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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February 22, 2008. Newcomers should always look in cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download all the previous talks I've given, at least some of them. There's so many there now, which help to fill in all the little blank spots which our history is absolutely full of and we should try to make sense of this Brave New World agenda that's unfolding in our lifetime, very rapidly too. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and download the transcripts in the various tongues of Europe.


I should mention to people at the beginning of the show that if you want to keep me going you can donate to me. You'll see how to do it on the site and you can buy the books and CDs and DVDs I have made on these particular topics. I don't sell anything else. I don't sell magic potions that will cure you of every disease under the sun or little boxes with magic sources inside them with energy and all the rest of it. I just sell you information and most of the information I give for free, as you can tell by my website, so keep it going. I don't get paid for being on the shows. I don't ask for money. I could easily put lots of ads and stuff for quite a bit of money, like the rest of the talk show hosts do, but I don't because I don't want to be involved in the commercial side because then you're simply part of the Hollywood team.


The reason I'm out here doing what I'm doing is because someone had to do it and even the patriot movement has gone round in circles year after year, decade after decade with the same old stuff. "Here's our man today. Let's vote him in," and they go into politics and before you know it you've just wasted two or three years of your life as the agendas steamrolled ahead. I remember it was on this very station in fact that years ago I listened to an old lady phone in. She was in her 80s and she said she'd been following the patriot radio for about 40 years at that time and she said you know you can talk and talk and talk but nothing changes. It just steamrolls ahead and she said the very same thing. Every time elections come up you're given your hero and you waste another two years sitting on your hands while this agenda steamrolls onwards, and that is so true. It's so true and that's why I try to keep commercialization out of what I'm doing.


Now naturally, there's ads on the show in between me talking and that pays for the engineers and everything else that it takes to keep the show on the road to pay for the airwaves, to pay for all the equipment and so on, but you can help me directly if you want to and keep me going. I have made a difference in this whole patriot business because you'll find that whatever I talk about and the special insights I give you, they're first really on these airwaves, are copied very quickly by the other talk show hosts so there's a difference being made and it's all for the better. We're getting out of the loop and we're starting to question much, much more than just the traditional problems that we're given to face.


We are steamrolling ahead, steamrolling so quickly it's a daily process and no one, no individual can possibly keep up with it, even if you had lots of staff helping you and punching stuff upon your screen for you. You couldn't even keep up with it and I don't have that happening here. I do this solo act here. Whatever comes out of my mouth originates inside my head and I don't have production staff and teams and all the rest of it. However, it's all so overwhelming for the average person who is waking up that they tend to freak out. We hear this time after time with certain callers and that's a natural thing to go through. You've got to get your nervous breakdown over and done with so you can emerge on the other side and start really figuring out what to really do. Start with yourself. I'll be back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix and I was saying before the break there, if you want to keep me going, you know how to support me and that way I don't have to front for different companies and tell you I believe in this or that product because then I'd be totally commercialized and all you have really is your own integrity. I don't promise you creams or magic potions that will give you a perpetual erection or grow all your hair back in or give you a third set of teeth or make you live forever. I just tell you what's really happening in the world and how we got to this point, the institutions behind it, how they're all connected and how even all the vast New Age movements are all intertwined and run from a capstone at the top, planned a long time ago, and where it's all supposed to go.


The whole eugenics movement was designed around this whole concept of a New World Order with all the lesser types, you know the defective ones, the ones that don't measure up, the junk genes in other words, the commoners. They should be eliminated because there's no room for them in this Brave New World scenario where machines et cetera will do the work of the laborer. That's what part of it was all about in fact and people will mesmerize themselves and entertain themselves to death with all kinds of fancy things as we go through it and those are the ones who don't see the express train coming up behind them. They will go and you have to accept the fact they will go and part of the problem of being awake and conscious and studying this your whole life is the fact that nothing surprises you. Not only doesn't it surprise you, it's expected. You know where each part of the next part of every phase is going to go and how they guide you step by step into thinking that everything is just evolving naturally.


This following article comes from Core77. That's C-O-R-E 77 in conjunction with Greener Gadgets and it's called:


            "Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2008."


Alan:  Again, green must be good, right? Everything is green, Mother Earth and all the rest of it. Green, green is green they say on the far side of the hill and this is called – I was talking about this last week how they can actually imprint circuits into your skin like a tattoo; and lo and behold, here it is.


            "Digital Tattoo Interface by Jim Mielke, United States."


Alan:  It's got a picture of a young girl there with her little tattoo on her forearm and here's what it says:


            "Her cell phone is ringing, but the display is turned off. She lightly pushes a small dot on the skin on her left forearm to suddenly reveal a two by four inch tattoo with the image of the cell phone's digital display, directly in the skin of her arm. She answers the call by pushing a tattooed button on her arm. While she's talking, the tattoo comes to life as a digital video of the caller. When she finishes, the tattoo disappears. This Bluetooth device is permanently implanted beneath the skin. It is flat, flexible, silicon and silicone."


Alan:  I don't know why it's got silicon and silicone. I guess they're silly priests, silly cones.


            "Tightly rolled when it's inserted through a small incision, and then unfurled beneath the skin, it lies benignly between skin and muscle. Through the same incision, two small tubes are attached from the implanted device to an artery and a vein. A coin sized blood fuel cell in the implant converts the blood's glucose and oxygen from the artery to the electricity required to power the device."


Alan:  So there you are.


            "Used blood returns through to the vein. The digital device's power source is the same as for all of the biological components in the body."


Alan:  This is your nervous system and it's also obviously interfacing with your nervous supply.


            "The surface of the implant that faces the underside of the skin is covered with a matrix…"


Alan:  I like that.


            "…of field producing pixels that activate a matching matrix of pixels tattooed onto the surface of the skin above the implant. The field penetrates the skin to drive the tattooed display, while the skin continues to provide its function of sealing the body from the world. The surface of the implant is also a touch screen control, pressed through the skin. Rather than ink, tiny clusters of microscopic spheres are injected, like tattoo ink, into the skin. Each sphere is filled with a field sensitive material that changes from clear to black when a field in the matrix is turned on. This device communicates wirelessly with the world as well as with other devices implanted in the same body."


Alan:  Here's the interesting part, interface.


            "It is always present, always on, but out of sight and non-obtrusive. It also continually monitors for many blood disorders…"


Alan:  Here's your little selling point.


            "…alerting the person of a health problem: A human version of the check engine light. Product styling is the latest and coolest downloaded display interface showing on any tattoo on the block. This product is waterproof and it is powered by pizza [sic]."


Alan:  Piezo ("pizza") Electric. And it shows you this little pad that goes under the skin with the sensors and all the rest of it on it. This will sell like hotcakes because everyone is now addicted to their cell phone, especially the young. They call it the "cell phone generation." They're always communicating with each other everywhere they go, walking in school, in class, wherever. They just want to talk, talk, talk and no doubt this is also a tracking device you see.


I always wonder at the ingenuity of the elite. The computer was given to the public to bring all of the control mechanism about. It was not given to the public to help the public but it's been fun as long as we've had it. There's no doubt about that. That's why they gave it to us, but when we buy things for ourselves it never occurs to us that there's a nefarious purpose behind it and as long as we keep buying we'll never clue into this. If you were ordered to take a computer, or a cell phone and so on, or even the tattoo with the interface to a computer, you'd be suspicious; but as long as you can buy it, it will never dawn on most people there's anything about it you should worry about.


Now we've got Andrea from Texas on the line. Are you there, Andrea?


Andrea:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Andrea:  Yes. I heard your caller Lee from Texas the other day and I just wanted to give out my email to him.


Alan:  Did you want to give it out on the air?


Andrea:  No, not really.


Alan:  I don't think it's wise. It's not really wise, but what you could do is email it to me. I mean I've got your email address I think here because you've emailed me before, haven't you?


Andrea:  Yes, I have.


Alan:  Once he contacts me, I could possibly give it to him if you want to.


Andrea:  Yes, yes. If he calls back you can go ahead and do that.


Alan:  Okay. Because you've got to be very, very careful these days about people. I get so cranks contacting me and you have to be weary because initially they seem okay, you know.


Andrea:  Yes. You're very right about that. All right. Well, I'll let you go ahead and get on with the show.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. I'll ask too if the engineer can turn up the volume a little bit on the phone because it's a bit quiet for me on this end here. We've got Jim from Texas on the line. Are you there, Jim?


Jim:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  Hello. How are you?


Jim:  I think a better way for you to explain what's going on – you do operate out of Canada, right?


Alan:  Yes.


Jim:  And if you could explain the situation to your listeners about Bernie Farber, Richard Warman and all the associated ilk up there how they have complete control, almost thought control over the whole nation of Canada and just how horrible it is up there and what they do to people that dare to speak out. I mean this is the New World Order five years from now or three years from now in the United States which is what they're trying to do.


Alan:  You're quite correct. There's also another problem here too. It's part of the British Commonwealth and the British Commonwealth is the premiere in controlling vast amounts of people. I mean a commonwealth across the world standardized in a system where the people have centuries, many centuries of sort of leaving all of the major problems to your betters and so they don't question authority as much, so you're right about that. It only takes a handful of people to control the whole system and the media system. I mean Conrad Black came from Upper Canada College as well and he started up one of the biggest newspaper chains. He was obviously well connected. He became Lord Conrad Black. He came over to take London and he was made a lord because they always make the media moguls lords and Hollinger Corporation was one of his big, big companies and what was interesting is that Kissinger and I think it was Barbara Walters and others are also major shareholders in the same company. See, all your information is coming through the CIA and all the big boys at the top including the major talk show hosts. 


Jim:  In Canada, you're controlled by Izzy Asper and his sons. They have, what, 80 percent of the Canadian media? I'm talking about newspapers, TV, radio, everything. CanWest or something they call it? Some kind of idiotic name like that, but they run it all.


Alan:  They do and that's been the same with most of the British Commonwealth countries, in fact all of them. They always have their major media baron and his family running the whole – it's much easier that way to have it all in the family and all connected to London.


Jim:  But Alan, a lot of people don't realize this has been going on with England which was a controlling thing for all the commonwealth countries since Cromwell let them back in in about 14-something or 15-something when Cromwell let them back in from the Netherlands or Holland or Belgium or whatever you want to call it now.


Alan:  There's no doubt that the moneybags that came in and also financed royalty as well and sometimes brought in their own royalty afterwards have been running the system, these particular characters who are the moneybags.


Jim:  That's how they seized control of the British Empire, was money lending to the royalty. They seized control with the--


Alan:  It's actually more complicated and I'll tell you why and hang on in fact and we'll talk about this after these messages.


Jim:  All right.


Alan:  Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and we're talking from Jim from Texas about the guys behind the techniques of control. Now it isn't just money. Here's the key to it. We've got thousands of years of families becoming dominant, they call them the dominant minority, in all cultures and all peoples; and whenever you get away from a basic tribal system you end up with a psychopathic dynasty emerging. When they get power, generally backed up by this ancient technique of money where they can actually hire armies to protect them and defend them and go out and slaughter for them, then you've got a problem. The old kings and queens even of Britain were no different in fact from that because they used to go hand-in-glove with these particular moneybags that would come in and finance the wars.


Jim:  The Rothschild's and their ilk.


Alan:  Even before the Rothschild's even came on the scene; and to be honest with you, when you read how the Rothschild's came into Britain and those other countries, you eventually clue in to the fact that the royalty within those countries allowed them in. They brought them in and believe you me, if the Rothschild's had taken over the Bank of England and destroyed lots of families on the way, he would have been dead before nightfall because the kings and queens and royalty had lots of assassins. They wouldn't tolerate that kind of stuff and so it tells you that they work in cahoots. They work together and what you find, not just them, is royalty, all major religions and the money boys work together like a trinity.


You'll find for instance throughout Europe when the Catholic Church came in big time and they had Charlemagne at the head of an army, an official king, they crowned him as the first king representing the Catholic Church. His job was to go and dominate Gaul and other places and by the point of the sword and make them Catholic, and in with that came the moneybags as well and the introduction of money itself. Most tribes never even used money. It was a foreign thing to them, a foreign concept. It was as foreign to them as it was for the American Indians. They could not understand it at first.


Once you force a people on money, then you can tax back (which just means a labor on your work), you can tax it back through money and make yourself all powerful; so you have major religions, the money boys of course and royalty all working together. What you have at the top of each of those groups, because remember these people are a small minority at the head of their own group you might say. These are the psychopathic elite who all work together and they know this system. It's very, very ancient and we can trace it back for thousands and thousands of years.


Jim:  It goes back at least to ancient Egypt if not before.


Alan:  Even before Sumer, you can actually spot it in Sumer because they had the introduction of weighing money there. They didn't have it coined but they had it weighed there and the priesthoods again were the bureaucracy of the day. They dealt with all imports and exports and even death duties and death taxes, so this is an ancient system going back at least 6 - 7,000 BC.


Jim:  But it's the same system applied over and over and over again.


Alan:  Absolutely, and even in the ancient times (and I write about that in my third book), the Phoenicians who were the traders and also the money lenders--


Jim:  I think that's modern day Lebanon was the Phoenicians, if I'm not mistaken.


Alan:  They were Phoenicians by the Greeks. That's the Greek term. In the Middle East they called them the Canaanites, but they ran the ancient world of trade and commerce and money lending and they would go to Greece as well and set up their money exchanges, just like international exchanges, in the temples. They were called the Trapezi in Greek. Wherever they went they did the same techniques but they'd always get the country in debt, generally through the king or queen, sometimes working together with the king and queen, and then they would take it over – just like the International Monetary Fund does today. They come in and take over all finances of the country and then they get the standing army, recruit guys in the new country and send them off to fight the next bunch and it's an ongoing process and we still see it being used today across the world under the guise of the United Nations.


Jim:  It's happening today in Afghanistan and Iraq to name two of them. I mean this is just the same thing that's been going on for thousands of years. It's the same thing. The same plot. They carry out the same plot and the people never get it.


Alan:  The thing is, too, you've got to realize the Phoenicians with their money – they were actually standardizing weights and measures across the ancient world because that was part of their process, introduce money. First they would go in for barter, then they'd bring money the next time, scatter it amongst the people and then they would refuse to trade with them unless they would dig up raw gold or silver to trade with and then they'd end up owning the mines. However, what you're seeing is a process of world standardization, step-by-step, takeover-by-takeover. That's all war is, is a takeover, a business takeover and into empires and then bigger empires until you have a world empire and it goes hand-in-glove with the major authorized religions of the world; and let's be honest too. The Roman Catholic Church could never have got so wealthy and powerful without allowing these money boys to do their money trading and introducing money into the countries which the church was taking over as well.


Jim:  And they allowed them in. They allowed them small control and more control and where today they control all the major religions, all of them.


Alan:  The United Nations now is creating this new religion, of course, which is part pseudo-science and part earth worship. I'll talk more about it after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and just before I go on to Mel from Australia, let's be honest here. Within every major group of people on this planet you have a dominant minority. The dominant minority are generally so interbred they don't even belong to the group that they rule over, and even the ones at the bottom identify with them, and really they're from a different race all together. They've created a new species you might say of psychopaths and once they're at the very top levels they continue to be good shepherds over their own people, but they interbred with the other good shepherds but never with the sheep and we should really understand that. That's how this system works. Psychopaths in very wealthy families recognize each other and they don't let religion stand in their way when it comes to intermarrying with power.


Now we've got Mel from Australia on the line. Are you there, Mel? Hello Mel?


Mel:  Hello. Alan, I just wanted your comment on a term I came across back in the 1990's, which was "companion animals." So we had councils and so on here in Australia talking about these companion animals. I thought this was rather strange. They used to be called pets.


Alan:  That's right.


Mel:  Yes. I was just wondering if you've come across this term.


Alan:  I have come across it and it was to do with new types of – they've actually put robotic animals out there for sale for the wealthy to buy for their children and these little robotic types to get them used to living with little robots that look cute and they call them companion animals as well.


Mel:  This term was applied generally to pets that peopled owned in the community, so all of a sudden your council was talking about having your pet is not longer a pet. It's a companion animal.


Alan:  That's right. They've also got a legal definition of it now. In other words, it's to do with the animal rights and all the rest of it and it will come down to you'll have to be surveyed and they'll have to interview and do background checks to see if you're suitable to be the animal's companion. That's part of it too.


Mel: I didn't know. That doesn't surprise me but I didn't know it had actually gone that far.


Alan:  You'll find that there's – I think it was one of the major animal rights activists groups that were pushing for that. Again, this is all interwoven with the New Age movement and high levels of bureaucracy where many of them are in these high New Age movements and that's the term they’re using for them, for pets, is "companion animals" and animals rights activists are all part of it too.


Mel:  They have also breed-specific legislation so if your animal is the wrong breed or your dog is the wrong breed, then the council gives itself the right, as it's happened here, to break into your property and seize the animal.


Alan:  That's correct. I think they did it in England too with Pit Bulls. They were talking about that in Canada as well. They put some laws out in Canada to do with Pit Bulls and they have the right to come in and seize that animal as being a danger to the general public.


Mel:  Okay, I'll leave it with you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Again, it's to get us used to so many things. Part of it is to do with just getting used to the fact that you technically own nothing and you can't choose anything for yourself. You can't make a decision for yourself. You're not competent to make a decision – a proper decision for yourself. Only the proper authorities can do that for you. That's all part of the Brave New World scenario again and the government's right to come in and take anything, including your pet, away from you if it so desires.


Now we've got Megan from Pennsylvania. Are you there, Megan?


Megan:  Yes I am, Alan.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Megan:  Okay. This isn't what I called about, but now that you're talking about animals, I did go to a shelter and I wanted to adopt a cat and I have a cat and I wanted to adopt another one and they said who’s your vet and I told them and so they called the vet and I hadn't taken my cat in five years, but that doesn't mean I mistreat him. I can't really afford the vet bills and they said, no we can't. Well, you pay them like $40 but that's because of the shots they had and everything. "We can't do this because you haven't taken your other cat to the vet." But like I said, I don't mistreat the other cat but I just can't afford it. Well anyway, aren't they something else? And I mean this shelter is overflowing with cats. They're not even taking any news cats that need a home and this is why, though.


Alan:  I know. You can't even take an animal to the vet now without them checking on its history. If the government doesn't have a record of you having that pet, that vet they tell you they must inform the government on your behalf that you own that particular animal. Again, the vets too are pushing for this because they make big bucks when you take them back for all these quack shots every year and they're dreaming up new shots every year as well that they add to the list. However, the vet is not your friend. They're in it for money and it's the same in medicine. People go into that not to help people but to get bags of money and status and the vets are working in cahoots with big government and legislation. It's true enough, they want to know everything about you in great detail and all you're doing is taking your animal for a checkup or something, but they won't let the animal have a checkup without filling it full of umpteen syringes of goodness-knows-what and it's having the same effect on the animals as it does with humans.


Megan:  Yes, and also in my town you're supposed to get a license for the cat now. I didn't. I thought to heck with them.


Alan:  See, we’re in the age of the control freak, you know the super control freak, and they're all coming forward at the same time and I'm not kidding you. They're going to create a living hell and it's actually happening. It's manifesting itself now, where you won't be able to make a single decision without permission from the authorities and paying fees and licenses and all the rest of it for everything that you want to do. This is slavery. This is outright slavery. Make no mistake about it. You’re either a child or an adult, but if you're an adult they better stipulate exactly what that means. It means you've got freedom and rights and you have choices that you can make yourself. The government is not there to do it for you.


Megan:  Right. And my cats are – I keep them in the house but my neighbor has a cat and the other neighbors are complaining that their dogs are barking because of this cat and they said well let them try to catch my cat. See if they can catch him to get him. They're not like dog catchers. It's hard to get a cat. Anyway, what I did call you about was I did email you about that Bicentennial Mall in Nashville. Nashville is supposed to be like the home of country music but I found out about it through William Henry's site but he doesn't have the link anymore, but that's not what I sent you isn't even the half of it. You know how Washington, D.C. if you look at it from the air it's like a star?


Alan:  Yes.


Megan:  Or like they're – what do they call those? Anyway, the same with that Bicentennial Mall. Even before I listened to you a lot, I thought something is up with this. They have that big black ball like the Nazis, like the black sun--


Alan:  Yes, on top of a three-tiered little step pyramid.


Megan:  Yes and then you know how they like have the old thing that – well, anyway you'll see it. But why would they pick Nashville?


Alan:  Nashville is very prominent. You understand everything, every major place in the United States was created by very high occultic Masons and Tennessee is TEN-I-SEE, you know, ten; and Washington, D.C., if you say D.C., you speak the DC, is DIX. That's ten. That's what it means, ten. Then you have the Dixie line – the Mason, the Mason-Dixie Line. Dixie is ten again. They love the binary code, the one and the zero, the male and the female, and that's really what it stands for, so they have very occultic places and then you have other places named after places in Egypt. A supposed Christian country names places after Egypt, but you also have Nashville, of course, is from the 'Nahash,' (נחש), which is the Hebrew for serpent.


Megan:  Oh. Well you should see that park. The whole thing, it's unbelievable, all the Masonic statues and monuments. Anyway, oh, I lost my train of thought. Well I thought maybe it was like the latitude or something--


Alan:  It will have a lot to do with it, yes.


Megan:  Yes. And they put buildings on certain parts that they consider sacred. Okay, Alan, well thank you. Have a good night.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Megan:  Bye-bye.


Alan:  Bye now. They always have some obelisk or some form of tower or obelisk over a pool of water to reflect the virility of the male and that's what it means. Albert Pike said the same thing. "The female is the moon. She can only reflect the light of her husband the sun."  That's what they mean by that, so you've always got an obelisk for the male over the water who reflects his glory. They're very sexist there.


Now we've got Tim from North Carolina. Are you there, Tim?


Tim:  Yes. Hey, Alan.


Alan: How you doing?


Tim:  And I also got a hold of one by Anne Besant. I mean she pretty well tells it like it is. I think that was called esoteric Christianity or something. But that coupled with your talks and the Cutting Through books I think pretty well fills in all the gaps you know.


Alan:  It does. You can connect things eventually when you understand and it doesn't have so much confusion anymore. Everything is interconnected in our world. Even the things that we are taught that are not. Even things we're taught that are opposing each other, they're actually all interconnected going towards the same pathway at the end of the road.


Tim:  I've got to the point where I can anticipate what they're going to say when they first open their mouth.


Alan:  Exactly.


Tim:  I mean it's the same pattern and you know it seems like to me – I went back and started looking at a lot of those little one-liners like "Ordo AB Chao" and what was the other one? Sir Isaac Newton, "for every action there's an opposite and equal reaction" and then "problem, reaction, solution" and they're really all the same thing.


Alan:  It's all the same thing. If you go into the histories of the major players, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton and others, they belong to the Royal Society that's still on the go today that was set up by high freemasons. It still is freemasonic and they had one stipulation if you joined it back in the old days and that was that you had to put away your wife and family. In other words, you had to basically be divorced from your wife because it was a male only thing and there was a lot of odd behavior you might say between the males involved in that particular club and Isaac Newton was one of the major players. He lived his whole life in a university. He never left it. He lived there and he brought his boyfriend over from Italy I think it was. I think it was Flavio or Favio and they were supposed to arrange some kind of marriage but it feel through at the end and he went to pieces and so they moved him and put him in charge of the Royal Mint. They always give them a good payoff for doing all this stuff that they're told. All they do is front you know for this bigger organization.


Tim:  Well, you told the truth. It’s all a gigantic con. I mean I've never – it's almost endless.


Alan:  It's wonderful when you see it. You can understand the beauty of it, it's so nefarious and so fiendish, you understand there is an incredible mind or logic or intellect behind it; that cannot be refuted.


Tim:  You know when I start looking at this stuff and putting it all together, it looks like a computer network to me if I didn't know better.


Alan:  Yes and it is in a sense because we work like a computer. Our minds work like a computer and you have a language given to you like a computer has a language. You have a logic. Computers have a logic and technically the programmer and the designer will know what that computer must spit out for an answer because they understand its logic and its language. They created it, so they could do the same with people. They feed you information in certain sequences knowing that you must come to a predetermined conclusion by using the language you're given and the logic that you have. This is well understood and has been for thousands of years.


Tim:  Do you think that they had that down pat with people and then they applied that logic to electronic circuits?


Alan:  Absolutely, yes. Electricity is ELECT. It's the trick of the ELECT, the electric.


Tim:  Well, I guess I don’t trust nothing I see and nothing I read, nothing I hear and I see the symbols everything I look on, logo-wise. It's just eat up with it.


Alan:  I know. Thanks for calling.


Tim:  Okay. Thank you, Alan.


Alan:  Bye now. Now I've got Drew from New York City. Are you there, Drew?


Drew:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  How are you?


Drew:  I'm good. I'm picking up the comment about Nashville. You probably know this but the Knights of the Golden Circle was located in Nashville and the Supreme Headquarters was located at 814 Fatherland Drive downtown, and that used to be the original address of the Grand Ole Opry.


Alan:  Oh yes. I know, I know. Isn't that amazing though?


Drew:  It was also the home residence of Dr. Sylvester Frank James, the brother of Jesse James.


Alan:  Jesse James, yes.


Drew:  Yes. A web, isn't it?


Alan:  Jesse James was a Mason and he was robbing – it was partly the exercise then was to rob but it was not to spend. It was to save the money for the Great Work and for causing revolution across the world.


Drew:  Absolutely. Another thing, I don't know if you know this. You were talking in another show about the Rolling Stones and how the stone is squared and that issue. Robert Heinlein the science fiction writer wrote a book in 1952 called "The Rolling Stones" and I know how you like to talk about science fiction as the precursor to what comes. I didn't know this. I just learned this today and it wasn't from the history of the Rolling Stones. It was actually a reprint. It was titled "The Rolling Stones".  I had a special question on a lighter side. Your dog's name is Hamish. How did you come up with that name?


Alan:  It's an old Scottish name, Hamish. It was either Angus or Hamish so I picked Hamish.


Drew:  It's the Scottish version of James, right?


Alan:  It is and Hame is also your home and so he's a home person.


Drew:  Because, I know, it's also James and Hamish is also related to Jacob from the Bible.I was just wondering what the reason was you chose Hamish that's all.


Alan:  Well, he doesn't have a coat of many colors. He's black and white.


Drew:  Oh, like the checkerboard.


Alan:  So I just thought I'd – it just sort of fitted him. He looks rugged, hairy, like a good Scotsman, and he could stand up to the cold.


Drew:  Oh great. All right, thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. The music is coming. I guess the break is coming up. Back after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and we still have Eddie from California there. Are you there, Eddie?


Eddie: Hello.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Eddie:  I just wanted to give an observation today. I live in San Diego and it's been raining the last couple of days but I noticed on the way home from work when the clouds started breaking it looked like there was some remnants of chemtrails left behind, so I'm just kind of wondering if they're spraying over the clouds because I started thinking about it and thought that would be a great idea because then nobody can see it, at the same time carry whatever is in the chemtrail in the water.


Alan:  I've watched that over the last few years and it's true enough. When there's breaks in the clouds you'll often see them doing it and they come lower in fact because they have cloud cover and they spray it into the clouds and then it's coming down as rain so you're getting a higher concentration that way too.


Eddie:  Yes. I thought – I was kind of figuring it was too because I live by a military base. It's kind of close. It just sounds when there's a lot of cloud covers that the jets or something will fly a lot lower for some reason. I don't know why.


Alan:  You'll find they're doing a lot at night as well because most folk are sleeping and when it's cloud cover you'll hear them much, much lower, but they are above the clouds and when you get breaks you'll see them still spraying away there.


Eddie:  I just noticed and it got me thinking. I just wanted to give my observation.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Bye now. Now we've got Patricia from Arizona. Are you there, Patricia?


Patricia:   Yes. Am I speaking to Mr. Watt?


Alan:  Yes. How are you?


Patricia:  I have trouble. I had a head trauma a few years back. I was paralyzed and how does one deprogram or reprogram? Do you have any suggestions? I have a little bit of trouble with obsessional thinking now after that happened.


Alan:  It would take too long to – what you should do – you've emailed me before, haven't you or have you?


Patricia:  No. I've never talked to you.


Alan:  Email me and I’ll get back to you in the email because that's quite involved in fact. Okay?


Patricia:  By email?


Alan:  Yes.


Patricia:  Okay. Would you suggest I email you?


Alan:  Yes.


Patricia:  Okay, I'll try that. I'm sure that is quite long but it's something I'd really like to do.


Alan:  Okay. I'll do that.


Patricia:  Thank you very much for your help.


Alan:  Thank you. I was trying to get to the last caller but maybe we'll do it the next time, so from Alan (that's me of course) and Hamish the dog (he's still the dog) up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods to with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)