate to the human interest parts of the stories contained in each drama and they were really showing you a multicultural world with the big empire trading. Free trade you see was behind it all and they were out there getting new contacts, bringing them into the federation of free trade and anyone who didn't join was ugly and bad and nasty, that's what was portrayed there and that's how we get our thoughts. That's how we're conditioned for things in real life that are happening and we start to parrot what we see. We even reenact in our own lives situations as we saw the actors portray certain situations in dramas. That's what soaps are all about too.


Now I'll go back to the lines and we've got Megan in Pennsylvania there. Are you there?


Megan:  Hello Alan. I wondered if they were messing with your phone and also just looking like you've put up on your website that you exceeded with your bandwidth.


Alan:  What kind of phone are you using there?


Megan:  It's a portable phone.


Alan:  I'm getting the same distortion as I think as listeners are getting from me.


Megan:  Yes. The man said it was all right to talk to me though. Anyway, you were mentioning Star Trek. Weren't they going to cancel that or it was out a year ago they claimed so many people wrote in and they kept it on, or do you think that was just publicity?


Alan: I'm sure everything is publicity that happens in it. The whole point of Star Trek was very, very good predictive programming of things to come, right down to having Seven-of-Nine in the later series part cyborg and all of that kind of stuff. That's how we accept science as it's eventually given to us because we've seen it portrayed through novels and so on where it didn't seem so bad. We don't think there's any nefarious purpose behind it because it was given to us through fantasy.


Megan:  Now there was just another college shooting again in this country and I wondered how do you think they put them up to that, those kids that go nuts?


Alan:  The ones that go nuts, you always find the same story; they're all visiting psychiatrists.


Megan:  The first thing they put down is they were on medication.


Alan:  They're on Prozac or one of the various varieties that all come under the Prozac group and they have long histories. They're all into certain things on the internet. We know that the school shooters at the Columbine were into the trench coat mafia and one supposed other singer or something as well that was into some rather awful stuff and they portrayed what they were going to do in a school video long before they actually did it. The children were asked to enact in a video what they'd like to do and these guys went through the school with pretend rifles shooting everybody a year before they actually did it for real.


Megan:  What do you think about the cattle and animal mutilations? Do you think it's government doing that?


Alan:  Of course it is.


Megan:  Oh, and why do the do that, to scare people?


Alan:  Scare them, they do a lot of stuff to hide their tracks, to throw them off the track that the UFOs are made here and to fascinate people who get into all the different mysteries of it all but it's all done by government agencies. These things are burned out by a laser. They're surgically removed but they're also the parts that would be removed if you were testing for radiation too in an area and that's the interesting part about it.


Megan:  I just have one more question. What do you think about intention studies, where they label the water with like love or then they put words on other bottles and they claim that it changes the crystals in the water. That Japanese man he has the special camera equipment to take pictures of them and they labeled the bottles. Did you hear about that?


Alan:  I didn't hear about that. Is it something that's being sold?


Megan:  It's intention, like when you put your intentions to something [inaudible] and Barry Schwartz are doing studies on it.


Alan:  To see if the contents or the elements can be changed in the water?


Megan:  What they do is they put labels on the bottle like love or hate and they claim it changes the consistency – they claim that it changes the water.


Alan:  They've done all these gimmicks for the last hundred years and they keep recycling the same gimmicks with different people's names on it because we're supposed to be so punch drunk with stupidity that we can't tell the difference between fantasy and pretense anymore and reality. This is the rehashed old nonsense that they've been doing forever.


Megan:  No kidding. Well, I love animals so you give Hamish a hug and a kiss from me.


Alan:  I will do.


Megan:  Okay, good night.


Alan:  Bye now. When people too get caught up in the 9/11 movement, it’s fine to always understand where one big part, one obvious part of this agenda was kicked off. That was the big celebration for the big boys kicking that one off with massive destruction, which they wrote about in advance in the New American Century program; but the thing is too, we've got to realize where it's all supposed to be going. We have to fight the war that's going on right now, rather than just trying to get these guys to come out and tell us the truth. They won't do that. They won't come out and admit to it. All they have to do is keep ridiculing it and saying nothing and meanwhile look what's happened since 9/11. That's what we have to stop because we know where it's going right now.


We're kind of looking back at the casualties from 2001 and we don't see there's casualties occurring everyday as they rampage across this agenda, which has taken everybody's rights away and we're going into an ID'd world where you won't be able to move or even go into a store without that ID on you. There's no doubt about where we're supposed to be going with this agenda and they hope to terrify the entire population into utter compliance with it and first they've got to realize that, see, what you're talking to is a public that can't really differentiate what their rights are anymore. Most people think that their rights are the rights to play around. Have good fun. Go to work. Come home and enjoy themselves and leave all the big problems to the special people that come out of special wombs above them. That's how they've been trained and they have to start taking back the fact that they are responsible for their own lives, which means they have a big say on what happens in their own lives. That's where it's got to start. It isn't going to start with firearms. It's going to start with – it's how you perceive yourself. If you can't perceive yourself as a sovereign being with as much right to exist as the Queen of England, then you don't have a chance, you don't have a foot to stand on and that's the bottom line here.


You can watch all the big movements or even not so big movements. Movements start and they come and they go and generally they falter away through lack of finance until the next catastrophe comes along and another group forms and takes over and now we're all focused on the next catastrophe. I'm sure when they start releasing plagues we’ll have inquiries into that that won't make any sense either and then more groups will form. We've got to continuum here. It's a continuum of not just what's happened. It's where all of this is intended to go and we see what's happening in the daily papers as to the fact we're losing all our rights, all our privacy at an incredible rate according to plan because it's all been written about long ago and we're sitting back taking it. We're also concentrating on what's happened in 2001. We don't see the casualties that are happening by the day or the fact – why not concentrate on the fact that your troops are all over in the Middle East and they want to conquer Iran next and then go after Syria. Why not concentrate on that main point because once the last of those countries goes under and get made part, by force, of the international banking system, the World Bank, and their culture's changed as well, then we have nothing to compare our own culture to.


In the past it was easy to look somewhere else and say my goodness we have it good here; but when you don't have anyone to compare your culture or your way of living to, then you're in the dark. You're in the Dark Ages once again where the ones at the top dictate to you and they'll tell you how good you have it and you'll believe them. That's the sad truth of that.


Now I've got Derrick in Vermont there. Are you there, Derrick?


Derrick:  Yes Alan. It's good to talk to you. I'm here. I'm fine listening to your show but I just want to say that it's really disheartening when you talk to your friends who are pretty close to awake but there's so much that they want to hold onto that they can't go that step further that will make them understand how serious the situation is.


Alan:  I caught bits of that because we're getting this distortion again. It's the oddest distortion that's coming through. Could you try and reiterate some of that there?


Derrick:  Okay. I was talking about how when you're trying to relay a message from the people who are so close to awake, they understand so much of what you're saying but then you're saying let's say we try and point them to the sky when the aerosols are really bad and they have to look back down. Although they get most of what you're saying and there's some things they can't let go of.


Alan:  They can't let go of and also here's another thing too. When you think an organization has started up, and it's a natural phenomena, when people think an organization has started up, it's just like a political party. If they seem to be speaking for you, you sit back and you do. You'll go back into your old way of life thinking something is being taken care of on my behalf by other people, you see, and so you're quite correct. They follow what seems to be almost a courtroom drama where you have various groups trying to demand of the government that they start to admit and fess up on things and that's not going to happen because the whole intent of starting a war is not just the start of it. It's all the plans that you want to implement once it's happened. We have an awful lot of laws to toss in the old fire once this is over that's been passed that we don't want on the books. That would take years to unravel and years to get it all into that old furnace and turned into smoke so that we can start breathing again more freely and have room to move around. It's a human thing to gravitate towards what seems to be popular groups and, as you say, meanwhile they're being sprayed everyday from the skies, which I think personally it's going to have the most detrimental effect on our health, probably worse than any plague could have. Hold on and we'll finish this part after these messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and Derrick from Vermont, are you still on the line?


Derrick:  Yes, I'm here.


Alan:  You made a good point there because the war is still going on and meanwhile it's going on every day and it didn't stop back in 2001.We're being poisoned from the air on a daily basis. I see the effects on people around. I know when they turn into zombies and become all tired and lethargic. People are complaining of various problems with their muscles. They get cramps in their legs and so on. That's all new but it's pretty widespread. Lots of people have got skin problems breaking out. Bronchial problems are rampant and no one wants to talk about the war that's happening over our heads every day because no big group has come up to make it popular and that's how people are. They follow the big groups just like they follow the stars. It's a sad phenomenon but it's true.


Derrick:  Yes, I know. Actually my daughter has a pretty serious illness, we had quite the show at the ER, of course it seemed like it was a natural thing for people to be there, but what wasn't natural was that it was funny that we had a cop, an EMP, I guess, sit in our visit, which isn't regular, that was pretty interesting. This spraying, it's a little bit too much to believe. I don't know if they're waiting for some scientist to come out and tell them it's all right or what.


Alan:  I know and that's how the public will be, or some famous person stands up and has a group behind him to make it popular because people follow the stars. You cannot follow the stars. You're as well as getting your plumber on to tell you what's happening. Just because a star is a star doesn't mean he has any insight into what's happening in the world, but that's how the public are led. They've been taught to worship them and I understand exactly what you're saying.


Derrick:  Thank you, Alan, and I'll talk to you again.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. I've heard some stars brought on shows and you know they have the usual things, famous people and so on, and they talk about one particular subject but you can tell that they have no clue about the bigger part of the agenda or what's even happening in the weather control department or the fact that they're being sprayed from the skies every day as part of this great ongoing manipulation of the weather. I've watched for the last few days the spraying in the skies. I've got lots of reports from the States. They're building a storm and sure enough, they're talking about it hitting Ontario come Monday and for the weather department to be right on anything it used to be fantastic. It was generally a toss of the coin to see if they were right or wrong. Now they have it pretty well worked out because the storms now are created. They're created and manipulated and look into the various mainstream newspapers. See the articles that were printed up on weather modification. Go back through them. Look at the one that the U.S. Air Force came out with in mainstream when they said that shortly they'd own, not control, but own the weather and that was about four years ago now. Well, guess what? They actually do.


We're watching China going through one of the worst winters they've ever had. Eight million people left homeless and their beautiful government that's for the people just can't do anything to help them because they're just peasants and so on. All their trains have come to a standstill. All buses have stopped and yet China is talking about manipulating the weather for the Olympic games to give them good weather when it comes. If they can do it, guess what they can do with snow?


From Hamish and myself, up in Ontario, Canada, after a pretty bad telephone night because the cell-phones are all screwy, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)