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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February 18th, 2008.


It's been one of those lovely arctic days here with freezing ran last night and then lots of ice this morning and I found you could do lovely ballet pirouettes coming down hills in a truck, but that's a thing a lot of people experience up this way. Eventually it'll be spring one of these fine days, these months in fact, because it's about April when the spring comes here and then it will be back to mud for a while and then some dry land for a few months and I think everyone is looking forward to it.


I'll be putting up links at the end of the show to do with something I've been talking about over the last few years and it's to do with the government bill that passed that allows them to test chemicals and biological agents on the public as long as it's done under the guise of research. I'll also be putting up another link to the government website that is too and also put up another link to a patent that was filed for spraying the air with metallic particles and oxides supposedly to reduce global warming and that was filed back in 1990 U.S. Patent 5003186. I'll put those links up at the end, actually on my website after the show and you can go in and look at them for yourself. I don't really think it's got much to do with global warming because over the last almost 10 years now since the spraying got heavy, I have noticed and so have many other people when they spray heavily especially in the summer it intensifies the heat, which makes sense if you've got billions of tiny particles of reflectors not allowing the sunlight to simply bounce and get absorbed by the earth and the rest of it get reflected from mountains and so on and rock. It's really just bouncing it back and forward like billions of tiny mirrors back and forth towards each other and that's why we have that tremendous warming that's going on.


However, they've got to convince us that we're getting global warming so that they can take all our rights away because in a world system with world government when there's no more enemies, once they've eliminated all possible enemies and everyone is standardized, from China right around the world into the same system, then they have to find enemies within, which will be terrorism everywhere and under your bed, the red under the bed, or it will have to be something to do with saving the planet. We're all at war to save the planet. We're battling nature and ourselves. That's really what it's all about – long-term planning by very gifted con men who are psychopaths, basic psychopaths.


If you study psychopathy, everything starts to fill in and it fits into place. Psychopaths who are inbred down through the centuries become the elite inevitably in a monied system. Money is the key. They accumulate wealth because they run the big merchant systems. They eventually run your legal systems and everything revolves around money. If you study economics too, they will tell you that every nation builds all of its laws, all of its laws civil and criminal laws around the economy. If you get put in prison for murdering someone it's not because they care you murdered someone. It's because you removed a taxpayer. I'll be back with more about this after the following messages.



Hi. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. Newcomers should always check into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can download lots of previous talks that I've done over the years on this particular topic of this supposed New World Order that simply is an upgrade of the old world order into the next phase, all planned that way by big professional institutions. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and download the transcripts you can get in different languages of Europe. Print them up and pass them around and they are going round the world pretty good. They're flying. People around the world are waking up to what's happening, not en masse because the masses will never really wake up. They never have really been conscious. They adopt their opinions. They adopt their attitudes. They adopt their styles of dress, their mode of behavior and they even adopt their hobbies, those things which are permissible and are pushed to them by the culture creators at the top. That's just the way it is. However, the good news is that society can be deflected off in other directions by the few who are aware and who can point it out to the big boys at the top that the king has no clothes and we can see them stark naked.


Carl Jung in his books has been a good source of information on the psychology, not only of the ones at the top, but the masses who follow. He tends to show you how the mass man thinks and that the war down through the ages isn't simply about a dominant elite or a dominant minority who certainly do know how to manipulate the masses by altering your perceptions. They understand your computer brain language you might say and they bring you to what you think are your conclusions, but he also goes into the followers, the sheep, big herds of sheep; and the shepherds and the sheep couldn't really do without each other. That's the problem. The masses don't like anything that really is different from themselves. That's been standard down through history as well.


They like you to conform. Every big group want you to conform to their particular system and in "The Undiscovered Self" by Jung on page 58 he talks a little bit about this problem. He's talking about the battle between the individual and the mass organizations.


He said:


            "It's time we asked ourselves exactly what we are lumping together in mass organizations and what constitutes the nature of the individual human being, that is of the real man and not the statistical man. This is hardly possible except through a new process of self-nourishment. All mass movements, as one might expect slip with the greatest ease down an inclined plane represented by large numbers. Where the many are, there is security; what the many believe must of course be true, but what the many want must be worth striving for, and necessary, and therefore good. In the clamor of the many there lies the power to snatch wish-fulfillment by force; sweetest of all, however, is that gentle and painless slipping back into the kingdom of childhood, into the paradise of parental care into happy-go-luckiness and irresponsibility."


            "All the thinking and looking after are done from the top; to all questions there is an answer; and for all needs the necessary provision is made.  The infantile dream state of the mass man is so unrealistic that he never thinks to ask who is paying for this paradise. The balancing of accounts is left to a higher political or social authority, which welcomes the task, for its power is thereby increased; and the more power it has, the weaker and more helpless the individual becomes.  Wherever social conditions of this type develop on a large scale the road to tyranny lies open and the freedom of the individual turns into spiritual and physical slavery."


Alan:  That's basically summed up right there. The masses have been trained too, mind you, by other people who run institutions who understand what Jung was talking about here because they understand the psychiatry or the psychodynamics of people because they've been studying people down through many, many centuries. They know how to exploit us all and they know our weaknesses, our Achilles heel, and they exploit it. Find a weakness, exploit it and that's already happened.


Socialism you see which really is what this is all about is democracy, socialism. It doesn't matter if you call it democracy or fascism, it's all the same movement towards the same goal: control over the mass man. Socialism is perpetual childhood. If you look around you today, and I've talked about this before, it's very difficult to find people of a good age who've any wisdom to pass on. They're generally no different because they've been brought up with the television. They're part of the television era and the fun have fun era. They're no different really from the younger ones. They talk about television all the time about programs they've watched or what's popular in the news today or they watch the trivia too. It astounds me how they read the trivia, little fascinating parts about talking to plants and stuff like that. That's what their heads of full of but they have no wisdom to pass on because they didn't have any sentience in their entire lives. Sad thing, but it's true. It has happened.


There are very few real characters left out there in society, people who used to live away from the rest of the public, who did a lot of reading and thinking and came to completely different perceptions on what was happening in the world around them because they thought for themselves. You'd be surprised how many of your thoughts and your opinions and even your likes and dislikes are given to you. You've simply been downloaded with them. That's how bad it really is.


Now we've got a caller, Brianne from California. Are you there, Brianne?


Brianne:  Hi. It's Brianne.I just had a question. I heard you in another show talking about the color pink and I was wondering about it, what you knew about it?


Alan:  The actual color?


Brianne:  Yes, the color pink. I thought you were like snickering about it because I don't know, all the women now are wearing pink and is that something significant?


Alan:  You will find that down through many centuries the higher organizations that run us because they're well educated at the top and even the lodges as they call them, the lodges, there's various lodges. There's red and black and blue and so on and green. They also have in-betweens. It's a spectrum of rainbow and if you look at the spectrum of the rainbow, every color and variance of the colors has a particular meaning in the supposed high occult. It's really a form of language that they use amongst themselves to have a little joke on the public and also to tell each other what they're doing. I mean everyone knows for instance that red means danger and stop, and green is always safe to go. That's the sort of thing that they joke about but they also mean there's a blending between two systems.


It's like orange. If you look at the colors that make orange and you'll find that the Orange Lodge is a certified lodge given their charter and also has the Queen basically as the titular head of it and of course her family goes back to the House of Orange back in Holland and you have The Hague, which is on the land of Orange. We even saw that thing that happened in it was Czechoslovakia or one of those countries, Hungary, where they had the orange banners for their politics. These are all languages that you see around you but most the public never twig in to what it's all about. However, if you study and get the old dictionaries and go through the colors, they often tell you what they generally stand for. It's like red and black and also black and brown are the traditional colors of fascism, so each one has a particular purpose.


Brianne:  Oh, okay, I see. I have another question too. I was wondering about democratic schools like Summer Hill in England and the children go and they don't have to go to classes. They get to do what they want when they want and they have a say in the government and the teachers don't get to make any rules that the kids don't pass, and I was wondering what you thought about this.


Alan:  I do know that the students that come out of there are snapped up often by higher universities and they're snapped up by organizations. The big institutions snap them up. Even under the guise of freedom you’d be surprised how your mind is actually being shaped into a form of consensus building because everything in the higher institutions including the United Nations is to do with internal consensus and so they snap these children up. The sad thing even about home schooling is, and you often hear that they have the best spelling marks and marks on literature and so on, they're way ahead of the rest on history and various other things in the sciences, but they're snapped up by governments very quickly because they are so well educated and they tend to become part of the bureaucratic establishments.


Brianne:  Wow, really. Oh, okay.


Alan:  Yes, it's unfortunate.


Brianne:  I have a one and a half year old son and I just wasn’t sure what I should do with him as far as schooling. I thought that a democratic school would probably--


Alan:  Hold on and we'll talk about that after the break. Hi. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix and we've got Brianne on the line from California who’s asking about the different kinds of schools like the – I guess the Montessori and so on. I've also found people who've gone to these schools are often helped into the lodges. You've got to understand in this system it truly is run by lodges, what they call Masonic type lodges, right down to your local level. If you go outside any town or village, just look at the signs that are out there welcoming you to all the organizations in that particular town and even in Sudbury where I live there's a massive billboard just like a regular transit board. It's the first board you see and there's about 15 or 16 organizations of the different types of Freemasonry, Eastern Star. These are the people who run all the boards and institutions in that particular town and your town council and your educational council and everything else and it's the same everywhere you go. They pick them also, they're encouraged to leave from the Montessori's and so on and join these lodges. They're told it helps you get up the ladder and I have known people who have gone up and even chosen as professors who never actually sat at any major examinations in university, but they joined the lodges.


Brianne:  Do you have any suggestions, should I just home school my son?


Alan:  You can home school and I’ll tell you – see, educatability is easy enough. The best people who simply learn by wrote are just good parrots. What you have to teach them is moral responsibility as well. That isn't taught today. In school, everything is taught that everything is relative. There's no moral rights or wrongs. Everything is moral relativity and they're easy meat then for the shysters at the top to take them under their wings, bring them to higher bureaucracies where they simply feed off of the public; so you can teach them the rights and wrongs first to themselves. Ultimately, you only have your own integrity to stand up for. Once you have that, then you can help other people and holding on to your own integrity is not easy in a world of commerce where we're forced to earn money. We're forced to pay. We're also told what we're supposed to want, so you have to live kind of frugally and decide what's really important to you. That's not taught to children anymore. They want them to be good consumers and producers and because of that, with no moral guidance whatsoever, they're taken under the wings of what they see are the winners, the big men with the suits and ties and briefcases who live very well, and they want to feel special. They're brought in. They're told they're special, especially if they come from these particular types of schools. Moral responsibility and integrity is something to teach and you just hope for the best from there on.


Brianne:  Yes, I see. Basically it doesn't even matter where I send him to school?


Alan:  It's far better to teach them at home than put them into the ordinary school system. In fact, once you put them into the ordinary school system it's like Bertrand Russell said, the scientific indoctrination, it wouldn't matter what you try to teach your own child. It wouldn't sink in. The school is too powerful.


Brianne:  I know. It's funny I've been listening lately and I go to an online university where they're just teaching us about B.F. Skinner again and again and celebrating him and I brought up things like he kept his daughter in a box for two and a half years and people make up excuses for it all the time.


Alan:  That tells you where their minds are. The elite type and the psychopaths aren't just at the top. They're certainly congregated there because their breeding produces psychopaths, not so much at random, but there's a lot of psychopathic people all around you through society today.


Brianne:  Oh yes. It's hard to find people that aren't actually so.


Alan:  I know.


Brianne:  Well, I'm going to order your books but I just had one last question. What do you think about Jesus? Was he real?


Alan:  It's only up to the individual to figure that out. You see, any truth or reality or experience can only be valid to the person who has it. Otherwise, you're taking something on someone else's word and that's what they call faith, then you have faith that they're telling the truth. Any experience from anything or any reality has to only make sense to you as an individual.


Brianne:  Yes. So I guess all you can really know is what you see with your eyes--


Alan:  And what you experience in life.


Brianne:  I see.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Brianne:  Yes, thank you.


Alan:  Now I've got Mark from Pennsylvania. Are you there, Mark?


Mark:  I am, Alan. I have a question and an observation for you. Algebra in school, everyone in my family always talks about why do they give us these courses that no one's ever going to use and I think I might have figured it out, and with your confirmation we'll see. Is it possibly to find out who's ready to become a Mason?


Alan:  It's possible that, but it also tells you other parts about the person's mind because algebra is to do with abstract concepts. You do it in your mind primarily. Although you can also show them on diagram or on paper, so it's to do with the way that your particular mind perceives and thinks, as opposed to other people. Hold on and we'll talk about that after the break.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Mark from Pennsylvania. Are you still there, Mark?


Mark:  I am, Alan. I asked you about the connection between algebra and becoming a Mason.


Alan:  It's not so much about becoming one. However, it's noted very early on at school the ones who can get their minds around the abstract concepts in algebra where you convert numbers into letters et cetera or any symbols at all for that matter. It's to see if you are adaptable to concepts. Most people can't. They're not so good at it. They tend to stick to one way of seeing things only and those who can adapt also is a double-edged sword. They're also showing that they can have their minds molded by those who know how to mold them along a particular path because of their ability for adaptation.


Mark:  Obviously, they're not giving us algebra to help us further our money-making ability?


Alan:  No. As you say yourself, how many people actually use it once you've left school?You just never use it again for most folk, but it's a weeding-out method. So much is taught at school of irrelevance but there's also other things which are taught especially to do with mathematics to do with your ability to adapt along different ways of viewing a particular problem, whereas most folk get stuck in one pathway, but those who are adaptable can actually have their minds molded into the kind of way the elite want them to. All the way up the lodges, as well, they're tested. Most folk will never go beyond the 32nd degree. Most folk don't go beyond the third, the Major or Master Mason. However, even above 33, it's not until you get to the 40th degree that life begins. "Life begins at 40," and then those ones who've been weeded-out for certain abilities, mainly ruthlessness and if they're very streetwise and see through a con very quickly, that's the kind of guy that they want.


Mark:  To get off the street?


Alan:  Yes.


Mark:  Speaking of molding and people with short-term memories, I'll end with this observation. For those who are concerned about gas prices, I've taken the Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers for the last 11 years and for the exception of 2001 when of course September 11th happened, gas prices decrease every election year. So much for that being tied to the price of oil.


Alan:  That's right. We don't need algebra for that either.


Mark:  That's right.


Alan:  Everything in this system is a con and the streetwise ones at the top – see, one thing a psychopath has is the ability to see immediately through a con itself; whereas the ordinary person it can be so convoluted it takes you to get your mind around it, then you'll say my goodness how clever. However, these guys see it immediately and these are the guys who run the monied system, the banking system, your advertising systems as well. I was just told about one great con that works in hospitals in the U.S. and that is that everyone generally in the lower hospitals gets all the same food. It doesn't matter what ward you're in, tuberculosis, medical, whatever, and the trick was that when you go into the cardiac wards for your heart you get a "cardiac diet." It's the same food as everyone else is getting for that day, only they don't put the salt in, so they save on salt and they charge you twice the price because they call it "cardiac diet." See, that's your typical psychopathic con.


Mark:  Well, I was going to keep this short but I'll mention one more thing. The last caller had mentioned Jesus and I know what these Jesus freaks are doing to you. I read the message boards as you might know and I'm really ticked off. This is a definite campaign for those who are new to you who are listening they're constantly calling in and asking what your thoughts about Jesus is and you're dead on and it bothers me. It's a belief system. If you want to believe it, that's great, let them believe it, but to sit there and slam you because you're talking about your belief about Jesus and their belief about Jesus is ridiculous.


Alan:  It is. You see, it's a mass organization again and last week I quoted a bit from Jung to who put it very succinctly and I'll read this little part again. This is from page 56 of "The Undiscovered Self". 


He says:


            "The Churches too want to avail themselves of mass action in order cast out the devil with Beelzebub–the very Churches whose care is the salvation of the supposed individual soul.  They too do not appear to have heard anything of the elementary axiom of mass psychology, that the individual becomes morally and spiritually inferior in the mass, and for this reason they do not burden themselves overmuch with their real task of helping the individual to achieve a metanoia, or rebirth of the spirit–deo concedente. 


            It is, unfortunately, only too clear that if the individual is not truly regenerated in spirit, society cannot be either, for society is the sum total of individuals in need of redemption.  I can therefore see it only as a delusion when the Churches try–as they apparently do–to rope the individual into a social organization and reduce him to a condition of diminished responsibility, instead of raising him out of the torpid, mindless mass and making clear to him that he is the one important factor and that the salvation of the world consists in the salvation of the individual soul."


Alan:  Not a mass thing with rituals and dogma, and that's all they're bringing you into is a social organization where everyone will approve or disapprove of you.


Mark:  Religion is a wonderful business to be in because they sell you nothing and you give a lot of money to the organization.


Alan:  Yes and the governments of course back it because it keeps people docile and obedient.


Mark:  And tax-free.Thank you, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Mark:  Have a great night.


Alan:  Now I've got Tom in Massachusetts. Are you there, Tom?


Tom:  Yes, Alan. How are you today?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Tom:  That's good. I just had a couple of questions for you if I may. I was listening to one of your broadcasts quite a while ago – it was presented quite a while ago back in July I believe of '07 and in it you had mentioned the existence of evil. I was just wondering do you consider this an actual existing entity or force that has its own power behind it as opposed to something that's just directed at someone in the form of an evil action by one person to another?


Alan:  That's a difficult one because it's like the end of Exorcist III, the movie. It's quite a good movie as far as thrillers go and horrors go. You'll find that the chief character, George C. Scott who's a hardened detective is facing supposedly the devil incarnate and the devil says to him, "have I helped your disbelief?" And he says, "oh, yes." Then he goes into a tirade. He says, "I believe in all the filthy rotten things that people can do and how they slaughter each other and kill and torture each other."  He says, "Yes, I believe in you." So it's very easy to believe in evil in this world because we see so much of it. It's finding the good that's the problem.


Can people actually be evil? Absolutely. There's no doubt. Can you have mass evil? Well, when you see an army going into slaughter people, which they do, in all wars people go in and they have killing zones and anything that moves, walks or crawls is killed and it's your boys and everybody else's boys from all countries that do it all down through the ages and they're just taken over. It's like the Rwandan massacre where thousands of the Hutus went on the rampage with machetes and for a week and a half you heard nothing but the slicing of human flesh as they slaughtered like an army of ants.  It was like a mass possession.


There's no doubt that evil exists and whatever it is it can certainly take over vast quantities of people. When you're on stage too with some of the top bands that have been in the past, you can see the power that you can have even in music and it can be scary at times when the screaming starts like a chorus and especially the women. They go into it first and it's like something takes them all over in a form of hysteria and that could so easily be tipped one way or the other into a rampage. You can see the same thing that happened in Rwanda as simply another level in the West and at all things a music festival, so there's something that can take people over. Is it simply archetypical, the primitive man or woman that still exists within our psyche? That's up for grabs. Have I seen evil? I've seen it. Have I witnessed it in people? Absolutely. Does it make the hair stand on the back of my head? Yes it did, so people can come to their own conclusions on that right now.


Tom:  Yes. Because the reason why I asked is it seems as if evil particularly is manifested by the elite of the world, has been manifested for thousands of years and it doesn't seem as if good predominates at all. It's more or less a losing battle because evil holds sway and it's almost as if this force of evil is directing this work towards the eventual culmination of the establishment of the New World Order in its completeness.


Alan:  What I've found which is interesting along that line is what's called today the New Age philosophy of relativity. There was a documentary about a party in Hollywood with the top sci-fi and horror writers, all the well known names and the question put to each one in turn of these producers and writers and authors was: "Do you believe in good and evil?"  And every one of them gave the Kabbalistic answer, every single one, exactly the same. They tried to describe it like a line or a balance and that good and evil was all the same force, it just depends on human perceptions or judgments on the outcome whether someone benefited or didn't. In other words, to them there's no good or evil and you’re quite right. They are at the top from a psychopath's point of view, it's good if it benefits them regardless of how they got to that stage of benefiting. If it took wars to do it, slaughter, introducing plagues in countries, whatever it took to get that land, the diamonds, that gold, whatever it was that they were after, the end justifies the means and they sleep without sleeping pills at night. They sleep very well. They have no conscience, so if there's the epitome of evil it definitely resides within the psychopathic elite, you're quite right.


Tom:  The other question I had is because we're being inundated with all this genetically modified food, the fluoridated water, the chemtrails, now aren't those elite also affected by this or do they more or less stay within their buildings which may be highly filtered or their homes or what?


Alan:  Even their chauffer driven limos are specially made with filters et cetera and the same goes for their homes. They don't eat what you and I eat wherever they go across the world. They eat in special clubs. They call them clubs, like London's full of them. Very elite, expensive and the food comes from the best organic farms, same with the meat and all the rest of it. They don't eat the stuff we do.


Tom:  Wow. Well I appreciate your help with these two questions and I look forward to continuing to listen and appreciate all the help you've given out and may you continue on to help everyone.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Tom:  All right. We'll see you.


Alan:  It's interesting there was a documentary on the Queen who was having a huge party for lots of her relatives and it was an hour or two documentary on all the staff that they bring in, extra staff to do this big, big party. Gold cutlery, gold plates, everything were all used and lots of butlers and maids and waitresses and they even flew RAF jets across Europe trying to get special bottles of wine for it and so on, very expensive. It came out there they even saw the chef going up to Scotland to the Queen's farms. They have farms all over. All royalty and nobility does. They have tenant farmers who run their farms for them and pay them peanuts by the way and they grow all their own crops and have the best Angus steak and so on, but nothing is given – no beef there has seen any inoculations or been pumped full of steroids and growth hormones and the food, the crops are unmodified, genetically unmodified. No, they don't eat what we eat at all.


Now we've got Garrin on the line. Are you there, Garrin?


Garrin:  Hello, Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Garrin:  Speaking of that show. It's not the same show. I saw a show on just that same thing about the British Royalty and this was not what I was originally calling in about but just talking about that and they were talking about this whole food preparation. They were going through it like oh this is how the royalty and when they have an event and all the people involved and how the food is prepared and everything is--


Alan:  They even brought French polishers in before the party to do all of the big massive tables and they brought them back in again once it was all over and redo them again.


Garrin:   It was just total extravagance. What I was calling in about is this striking similarity about freemasonry, which of course goes way back to the Kabbalah and ancient Babylon and ancient Egypt, but in freemasonry you have degrees which people are initiated into and I can't help but notice the striking similarity of colleges and universities where they have degrees basically.


Alan:  Sure, it is the same thing. Albert Pike said that everyone in the Western system goes through school as de facto a freemason who simply hasn't had their final degrees because you're trained in a freemasonic system of education. You're graded. You go through grade school, same as a degree, you see, and you get that little silly square hat, the hod, you put on the top with the defunct tassel that shows that you're stupid now and it's not standing up. It's lopping down and they've just proved that you're stupid enough to work in their system for them. That's what it means. You have a quality approval stamp that has been put on you and you've been dumbed down enough to work for them.


Garrin:  It’s really amazing and I remember reading about that, about the graduation caps and being the mortar square and it's like wow these people they do it out in the open and it's like they’re making fools of us. It's like they enjoy it.


Alan:  They do. They love to mock the profane as they call them and they do it all the time. You'll even get it in news clips and so on as the writers have a little joke there for other people of a certain degree and the rest of the public don't see it as that as all, they read it in a different way completely, but this is standard with them.


Garrin:  It's really amazing and then on the topic of people in the election cycle down here in America, I was reading this other article about pointing out how these people that are supporting – this is specifically towards Obama supporters, and how they just mindlessly chant these mantras of "we want change" and these types of things, but when you ask them what types of change do you think Obama will bring, they can't answer.


Alan:  No. All they can do is like George Orwell's sheep in "Animal Farm": "four legs good, two legs bad," and that's as far as they think. That slogan was brought up by the advertising companies and you're quite right. Hold on. We'll talk about this after the messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and we’re just talking to Garrin from Rhode Island about this wonderful Masonic system of ours, and anything else to add, Garrin?


Garrin:  I was just finishing up on the topic of people are so easily trained to just buy in to a theme to a persona without anything of substance being behind any of the things that they support.


Alan:  I know. Years ago, Canada first came out with this "just do it" slogan for keep fit and the ad always ended up with "just do it. Don't think. Just do it, participation or action they called it, and at the same time they came up with the idea of "change is good. Change is good." Now, as you say, they didn’t come out and tell you what change they’re talking about, but you just get the masses going along with wanting change and then the big boys will tell you what it actually is once you've all given your consent to it. 


Garrin:  It's just this feel good message that people buy into for that reason exactly, because it feels good. It just feels good saying we want change and without really having any thought or reason.


Alan:  No substance to it and no explanation. Most folk's beliefs and what they think is induced beliefs, it's propagated into them through repetition as Bertrand Russell said. Just repetitive advertising and people start parroting it in their daily lives and it's actually changing the structure of their mind into acceptance of something they don't even perceive yet.


Garrin:  Yes, they're programmed. That's it. Thanks, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got Paul from Niagara Falls there. Are you there, Paul?


Paul:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Paul:  Hey, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Family Day.


Alan:  Oh, I noticed that. Yes, we've got Happy Family Day now.


Paul:  I turned on the radio here this morning on a Toronto radio station and they were trying to explain what this new Canadian holiday was about.


Alan:  It’s to merge with the President's Day so that when we merge together we've got all the same holidays. 


Paul:  Yes, it's called harmonizing holidays, I think.


Alan:  I think so. It's interesting it came out just when they banned the use of mom and dad in the British schools. You can't say mom and dad anymore.


Paul:  It was hilarious listening to them trying to tell people what it was all about, a brand new holiday. It just happens to fall on the same day we have a holiday.


Alan:  You'll find that too when you trace both of them together. Victoria Day, Labor Day and so on, they're all getting towards the same dates.


Paul:  That's what they're shooting for.


Alan:  That's how it is.


Paul:  Unbelievable. Hey, there's a new book out called "Red Republicans: Marxism in the Civil War and Lincoln's Marxist" by Walter Kennedy.


Alan:  Good, because I've quoted often the fact that from the U.S. Congressional Records that Marx congratulated Lincoln for keeping the republic together because the first step towards a further world system was centralization of power and that's what of course they did. They were centralizing power in Washington, D.C.


Paul:  All these original Republicans were kicked out of Europe after the Revolution of 1848, the League of Just Men, a bunch of communists.


Alan:  It was so funny because Albert Pike helped train some of the leaders of that particular league.


Paul:  They were all a bunch of generals in the Union Army during the Civil War.


Alan:  That's right.


Paul:  Thanks, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Paul:  All right, bye.


Alan:  Well, from a cold Ontario where we had an ice storm this morning, I was chipping ice of the satellite dish, and from Hamish and myself, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)


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